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Uber driver whose car

was set alight perishes
VIRGILATTE GWANGWA the new, hailing system, including Uber and the Tuk Tuks, has escalated TO FIGHT FOR JOBS

HE war between metered
in the past year and been marred by
violence. Uber vehicles have been
– Page 2
taxi operators and the damaged; their windscreens broken,
Uber hailing system has some burnt and, in other incidents,
claimed its first fatality. car keys snatched from the ignition
Lindelani Mashau was while drivers waited with passen-
caught up in a fiery inferno when gers for access to and from destin-
a petrol bomb was thrown at his ations.
Uber-registered vehicle last month. Metered taxi operators have com-
He died yesterday morning. plained of the new systems encroach-
Mashau was sitting inside the car ing on their business space, saying
outside Loftus Versfeld when he was the app service had not applied
attacked, with a petrol bomb thrown for the required licence to operate
at his car on the weekend of June 10. vehicles.
His car burst into flames with Uber, however, has vehicles sta-
him inside, leaving him with serious tioned at strategic points, including
injuries. He was rushed to the inten- Gautrain stations, where they com-
sive care unit of a local hospital and
was reportedly responding well to
pete for customers with other cab
services, while also relying on calls
treatment, but he succumbed to his from the app system, therefore upset- TO FEED THE POOR
injuries yesterday morning. ting the metered taxi operators who
Moments after reports of his claim they cannot have it both ways. – Page 3
death were made public, almost 100 Announcing Mashau’s death yes-
Uber cab operators gathered at the terday, Uber spokesperson Samantha
scene of the incident, where they Allenberg said they had partnered
burnt candles and held a sombre with multiple security response
memorial for their colleague. services that were able to dispatch
They refused to talk to the media, security and medical services in Uber drivers congregated at Loftus Versfeld for a memorial to a colleague, Lindelani Mashau, who died after being attacked last month. Inset: Lindelani
telling a team from the Pretoria emergency situations in a reduced Mashau, who died yesterday.  Picture: Bongani Shilubane
News that it was a private gathering time in an effort to improve the
and strangers weren’t welcome. safety of the driver-partners who ministers to resolve this situation initially started four years ago, when bloodshed, violence and chaos meted Three men were arrested.
Chasing the team away after used the Uber app. and yesterday said they were still the meter taxi council said Uber out against Uber drivers at Gautrain Secretary of the Gauteng Meter
briefly pausing from their activ- “We have hired additional secur- waiting for responses. “Using vio- drivers operated without permits. stations, including Centurion. Taxi Council Hendrick Ndou said
ities, one said: “We don’t want any ity response teams… to help prevent lence and intimidation to limit They wanted them off their Since then, the war had escalated the dispute between the two indus-
unfamiliar faces here… thank you.” these terrible crimes which we con- consumer choice is unacceptable. routes, calling Uber a charter ser- from fist fights, windscreens being tries wasn’t something to be proud
One offered to escort the team from demn,” she said. The security response teams that we vice which dealt with organised broken and damaging car tyres to of. He said both parties were being
the scene of the memorial. In Uber’s initial investigation have hired will continue to provide transport. gun shots and vehicles being burnt. attacked and he was not in a position
The Transport Department later Two weeks ago, a Toyota and to point out if it was Uber drivers
Mashau’s death comes as the feud
between metered taxis and Uber
last month, it found that Mashau
was attacked by a small group of
additional security support around
the stations,” she said. announced it was going to operate another vehicle were found burnt who attacked them or vice versa. SKIPPER FAF GETS
continues over the legality of the
app-based service from having vehi-
unknown individuals, leading to him
sustaining serious injuries which
“We are doing everything we can
but Uber is not a security company
the same as metered taxis, but no
consultation was done with “rel-
in Sunnyside. Police found one
vehicle was burnt at the corner Jeff
He said all they needed as metered
taxi drivers was to sit down with
cles positioned across the city and landed him in hospital in a critical so we need the help of law enforce- evant structures”, including the Masemola and Van der Walt streets, Uber and understand each other’s – Page 28
province to transport passengers. condition. ment to resolve these issues as soon meter taxi association. while another was set alight at the way of operating. He said the entire
The fight between the traditional Uber requested an urgent meet- as possible,” she said. The #UberMustFall movement corner of Jeff Masemola and Thabo situation had to do with fair compe-
metered cab service providers and ing with the police and transport The dispute involving Uber was launched last year and it saw Sehume streets. tition and operating legally.

Relief for motorists as Tshwane launches plan B for licensing services

SAKHILE NDLAZI Last week frustrated motorists be renewed at the nearest post office, Msimanga condemned the robberies, staff problems, off-line systems, cable In June, Akasia Licence Centre live capturing unit computer said they had returned to the Akasia and, he said, a limited driving licence saying the city would do everything theft, and, more recently, the theft of was burgled. Nothing was taken and systems used for eye testing and
department numerous times in an card renewal service had been intro- in its power to bring the perpetrators equipment. two people were arrested by the police. thumb imprints, eNatis System
THE City of Tshwane has made plans attempt to get service after being duced at the Centurion Licensing to book. Motorists, some of whom said In the past weeks motorists were Computers, one revenue information
to provide some licensing department turned away when the number of Centre. According to Kissoonduth, the they usually went to the centres on turned away from Centurion licensing management system, and three of the
services after three city offices were those who could be assisted was Kissoonduth said applicants in computers stolen at the Centurion their way to and from work and other centre, after a burglary. Preliminary city’s computers.
hit by a spate of break-ins and thefts reached. possession of an optometrist’s eye Licence Centre were “special and business engagements, have reacted investigations revealed that comput- The Rayton licensing centre
and two were forced to close down. Yesterday the city said they had test certificate would be assisted, unique computers” which were only with anger at the inconvenience of ers, eNatis screens and camera equip- remains closed for renovations.
The Waltloo, Akasia and Centurion invoked a policy in line with licens- but because of the break-in earlier issued by the national Department of using one office, and the long queues ment had been stolen. “At this stage, unfortunately, a time
licensing departments were burgled ing services management. “In terms this month the service was limited Transport. at Akasia Licensing Centre. The burglary came a day after frame cannot be determined due to the
and equipment stolen, leaving Walt- of the law, a driving licence card to about 100 clients a day. It became “We as the city have to get direc- When a Pretoria News team vis- the Pretoria News reported that the multitude of processes that have to be
loo and Centurion unable to provide holder may renew their licence at any operational last Thursday. tion from national level. We as the city ited the offices last week, motorists Centurion licensing centre had been finalised, including, but not limited to,
services and therefore closed to the licensing centre in the country, any Applicants who visited the Akasia have our hands tied,” he said. spoke of braving the chilly weather inundated with motorists from differ- our engagement with the relevant prov-
public. other convenient testing centre may and the Bronkhorstspruit licensing The city has been besieged by and being there from the early hours ent parts of Tshwane because other incial structures,” Kissoonduth said.
Motorists from across the city be approached in this regard,” said centres were encouraged to take licensing problems for months now to queue outside the centre. licensing centres, especially Waltloo, “Safe to say that the city is working
have had to flock to Akasia, standing MMC for community safety Derrick optometrist certificates along with after the various centres experienced They were not confident of being were offline. on all fronts to expedite the processes.
in long queues which start as early Kissoonduth. them, to reduce the renewal proced- problems, with services such as served by the centre which opens at Waltloo licensing centre also “We again wish to apologise for
at 5am and waiting for hours before He said motorists would get fines ure. vehicle disk renewals, driver’s licence 8am and closes at 4pm and can only had two burglaries in June. the inconvenience caused by these
receiving assistance. for expired licence disks as they could Executive mayor of Tshwane Solly renewals and tests being disrupted by assist 200 people a day. Equipment stolen included seven robberies,” he said.

Laboratory strike looms After

Afte After
GOITSEMANG TLHABYE were entitled to go on strike.
“They are finalising their strike
GAUTENG hospitals and clinics could ballot and could be on strike this week.
Before Before
face another setback as the National All they need to do is give a 48-hour
Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) notice of intent to strike.”
looks set to be hit by a national strike. The NHLS conducts more than 80%
This comes as the NHLS and unions of all pathology diagnostic services
representing workers are reported to in the country through a network of
have deadlocked over pay negotiations. laboratories.
The organisation allegedly tabled According to a letter by NHLS
an offer to unions of 3% which is less acting CEO Professor Shabir Madhi
than the national inflation rate of 6%. to heads of provincial health depart-
DA shadow MEC for health Jack
Bloom said the NHLS could only offer
ments, there is an impasse with labour
over the 2017/18 wage negotiations.
Centurion  012 654 3284
3% total cost-to-company as opposed to
the 7.3% demanded by unions.
It is for this reason that Bloom is
calling on the Gauteng Department of
Magalieskruin:  012 548 7446
Bloom said the reason behind the
lack of funds was debt repayment by
Health to start putting in place contin-
gency plans to avoid the catastrophic
Moreleta  012 997 7888
the various provinces.
“Gauteng alone owes the NHLS
effects the strike will have on hospitals
and clinics in the province.
Sephati lost 26kg Arina lost 22.2kg Murrayfield  012 803 6613
OM\04\ 10693475

millions. Bloom said urgent tests for HIV/

“Other provinces also owe the Aids, malaria, cancer and multi-drug
organisation and that is why they can’t resistant TB may be hit.
afford to offer workers the standard Service Level Agreements between
salary increase,” he said. the provinces and the NHLS entitles
The shadow MEC said the unions
had obtained a certificate of non-reso-
provinces to use private laboratories
if the NHLS is not able to offer its
Book for your free 15 minute consultation!
lution from the CCMA and as such services, he said.
2 Pretoria News
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SIX years ago a 12-year-old girl

Girl’s leg amputated: MEC must pay up Her daughter was eventually
referred to Steve Biko Academic
Hospital, where doctors had discov-
ered that her leg had become septic.
Premier shocked by
death of Nawa
injured her right leg during a soccer Medical experts agreed the con-
match with her friends. A few days authorities blamed the fact that she for her desperate attempts to have The judge also frowned upon the available and this “concerned” her. duct of the medical and nursing NORTH West premier Supra
later her leg had to be amputated had lost her leg on her mother. the child transferred from Mamelodi fact that no medical records regard- A plaster of paris cast was at first staff at Mamelodi Hospital consti- Mahumapelo is shocked and
above the knee due to sepsis – all It was claimed the mother did Hospital to Steve Biko Hospital, her ing the treatment of Ayanda at Mam- administered to the child’s leg at the tuted gross negligence. They said if saddened by the sudden death of
because of the negligence of the not follow the instructions of the daughter may not have survived the elodi Hospital existed. She said it Bronkhorstspruit Hospital before she had received proper treatment Kgosi Simon Molatlhegi Nawa, his
staff at the Mamelodi Hospital. hospital regarding the treatment of “cruel onslaught” of septicaemia was of concern to the court as to she was transferred to Mamelodi there her leg could have been saved. office said yesterday.
Christina Mashilo, 44, who lived her daughter after she had been dis- and other complications which why only a fraction of the Mamelodi Hospital. There were no records The mother said that when “Saddening about Kgosi Nawa’s
close to Bronkhorstspruit, sued the charged. The hospital also said the ultimately led to the amputation of Hospital’s documentation was made available of the admission. doctors at Steve Biko removed the death is that while he was with
Gauteng MEC for Health for more mother failed to notice that sepsis her leg. available in this case, yet the hospi- She stayed in Mamelodi Hospital cast, she could see that the leg was us this past Friday at the Bokone
than R2.5 million in damages. This had developed in the child’s limb. The judge said that to “add insult tal fought the claim tooth and nail. for three days and according to the “black”. Doctors had to amputate Bophirima Maize Cup gala dinner
was done on behalf of her daughter It was said the mother should have to injury” the health authorities Judge Basson said that in terms mother, she received no treatment her leg. Judge Basson found that and on Saturday during the
Ayanda, who is today 18 years old. taken the child back to the hospital tried their best to shift the blame of the National Health Care Act, during this time. The mother slept negligence of the staff at the Mam- soccer tournament, there was no
While there was not a shred of sooner. on to the shoulders of a mother who the health authorities are obliged on a hospital bench the entire time elodi Hospital was the sole cause of indication from him that he was not
evidence before the Gauteng High Acting Judge Annali Basson was “desperately tried to save the life of to keep and protect health records. and she took care of her daughter. the amputation. She ruled the MEC feeling well. I am truly shocked,”
Court, Pretoria, that the staff did outraged by this and said Mashilo her daughter when she saw that the She said it appeared the bulk of the The mother was so desperate that was 100% liable for the damages of Mahumapelo said.
anything to treat the severely ill was at the side of her ailing child Mamelodi Hospital was not treating Mamelodi Hospital’s records for the she “wanted to hike with Ayanda Ayanda. The amount will be deter- Nawa, from Lebotlwane village
Ayanda in April 2011, the health day and night. She said if it was not her critically ill daughter”. period April 11 to 14, 2011, were not back to Bronkhorstspruit”. mined later. in the Moretele local municipality,
died on Sunday night. He was also
the chairperson of the house of
traditional leaders in Bojanala

Ex-guards in city centre job fight


EFF Mahumapelo said Kgosi Nawa

was a committed leader who had
the community’s best interests at
heart.” – ANA

flayed for Charged with rape

Under the #OutsourcingMustFall banner, they want Metro to employ them fulltime
A 40-YEAR-OLD man has appeared
in the Bethulie Magistrate’s Court
for allegedly raping a young girl
RAPULA MOATSHE over the weekend in Vergenoeg,

in Bethulie, Free State police said
THE EFF in Tshwane has come OME of the 3 000 security yesterday.
under fire for its “hypocritical” guards who worked at the SAPS spokesperson Sgt Yanga
stance towards the plight of for- City of Tshwane while Ngcukana, said the 12-year-old girl
mer security guards fighting to be employed by private sec- reported the matter on Saturday.
insourced into the municipality. urity companies marched “She had just been raped by a
Labelling the EFF councillors to Tshwane House yesterday to 40-year-old man who is the father of
hypocrites, ANC caucus spokes- demand permanent jobs from the her friends.”
person Lesego Makhubela said they Metro. Ngcukana said the girl told the
had, on several occasions, voted in The guards lost their jobs after police she was playing outside at the
support of council motions that contracts of security companies suspect’s house with her friends.
didn’t take into consideration the they worked for in the city expired “The suspect took her to a back
workers’ plight. in March. shack where he allegedly raped her,”
At least 3 000 security guards lost Under the banner of #Outsourc- he said. He covered her mouth with
their jobs after the contracts of sec- ingMustFall, they demanded to be a hand . – ANA
urity companies and the city, that insourced by the municipality and
they worked for, expired. be paid a minimum wage of R10 000
The EFF has vociferously
expressed its support for the cause
every month.
They gathered at Church Square
Sea tragedy sympathy
of the security guards since they in the morning and then departed
embarked on protests earlier this to the municipal offices, where they PARLIAMENT’S Portfolio
month. vowed not to leave until mayor Solly Committee on Agriculture, Forestry
In one of the protests, one of the Msimanga had spoken to them. and Fisheries has sent condolences
party leaders, Obakeng Ramabodu, The guards chanted anti-Msi- to the families of the fishermen
promised that the EFF would ask manga songs, accusing him of who died after the fishing vessel
mayor Solly Msimanga to employ spreading lies in the media that they Maredon capsized along the Cape
them on a five-month contract to were advancing the political cause St Francis coastline in the Eastern
assess their performance. of certain political parties. Cape on Sunday.
Ramabodu said Msimanga would “The mayor doesn’t want to speak Reports indicate that eight of
have to hire them on a full-time basis to us. We are not sent by the ANC the crew are still missing, while one
based on how they performed. or the EFF. We are fighting for our has been confirmed dead and seven
Makhubela said: “You wear your jobs,” they said. rescued.
smelly overall and go to a march, but #OutsourcingMustFall spokes- Chairperson of the committee,
then when you wear the same overall person Austin Mofya said workers Rosina Semenya, said: “Our prayers
to council and the same matter is demanded that they be absorbed as are with the families of the eight
raised – you choose to agree with permanent employees by the City fishermen who are missing and we
the DA. What are you saying? It’s and paid a living wage. send our condolences to the family
hypocrisy.” “The City of Tshwane must take of the one person who was found
Makhubela said the ANC was urgent and immediate action to Former security guards who worked for companies that were contracted by the City of Tshwane march to the office of the mayor. They are demanding to be dead.” – ANA
not hypocritical because it put into make sure workers are not jobless employed by the municipality despite their contracts coming to an end.  Pictures: Thobile Mathonsi
practice in council what it preached. when contracts expire, and those
“What you do when you march is
nothing. The EFF is comfortable in
who have already been retrenched
are reinstated with immediate
He said the protest was staged
despite the assurance by Msimanga
perform the functions of guarding
the city’s strategic assets with the
Yende trial put on hold
this alliance and actually the EFF effect,” he said. that security guards would “have help of an additional 1 187 police
councillors are resigning to be dir- Mofya said many of the work- access to opportunities within the officers. THE MURDER case of Eskom
ectors in the city. The infighting in ers were EFF constituents and city on a needs basis”. “We will, as a transparent and employee Thembisile Yende has
the EFF is too big and now they want demanded that the EFF pull its Kissoonduth said: “Claims that responsible government, create been postponed by the Springs
to replace each other as councillors. support for the DA-led Tshwane the City refuses to absorb employees opportunities in this city. However, Magistrate’s Court to September 18.
They want permanent employment municipality immediately to stop are simply not true as evidenced by this requires us to be smart with David Ngwenya, 43, a technician
in the city,” he said. the job losses. the absorption of employees from our resources. That is to say that of at Eskom, allegedly murdered Yende,
EFF leader Benjamin Disoloane Security guard leader Isaac Sib- Sandspruit Works Association the R210 million budgeted for over- suspecting she was to blow the whis-
said the allegations by the ANC were anda said city manager Moeketsi (SWA) and other groups, which time in the 2017/18 financial year, tle on a copper theft syndicate. He is
baseless because there had not been Mosola had requested to meet with include meter readers and the like. R110 million will be used to create charged with premeditated murder.
a councillor who took up a director- workers representatives on Friday Security personnel will have access employment in the places where we Yende’s body was discovered in
ship job in the municipality. to further discuss their demands. to these opportunities on a needs need it most – our artisans such the storeroom at the Pietersboth
“Anyone who is saying we are MMC for community safety Der- basis.” as plumbers and electricians who substation after she went missing
mixing with the DA is dreaming. rick Kissoonduth denounced the He said the City had identified actually do the work to provide bet- on May 17. This was after her office
We have no relationship with the protest by the guards, saying it was human capital within the Tshwane ter services for our people,” Kissoon- The former guards make their feelings known, backing up their demand for and the substation was searched by
DA. Two councillors have resigned unlawful. Metro Police Department who could duth said. fulltime employment and salaries of R10 000 . officers and nothing was found.
because they got other jobs and I Ngwenya was denied bail on June
don’t know what type of jobs they 29. The court heard the murder
got. You can ask them,” he said. scene looked“staged” as if Yende
Disoloane said the EFF voted with had committed suicide. – ANA
the DA on the mayoral budget speech
because it covered the insourcing
of workers, who included cleaners
in the city.
Charity starts at home for abandoned kids, says top cop Girl shot: man in dock
ANC chief whip Aaron Maluleka
said: “There is no honesty from the GOITSEMANG TLHABYE “Often there are needs within dela Day. Bruyere said the centre had THE CASE against a farmer, 33,
DA, they want to deal with people our own communities that we might been around for 10 years. accused of shooting a girl, 11,
who they perceive to be ANC mem- miss because we are looking for It was a custodian of 17 children was delayed at the Swartruggens
bers. GUMMY bears, chocolate cookies opportunities in other areas. battling medical conditions, or had Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
“They want to remove them and and having someone to play with “But let’s not forget that ‘charity been abandoned and abused. This was to allow a prosecutor
make sure that they absorb either – even for a few minutes – brought begins at home’ and that’s why we “Getting funding and finding from Rustenburg to handle the
DA or EFF members. There is no smiles to children at the Tshwane started off at the Tshwane Haven as enough volunteers to help with the unopposed bail application.
honesty in terms of what they are Haven place of safety yesterday. they form part of the people we are children is always a challenge,” she The farmer allegedly shot the
talking about wanting to save money This was thanks to Brooklyn tasked with serving.” said. girl in the arm last Wednesday. The
for the city.” police officers, who kicked off their Nair said their officers were also “That is why any helping hand girl and her friends went to the farm
Msimanga recently said the city 67 minutes for Mandela Day at the taking part in other charity events we can get is more than welcome,” to fetch firewood when the farmer
was spending R200 million a year centre in Waterkloof Ridge with a throughout the year aside from the she said. allegedly shouted and ordered them
on security companies, saying the visit to the children. 67 minutes initiative. “We would like to take in more to stop.
amount was not sustainable. Station commander Brigadier “I’m proud to have police offi- children but we just can’t because Police said the girls ran off.
Kushie Nair said cers with big hearts going above we have one minder to look after The victim realised her arm was
she identified the and beyond for the community they four children.” bleeding. She told her mother and

