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The story relates the story of two sisters, daughters of an Anglican vicar, Mr. Saywell.

return from finishing school overseas to a boring, lifeless rectory in Papplewick, after the
World War I. Their mother, Cynthia, had left their father and had run away with another man.
It was a scandal that is not mentioned by the family, especially the girls' father, who was
deeply humiliated.

Their new home is dominated by a blind and selfish grandmother called "Granny" and her
mean daughter Aunt Cissie who is jealous of Yvette. Granny doesn’t want Cynthia to return
because she takes all the decisions in the house now. However, the most important person in
Mr. Saywell’s life is his younger daughter, Yvette, because she remembers him to his wife. So,
Yvette is a very spoiled girl who doesn’t take care about other people’ feelings. However,
Yvette wants to fall in love.

The two girls, Yvette and Lucille, are constantly suffocated by the life they now have at the
rectory in the village of Davon. Lucille gets a job as a secretary and Yvette enjoys social life,
however, she doesn’t seem to be happy. One day, some friends visited Yvette and she
introduced a young man, Leo Wetherell, to Granny. Yvette’s friends are planning to go on a
picnic day in Leo’s car.

Next day, they go on a picnic day in Bonsall Head. On their road they run into 2 gipsies, a man
and a woman. Yvette thinks that the man is very handsome and interesting. He wears a dark
green jumper, black trouser and black boots. The gipsy offers the girls to read their fortune and
they accept. So, a gipsy woman reads Yvette’s fortune and in a secret room inside a caravan.
According to the Yvette’s words, Yvette’s future will include 2 men, a dark man who means
good luck and a fair one who means bad luck. Besides, one of the members of her family will
die and Yvette will marry she is twenty-three and she will have 2 children.

A few days later, Yvette has a quarrel with Aunt Cissie, Yvette has borrowed some money from
the Church funds and Aunt Cissie and Mr. Saywell are very angry with her. Mr Saywell pays
Aunt Cissie but she still accuses Yvette of being a thief. Yvette feels sad and wishes to live like a
gipsy in a caravan. She the remembers the actual words told by the gipsy woman. There will be
a dark man in Yvette’s life who will be a light in the dark.

Yvette really starts hating living there, one day another quarrel between she and Aunt Cissie
starts and this time Granny says offensive words against her mother. That day, the gipsy man
goes to Yvette’s house to sell some metal objects. Yvette gets really nervous and the gipsy
looks at her with eyes of desire and she wants him too. They arrange to meet again on next
Friday. Yvette is really excited about that idea and in the previous days she rejects Leo’s
proposal of marriage.

While on a second visit to the gipsy man and his family, she befriends a married woman, Mrs
Fawcet, who has left her husband and who is now living with her lover, Major Eastwood,
impatiently waiting for her divorce to come through (llegue). Yvette is very excited about her
new friends, she does not judge anyone new she meets, neither the gipsy nor the Mrs Fawcet,
because she is young and modern-minded. During one of her visits to the Eastwoods, she tells
Mrs. And Mr. Eastwood about her feelings towards the gipsy man. Mrs Eastwood shows his
disproval to those feelings but Mr Eastwood supports Yvette.
However; when her father finds out about this friendship, he threatens her with killing her if
she follows the same bad behaviour as a mother, and Yvette realizes that, at his heart, her
father too is mean-spirited and shallow. After that, Yvette, decides not to see the Eastwoods
again and she meets the gipsy man twice by accident. Yvette realises that she loves him. While
they are talking the gipsy tells Yvette about the Old gipsy’s dreams and something about
listening for the voice of water.

The novel has a surprise twist at the end. A huge flood surges in the village because of a great
reservoir 5 miles from the rectory. The reservoir contained a huge amount of water, but the
wall had become weak and it had suddenly burst. Meanwhile, Yvette is seated on a wooden
seat a few feet above the river and Granny is the only one in the house.

After that, the water had passed through the broken wall and down to the village, in a great
flood. It happens when the gipsy man is approaching the rectory house. Fortunately, the brave
gipsy man rescues Yvette by taking her upstairs near to the chimney. The flood had washed
most of the rectory away, drowning the grandmother. Yvette saw her grandmother dying and
she could do nothing and when she got upstairs she got asleep in the gipsy’s arms.

Next day the police and her family returns home to find her safe, and they adulate the gipsy as
her saviour. One day she receives a brief note from the gipsy, "hoping to see her again" and
Yvette learns his name is Joe Boswell. Yvette feels real love the gipsy man who had saved her