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The Patriot-News newspaper, Employment Ads, Harrisburg, PA

September 2, 2007

Job Title: Special Assistant to the Chief Investment Officer

Employer: State Employees' Retirement System
Location: Harrisburg, PA United States

Last Updated: 9/2/2007

Job Description


The $34 billion Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System ("SERS")
seeks to fill a Special Assistant to the Chief Investment Officer for the pension fund's externally
managed investment program.

Position involves high level professional, administrative, and policy responsibilities as Assistant
to the Chief Investment Officer.

The successful candidate must possess a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, business
administration, or related field, and three years of experience working in investment

Knowledge of investment principles and techniques, and strong oral and written communication
skills are required.

Salary is commensurate with experience. Comprehensive benefits package will be provided.

Position is based in Harrisburg, PA.

A resume and a personal data sheet, available at or by calling

717-783-8085, must be submitted on or before September 14, 2007 to:

Katie Mathews
State Employees' Retirement System
30 North Third Street, Suite 150
Harrisburg, PA 17101
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Organization: 703000 - SR INVMT OFF
Job Code/Title: 2794002 - SPC ASST CIO SERS
Position Number: 145022
County: Dauphin
Work Location: PA State Employees' Retirement System
30 North 3rd Street, Suite 150
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Type of Job: Non-Civil Service
Union: No Union Representation (Not subject to provisions of a union agreement.)
Bargaining Unit: A3
Seniority Unit:
Type Position: Permanent / Full Time
Salary Range: $51,867 - $82,917
Pay Schedule / Range: IS / IS09
Posting Length: 12 days
Posting Dates: 9/3/2007 - 9/14/2007
Contact Number: (717)783-8085 or
Information: Work Hours
8:00 - 4:30
Description of Duties: Employee will report directly to the CIO. This employee must have extensive investment
experience or education (as evidenced by industry licensing credentials and/or work
experience in the investment industry) to perform the policy level duties and responsibilities of
this position. Responsible for high-level managerial, administrative and compliance
responsibilities within this program. Responsible for exercising substantial independent
judgement in directing critical policy level aspects of the investment program and within
SERS' Investment Office. Performs office management functions of senior level responsibility
within the Investment Office. Responsible for policy level decision making, planning,
organizing and directing work of technical investment staff and clerical personnel. This
employee's work is completed independently, subject to CIO's review.

Responsible for all aspects of the Investment Office contracting process, including serving as
the IO liaison between SERS' legal office, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office, the
Governor's Office of Chief Counsel and the Office of the Comptroller.

Responsible for the delegation, monitoring and tracking of investment office projects on
behalf of the CIO.

Reviews and edits investment related material submitted by staff to the CIO, prior to
submission to the CIO.

Prepares memorandums, correspondence and administrative orders on behalf of the CIO and

Evaluates and analyzes daily all materials sent to the CIO, either telephonically, via email,
facsimile or letter, for importance and relevance and processing, including monitoring the
timing and content of responses prepared by IO staff.

Responsible for developing and implementing the IO Internship program to ensure that
positions are filled.

Oversees the Employee Evaluation Process, including the timely submission of all required 9/4/2007
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employee evaluations.

Analyzes investment office programs and projects with complex goals and objectives and
organizational structure for productivity enhancement or operational efficiency.

Carries our various administrative research assignments (I.e. compilation and analysis of
statistical information for inclusino in news releases, speeches or reports).

Evaluates and analyzes operational procedures and develops conprehensive reports of

findings and recommendations.

Reviews budget estimates and calculations which are prepared within the Investment Office
to be submitted to the Office of Financial Management.

Assists in the preparation of fiscal and statistical reports, as deemed necessary, to

communicate information about the Investment Office to the PA General Assembly, media
and public, or as requested by SERS Executive Director.

Reviews and, under IO, replies to routine correspondence.

Because SERS is expected to have a role in national investment and corporate governance
organizations, as well as presenting information to SERS' Board Chairman and Members, the
Governor's office, and members of the General Assembly, this employee is responsible for
providing accurate information and doing it in a way that establishes and maintains a
cooperative working relationship with these parties. Likeswise, employee is responsible for
maintaining SERS' cooperative working relationship with PSERS investment officials with
regard to media/legislative issues.

Updates and maintains the Contract Tracking System (CTS) database with all current and
relevant information on new or existing contracts with managers, consultants or service
providers. (The Contract Tracking System is the key tracking system for all contracts within
SERS for reference by the Investment Office, the Legal Office, and the Office of Financial

Consults with the Asset Class directors and the attorneys from Legal Office to prepare a
weekly contract-tracking and legal issue summary report for reference and discussion at
weekly staff meetings of the C.I.O. and Investment Office staff. Summarize up-to-date
information on current contracts or contracts coming before the Board.

Supervisory Duties:
Supervise a secretarial/clerical staff person within SERS Investment Office, and supervise
temporary clerical pool persons as needed.

Assign, distribute, interpret work assignments, and review completed assignments.

Monitor the work being completed by the staff person.

Interview applicants for vacant clerical positions and make specific recommendation to the
C.I.O. and Human Resources. Prepare required paperwork required by Human Resources.
Essential Functions: 1. Understand investment-related material
2. Have knowledge of investment vehicles
3. Analyze investment-related data
4. Communicate effectively
5. Have ability to organize & prioritize
6. Use MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint

Last Date Job Applications Will Be Accepted: 9/14/2007


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Applicants must meet one (or more) of the following methods(s) to be considered for this vacancy:

z Non-Civil Service Recruitment

z Non-Civil Service Non-Seniority
z Transfer
z Reassignment


1. Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job:

Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Business Administration or related field, and three years of
experience working in investment management.

2. Pennsylvania residency requirement waived.


The following materials must be mailed and postmarked on or before 9/14/2007:

1. Resume
2. Personal Data Sheet available at

If interested in applying by mail, please send above specified materials to:

Katie Mathews
PA State Employees' Retirement System
30 North 3rd Street, Suite 150
Harrisburg, PA 17101

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