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Added 18 December 2002

Okay, the as written and intended text:

Fur/Scales Implants

Price: $2,200 18/21/23/25

Complete your facial fur or scale implant with our full-body upgrade! We will cover any area of
the body you specify with our genuine, vat-grown, organic fur or scales. You can emulate any
of over a thousand animals, including extinct and endangered creatures. Claws and tail not
included. We can have the implant of your choice fused completely to your skin within 5 hours
and with the application of our special topical anesthetic, you can be ready for the streets right

Prerequisites: None

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus to all Intimidate checks, and a +3 to your Fortitude saving throw
against severe weather.

Penalty: You suffer a -1 penalty to your Charisma.

Special: Fur Implants do not grant their Fortitude saving throw bonus against severe heat, and
Implanted Scales do not grant their Fortitude saving throw bonus against severe cold.

Fur/Scales gives you a +4 to your Diplomacy and Bluff checks when interacting with a person
who is attracted to people with Fur/Scales. Fur/Scales causes a -1 to your Constitution. Fur and
Scales are mutually exclusive technologies and cannot be mixed at this time. It also cannot
provide a bonus to Bluff and Intimidate at the same time.