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CHARACTER CLASSES Whenever you use a vehicle as a weapon

(ramming, sideswiping, or trampling), you gain

Occupations – Emergency a +1 on the attack roll and +1d4 damage because of
Services, (page 18) your finely honed sense of using inertia and horsepower in
The skills list for the Emergency Services occupation combat. These bonuses stack with any other bonus other
should be: feats or talents may give you in vehicular devastation.
Balance, Climb, Computer Use, Drive, Jump, Knowledge
(behavioural sciences, earth and life sciences, or Classes – The Coporate, (page
technology, Search, Swim)
The starting Feat Corporate Sponsor is missing, it is
Occupations – Religious, (page detailed below:
The contacts text should read: Corporate Sponsor (General)
Contacts: 1 additional contact at level 1 to reflect They say it is not what you know but who you know.
someone in the local community met during services. They are right.

Classes – The Connection, Prerequisite: 1+ level in Corporate or 17+ Charisma

(page 25) Whenever you make Contact checks or have to purchase

The starting Feat Bug Out is detailed in full below: goods from sources you have an allegiance with, you gain
a +1 circumstance bonus to the roll. In addition, you
Bug Out (General) count natural 20s on these purchase checks as a ‘critical’
You can get the hell out of a bad situation very quickly, success and if a loss of Wealth would occur, you lose one
usually leaving other people to deal with problems you point less (to a minimum of 0) than the purchase would
probably started in the first place. normally require.

Prerequisite: 1+ level in Connection or Improved Classes – The Corporate,

(page 31)
When you begin a round in a vehicle and are 30 feet or The text on the Corporate class table for the Class Feature
more outside any opponent’s threatened area, you may at 10th level is listed as ‘Industry Leader’ this should be
immediately take 100 feet of movement (vehicular) or replaced with ‘Trademark’.
10 feet of movement (on foot) as a free action before
resolving the rest of your round. This movement cannot Classes – The Jacker, (page
pass through any hostile threatened areas and cannot be
used to move closer to any opponent. You may ‘bug 31)
out’ as many times per day as you have levels of the The starting Feat Sneaky is missing, it is detailed below:
Connection class.
Sneaky (General)
You have a real talent for getting into places unseen and
Classes – The Connection, unheard. Getting back out is your own lookout, so walk
(page 25) softly and carry a rocket launcher.
Under The Freewheeling Talent tree the prerequisite feat
for Cannonballing is missing it is detailed below. Prerequisite: 1+ level in Jacker or 17+ Dexterity

Cannonballing You may always ‘take 10’ on a Move Silently or Hide

Prerequisite Feat: Offensive Driving check, even if conditions would normally deny you the
ability to do so. Even active sensors or distractions of any
Offensive Driving (General) kind cannot keep you from taking 10 on these checks, but
You have a ton or more of steel underneath you and
someone you do not like very much in front of you. I see
a connection here.

a direct observer may still limit or preclude the skill use
entirely depending on conditions.
Classes – The Soldier, (page Skills – Not Included /
35) Renamed
Under Starting Feats the list should read: • Knowledge (Arcane Lore) not needed as a skill due
‘In addition to the two starting feats all characters get at to the lack of magic in this setting but a gamesmaster
1st level, a soldier begins play with the Personal Firearms could utilise this if he wished to include the occult in
Proficiency, Heavy Weapons Proficiency, Armour his games
Proficiency (Light), Armour Proficiency. • Handle Animal, not included. The skill could be
taken from other sources and used in a specific
situation, but only the Professional would have it as
Classes – The Webcrawler, a class skill. Ranks in Handle Animal would be cross
(page 37) class for anyone else in the world of Cybernet.
Q What does the TB in the Webcrawlers starting feats • Treat Injury, renamed as the Medical skill and all

mean? references should be treated as if this was the Medical

A Terabytes, it represents a block of hidden web storage skill.
space for the starting Webcrawler to use. • Technical, this was removed as a straight skill
and replaced with Repair. It is possible to have a
Q The Webcrawler lists a separate BAB for being Knowledge (Technical) skill though and this would
immersed in the web. When the Webcrawler multiclasses aid in Repair and appropriate Craft rolls.
does the new classes BAB stack with the immersed BAB • Diplomacy, replace all occurrences of this skill with
or not. For example: a 10th level Webcrawler my real the Etiquette skill.
world BAB is +5 but it is +10/+5 when in the web. If I • Escape Artist, this skill name was shortened to
add and I add one level of Soldier is my web BAB +11/+6 Escape.
or still +10/+5?
A In this case it would become +10/+6. The only
class’s BAB to stack with immersive BAB is the True
Skill – Tumble, (page 80)
The DC for ‘Tumbling through Opponents should be 25
Hacker (Advanced Class) due to the nature of the class.

