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Seasonal professional internship with a large, successful corporation in the Los Angeles area
with opportunities to gain and express skills in management corporate strategy.
August 2016 – Yearbook Organizer, Lifeline Education Charter School
February 2017 · Assigned students yearbook pages, approved pictures, edited pages, and
got quotes from teachers, principle, and senior students.

August 2016 – Office Assistant, Lifeline Education Charter School

June 2017 · Made copies for class lessons, distributed copies to teachers and to all three
campuses, made phone call appointments, assisted incoming visitors, made
school flyers, and collected documents from teachers for the school
principle and/or school board.
Mentor, Lifeline Education Charter School
In my senior year I mentored a freshman. I met up with her twice a week on
Mondays and Fridays to make sure she’s caught up with classwork and
homework. I also supported her emotionally when she had problems with
friends. She was on the honor roll all year as a result.
Present Major: Business Management
Approximate Graduation Year: 2021
Accumulative Units as of the end of Spring 2018: 31 Units


• Spring 2018: Chicano Studies: History of the Chicano
o Independent research project on identifying our own proper family history
starting with the parents of the first migrating individual. From there, identified
the push and pull factors, what their occupation was then and what it is now,
marriage, children, siblings. Basically an autobiography of life then and life now
whether things remained the same or changed and what impacts led to the life
we have today.
o Group research project on police brutality, identified who did it, why they did it,
were they punished or let free, how many cases similar have happened, what’s
the excuse behind the situation.
• Fall 2017: Central American Studies: Approaches to University Writing
o Group research on child labor and workshops in Central American countries,
such as the Killer Coke Campaign.
• Fall 2017: Religion, Logic, and the Media: Critical Thinking
o Independent research project on three ministers’ Facebook pages to find their
reasons why they do what they do, how they do it, how they have the success
they have, and what lies they spin to make naïve individuals think what they
say is true as in to promoting their products to heal your soul. Also, identified
the image they were seeking for and the type of audience they have.


• Resource planning: Put together a list of common issues occurring at the Lifeline
Education Charter School high school campus and spoke to the school board about
these issues along with realistic solutions.
• Event planning: Organized events such as high school dances, high school prom,
fundraisers, and common birthday parties.
• Scheduling: Put together schedules for high school fieldtrips and tours and scheduled
my own time management through lists and checklists for everything relevant such as
critical due dates for all my assignments.
• Problem solving and creativity: Whenever a problem occurs I come up with multiple
solutions through creativity, for example: my little sister ran out of paint for her
volcano project and there was the obvious solution, to go buy more paint, or to be
creative and just make paint at home. We decided at first that we were going to go
buy paint but the problem was, the stores were already closed since it was 9 pm on a
Sunday. Therefore, I decided to mix flour with water and then add food coloring. It
wasn’t the best solution but it was our only option and it completed the job.
• Communication/Social skills: I socialize with multiple peers in all my college courses to
make sure I am on track and have the opportunity to meet up together if any of us
have problems understanding the lecture or upcoming tests. I also communicate with
my professors when I am having trouble in my courses just as I have last semester, fall
2018, in my critical thinking class when I had trouble identifying the main idea, the
reasons, and conclusion of certain newspaper topics.
• Negotiator: I negotiate with sellers such as lowering prices. An example is when I
purchased side skirts for an Infiniti g35 coupe, the seller was selling the product for
$160 and I asked what’s the lowest and he said $160. The maximum I wanted to pay
was $130 so I made a very low offer of $100 and he said no, then I kept raising the
price by $5 two times and said my last offer to buy was $120, due to the fact that I
raised my offer three times, I bought the product for what I initially wanted to pay for
it and saved $40 from the original price.
• Proficient Communicator: When something occurs that needs to be spoken of I let the
other person know immediately so that it won’t be a problem later. Last semester my
roommate sneaked in her boyfriend in the room when I was asleep, when I woke up I
respectfully walked out the room quietly and went on with my day. When I got home I
asked my roommate to please not do what she did again because that was
disrespectful since I told her I don’t want to have a stranger sleeping in the same room
with me. I told her she’s more than free to have him sleep over when I leave to my
parents’ house for the weekends but not while I am there. I communicated my
problem and now everything has been solved.
• Great Group member/Team worker: Since I have proficient communicating skills
being a group member has been extremely easy. In my past group presentations from
my Chicano Studies, Central American Studies, and Business Communications courses I
always accommodated to everyone’s schedules and tried helping in everything I could.
I always did my part of the presentations/projects and assisted my group members in
anything they needed such as typing out their parts of the paper, correcting their
grammar mistakes, and providing transportation when they needed it.
• Collaborative leader: In my Central American Studies group presentation I was the
leader and assigned my group peers their proper sections of the research project and
was in constant communication with them via email, text messaging, and personally to
remind them of the deadlines and their responsibilities. I made sure everyone
understood their part and if they needed help I was more than willing to provide it. As
a result, we received an A on the presentation with three extra credit points due to
our great formatted and timed presentation.
• Mentor: I mentored a high school freshman during my high school senior year, I met
up with her twice a week to make sure she kept up with classwork and homework. I
supported her educationally and emotionally when she felt stressed, as a result, she
was on the honor roll all year.
• PowerPoint, Word, Excel: I took a computer science course where I learned the
impacts and uses of computers. I had assignments due weekly where I was provided a
document of how my homework was supposed to look like at the end. I basically had
to redo the document and if I did one thing wrong, the whole document was pointless.
I passed this course with an A and still have my computer science books just in case I
need help using any computer program.

o Leadership President: I planned events such as school dances and pep rallies,
organized them and stayed on a budget. I also had to organize fundraisers for
school fieldtrips and organizations, such as a breast cancer organization called
Women of Color.

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