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Annotated Bibliography

Yount, Rick. "Guest Editorial the Interactive Dance of Missions and Christian Education."

Christian Education Journal, vol. 13, no. 2, Fall2016, pp. 331-339. EBSCOhost,


This is a chapter from a Journal by Rick Yount. This source was very informative

along with other sections in this particular journal. This section in particular gives key

information from first-hand accounts of missionary work. It discusses the controversy

between Christian education and missionary work. About how they differ and compare

and or go hand in hand. The author gives tips and guidelines from experience to help the

reader to understand the steps and impacts of missionary work. Commented [JE2]: Don’t need the first summary
paragraph, you only need the second and third paragraphs
for this assignment.

This source is helpful in learning how to go about missionary work. This journal

excerpt helps me to see that there is a lot more to missionary work than you think. I

learned a lot about how you must be educated on the places you are going, the cultures,

communication. I learned it will be difficult but it will be worth it. This source has helped Commented [JE3]: Maybe give specific examples, like
political climate or social structure.

me gain more knowledge on missionary work and Christian education. It really showed

me how to become a successful missionary through experiences of others.

The author of this journal is a well experienced missionary with plenty of

credentials to back it up. Rick Yount credentials: Ed.D. Southwestern Baptist Theological

Seminary, Ph.D. School of Education, University of North Texas. He is a Retired

theology Professor. Currently he is a part time professor of Christian Education at New

Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Rick Yount listed his sources and they are

legitatment as well. Rick Yount is qualified to write such information and share his

knowledge. This is a trustworthy source.