need at the home serve. Bruyere invited anyone inter- was rushed to hospital.
after reading “By giving in even simple ways ested in taking part in the volunteer Her parents alerted police. The
postings on social towards a community, police officers programme to come on Mondays to farmer handed himself in. – ANA
media about it. find meaning in their own lives and Fridays between 4pm and 6pm.
Nair said good- it increases the commitment to the SAPS spokesperson Colette Weilbach and Brigadier Kushie Nair talking Volunteers can also help on Sat-
will gestures could
be done across the
community they serve,” she said.
Nair said gift bags with baby
to Felicity Ncube during a visit to Tshwane Haven in Waterkloof Ridge to
celebrate International Mandela Day. Picture: Bongani Shilulbane
urdays between 9am and 2pm by
spending some time with the chil-
Dam levels edge up
country but they accessories and gifts for the chil- dren. “Bath and feeding times are
felt it was import- dren were made possible through kuwa, Newlands Spar, businessmen Centre manager Karen Bruyere always quite challenging, so we wel- DAM levels across the Western Cape
ant for charity a united community effort which and members of the community. By said she was grateful that the com- come any volunteers willing to come have increased slightly over the last
initiatives to also included Mon Ami Trauma Troops, standing together change could take munity and the police had given and help us during those times,” said week but are still far below the levels
look closer to home. Universal Paper & Plastic in Ga-Ran- place for the better, said Nair. their centre a helping hand for Man- the house mother. experienced last year, according to
statistics from the Department of
MADAM & EVE  STEPHEN FRANCIS & RICO Water and Sanitation.
Dispute on official state poaching stats The dam levels for the entire
province stood at 25.17%, up from
RHINO poaching might be on ing statistics. They maintain last week’s 24.08%. The dam levels
the decrease; elephant poaching that a total of 538 rhinos and this time last year stood at 45.92%.
is on the rise. 30 elephants have been poached Western Cape Local
But without up to date poach- in South Africa until the end of Government, Environmental
ing figures from the Department June 2017. Affairs and Development Planning
of Environmental Affairs (DEA) If poaching continues to fol- MEC Anton Bredell said that while
how do we know? low this trend, elephant poach- the latest figures do not include
Through reliable sources, ing figures for 2017 could soon weekend rainfall which might
including countless SAPS exceed DEA’s total for 2016 of 46 see dams levels slightly up, the
reports, Oscap (Outraged South elephants. province’s residents were still
Africans Against Poaching) Oscap disputes this number. – expected to use water sparingly. –
have arrived at their own poach- Conservation Action Trust ANA
Pretoria News 3
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Pupil on mission to feed the poor Family of

stabbed doctor
Ashton is no stranger to fund-raising for a good cause; this time he is using crowdfunding
lash police neglect
SHTON Frodsman, 16, VIRGILATTE GWANGWA report given to newspapers just do
is unlike most teen- not add up.
agers his age. This “According to the ‘husband’, my
Grade 10 pupil from St TEN months later and the family sister beat him with a hammer on
Albans College has a still do not have details regarding the back of his head and when he
strong sense of community and has the death of a 47-year-old woman gained conscious he managed to tie
an admirable concern for others. found dead with three stab wounds his wife up with a cable and called
Inspired by a 23-day, 405km school on the left side of her chest and a the police,” he said.
hike with 124 of his fellow pupils, bloody knife next to her body at He alleged the statement further
Ashton has set up an ambitious her boyfriend’s home in Danville said that when the police arrived,
crowdfunding campaign on Backa- last August. the “husband” saw them, ran back
buddy to raise R125 000 to feed 150 But to this day, and after num- in the house and came back drag-
impoverished individuals for the erous complains and appeals, they ging the woman halfway through
next six months. have not received the DNA results the yard, left her, and went to open
“This trip was the first time in or the report as to what transpired for the police. But she managed
my life that I wasn’t able to open a the day of the incident. to untie herself ran back in the
fridge door when I wanted to. It made “All we get from the police is house and locked herself in their
me realise how essential food is and that my sister committed suicide, bedroom, where she was later found
got me thinking how terrible it must but they refuse to provide us with on the floor in a “pool” of blood.
be to go without a meal for a day, let the report which states that this He said the police admitted to
alone a few days,” he said. was indeed a suicide,” said the dead having seen his sister running back
Ashton realised the importance woman’s brother, William Lebelo. in the house but was shocked when
of a good breakfast on this trip, and Due to police allegedly refusing he saw a different report by the
said his school’s “best kept secret”, to give the family the report, the police in the Pretoria News.
the mysterious and marvellous family had to ask for donations from The police stated they were
“Breakfast pack” is what got the other family members so they could called to the house after neighbours
boys through their hike. bury her. heard a couple arguing. Spokesman
Ashton has made it his mission to “Imagine asking for donations Constable Tumisang Moloto said
share the long-standing tradition of to bury a qualified and practising that on arrival the owner of the
the “Breakfast Pack” with those who doctor! house told officers that his wife
need it the most, the marginalised “And we had to go through this intended committing suicide after
city dwellers who rely on feeding because the Pretoria West police they had an argument, and had
schemes, many of them no longer officers did not want to give us a locked herself in a bedroom.
operating due to a lack of funds. police report so we could get my “Police and the husband rushed
Those schemes that have sur- sister’s policies to bury her with back to the house but the wife did
vived, like the St Albans College dignity,” Lebelo said. not respond to their request to open
programme, are under tremendous Ashton Frodsman, 16, has set up an ambitious crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to raise R125 000 to feed 150 impoverished individuals for the next six The family was frustrated that the door. The husband and police
pressure to feed more mouths with months. they had to be the ones to follow forced their way into the bedroom
limited capacity. Ashton realised the police around to get information where her body was found on the
drastic need for a fully functional, stranger to fundraising. journey and to do their part, big or donations rather than relying on future, Ashton was unsure, hav- when it should be the other way floor. Police found the victim lying
sustainable feeding scheme with At the age of 11 he raised R15 000 small, to change the lives of those government and large organisations ing only just chosen his Grade 10 around. Lebelo said they had to on the floor in a pool of blood,” he
enough resources to feed the masses. to cover the medical costs of Mpheto less fortunate. for support,” said Zane Groenewald, subjects. wait two months before they could said.
He set up his own campaign Bidli, a student who was struck by “My passion for helping others is marketing officer at BackaBuddy. He was, however, certain that get the post-mortem reports, which “I have been travelling from
on BackaBuddy to crowdfund his lightning. what drives these projects. “Quite simply I’m a very lucky whichever direction he went, he they had to beg for. Limpopo to Pretoria West for the
cause and to create and distribute In 2015, he raised an astounding “Although I am the one behind mom to have Ashton as a son. Ash- wanted to do his best to uplift and He said they were not happy past 10 months,” Lebelo said. “All
a “Breakfast Pack”, whose contents R46 072 to cover the costs of flights, the project it takes more than me to ton always thinks of others and support those who need it the most. with the treatment from the police. we want is for the police to do their
are unknown to the public, but are accommodation, transport and help others, it takes a village,” said considers others. Not just when it So far Ashton has raised They thought the police investi- investigation and tell us what really
said to be nutritionally rich and eas- meals for a cricket team to attend a Ashton. comes to community work but in R50 525.95, and requests those will- gation would bring them closure happened to our sister. They need to
ily prepared by adding water. tour at the Eersterust Cricket Club “Crowdfunding provides indi- general everyone around him. He ing to assist to go on to Ashton’s but instead all it brought was more give us a proper report so that we
These packs are loved and enjoyed in Pretoria. viduals such as Ashton with an really cares, he is considerate and Breakfast For A Buddy campaign heartache for the family. can find peace.”
by the students of St Albans College. With his current campaign he opportunity to pursue community he wants to make a real difference,” on: “Right now nothing makes sense; The police had not responded to
Ashton has a very clear idea of wants to motivate his school and his projects they are passionate about said Brenda, Ashton’s mom. champion/project/breakfast-for-a- the statement by the boyfriend, who questions by late yesterday after-
what he wants to achieve and is no local community to be a part of his through securing a number of small Asked where he sees himself in buddy-campaign claimed to be the husband, and the noon.

US, SANDF in joint exercise

THE US military, in partnership “We are very pleased to be in
City hospitals rank among top 20 in country – poll
with the SANDF, will conduct Exer- South Africa for the Shared Accord
cise Shared Accord 2017, a com- exercise,” said Brigadier-General MATLHATSI DIBAKWANE also made its mark last year, being admission. Patients can participate were based on a survey developed in of the survey, Naidoo said, more
mand post and company-level field William Prendergast, deputy com- considered one of the best. Discov- actively by stating a wish-list of the US. “This survey was developed significantly, after the survey results
training exercise, from Monday mander of US Army Africa. PRETORIA hospitals were among ery Health said the hospital offers things that could be improved and over a six-year period from 2002 to had been publicly reported. The cat-
until August 3. “We could not have asked for a the country’s top 20 hospitals for several super specialised services, the best elements at the hospitals. 2008 and has been in use since 2008. It egory with the highest increase in
Shared Accord 17 is a US Africa better training environment and our 2016 in South Africa, a survey con- including orthopaedic surgery, it Feedback on the experience of has also been adopted by some South scores was information about care
Command directed and US Army soldiers are ready for tough, realistic ducted by Health Discovery found. has an arthroplasty clinic, a hand care in hospitals was collected after African Hospital groups,” she said. after discharge.
Africa-led exercise designed to training which increases readiness The survey found that city hospi- institute, a rheumatology institute, the discharge of adult members of Naidoo said measuring quality A total of 190 general hospitals
assess the capacity and capability for both organisations.” tals Netcare Jakaranda and Zuid-Af- a specialised pain clinic, a renal unit, Discovery Health Medical Scheme. of care was an important way to were surveyed in 2016. Of these,
of participating staff and forces in The exercise, which will take rikaans Hospital were among those kidney transplants, and a psychiat- “The survey is sent to members of improve care. “By allowing patients 136 hospitals had sufficient survey
peacekeeping operations, the US place at the SANDF Combat Train- named by patients as worth their ric unit. Discovery Health client schemes by to comment on how care was experi- responses to be analysed.
Embassy in Pretoria said yesterday. ing Centre in the Northern Cape, money and medical insurance. The Discovery Health Patient e-mail, 7-40 days post discharge,” enced, patients get an opportunity to “Discovery Health congratu-
Over 1 000 military personnel from will include headquarters staff And Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital Survey Score (PaSS), now in its said Dr Roshini Moodley Naidoo, directly ‘voice’ their needs to carers lates all top 20 hospitals, including
the US and South Africa will partici- training, land force manoeuvres and maintained the title for three years third year, allows patients to rank head of quality care at Discovery and contribute to improvement.” those sustaining their positions in
pate in the annual, combined, joint culminate with a platoon-level live- in a row. healthcare providers on how they Health. There had been an increase in the honours list through building a
military exercise. fire demonstration. – ANA Netcare Jakaranda Hospital experienced care during hospital Naidoo said the survey questions most category scores since inception patient-centred healthcare system.”

Aviation play park gives shelter’s kids wings

MATLHATSI DIBAKWANE in collaboration with the Big Sky
Cabin Training Academy which oper-
DISADVANTAGED children from ates from the same premises.
Bramley Children’s Home in Pre- “Students from this academy will
toria were treated to a “Christmas be instrumental in educating the
in July” yesterday at the Wonder- children at the park as part of their
boom Aviation Play Park, where they training,” he said.
spent the day with mayor Solly Msi- “The park was part of the skills
manga at the first aviation play park development programme for the cap-
in Africa. ital’s youth”, he said.
The 20 children from disadvan- The students would raise aware-
taged backgrounds in the metro were ness on aviation for the youth, that
treated to a once in a lifetime experi- they could take a career path in
ence where they flew in an aircraft aviation. The play park would intro-
with the mayor. duce annual talks on different career
“The children received quite a opportunities and learning about dif-
treat, they travelled in an aircraft for ferent aircraft, he said.
the first time, and with the mayor,” Msimanga believed that the pro-
said Ellen Wuirnen, spokesperson gramme would fill in gaps in the avi-
from Bramley Children’s Home. ation industry which the community
Wuirnen said the children were could gain from.
excited and over the moon as they “I strongly believe that this youth
even sang a happy birthday song to development programme will help
the mayor as his birthday was on to address skills gaps in the aviation
Sunday. Executive mayor Solly Msimanga having fun with the children at the industry and provide the opportunity
“Excitement was all over his face Wonderboom Aviation Play Park. for Wonderboom National Airport
as they sang the birthday song to to give back in a tangible way to the
him,” she said. package. “...for that we are humbled used to accommodate children from communities that contributed to 80
She added that children received and grateful to the mayor,” she said. disadvantaged schools this year, and years of successful operations,” he
school shoes and a school material Msimanga said the park would be from 2018 the park would be managed added.

