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Soviet Union

Prepared by Han Kaichou/3F, Timothy Khoo/3F • April 6, 2018

1. The Situation & Problem

What is the context of the event?
Hitler’s rise to power in the German government has hindered Russia’s aims to benefit through the Treaty
of Rapallo, as Hitler was not willing to share Germany’s technology with Russia. He has instilled a hostile
foreign policy of only having pure Germans and seeing the Slavic people as inferior to the Aryans, the
Russians stand to lose our position within this treaty as he may feel that it is pointless and damaging to
Germany’s image of purity if they continue to work with us.. Therefore, Russia may not benefit further from
the treaty which was supposed to help us, and rather only Germany is benefitting from the Russian land
they have been given to conduct their military exercises.

Hitler’s anti-Bolshevik stance has also affected German-Russian relations, as the anti-Bolshevik
sentiments of Hitler strongly clash with our political beliefs and can be seen as a threat to Russian
interests. Hitler is slowly rebuilding his army, and due to the Nazi policy of conquest of Lebensraum(living
space) and the Nazi party specifically stating that they will be targeting Russia’s land as it is currently ruled
by the Slavic people who are “sub-humans”, Russia is now in a dangerous position and mya have to
confront the Nazis in Therefore, Russia needs to be on guard to anticipate anything Hitler may do, in case
we are attacked by them.

Russia has also started to be diplomatically recognized by countries in the League of Nations, such as the
UK and Japan. If the Soviet Union shows weakness against the threat of Hitler, we may be seen as weak
by other nations, who were just starting to respect us. Therefore, in order to preserve diplomatic ties with
other countries, Russia must act strong for the other countries, so they will be able to trust us as a capable
and strong country who can stand up on its own against threats like Germany.

2. Options & Choice / Rationale & Principles

What your country believes should be done.
We believe that relations with Germany could still be fostered, although we will have to sign peace treaties
with sufficient legitimate backings so that the treaty will be upheld by both parties. The best possible option
at this point in time is to ensure that Germany still continues and upholds the Treaty of Rapallo, so that we

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics .

would at least be able utilise their developed technology and whilst at the same time developing our own
weaponry and military strategies of theirs, so that we would be able to defend our borders should the need
arise if Germany decides to attack them. Furthermore, if we prove our use to the Germans by upholding
the Treaty of Rapallo, we would be able to gain the trust of the Nazi government, as this treaty was signed
with the Weimar government, meaning that the current Nazi government may have negative connotations
of us through their own prior views, but through proving our worth and value by upholding this treaty, the
Nazi government will trust us enough to the point where they regard us as allies, or at least neutral and not
against their cause.

On the other hand, if the first solution does not work out and the Nazis still continue on their conquest for
“Lebensraum” by going into Russian territory, we shall have to cut all ties with Germany and prepare
ourselves for battle. We can do this by calling on all of our comrades within the Communist International to
exterminate the fascists in all their countries, and utilise all of our resources together to defend the glorious
motherland against the potential onslaught of Nazi invaders.

Finally, in the event when we are completely unable to defend against the Germans, we will have to take
the step of contacting the League of Nations to take action against their member state disregarding their
call for disarmament and peace, and potentially have to strike an alliance with the west so that we can
properly put Germany back into its place before the situation blows out of proportion and out of our control.

3. Consequences & Implications

What your country would like to accomplish on this issue.
If Russia does not stand up to the German threat posed by Germany, we may very well be their next
target, causing war again. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, Russia must do what we
have to do so that we can fight back if Germany decides to invade us.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics .

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics .