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World Grand fragment, chapter (Fangruida(Smith) double editions/Chinese,Englishi)

World Grand: Revealing 50000000000000000000000 years and 500000000000000000000000 light-years history

of the universe

History • 1. universe
Nature and natural history
2 natural history, history of the universe. The history of human society
3 yuan initial state of the universe
Development and evolution of the universe evolved 500000000000000000000 4 years and 500000000000000000
00000000 Lightyear, solar year
Center, and the abundance of the universe were 5 degrees
6, the marginal and historical concept of the universe
7 birth of the universe and the collapse of the Earth, other planets and the stars fall from the sky to destroy the Big
8 of the solar system, the Milky Way, Earth, planet, universe, matter, the universe and space
The basic idea expressed in 9 natural sciences, cosmology, astronomy, physics, philosophy, religion
10. origin of the universe, particle structure, origin of life, human society and the natural community, various theor
ies and hypotheses and scientific discovery
111,000 years ago, human society, human social structure pattern planet after 100 years
12. evolution of human social evolution trajectory multidimensional image
The birth of the next 13 initial evolution of human society development model year 3000 advanced industrialized
societies, in the year 6000 in the wisdom of human society, the planet of society, in the year AD 10 000 high-wisd
om planet 9000- social, AD 15,000 years --- AD 20000 planet ultra intelligence community. . . . .
14 historians, history and natural science historian universe of human society into the multidimensional complexit
y of speech, the special nature of the evolution of life
15. only humans are unique evolutionary life forms? God and the God particle, super spin and super spin of the do
main, super spin Yaba
1.nature of the evolution of genes, super factor gene
17 human society and the natural harmony of the universe follow-up and rebellious
2.natural law, law of the universe, life and social structure rules of survival of human society into ordinary speech
and particularity
19 ancient and modern scientists, religionists, thinkers, philosophers, historians and sociologists, politicians, strate
gists, and so, without exception, are in research and exploration ------------- ---------------------- human society and t
he natural universe paradox
20 .. Natural sociology, human sociology, cosmic anthropology, sociology planet, planet anthropology.
3.natural human attributes, human social evolution into play property, basic survival mode of human society, survi
val patterns, social organization and structure of the form
4.natural revolution, gene revolution, cosmic revolution, social revolution, human social structure model, a variety
of theories and choose eco-mode, social structure pattern planet social, ecological model
The basic structure of 23 natural universe, the structure of the basic survival of human society, economy, politics,
culture, military, science and technology, education, and other social, national, wealthy citizens, democracy, freed
om, equality, wealth equilibrium theory analysis, research , critical analysis and pattern identification
5.universe ordered and chaotic, disorderly orderly evolution of human society and evolution
Anti-oxidation 25. collapse of human society, destruction and human society
6.natural cosmic pessimism, optimism, resigned agnosticism, the choice of history.
7.matter and anti-matter, consciousness and social existence
Challenges and breakthroughs 28. equality and equality of equilibrium and non-equilibrium, human history, the le
ader or leading pack
29. primitive society - slavery - feudal society - one of capitalist society (pluralistic society) - the capital of the ind
ustrialized society --- the developed industrialized society --- wisdom wisdom society - high intelligence communi
ty - super intelligent society - - wisdom of the planet society - high wisdom of planet society - super intelligent pla
net society.
30. structure of the universe exists, destruction and human society, the universe planet star material destruction, th
e Big Bang and the planet big bang, the universe mound did not matter and regeneration of human society, the pro
bability of survival space, the universe and the universe as a whole collapse airspace the evolution of the local ass
Introduction to the wisdom of the planet 31. ultra basic elements of society and social characteristics.
32. past a variety of creationism, the universe, said a variety of theories, theory, hypothesis, mythology, etc., will u
ndoubtedly enrich the human vision. Significant progress especially natural science and technology and discovery,
wisdom created mankind into the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury. . . . . Real mystery outside space will be sl
owly lifted Secret. Epochal breakthrough, disruptive breakthrough human history, natural history, the history of th
e universe will continue to be rewritten or updated. This is crucial. The main research and study natural science m
ajor issues, while also taking into account the social sciences, philosophy and other major research areas, such as f
uturology, sociology, economics, political science, cultural studies, international relations, international politics, w
orld economy, philosophy, religious studies, military science, anthropology, etc. also be them. Natural scientists, c
osmologists, physicists, philosophers, religionists, insightful thinkers in these vital propositions and argument, ho
wever, is often easy to overlook the few basic facts, that is: the universe history is full of variables, cosmic univers
e, nature of nature, physical substances, the particles of the particles on their own and each other transmutation int
o play and some great reversible or irreversible role in its anti-technology. The universe is not a perpetual motion
machine, but the universe, throughout the existence of such particles as anti-and naturalization. Cosmic explosion,
collapse, particles did not bury the universe silence. . . . . . The universe has produced new changes, impulsive sile
nce after the birth of the explosion, the collapse of the spin move, did not bury the anti-technology. . . . . Life and t
he planet may become extinct or destroyed, but the natural properties of the anti-technology and Naturalization no
t this completely extinct. In this sense, the history of the universe is always no. But history is not eternal, steady u
niverse, a number of multi-dimensional universe, and that it misinterpreted and misunderstood the sacred laws of
natural science. These will have special divisions were open.
Cosmic history, natural history, physical history, time, history, life history, human history, the history of particles, s
tagnation history, stationary history repeats itself weight of history, and so much more. After all, human cognition
and control is limited, and natural history is unlimited. Human society or life in an instant might destroy the planet,
vanished; however, constitute the entire universe of particles and non-particle nature of the universe may also be
destroyed along with a club, but there are also fields empty retained. In other words, the universe of non-particle a
nd particle ethnic groups essentially did not completely bury the absolute destruction, but merely a specific weight
of mutation and recombination. The resurrection of the universe and the particle can be reborn again what? This is
the most important key lies. Universe, nature, particle family, non-particle family, the original particle formation,
not simply the resurrection of rebirth, but a new similar changes and generation. Theorem of conservation of matte
r, gravitation theorem, material balance theorem, is not the same here. Trillions of years of history, a few trillion fi
eld empty, the destruction of the planet is not absolute extinction showing the destruction of the entire universe, th
is planet are destroyed and there are very different. The universe is always kept in constant change, destruction, bi
rth, explosion, rebirth, dimerization, fusion among the so-called cosmic whole story, it should be understood as a c
omplex equation of perpetual change. It is solvable and infinite solutions.
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