R100m for black film-makers
Min Max C

Today 18th Wed 19th Thu 20th Fri 21th Sat 22th
4 6 5 6 7 THE Department of Trade and by the department for access to fund-
20 23 23 24 23 Industry has announced that it will ing.
spend R100 million by March on sup- Molokoane said the incentive
porting emerging black film-makers scheme had already supported 40
via the SA Emerging Black Film- projects of emerging film-makers,
TOMORROW’S WEATHER: OTHER CITIES Min Max C makers Incentive. but producers found it difficult to
Johannesburg Durban Cape Town Polokwane Port Elizabeth The department’s direc- access extra funds to close their pro-
tor of film production, Nelly jects.
4 10 11 5 9 Molokoane, announced this The department had now part-
21 23 16 23 20 at an Emerging Black Film-makers nered with the Industrial Develop-
Workshop at the Durban Inter- ment Corporation, National Film
30% national Film Festival. The work- and Video Foundation, SABC, and
shop was aimed informing emerging provincial film commissions to assist
Call Weatherline at 082 162
film-makers on information required film-maker. – ANA
4 Pretoria News
follow us on social media TUESDAY JULY 18 2017

Sassa CEO Gordhan

‘intel’ info
has contract probed

THE INSPECTOR-General of Intel-

ligence Setlhomamaru Dintwe has
promised to probe the SACP com-
plaint lodged against President
Jacob Zuma on the so-called intel-
ligence report that led to the axing

Scopa’s Godi lashes decision of former finance minister Pravin

SACP first deputy general-secre-
tary Solly Mapaila said he had filed
AFRICAN NEWS AGENCY an affidavit with Dintwe against

HE contract of the CEO The SACP was infuriated that
of the South African Zuma had denied in court papers an
Social Security Agency intelligence report was used to jus-
(Sassa), Thokozani tify the sacking of Gordhan and the
Magwaza, has been reshuffling of his cabinet in March.
terminated. Legal adviser to Dintwe, advocate
The Department of Social Jay Naidoo, confirmed yesterday
Development said: “The Minister they will probe SACP comlaint. She
of Social Development, Ms Bathabile would not commit to deadlines.
Dlamini, and the CEO of Sassa, Mr “The Inspector-General confirms
Thokozani Magwaza, have agreed to he is investigating a complaint by
terminate the services of the latter the SACP concerning the so-called
after a consultative process led by intelligence report,” said Naidoo.
the head of legal services, advocate Vanessa Burger testifying at the Moerane Commission about political killings plotted at Glebelands hostel in Durban. Picture: Bongani Mbatha “The investigation is still
Nkosinathi Dladla, in terms of the ongoing. As a result there is no
provisions of his contract. report as yet. He will communicate

Hostel where killings were ‘bought’

“The department would like Thokozani Magwaza duly once a report has been issued.”
to thank Mr Magwaza for the role Zuma has been under fire in
he played as the CEO of Sassa Magwaza and he must stay put and recent times over state capture and
and wishes him well in his future be steadfast in his post to serve the leaked e-mails.
endeavours.” national interest. It is shocking The SACP has decided to contest
The announcement came just that… Dlamini, has not said a word DESIREE ERASMUS had designed that plotted murders in Burger said that while the magistrates,” she told the commis- elections on its own in future.
hours after the chairperson of the or stood in solidarity with Mr Mag- the province thought to have been newer blocks were family units, the sion. However, it would have a special
Standing Committee on Public waza who was right in terminating THE MOERANE Commission connected to Glebeland’s hitmen, medium and older blocks housed up Burger said that according to her conference next year after the ANC’s
Accounts (Scopa), Themba Godi, the minister’s illegally appointed investigating political killings in murders that were “probably as a to 10 people per room, “at least”. The research “thugs” controlled as many elective conference in December to
condemned the alleged death threats ‘work streams’, which worked paral- KwaZulu-Natal heard yesterday that result of Glebelands hitmen” and rooms are designed to accommodate as 14 of Glebelands’ 71 blocks, but decide on the way forward.
against the Sassa CEO, labelling it lel to the legal management of Sassa. Durban south’s notorious Glebel- those socio-economically affected as four people. the number could be higher. She said The SACP also said it would not
“brazen lawlessness”. “The appointment of these work ands Hostel was a haven for hitmen a result of the killings. Besides hitmen, the hostel is she interviewed 25 residents who be in opposition to the ANC when it
Godi said he held a long dis- streams was declared irregular by who operated throughout the prov- Evidence leader for the commis- known to be a haven for criminals indicated that the average income contests the elections.
cussion with Magwaza on Sunday the National Treasury and there ince. sion advocate Bheki Manyathi was who extort money from residents per resident was R1 500 per month. The party has prevented Zuma
night about the alleged death threats was therefore no other way than Testifying on resumption of the questioning Burger. He said that and taxi owners. Only 6% received social grants. The from addressing its members after
against him and the work of finalis- to immediately terminate them, commission after a month’s recess, four witnesses that had testified Burger says that money obtained average length each respondent had its call for him to go.
ing the contract between Sassa and as required by the Public Finance human rights activist Vanessa before the commission at its first during these “collections” enabled lived at the hostel was 16.5 years. This was the same position taken
the South African Post Office (Sapo) Management Act,” said Godi. Burger said that according to her sitting agreed that hitmen based at them to buy weapons, including “Out of the 25 people that I inter- by Cosatu a few months ago after
to replace the disgraced Cash Pay- “Government must demonstrate research, hitmen based at the hos- Glebelands were used throughout police rifles, which were used in viewed, 21 had family members that Zuma was booed and prevented
master Services in the payment of seriousness about good governance tel were used throughout KwaZulu- the province. politically-linked violence and other were completely reliant on them. from addressing a May Day rally in
social grants. and the fight against corruption. We Natal as killers for hire. Manyathi said that those wit- criminal acts. Seven of the respondents said police Mangaung.
“As Scopa, we are shocked and cannot have managers forced out “There are 89 killings in the nesses testified that the killings in “There are collections going on in assaulted them and 12 out of the Zuma was taken to court by the
angry at what is evidently brazen or suspended in order to facilitate province that can be traced back to the province and Glebelands were a the older blocks where residents are 25 said they had been victims of opposition on his cabinet reshuffle.
lawlessness by a criminal gang of corruption.” hitmen based at Glebelands hostel,” result of “politics, power, financial forced at gunpoint and threatened attempted murder. But in court papers he did not
rent seekers who want to intimidate Godi said there was an orches- from 2014 to date, she said. “Any- enrichment, criminality (warlords/ with eviction if they don’t give vari- Where cases were laid, all had mention the intelligence report, say-
Mr Magwaza out of his job so they trated campaign to remove Mag- one who wants someone taken out, hitmen) and failures on the parts of ous amounts of money,” she said. been acquitted or provisionally with- ing the opposition must produce it.
can frustrate the Sassa Sapo contract waza, “just as we have seen the sus- Glebelands is the place to go,” she the municipality, SAPS and Durban The going rate was R50 per per- drawn,” she said. Mapaila said they believe Zuma
and instead open the door for the pension of two director-generals in said. metro police”. son or a minimum of R200 per room The commission is running was not telling them the truth on this
looting of public funds,” Godi said. the Departments of Water Affairs Burger, a graphic designer by Burger agreed, and then traced per month. It was estimated that until Friday, with some testimonies report and the SACP has decided to
“The fate of 17 million vulnerable and Sanitation (Dan Mashitisho) trade, is a well known figure at a harrowing picture of a patron- about R220 000 per month had been expected to take place in camera. complain to the Inspector-General of
and poor South Africans is at stake. and Agriculture, Forestry and Fish- KwaZulu-Natal hostels, where she age network that allegedly included collected this way, Burger said. Premier Willies Mchunu has said Intelligence. Dintwe assumed office
This is an attack and sabotage of eries (Mike Mlengana), all in cir- has been an activist for justice for politicians, prosecutors and police. “Mothers with children are being an option “being explored” was the a few months ago. He was recom-
national interest for the benefit of an cumstances that point to conflicts years. She also has several friends Glebelands Hostel is a sprawling extorted. The money is used to buy commission visiting and sitting at mended by Parliament in November.
immoral and parasitic clique. of interest with their political prin- within the hostel communities. complex in uMlazi that consists of guns, pay for hitmen, bribe pros- places that had experienced killings Zuma approved his appointment in
“As Scopa, we fully support Mr cipals”. – ANA Her testimony included a map she 71 blocks and about 22 000 residents. ecutors, investigative officers and of councillors. – ANA March.

E-mails: Outa lays treason charges against Muthambi

ANA REPORTER police station in Johannesburg.”
Outa also cited a ruling by the
THE Organisation Undoing Tax Western Cape High Court that found
Abuse (Outa) yesterday announced it Muthambi had acted illegally in
had laid treason charges against for- appointing the now disgraced Hlaudi
mer communications minister Faith Motsoeneng as chief operating officer
Muthambi. of the South African Broadcasting
Based on information contained Corporation despite a report from the
in the #GuptaEmails, showing public protector detailing fraud, mal-
Muthambi had purportedly sent con- administration and abuses of power,
fidential cabinet documents, including costing the broadcaster billions of
a presidential proclamation increas- rands
ing her powers in her former com- “When the court finds Faith
munications portfolio, to the Gupta Muthambi guilty, this should mean a
family and their associates, Outa said sentence of life imprisonment,” said
this merited treason charges. Msibi.

SIDE “Faith Muthambi knowingly and

deliberately shared three confidential
cabinet memoranda, through e-mails,
with Tony Gupta, Duduzane Zuma and
A report by a parliamentary ad hoc
committee looking into the affairs of
the SABC had in March recommended
that President Jacob Zuma seriously

Sahara’s CEO Ashu Chawla. These consider the suitability of Muthambi
people should never have been privy to hold her position.
to any ministerial communication In the widely criticised cabinet
and policy discussions,” said Outa’s reshuffle just weeks later, Muthambi
portfolio director for special projects, was shifted from communications to
Dominique Msibi. the public service and administration
“Charges were laid at the Brixton portfolio. Former Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi.

SALE Farmers lash delays in probes of key DGs


THE organised farming community

want the investigations and suspen-
land reform and commercialisation
of black farmers.
“We are extremely concerned with
the issue of the two departments.
will get 30-year leases – and the dead-
line was the end of July.
“In the Department of Water
Affairs and Forestry there are many
the number of senior officials sus-
Johnson said this did not bode
well for governance at the troubled
17 JULY – 13 AUG 2017 sions of directors-general in depart-
ments that are key to agriculture and
These are key departments which ser-
vice farmers,” Afasa secretary-general
other programmes the president
promised would be commercialised.
“The committee calls for urgent
farming to be resolved quickly. Aggrey Mahanjana said. We don’t see this taking shape, we are processing and finalisation of all
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Somebody employed in an acting extremely concerned,” he said. disciplinary processes involving sen-
Minister Senzeni Zokwana suspended capacity won’t be in a position to take AgriSA and Afasa asked Nkwinti ior managers at the department to
director-general Mike Mlengana last decisions. Critical decisions will be and Zokwana to speed up investiga- ensure that governance and strategic
week, pending investigations. shelved so this thing of acting persons tions into the suspended top officials. structures are revitalised,” he said.
Rural Development and Land will really affect service delivery to the “We request the ministers to Scopa chairperson Themba Godi
Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti farming community.” expedite the investigations. The was more scathing over the wave of
suspended director-general Mduduzi AgriSA president Johannes Moller investigations must be finalised and suspensions, including the reported
Shabane a few months ago. echoed these sentiments, saying the departments must ensure perma- threats of Sassa CEO Thokozani Mag-
Shabane and Mlengana’s positions suspensions would have a negative nent persons drive service delivery,” waza, who abruptly left yesterday.
are being filled by temporary officials. effect on the farming sector. Mahanjana said. Godi said government should
Yesterday, AgriSA and the African “There are so many challenges, and Moller said: “We want the min- demonstrate seriousness about good
Sunnypark Shopping Centre Farmer Association of South Africa then the director-general is suspended. isters is to resolve the issues. The governance and the fight against cor-
Cnr Steve Biko & Robert Sobukwe Streets (Afasa) said investigations into the When there is no director-general, agriculture sector cannot go on like ruption.
Sunnyside. officials and related disciplinary pro- implementation suffers. It will catch this. There must be directors-general.” “We cannot have managers forced
cesses should be finalised soon so the up with us in the future,” he said. The Water and Sanitation Depart- out or suspended in order to facilitate
departments were not run by people Mahanjana said the effects of the ment’s director-general, Dan Mashit- corruption. Government commitment
acting in a temporary capacity for a suspension in Rural Development isho, has also been served with a to fight corruption must go beyond
follow us on:
long time. and Land Reform Department were notice of suspension. mere words,” he said.
The organisations said suspensions already being felt. Portfolio committee chairperson Godi viewed the suspension of
had taken place when both depart- “The minister promised a few Lulu Johnson described Mashit- Mashitisho and Mlengana as “point-
ments faced many challenges, such months ago that all black farmers who isho’s suspension as “alarming” and ing to a conflict of interest with their
as the outbreak of avian influenza, don’t have genuine lease agreements “undesirable” since it brought to five political principals”.
Pretoria News

VEINS Free Vein Screenings!

Yes, you can believe it!!!!!!
Do you find yourself dreading warm weather or wearing any clothing that shows your legs?
Are you ashamed of your unsightly varicose veins?
Do you have leg aching, heaviness, fatigue, ankle swelling, restless legs,
tired legs itching and burning?
Do you have to bandage your legs every day because of your venous ulcer/s?
Do you spend a lot of money on wound dressings? SOUTH AFRICA
Life Flora Clinic,
Ground floor SE Block,
William Nicole Road
Florida, 1704
011 470 7736 / 011 475 8854
Medical & Dental Center
061 291 8839
Before 8 weeks After 8 weeks 086 722 7121

The good news ……... There are solutions for those suffering from all above problems!!!!
Evaluation of venous disease is painless, quick and easy. Dr Gideon van Wyk, Christelle de Bruin and Rene Gerber (both sonographers)
at Vein Solution Rooms at Flora Clinic and Stellenbosch will perform a simple noninvasive test called a venous duplex (ultrasound) as a
vein mapping to diagnose the problematic vein segments or segment.
Next, we will tailor a treatment plan specific to your anatomy and desired outcome. The first line of therapy includes conservative options
such as leg elevation, and compression stockings. Conservative therapy may initially help ease the pain of varicose veins but will not
provide definitive treatment. If conservative treatment fails, treatment of the underlying problem can be offered and is covered by most
Medical Schemes.
There are currently several minimally-invasive office therapies available. Endovenous radio-frequency ablation used to close the saphenous
vein and eliminate reflux. The T.I.R.S (Terminal Interruption of the Reflux Source) is new technique to heal most venous ulcers in
4 to 8 weeks.
Important: The first screening is free; your medical aid will only be charged if the procedure was done and there is a
pre-authorization number.

Symptoms of Venous Patient Self-Assessment

Insufficiency Patient Self-Assessment
Please take this self-assessment to see if you might be a candidate for additional
screening for potential varicose veins and / or chronic venous insufficiency.
There are many symptoms of Chronic Venous
Insufficiency from easily recognized Chronic Have you ever had varicose veins?  Yes  No
Venous Disorders like Varicose Veins to general
Signs and Symptoms
leg pain and fatigue. Do you experience any of the following signs and symptoms in your
legs or ankles?
The most common symptoms include: Do you experience leg pain, aching or cramping?  Yes  No
1. Varicose and Spider Veins. Do you experience leg or ankle swelling,
2. Edema (Leg Swelling) especially at the end of the day?  Yes  No
Do you feel “heaviness” in your legs?  Yes  No
3. Pigmentation (Change in Skin Colour) Do you experience restless legs?  Yes  No
4. Venous Ulcers (Leg Sores) Do you have skin discoloration or texture changes?  Yes  No
5. Aching legs Do you have open wounds or sores?  Yes  No
6. Heavy Legs Risk Factors
7. Burning, throbbing or swelling legs Has anyone in your blood-related family ever
8. Muscle cramps had varicose veins or been diagnosed with venous
9. Leg Fatigue reflux disease or chronic venous insufficiency?  Yes  No
Have you had any treatments of procedures for vein problems?  Yes  No
10. Bleeding Veins Do you stand for long periods of time, such as at work?  Yes  No
11. Itching Veins
Self-Assessment Results
12. Restless legs If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, please
13. Leg pain after sitting or standing long periods contact us for a FREE SCREENING to see if you may be

14. Chronic pelvic pain. candidate for venous reflux disease.

6 Pretoria News

NHI – the best way to keep

madiba legacy alive

Pictures: Nhlanhla Phillips, Dumisani Sibeko and Cindy Waxa

The best way of keeping the legacy of Nelson Mandela alive is to accelerate
the implementation of the NHI, writes Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi

