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Aurora Odette C. Mendoza, Ph.D.

, CIOP PHAn Rm 112 Department of Psychology University of the Philippines

PSYCH 298.1

Course Description. Practicum designed to provide advanced training experience for graduate students
on the various practices in IO Psychology in selected institutions. Requires faculty supervision of an
approved applied program or project in the selected practice setting, especially for contracting, diagnosis
and intervention designs.
Prerequisite Completion of all coursework or COI
Credit 6 units (2 semesters)

Course Outcomes. At the end of the practicum program, the student can:
1. Correctly apply psychological concepts, principles, theories and/or methods in the work setting;
2. Demonstrate selected skills/competencies, (e.g. job analysis, HRM, group facilitation,
recruitment/selection strategies, OD, etc.) required in the professional practice of IO Psychology;
3. Make decisions and behave in the work/employment setting according to the ethical standards
of IO Psychology;
4. Identify and create approaches to problem solving in the work context using knowledge and
skills in the area of IO Psychology;
5. Develop the capacity and value for learning new knowledge and skills in accordance with new or
future directions in the practice of IO Psychology.

Course Requirements.
First semester:
1. Approved proposal for the practicum project;
2. Contract expressing terms of agreement between the practicum student, the client organization,
and the supervising faculty;
3. 50-150 practicum hours, including consultations with supervising faculty.

Second semester:
1. Certification from company of at least 150 practicum hours;
2. Written Final Report, upon completion of the practicum project, containing: a) contract, b)
technical report (objectives, activities, outputs); reflection paper; and
3. Management Report (synthesis including recommendations and insights from the experience)
to be presented in class.