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RAKWC B Ed EPR Practicum 3b: MCT/MST Assessment Report

EPR Student Assessment Criteria:

This report is to be completed by the Mentoring School Teacher in consultation with the Mentoring College
Teacher and refers to teaching competencies in the High School.
Date: 01/3/2018

School: Australian International School Name of MST: Alisja Debruyn

Name of Student: Fatima Bilal Name of MCT: Garnel Desravins

Please add specific comments about the student teacher’s observed strengths during this teaching practicum and
identify areas in which you feel further development is necessary.

Observed Strengths: Areas in which further development is needed:

 Topic: Life Cycle of a butterfly  Students working in teams always need team rolls.
 Professionalism: Greet the students and made Leader, writer, researcher. Otherwise some students are
them feel comfortable. not engaged.
 Introduction was clear - asking them to guess
what we will be learning today. Instructions:
Be very clear with instructions and have an example of what you want
Engage: Clip - The hungry caterpillar from them.
Relationship with the students: Research: Give instructions once - not very clear
Know the student names. Have a good relationship Maybe ask is everybody understood, before continuing.
with them. Also give options on websites that students could use.
Activities and differentiation:
Activity familiarity helps students relate. Give students enough time to search or read. There needs to be a
Practical and easy focus for each activity.
Discipline and reward system: Students lose interest if they do not have any goal or focus.
Best boy and girl reward at the end of the lesson.
What is the focus for when then get information? What to do next:
Making sure that students give full attention, closing
Will we discuss something after?
devices to look at her.
Praises students while Group task:
Followed through with reward systems. Students have done this type of activity before, so they are familiar
Time management and flow of the lesson. with this.
Flow of the lesson was good. With more complicated activities more instruction and understanding
Students will not know what to do unless instructed.
Groups write down heading, but not all groups did.
Maybe instructed to use two Scientific words in the explanation of the
life cycle having one person from a group explain what they did to the
rest of the class.
Activities and differentiation:
(Can extend students that are higher ability to explain in two to three
sentences the cycle, using Scientific words like Caterpillar, life cycle,
chrysalis, cocoon.
Discussed Scientific terminology with the whole class, but focus on
individual knowledge and understanding. Small individual activities
and getting feedback from these students.
Drawing activity: What is a clear goal of the activity? Verbalise why
they are drawing the life cycle where they have pasted it on paper.
Time management and flow of the lesson.

Flow of the lesson was good.

On some activities kids need more time to finish.

Making sure what the goal was and was it met?

General Comments: Fatima, has some very good ideas and makes an effort with the students. She has formed great relations with
the students from day one. She needs to focus on a few things for the next lesson i.e. she needs to focus on lesson objectives,
group work and time management. Also focus on where you can extend students that are fast learners and quick finishers.
Feedback and consolidation of the lesson, making sure objectives/ goals have been met.