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ECE 151: Math in Preschool

Theme: 1-1 correspondence

Age& Number of children: 6 three-year-olds

Content Standards: Content Standard 1.0: Numbers, Number Sense & Computation: 1.PK.3c

Match the number of objects in a set to the correct numeral 0 to 5.

Objectives: Participation in this activity will increase the child’s ability to

1.   Identify the color of the flower.

2.   Count the number through 0-5.

3.   Be able to match the numbers and the items. (There is two circle on the plate, they can

put two flowers on the plate).

Materials: Handmade flowers, small paper with number on it, plate

Activity: Show the premade flowers to the children and ask, “What color is this?” Then tell the

children we are going to play a funny game today. Show them the plate with number and small

circle on it (the circle matching the number), and the small paper with a number on it (the paper

folded children cannot see the number until they open it). Then put the plate in order (1, 2, 3, 4,

and 5) and leave the paper on the table. Tell the children we need to pick one number first, and

then they should pick the matching number of the flowers into the plate. After explaining the

rules, the teacher asks, “Is there anyone wants to try it first?”

Let all the children pick the number several times, so they can get different numbers.

If the child has problem with it, let him/her read the number on the paper first, and then find the

right plate (also has the number on the plate). Let him/her count the circles on the plate one more
time, then try to put the flowers in each circle. After all done, let the child count the flower one

more time, with the figure touch the flower.

What Happened: Two of the children did very good job, they can put the flowers in right

plates also count them correctly. Only Alex had a hard time to do it because he easily to skip

number 4. But we counted the flowers together several times, (he also used his little finger to

touch each flower when we count). He was able to put the matching number of flowers in the

plates by the end.

What next: Develop a lesson about “Put the Apples in The tree”. I will use a dice, and let the

children have fun with it. The number they get, they will put the same number of the apples in

the big tree. For this activity I will use number 1-6.

I will pay more attention to Alex, to observe if he still skip number 4 when he counts.