Classes – The Professional, Feat – Not Included / Renamed

• Weapon Finesse, this feat has not been included within
(page 41) Cybernet. It could be adopted if desired, but the lack
There is a missing text box for The Professional class, this of emphasis on melee weapons limits its usefulness to
box is shown below. the point of it simply being dropped from the book.

Professional Option: A Player can choose to give up

the Professional’s bonus starting feat and the class feature
Feat – Improved Bullrush,
This feat was missed from the original list but was
of Expertise to improve the character’s combat ability.
included as part of the Soldiers bonus feats list.
This option represents a character that has been a soldier
in the past or otherwise has a lot of combat training but
no longer follows that path. This kind of professional Improved Bull Rush
keeps all of the other traits of the Professional class but is People should know better than to be in your way. You
allowed to use the much better Base Attack Bonus number may have to educate them again on their foolishness.
in parenthesis in the class summary table. In addition, he
can choose to take Soldier talent tree choices as if he were Pre-requisite: Str 13, Power Attack
a soldier of his Professional class level, but he must meet
all of their other prerequisites Benefit, When performing a bull rush (see page 167) you
do not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Feat – Exotic Firearms

Proficiency, (page 86)
This feat is referred to in the Equipment section as the
Heavy Weapons Feat. They are exactly the same feat and

for any reference to the Heavy Weapons Feat you should caught in the blast of an EMP grenade, he must
refer to this feat. make a DC 18 Fortitude check (using his own
Fortitude bonus or +5, whichever is higher) for each
Feat – Personal Firearms piece of cybergear he has. Failure shuts the device in
question down for 2d4 rounds. A natural 1 on this save
Proficiency, (page 89) fries the device, inflicts one point of electrical damage
There has been discussion over what firearms this feat directly to the character (no DR applies), and ruins the
includes. Includes ALL Handguns (Pistols) and Rifles. piece of gear until a Technical repair check at a DC 25 can
This will include the Armageddon .75. be performed to bring it back online. This difficult repair
takes 3 minutes per Purchase DC of the cybergear.
Q What happens with the feats that say the ‘Reputation
Bonus Doubles to +4’? All of the following feats all give
this benefit, ‘Corporate Clout’, ‘Ganger Rep’, and ‘Street Errata – Ranged Weapons
A When using your Reputation score the bonus of +2 Table, page 121

shown on the Reputation Check Situation table (page The text in parentheses following the Heavy Weapons
181) is double to +4 for that particular group. So with the title should read:
Corporate Clout feat you get a +4 bonus as you are fairly (requires the use of the Exotic Firearms Proficiency
well known within the Corporate World. Feat)

Q Every time a character takes the Windfall feat, he or Errata – Heavy Weapons
she gains a cumulative +1 bonus on his Wealth Score. Details. Page 127
Shouldn’t it say to his/her Profession Skill? All references to the ‘Heavy Weapons feat’ should read
A No, this represents a temporary increase in the ‘Exotic Firearms Proficiency Feat’ instead.
character’s wealth via an inheritance, a lottery win, or
finding someone with money lying shot in the street. That
happens more often than you might think. Q&A
Q Is the extra damage for explosive tipped ammo negated
by DR?
Equipment A No, this extra damage occurs after DR has been taken
New Equipment Items into account.
The text for the ‘Impy’ (EMP) Grenade was missed not
included. Here it is: Q Do the black Talon bullets reduce the Soldiers Class
Impies, as they are called on the street, are military-grade based DR?
anti-cyberwear weapons with one simple function: they A No, as this is a class ability it is not equipment and
generate a massive pulse of electricity on a specific cannot be decreased in this way.
amperage that interferes with electronic devices and
power supplies. When a character with cyberwear is Q I have found a mention for Power Armour in the
rulebook (page 140 paragraph 6) but I could not find any.
Where is it?
Below are the purchase DC’s for obtaining licences for each of the restriction levels. A As always
Civilian License; Purchase DC:10 Black Market Purchase DC: +1 Time to Find: 1 Day some things
Restricted License Purchase DC:15 Black Market Purchase DC: +2 Time to Find: 2 Days have to be
Military License Purchase DC:20 Black Market Purchase DC: +3 Time to Find: 3 Days cut and
Illegal License Purchase DC:30 Black Market Purchase DC: +4 Time to Find: 4 Days P o w e r
Armour was
When purchasing things without a license you must purchase them on the black-market and add the one of them.
Black Market purchase DC to the objects purchase DC. It may be
The following entry represents the entry for the Rocket Brace Ammunition.
Bought in pairs, Purchase DC: 19 Restriction: Mil +3