ODAY, July 18, lifestyle.
marks the birthday Through various
of the father of our campaigns, we have
new South African launched initiatives aimed
nation, Nelson at discouraging our people,
Mandela. especially the youth, from
Many people throughout smoking and the excessive use
the country will engage in one of alcohol. We also launched
noble cause or another to help a programme to teach our
the less fortunate among us people about the dangers of
and to promote the good in all sugar and salt.
of us in honour of Madiba, While all these initiatives
an icon of all that is good are noble gestures to improve
in humanity – love, justice, the quality of life, they remain
freedom and equality. secondary. The primary focus
For our part as the in the efforts to improve
Department of Health, the health care provision is
best way to honour Mandela allocation of resources.
and keep his legacy alive is to Money is at the centre of
move with speed to implement health care. Currently too
the National Health Insurance much money is being spent on
(NHI), a health financing plan too few people and this legacy
that will ensure quality health cabinet, we had already The mother-to-child 2010 was 56.5 years which are currently engaged in The result is that we will be of apartheid that Mandela and
The facility was completed
care to all South Africans started helping children transmission of HIV rate has increased to 61.9 years in 2015; a massive infrastructure able to reduce long queues in others like him fought so hard
after his death.
regardless of their social or through the NHI-related decreased from 8% in 2008 to female life expectancy was 61.2 development programme our hospitals as some of the against, must change.
It is clear that Mandela
economic status. initiatives. less than 1.5% in 2016. years in 2010 and rose to 67.7 whereby we are refurbishing services would be offered at The NHI is that funding
valued the provision of health
It is not a secret that Some of the deliverables we This means that a years in 2015. clinics and building new ones the clinic level. mechanism that equalises
care as crucially important.
Mandela loved everybody, have made in pursuing your significantly smaller number But for us as the to ensure that all our people The other pillar of the the provision of health care
So, during times like these
including those who had dream of a better life include of infants are born with HIV. Department of Health, the have access to good quality NHI is a strong focus on between the haves and have-
when we, as a collective, reflect
positioned themselves as his the following: As well, the institutional big project reverse the legacy health care. prevention. nots.
on his selfless contribution
enemies. l We have reduced the maternal mortality rate of apartheid in health and Through the NHI Through the NHI The NHI is the effective
to the betterment of society
But he had a special infant mortality rate from 45 (mothers who die giving birth inequality is the NHI. programme, we have programme, we are rolling tool that reverses apartheid
him and try our best to keep
space in his big heart for per 1000 in 1998 to 35per 1000 in health facilities) has also For ages, the apartheid developed the concept on an out a massive prevention planning that sought to
his legacy alive, we should
children. The huge parties in 2016. declined. system neglected black areas ideal clinic. We have already programme. Although we condemn the majority of
give him a report about how
that he hosted for children, l We have reduced the This is important as we and provided poor quality launched several pilot projects have been able to put more people to ill-equipped and
we are moving to create a
mainly from disadvantaged under 5 mortality rate from 59 know that infants are more health care in black towns and for an ideal clinic. One of than 3,6 million on ARV understaffed hospitals while
better quality of live for all,
background, in his home per 1000 in 1998 to 42 per 1000 likely to survive and thrive if townships. the noticeable difference programme, the truth is that the minority, the rich, had
particularly children, the most
village of Qunu in the Eastern in 2016. their moms are present. Through the NHI, we are between the ideal clinic and an there is currently no cure for exclusive use of the best
vulnerable in our society.
Cape every December became l Through our campaign to Institutional maternal systematically reversing this. ordinary clinic at the moment Aids and prevention remains medical facilities in the
We are proud to tell
annual calendar events for educate mothers about the need mortality has declined from One of the pillars of the NHI is the availability of a doctor the most effective tool to keep country.
Mandela, the undisputed
various media houses and to breastfeed, we have increased 190/100 000 live births in 2009 is primary health care. This at the ideal clinic. our people healthy. Equity is what Mandela
champion of the vulnerable
some business people who exclusive breastfeeding rate to 127/100 000 in 2015. means that our people who The availability of a In this regard, we have fought for. Let us keep his
and the poor, that we, inspired
sought to impress Mandela by from 7% in 1998 to 32% in 2016. As a result largely of the live in rural areas would not medical doctor at a clinic invested lots of resources legacy by promoting equity in
by the Constitution that
donating Christmas gifts to l We offer HPV vaccine significant number of people need to travel long distances will go a long way to improve towards better quality free health care.
orders us to give health care to
the children. to our girls in our campaign living with HIV being on to hospitals where they would the quality level of health condoms and their better NHI is our answer to
all people, have launched the
Because of his undying against cervical cancer. ARVs, the life expectancy of most likely stand in long care provision at local area. distribution throughout the address the inequity in health.
love for children, Mandela We can report that while l We have tested more than South Africans has increased. queues. This will also help boost the country.
raised funds to build a state of the white paper on NHI has 3 million learners on eyesight, STATSSA reported that The sick would visit confidence that our people We are spending lots of This feature is in partnership
the art hospital for children. just been adopted by the hearing and oral hygiene. male life expectancy in the nearby clinics. We would have in the system. money to promote a healthy with the Department of Health

A long and healthy life for all South Africans

Pretoria News 7
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Gathering for Madiba’s final birthday

Looking back on the last moments with Nelson Mandela, the head of his medical team, former surgeon-general of the SANDF
Vejay Ramlakan, has written his own account of those days. This is an extract
from his book, Mandela’s Last Years

HILE a prisoner
on Robben Island,
I had been part of
the central polit-
ical education com-
mittee. I was privy to some of the
more sensitive debates among the
leaders there. One of the most ani-
mated debates among the youth on
Robben Island had been the annual
celebration of Madiba’s birthday
and the focus in the anti-apartheid
platforms on this event.
The youth had felt that all lead-
ers’ birthdays should be celebrated,
and they could not understand why
Madiba had been singularly hon-
oured. As there were political pris-
oners on the island who were older
and who had been in the Struggle
longer than Madiba, some young
members felt that if a symbolic focus
was necessary, then it should have
been Govan Mbeki or Walter Sisulu, Ayanda Mkhize then 7, writes a get-well message on a painting of Nelson Children hold balloons and flowers as they gathered outside the hospital to Well-wishers outside the Pretoria Heart Hospital admire a poster decorated
Mandela’s seniors. Mandela during his stay in hospital.  Picture: AP wish Mandela happy birthday.  Picture: Reuters with flowers.  Picture: Reuters
Over time, through painstaking
and patient discussion, the decision This was going to be a very diffi- In a new book, As the group sang Happy Birth- Kathrada saw the passage of time:
to celebrate Mandela’s birthday was cult exercise. Mandela’s Last day, Madiba, he tried to move his “It was a traumatic experience to
ratified. In Madiba, the movement Downstairs, the hospital staff Years, Vejay legs in time to the singing. Obviously, see this very strong man a shadow of
had a charismatic symbol of the were showing their enthusiasm by Ramlakan he could not talk because of his himself. And that was very painful,”
guerrilla revolutionary. His actions decorating the lobby with messages recounts tracheostomy, but his lips had moved he said.
expressed the fortitude and fierce of support and banners and ribbons moments during the song. The group then left From elsewhere in the world
determination of all leaders of the in the ANC’s colours of black, green, shared with and the party continued in the side – including from the UN secre-
Struggle, and in his demeanour he yellow and white. Madiba rooms. The event had not created tary-general (Ban Ki-moon) – came
was a model for responsible and Would his extended family be before his any clinical developments and the congratulatory messages.
popular leadership. By focusing able to celebrate his birthday at death in medical team heaved a sigh of relief. In New York, the South African
on Madiba, the Congress Alliance his side? Just two days earlier, this December The family’s party was superbly ambassador hosted a party at which
had created an image of the South would have been possible without 2013. catered for and every guest received the city’s former mayor, David N
African Struggle with which all free- any undue concerns. a vanilla cupcake on which “95” had Dinkins, recalled the Mandela tick-
dom-loving people throughout the But that day would register a been written in chocolate icing. By er-tape parade in New York more
world could identify. decline in his overall state, despite four in the afternoon, the guests were than 20 years previously. “As I say to
Although the origin of the idea the early “all okay” signals. all gone and the hospital staff were him every year at this time, ‘Happy
of a post-freedom global Mandela The early-morning panel decided clearing up the rooms, while outside birthday, Madiba! When you are 109,
Day is difficult to pin down, its roots that respiratory muscle weakness some items had to be removed from I will be 100, and we will meet and
lie in the earlier Madiba birthday prevented a full weaning off the the mountain of flowers and posters. toast each other!’ With God’s grace,
celebrations. Over time, the concept ventilator. Also, some tests indi- That evening, the panel noted we are aiming to do just that!”Later,
of selfless and effective service to cated an early sepsis. The situation that, despite the celebrations, it had (Dr Steve) Komati and I visited
one’s fellow man replaced the con- remained fragile. not been a good day for Mandela. Madiba and noted signs of rapid
cept of support for the demise of Nevertheless, after five weeks who arrived at 2pm. For one thing, his blood pressure deterioration. We summoned other
apartheid. When the idea was taken in an intensive care unit, Madiba’s As everyone understood had not been holding during the team members and concluded that
to the Non-Aligned Movement sum- general health continued to astound Former South African president Nelson Mandela.  Picture: reuters the need for infection control, they renal dialysis. the sepsis was back. It was a turbu-
mit in Egypt in 2009 and lobbied by us all. It was as if a determined and realised they had to remain some For another, a diagnosis of sep- lent night.
Jacob Zuma, the entire 156-member fierce resolve was being exercised. throng of people came to the bound- time. When a few entrepreneurial distance from their beloved father sis from his lungs was now clearer. ●●Mandela’s Last Years, by Vejay
body supported the resolution. Its We were witness to an unfolding ary walls and either shouted their flea market traders started selling and grandfather. We also had to If there was a positive sign, it was Ramlakan is published by Penguin.
passage through the UN General miracle. greetings or sang a birthday song. Madiba paraphernalia within the ensure that no close visitor had a that his respiratory system was per- Ramlakan was born in Durban in
Assembly in November 2009 went President Zuma arrived to con- Many of the well-wishers left posters cordoned-off areas, they were gently cold or was sick or infected with forming as well as on the previous 1957 and joined Umkhonto we Sizwe
unhindered, as Madiba was now vey his good wishes soon after the and flowers, and a small floral moun- shooed away by security. some contagious disease – not an day. in 1977, under­going military training
respected globally. It was the first panel meeting ended. Along with my tain was building up at the eastern At midday, members of the easy task when all they wanted to Madiba watched the evening news in South Africa and Swaziland. He
time in its history that the UN had colleagues, I briefed him on the situ- entrance. The media had their cam- Madiba clan – some 30 strong – from do was celebrate Madiba’s birthday. on TV and saw footage of the hospital studied medicine at the University
declared a day after a named indi- ation and then, in surgical cap and eras trained on both entrances, and all generations and branches had One of the major risks we faced surrounded by an adulatory crowd. of Natal and served as president of
vidual – an unprecedented honour. mask, he went through to Mandela’s one photographer had rented a flat gathered in their stylish attire in the was the family’s singing of Happy At times, people were clustered 15 the Medical Students Representative
“It is going to be a busy and ward. The band struck up a hearty that overlooked the hospital park- ward and were spilling into some of Birthday, as the “clinical window deep and there was constant singing Council from 1979 to 1980. He was
chaotic day,” I said to myself as I Happy Birthday. ing. You could see his telephoto lens the side wards. They were attended of opportunity” for this was closing and toyi-toying. What he did not see a founding member of the United
prepared to leave for the hospital Madiba was in bed but alert and mounted in the window. to by an enlarged medical and police with the scheduled approach of his were the YouTube and social-media Democratic Front, and was involved
after my walk that morning. The able to greet the president. Zuma The hospital fills a block. The security team and were waiting for therapy. posts that told of people’s happy in MK’s Operation Butterfly in Natal.
Mandela family had planned a then told him briefly what he had media vans with their satellite Mrs Machel to arrive. The scheduled With (Bishop Don) Dabula’s participation in this day of goodwill. From 1987 to 1991, he was impris-
birthday party at the hospital and been doing that morning – handing dishes had all been moved to one of time had been noon to accord with help, we managed to have everyone In celebration of the day – which oned on Robben Island, and after
VVIPs had been invited. President over houses to former shack-dwell- the adjacent streets and, given the the ward and therapeutic routines. gather in the ward. There they found now encourages people to spend 67 his release he served as medical com-
Zuma had also planned to visit, and ers as part of the nation-building good weather, journalists were inter- The largest side room had been Madiba sitting in a lounge chair, minutes doing good deeds – trees mander at the 1991 ANC National
the chief of the defence force had that he, Madiba, had initiated. It viewing those who came to visit. set aside for the “party”. Adjacent awake but drowsy, most of his face were planted, storm-damaged homes Conference, at Codesa and for the
asked the army band to play Happy was a poignant meeting and Madiba Minibus taxis disgorged thousands to this was a ward with chairs for uncovered but his tracheostomy were repaired, children at adoption President Mandela Guard. In 1993
Birthday for Mandela when Zuma acknowledged the goodbye with his of well-wishers, and people on their the family’s guests. In it, Minister connected to a ventilator. Drips and homes were entertained by young- and 1994, he served as deputy chief
arrived. South Africa and the rest of eyes and a slight nod. way to work paused for a minute Jeff Radebe and his wife Bridgette other intravenous lines were fas- sters and nursery schools sang of the MK Health Service and led
the world wanted to show the great In accordance with military or two. Even the traffic police were Motsepe, Minister of Intelligence tened to his left arm and hung from Happy Birthday, Madiba. the MK military health team for
man how much he was loved, even protocol, I accompanied President being tolerant of the “chaos”. The Siyabonga Cwele, and Minister Lulu overhead frames. For many in the Mac Maharaj – the man who had integration into the National Peace-
if he was in the ICU! Zuma to his car and stood to atten- mood was festive and respectful. Xingwana, together with a few mem- group, this was their first expos- smuggled the first drafts of Man- keeping Force and later the SANDF.
The challenge was how to allow tion as the convoy drove off. As the South Africans are known to dance bers of the abaThembu royalty, were ure to Madiba in a long time and it dela’s autobiography off (Robben) From 2005 to 2013, he served as
as much of the emotion to flow as visit had been official, the media had and sing in the midst of any major patiently sitting. must have been alarming. Facially, Island – posted on social media: “Get South Africa’s surgeon-general, and
possible without compromising the plenty of opportunity to photograph event or crisis, and this day was no Outside, the traffic and the he looked better than he had done in well, get better, we need you. Stay in 2011 he was appointed as chief
strict protocols of an ICU ward or the moment. exception as groups of people broke crowds of well-wishers delayed the April television clips, but he was forever young at heart.” However, of corporate staff in the SANDF. He
jeopardising the care of the patient. Outside the hospital, a steady into song and dance from time to Makaziwe Mandela and Mrs Machel, clearly a sick man. Madiba’s other close friend Ahmed retired from the military in 2015.

Mandela’s spirit on menu at Brett’s restaurant

Humo and
Brett Ladds
VUSI ADONIS by his own admission, Ladds could room and there he was, the most around each other” he says. In the spirit of selflessness that Chefs@Five
spend hours regaling me with stor- famous man on the planet. I was Other than being a chef, Ladds Madiba embodied, Ladds is hosting Sixty Six.
BRETT Ladds has led a much ies from his time working for the so nervous, but his charisma and has added the title of “author” to Mandela Day celebrations today at
storied life; a life during which he former president. One such tale is of natural charm soon set me at ease.” his repertoire. His book, entitled his restaurant, Chefs@Five Sixty
has made many friends and rubbed the first instance he found himself Ladds would go on to build a Mandela – My Journey, is out and Six, in Garsfontein. There will be
shoulders with some of the world’s alone in a room with Madiba. He special relationship with Mandela, he laments “I made so many friends activities including a Pretoria News
most famous personalities. recollects: “I was casually walking one he said would also shape his there. I learnt so much, the body- breakfast, a kids’ cupcake design
This, of course, is no surprise, around the house under the impres- interactions with his own employees guards, the staff and everybody. station, live music and a 3D Mandela
considering he was in the employ sion that I was alone. I heard a voice when he later made his foray into That’s why I wrote my book, (as) you show. Ladds will also read an excerpt
of none other than the Presidential that asked ‘Who’s there?’ business. The camaraderie is quite never get to hear about the people from his book. All proceeds will go
Guest House in Pretoria during the “I stopped dead in my tracks. I evident when you see him working in behind the scenes and how much to charity. The restaurant is at 566
time of Nelson Mandela. half considered taking off my shoes his kitchen. “We are family, we spend they gave up and contributed. I just Serene Street, Garsfontein. Ladds
There is a wide smile on his face and sneaking back to where I came 12 to 14 hours of our day together so want to bring them to the forefront can be contacted on 079 781 6859 for
at the very mention of Madiba and, from. I sheepishly walked into the it’s important that we enjoy being and acknowledge them.” reservations.

Try to follow in Make others


Madiba’s steps feel special
THE memory of
Madiba must never
fade. His forgiving
soul and ability
to inspire “faith”,
ON Mandela Day we
can focus on making
others feel special. On a
child’s birthday, parents
buy presents and provide
“hope” and “love” in
a country long divided
through cruel oppres-
sion, fear and hatred
cakes and cookies and
friends gather with gifts
and join in games to make
the birthday girl or boy
PowerBall Jackpot
are qualities to which feel special.
few can aspire.
On a personal level,
We can also visit, give
and use our various skills TUESDAY 18 JULY 2017
he has guided my to freely work for others
way of life ever since his release. to make them feel special. We can
By attempting to emulate Madiba, I do things with a group of friends or BUY YOUR TICKETS AT WWW.NATIONALLOTTERY.CO.ZA, NEAREST LOTTERY RETAILER OR DIAL *120*7529#
am at peace with myself. I am in awe colleagues or on our own if we have
of him for his insight that the most a special talent.
embittered whites were as much vic- And at the end of the day we can
tims of apartheid as black people. say to Madiba: “You showed us the
Such remarkable empathy for all! way.”
Dr Norah Haussmann Elizabeth Boje #PhandaPushaPlay *Estimated Jackpot
Brooklyn Garsfontein
8 Pretoria News
World TUESDAY JULY 18 2017

Kenyan forces arm

themselves for elections South Sudan army lays siege to rebels’ HQ
WITH memories of the violence that MEL FRYKBERG the Sudan Tribune on condition of The clashes were confirmed by Shearer called on the two war-
accompanied elections in Kenya in anonymity, said. aid workers who were forced to ring factions to stop fighting. “It’s
2007, security forces are taking no SOUTH Sudan’s People’s Liberation “So Pagak, as I am talking to flee the fighting in Pagak to Gam- unacceptable that 250 innocent chil-
chances as the countdown to the Army (SPLA), supported by armed you, is on lockdown. Our forces are bella after the former came under dren, and the people who care for
August 8 elections begins. opposition faction fighters in Presi- collaborating with SPLA-IO (armed sustained attack from government them, find themselves in no man’s
National security units have dent Salva Kiir’s coalition govern- opposition faction peace wing under forces. land between the warring parties,”
shipped-in crowd-control vehicles, ment, has laid siege to the head- General Taban Deng Gai) in bat- According to the UN, about 5 000 he said.
guns and teargas to deal with mass quarters of rebels loyal to former tling anti-peace elements that have civilians have fled their homes in The South Sudanese conflict
protests after the elections, Kenya’s first vice-president Riek Machar. rejected the call for national dia- Pagak. started in 2013 when Kiir accused
Standard newspaper reported “The rebels are in a weak pos- logue”, the officer added. The head of the UN mission in Machar of a coup attempt.
yesterday. ition. They have no logistics and so On their way to Pagak, pro-gov- South Sudan, David Shearer, said Since then, tens of thousands of
Security forces fear an outbreak our forces decided to siege Pagak so ernment forces were reported to thousands of South Sudanese civil- people have died and over 2 million
of violence after the announcement that civilians could find an escape have engaged in a number of battles ians were fleeing to neighbouring have been displaced.
of the results of another strongly route to refugee camps in Gambella, and seized a number of weapons and Ethiopia as government troops Machar fled and is now based in
disputed election between Ethiopia,” an officer, who spoke to arms from Machar’s fighters. advanced towards Pagak. South Africa. – ANA
incumbent President Uhuru
Kenyatta of Jubilee and National The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the United Arab Emirates, Anwar
Super-Alliance flag-bearer Raila Gargash, speaks in London yesterday.  Picture: Reuters

