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Tactical Superviser Military Intelligence Liasons

Sgt. Maj. Neale, Richard MI20-27 Lt. Belcher, Ian MI40-81
Sgt. Maj. Allen, Christopher MI24-34
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results to abilities and the advancement of character levels, all game mechanics and statistics (including the game mechanics of all
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Q: On page 76, the Shoot on the Run feat enables you Q: On page 133 the manoeuvrability table rates the
to move, attack and move again up to your movement. manoeuvrability of creatures as Perfect, Good, Average,
However, on page 119, it says you can attack at any Poor and Clumsy, yet these terms are not included in
point in your move. What is the advantage of the the descriptions of any of the Arachnids capable of
Shoot on the Run feat? flight, can you please tell me what they should be?

A: The text on page 119 should read as follows: ‘In a A: Certainly, The entries for flight capable Arachnids
single round, a combatant may take a move action to should read as follows: Hopper Bug: 20 ft. (10squares),
move any distance up to his movement rate and make a fly 60 ft. (12 squares) (Perfect), Kamikaze Rippler Bug:
single attack using his attack action. By using the Shoot 20 ft. (10squares), fly 60 ft. (12 squares) (Good), Rippler
on the Run feat, a combatant may begin moving, using Bug: 20 ft. (10squares), fly 60 ft. (12 squares) (Good).
a move action, and make an attack action at any point
along his movement before continuing his move action
to move up to his total movement rate.’
Q: Are jet-assisted jumps handled in the same way
as regular jumps, using the rules as detailed in the
Athletics skill description?
Q: In the description of the M-1A4 power suit it details
a –8 penalty to Perception checks. The description A: Yes, the jump jets simply allow a trooper to jump
goes on to explain how the suit’s visor negates four further than he would otherwise be able to, they do not
points of this penalty thereby allowing the suit’s make him capable of true flight, nor do they grant him
wearer to apply their full skill bonus. Surely a –8 the ability to change direction mid-jump.
penalty with four points negated from it is still –4, am
I missing something here?

A: Yes, I’m afraid so. The text states that a proficient Q: I’ve run into a problem with the Starship Operation
user of the M-1A4 suit may apply his full bonus to feat relating to the size of available starships. According
Perception checks. To clarify, a proficient user describes to the feat you have to select a size of starship each
those characters who have the Power Suit Proficiency feat, time you select the feat. Can someone provide some
which negates a further four points from the penalty you guidance?
A: Full rules concerning the scale of starships will feature
in future supplements, however, the following can be
used as basic guidelines for those vessels detailed in the
Q: On page 120, it says that ranged weapons can be Starship Troopers Main Rulebook.
fired up to double their range value, but suffer a –4
penalty to attack rolls, however, on page 81, it says Most capital ships including dreadnoughts, corvette
that weapons suffer a –2 penalty per range increment, transports will fall under the Super Heavy category, while
up to a total of ten range increments. Which of these those such as frigates and heavy transports would likely be
is correct? Heavy. Many Aerospace craft will fall under the Medium
or Light categories, while specific craft are as follows:
A: An unfortunate error on our part, but an easy one to Viking landing boats are Medium, Slingshot drop ships
clear up; the rules concerning range and range penalties and Skyhook retrieval boats are both Light, while F-76
on page 120 are incorrect, please use those described on Thunderbolt TAC fighters are Ultralight craft.
page 81 instead.

Q: The veteran class detailed on page 40 has a M-711A1 Scatterjack Rocket, M-666C5 HEAT Missile,
requirement feat called Improved Heroic Surge. What M-998A1 Pee Wee Missile, M-901HE High Explosive
is this feat? Grenade and the TOAD Charge.

A: This feat does not, in fact, exist. Ignore all references

to Improved Heroic Surge.
Q: Page 85 notes the rules for requisitioning extra
equipment but the tables do not list target numbers for
special ammo. If someone requests a Javelin, should
Q: There is no provision stating power armour does there be a difference between a Heat load versus a
not count against the carrying capacity, which puts a Firecracker load? If nukes could be appropriate, do
trooper at 216 lbs with standard outfit. you want to set a target for them?

