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TAHUN : 2017/2018
NAMA : ...................................................

Choose the correct answer!

1. A turtle in Indonesia is ....
a. Kura-kura
b. Semut
c. Gajah
d. Burung
2. Rina buy some books in the ...
a. Police office
b. Bookstore
c. Library
d. Mosque
3. Adnan, don’t forget to ... your shoes before you enter mosque!
a. Put off
b. Put on
c. Swich off
d. Swich in
4. Aris is ... (dibelakang) Budi.
a. Beside
b. Behind
c. Between
d. Before

The text for number 5 -8

Mr. Sadinu is a succesfull farmer. He has become a farmer for years. He and his family
live in Bajarbale Village. He has five childrens and three sons. They have large rice field
and many cows. There are man workers work in his farm.

There are some huts and scarecrows int the rice field. They are used to keep birds was
from the field. Some workers work in the rice field, while some others have something to
do with the cow in the barns. The rice field is near to the river bank.

5. Where do Mr. Sadinu and his family live?

a. A succesfull farmer
b. Banjarbale
c. The barns
d. Rice field
6. How man children does Mr. Sadinu Has?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Five
7. What are the scarecrows use for?
a. To keep birds away from the field
b. To keep Mr. Sadinu and his family
c. To keep the worker
d. To keep the village
8. Sister in Indonesian is ....
a. Saudara laki-laki
b. Saudara perempuan
c. Keponakan
d. Sepupu
9. Blue raincoat means ....
a. Jas hujan warna biru
b. Jaket warna biru
c. Ikat pinggang warna biru
d. Jas warna biru
10. Mother cooks in the ....
a. Bedroom
b. Bathroom
c. Kitchen
d. Living room
11. Where do you go if you want to borrow some books?
a. Bookstore
b. Library
c. Cinema
d. Mosque
12. It have a big body, have a long trunk, and big ears. It is an ....
a. Crocodile
b. Giraffe
c. Ant
d. Elephant
13. It have a small body, like make line if they walks, it is an ....
a. Crocodile
b. Giraffe
c. Ant
d. Elephant
14. My fahter sleep in the ....
a. Bedroom
b. Dining room
c. Kitchen
d. Garage
15. If we want to eat, we use ....
a. Ear
b. Nose
c. Foot
d. Mouth
16. I have (Rp. 500.000) in my bag. Bahasa inggris dari Rp. 500.000 adalah ....
a. Fifty hundred rupiahs
b. Five hundred thousands rupiahs
c. Five thousands rupiahs
d. Five hundred rupiahs
17. Grey short means ....
a. Celana pendek warna hijau
b. Celana panjang warna hijau
c. Celana pendek warna abu-abu
d. Celana panjang warna abu-abu
18. Farmer in Indonesia is ....
a. Tukang pos
b. Pengacara
c. Petani
d. Pedagang
19. Let’s go go to the .... (pantai)
a. Mountain
b. City
c. Village
d. Beach
20. Bengkulu is in ....
a. Java
b. Sumatera
c. Papua
d. Kalimantan
21. My brother is playing .... (bola kaki)
a. Yoyo
b. Chess
c. Football
d. War
22. Mrs. Wulan works at school. She is a .... (guru)
a. Gardener
b. Doctor
c. Nurse
d. Teacher
23. Mrs. Kania is making clothes. She is a ....(Penjahit)
a. Tailor
b. Sailor
c. Barber
d. Batik painter
24. Fisherman works using a .... (perahu)
a. Sailing boat
b. Pedicab
c. Hot air ballon
d. Bus
25. You can see a ... in the airport.
a. Ship
b. Bus
c. Plane
d. Train