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Globe Bill for the month of March for Yahoo/Inbox

Inbox 999+
Globe Telecom
Account no. 1019402873
+63 2 730 1000
Starred Globe Telecom e-Bill <no-reply@gl 20 Mar at 12:19 PM
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Dear Moises,
We're pleased to send your Globe Postpaid e-Bill with the following d
Account Number: 1019402873
Folders Hide Mobile Number: 9175494576
New Folder Billing Period: 02/11/2018 - 03/10/2018
Bill Number: 32
Total Amount Due: PHP 767.62
Notes Due Date: 03/31/2018

To access your bill, click on the button below and wait for the one
your mobile number.

You may view, save, and print your e-Bill using Adobe Reader. Cl
this software.

MyAccount Pay b
View your current and previous 11 bills online through Pay you
MyAccount, our self-service account management portal. to settle
To register: paymen

1. Go to MyAccount by clicking on the button below

and click on "Sign Up Now!"
2. Fill in the required fields, agree to the Terms and
Conditions, and click on "Sign Me Up".
3. Confirm your email account by clicking on the link
in the Globe website verification email. Bill tu
4. Once registered, enroll your account/s by clicking
on "Add Account". Learn h
Help an

**This is a system-generated message and does not require a signa


This message contains privileged and confidential information and is intended only
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