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Applied Algebra IB: Procedures and Expectations

Del Sol High School

Ms. Evans

Welcome to Applied Algebra IB. I am very excited to get to know you and work with
you this year on developing the skills to continue to succeed in Algebra and go into
Geometry and beyond. Before we can begin developing those skills, we all need to
understand what my procedures and expectations are of you this school year. These
should be followed daily, at all times! This is important information. Please read this
carefully. It explains what will be needed for you to succeed in Applied Algebra IB this

Supplies: You will be expected and required to bring the following supplies to class
every day:
• Algebra I textbook
• 3 or more pre-sharpened pencils with erasers
• A separate 3 ring binder (1” or larger) strictly for Algebra I class.
• Several sheets of loose-leaf notebook paper (preferably 8 ½” by 11”, as that is
college ruled and is larger and you can fit more information on one page).
• 5 dividers for your notebook identifying the notebook sections clearly.
• Graph Paper (I will provide this to you in advance when you need it).
• A calculator of some kind, preferably a graphing calculator

Preparation: You must come to class prepared. This means bring all necessary supplies
and any assignments that are due that day. This also means that you are expected to have
the knowledge to succeed on any tests and/or quizzes that will happen on a daily, weekly
or monthly basis.

Textbook: We need to take the best care of our textbooks that we can. Therefore, your
Algebra I textbook MUST be covered at all times throughout the year.

Notebook: This should be properly organized and divided into the following sections:
• Notes
• Daily Warm-Ups
• Homework
• Quizzes
• Tests / Exams
 NOTE 1: Students are to place their student record sheets at the beginning of
each divided section, with the exception of the notes section.
 NOTE 2: Students are expected to organize their notebooks with the newest
papers at the front of the divided section and the oldest papers at the back of
the divided section. Papers should be in order by date.
Homework: Homework will be assigned after every class period, unless we have a test
or a quiz on one of those days. Students are expected to do all homework assignments
and turn them in on time. Late homework is NOT accepted.

Warm-Ups: Each day, students will begin class with a warm-up based on the previous
days lesson. Students are expected to do all warm-ups unless they are absent. If a
student is absent, that student is expected to write ABSENT ON (the date they were
absent) on their warm-up paper. A student’s warm-up grade will not be penalized for
absences, unless they become excessive. Warm-ups will be collected every Thursday or
Friday (Thursdays when we meet twice, Fridays when we meet 3 times) and should also
be kept in the notebook.

Participation: A student will receive a daily participation grade in my class. Usually, a

student will receive the full five points. These points will go towards a student’s
citizenship grade. The higher a student’s point value for this category, the higher the
student’s citizenship grade will be. A student will lose their participation points for the
day for reasons that include, but are not limited to, the following:
**Sleeping in class **Disrupting class
**Tardy to class **Not having all supplies when class begins
**Not having textbook covered

Quizzes, Reviews and Tests: In general, we will have a quiz every Thursday or Friday
(Thursdays when we meet twice, Fridays when we meet three times) based on the
material learned during the week. Reviews will be given before each quiz and each test.
Tests will be given after each Chapter. Per school policy, we will also have a mid-term
and a cumulative final at the middle and end of each semester. I reserve the right to give
pop-quizzes on any day throughout the year, although students will be aware of most of
the quiz dates.

Attendance: It is important that every student come to class every day. If a student must
miss a day, the make-up work policy will be followed at all times. Upon return from an
absence, the student must bring to class a return from an absence slip, obtainable at the
school attendance office. Per school policy, a student will not be allowed in class upon
return from an absence without this slip.

Tardies: It is important that students come to class on time every day. The school tardy
policy will be followed at all times. The following is a schedule of how I will be
handling tardies:
• First tardy: Warning, Conference with student
• Second tardy: Conference with student, Phone call home to parent
• Third tardy and Subsequent Tardies: Conference with student, Phone call
home to parent and after school detention
• Fifth tardy: Dean’s Detention, 60 minutes after school (this applies to when
you are tardy five times to ANY class, not just to mine)
• Tenth tardy: In-House Suspension – 1 day (this applies to when you are tardy
10 times to ANY class, not just to mine)
• Fifteenth tardy: Suspension – 1 day (this applies to when you are tardy 15
times to ANY class, not just to mine
• 20th tardy: Suspension – 2 days (this applies to when you are tardy 20 times
to ANY class, not just to mine)
 NOTE: Tardies also affect a student’s daily participation and citizenship
grade. If a student is tardy, they will lose their participation points for the day.

Assignment Deadlines and Late Work: In general, as a rule of thumb, I DO NOT

ACCEPT ANY LATE WORK! Students are expected to turn in homework and any
other assignments on time. The only exception to this policy is the make-up work policy,
and those deadlines for make-up work will be followed at all times. If a student has
extenuating circumstances, that student should talk to me as soon as possible. But
students and parents need to understand that late work is not acceptable. Therefore, this
policy will be followed consistently and at all times.