The following entry represents the entry for Armageddon .75 Ammunition.
Armageddon .75 Purchase DC: 10 Restriction: Ill +4

in a future supplement or Signs and Portents he or she is close to it. The character can only take a single
article. move or attack action each turn (but not both, nor can the
character take full-round actions). The character can take
Q There were also a few references to Laser weapons, any non-strenuous move actions without further injuring his
idea what happened to these? or herself, but if the character attacks or perform any other
A As with the Power Armour another cut due to space. action the GM deems as strenuous, the character takes 1
Once again we hope to include it in a future supplement point of damage after completing the act. Unless the
or Signs and Portents article. activity increased the character’s hit points, the character
is now at –1 hit points, and is dying.
Q Why is Armoured Clothing classed as Medium
Armour? Healing that raises the character above 0 hit points makes
A This is not armour that is worn every day to the him or her fully functional again, just as if the character
office, though it can be. It is normally worn as standard had never been reduced to 0 or lower.
protection for Detectives in Police forces who expect to
be under fire every day. It is not intended as standard A character can also become disabled when recovering
corporate daywear. Corporations do expect a little more from dying. In this case, it’s a step up along the road

class from their employees and going into the office to recovery, and the character can have fewer than 0 hit
wearing armour will not help your corporate image. points (see Stable Characters and Recovery).
Though armoured clothing is noted as being worn by
most corporate executives, this simply refers to the Dying (–1 to –9 Hit Points)
common practice by many upper-level executives to take When a character’s current hit points drop below 0, the
the time and effort to learn the skills necessary to wear character is dying. A dying character has a current hit
this class of protection at important functions. point total between –1 and –9 inclusive.

A dying character immediately falls unconscious and can

COMBAT take no actions.
Errata – Damage Threshold
The feat Improved damage Threshold refers to a A dying character loses 1 hit point every round. This
characters massive damage threshold. The details for continues until the character dies or becomes stable
these are given below: naturally or with help (see below).

Any time a character takes damage from a single hit that Dead (–10 hit points or lower)
exceeds the character’s Massive Damage Threshold, that
damage is considered Massive Damage. A character’s When a character’s current hit points drop to –10 or
Massive Damage Threshold is equal to the character’s lower, he or she is dead. A character can also die if his or
current Constitution score: it can be increased by taking her Constitution is reduced to 0.
the Improved Damage Threshold feat. When a character
takes Massive Damage that does not reduce his or her hit Stable Characters and
points to 0 or lower, the character must make a Fortitude
saving throw (DC 15). If the character fails the saving Recovery
throw, the character’s hit point total is immediately A dying character (one with –1 to –9 hit points) is
reduced to –1. If the Fortitude check succeeds, the unconscious and loses 1 hit point every round until he or
character suffers no ill effect beyond the loss of hit she becomes stable or dies.
Recovering without Help
Each round, a dying character makes a Fortitude saving
Errata – Dead, Dying and throw (DC 20). If the save fails, the character loses 1 hit
point and must make another save on his or her turn the
Disabled rules next round.
While all of these rules can be found in the Modern If the save succeeds, the character becomes stable. A
System Resource Document, it may be helpful to collate stable character stops losing hit points every round, but
them here for your use during play. remains unconscious.

Disabled (0 Hit Points) If no one tends to the stable character (see below), he or
When a character’s current hit points drop to exactly 0, the she remains unconscious for 1 hour, at which point he or
character is disabled. The character is not unconscious, but

she makes a Fortitude save (DC 20). If the save succeeds, Q What happens if using Burstfire and a critical
the stable character regains consciousness, becoming hit is rolled?
disabled (see above). The character’s current hit point total A Only the weapon’s base damage is doubled. The
remains where it is, however, even though it’s negative. If extra damage from burstfire is NOT increased.
the save fails, the character remains unconscious.
Q Do we really add in the reflex saving
An unaided stable, conscious character who has negative throw to defence instead of the Dex bonus?
hit points (and is disabled) doesn’t heal naturally. Instead, A Yes
each day the character makes a Fortitude save (DC 20) to
start recovering hit points naturally that day: if the save Q The equipment bonus is a Damage Reduction modifier
fails, he or she loses 1 hit point. but the defence formula in the book has an equipment
bonus in it, is this correct
Once an unaided character starts recovering hit points A Generally most equipment (normally armour) gives
naturally, the character is no longer in danger of losing a damage reduction bonus but it was thought that some
additional hit points (even if his or her current hit point pieces of equipment may give bonuses to defence rather
total is still negative). than DR. It was left in to allow for future supplements.

