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Silver Age Sentinels Errata

This errata file applies to both the Tri-Stat and d20 editions of Silver Age
Sentinels - individual entries note which version they apply to.
Last updated: May 2004
Mechanic Clarifications and Rules Errata
The Mechanic Clarifications and Rules Errata applies to both the Tri-Stat and
d20 editions of Silver Age Sentinels.
Armour: Shield Only
The cost for the Shield Only option under the Armour Attribute is incorrect. It
should actually be 1 Point / Level, and every Level of Shield provides 20 Armour
for the Tri-Stat edition (or 10 Armour for the d20 System edition).
Force Field: Shield Only
The Shield Only Disability for Force Fields should actually count as three (3)
Disabilities. Therefore, Alice, Queen of Hearts' Force Field should be listed as:
Stops 80 for the Tri-Stat version (or Stops 40 for the d20 System edition).
Designer’s Note:
While it may seem that Armour: Shields are much cheaper than Force Field:
Shields, remember that Force Fields are often flexible and mutable, and can also
have additional Abilities and Disabilities added to them.
Special Attack: Alternate Attacks
When a character has a variety of Special Attacks, be they in Alternate Forms, in
Items of Power, etc., he or she still only has to pay the full cost for the Primary
(or highest Level) attack. Thus, while Skybreaker has some Special Attacks as
Powers (like "Giant Crush" and "Thunderclap") and some within his Item of
Power: Stormbands ("Lightning Strike" and "Calling Thunder"), he only has to
pay the full cost a single time. Otherwise, a character with several Items of Power
with different Special Attacks would be penalized unfairly.
Henchmen Errata
In the Silver Age Sentinels rulebook, Henchmen are described as having zero
Skill Points. This should be amended to state that Henchmen begin with 30 Skill
Points, like any other character.
Sensory Block
The Sensory Block Power Attribute should additionally have the Duration PMV.
Body Armour and Protective Devices (SAS Tri-Stat p. 153-154)
The penalties for armour and other devices only extend to Body-related checks
requiring agility, endurance and running speed.
Under Full Metal Armour, third sentence, delete "and combat checks." Add "Full
metal armour has the same limitations in regard to concealing the armour or
resting while wearing it and the same risk of heat stroke as Tactical Armour, and
takes the same time to put on or remove."
Under Tactical Armour, second last sentence, replace "physically-oriented Skill
checks" with "Body-related checks." Add "If making a Body Stat check to avoid
heat stroke, do not apply this -4 penalty."
Silver Age Sentinels d20 Energy Points Rule
The Silver Age Sentinels d20 Energy Points Rule errata applies to the d20
edition of Silver Age Sentinels.
Energy Points (Calculated Value; Optional Rule)
This Calculated Value can be used for games where the GM feels that characters
possess a personal reserve of energy that is depleted when carrying out difficult
tasks. Energy Points are needed to fuel Power Attributes that are associated with
the Burns Energy Defect and Special Attacks that have the Uses Energy
Disability. If your character’s Energy Point total is ever reduced to 0, he or she
will fall unconscious from exhaustion.
CAUTION! The use of Energy Points can slow the pace of a game and generally
increase the amount of bookkeeping. Additionally, your character may tire
quickly if you assign the Burns Energy Defect to several Powers, preventing him
or her from using them over sustained periods. Whether this is appropriate for
your character or not depends on how you envision your hero. To calculate your
character’s initial Energy Point total, multiply the character’s Wisdom by two,
and add the character’s Intelligence and Charisma.
In other words:

(Wis x2) + Int + Cha = Energy Points

Therefore Mother Raven, with her Int 14, Wis 34, and Cha 24 has:

(34 x2) + 14 + 24 = 106 Energy Points

Energy Points may be further modified by the Energy Bonus Attribute (see
Energy Bonus (Attribute)
Cost: 2 Points/Rank
Type: Characteristic
Relevant Stat: None
PMVs: None
Progression: Linear, starting at +20 Energy Points (Level 1) increasing to +200
Energy Points (Level 10)
Reduction: None
Restriction: None
This Attribute is only available in campaigns where Energy Points are used.
Possessing this Attribute increases the Energy Points of the character, allowing
him or her to draw on a greater pool of energy reserves in times of need.
Burns Energy (Defect)
Linked to Power Attribute. This Defect is only available in campaigns where
Energy Points are used. The character’s Energy Points are used to power a
particular Attribute. The Energy Points will either be reduced after the Attribute’s
use (for Attributes with immediate effects, such as Teleportation or Special
Attack), or while the Attribute is used (for ongoing Attributes used over a period
of time, such as Flight or Invisibility).
Burns Energy extends to 10 BP. For immediate effects, reduce the Energy Points
by: 1 (1 BP), 2 (2 BP), 5 (3 BP), 10 (4 BP), 15 (5 BP), 20 (6 BP), 30 (7 BP), 50
(8 BP), 80 (9 BP), or 100 (10 BP).
For Attributes used over a period of time, reduce the Energy Points as follows:
10/day (1 BP), 1/hour (2 BP), 5/hour (3 BP), 10/hour (4 BP), 1/minute (5 BP),
5/minute (6 BP), 10/minute (7 BP), 5/round (8 BP), 10/round (9 BP), or 5/second
(10 BP).
Uses Energy (Special Attack Disability)
This Disability is only available in campaigns where Energy Points are used. The
attack draws upon the user’s personal energy, each attack draining 10 Energy
Points. This Disability can be taken twice, and, if so, it uses 10 Energy Points per
Level of the Special Attack (minimum of 20 Energy Points).
Recovering Energy Points (Optional)
This rule is only used in campaigns where Energy Points are used. The average
of the character’s Int, Wis, and Cha (rounded up), or ([Int + Wis + Cha] ó 3)
equals the number of Energy Points the character recovers every hour whether
the character rests or not. For a more realistic game, this amount is only
recovered with total rest; the character only recovers half that value if he or she
remains active.
Silver Age Sentinels d20 Missing Skills
The Silver Age Sentinels d20 Missing Skills errata applies to the hardcover d20
edition of Silver Age Sentinels - they are already in the Silver Age Sentinels
Stingy Gamer Edition.
Domestic Arts
Relevant Ability: Wisdom
Specializations: Cleaning, Cooking, Decorating, Home Budgeting
The ability to effectively organize and run a household.
Relevant Ability: Intelligence
Specializations: Board Games, Computer Games, Gambling/Card Games,
Military Simulations, Role-Playing Games
The ability to play various games and simulations well.
Visual Arts
Relevant Ability: Intelligence
Specializations: Animation, Drawing, Flower Arranging, Painting, Photography,
Sculpting, Video
The ability to produce a work of fine or commercial art in a particular visual
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