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Team Oppi wins! page 4 Abortion

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The Oppidan Press Edition 4, 5,

Edition 259April
May 2007

By Claire Carr and Ines Schumacher that will be distributed to digs. A crime get in. Nowhere is safe anymore.”

hotspots webpage will be linked to The situation of many students
the CPU [Campus Protection Unit] affected by crime is exacerbated by the
webpage.” fact that students are unable to ensure
The crime prevention booklet individual items. Minette Gleaves.,
has been in the works since the end a short-term broker with McCallum
of last term, when it was announced Brokers, advised students to attach
at the Oppidan Forum of 20 March their valuables, particularly electronics,
that funding had been secured for it. to their parent’s household policies,
According to police spokesperson However, Oppidan Committee President although this is not an option for
Inspector Milanda Coetzer, 62 crimes Sam Simango said the booklet would foreign students.
were reported by students – about only be ready before exams. It is unclear Wille says that the student lifestyle
one every two days. However, Hi-Tec how they will be distributed. He added makes them soft targets: “A family will
manager André Wille said that they that the onus is on students to make use own one computer whereas a five-man
react to “three or four” break-ins daily. of the online crime-watch map in order digs will have four or five laptops.
“An unhealthy percentage of break-ins for it to reflect crime spots accurately. A family will all sit down for dinner
happen to students. About 60-70% of When The Oppidan Press checked, there together and can put the alarm on but
break-ins that we deal with are digs,” was no link to the crime watch map from students come and go, so the alarm is
Wille said. the CPU website, the Oppidan website never properly set.”
The rate of successful arrests is low. or the Rhodes website.
Coetzer says that of the 62 reported Estate agents in Grahamstown Open
incidents, arrests have been made in only are aware of the situation, but say it window
Open window
seven cases. is difficult to do more to effectively Broken
Broke window 18%
The Oppidan Committee and improve digs security. Jackie Vermeulen, window

Pic: Supplied by Brenda Schmahmann


sub-wardens maintain that they are a rental agent at Pam Golding, said: “One 37% Door
concerned about the situation and landlord recently decided to upgrade the Door unlocked
are taking measures to help. Farayi security of their digs. It came to R50,000
Open 30%
Chikuni, an Oppidan sub-warden, says for everything. No wonder it takes some Open door

that sub-wardens have been attending

landlords a while to react to digs security 15%

police forum meetings and have arrived

upgrade needs.”
at a strategy to help Oppies to protect Soné Nel, a rental agent at Drostdy Fig. 1: Most common reported break-ins by entry
themselves from crime: “We are working Estates, said: “You can have all the method. 63% of break-ins are due to student
on a booklet on crime prevention tips security, but if they want to get in, they’ll

Tribute to Dr Michael Herbst


Beaufort Street case study


Lecturer, mentor and friend

Bertrams By Sarah Laird and John Walters A man like any other, he had his
Caroline character flaws, but Michael never set
Clarke himself above us and was always ready
Cradock to meet us at our own level. Whether
Cross seeing him in the department, on
One of the residents, Vicki Snyman, was held up at knife Frances Michael’s lectures were of a the street, or at the Rat and Parrot,
point at the end of last term: “They went to the kitchen, got Fraser
consistently high calibre. Being in one Michael was Michael. We valued him,
a knife out of the drawer and then asked for my phone and Frere
of them was like participating in a not just for his intelligence, but also
laptop.” Luckily, Snyman was close to a panic button and Glastonbury
conversation with someone who had a for the friendship he offered us. We
Hi-Tec arrived and apprehended one of the suspects. Goldswain
grasp of things few people are fortunate will remember the little things – his
In another incident, robbers broke into the digs through Gowie
enough to understand. He made a laugh, his sideways look and his self-
an open lounge window and stole an iPod, laptop and a Henry
Hill point of pushing us beyond our own deprecating manner.
suitcase full of clothes.
Hillsview limitations – forcing us to adapt to the We will never forget the day that
“When we signed the lease last year we asked the estate
Jacobus-Uys art and theorists at hand. Michael interrupted himself in one of
agent to make sure that burglar bars were put up. When we Lansdowne Michael’s ideas extended beyond his lectures on Primitivism, to challenge
moved in this year it had not been done. We were hit in the Milner
the confines of the classroom – they us about our usage of the word “tribe”.
first week of term and have been a target ever since,” said Musgrave
followed us into our practical work and He demanded that we write the word
Lauren Crook, a fourth year BJourn student in the same New
appreciation of art. We are sure that the down on a piece of paper, crumple it up
digs. Oatlands
ways in which Michael taught us to see and throw it at him. Then in his typical
Drostdy Estates is the rental agent for this particular Prince Alfred
will influence us in both what we make way, he exclaimed: “Now… never use it
house and, according to the digs residents, they have been Rivett
Rose and write about in the future. We will again!”
ineffective. “It is their job to be in contact with the landlord
never be able to look at a work of art in Dr Herbst’s spirit, passion and
Graphics: Ines Schumacher

and tell him what is going on. They make us promises
Speke quite the same way again. humility will be greatly missed.
that stuff will get done but then they never do it. They are Spring
disorganised,” said Crook. St Aidans
Burglar bars and an electric fence have only been put up Warren
recently after most of the damage had already been done. Wilshire Dr Michael Herbst joined Rhodes University in 2002, after achieving
“They can still get onto the property,” said Crook. “There Worcester his PhD at Wits. He was a lecturer in the Fine Art Department, teaching
has not been a break-in in two weeks but the other night 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 courses on Art History and Visual Culture to students ranging from first
someone was on the property. It shows how desperate Fig 2: Oppies living in Beaufort, African and Milner Street have been hit years to Masters. Dr Herbst took his own life on Tuesday, 1 May.
they are to get into the digs. They know it is worth the risk the hardest by crime, but digs break-ins are widespread in Grahamstown.
because we have valuable things.” February to April 2007 statistics supplied by SAPS Grahamstown

PG Glass congratulates the winners of the

Founders Challenge!
53 Bathurst St Grahamstown. Tel 046-622 2950/622 8700. Tim: 082 800 9276 Kevin: 082 772 0400

Just plane fun page 7

Grahamstown Aviation Day, 19 May

Ed’s view point

Now that we have woken up to the

fact that nearly half a million rands
worth of valuables have been stolen
from student digs in just three months
(if you factor in unreported crimes), it is
time that Oppies start to take a serious
problem seriously. Two thirds of break-
ins happen thanks to open windows or
unlocked doors. There really isn’t any
excuse. It’s sheer carelessness.
Another thing: you can’t NOT report

