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Advanced English II
Module 1: Activity 5 :
Getting Started on the Business World.
Blackboard learn, retrieved on __________, Universidad TecMilenio on line,
Monterrey, Mexico:

To understand the communicative context within the job and office environment.


Competence 1. Listening
Watch the video for In company interviews, Units 5-7 (Clive Russel). Download and
print the worksheet, which you will find under the literature section, and complete it.
Competence 2. Speaking
With a partner, complete items 9 and 10 on page 53 of your textbook.
Competence 3. Reading
Read Nobody Does It Better on page 46 of your textbook and listen to track 1.40. In a
small group, talk through the activities on pages 46 and 47 of your textbook.
Competence 4. Writing
Exercise 2 on page 52 of your textbook mentions the persuasive techniques flattery,
threat, incentive, emotional pressure and appeal to fairness and features an e-mail
entitles Help!. Choose a situation and write a two-paragraph email to a colleague and
use one or more of these techniques to persuade him or her. Present the writing to your
teacher and comment among students if the email was persuasive or not

Competence 1. Listening I don´t have the record, I´m sorry. NO TENGO EL DISCO

Competence 2. Speaking

Alan: Hi Heather

Heather: Hi Alan What's up?

Alan: You are one of the best negotiators I know and there is an opportunity for you,
There is a conference with some very important clients of the Paris account and I
would like you to present the information that I have compiled.

Heather: What do I get out of it?

Alan: Heather there is nothing more valuable than recognizing customers and making
connections and also I have to tell you that for me you will receive an incentive what
do you think?

Heather: It sounds good, lets me organize myself and today in the afternoon I'll see

Alan: Ok perfect thank you very much �



Competence 3. Reading

Casting Meeting:
Final decision
I'm going to choose a Sam Landon because he's prepared as an actor and all the other
actors are not focused on what I would like to see in the actor.
Number one wants to kill James Bond, make him old
Number three has already killed people
The number four wants to return to the time of before
I feel that the number two really focuses on what it means to be James Bond is the most
prepared and the highest.

Competence 4. Writing
Aquí es tu correo el mio es imagen si quieres recortala o escribela

In this activity we learned about different forms of conversation, different strategies that
can serve to motivate people to help you or to perform a task. There are five strategies
that I think "incentive" is the best of all not necessarily with money can be encouraged
in various ways.