Make-Up Work: Upon return from an absence, the student is expected to obtain their
make-up work. There will be make-up work bins for each period in the classroom in a
designated area. There will also be a calendar, which will list everything that was
covered on each day of class. Upon return from an absence, a student must go to those
bins and check the class calendar. In the first bin, there will be a place for a student to
turn in any work that was due the first day s/he was absent. That student is expected to
put their name on each paper and write at the top of it ABSENT ON (the day or days
they were absent) and turn in the work to that bin. There will also be a second bin
where a student can pick up any work that was done on the day s/he was absent. The
calendar will state any work that was done in class and any homework assignments that
were to be done on the day the student was absent. Students are responsible for looking
at this calendar upon return from an absence. DO NOT ASK THE TEACHER,
“WHAT DID I MISS?” Everything a student needs to know about make-up work will
be listed on that calendar. If there was a worksheet assigned, it will placed in the make-
up bin with the student’s name on it. Upon return from an absence, the student will need
to collect this sheet out of this bin. In general, per school policy, students have two days
to turn in make-up work. The work that was due on the day the student was absent must
be turned in the day of the student’s return. In the case of a multiple-day absence, the
student must turn in work that was due on the first day the student was absent the day of
his/her return. For each day a student is absent, they will have two days to turn in the
makeup work. For example, if a student were absent for three days, that student would
have six days to turn in all make up work. Any make-up work should always be turned
in to the first make-up work bin.

Extra Credit: My belief is that students need to be held accountable for their
performance. Therefore, I DO NOT offer extra credit in my class. At times, there will
be at least one bonus question on major tests and/or quizzes that we take in my class.
That is the only way a student can earn extra points in my class.

Cheating: Per school policy, any student caught cheating on any quiz or test will receive
a ZERO on the quiz or test. A student may also face a failing grade for the course and/or
expulsion on a case-by-case basis. Here’s the bottom line: CHEATING WILL NOT

Grading: A student’s grade will be determined as follows:

 Participation: Counted toward Citizenship Scale:

Grade 90%-100% A
 Homework: 20% of grade 80%-89% B
 Notebook: 10% of grade 70%-79% C
 Warm-Ups: 10% of grade 60%-69% D
 Quizzes / Reviews: 20% of grade Below 60% F
 Exams: 40% of grade

*NOTE 1: I will take the total points a student has earned in each category and
divide that by the total points possible from each category and multiply that by 100%
to obtain a percentage earned for each category. I will add up all of these percentages
to obtain a student’s grade, which they will receive based on the above scale.
*NOTE 2: If students are unhappy with a grade they received, they should come and
see me as soon as possible. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes things are
negotiable. The following explains my rationale for grading the way that I do.

Rationale for Grading:

 Participation: Students need to understand that coming to class on time and
having all materials and participating in class does indeed have an impact on their
citizenship grade. The only way a student can earn the best citizenship grade is
by participating in the classroom. I have this policy because I want my class to be
a rewarding experience for students. As long as students follow assigned rules
and procedures every day, they should all earn the highest citizenship grade.
 Homework: I feel that students need to be assigned homework because it is
important for them to practice the concepts learned in class. I do not feel
homework should be a punishment and therefore, extra homework will not be
assigned based upon lack of citizenship efforts. However, the exception will
apply if I there is a guest teacher in the classroom. I believe the majority of a
student’s grade should be based on their skills and what they do in class. I also
believe that students have lives and I understand that things happen. Therefore, I
only make homework be worth only 20% of the grade.
 Notebook: It is important that students develop organizational skills. I believe
that by having students keep a notebook, I am allowing them to practice their
organizational skills. I make the notebook worth only 10% of the grade because I
understand that some students are more organized than others and I don’t want to
penalize those that are not.
 Warm-Ups: I believe that one of the best ways to have students start their day in
Applied Algebra IB is by having them do a warm-up where they practice the
previous days concepts. This also lets students know that they need to come to
class on time in order to get the warm-up finished. I only make warm-ups 10% of
the grade because they are only a small part of the learning process.
 Quizzes and Reviews: I believe it is important that students understand that they
will be held accountable for the content I teach. Therefore, I make quizzes and
reviews 20% of the grade.
 Tests and Exams: These are very important and students need to understand that
these are the main way of assessing how students are progressing. It is the best
way to hold students accountable for the content. Therefore, tests and exams will
be worth 40% of the grade.

Code of Conduct: The Del Sol High School Code of Conduct will be followed in my
classroom at all times. I expect students to treat myself and other students with respect
and that they will receive the same respect back from their fellow students and myself.

Hall Passes: Students will be given a sheet where they may use a hall pass three times
throughout each quarter.
 NOTE: A hall pass may not be used to obtain supplies. Students are expected to
come prepared to class and if they do not, they will lose their participation points.

Assigned Seating: Seats will have an assigned seat in my classroom after the first week
of classes. Students are expected to stay in their assigned seats at all times during the
class period.

Parents and Guardians: If you have questions or concerns about these policies or your
student’s grade, PLEASE give me a call at 720-799-5630. Please note that if you call
during class time, I will not be able to answer the phone. But I have voice mail and I
promise I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you know student will be absent in
advance, please call me so that I may give him/her the assignments for that time period.
Please return the assigned understanding and information sheet no later than August 29,
2008. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Ms. Rachelle Evans


STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________________

I have read, understand, and was provided the opportunity to ask questions
about the Applied Algebra IB Rules, Policies and Procedures; including
course requirements and attendance policy as outlined in this respective
syllabus. By my name and signature, as dated, I accept the conditions and
responsibilities as stated and agree that I have read the syllabus and
understand my obligations for this course.

Student Signature: _____________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Name(s): _____________________________________

Parent or Guardian Phone Number(s): ______________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature: ____________________________________

Date: ________________________________

Questions or Comments for Ms. Evans:

Student and Parent Understanding and
Information Sheet

*I have read and understand and agree to follow the above procedures and

Student Name (Print): _________________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________________________

Parent Name (Print): __________________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________

*Please provide me with the following information in case I need to contact

you at any time.

Parent Home Phone Number: ___________________________________

Best Hours to reach you at this number: _____________________
Parent Work Phone Number: ___________________________________
Best Hours to reach you at this number: _____________________

Parent e-mail address: _________________________________________

Any questions or concerns you have?