Illustration: Alex Dubb

crime. Every unreported crime is a
crime that someone is 100% guaranteed
to get away with. Okay, the cops have
made arrests in just 11% of reported
break-in cases. That’s not very good. But
not reporting crime isn’t the answer. For the full story on the effect of changes in newsprint supply turn to our business section on page 9.
It renders the cops redundant before
they’ve even begun. It also means that
people are going to break into your digs
again and again.
Letters to the Editor
It’s encouraging to hear that some
Oppi sub-wardens have been attending
community policing forums. As our area
representatives, it should be compulsory Editor, few meters away from the men with the
for sub-wardens to attend these great hair, style and obligatory weeping
meetings. However, there seems to be a We, as members of the OUTRhodes women attached to their shoulders.
glaring discrepancy between discussion committee, would like to stand up, not Your analysis of the ‘phases’ that
Editor, agenda back home (yes they are as “real homosexuals”, but rather in people go through is simply trite and
and action. For example, the Oppidan
Committee plans to distribute safety and MDC activists). Any publicity is good fervent and wholly sensible opposition shallow, and showcases your dearth of
As a paper you should aim to publicity. I challenge you to print these to the article “Homosexuality: the latest knowledge on the subject of sexuality.
security information booklets to Oppies
give a balanced story. The story of views in your paper if you really are an haute-couture”. According to the writer, The lived experience of many people
some time in the next three weeks. These
intimidation of Zimbabwean students unbiased press. gay marriage has fixed everything and simply does not correspond to the gay/
have been an embarrassingly long time
is baseless, malicious and uncouth. the days of prejudice and discrimination straight dichotomy; in this regard, your
in coming. Surely this should have been
These opposition Zimbabweans are Aluta continua !!! are over. Clearly, we had been labouring rickety worldview wants adjusting.
done before the year began? There is talk
intent on spreading fallacies about the Pamberi ne Zanu-PF under the misguided impression that if Concerning OUTRhodes itself, you
of an interactive crime hotspots website
Zimbabwe situation. Even in England Pamberi na RG Mugabe we came out, our families and churches seem to have us confused; our members
hosted on the CPU webpage. I can’t find
they have gone around begging Pamberi ne Womens league (Womens would disown us, friends would shun us, are not just a bunch of gays who want
it, although I know it would be really
for asylum on the grounds that league woye!!!!!!!!) and that verbal or physical harassment to band together against the ‘big bad
Zimbabwe is unsafe, which has been Pamberi nokubatana would inevitably follow. Your article straight world’. The society is about being
Estate agents are lax as well. I was a
proved to be untrue as some continue suggests that the advent of same-sex queer, a category including everyone
first-time customer when I signed my
to be deported. Pasi nema imperialists marriage has extinguished all that. It is who supports the fact that there are
rental contract with Drostdy, but I was
Further, the paper has depicted any Pasi ne neo-colonialism doubtful whether those South Africans different sexualities, all valid. What is
given no information about safety and
Zanu-PF supporter as inhumane and Pasi ne nhunzvatunzva who have been victims of stoning and attention-seeking about that? And as for
security. All it takes is a generic sheet of
devilish, which is not true. Rhodes has rape because of their sexual orientation, people jeopardising their sexuality, what
safety tips; surely not too much to ask.
a large number of students who are I thank you. would agree. could you possibly mean by this? That
At the beginning of the year, we
children of judges (indicated in the As for “suffocating” straight people – association with OUTRhodes is going to
reported that the Dean of Students was
story), ministers, Zanu-PF members Comrade Young Musangano our apologies, we had no idea. Somehow ruin one’s chances of securing a station
looking for student volunteers to develop
and high-ranking civil servants. They Tichatonga we had persisted in the delusion that wagon filled with kids and a bond on a
a digs rating website. Digs security was
deserve to support their party without because almost every film, advert house in the suburbs? It would seem that
the first criterion on the proposed list.
fear. However, evidently Rhodes does - hell, almost every space you walk into the only thing being jeopardised here is
In a couple of months, the hunt for 2008
not provide that environment. Editor, - is strictly heterosexual, the ‘straight’ your name as an intelligent person.
digs will begin. This digs rating website
On the other hand, children of population was doing just fine. Here we Should the “real homosexuals stand
would be an invaluable tool for Oppies
opposition activists also study here. While I cannot comment for every were, just “floating in the mainstream”, up”? Your article avoids the merest
to make an informed choice and to
And when they speak their side of the Zimbabwean at Rhodes University, forgetting that we were expected to be suggestion of what this would achieve,
boycott unsafe digs if necessary. I bet
story people listen and the university I still feel that I should air my views. paddling around in the backwater. and how. Perhaps you would like
you that absentee landlords who are
“tacitly supports” them. Would the Saying that black Zimbabweans were Special thanks for conducting them to wear some sort of distinctive
out of touch with the state of their digs
university also support a solidarity intimidated by their counterparts to a survey on our membership and marking? Trying to cordon people off
will scramble to improve the property’s
march for Zimbabwe? A march on not attend the vigil, is incorrect and establishing the figures of “real is an absurd pastime. You could spend
security if, for the first time in years, no
behalf of the students who support biased. Rhodes University is a free homosexuals”. We’re intrigued as to your time doing other things, like
students rent it from them.
the ruling party and Zimbabwean institution where anyone is free to how you gleaned these statistics; did considering the truth of what you write
The time for whinnying and whining
government in its endeavours to do what they like. After all, we go to you conduct clinical tests? Please feel before publishing it.
is over. Oppies need to improve their
improve the lives of the masses lectures with government officials’ free to send us a copy of your findings.
safety habits, take a more proactive
whose lives have been made worse by sons and daughters and we act like You know where to find us; just look for
stance, and demand better service from
external forces? it’s nothing. It’s just that maybe most those raunchy, power-hungry lesbians, a Members of the OUTRhodes Committee
their student leaders, the police, estate
In conclusion, I urge you to people did not attend because they felt
agents and landlords.
consider the other face of Zimbabwe the vigils were just a drop in the ocean
as well as the other Zimbabweans on and would not do much to change the
campus. And I warn you of the likes situation at home.
of Sibindi, who are there to fabricate
Lionel Faull stories to push their relatives’ political Tonderai

The Oppidan Press

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Taking the piss (because they can) The Oppidan Comm ent

By Candice Cupido

Pic: Leon Schnell

By Kelebetseng Scheppers

You disgust me. There are certain

things one wouldn’t dream of doing in
public, so why has having a public widdle Scientifically speaking, the thresh-
become synonymous with the male old of pain caused by noise is 130
population? A socially unacceptable decibels. According to Van Nostrand’s
act that is becoming increasingly Scientific Encyclopaedia, noise is
prominent along the roads whether it is defined as: “Any undesired sound.
day or night, sober or drunk. This act, as By extension, noise is any unwanted
mind-boggling as it seems, has become disturbance within a useful frequency

Pic: Gaynor Barnard

a manner of championing male chivalry, band, such as an undesired electric
and has no racial exclusion. I met a guy wave in any transmission channel or
(I wouldn’t dare call him a man – as that device”. That’s all well and good but, as
species is supposed to have common most Humanities students will know,
sense and dignity) on my way to varsity, there is no such thing as objective
Grahamstown’s latest dance move is called The Five Snake Shake.
who after wabethe amanzi (hitting the measurement when it comes to hu-
water), actually attempted to introduce appear to be groping at nothing all too “Because they can” is another being swung out to dry. I don’t wish bad man contact. There are always more
himself to me in the traditional ‘let’s- often, seemingly to make it appear to answer to my revulsion. I have the things upon people due to Karma but I’m than two sides to every story.
shake-after-the-introduction’ manner. be something. Although we’re told that ability to urinate in public as well, and certain Fate and all her little followers Digs students define noise as: “Any
Urgh! He was sober; however, the tree he we shouldn’t be looking. Lets take a the duration of time it takes to unzip- would agree that there are toilets sound that I’m not making”. This al-
had victimised appeared to be drunk. moment to think (yes, use that head on and-let-it-rip is possibly equivalent to designed for a purpose and the streets lows plenty of leeway. Loud music is
If males can do it, then why can’t your neck) and tell me where I should be raise-squat-and-spit and it doesn’t take don’t resemble toilet bowls, however “background music for any worth-
females? Many have commented that, looking if not forward when I’m walking courage for someone to do that. They intoxicated one may be. My solution? while get-together”. Band practice in
“It’s sick for a girl to squat,” but it’s okay straight. I can’t avoid looking when just have to be primitive and repulsive. Blunt scissors that creep out of hiding the garage is “our ticket to a record
for a guy to do it? They further justify you are in my direct line of vision, and My point? Eeuw, it’s nasty and this places whenever they hear the familiar deal and potential millions”. Blasting
this by saying that “guys have nothing heaven alone knows why you’re not in act intrudes on the public’s right to safe unzipping. Too far-fetched? It was a good your car’s speakers at full volume is
to hide”. That may be true, as they my blind spot! streets which are free of male genitalia idea though. “pumping up for the party”. Drunken
singing at four in the morning is
“allowed – if I’m drunk too”. It makes
sense, then, that our pain threshold
for noise levels is probably higher that
130 decibels. We may even unknow-
Open Deliveries ingly be going slightly deaf. In fact,
the only sound that constitutes noise
9am - Late 6pm - 12pm is the alarm clock that gets you up in
time for your dawnie.
Tel Deliveries Fee The locals define noise as: “A good
(046) 622-3042 R2-50 excuse to call the cops.” This means

Mass destruction and that students can (and have been

known to) get into serious trouble
when hosting a digs party. Not too

The bigger, better burger the American dream

long ago, there was a lot of hype
surrounding New Street noise and
the owners of bed and breakfasts in
the area. Students running amok in a
“You Ring We Bring” By Debbie Liebenberg
drunken haze at early-morning hours
were reportedly having a negative
Telephone effect on local business. Local citizens
are trying to raise their children, pay
(046) 622-3042 While the swarm of raging bullets bolt through the air, screams
are silenced, followed by the sound of frail bodies hitting the floor.
off their mortgages and re-establish
their white picket fences in this town,
28 New Street Any sign of life or hope is left gurgling and gagging in the blood that
once gave it life.
and we are, in effect, hiring their
space. We pass through here for just
The American government should stop looking for weapons of a couple of years, and, despite what
mass destruction in Iraq’s oil rigs and try searching their children’s students think, Grahamstown does
book bags. The land of the free is slowly becoming a self-created not belong to us. The key word in the
cemetery. digs contract is ‘lease’. Locals are in it
We all want to live the American dream. We all want the white for the long haul, and they have had to
NEW & IMPROVED picket fence, the new cars, McDonald’s as our staple diet and to look live with student noise for decades.