Recovering with Help Q If I am using an automatic weapon on Autofire against
A dying character can be made stable by the use of the 3 guys in a 10’ by 10’ area, and the rounds are explosive
Treat Injury skill (DC 15). tipped, what damage do they take and how many shots hit
One hour after a tended, dying character becomes each person
stable, he or she makes a Fortitude save (DC 20) to A Each of the 3 targets need to make a Reflex Save
regain consciousness. If successful, the character against DC 15. For those that fail the check they take the
becomes disabled (see above). If the character remains weapon’s damage rolled once. If this damage actually
unconscious, he or she makes the same Fortitude save causes Hit Point damage then the explosive tipped ammo
every hour until he or she becomes conscious. Even while causes an additional 1D6 Bludgeoning damage.
unconscious, the character recovers hit points naturally,
and he or she can return to normal activity when his or her
hit points rise to 1 or higher. Fame and Fortune
If your wealth is 10 or more higher than the purchase DC
Healing of an item your wealth does not drop even if the item is
After taking damage, a character can recover hit points more than a purchase DC of 15 (the ultra-rich should be
through natural healing (over the course of days) or able to buy a items many times over that would break Joe
through medical technology (somewhat faster). In some average). In addition, if the result of a Wealth roll is more
campaign settings, magical healing is also available. In than double the purchase DC you don’t lose a wealth point.
any case, a character can’t regain hit points past his or her
full normal total. Q&A
Q I am not happy to see DC’s for buying stuff, its hard
Natural Healing to find out what to hand out when GM’ing. Say the group
A character recovers 1 hit point per character level per is hired by some corporation and is going to be paid
evening of rest (8 hours of sleep). .5 million, I cant just say ‘everyone goes up to 23’ or
something like that, or can I? If someone has a +1 wealth
and they kill a dude with say, 350 on them, do they go up
Healing Ability Damage +1 or what?
Ability damage returns at the rate of 1 point per evening A When discussing the rewards in game with your
of rest (8 hours of sleep). Complete bed rest (24 hours) players, you can give a numerical amount of cash, for
restores 2 points per day. example $350, but you would really need to have an
idea what you think they should be able to buy with this
money. With basic cred sticks/ cash taken from goons,
Q&A you might, for example, give them temporary +1 (or
Q If I am using Autofire and I roll a critical hit what higher) bonus to wealth for one purchase.
A If the targets fail their Reflex Save then they take just This then allows you to offer jobs that increase the wealth
the weapon’s base damage as described on page 165. level of the characters without getting into the value of
each mission in monetary terms. A high paying job could

result in all of the characters having Wealth of Q What happens if the doctor fails the check?
28 for the next year (assuming this is higher A Well, the implant does not take and what happens next
than their previous scores). Smaller jobs could, for really depends upon what he was getting replaced. Say
example, add +3 to their wealth for determining one or he was getting a cyber eye, there would be some hit point
two purchases. The exact balance should be whatever damage, but the character should really be more worried
works for your game, even if this means the Games he is now missing an eye. Generally all surgery on PCs
Master simply assigns monetary values of Purchase DC x should work, unless there is a specific GM reason for
1000=‘credits’ (or whatever currency the campaign uses) it not to. The DCs should only really be worried about
and converts everything over to a cash-based system. when the players are doing the surgery. Then it is really
up to the GM what happens if they fail. Typically, a failed
surgery should result in damage to the patient equal to the
CYBERGEAR difference between the Surgery DC and the doctor’s actual
Errata – Basic Cyber Arm, skill check and a 25% chance of the cybergear in question
being ruined or defective (50% chance of either).
(page 195)
The basic cyber arm has the following Hardness value Q What happens if you have a cyber limb and you lose it

