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Understanding Self and Others

1. “Greater in battle than the man who would conquer a thousand - thousand men, is he who would conquer just one –
himself” – Gautam Buddha
2. In this session we studied, filled and interpreted the MBTI Questionnaire
3. My score in MBTI questionnaire was:
E (15) – I (14) : S (13) – N (9) : T (16) – F (7) : J (23) – P (2)
As I can see, I am quite balanced when it comes to Extraversion and Introversion. Little more on the sensitive side, high
on the thinking side and very high on the Judging side.
4. I feel this tool to assess ourselves is very powerful and gives a peep into our own personalities which is very difficult
5. What I learnt in the class was that every individual will be different and there is no good or bad individual. An introvert
may feel it is better to be extrovert. But there are pros and cons with both the personality types. While an introvert may
not be so open to express herself in front of others, an extrovert may not be able to concentrate for long on a topic. Thus,
we should not judge people based on the outcome of MBTI.
6. We also learnt that since MBTI is such a powerful tool, it can be misused. It may hurt individuals if it is used in the
recruitment process. Therefore, the companies should not use it for recruitment.
7. However, if there are conflicts between individuals, this tool can give powerful insights which will help us understand
the personality differences between the individuals which will help in finding the root cause of the conflict.
8. I feel in future, since I am now aware of my personality, I will be careful not to judge people and also develop the
feeling side of me a bit more.
9. Though I am also aware that such a personality develops over time and the process start very much at the childhood
stage. Therefore, changing anything now may be very difficult. However even if I am aware, it may help. I can in the
hindsight realize that it could be since I judge people very quickly.
10. There was a new perspective given to us in the class and that was that the extroverts derive their power from the external
environment while the introvert derive their power from the inner environment. This was a new way of presenting the
fact which I had never heard or read before. This gives me a bit of confidence that even if I am sitting alone and doing
nothing, I am actually recharging myself. It removes the guilt which introverts have to often go through as to why do
they not mix with others.
11. At the same time, it should be noted that tool is not to be used to find out one’s career choices. It should just be used as
a peep into your personality and should be left at that.
12. I feel that if we are with people who are different from us, it helps us grow some aspects of our personality, like how to
have a meaningful talk or relationship with them. Therefore, even though people like people who are like them, we
should try to have different personalities in our circle, so that we can get to know them more closely and appreciate the
differences and live with them without conflict.
13. I feel that is the reason why organizations try to bring people from diverse backgrounds. They want to develop diversity
in their workforce. With diversity comes different ideas and capability to handle a situation in different ways. Hence
the diversity needs to be appreciated.
14. What I feel is that one should be happy with oneself and not worry too much about what is there in her personality. If
we do not harm others due to our behavior, it should be fine. We should not try and change too many things in our
personality at this stage, neither should we be too much worried after knowing a great deal about our personalities.
15. My key takeaway from the session was “what is my personality which I came to know as ESTJ and I am quite
comfortable about it. I will try and work on the judging part to some extent”.