A: As long as a power suit has power, it will not count A: Special ammunition does not affect the Requisitioning
towards encumbrance. DC of an item, with the exception of nuclear weapons
like the M-998A1. Nuclear munitions should never be
handed out just as the result of a successful requisition
roll and will only be given to troopers when they are of
Q: The range modifiers on page 81 are said in the the utmost necessity to a special mission or as a result of
FAQ to take priority over the range modifiers from extensive roleplaying to convince superiors of their need.
page 120. I had thought the page 120 modifiers
would apply to things like Rippler bursts due to them
being muscle powered, and the page 81 modifiers
being applied to ballistic weapons, but I can accept Q: The plasma bug on page 214 has no range or blast
bugs spitting to extreme ranges. There is a lag error, area entries for its Plasma Fire. It also has no minimum
however, in that the vehicle combat rules on page 108 range for its indirect fire against ground targets, which
for mounted weapons are based on the rules from makes many of the scenarios rather difficult with an
page 120. effective +17 attack (+19 -2 for indirect fire doing a
straight 50 points of damage).
A: Firing a mounted weapon on a vehicle reduces range
penalties from -2 to -1 for each range increment. A: When firing at ground targets, the minimum range
for a plasma bug’s plasma sphere is 500 feet, with range
increments of 150 feet. The blast has a burst radius of 30
feet, dealing 5d10 damage that ignores all hardness and
Q: Under Grenades & Explosives on page 82, it damage reduction of anything caught within the area. A
notes first that, ‘An explosive is a weapon that, when successful Reflex save (DC 20) halves the damage taken.
detonated, affects... means of shrapnel, heat, When used to attack aerial targets, the existing plasma
or massive concussion,’ and then, ‘Damage from an bug rules still apply.
explosive weapon normally ignores damage reduction.’
Under weapons, multiple entries describe weapons
as explosive, but some specify they ignore damage
reduction, and others don’t, in a way that suggests Q: On page 89, the XW-110-G1 Grenade Launcher is
page 82 is wrong. listed on the chart as being capable of automatic fire.
I thought that was a probable mistake as it is a pump
A: The following explosives all ignore damage reduction action weapon.
– those that are not on this list are affected by damage
reduction as normal. Indeed, it should merely be semiautomatic.

Q: On page 72, the Exotic Weapons Proficiency feat Q: What is meant by Strength-based and Dexterity-
starts by stating you, ‘choose a single weapon,’ but based checks? Do those include skill checks with
goes on to note each further choice is made by weapon those key abilities?
group. Since it would otherwise take a minimum of
six individual choices to gain proficiency with the A: They include any check made that uses Strength or
Chickenhawk list of weapons, is the group option was Dexterity as a key ability.
the correct one?

A: The group option is correct.

Q: On page 87, the M-707A2 Firewall is the only

Thud Gun munition without a listed Reflex save.
Since the other Plasma munition has one, I would
expect it should, too.

A: This should have a DC 15 Reflex save listed.

Q: On page 88, I previously noted questions about

the M-666C5 HEAT & M-714S2 Firecracker being
explosives, but not clear on whether they both ignore
damage reduction as noted for explosives on page
82. Both are also explosives that do not have a listed
Reflex DC to avoid or reduce damage.

A: Both of these should have DC 20 Reflex saves listed.

Q: There is a CHAS pictured on p28 and

it is included in the glossary. Why no stats?

A: The CHAS will be covered in a future supplement.

Q: Does an entangled character lose 4 points of his

Dexterity score or take -4 penalty on Dexterity-based
checks and skill checks?

A: An entangled character does not actually suffer

Dexterity damage but suffers penalties as if his Dexterity
had been reduced by 4.

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