Wallace’s Pharmacy
like Brad and Angelina. But then we wake up; we wake up to the It comes down to respect. And
harsh reality that the universally desired American dream has turned compromise. From both sides. Let
into a blood drenched nightmare that makes a movie by Quentin your neighbours know that Friday is
Tarantino look like a high school comedy. your twenty-first, and it’s a once in
If Bush and his government were not so busy “saving” other your lifetime event. Similarly, it’s up
countries maybe he would realise that his own country’s gun laws to the neighbours to remember their
Mini-facial - R85 are not as good an idea as he thinks they are. Wal-Mart should sell good old days and keep in mind it’s
necessities like food and clothes; ammunition is not a necessity, just one night.
Full leg wax - R100 Georgie! Could failure to change policies and react to school
massacres lead to the end of another world power? Will the desire to
Eye lash and eyebrow tint - R55 be Americanised (or Americanized?) go out of fashion? We can only
Back, neck and shoulder massage - R85
Visit the Oppidan Committee website:
Open an account with Wallace’s for Peppergrove
Peppergrove Mall
Mall for everything you need to know about being an Oppi. The website includes
high-quality pharmaceutical care Tel:Tel:
622622 7373
7373 committee and sub-warden contacts, legal advice, tips on digs life and info
and give-aways! Email:
Email: about Oppi sports teams.


essa Berger
Graphic: Van

This time about two years ago I was the most most of the night in question. The conclusion Step 4: Have another consultation with Dr He didn’t reply. Anti-Abortion only had enough
annoyingly innocent and fresh-faced first year you of the test: I was 100% knocked up. After this Bull, this time in her office on High Street. I didn’t airtime to send one text. Nobody else knew
could have imagined. White, middle-class, just out uncomfortable step, Anti-Abortion and I went to want my parents to know about the abortion. I where I was. My one and only urge was to call
of high school: I was ready to take on the world Dulce’s and had a large chocolate milkshake to felt that my parents would not understand my my mother, tell her where I was. I am certain she
and nothing could stop me. In the April vac I got accompany the large piece of chocolate cake we situation and that they’d see me as irresponsible. would have driven the whole night just to be able
smashingly drunk and before my boyfriend knew also ordered. That made me feel a bit better. I couldn’t stand to be judged by them. That’s why to hold my hand the next morning. The other
it, I’d robbed him of his virginity and disregarded Step 2: Make an appointment with Dr Bull, I kept quiet. Looking back, I should have told my people in my ward judged me with their stolen
the condom in the process. The deed was done, the only doctor who performs abortions in mother. She would have been the most supportive looks. Only the children came to share their snacks
and I must have been highly fertile because that’s Grahamstown. She is in the San twice a week. This force in my life. She always had been up till then. with me and to cheer me up. How ironic.
when something started growing inside of me. time, The Boy joined me and we sat in the San Step 5: Go through with the abortion. I made The next morning I got wheeled into a surgery
I took a pregnancy test later that term. Not waiting room, nervously trying to figure out who the decision on my own. I had no consultation room, received a general anaesthetic, dropped off
surprisingly, it was positive. I didn’t panic. In my was there for the same reason. In consultation with The Boy beforehand. I knew we were on to sleep and woke up back in my ward. It was all
mind, what was done was done, but I needed with Dr Bull, I listened to my options. They were the same page. Even though we tried to keep done. Some stranger had just stuck the equivalent
further confirmation. This was about the time I as follows: have the baby and keep it; have the our pathetic excuse for a relationship going after of a vacuum cleaner inside of me and sucked out
told my boyfriend (in true Intimate Adventures of a baby and give it up for adoption; or abort the baby. the abortion, we didn’t succeed for long. So why the walls of my uterus. The baby was gone. I was
London Call Girl spirit, we’ll call him The Boy) and I told her I had made up my mind: I wanted an would we want to have a child together? He tried dead tired and drifted back off to sleep.
a close mutual friend (Anti-Abortion) about my abortion. But there was more to it than that. First, to feign interest in the proceedings, but what really Step 6: Recover. I had to have lots of bed rest
suspicions. The most support I got was from Anti- I had to complete Step 3. convinced me he didn’t care was the night I had the following week. The visits from The Boy were
Abortion those next few weeks. She was not in Step 3: Psychological counselling. This is the the abortion. Anyone go to the Superhero party at scarce, but Anti-Abortion spent lots of time with
favour of my decision, but she let me do what I felt step where a mother-like figure tries to convince the Union in second term? You would have seen me. No counselling necessary. I was as happy as
was right. Together with Anti-Abortion I hatched you to have your baby. I grunted at strategic places The Boy that night, partying up a storm. someone who’d just won the lottery. No baby. No
out a plan: we’d take it step by step. in the consultation to assure her I was listening. I When I think back on the night, I feel fuss. No worries.
Step 1: Go to the San and get a proper understand the need to counsel people who might uncomfortable. It wasn’t so much that I was My solution is not right for everybody. I
pregnancy test done. When I went there, the rather not understand the implications of each option, waiting for an abortion that caused it, but it was understand when people need counselling and
unfriendly Sister on duty frowned and fired some but I did and I didn’t want to hear things such as: the utter loneliness I felt that night at the hospital. experience trauma after their abortions. But this
questions at me. How long ago did I have my last you’ll regret this for the rest of your life; it will I was cold and shivering. I got woken up every is my story and I tell it how it is. But don’t listen to
period? When did I have unprotected sex? Did the haunt your dreams; a family is such a beautiful couple of hours to take a pill that would start me. Make the decision that is right for you. And
condom break or did it fall off or (heaven forbid) thing. Listen lady, I’m sure it is, but not when I’m loosening (or was it dissolving?) the walls of my whatever you do: have more backbone than I did
did I just not use it? Question after uncomfortable 18 years old and stuck with a boyfriend that I have uterus. I had to go the toilet often to avoid the and call your mother. It’ll be the best decision you
question. It didn’t help that I couldn’t remember no romantic feelings for. blood staining my pants. I smsed The Boy once. make either way.

The World View

Compiled by Simon Allison terrorist attack in the United States, you
can bet your bottom dollar that there
By Khumo Makgothi and Boitumelo Mpete particularly in the south, which is said also will be immediate charges that Iran
to bear the ‘curse’ of oil. This curse was responsible in order to generate
has been the cause of much violence public hysteria in favor (sic.) of military
and kidnapping in the region. With action…In short, an attack on Iran
various militia groups operating would be an act of political folly, setting
in the country, it is no wonder that in motion a progressive upheaval in
democracy is difficult to achieve in world affairs. With the US increasingly
Nigeria and in countries with similar the object of widespread hostility, the era
problems. of American preponderance could even
“Nigeria has three big tribes and come to a premature end.
more than 400 ethnic groups, yet its The Observer
The effects of this are apparent even people have to elect one president LONDON – The Iranians are a International Herald Tribune
today. Nigeria held their presidential and one government,” says Richard sophisticated and sensitive people. STOCKHOLM – Will the United
election on 21 April 2007, and the Dowden, director of the Royal Africa From time to time, however, they do States use armed force against Iran?
chaos that ensued is symptomatic Society. something dumb. The seizure of 15 Hardly any foreign policy issue is hotter
of Africa’s flawed state system. This This is not just a Nigerian issue, British sailors and Royal Marines was right now. American planes are reported
election was a crucial one for democracy but one common to almost all African one such example. These events have to be patrolling along the border be-
in Africa. A successful election held states. Most African states are said to not happened by accident. For some tween Iraq and Iran, and US forces have
by a country with one of the largest have no common understanding or time the more radical elements in the been authorized to kill Iranian agents in
populations on the continent could experience of nationhood. Dowden Iranian government have been trying Iraq…Most commentators note that a
have provided a great example for says that this is because the flags, to find a way of retaliating against the large part of the American people would
other African countries to follow (and national anthems, and identities of growing pressure from the United Na- disapprove of more military adventures.
great international PR). However, these states were created by outsiders. tions in general and the United States Yet many worry that the Bush admin-
the prospect of a successful election And African politicians are often not in particular. istration might be tempted to play up
was overshadowed by violence and interested in democracy. “If you want Iran’s activities as an important reason
disorganisation. power, you play the ethnic card or Iran Daily for the anarchy in Iraq and to reduce
Newly elected president Umaru smear your religious rivals. When you KERMAN – [Iranian] Defense the attention to the debacle in Iraq by
Yar’Adua obtained 24.6 million votes, achieve power, you bring your own Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar opening a new front through bombings
compared to 6.6 million for his nearest people into government, and even said threats, sanctions and psycho- in Iran.
rival. However, Max van den Berg, more importantly, into the army,” says logical war are the most important
chief election monitor for the European Dowden. tools used by the US for achieving Christian Science Monitor
Union, said that “these elections However, successful elections in its hegemonic objectives. Addressing CAIRO – As the level of tension rises
have not lived up to the hopes and Africa are not impossible, and the senior military officials in Kerman. between the US and Iran, I am very con-
expectations of the Nigerian people and democratic process is well under Najjar added that the prevailing cerned that the Bush administration is
the process cannot be considered to way in countries like Namibia, South crisis in the Middle East is rooted in trying to paint a scenario of the probable
have been credible”. A great number of Africa and Zambia. And elections, America’s mischievous policies, Mehr consequences of a possible US military
voters were unable to vote because of a even if they are not successful, do at News Agency reported. He referred action against Iran that is far more rosy
shortage of ballot papers, and on the eve least focus attention on the political to the US as the biggest instigator of than the situation warrants…It is not
of the election an army truck was found issues of the country. According to insecurity in the world. just in Egypt that prominent voices
to contain thousands of ballot papers Greg Ruiters, of the Institute for Socio- in the (Sunni) Arab discourse have
which had been filled before the polls Economic Research, the Nigerian The Los Angeles Times countered the Bush officials’ claims. One
had even opened. elections were positive in this regard: LOS ANGELES – Iran’s announce- very high-level Saudi executive told me
Since its independence in October “It is a country of extreme paradoxes. ment that it has enriched a minute he thought a US attack on Iran would
1960, Nigeria has never had a transition It is one of the major producers of amount of uranium has unleashed ur- be “disastrous for the whole region”
from one elected government to another. oil yet its own people are not able gent calls for a preventive US airstrike and implored Washington to find a way
Pics: Supplied