UAE hacked
Some of the anti-riot equipment,
including more than 30 South
Korean-made armoured water
cannon vehicles, arrived over the
weekend. – ANA

Qatari sites,
Opposing polls staged
CARACAS: Venezuela saw its
feuding political factions both
prepare polls on Sunday, with the

says US
government holding a simulation of
the July 30 vote to elect the National
Constituent Assembly while the
opposition organised an unofficial
referendum of its own to gauge
public support for rejection of the
The National Electoral Council
said the simulation saw “high
“This is an opportunity to
Made to seem it backed ‘terror’
become familiarised with the
particularities of the vote for the MEL FRYKBERG gence officials said newly analysed
assembly,” said National Electoral ANA information showed that senior UAE

Council executive Sandra Oblitas. – government officials discussed the
Xinhua S INTELLIGENCE has planned hacks on May 23, the day
accused the United before they occurred.
Arab Emirates (UAE) The American FBI has been work-
Sharif hearings start of deliberately hack-
ing Qatari government,
ing with Qatar to probe the hacking
scandal and it remains unclear if
social media and news websites the UAE hacked the websites itself
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Supreme to make it appear that Doha was or paid for the hacking to be carried
Court yesterday began hearings actively supporting certain Islamic out by a third party.
that will decide the future of Prime “terrorist” groups. Last Thursday, US Secretary of
Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is Congress president Sonia Gandhi, centre right, and her son congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, centre, leave after casting their votes at the parliament in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, State Rex Tillerson returned from
fighting for his job and contesting New Delhi, yesterday, when lawmakers began voting to elect a new president.  Picture: EPA and Egypt, imposed a land and sea a shuttle diplomacy trip to the Gulf
a damning corruption report by an blockade on Qatar in early June cit- region in an effort to resolve the
investigative panel. ing, among a host of reasons, the standoff in the Gulf but other than
The Supreme Court is expected
to either put Sharif on trial on
corruption charges, or even
disqualify him, but few expect the
BJP favourite tipped to clinch India poll small emirate’s support of what
they described as “terrorist” groups
including Gaza-based Hamas and
the Muslim Brotherhood – despite
a bilateral agreement between Qatar
and the US to fight “terrorism” his
efforts yielded little.
Despite the stalemate, proof of a
judges to dismiss the case after the the latter not being listed as a “ter- deliberate smear campaign against
panel tabled a damaging 254-page REUTERS The president’s role is largely among the first to cast his vote in as the head of state to defend India’s rorist organisation”, including by Qatar is a significant development
report into his family wealth. ceremonial but as the custodian parliament, said he looked forward founding principles as a secular, Washington. and may affect the continuing crisis.
Sharif has denied any NEW DELHI: India’s parliament of the constitution, the president to working with Kovind. diverse democracy. Citing US intelligence officials, Washington has yet to respond
wrongdoing after the report alleged began voting yesterday for a new has played an important role in “My government will offer full Modi’s rivals say minority Mus- the Washington Post reported on officially to the new revelation.
his family’s vast wealth was beyond president in an election likely to times of uncertainty, such as when co-operation to him,” he told MPs lims have feared for their wellbeing Sunday that the UAE had arranged This is not the first alleged inci-
their means, and accused his be won by a candidate backed by a general election is inconclusive from the ruling coalition. and have been targeted by fringe for the websites to be hacked in late dent of hacking involving Dubai.
children of forgery. – Reuters the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and a decision has to be made about Members of both houses of par- Hindu groups since he took office May in order to post false quotes In early June, hacking of the
(BJP), tightening its grip over top which party is best placed to form a liament and state assemblies were in 2014. linked to Qatar’s emir – a claim the e-malil account belonging to UAE’s
political positions. government. due to vote yesterday and ballots Sonia Gandhi, the head of the UAE rejects. ambassador to the US, Yousef Al
Ban on split Jerusalem Ram Nath Kovind’s ascent to the
highest public office would be the
Kovind, 72, who is from the low-
caste Dalit community, is facing
will be counted on Thursday. The
BJP commands the most votes in
Congress party, appealed to mem-
bers of parliament to vote for Kumar
Qatar claimed its emir, Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, had
Otaiba, by a group called Global-
Leaks showed a growing relation-
first by a leader who started out with Meira Kumar, a former parlia- parliament and in the states. to protect India’s secular values. been falsely quoted as praising ship between the UAE and a pro-Is-
BETHLEHEM: The Israeli the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, mentary speaker and a fellow-Dalit Some presidents, such as outgoing “We cannot and must not let India be Hamas and stating that Iran was an rael, neo-conservative think tank
ministerial committee for legislative or National Volunteers’ Association, backed by the opposition Congress President Pranab Mukherjee, have hostage to those who wish to impose “Islamic power”, the Post reported. called the Foundation for Defence
affairs reportedly approved on a Hindu nationalist mentor of the party. tried to act as conscience-keepers, upon it a narrow-minded, divisive In June, Doha further asserted of Democracies.
Sunday a bill that “prohibits the BJP and its affiliates. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, using their constitutional authority and communal vision,” she said. that it had evidence that the recent Despite the UAE and Israel hav-
division of Jerusalem city”, in any hacking of its state-run news agency ing no diplomatic relations, the two
future Israeli-Palestinian peace and government social media countries have worked together
deal, according to Palestinian accounts was linked to the countries against their common adversary
Authority-owned news agency Wafa. that had recently cut ties with it. Iran.
Wafa quoted an official Israeli
government radio station as saying
that the bill was unanimously
Brexit minister starts EU talks amid infighting rumours “Qatar has evidence that certain
iPhones originating from countries
laying siege to Qatar were used in
Israel also considers Hamas and
the Muslim Brotherhood “terrorist”
approved by the committee, and the hack,” Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri, Critics have argued that the
that if passed by the Knesset, BRUSSELS: Britain’s Brexit minis- colleagues of briefing against him Qatar’s attorney-general, said. undemocratic Gulf monarchies are
Israel’s parliament, any division ter vowed to “get down to work” as to try to undermine what is seen The UAE’s minister of state for afraid of losing their thrones should
of Jerusalem in peace talks would he started a first full round of nego- as his push for a “soft Brexit” that foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, the Arab street protests rise through
be prohibited, unless the division tiations yesterday. But a year after would prioritise trade rather than said yesterday that the UAE was not Islamist organisations as happened
was supported by a vote of at least Britons voted narrowly to quit the hardliners’ demands for controls on responsible for the alleged hack of during the Arab spring.
80 MKs. Israel has long claimed EU, their government still seemed EU immigration or an end to EU Qatari websites which helped spark The Arab spring which erupted
Jerusalem as its capital. – Ma’an at odds over what it wants. legal oversight. the recent diplomatic rift with Doha. in Tunisia in 2010 and 2011 resulted
“It’s time to get down to work and Trade Minister Liam Fox, who He said the Post’s story was false. in the country holding its first-ever
make this a successful negotiation,” favours a cleaner break with the EU, Gargash also said the UAE would free election.
Filipinos back Duterte veteran anti-EU campaigner David
Davis said as he was welcomed to
said on Sunday he could live with a
transition – during which it is likely
not escalate its boycott by asking
companies to choose between doing
Similarly, the Muslim Brother-
hood came to power in Egypt in the
the European Commission by the Britain would keep paying a share of business with it or with Qatar. country’s first-ever democratic elec-
MANILA: Most Filipinos remain European Union’s chief negotiator the EU budget and follow EU rules However, despite the UAE’s rejec- tions in 2012. – Additional reporting
appreciative of the performance Michel Barnier for four days of – as long as it was kept short. That tion of the allegations, US intelli- by Reuters
of President Rodrigo Duterte after talks. is also the view in much of the EU,
one year of his term, according to But back in London, British where leaders do not want to see
an independent poll released here media were rife with talk of infight- Britain given an indefinite half-in,
yesterday. ing that echoed the divisions Prime half-out status.
A survey by Pulse Asia Inc
conducted from June 24 to 29
showed that 82% of the 1 200 people
Minister Theresa May’s Conserv-
ative party suffered during the EU
referendum. Foreign Secretary Boris
British Secretary of State for Brexit, David Davis, left, is welcomed by the
European Commission’s Chief Brexit Negotiator, Michel Barnier, in Brussels
Divisions over such basic issues
of the Brexit negotiations could
raise the risk again of a failure to
Trump jr’s Russia meet defended
surveyed nationwide approved of Johnson, attending a different meet- yesterday.  Picture: Reuters reach a deal. That would see huge WASHINGTON: A senior member fabrication and turned his fire on
the way Duterte ran the country. ing in Brussels, passed up an oppor- uncertainty for businesses and mil- of US President Donald Trump’s his Democratic rival.
Of the respondents, the poll said tunity to deny that was the case. lions of people across Europe as personal legal team said on Sunday “Hillary Clinton can illegally get
13% were undecided about Duterte’s His backing was seen as vital for May faces questions inside her party March 2019 – to soften the disruptive Britain would simply be out of the that there was nothing improper in the questions to the Debate & delete
performance, while 5% disapproved. the 52% to 48% percent victory of on whether she can exercise control. effect on society and the economy. bloc on March 30, 2019 with no clear the meeting that Donald Trump jr, 33 000 e-mails but my son Don is
Overall, the poll said Duterte the Leave camp in June last year. That is worrying EU negotiators, That had not been the case a rules on what that should mean. the president’s eldest son, had with being scorned by the Fake News
scored the highest among the top Asked point blank yesterday if who stress that 20 months until month ago, Hammond said. That London and Brussels have taken a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Media?” Trump tweeted Sunday
government officials covered by the cabinet was “split on Brexit”, Brexit is very little time to negotiate was a reminder of a gulf in per- initial negotiating positions saying Hillary Clinton. morning.
the survey. “Most Filipinos remain Johnson simply said he was pleased an orderly divorce. ceptions across the Channel where they are ready for such an outcome. “Well, I wonder why the Secret The president’s tweets, however,
appreciative of his performance,” negotiations had begun and then Finance Minister Philip Ham- EU leaders have assumed from However, Gus O’Donnell, Brit- Service, if this was nefarious, why did not address his son’s missteps
the poll said. – Xinhua defended the offer May has made to mond, who like May campaigned the outset that Britain would need ain’s former top civil servant, said the Secret Service allowed these regarding the Russia meeting, which
protect the rights of EU citizens in last year to keep Britain in the EU, more than the two years allowed by the chances of a smooth Brexit were people in,” Jay Sekulow, a lawyer have only served to feed suspicions.
Britain. said on Sunday he believed most of treaty to negotiate the deal it wants at risk. “It appears that cabinet mem- for the president, said on ABC’s This Initially, Trump jr said the meet-
Jailed spy not Chinese Struggling for authority after
losing her majority last month in
his cabinet colleagues now backed
the idea of having two years or more
to retain close, open trading links
with the continent.
bers haven’t yet finished negotiating
with each other, never mind the EU,”
Week With George Stephanopoulos.
“The president had Secret Service
ing focused on Russia’s moves to
halt adoptions by American families,
an election she did not need to call, of a transition period after Brexit in Hammond accused unnamed he said. – Reuters protection at that point, and that but he changed his story after new
BEIJING: An American researcher raised a question with me.” details emerged.
sentenced to 10 years in prison It’s highly unlikely that the The e-mails released last week
for spying in Iran is not a Chinese Secret Service, which is charged show that Trump jr believed he was
national, a Chinese Foreign with protecting the president, his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya,
Ministry spokesperson said.
The media had reported Wang
Xiyue, 37, a history researcher
South Korea offers military talks with Pyongyang aides and his family from physical
harm, would have any influence over
who the president or his children
a Russian lawyer with possible ties
to the Kremlin, who would provide
damaging information about Clin-
who was imprisoned by Iran after chose to meet during a presidential ton as part of a Russian broader
being found guilty of being “an SEOUL: South Korea has proposed dialogue as well as bring pressure the two Koreas to ease tension and activities that fuel tension at the campaign. effort to assist his father’s presiden-
infiltrating American agent”, military talks with North Korea, to impede its nuclear and missile bring about peace on the Korean military demarcation line. A Secret Service spokesperson tial campaign.
holds dual Chinese and American the first formal overture to Pyong- programmes. peninsula will be instrumental for Tongilgak is a North Korean cast doubt on Sekulow’s claims. He was joined at the meeting by
citizenship. yang by the government of Presi- The offer comes after the North pushing forth a mutual, virtuous building at the Panmunjom truce “Donald Trump jr was not under Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law;
Lu Kang denied the claim, saying dent Moon Jae-in, to discuss ways claimed to have conducted the first cycle for inter-Korea relations and village on the border used for previ- Secret Service protection in June Paul Manafort, then a top campaign
China does not recognise dual to avoid hostile acts near the heavily test of an intercontinental ballistic North Korea’s nuclear problem,” the ous inter-Korea talks. 2016,” said Cathy Milhoan, the dir- aide; and Rinat Akhmetshin, a lob-
nationality. militarised border. missile earlier this month, and said South’s Unification Minister Cho Cho also urged the restoration of ector of communications for the byist and possible intelligence agent
“As he has American citizenship, There was no immediate response it had mastered the technology to Myoung-gyon told a news briefing. military and government hot lines, protective agency. in the former Soviet Union.
I can tell you that he is definitely by the North to the proposal. mount a nuclear warhead on the The South Korean defence min- which had been cut by the North last The president, meanwhile, took Trump jr has said that nothing
not a Chinese national,” Lu said. – Moon, who came to power in May, missile. istry proposed talks with the North year in response to the South impos- to Twitter, where he portrayed the came of the discussion. – Washing-
Xinhua has pledged to engage the North in “Talks and co-operation between on July 21 at Tongilgak to stop all ing economic sanctions. – Reuters Russia investigations as a media ton Post
Pretoria News 9
contact verve
@SAverve E-mail

Removing the taboo tag

from mental illness
HEN local the same vitriolic jibes at
TV presenter the hands of the media. Her
Sam Cowen offence: finding herself in

Professor Gabriel Ivbijaro wants to transform

primary healthcare Picture: Facebook
released her
tell-all memoir From
Whiskey To Water last year,
a psych ward just days after
the birth of her son.
“Four days after my
Celebrities talk
nothing prepared her for the son is born, I have this
frankly about
Coping with
backlash that would ensue. breakdown in my home.

their journey
In the book she documents We had to call my doctor
her battle with booze and and she says: ‘she has to be