– 8. somehow. Do you regain your self-points? If not do you

lose more when you get a new cyber limb?
Errata – Basic Cyber Leg, A You will not regain any self points until you have
(page 197) had some form of therapy. You would not automatically
The basic cyber leg has the following Hardness value regain the self-points just because you lose the cyber
– 10. limb and you will certainly lose some more when you
go under the knife again to get another one added. In this
case, the self cost is rolled again and if the result is more
Errata – Cyber armour on than the character lost form the first item, the difference is
subtracted from the Self score.
the Body Modifications –
External table, (page 200)
The Cyber armour line shows a bonus to the character’s THE WEB
defence rating, this should read as a bonus to DR. The Q&A
reference to Defence is from an earlier version of Q Are there any rules for getting out of the net? and
Cybernet when Cyberarmour was completely internal, what happens your server suddenly crashes or you are
but then a healthy dose of reality and physics reminded unplugged?
us how physically impossible that was. A version of A Due to the variability of these situations it has
nanotech skin-webbing might be released later as a web purposefully been left up to the GM on what happens to
article: that type of modification would add to Defence the characters in these situations. We would recommend
and represent shots that would have damaged the body using the rules on page 213 under the Combat in the Web
but were unable to penetrate it sufficiently to do so. section for what happens in emergencies.

Q What does the Joy Button do in game terms? ADVANCED CHARACTER
If you have to ask, you probably are not old enough for
us to tell you.
Seriously, it has whatever game effects the Games Master Q There are no options given for the True Hacker’s
wishes to give it. The Joy Button was added to Cybernet bonus feats. Does this mean they can choose any feat
as an example of the kinds of specialised gear that people they want?
can come up with given technology and far too much free A Yes. True Hackers have so much information at their
time on their hands. fingertips and so many base-line connections to tap,
it makes sense that if they take an interest in learning
Q Does the installation of Cyber wear require a special something, they can figure out a way to do so.
feat or can any doctor try it?
A Any one can do it, but if you want to survive, best to get Q The Runner Class requirements are the same as the
a Doctor with the Medical Skill and the Surgery feat. Master Thief, is this correct?

A Actually, no. The Runner was supposed to have a very A Edge dice must be spent before the dice are
unique requirement list: nothing. Any character can begin rolled, the soldier’s ability ‘Deadly’ allows them
taking levels of Runner as early as second level if they to spend the Edge Dice to confrm a critical after the
wish, though the tradeoffs for doing so might not make dice are rolled.
it worthwhile until they are higher in level. For the right
character concept, it could work out perfectly for them. OPPOSED CHECKS
Enjoy. Q In the Web chapter, there are a few instances where the
rules specify an opposed check but then goes on to give a
Q Does the True Hacker’s BAB stack with the DC for the check. How does this work? I thought that an
Webcrawlers special Web BAB? opposed check was both sides rolling the appropriate skill
A Yes, this is the only class (so far) that does stack with check the higher winning number (e.g. Spot vs. Hide).
the Webcrawlers special Web BAB. This type of opposed check is listed for getting out of
the web, for the Cloak and Clone programs, and for the
CHARACTER SHEET Program Hack action. There doesn’t seem to be a variable
on the server side, just Security Rating.
We have an updated character sheet on the Mongoose

Publishing Website at this point in time and we will also
be releasing an expanded character sheet to better allow Also, in the first example, on page 230, in the paragraph
for the variety of options with this game. on hack actions it says that the server gets a +10 to oppose
the hack action. Where does this come from? The section
on Program Hack says its the user’s Computer Use vs. the
Errata – Career spelt Security Rating of the server, in this case 18. So shouldn’t
incorrectly, (page 253) this just be Hellcat’s Computer Use of +17 vs. a DC 18?
On the top left of the page, in the section entitled ‘Player’,
the fifth line says ‘Carrer’, please replace this with A. When a DC is listed for an opposed check, it means
‘Career’. the minimum possible roll on the part of the character
attempting it to succeed in the first place. Thus, even if
a check is opposed but also gives a DC of 18, it means
Errata – Skills List, (page 253) that no matter how poorly the opponent (in this case, the
The Disable Device Skill is based on Intelligence (INT), server) rolls, Hellcat still has to get a total check of 18 or
not Dexterity (Dex) as stated on the character sheet. better to have any chance of success. (Of course, with a
+17, this should not be too hard.)
On the Mongoose Publishing website we have released a
PDF detailing how Edge Points are to be used.

Q.I cannot find any experience or rewards table?
A As such there is no table. On page 15 it gives guideline
for the number of experience points to give out but
otherwise the rate of advancement is entirely up to the

Q I read the Edge Points article and noticed that anyone

can spend an Edge Die to make a critical threat into a
critical hit. Doesn’t that mess with the Soldiers Special
Ability ‘Deadly’?