This election was crucial in placing to profit from this oil. Allocation of from the same sources that earlier to resolve its differences with Tehran
Nigeria on a path to democracy, but, like revenue is a problem. The elections, urged war on Iraq. If there is another through diplomacy.
so many others in Africa, it failed. and thus democracy, seem to open the
The country is used to violence, lid to resolve these issues.”

Men as Partners not

Perpetrators President
By Boitumelo Mpete

Treasurer Vice President (Internal) Vice President (External)

South Africa has come from a time of Student Benefits 2 Project Managers Gender/Activism Community Engagement Media International
great anarchy during its transitional phase
where women and children were raped for
the same reason: to instill fear. How then
does one explain the high rape statistics in
South Africa years after the transition to

The SRC:
For weeks now, there have been Academic Societies Oppidan Residences
increasing media reports of children going
missing from their homes, being found
raped and dead. What is unnerving is that
these children were raped and killed by
people they knew.
Rape does not only affect women.
Faculty Reps Societies Council Oppi Area Reps 9 Hall Reps
New and improved?
Men are raped, and men also experience The SRC is in the process of redesigning its own structure to incorporate calls for greater accountability and
the emotional fall-out of having a friend Class Reps increased Oppidan representation. The new structure, as outlined in the graphic above, should streamline the
or family member raped. The SRC Rape SRC bureaucracy and decrease problems with members on the Council who are not sufficiently dedicated.
Awareness Week is based on this theme and This structure will be part of the rewriting of some parts of the SRC Constitution. Academic Councillor
titled “Men as Partners not Perpetrators”. Katherine Furman noted that the new Constitution should improve student representation: “This way we
It is a week long project highlighting issues Res Mentors hope this will affect the students is that they will be better represented.”
of rape through discussion and other
campaigns. Researched by Muzoxolo Baduza. Graphic reproduced from The Purple Press


The job of the artist is always to
 deepen the mystery.
– Francis Bacon ”
The subtlety of speech
By Hayley Mueller But Bekker emphasises that no ac-
cent is intrinsically good or bad. What is
intrinsic to speech is people’s tendency
to associate their accent with their social
standing: “Attitudes towards accents
are the result of attitudes (including
prejudices) toward groups,” he says.
Like many others, my accent seems
Aside from the mockery, the reality of
to adjust to fit my surroundings. I grew
the situation is that such prejudices run
up in the Free State, and even though
much deeper than the mere cadence and
I don’t have a single Afrikaans relative,

Pic: Supplied
pronunciation of an individual’s speech.
my speech definitely had a distinct ‘Af-
rikaans twang’. My accent underwent a

Cyber Art: is it the real thing?

radical change when I arrived at Rhodes
because every second word was mocked
by my friends. The change was an
unconscious process that I only noticed
recently when an old lady behind me in
the Pick ‘n Pay queue commented on my
“lovely English accent”. I was completely By Bridget O’ Keeffe gallery. Online, the essential features of a loss in the work’s original meaning.
baffled and decided to delve deeper into an optimal atmosphere for any art lover But it’s not all bad. A positive aspect
the subtleties of speech. Why do some How can we then discern our true are clearly missing. As a consequence, of ‘cyber galleries’ is the accessibility
people go overseas and assume a British accent? We can’t, because no such you cannot truly claim to have seen the of artwork to wider audiences. They
accent within a year, having lived in thing really exists; there are influences art in its purest form if the closest you’ve create the opportunity for anyone, liv-
South Africa their whole lives? Why do that continually alter our accent. How- come is via the World Wide Web. ing anywhere, to ‘see’ works of art that
some people speak in a different accent ever, Bekker notes that it is impossible Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is an example they would have otherwise never come
depending on whether they’re talking to to completely adopt an accent after of one such masterpiece. Reproduc- across. Artists are also able to take ad-
their parents or their friends at Rhodes? puberty. As a result, there will always tions are available to everyone whether vantage of a worldwide audience to sell
Why did I change my accent? be tiny traces of your original accent on postcards, bags, t-shirts etc. which their work.
I found that this is a common that creep into conversation now and has made everyone familiar with those In the contempory art scene, the
phenomenon that has been well again. Unconscious nuances: it could famous eyes. However, can you claim to variety of art produced is endless and
documented. Ian Bekker, a phoneti- be the way you pronounce the word have seen and appreciated this painting perhaps it is best to look at online art as
cian and lecturer in the Department of ‘mice’ with a hard ‘s’ sound if you’re if your experience was a virtual tour of another one of those varieties. While it
Linguistics at Rhodes, says the technical from Jo’burg or the way you say ‘i’s less the Louvre in Paris, bearing in mind that might not be as good as standing in the
term for this process is ‘accommoda- forcefully if you’re from Durban. It’s a This led me to wonder whether a her eyes remain static in a photograph of Louvre, the computer screen cannot be
tion’. It is a person’s tendency to mimic comforting thought to know that no computer screen can evoke the same re- the painting? After all, this is a viewing discarded as a second rate medium, but
those around them in order to “even matter where we go in the world and action if you stare into it while browsing of a representation of a representation, should rather be appreciated for the op-
out the differences”. This occurs each how many profound influences we are through the virtual tour of a cyber art not what the artist intended, and leads to portunity it provides.
time a person meets someone new and subject to, we will always hold on to
may seem patronising, even though the a part of our background. No matter
action is largely reflexive. Issues such as how hard I try to inconspicuously
perceived class and prestige also come
into play: people often mimic accents
or unconsciously assume accents which
adopt the white, English, middle-class
accent that seems to prevail at Rhodes,
I’m reassured knowing that I will
137 High Street
they think will place them in a higher
social bracket.
never completely shake off the sound
of my origins. Guest House and Restaurant
May Special
Come for dinner after 6pm on Fridays and get a 15%
discount on the entire bill (drinks included).