the rise in
anxiety. admitted’.
Her story was one many
could relate to, and she felt it
opened the door for a frank
“As we drive to the
hospital, I can see the
headlines: ‘Dramatic Penny
with mental
mental illness discussion on alcohol abuse.
Many commended
gives birth and dies in
hospital’. You can imagine health, writes
her for being honest and the fear that I felt.”
Marchelle Abrahams straightforward, while the But Lebyane says her
media ridiculed her, calling biggest fear was the media
IS SOUTH Africa in the grip of a mental health
crisis? This was the question when a group of
journalists were presented with the latest stats at
her a drunk and bad person.
Social media trolls had it in
for her – she even describes
backlash, because she was
the girl who spoke her mind
and had it “to the T”.
a mental health summit held in Joburg recently. taking one Twitter user to Twelve years later
According to a global study, mental disorders task after his tweet cut to FRANK: Sam Cowen she can laugh it off and
have increased by 22.7%. In South Africa, 30% the bone. recounts backlash after describes her breakdown as
report a lifetime prevalence of psychiatric “No one called me and disclosing her alcoholism. popular culture fodder.
disorders, while 1 in 3 will be affected by a mental asked what the real story was, While in hospital and
illness in their lifetime. instead they sensationalised my story to with no form of anonymity, Lebyane
The figures don’t bode well for a nation where sell headlines,” she says. jokingly tells of a moment a worker
depression contributes to over 40% of mental The Married At First Sight host approached her and asked if she’s the
health conditions. It puts a strain on the health has been sober for 15 years now. But girl from TV in Zulu. “Oh my God, as
care system, as pointed out by Dr Johanthan her journey to sobriety started when beautiful as you are, you are also sick in
Broomberg, chief executive of Discovery Health. she was forced to take a closer look the head.”
“There’s profound fragmentation in private at her relationship with alcohol and Right there and then, she realised
health care delivery,” he notes when referring to eavesdropping on a conversation her people needed to change their perception
Discovery Health claims for last year. The private daughter was having with a friend, of what mental illness is. Lebyane came
medical aid provider paid out R2bn in claims last comparing the amount of wine their across The South African Depression
year. moms drank. & Anxiety Group (Sadag) when she saw
But he also alluded to the poor quality of care “It was like realising 10 rows into their posters while in hospital, and knew
and high costs: “We need to change the structure knitting that you’ve dropped a stitch!” from then on that she was going to be a
of delivery by creating teams who work together.” With her history of anxiety and champion for mental health.
Broomberg suggests taking a holistic approach sensory overload disorder, Cowen She now uses her influence in the
when treating mental illnesses by enlisting a realised she started media to talk about
group of specialists to treat a patient. The model drinking to take the mental health issues and
has already been successfully implemented in the edge off, and therein was rid it of its taboo tag. “I
UK. the crux of her alcohol It’s still taboo and came from a village in
Experts believe the rise in mental health
conditions is due to our change in lifestyle which
addiction. At age 28,
she then started taking
something not to be Bushbuck Ridge where
the minute you couldn’t
includes less sleep, more stress and trauma. medication to lesson her openly spoken about deal with emotions
With recent advancements made in the digital anxiety attacks. and all sorts of things,
field, the use of apps were also found to help But her story has witchcraft was the first
reduce depression. highlighted South thing it went to.
Apps like Big White Wall, which provide Africa’s relationship “And I thought we
advice to people with anxiety, debt, stress, or work with mental health problems and how we need to talk about this and understand
problems, have reached over 35 000 users and seen view them. what are the issues around mental
a 20% improvement rate. It’s still taboo and something not to be health.”
Broomberg says the strides made in the openly spoken about. Since then, she also learnt that
technological realm is creating new opportunities Now an advocate for mental health she had clinical depression before
for those who are not able to consult a awareness, Cowen displays her being diagnosed with postnatal
professional, but he also adds that “apps are no emotional scars with pride: “It’s not depression. “Because of work and
substitute for medication or consultation”. something to be ashamed of. There’s so other environments, I had found myself
So if apps aren’t a substitute for treating many of us that if we all just take hands having different episodes that I’ve had to
mental illness and patients don’t have access to in the same room, there’s no need to be learn to manage.
medical aid, what then? Mental health disorders embarrassed.” “I had to use my brain to heal myself,
affect 10% of the global population – 20% are Mental health is receiving attention and remove the shame that comes with
children, and 80% come from low income this month as July is known as Mental it.”
communities. Where does this leave the majority Health Awareness Month.
of SA’s population affected by mental illness? Another well-known television * Visit Sadag’s website: http://www.
Professor Gabriel Ivbijaro, president of the personality Penny Lebyane experienced INFLUENCE: Penny Lebyane uses her media influence to turn the tide on mental health taboos.
World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH)
thinks he may have the answer. Ivbijaro says that
mental health deserves more. “There’s something
about mental health that you no longer exist, but
it is coming out of the shadows,” he notes.
Ivbijaro’s plan is to transform primary SUBSCRIBER OFFER
healthcare by integrating mental health into the
primary structure.
But will it work in SA where access to health
care facilities are few and far between?
Dr Mvuyiso Talatala believes it is possible. The
former president of the South African Society
of Psychiatrists (Sasio), Talatala says that there
are challenges facing mental health, including
our reliance on big state facilities to treat
psychiatric patients. These are: medical students
not being exposed to psychiatry; no mental health
directorates in all our provinces and no beds for
admissions for involuntary care in state hospitals.
Dr Lesley Robertson, a state psychiatrist and
national convener of Sasop’s public sector group,
is an advocate for community psychiatry and and instantly
community mental health. According to her, the become a
government has a framework in place in the form member of our
of the National Mental Health Policy (2013-2020).
The plan is to implement community-based
care for the mentally ill and provide long stay
specialised services in the public health sector. loyalty club
“SA is trying to develop primary health care
services with an integrated mental health plan,”
states Robertson.
On paper, plans for integrated mental health
care seem like a lifesaver for those who really
need it. Putting it into action is another story

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SAVE R227.50
l 18 days on average is the time taken off work.
l 25% of managers feel they have good support in
dealing with an employee with depression. 0860 32 6262 tel GET FREE
l One in four respondents have been diagnosed by a HOW TO 011 834 3918 fax HOME AND OFFICE
health care professional. SUBSCRIBE! DELIVERY
l One in 10 don’t know how to react to a colleague
with depression.
l 32% of employees who take time off for depression
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10 Opinion
Pretoria News

History is repeating itself in our societies

BUSANI NGCAWENI nation’s aspiration for full human free-
doms, equality and equity. Yet in reality

here was a time in colonial and women are humiliated sexually, physic-
apartheid South Africa when a ally, economically and psychologically by
variety of bigoted measures like those whose historical experience ought
the Group Areas Act and the Native vacy, harassment and dismemberment society who do the young to have women of their dignity and reduce their to construct a metta-consciousness of
Administration Act were used to con- from the human race. Men left these same to women, been humiliated being into male-occupied territories fellowship and protection of those who
trol the movement of Africans and all places without dignity, even if with per- humiliating and by the white patrolled by modern-day Oqonda (apart- suffered the triple oppression.
aspects of their being. mits and passbooks in hand. dismembering boys fondling heid era street level enforcers of order In the same way that men couldn’t just
During this time of oppression, Unfortunately in free South Africa them. their genitalia and “correct behaviour”) who commit walk the streets of SA without permits,
African men in particular would be today, there are men who have assumed Our streets at KwaMuhle. gender based violence with impunity. so do women today, their freedom of
demeaned by being stripped naked so the role of those KwaMuhle apparat- h ave become Maybe the par- Yes, at KwaMuhle men would line up, movement is curtailed for fear of their
that white men could inspect their gen- chiks. KwaMuhle for allels aren’t too naked, waiting for white pseudo-doctors lives.
italia to check for venereal diseases. These are men who are turning our many women who obvious to them. to test their genitalia for signs of sex- My bothers, perhaps next time
“Reception” places like KwaMuhle in streets into no-go areas. The humiliation fear men who feel Thus, as the ually transmitted infections. you visit Durban, make sure to visit
Durban were notorious for this emascu- which visited our grandfathers under entitled to their apartheid sys- Today there are men who dissect KwaMuhle, now a museum a block away
lation of African men who migrated into colonialism and apartheid is now being being as worth- tem did, they in women, using their private parts as from the Chief Albert Luthuli conven-
the cities in search of livelihoods. They experienced by their granddaughters less possessions; KwaMuhle Museum turn dismember experimental dolls, non-humans, the tion centre. You will experience what
would present themselves at KwaMuhle today, who are humiliated through rape, men who believe women through insignificant other. women go through in their households
for special permits and health clearance sexual harassment, often in the course they own women’s sexual violence, As stated above, places like KwaMuhle and the streets of South Africa today. It
to live and work in the city. of gruesome ordeals that end in murder. bodies. assault and murder. and attendant influx control and Bantu will make you rethink your indifference
It was well understood that places like As the police special branch did to our Maybe one is stretching this. KwaMuhle is back, in different mani- administration laws were tools of emas- and apathetic attitude towards gender-
KwaMuhle – the former Native Affairs grandfathers (wantonly killing them) Maybe the men who turn our streets festations. culation, of humiliation. based violence.
Building – represented invasion of pri- there are men in an assumedly free into no-go areas for women are too The symbolism is the same: strip The laws we have today symbolise the Just maybe.

The fallen
have left
a legacy
Rigidities of marketing categories
played a role news of Mekoa’s death
GWEN ANSELL with the players with whom he founded the

Jazz Ministers in 1967. The Ministers built
ack in 2000, musicians inter- a reputation in township clubs and at the
viewed for my book on music jazz festivals launched by liquor companies
and politics in South Africa, after prohibition for black drinkers was
Soweto Blues, regularly ended in 1961.
asserted: On a parallel track, Phiri had hooked up
“I’m not a politician.” with drummer Isaac Mtshali and others to
How could this be, the interview team form The Cannibals, a Soweto Soul outfit
wondered, when these same people had which, with many others, was melding
just described being tear gassed, playing at the feel of the US soul styles of Motown
illegal gatherings and making recordings and Stax with South African roots idioms.
they knew could be banned? When we dug They developed their skills playing back-
deeper, what emerged was: ing for female smanje-manje groups such
“I didn’t say I wasn’t political. But I’m as the Mahotella Queens (smanje-manje
not a politician: I couldn’t compare myself was a fast-tempo, neo-traditional women’s
to somebody like Mandela.” performance style).
In the past fortnight, two towering fig- By the 1970s, the Jazz Ministers with Paul Simon performing with Ray Phiri during the apartheid years.
ures in the history of South African music albums “Zandile” and “Nomvula’s Jazz
have died. Both were in their seventies: Dance”, were making sufficient waves for came with the 1986 album Look, Listen school, the Ray Phiri Artists’ Institute, at
trumpet and flugelhorn player Johnny them to be invited to play Newport: some- and Decide, whose track Whispers in the Ka Nyamazane in his home province.
Mekoa was 72, guitarist Ray Chikapa Phiri, thing they finally achieved in 1976, stalled Deep/ Phinda Mzala became an anthem of Both musicians were awarded the
70. Reflecting on their lives and work tells three times previously by the refusal of the resistance wherever it was played. South African national Order of Ikha-
us a great deal about the intersection of authorities to grant Mekoa a visa. Their And the lines between Phiri’s popular manga (Silver). But one other, poignant,
black politics and culture under apartheid, track Highland Drifter stayed on the Zim- music and Mekoa’s jazz were always highly contrast emerged at the time of their
and also about the ways South Africans see babwe charts for 18 weeks, but was banned permeable. When jazz festivals happened – deaths. Although many aficionados knew
the music the world calls jazz. in South Africa. increasingly less often after 1976 and into of Mekoa’s death within hours of the event,
Mekoa was born on the East Rand, Both, in their own musical arenas, nur- the repressive 1980s – audiences appreci- it took most of the media days to catch
where gold had been discovered in 1887. tured black pride and defiance. The Min- ated and danced to both. Jazzmen regularly up, tailing after tributes from government
By the 1940s, his birthplace of Benoni was isters’ jazz was the music of a non-tribal played in popular bands: on Stimela’s 1989 ministers.
a bustling, relatively prosperous mining urban, black working class whose very Thoughts,Visions and Dreams, the horn line The death of Phiri hit the headlines
town pitted by reservoirs where whites existence apartheid denied. In America – it includes saxophonists McCoy Mrubata, within hours of his death. The permeable,
sailed and picnicked while black citizens was Bicentennial year – they were invited Teaspoon Ndlelu and Mandla Masuku. flexible terrain between genres that the
were confined to the neighbouring town- to perform on the deck of a South African And a song like Ngena Mntan’am from careers of Phiri and Mekoa negotiated, is
ships of Daveyton and Wattville. warship. It was 1976; they refused. On their 1984 was a popular song enjoyed by every being replaced by the rigidities of market-
In the townships, jazz bands abounded. return, they were all hauled in for ques- radio listener. ing categories and media information slots.
Mekoa’s brother Fred was already a trum- tioning by the police’s special branch, and While he never stopped playing, Mekoa As Phiri observed in May, “You’re going
peter, and from him, in gigs, and at the cen- remained under intermittent observation. rapidly transitioned into a respected jazz to destroy the music for the sake of money.
tral Johannesburg rehearsal and education The Cannibals morphed into what scholar after he gained his first degree Young musicians nowadays… become a
space of Dorkay House, the young Johnny became one of South Africa’s greatest in the waning years of apartheid. He had product; their art becomes tied up with
honed his chops. bands, Stimela, joined by additional play- earlier tried to enter formal music educa- the product.”
Phiri was born in Nelspruit, an agricul- ers. In both incarnations they reflected tion in 1964, but found the doors closed to Yet for those who love and listen – really
tural town near the Mozambican border. community resistance and hope. They a man of colour. Instead, he trained as an listen – the legacy of both men will live
Phiri’s father had come from Malawi: He recorded in English and the Malawian optician. But in the mid 1980s he won a Ful- Ray Phiri from his Facebook page. Trumpeter Johnny Mekoa. on equally in the music they made, and
was both a wage worker and the organiser language Chichewa at a time when the bright Scholarship to Indiana University, the fresh players, with fresh vision, they
of puppet shows that toured the area, and at apartheid regime, the recording indus- and went on to found the Music Academy of hla Mahlangu, Linda Tshabalala (“Why the album Strange Angels. nurtured. May their spirits rest in peace;
which the young Raymond learned dancing try, and the South African Broadcasting Gauteng, offering jazz education to the most shouldn’t a sister play a horn?” Mekoa He continued to compose and work with hamba kahle (go well).
and music. Corporation were insisting on a policy of deprived youngsters in his old home town. demanded), Malcolm Jiyane and more. Stimela post-liberation (in May of this year, ●●Ansell is an associate of the Gordon
The metropolitan pull of Johannesburg “retribalisation” and black music sung in From that academy, a whole new genera- Phiri featured on both Paul Simon music he told the website Music in Africa that he Institute for Business Science, University of
and Soweto drew both musicians to the city. one African language only. tion of “young lion” players have emerged: tours, Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints, had material for three new albums finished Pretoria. This article first appeared in The
Around Dorkay House, Mekoa met up The zenith of their defiance, however, Oscar Rachabane, Mthunzi Mvubu; Nhlan- and collaborated with Laurie Anderson on and mastered). He also founded a music Conversation (

Decriminalising drug addiction will help prevent desperation and tragedy

DR E V RAPITI betes. They strongly urged member coun- Ellen Pakkies of tugal’s success. he did not see his dad as his dad but as a
tries to decriminalise addiction. Lavender Hill in In Portugal and in New Zealand sub- hurdle to get his fix.

HE FATAL stabbing of a loving The health ministers of the Southern Cape Town speaks stance users with less than five fixes are Many young teenage gangsters can kill
father, a family man and a former African Development Community also about her son Abie taken in a firm but friendly way to detox over six rivals in the space of one year. This
ANC councillor Monde Mabandla by decided to decriminalise addiction, so I who was addicted centres by the police. This approach saves is only possible when they are under the
his teenage son is a tragedy because this fail to see why our country is dragging its to tik and stole the country enormous sums of money by influence of drugs like tik, amphetamine
could have been avoided if we reviewed heels on this. everything from avoiding the judiciary. Anyone with more and cocaine.
our policy on substance abuse and crimes Portugal led the way in 2001, much to her. One day his than five fixes is regarded as a dealer and Several approaches to various govern-
related to it a long time back. the surprise of other EU states, when it addiction led her is dealt with by the law. ment departments to review the policy have
The Ellen Pakkies story, where she took decriminalised addiction because of its to kill him. Picture Prisons are not places for addicts proved futile over the past 10 years.
the life of her child in a fit of insanity, huge heroin addiction problem. They had Cindy Waxa because this is where they get inducted I sincerely hope that this tragedy will
caused by her drug addict son’s incessant about 100 000 known heroin addicts. Por- into gangs. Ideally substance users who are force them to get all stakeholders involved
violent demands on her for money to feed tugal decided to send addicts, via the law, aggressive and refuse to seek help should in the formulation of a drug policy for this
his addiction, has not helped one bit to force into rehab and put them on opioid replace- be sent by force via the courts into rehab. country. We need the public to put pressure
the policy makers of this country to review ment therapy. With this approach, Portugal Contrary to what some psychiatrists on the government to address our drug
the policy on drug addiction. reduced the number of addicts on heroin believe, that addicts can think, in my policy as a matter of urgency before we
It is a great pity that the formulating by 50% in a matter of 10 years. experience, addicts cannot think rationally read about more gruesome killings of par-
and overseeing of the country’s drug policy Canada adopted the policy of offering when it comes to giving up their addiction ents by their drug addicted children due to
is solely in the hands of the Department heroin users clean needles to contain the A number of them no matter how intelligent they are. the lack of a proper policy to protect them.
of Social Development. In 2012, the World spread of hepatitis B and C, and HIV. At the end their addiction. Addicts felt comfort- used the services to give up their addiction. When this young teenager stabbed his ●●Rapiti is a doctor, counsellor, addiction
Health Organisation declared drug addic- clinics addicts were exposed to literature able in these clinics because they were Many other countries have taken the father, he was desperate for his drug or was therapist and motivational speaker in Cape
tion a disease like hypertension and dia- that offered help to users, who wanted to user-friendly and very supportive of them. step to decriminalise addiction since Por- under the influence of drugs. In that state Town.
Opinion 11
Pretoria News


Madiba still
Help to a gift to the
the world nation, world
around you
HE mound on his grave has long since
subsided, yet isn’t it extraordinary how
four years after his passing, Nelson

ELSON Mandela International Mandela remains a gift to the nation
Day is today and people every- and the world that keeps on giving.
where can celebrate his birth- For who else could attract some of human-
day by acting on the principle that ity’s most respected leaders to democratic
each person has the power to change South Africa’s Mother City to continue his Long
the world. Walk to Freedom from the spot where he made
Now is the time for us, as a nation his triumphant reappearance in public after 27
and as individuals, to ask how will we
years in apartheid jails.
be ethical leaders in our homes, our
communities and work places, and as These leaders are grouped in an organisa-
citizens of this country. tion Madiba formed 10 years ago of eminent
Mandela Day serves as a global persons called The Elders, tasked with helping
call to action: for people to “recognise to resolve conflicts around the world.
their individual power to make an Made up of former heads of state, peace
imprint and help change the world activists, and human rights advocates, current
around them for the better”, according Elders include Kofi Annan, Ban-ki Moon, Des-
to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. mond Tutu, Graça Machel, Jimmy Carter, Hina
Mandela led with conscience and Jilani, Mary Robinson, and Ernesto Zedillo
courage, and embodied the values of
among others. See
justice, equality and compassion; uni-
versal values that all South Africans about
need to reclaim as we ask ourselves As we reported yesterday, Mandela’s widow
today: “What am I doing to change the Graça Machel will lead them in a highly sym-

A demon refusing
world for the better?” bolic and historic march to a gathering in cen-
And he demonstrated the power of tral Cape Town today on International Mandela
collective action. Day.
Celebrating Mandela Day is about It is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The
taking at least 67 minutes – one minute Elders, and to launch the group’s new global
for every year of Mandela’s public project, “Walk Together”, a continuation of
service – and making a small gesture

to be exorcised
Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, said Machel.
of solidarity with humanity and a
step towards a global movement for At around noon The Elders, alongside lead-
good. Focus on what you are passion- ers from District Six forcibly removed from
ate about and where you know your their homes by apartheid, and 1 000 local
actions will have a lasting impact, residents, will walk from the Grand Parade out-
and do something positive for your side the Cape Town City Hall, where Mandela
community. made his celebrated Freedom speech in 1990,