Fully licensed
Following a play’s production 21st dinner parties /cocktail parties for up to 150
people. Custom menus can be made.
By Amanda Strydom National Arts Festival. The rehears-
als have offered some challenges, but
Jessica Harrison’s Honours play, that’s to be expected. Mabena says that Available for Society Cheese and Wine functions.
Venus, focuses on Saartjie Baartman, “the idea is that you work through
a human being with desires and ambi- those challenges during the process of
creating the piece”. Also, while work-
tion. The role of Aphrodite, played by
Sifiso Mabena, looks particularly on ing in a group one has to consider We cater OPEN:
her sexuality and eroticism.
Aphrodite is Venus’ subconscious,
everyone, be sensitive and yet allow
your character to be an individual
to suit your 7.30am-9.30pm
and Mabena, a Zimbabwean Hon- within that group.
Her favourite line in this play is “I
budget. Saturday
ours Drama student, feels a connec- 8.30am-2pm
tion with her character. “I’m black, a say, perhaps she died of drink”. Sifiso
says it’s her Whitney Houston mo-
woman… I identify with feeling lost
and not close to home. I miss home ment. She likes to choose very difficult No venue hire 5pm–9.30 pm
a lot and have to come to terms with
living in Grahamstown”. She chose
roles and it shows when asked which
character in any play she would like to charges. 8am–2pm
to act in Venus because she feels it is be – the inspiring Sophia from Alice
an important story and gives her an Walker’s The Colour Purple – but she Tel: (046) 622 3242
opportunity to perform at this year’s thinks she’s too short for the role.



Spekboom sets out its stall Hitting the G-spot

By Catherine McDonald to earth’ herbs such as rosemary and
thyme, to orchids and olive trees. But,
The Edge of Violation
if you are the type of Oppi who looks
at plants and makes them wither (a bit
By Takondwa Nyasulu
like me), there are a few types of cacti
to choose from as well. So, seriously,
do yourself a favour and go see what’s
growing there, and, if all else fails, have
a latté.
There are many titbits
to keep you coming back It was relatively safe, which is why my
for more, from organic parents didn’t think twice about letting
Pic: Simon Capstick-Dale

oils to keep the fleas off me catch the bus to school alone. In my
the pooches, to free range green school dress I made my way to the
chickens and eggs. There is bus stop. The bus was empty. Innocently,
also quite a variety of baked I hopped on and sat in the front. The
goods and cheese available, driver started making conversation and,
and considering the quality thinking nothing of it, I politely answered
Grahamstown Flying Club (GFC) Chairman Alan Stephenson tinkers with his microlight. The
of what is on sale, it’s very all his questions. He got up to stretch
club is organising an Aviation Day on 19 May. reasonably priced.

Pic: Catherine McDonald

and then sat next to me. He asked if I

Just plane fun

If the smell of coffee and had a boyfriend and told me I was pretty.
the lure of all things shiny Trapped in the seat near the window
and new is not enough for I didn’t say a thing. He then put his
you, there is also a variety of wrinkled, filthy hand on my knee and slid
well priced plants that range it up my thigh and into my dress. I froze. I
from your more ‘down Cakes, coffee and cacti make Spekboom worth a visit. knew that I didn’t like what was going on
By Solomzi Khoza red-green colour blind. but I didn’t know what to say or do.
Alan took microlight lessons from a It took hours of sobbing for me to
local instructor in Grahamstown and has finally have the courage to tell my mother
been flying ever since. Like many other what had happened. I didn’t think that
things in life, there are risks involved anyone would believe me and even if
in flying, although being high in the air they did, I thought they would think I
can be far more unforgiving and there is was being silly. The incident was reported
much less room for error. Despite taking and we later found out that the driver
all the precautions, such as regularly had been doing that same thing to other
From 9:00 in the morning until late, maintaining his craft and always being little girls. Years later, even though I know
members of the Grahamstown club and wary of weather conditions, Alan has not what the driver did was wrong, I’m still
other regional clubs will be entertaining been able to avoid mid-air mishaps. “I very embarrassed and sometimes wonder

A long drive,
the crowds with amazing aerial feats and haven’t had any accidents, but I have had if I was over-reacting.
teaching people anything they want to two engine outs,” he says, “but I always I know that I cannot possibly compare

Pic: Simon Capstick-Dale

know about aviation. The event is free of managed to land safely.” These incidents what happened to me to what happens to
charge. This is only the club’s third show, have not dampened his love of flying

but the bar’s above par

thousands of women and children in this
and it promises to be even more exciting and he firmly believes that “once you’ve country every day. Rape. I cannot even
than the previous two events. The high flown, you will never be happy to just begin to imagine what rape survivors
costs of hosting such an event mean that walk on the ground again”. must feel and go through, but I do
it cannot be held more often. Food and drinks will be on sale and understand what it feels like to have your
visitors will be able to pay for short By Catherine McDonald golden nectar cost your standard R10. personal space invaded and your body
flights (flips) around Grahamstown in an And if the idea of cheap alcohol alone
“Once you’ve flown, aircraft of their choice. And if that isn’t isn’t enough to get you to the golf club,
violated. No matter how anyone tries to
twist it, no still means no.
enough, the Eastern Province Skydiv- a nine hole round of golf costs R10 I’m the first to admit that I’ve become
you will never be ers will be doing demonstrations and for students on a Friday, and R27 for deaf to all the statistics because rape is
tandem jumps for the braver souls. students on any other day of the week. such a painfully uncomfortable topic to
happy to just walk on The proceeds from this will be put
towards sponsoring resident flight
If that still doesn’t pique your interest,
a golf cart costs only R75 for non-
think about and discuss. The thought that
it may happen to me one day makes me
the ground again.” instructor Larry McGillewie and his wife
Sharon’s trip to the Czech Republic for
Although we didn’t have anything
so ill and petrified that I push it to the
furthest corner of my mind. But while
the World Microlight Championships to eat from the dining room, they do writing this, I’ve had to think about it
The aim of the Aviation Day is to in August. The couple were selected to serve what look like decent, edible over and over again and I’ve realised that
get people passionate about all things represent South Africa at the event after The Golf Club itself is not much to meals (judging by the noshing that went I have to face the reality that it could
aviation related. As GFC Chairman Alan taking part at the SA Nationals. look at, but it has a stunning view of on at the table next to ours). Like our happen to me someday and that I need
Stephenson says, “flying is a way of life”. Aviation Day hopes to show people Grahamstown (when standing on your own liquid lunch, food was also very to be pro-active about taking care of
He is speaking from six years of experi- how easy it is to get into aviation. All it toes, hoping for the right conditions to reasonably priced. So if the budget has my personal safety. I can’t walk home
ence as a microlight pilot and an aerial takes is determination, although price manifest themselves). More importantly, seen better days and you can’t stomach alone at night and think that because it’s
census-taker at a game reserve. Alan’s can be a hindrance. Costs range from it is cheap. To our great (and I really the thought of staying home, I would Grahamstown I’ll be okay. When I go
real ambition was to become a commer- R450 (microlight) to R3500 (helicopter) mean great!) surprise we discovered recommend rallying together a sucker or out I can’t leave my drink unattended
cial pilot but unfortunately he could not per hour. McGillewie gives lessons for that a double vodka and lime costs only two and heading out to the Golf Club for and I certainly can’t drink till I can’t
get his commercial licence because he is R500 an hour. R7.50. Savannas and other forms of some fun. even remember my name. I have to be
very careful about who I give my trust
to, even the guys I’ve known since first

Chocolate-nut brownies year. I can’t keep

placing myself
in vulnerable
Ingredients: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and situations
line a deep square tin with butter. Mix because it can
Each puzzle has a unique solution which can

the butter and sugar together. Slowly happen to me.

125g butter There is no excuse
add the eggs one at a time, mixing
250g sugar or justification
well after each addition. Stir in the
2 eggs for rape and I
be found by logic alone.

melted chocolate, coffee and alcohol.

210g chocolate, melted Sift the flour and baking powder refuse to give
60ml strong coffee together and fold into the mix. Add perpetrators
15ml rum or brandy the nuts, mix again and bake on the a reason to
170g flour middle tray of the oven for 20-25 even try.
5ml baking powder minutes. Brownies are ready when a
600g mixed nuts, chopped skewer inserted in the centre comes
out warm with slightly sticky crumbs Pic: Leon Schnell
Icing sugar for dusting
clinging to it. Leave the brownies to The sex and relationship column of The Oppidan
Puzzler Media Ltd. 2007

cool before cutting into squares. Dust Press, Hitting The G-Spot, is intended to explore
with icing sugar if desired. sex and sexual relations in a responsible and
informative way. Sex – whether you’re getting it
or not – is a big part of being a young adult and
Courtesy of Food & Home Entertaining. Hitting The G-Spot is here to promote personal
safety, physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Prehistoric giant
Scitech shorts
Superman’s worst
Hasta la Vista, Windows XP? incorporates phishing filters and available for every model and variant
Godzilla fungus nightmare By Andrew Slaughter
automatic pop-up blockers), Windows of a particular piece of hardware. DRM
By Andrew Slaughter Defender and Windows Firewall. He is is also expensive and is mandatory in
By Seranne Howis
also impressed with Vista’s upgraded all versions of Vista, whether you play
For more than a century, a six A mineral, previously unknown look. Another pleasing feature is ‘ready protected content or not.
metre tall fossil with the impression to science, has been found in a boost’ which allows users to boost their Grant is worried that Microsoft’s
of a tree-like trunk has baffled mine in Serbia. A London expert virtual memory with a conventional emphasis on security and digital
researchers. Many other fossils of determined the mineral’s chemical Eugene Slabbert, an IT Consultant USB 2.0 flash drive. rights may lead to loss of innovation
the organism have been found all make-up (Sodium Lithium Boron at Grahamstown’s IT Solutions, is Andrew Grant, Support Systems in terms of hardware and software
over the world in the last century, Silicate) and ran a web search enthusiastic about Vista, putting Specialist at Rhodes University, points development. Grant suggests that
but identification had eluded on it. Amazingly, the web search emphasis on the new security features out the potential problems with Vista is the way to go for users that
researchers. Recent chemical produced the scientific name for that come with Internet Explorer Vista. As can be expected, some older predominantly utilise software that is
analysis of carbon isotope ratios (the fictional) mineral Kryptonite 7 (which software may not be compatible only available under Windows. But for
has identified the mystery organism that features in the Superman with the new operating users that predominantly utilise their
as a giant fungus, not a plant as comics and films. Unlike Kryptonite, system. Grant is computers for email, office documents
previously suspected. The fungus this mineral is white and harmless, also unimpressed and to watch the occasional DVD, it
(named Prototaxites) lived between and doesn’t glow in the dark (the with a feature may be worthwhile considering the
350 million and 420 million years fictional Kryptonite is also harmless, called DRM alternatives such as Mac OSX or Linux.
ago, long before any animals with a unless you are Superman). The new (Digital Rights According to Grant, to make the
backbone had left the oceans. This mineral cannot be called Kryptonite Management) features of Vista worthwhile in an
“Godzilla fungi” shared its primitive under nomenclature rules as it in Vista. upgrade from XP, you would have to
world with invertebrates (including has nothing to do with Krypton (a Although it is go with the Premium version, which
some of the first millipedes and real element that takes the form of a good thing will cost you about R2000. Grant and
worms). It would have been even gas). It will be named Jadarite after to protect Slabbert also point out that if you
more striking due to its height, as the mine it was discovered in. The digital rights are considering an upgrade to Vista,
it would have towered over all the mineral may have some commercial of media, DRM do a little bit of homework first to
other plants around at the time, value, as boron and lithium are is, in Grant’s determine if there are compatible
which were only a few feet tall. valuable elements. opinion, drivers for your electronic toys and
implemented existing hardware. An easy way to
in an overly check is to plug all your existing toys
Heat induces sex change in lizards draconian into your computer and run the Vista
embryos to develop and hatch as physi- way. This upgrade advisor – Google can tell
By Seranne Howis you where to find this free download.
cally female, regardless of their genetic may lead to
Most reptiles use the same genetic cues makeup. Researchers incubated male hardware driver It will give you a good idea of where
as mammals to determine the gender eggs of an Australian lizard at 34-37 ºC, compatibility the problems are going to be. If you
of their embryos (XX for females and and found that almost all hatched as fe- problems and are considering purchasing a new PC
XY for males). Others use the same males. It is not known how many other an end to with Vista pre-installed, get a PC with
system as birds (ZZ for males and ZW reptiles are this susceptible to tempera- ‘unified drivers’ at least 1GB of RAM and an adequate
for females). But for a third group of ture, but the effects of climate change that worked for graphics card.
reptiles that use the ZZ/ZW system could be disastrous if they cannot adapt a whole range
Pic: Supplied

(including alligators, crocodiles and quickly enough. Rising temperatures of hardware For more comprehensive reviews of
marine turtles), temperature can could result in skewed sex ratios, which models under Vista by both contributors, please visit
determine gender. Extremely high or could in turn cause serious crashes in XP. Under Vista, the The Oppidan Press website at
low temperatures can cause male (ZZ) population numbers. a signed driver must be made

How stuff works: USB flash drives

By Seranne Howis

Some of the newest models can hold up to 8GB of data. With

no moving parts and no need to rely on power to maintain the
stored information, the drives can even survive a trip through
a washing machine (but don’t try that at home!) Flash memory is
actually a form of Read Only Memory (ROM), the same principle
used in CD-ROM disks. The major difference is that flash memory
is electrically erasable. The data on the drives is stored in an array of Pic: Gaynor Barnard
transistors (“cells”), each of which can store one bit of information (in
a 0 or 1 state, as determined by the level of electrical charge in each
cell). Some newer forms of cell can store more than one bit of data, by
using several different levels of charge.


Russian Bear: R37.95
Peroni (case): R109.95
Peroni (4 pack): R19.95
Castle (case): R87.90
Castle (6 pack): R23.90
Southern Comfort and Lime (box
special): R89.95

Open 7 days per week

Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm
Sun: 8am - 1pm


economic indicators
Exchange Rate (2 May 2007)

Weighted average of the banks’ daily rates at approximately 10:30am.

Rand/Dollar R6.9860

Rand/Pound R13.9237

Rand/Euro R9.5076

Interest Rates (May 2007)

Repo 9.00%
Repurchase rate: Rate at which the private (sector) banks borrow rands from
the SA Reserve Bank.

Prime 12.50%
Benchmark rate at which private banks lend out money to the public.

It is forecast that the interest rates will remain steady. However, there is risk of
Pic: Paul Harris

a rate hike in the future. This anticipated hike is said to be due to the already
high oil prices and booming credit demand. However, these inflationary pres-
sures are expected to be countered by the stronger rand.
Monika Gaybba believes hard work and professionalism are the key attributes of any estate agent.

Playing the property market

Inflation Rate (March 2007)

CPI 6.1%
CONSUMER PRICES Total (metropolitan areas) 12-Term % change.

By Shingirirai Chaza CPIX 5.5%

by 14.6%. The nominal house price provides a more private environment.
CONSUMER PRICES CPIX - CPI excluding interest rates on mortgage bonds
growth for 2007 is forecast at 8%. The Gaybba believes that the most important
(metropolitan and other urban areas) 12-Term % change.
demand for listed property in South characteristic an estate agent should have
Africa cannot be met by existing is professionalism. She says: “If I am not
The main drivers of the consumer price inflation are:
property. Compared to property markets available to my clients and have not made
• The decrease of the CPI rate for food from 8.6% at January 2007 to 8.0%
in the USA and Australia, ours is still a back-up plan, I could be letting my
at February 2007.
unsophisticated with a great deal of scope clients down.” For example, a buyer could
• The decrease of the CPI rate for transport from 4.5% at January 2007 to
for specialisation. lose a home they had their heart set on
2.1% at February 2007.
A career in this industry is a very because the agent was not available and
promising one at the moment. With the then another agent sells that home to a
The main reasons for this rise are the increases in the price indices for housing,
introduction of the National Qualification different buyer. Being an estate agent is a
household operation, food, medical care and health expenses, fuel and power
Framework (NQF) in 1998, one 24/7 profession and the only quiet times
and transport and education. These annual increases are slightly counteracted
qualification in the property industry has for Gaybba are over the Christmas and
by an annual decrease in the price index for clothing and footwear.
emerged as the standard. Post-graduate New Year period.
diplomas in Property Development and The disadvantage in this industry is
The South African economy is being Management are offered at Wits, UCT that there is no basic salary, as it is based
significantly affected by what are called
acid prices, which include stock prices
and housing prices. The current trend
and UFS.
If you wanted to become a successful
estate agent, where would you start,
on commission. This carries a significant
risk as there are no guarantees. A new
agent may take 4-6 months to sell their
is that property prices are appreciating apart from obtaining the required first property, and then another 3-4 LOTS OF GOOD READING:
significantly, which means that South qualifications? The first place to look months to wait for the commission to THRILLERS
Africans are spending their money. is yourself. People skills, good time come through. The average commission FANTASY
The downside to this is that the nation’s management skills, excellent business in the industry is 7.5% including VAT. A ROMANCE
consumerist culture is causing household skills and self motivation are essential. prime Grahamstown property sells for
debt to worsen. The upside is that the
Monika Gaybba runs the Independent approximately R1.5 million, which would
property market is booming, with the Property Consultants (IPC) franchise in yield a commission of R112,500. BUY A BOOK TO TRAVEL
Financial Mail listing South Africa, along Grahamstown, and has been one of the The property market is promising and
with Mexico, Romania and Turkey as most successful agents in the Eastern set to appreciate in the next few years.
property hot spots. Cape over the past few years. Unlike Entering the estate agent profession or 119 HIGH STREET,
In the period of January to November most other agents in Grahamstown, she investing in property is a decision you are
Tel/Fax (046) 636-1525
2006, the average housing price grew works from her home, which she feels unlikely to regret. GRAHAMSTOWN EMAIL