You will be joining thousands of to a gathering at the Cape Town International
people, communities, and non-profit E are left with a task ​ Convention Centre.
organisations to honour the lifetime that requires us to navi- The event will feature some of the world’s
that Mandela spent fighting for social gate “between the Scylla
most notable political and community leaders,
justice, equality and democracy, and of thinking that race Vusi discussing the world’s ongoing humanitarian
also heeding his repeated call to help is mere illusion, mere
change the world for the better. ideology on the one hand, and the Cha-
Shongwe issues, and celebrating The Elders’ work to date.
Because of his unique insights rybdis of thinking that race is some- He was from among us, from our flesh and
and approaches, Mandela left a last-
ing impact on the world. What set
thing objective and fixed.” – H Winant.
In South Africa there is still a dis-
Ridding our country blood, and gave the world exceptional leader-
ship. It is a paradox that post-Madiba we should
him apart as a leader? What gave him
the ability to have a transformational
quieting current of active perpetual
racism – there are daily reports of it
of racism that be sitting with some leaders who are considered
rather embarrassing.
impact upon those around him?
Quite simply, his emotional intel-
Sadly, while we won the fight to
manifests itself in
ligence enabled him to motivate end legal apartheid, racism’s vestiges various forms daily
others to transcend their own needs remain. As a black South African, I am TODAY IN HISTORY
and interests for a common goal. He baffled by the sometimes inexplicable is an ongoing duty 1923 British Matrimonial Causes Act gives women
believed that each of us, by joining relations between whites and blacks. I
together to create a ripple of positive have seen social cohesion between white of every citizen to equality in divorce suits.
1966 South Africa declares it will maintain control
actions, could make strides towards
positive social transformation.
South Africans and black Africans. One
example is the scene of an accident. heal SA’s wounds of South West Africa after the World Court dismisses
lawsuits brought by black-ruled African states.
Transformational leaders are I am not sure how many times I have
sometimes called quiet leaders. They come across motor accidents involving 1990 Iraq warns Opec members that it views
are the ones who lead by example. black people. More often than not, the to paint all white people with the same violations of the group’s production quotas as virtual
Mandela used rapport and relation- first people on the scene are white brush on this matter. acts of war and accuses Kuwait of stealing its oil for
ship-building, inspiration and encour- people, offering whatever help they My son has a white friend who comes Racism Stops With Me. the past decade.
agement, empathy and responsiveness can. I have seen white people stopping for sleep-overs in my house. I hardly see 1998 President Nelson Mandela celebrates his 80th
to engage his fellow South Africans in areas known to be notoriously dan- a white child, but a child. Same with by young white people, whom one would among groups roughly equivalent in birthday my marrying Graça Machel, widow of
and followers everywhere. gerous, helping black victims of an my son. not expect to do so given the critical social, economic, or task-related status; Samora Machel.
He was known for his enormous accident. I have seen white people risk- I neither think of my child being milestones we have achieved as a nation. contact should be informal and it should 2004 A US soldier who defected to North Korea is
courage, confidence and the willing- ing their lives jumping into fathomless racially abused, nor his safety, when Who is the culprit? Is it the young be goal-orientated. admitted to hospital after arriving in Japan, putting
ness to make sacrifices for the greater dams or lakes to retrieve the bodies of his white friend’s parents have taken white people, or their parents who • On a more fundamentalist level, himself within reach of US authorities for the first
good. their black compatriots. him for a visit. This is the kind of rela- unashamedly inculcate racism during exchange schemes between schools time in 39 years.
Leadership expert James Burns Indeed, South Africans are full of tionship that needs to be encouraged this day and age? Recently former could be considered – the premise being 2006 Nearly 300 striking doctors in Zimbabwe ignore
defined transformational leaders as love, but they are not aware of it. If they and amplified among racial groups, chairperson of the African Union, that increased knowledge will defuse their government’s demands for them to return to
those who sought to change existing decide to come together, they do so in a especially the youth. Nkosazana Zuma Dlamini, decried the perceptual stereotypes. work.
thoughts, techniques and goals to stupendously spectacular way. However, Commenting on racial discourse in kind of history taught to black children. • The media play a cardinal role in
achieve better results for the benefit if they decide to stay apart, they do so in the country, Barney Pityanaaccused all Andre Slabbert in his piece “Cross-Cul- formulating public and private opin- BIRTHDAYS
of all people. a disappointingly bizarre way. sections of the populace of failing to talk tural Racism in South Africa – Dead or ion. To counteract preconceived racial James Brolin, American, actor,
Burns also described transforma- The question then is, what is the intelligently about race with all racial Alive?” enumerates a set of interven- perceptions, all race-based references director and producer, 77.
tional leaders as those who focused on problem? Why is racism still with us? groups seeing events from very narrow tionist procedures that could be adopted should be omitted. Richard Branson, English
the essential needs of their followers. Gwede Mantashe, ANC secretary-gen- perspectives – blacks from a historical to help address racism. • All curricula in primary, secondary, businessman, founder of Virgin
Transformational leaders are eral, said shortly after the University of perspective, whites from a position of • Racism is largely learned behav- and tertiary educational institutions Group, 67.
known for their integrity, which Orange Free State Reitz video incident privilege derived from exclusionary iour. If behaviour is learned, it can be should include compulsory components Nick Faldo, English golfer, 60.
brings us to a discussion of ethics. that the problem with racism is that it practices. unlearned. It is imperative that desired focusing on the elimination of racial Vin Diesel, American actor, director,
Ethical leadership requires the lead- can either be a manifestation of preju- Perhaps it is time in South Africa attitudes and behaviours be acquired stereotypes. Increased knowledge is a producer and screenwriter, 50. Vin Diesel
ers to take into account their constitu- dice or a stereotype. that a forum is created to deal deci- as early as possible to counteract a definitive antidote for racism.
ents and stakeholders and the context When the latter it is is very diffi- sively with racism once and for all. negative perceptual bias. It bears repeating that it would be
of the situation. cult to deal with because it is in the Many South Africans, especially black • To reverse mind-sets and to create disingenuous to paint all white people
Their purpose, vision, and values sub-conscious mind as it is a reflection South Africans, deluded themselves into a perceptual shift the media should play with the same brush on racism. Barney
are for the benefit of the stakeholders. of upbringing, values. believing that all whites had graciously an active role. Pityana is correct when he asserts that
the task of ridding our country of all
Madiba’s vision was to spread social The recent resurgence of racism, bought into Mandela’s magnanimous • Cultural riches and similarities
justice and freedom for all. as exemplified by Penny Sparrow, who gesture of promoting reconciliation should be emphasised on a wide front. forms of racism has to be an ongoing 216 Madiba (Vermeulen) Street; PO Box 439, Pretoria, 0001
This special day gives each one compared black people to monkeys, and among different races. • Scholars and students should duty. We are not free to stop trying.
of us a chance to become part of a the naked, diabolical racial abuse being However, the resurgence of racism engage, on a regular basis, in inter- Despite its fractures and faults, or per- Editor: Phones:
Valerie Boje News: 012 300 2000
continuous global movement for good. perpetrated by some white farmers is a indicates that a lot still needs to be action with students from different haps because of them, South Africa is
Weekend editor: Advertising: 012 300 2200
Importantly, leaders view their blot on the legacy of late president, Nel- done to exorcise the deep seated racial racial groups. Enforced interactions still a place of warmth, connection and Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya Classified: 012 300 2244
fellow citizens not as followers but son Mandela, who risked the wrath of prejudices which some white people with “others” will lead to greater know- deep humanity. Assistant editor: Subscriptions: 0860 32 62 62
as people striving towards the same his own people in his quest to promote were religiously and systematically ledge, universally accepted as a means • Dr Vusi Shongwe works in the Kennedy Mudzuli Email:
common purpose. They focus on the racial tolerance. socialised into. It is rather sad to hear to counter stereotypes. Kwa-ZuluNatal office of the Premier. The Live editor: Faxes:
greater good of their organisation, It would be disingenuous however that the racial prejudices are expressed • Joint projects should be instituted article is written in his personal capacity Damian Paterson News: 012 328 7166
and not on ego. News editor: Classified: 012 326 4659
Ethical leaders find and develop Ntando Makhubu Advertising: 012 323 5687
the best people because they see this SMS Comment line: 45496
Metro reporter: (Ts&Cs apply)
as a moral imperative and a key ele-

We need to revisit Madiba’s values and qualities

Rapula Moatshe
ment in creating more value around Metro:
them. Ethical leaders take the rights
of others seriously. Letters to the editor:
As we prepare to commemorate Like us on Facebook &
the legacy of a great man, let us look Today, the anniversary of his birth- Although he would personally have wanting to do something to alleviate Community Notice Board: Follow us on Twitter
at our own values and principles, and day, offers an opportunity to revisit benefited, Mandela responded by say- that suffering. @pretorianews
how these are reflected in our lives. Madiba’s values and qualities; a time to ing he could not and was not prepared True compassion is a characteristic
Let us ask ourselves what we want Ray assess how we as a society have deviated to “sell the birthright of the people to that converts knowledge to wisdom and
The Pretoria News is printed by Caxton which is truthful, accurate and fair and
to accomplish through our own leader- from these and retrace our steps to what be free”. good leaders use compassion to see the
ship and think about what we want
McCauley the founding father of democratic South Here was a man imprisoned but who needs of those they lead and to deter-
Printers, 16 Wright Street, Industria,
for the proprietors and publishers,
to present it in a balanced way. If you
feel that we have not lived up to these
people to say about our leadership Africa stood for. refused to succumb to a kind of freedom mine the course of action that would be Independent Newspapers (Pty) Limited, standards, a complaint can be lodged

at 47 Sauer Street, Johannesburg. The with the Independent Media Internal
when we are gone. ODAY we celebrate our beloved We need to make this reflection, espe- that would benefit him but exclude his of greatest benefit to all those involved. copyright in the literary and artistic works Press Ombudsman, Jovial Rantao at the
In the words of Madiba, “When a former president Nelson Man- cially given the leadership challenges people. Compassion led Madiba to lead inside contained in this newspaper and its email address,
man has done what he considers to be dela; his life, his values, indomit- we face as a country. There are three South Africa today needs men and prison and led him to tackle the chal- supplements, as well as in the published Please note that any complainant will
editions and any other content or be required to sign a waiver regarding
his duty to his people and his country, able spirit and his legacy. qualities in his life I believe we should women in political office who will lenges that faced South Africa when he material (including in any online version), future litigation. This means that you may
he can rest in peace. I believe I have Fondly known as “Madiba” as a sign focus on: his integrity, compassion and respond like Madiba and say: I cannot was released. belongs exclusively to Independent complain to the ombudsman or take the
made that effort and that is, therefore, of respect, he made an indelible mark ability to unite people. sell my birthright nor am I prepared to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu Newspapers (Pty) Limited unless matter to court, but not do both. Further
otherwise stated. details about lodging complaints and the
why I will sleep for the eternity.” on the world and, as South Africans, we Madiba was a man on integrity – sell the birthright of my people. described Madiba as a unifier. Incar- The copyright, including the reproduction appeals process will be announced in due
By giving a little of your time each should be proud that such a great man defined as “the adherence to moral and Those who have unduly enriched cerated for close to 27 years, Mandela and adaptation of any content or course.The Pretoria News has committed
day to making a change that’s close to lived among us and was our leader. ethical principles; the soundness of themselves from what are public resour- emerged without bitterness. He was an material contained in this newspaper its is certified by the Audit Bureau of
and its supplements, is expressly Circulations, which can be contacted
your heart, or by giving a little of your However, our pride is tinged with moral character”. ces are guilty of betraying Mandela’s epitomé of forgiveness, compassion and reserved to the publisher, Independent at Suite 5, 158 Jan Smuts, 9 Walters
time to make a difference to the life of a sense of sadness; sadness that the Political history tells us that there legacy. reconciliation and worked hard to unify Newspapers (Pty) Limited, under Ave, Rosebank, 2196 or PO Box
someone else, you can start changing values Madiba lived by and taught us was a time during Mandela’s incar- The second value Madiba espoused people. Section 12(7) of the Copyright 47221, Parklands 2121.
Act of 1978. The Pretoria News Cover price: R7 (includes VAT
the world around you. are today being trampled on by some in ceration when the apartheid govern- was compassion; the quality of under- The faction-ridden ANC can take a commits itself to reporting at 14%).
leadership. ment offered him conditional freedom. standing the suffering of others and leaf from his life.
12 tonight comics & puzzles TUESDAY JULY 18 2017

10-Minute Crossword
Su Doku LEVEL: very easy Double Crossword
CRYPTIC CLUES 1 Mischievous Irish elf (10)
6 Relaxed confidence (6)
1 Tried to strip search accommodation for 7 American state (5)
lots of players (9,4) 9 Remove bones from (6)
10 Grout eroded in the middle and on the 10 Rodent (3)
surface (5) 11 Sect (4)
11 A person is distressed by such slander (9) 14 Jetty (4)
12 Upfront and senior to committee (5,5) 15 Mesh (3)
13 Call one’s name from a sheet of paper (4) 16 Preposterous (6)
15 Small solid figures in doughy cakes (6) 17 Cleave (5)
17 Fuel for a lamp? Unfortunately, one reeks!
18 Comment (6)
19 Slits sea monster that weighs anchor (4,4) 20 Deliberately planned (10)
20 Strip joint, mostly naked (6)
23 A school exercise - cross at the highest DOWN
point (4) 1 Mouth part (3)
24 A bit discontented to have no characters 2 Money gained (6)
left (3,2,5) 3 Preserve after death (6)
27 Gruff worker in a secretarial job? (9) 4 Lifts up (6)
28 Quick Israeli gains are reversed to some 5 Not frightened (8)
extent (5)
29 Observed briefly and applauded one, ready 6 Runs away secretly (8)
to keep affirmative (7,4,2) 8 Sudden occurrence of disease or war
© Puzzles by Pappocom YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION
DOWN (8)
2 Relationship between traitor and the lion- 9 Small fleet (8)
HOW IT WORKS hearted (5) 12 Putty-like substance (6) YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION
Fill in the grid so that every row, 3 Soreness he resolved with practical wisdom 13 Of the stars (6)
every column and every 3X3 grid (5,5) Across: - 1 Measles. Down: - 1 Musical.
14 Done without delay (6) 7 Taurus. 8 Spatula. 2 Apart. 3 Lout. 4 Station.
contains the digits 1 through 9 with 4 Trained sailor as doge ordered (3,3) 22 Benefit of swallowing decorated sides of a piece of 19 Stick or shaft (3)
no repeats. 5 Pear tree figured in word play (8) cake (6) 9 Then. 10 Cuts. 5 Buttress. 6 Eureka.
6 ‘Up, up, right, right’, in a contented murmur (4) 25 Horniest beast, just at the front (5) 12 Polecat. 14 Lanolin. 11 Shoot-out. 12 Pilsner.
7 Outwait and almost see out Asian national (9) 26 Come to rest at a different spot (4) 16 Scar. 18 Best. 13 Tarnish. 15 Avenue.
Solution, tips and computer 8 Swamp empty outrigger with heavy weight on either 20 Nairobi. 21 Future. 17 Choir. 19 Limb.
program at side (6) 22 Rebirth.
9 An erstwhile oral attachment (6)
Across: - 1 Kindred spirit. Down: - 2 Inamorata.
14 Some electronic equipment and, therefore, top
10 A fair deal. 11 Peace. 3 Dirk. 4 Elevator. 5 Sullen.
voice (5,5)
12 Smog. 13 Pace-setter. 6 Impresario. 7 Inapt.
16 Starting to steam up over spot for furuncle oint-
15 Stallion. 16 Valise. 8 Lassos. 9 Hearse.
ment’s application (2,3,4)

Target 18 Pretend alum compound was in place (8)