The writing’s on the wall

By Shingirirai Chaza Mail, the reason for the cut in supply this would mean having to go to Port
is because “it has now become a pain Elizabeth to have their printing done,
to supply sheeted newsprint”. It is no but that doesn’t solve the problem.
longer commercially viable to provide Vale says that this move would mean
this paper. that smaller newspapers will have last
The effect of this shortage is being priority at the printers and this may
felt by the smaller independent affect their deadlines and continuity as
community papers that mostly use flat a newspaper.
bed presses. The implications are that Currently, Mondi has 2.4 million
these smaller newspapers will have to sheets of newsprint left before the cut
The reason for the change in paper join larger commercial newspapers in supply, but this supply is made up
is the decrease in newsprint supply by to continue printing. These larger of back orders. Talk of importing the
South Africa’s biggest paper suppliers, newspapers use rolling printers. To needed newsprint is surfacing, and
Mondi and Sappi. purchase a brand new machine like this that the expense will be lessened by the
Towards the end of 2006, Sappi would cost about R10 million, a price removing of dumping duties and such
announced that it would no longer be no community newspaper can afford. taxes; however, this will take a long
supplying sheeted newsprint under Vale adds that community papers will time.
70 grams. Following this, the same have one of two things to do once the The reality is that in the very near
decision was made by Mondi. This supply is cut: some papers will have to future, smaller independent newspapers
has resulted in a national shortage in stop printing completely or the paper will have to print through bigger
sheeted newsprint. will have to join commercial papers newspapers and will have to accept
This cut in supply has affected to use their printers. The result is that, being last on the list of priorities for
newspapers such as Grocott’s Mail and once again, the deeper pockets will gain printing. Some may even go out of print
The Oppidan Press, both which use more control and dominance in the if this national problem is not addressed
48.8 gram paper. According to Louise industry. effectively. Will the rich get richer at the
Vale, General Manager of Grocott’s For a newspaper like Grocott’s, expense of the poor?


Team Oppi smashes Founders record

By Saint-Francis Tohlang swim around Jameson Dam after which the
canoeist takes over for a 5km route. The cyclists
then face a merciless 20km cycle, which takes
them from the dam to the Kaif Lawns. On
Sunday the lawns were empty, however, but
the little crowd that was there made up for the
missing masses. The atmosphere complemented
the beautiful weather: chilled, relaxed and oh so

Pic: Leon Schnell

This challenge is not only about endurance
but also your ability to read a map and think
Team Moose, comprised mainly of Oppies, effectively. The mind is not at rest, with the 5km
won the women’s event, crossing the line in orienteering leg requiring competitors to find
2:39:46. five specific checkpoints with the use of the map.
Team Oppi captain Matthew van der Horn The last leg of the race is a 10km run. Tarryn
attributed his team’s success to a strong all round Gobble of Team Moose did the run, and says that
Pic: Gaynor Barnard

effort. “Everyone pulled their weight on the day,” it was probably the most challenging leg of the
he said. The team had not expected to win as race, especially because of the “heat and the hills”.
they only came together the day before the event. It is clear that this challenge is for those sport
Van der Horn complimented the organisers junkies who never get enough of aching muscles
on a fantastic event: “A lot of credit must go to edging them to go on. You wonder why people
Miles Denton [event organiser] for making it do such extreme energy sapping things – I get
such a great day.” tired just contemplating the idea. But there are
The Founders Challenge fuses “sportsman- incentives for those who compete at a serious
ship, fun and being involved”, as its motto says. It level. The winning men’s team is treated to a
provides the complete package: a sports filled day scuba diving course. This time around, Team
packed with the extra element of bare tummies Oppi were deserved winners of this prize and
tanning and a chilled crowd gracing the lawns. the title, after giving a sterling performance in all
“The Founders Challenge gets the Founders guys departments. Team Moose walked away with the
together. It encourages good competition,” said women’s prize of a 45 minute helicopter ride.
Organising Committee member Greg Binnie. However, Team Moose member Sarah Gurney
The Founders Challenge was initiated five years was disappointed with participation in the wom-
en’s event, with only three women’s teams com-

Pic: Gaynor Barnard

ago by a group of Botha guys wanting their
Pic: Leon Schnell

own race to feature on the University’s sport’s peting this year compared to 40 last year. Gurney
calendar. Not only does it feature, but it finds attributes this to a lack of effective advertising.
itself as one of the most prominent events on the Binnie concedes that “the advertising could have
calendar. been better”. Perhaps this would explain why
From top: Canoeists race to finish the 5 kilometre circuit around Jameson At 10am the Challenge got underway. It’s a such a crowd-friendly vibe was attended by only From top: Some competitors struggled in the
Dam; the finish line at the Kaif lawns is a welcome sight for tired runners. gruelling course. The race begins with a 1.1km a trickle of unknowing passers-by. heat; others kept up the pace.


A guide to looking your best Razza’s Ramblings

The metrosexual kitbag of the modern sportsman

By Saint-Francis Tohlang what David Beckham has in his kit bag; Bracing Silverbirch Body Scrub will creams contain a deep heat that allevi-
perhaps it’s what should be in yours. leave you feeling light as a feather. ates muscle pain. Red Dot Deep Heat
Smelling good is a necessity and the Sportsmen and women should toss cream is cheap but rated as one of the
first item to have in a kit-bag is an anti- that butch outlook on taking care of most effective.
perspirant or deodorant spray. Choosing themselves. They should not be shy to Even though it took
a deodorant spray that will take care of have the best skincare money can buy. the likes of celebrity

Pic: Supplied
that lethal odour is essential. A special Not only will it prevent you from ageing sports personalities
ingredient called Aluminium Chlorohy- faster but it also protects you from the to get us to this
drate is the most effective antiperspirant continually changing conditions we point, it’s now The neutrals will be hoping not to see
around and will stop you sweating exces- are exposed to here in Grahamstown. okay for guys to Federer and Nadal in the final of yet another
sively throughout the day. This ingredi- A good sunscreen is also essential. be discussing the
Never mind the metrosexual waffle, ent is found in antiperspirant for both Even if it means paying a hefty couple best shaving cream

Time for
being groomed is slowly becoming a guys and girls, so everybody can benefit. of hundred for it, it’s worth it. The or moisturiser in
trend in sport on every level. The likes of Invest in a face wash and body wash Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Block the change room,
David Beckham, Kobe Bryant and Shane SPF 30 is the best on the market. It and we’re
Warne have revolutionised the way provides cover for your skin and the all better

new leaders
sportsmen take care of themselves. Now broad-spectrum sunscreen protects looking
that it’s okay for men to moisturise, and skin from harmful UVA/UVB and for it.
have an array of Body Shop products, infrared rays to prevent darkening,
sportsmen are brave enough to grace hyper-pigmentation and sunspots.
our screens lathered in Sanex shower Believe it or not, an item as By Shiraz Jogee
gel: just think of Jacques Kallis doing it simple as a squeeze water bottle is
in style. Even women who were once important to have in your kitbag.
afraid of coupling their femininity with Not getting enough liquid during
playing sport are slowly breaking out of strenuous activity can leave you
the mould. In tennis, Sharapova and the that is mild and effectively gets the grit with serious side effects such as
Williams’ sisters have shown that girls off your body. Let’s face it, companies fatigue and excessive loss of fluids
can parade their womanly assets and have latched onto the fast growing men’s through vomiting and urination
consumerism and the likes of Nivea and problems. Sports drinks can be very

Pic: Gaynor Barnard

play in tiny skirts that scream designer
collection. Unilever have capitalised by providing effective in replacing lost sodium
As an amateur sports personality, excellent ranges of male products. An and electrolytes which are burnt off
have you considered what should be in affordable option is Radox Sport, with during exercise.
your kit bag? Does yours accommodate rich herbal nutrients for the skin, but for To soothe those aching muscles, a
only smelly old socks? I can tell you something a bit pricier, Molton Brown massage balm comes in handy. These Saint-Francis demonstrates sporting chic.

sports results We’ve all heard the facts, and seen

the figures, and even though it’s amazing
internal soccer League (pool a) and exemplary that these two bullies
keep taking all the trophies, it really does
put a dampener on international interest
Team Played Goal Diff. Points towards the sport. How newsworthy is
1 Cory/Matthews 4 7 12 an article these days on Federer winning
2 ZimSoc 4 7 6 yet another ATP Masters series to add
3 Adamson 3 6 6 to the 13 he’s already claimed, or Nadal
4 G05 3 4 6 winning his seventy-third clay court
5 Guy Butler 1 0 3 encounter in a row? It’s not. The reason
6 De Beers 3 -2 3 being that after every tournament, every
7 Skidd 2 -5 0 news bulletin, press release, or sports
award ceremony, we hear the same
8 Fantastic XI 2 -6 0
things about these guys.
9 Cullen Bowles 3 -11 0 Truthfully, how close are the likes of
Jillian Soné
Roddick, Murray, Blake, Davydenko, and
internal soccer League (pool b) Djokovic to beating these two? Of these
players, only Murray has given Nadal

Team Played Goal Diff. Points a real challenge, pushing him to a five
setter in the Australian Open earlier this
1 MSA 3 5 7 year. Surely one of these players can get
DIGS 2007! 2 Black Gold
3 Allan Webb
their game together and do something?
With Murray now plagued by a
frustrating back injury and the other top
COME VIEW OUR HOUSES AND GET 4 Piet Retief 3 0 3 seeds looking very average in the shadow
THE BEST DIGS EARLY 5 KDFC 2 -1 3 of Federer and Nadal, I tend to not get
6 Team Oppi 3 -3 3 my hopes up.
7 Renegades 3 -4 3 That being said, I find myself
8 Goldfields 2 1 0 following the other seeded players that
AVAILABLE NOW: AVAILABLE NOW: 9 Drostdy 0 0 0 rarely get the spotlight – the likes of
Blake, Hewitt, Ferrero, and Robredo.
It’s always interesting monitoring
AthleticS: settlers marathon their progress, rankings, earnings, and
LOVELY 2 BEDROOM FAMILY HOUSE WITH HUGE tournament performance because, to be
Grahamstown to Port Alfred (60km) honest, it always fluctuates and there’s
always the hope that one of them will
Ananias Kgope time: 4:48:40 come through and claim one of these
PERFECT FOR KIDS!!! major titles so tightly clutched by the
Craig Baillie time: 6:54:55
RENTAL R 3300-00 CALL US FOR MORE tormenting two.
Total finishers: 290
INFORMATION. Roger’s reign, and Nadal’s number
CALL US AND COME VIEW two spot are, however, head and
Bathurst to Port Alfred (21.1km)
shoulders above the rest, and although
they strengthen their form with every
Swarley Smith time: 1:23:17 tournament, so do the underdogs.
Tel: 046 636 1388
Cell: 083 268 8808
Aziez Madatt time: 1:50:58 Watch out on 27 May for the start of
Email: Julian Barker time: 1:55:32 the French Open. It’s going to be great
Nicolette Craig time: 2:02:46 tournament.
We offer top quality service and exceptional customer care. Nomfundo Yeni time: 2:02:55
Contact the rental agents on 046 636 1388 Total finishers: 114 Shiraz, 22, is a sports journalist with
Sunday Media in Cape Town.

Sport inside: page 11

Playing the game in style News
Friar’s ducks assault reports Oppies wine and dine
By Katie Wilter “I have received a total of 12 separate dismissed this year. “We are not the
reports from students in response police. We only have control within
to my message calling for details, all Friar’s. If you fight, throw bottles or
referring to incidents which took place harass girls within Friar’s you will be
this year,” said de Klerk. “The students kicked out for the night,” he said. He
who have reported the incidents have added that he and his staff can only
all, independently of each other, given intervene in Friar’s itself and within a
accounts which suggest that the assaults three metre radius from the front door. It
have been unprovoked and one or is up to the police to deal with fights that
two claim to have made unsuccessful occur at the bottom of the Friar’s queue.
attempts to defuse the situation prior To prevent future fights, Hubbard and
to being assaulted. They have not his staff have instituted cover charges for
De Klerk said: “Mr Hubbard did commented on intoxication levels,” she entrance. This is an attempt to prevent
not inform me that he was not going said. intoxicated students entering Friar’s and
to honour the appointment I made to “Reports submitted by students behaving badly. Entrance to Friar Tuck’s
discuss this matter with him, and has suggest that assaults involve certain staff, is now free before 11pm, R5 between
not made contact with me subsequently. bouncers and members of the public, 11pm and midnight and R10 thereafter.
I regard it as my responsibility to take both inside the premises and outside,” De Klerk said that some of the
reports from students about unprovoked said de Klerk. She specified that her students have reported their experiences
assaults seriously, especially when they office has not received any reports about to the police and felt that the university
do not appear to be isolated incidents.” similar incidents at any other pub. needed to be aware of the matter.
De Klerk sent out the general appeal Similarly, Hubbard feels that cases of Pic: Paul Harris
after receiving three such reports and assault should be treated in a mature
needed to ascertain the severity of the “Reports submitted by manner. “If someone wants to press The newly-opened Oppidan dining hall hosted two successful events in the
situation before discussing it with Mr
Hubbard. “Such a meeting would have
students suggest that charges, they must go to the police
with concrete evidence and charge the
space of a few days last week.
The dining hall was officially opened at a function on Saturday evening,
served little purpose if it were to discuss assaults involve certain individual,” Hubbard said. attended by senior admin, the Oppidan Committee and Oppies (see photo).
vague rumours,” she said. “I will be issuing a general warning In his address, Oppidan Chairman Sam Simango thanked last year’s
According to Hubbard, after he staff, bouncers and to all our students within the next few committee for laying the groundwork for the dining hall. “It’s wonderful to have
became aware of de Klerk’s general days, informing them that because of something to really call our own,” Simango said.
appeal published on Studentzone on members of the public” the high number of violent incidents The first Oppi Cheese and Wine in the new venue took place last Thursday
23 April, he decided not to attend the reported to me, although these are evening. According to Tracey Manyani, a third-year BJourn student, the event
meeting. Hubbard felt that it was unfair Hubbard stated that “if any of my allegations at this stage, those who wish was much better than past cheese and wines: “It’s a really nice venue, much
to post speculations of assaults before staff swing a punch they get fired”. Only to frequent the establishment do so at better than the Great Hall. It’s great for Oppies to finally have their own venue
their arranged meeting had taken place. one former staff member has been their own risk,” stated de Klerk last week. for their own functions.”

SRC gets the wheels rolling

include mornings. He added that the
By Joe Hanly
new schedule and route is still being
prepared but that the improved service
would commence at the start of next
term: “We are waiting for our sponsors
to formally give us the go ahead before
we start.” The service will be free for
However, with exams drawing near
and more Oppies needing to stay on
campus at night, the SRC is planning
to introduce extended services during
Swot Week and examinations. SRC
Vice-president Evan Ford said that “after

The Rhode to Cannes

Pic: Leon Schnell

complaints from students in the past

we will definitely be running a shuttle,
The Oppi bus service currently maybe even two”. He added that like
provides lifts for students on weeknights the new Oppi dining hall, the revised
from the library to their homes. The schedule would rely on the response
By Joe Hanly and Paul Harris The film is directed by Lindile (Masibulele Madasa). The loaf is passed
bus leaves at 20:30 and 22:30. With of students. In a door to door survey
Mpanza and co-produced with de Jager on to a bystander (Nadine Joseph), who
the new sponsorship, Kachambwa carried out by The Oppidan Press in
and Amanda Sibindi. continues to evade the angry cook. Using
says that the bus will run an extended March this year, 91% of the students
It follows the story of a girl, played movement, music and a switch to black
programme from five until late and asked were in favour of the new service.
by Sifiso Mobena, who steals a loaf and white, the film has a Charlie Chaplin
of bread from the dining hall and resemblance and uses subtitles to capture
is chased by one of the kitchen staff a French atmosphere.
“Initially the film was just fun and For more content, visit The Oppidan Press website:
Jans de Jager, a fourth silly,” said de Jager, “but we wanted

year television student

to capture and hold the audience’s
interest. It was a challenge because we
had 30 seconds to start the story and 30
Jans de Jager, a fourth year television and Oppidan, will travel seconds to finish it.” De Jager is looking For all advertising queries contact Tasmin at
student and Oppidan, will travel to forward to the experience as it is an
Cannes this month to attend the film to Cannes this month to opportunity to meet and mix with other or on
up-and-coming film makers, as well as
festival, which celebrates amateur film
making and the promotion of the French
attend the film festival. to establish contacts, share ideas and 072 218 8346.
language outside of France. experience the wonders of Cannes.

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