19 Spring rushes, when evened out, are thin on the
19 Sparta. 20 Calipers.
23 Red herring. 25 Tale.
14 All the same. 17 Inelastic.
18 Earnings. 19 Strand. Super Cryptic
27 Ninja. 28 Hanseatic. 21 Sketch. 22 Urchin.
ground (6)
29 Lose ones place. 24 Dingo. 26 Seal.
21 Had a sample, but find some operettas tedious (6)
1 It’s very important to appear excited
about the new amour (9)
QUICK CLUES 8 See you cash in (7)
9 Went back drained of energy anew (7)
ACROSS 10 It’s farewell, after splitting up (7)
1 Oviduct (9,4) 13 Just as brief as before? Not now! (2,6)
10 Inanimate object (5) 14 Rip, having found to be mostly wrong
11 Heedful, observant (9) (4)
12 Rank below a captain (10) 16 For each job, a licence is required
13 Indian dress (4) (10)
15 Hordes of insects (6) 20 Coming to a wrong conclusion
17 Conquer (8) abroad (4)
19 Divided into two equal parts (8) 22 In case, in the MI, one gets distances
20 Head of nursing (6) from it (4)
23 Celebration of the Eucharist (4) 24 Cuts, by minutes, the music (4-6)
24 Large hare of western North Amer- 28 Have a drink at the end of “Milk
Find as many words as you can in the Target. Each word ica (4,6) Wood” (4)
must use the central letter and at least three others, and 27 One who studies the structure of the 29 Said, as before, on balance the date
letters may be used only once. No abbreviations, initials, body (9) should be changed (8)
proper nouns or foreign words unless they are in everyday 28 Norwegian dramatist (5) 31 Lets one little man walk round the
use. 29 In dispute, feuding (2,11) 23 The best part is bringing up the animals (4)
back way (7)
34 Save the green belt round the A55 (7) 25 Eggs from the cupboards (7)
Today’s Target DOWN 26 Injure a girl with the sword (7)
35 Still in the former little wardrobe (7)
Good 25; very good 35; excellent 40. Solutions tomorrow. 2 In flames (5) 27 Dad’s lost by three points, which makes one
36 Hope the girl is out, but one has one’s doubts
3 Validity, rightfulness (10) (9) unhappy (7)
Yesterday’s solutions: 4 Lamentation (6) 30 Building worker brought back only to be fired
item lain line mail main mile mine nice time unit cite 5 Insect’s feelers (8) again (5)
emit mice mint nail tail tile lice lieu lime lint mien mite 6 Armoured combat vehicle (4) 32 Gather it’s suitable (4)
1 Puts the responsibility for the upset on food (7)
anti lien limn lite mica cine ilea milt tali amie anil cain 7 Army officer (9) 33 Appear in “The Rose, Emblem of England” (4)
2 Left the terrier, perhaps, to catch the snake (7)
ceil laic tain claim unite until alien antic clime email 8 Record needle (6) 3 Doctor, the boy is not very intelligent (5)
inlet manic mince tunic untie cumin amine ileum unlit 9 Highest point (6) YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION
lieut multi utile actin amice anile aulic cline cutie cutin
4 Will go nude and in the sun’s turned a funny YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION
14 Gemstone with a bluish-green colour (10) red (7)
ileac limen matin melic metic mucin telic tical tinea 16 Aide (9) Across: - 1 Overabundance. Down: - 2 Vouchsafe. Across: - 3 Pedestrian. Down: - 1 Palisade.
5 Bag in which some will stand upright (4)
minute cinema client entail inmate malice menial minuet 18 Taking it easy (8) 10 Equipoise. 11 Garbo. 3 Rapt. 4 Brighten. 8 Savona. 9 Airs. 2 Porter. 3 Patrick.
6 What led you to put two and two together? (4)
nuclei alumni auntie iceman uncial aecium incult 19 Indian city now known as Mumbai (6) 12 Dahl. 13 Phrenology. 5 Needed. 6 Anglophone. 10 Misterming. 11 Tea. 4 Denim. 5 Snag.
7 Something you could join in but don’t? (7)
lentic luetic mantic telium tincal ultima climate lunatic 21 Remarking, observing (6) 15 Shambles. 16 Thesis. 7 Curio. 8 Geodes. 13 Fair. 14 Titania. 6 Instance. 7 Not at all.
11 Some golf balls (6)
ailment aliment nematic alunite cauline melanic tunicle 22 Winter sportsman (6) 19 Cleric. 20 Rainfall. 9 Polyps. 14 Obligatory. 15 Know. 17 Mewed. 12 Stud. 14 Twig.
12 Try to stimulate a drop-out (4)
CULMINATE 25 Having one’s headquarters at (5) 23 Versailles. 25 Chin. 17 Spaghetti. 20 Dwell. 22 Saga. 16 Nest. 17 Mermaids.
15 Figure the Welshman out to be an artist (4)
26 By oneself, alone (4) 27 Romeo. 28 Barrister. 18 Name-drop. 19 Cavern. 17 Was very sorry she had taken the grid out (3) 24 Reliant. 25 Cave. 18 Walk-over. 19 Draw.
29 Encyclopaedia. 21 Liners. 22 Global. 18 The child holding the thing is myself (4) 27 Ado. 28 Pardonable. 21 Levelled. 23 Account.
24 Roman. 26 Wile. 19 Hole made by a little slug (6) 29 Vera. 30 Number. 25 Claims. 26 Arena.

31 Streak past. 28 Pack.
Frank Stewart 21 The second caught during the week-end in the
river (3)
22 During the break, Peg cracked a joke (3-4)

Reg Smythe
“I won’t say my partner’s concentration is
lacking,” a club player told me, “but I bet he
couldn’t even type 140 characters without
Daily Inspiration
taking a mental break.”
Concentration is half the game. A
knowledge of technique won’t help if you

lose your focus. At today’s four spades,
South ruffed the second heart and drew
trumps. He next led a club. West followed
with the eight, signaling count, and East let
dummy’s king win.
Declarer then ruffed a heart and led
another club, but East took the ace and jack
and forced South to ruff another heart.
Then South had to lose a diamond and went
down one.
BLONDIE  Dean Young and Stan Drake “We feed what we focus on and we attract what
It seems that South completely lost his
focus. He contrived to go down even
though he had 10 sure winners: seven
opponents pass. What do you say?
ANSWER: You have enough strength to
invite game, but since partner may have a
we feed. We can either feed faith or we can feed
trumps, two diamonds and a club. After
South draws trumps, he should lead the ace
and a low diamond.
West takes the king and forces with a
13-point opening bid, you can’t force to
game. Jump to three diamonds if in your
style that bid is invitational. If it would
fear. The more we feed faith, the more we starve
fear. Faith and fear cannot co-exist; this implies
heart, but South next leads a club. When he be forcing or if you’re not sure, bid two
reaches dummy, he discards a club on the diamonds and hope something good
queen of diamonds, assuring the contract. develops.


You hold: ♠ 10 4 ♥ A J 9 3 ♦ 9 7 6 3 ♣ A J
3. Your partner opens one diamond, you
respond one heart and he bids two clubs.
Both sides vulnerable
The Frank Stewart Bridge column is also available in The Mercury
we have the power to choose one over the other
The following correspondence game
Mark Rubery
in any given moment.”
between two chess clubs was originally HI AND LOIS  Mort Walker & Dik Browne
published in the British Chess Magazine
in 1895. This entertaining game reveals The acronym FEAR stands for: False Expectations Appearing Real or Fantasized
that the players from that time had a very negative Experiences Appearing Real. When we negatively imagine all that can go
keen eye for tactics.
wrong, we feed fear and starve faith. Our pessimism is based on what has gone wrong
CITY Brandfort - CITY Bloemfontein [C50] in the past and how it will be re-cycled in the future. Our past-future pre-occupation
corr, 1894
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.Qe2
denies the present of its power to teach us courage.
(No doubt angling for Bxf7+) … d6
5.c3 Nge7 6.a4 (6 Ng5 now or on the We creatively mask our fears, believing that when we express our fears we are being
next move is to be considered) …a5
7.Na3 0–0 8.Ng5 d5 9.exd5 Nxd5 SIX CHIX  Margaret Shulock weak, rather than strong. Fear is masked under the guises of procrastination, excuse-
10.Nxh7!? (Now the fun begins) …Nf4 finding and self-sabotage. As long as we mask our fears, we will never face them. “You
11.Qe4 Bxf2+ (Entering into the spirit cannot master a foe, you don’t recognize.” (Mary Manin-Morrisey)
of the occasion) 12.Kf1 Re8 13.d4 Bh4
14.g3 g6 15.Bxf4 Bf5 16.Qd5 Bd3+
17.Kg2 Bxc4 18.Qxc4 exf4 19.Raf1 The word ‘tournament’ owes its modern You get to choose what you focus on in the same way you get to extract your truth
Re4 20.gxh4 Ne5 21.dxe5 Rxc4 (21… meaning to chess. Originally it was
Qd2+! 22 Kg1 f3 is to be preferred as now used during the times when knights (of
rather than conceal it. It’s the faith and belief in yourself and the self-trust which is a
White gets more than enough wood for yore) would face each other in ‘combat’ natural outflow of this
his queen) 22.Nf6+ Kg7 23.Nxc4 Qd3 and these events were described as
24.b3 Qc2+ 25.Rf2 Qxb3 26.Rxf4 Qc2+ tournaments. After six hundred years
27.Kf3 Qxc3+ 28.Ne3 Qxe5 29.h5 Ra6 these contests eventually died out until
30.h6+ Kh8 31.Neg4 Qc5 32.Re1 Re6 in 1839 the Earl of Eglintoun recreated TREKNET  Gavin Thomson and Dave Gomersall Personal Challenge:
33.Rxe6 fxe6 34.Re4 Qf5+ 35.Kg3 the tournament with a lavish feast as
(Black is helpless against White’s well entertainment. The chess writer George
coordinated troops) … c5 36.Kh4 b5 Walker wrote about chess events in the What have you been feeding, faith or fear?
37.axb5 1–0 publication ‘Bell’s Life’ there he used
jousting terms in his reports, and a
WHITE TO PLAY AND WIN gathering of Yorkshire players in Leeds All my Love & Light
b8=Q+) 3 b8=N+ Ka5 4 Bd8# (A Herbstmann, 1935)
1 b7! c5 2 b5+! (2 b8=Q Bc6+)…Bxb5 (2…Kxb5 3
1841 was described as a ‘tournament’.
After that the term caught on and was
firmly established at the time of the first
international event in London 1851.
Lynn Hil
PretoriaNews Page 13 TUESDAY JULY 18 2017
Nick Cannon’s heart still broken after split from Mariah
NICK Cannon still feels “broken” after his single man, I’m supposed to date.”
divorce from Mariah Carey. Nick was married to the superstar singer
While he is very much on the dating for eight years but insists there is no chance
circuit, the 36-year-old rapper isn’t sure of them getting back together.
he will ever find love again because he is Speaking about Mariah’s on/off
“shattered” after their split in 2014. boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, he said: “He’s a
Asked when he was going to let himself nice guy.”
fall in love again, he said: “I can’t. I’m broken. Nick said the pair had a “special time”
I’m shattered. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m a together and he will always be grateful for it.

Laugh political
woes away
RESH from a resoundingly successful run
at Grahamstown, State Fracture is also
enjoying a short run at the Theatre on the
Award-winning actor Daniel
Square. Written by Mike van Graan, the
satirical comedy is directed by Rob van Vuuren
Mpilo Richards returns
and produced by Siv Ngesi.
We tried to get Van Graan and actor Daniel Mpilo to the stage in Mike van
Richards to offer more insight into the production,
which critics are raving about. Graan’s State Fracture,
writes Debashine
Mpilo Richards, who won a Naledi award for best
breakthrough artist/ newcomer for Pay Back the
Curry, is at the helm of this one-hander.
“I play multiple characters – 23 to be exact,” he
And, apparently, that was all he was willing to say.
When asked about the demands placed on him as talent here – superb acting and a phenomenal
an actor, Mpilo Richards said: “State Fracture is very script make it fully deserving of its standing
demanding. It is far more physically demanding ovation.”
than Pay Back The Curry. I move more, dance and Reflecting on the set and costumes, Mpilo
sing, and really work up a sweat.” Richards said: “As with Pay Back The
And he is also a fan of Van Graan’s writing. Curry, the only thing on stage is a
“Mike’s writing is truly exceptional – world-class. black box, a guitar and a guitar stand.
His writing speaks for itself. I wear a simple costume of a black
“What is truly special for me is knowing that Pay top and black pants. To entice the
Back The Curry and State Fracture were written for readers, I suppose I should say a
me. Mike’s writing is incredibly meaty and it is an ‘tight’ black top. The rest is left up
actor’s dream to perform.” to the imagination.
Any attempts to find out more about the “(We’re) keeping it simple as
production and what audiences will enjoy about it this allows the audience to listen Daniel Mpilo Richards slips into the skin of 23 characters in State Fracture.
proved futile. to every word without distraction,
As such, I’m relying on Cue Media’s quote: “The use their imagination and focus on the of the actor – or, at least, my best. He can find comedy in anything, which makes “I love working with Rob. Dynamite comes in
sequel to Pay Back the Curry, (State Fracture) is a performance of the words.” mind. We work so effortlessly working with him that much more special. I get to small packages.”
hard-hitting and incredibly well-performed satirical On Van Vuuren directing the flow, he added: together. He knows when to push me witness comedy genius up close. But he also has the State Fracture offers the perfect excuse to laugh
comedy, sparing nobody from Zupta to Zille. You’ll “Well, Rob is an ‘actor’s director’. Because Rob is a (especially physically). most profound way of drawing the truth out of the our political frustrations away. The play runs until
be glued to the edge of your seat. There’s so much performer himself, he really understands the mind “He demands a lot from me and expects only the character I am portraying. July 29.

Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau dies

OSCAR-WINNING actor Martin Landau, several guest appearances on The Outer Limits and
mostly known for films like North by The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Northwest, Crimes and Misdemeanours and He was producer Gene Roddenberry’s first
Ed Wood, has died. He was 89. choice for the role of Spock on Star Trek, but the
He died on July 15, said his publicist. role went to Leonard Nimoy after Landau opted for
He had been treated at the University of Mission: Impossible.
California Los Angeles where he experienced Mission: Impossible. He also starred in ophthalmologist haunted by a secret in Woody in Alfred Hitchcock’s action suspense North by He and Bain divorced, and Landau spent the
complications, reports the sci-fi series Space:1999, in which he Allen’s drama Crimes and Misdemeanours. It Northwest, playing the villain. His act led to a major 1980s acting in mostly obscure films.
The veteran of the Actors Studio, for which he co-starred with his wife, Barbara Bain. brought him an Oscar nomination for the second supporting role in the epic Cleopatra. He provided voices for the 1997 Oscar-winning
was West Coast co-artistic director, had many ups In the late 1980s, Francis Ford Coppola cast him year in a row. During the 1960s, he had character roles in The documentary The Long Way Home and appeared as
and downs in his career. in Tucker: The Man and His Dream, which brought In 1994, he played the dying, once-famous screen Greatest Story Ever Told, Nevada Smith and The himself in the documentaries Off the Menu: The
The five times Emmy-nominated actor mostly Landau the first of his three Oscar supporting actor ghoul Bela Lugosi, in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Hallelujah Trail. Last Days of Chasen’s, Cannes: Through the Eyes of
got leading-man roles on the small screen, most nominations. Landau won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Landau had been doing television work since the Hunter and Broadway: The Golden Age, by the
notably as Rollin Hand, a master of disguise on Then he played a successful Jewish Landau made his first big-screen impression the 1950s but got busy in TV in the mid-1960s, with Legends Who Were There (2003). – IANS

A scene from Marikana – The Musical, on /numetro

at The South African State Theatre until
August 12. The show is back by popular
demand, and it’s easy to see why. It
poignantly adds faces to the anger, and
evokes a sense of empathy for the people
affected. Baywatch 2D 16LNV Baywatch 2D

Fri-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 Sun-Thu 09:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45
Cars 3 (2D) PG Fri, Sat 09:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15
Baywatch 2D 16LNV
Fri-Thu 10:00, 12:30, 15:00, 17:45 Cars 3 (2D) PG Churchill 2D 7-9PG
Fri-Thu 12:30, 18:00
The Circle 2D 7-9PGL Fri-Thu 09:15, 11:45, 14:15 Mon-Tue, Fri, Sat 09:30, 14:45, 20:00; Sun
The Circle 2D 7-9PGL
Fri-Thu 09:45, 12:15, 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15 The Circle 2D 7-9PGL 14:45, 20:00; Wed 09:30, 14:45; Thu 09:30
Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45
Despicable Me 3 3D PGV Sun-Thu 09:45, 12:15, 14:45, 17:15, 19:45 The Circle 2D 7-9PGL
Despicable Me 3 3D PGV
Fri-Thu 17:15, 19:30, 21:45 Fri, Sat 09:45, 12:15, 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15 Fri,Sat 09:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15;
Fri-Thu 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30
Everything, Everything 2D 10 Despicable Me 3 3D PGV Sun 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45; Mon, Tue, Wed
Everything, Everything 2D 10 Sun-Thu 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 16:45, 19:30 09:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45; Thu 09:30, 12:00
Sat-Thu 09:45, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Fri, Sat 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 16:45, 19:30, 21:45 Despicable Me 3 3D PGV
Fri-Thu 10:00, 12:15, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45
Fri 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 The House 2D 16DLV Fri, Sat 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30, 21:45;
Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV
Fri-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15
Fri-Thu 09:15, 14:15, 19:30
Sun 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30; Mon, Tue, Wed 09:15,
11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30; Thu 09:15, 11:30
FRI 14 JULY Fri-Thu 10:00, 12:30, 15:00, 17:45, 20:00, 22:15
Jagga Jasoos 2D TBC
Transformers: The Last Knight 2D 10-12PGLV
Nul is nie niks nie 2D 7-9PG
The Odyssey 10-12PG


- THU 20 JULY Fri-Thu 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30
Fri-Thu 09:30, 15:00, 20:30
War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V
Sun-Thu 11:30, 16:45
Fri, Sat 11:30, 16:45, 21:45
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 09:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45,
20:30; Sat 09:30, 12:15, 20:30; Sun 12:15, 15:00,
Fri-Thu 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00
BROOKLYN MALL Fri-Thu 20:15 Sun-Thu 17:00, 20:00 Paris Can Wait 2D 7-9PG
STERLAND Fri 10:00, 15:15, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30; Sat 10:00,
THE CIRCLE The Mummy 2D 13HV Fri, Sat 17:00, 20:00, 23:00
Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 09:15, 12:00, 14:30, Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:15, 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15 Wonder Woman 3D 10-12PGV
12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30; Sun 12:30,
THE APES (3D) 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Baywatch 2D 16LNV 15:15, 18:00, 20:15; Tue, Wed 10:00, 12:30, 15:15,
Sun: 09:15, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30 Nul is nie niks nie 2D 7-9PG Sun-Thu 09:15, 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:30 Fri-Thu 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30 18:00, 20:15; Thu 10:00, 12:30; Mon 10:00, 15:15,

‘Marikana’ evokes deep empathy

Fri - Thu: 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30 Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:15, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30 Fri, Sat 09:15, 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:30, 22:00 18:00, 20:15
  Cars 3 (2D) PG
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s 3D 13HV Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV
Fri - Thu: 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30 Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:00, 14:30
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30,
16  BAYWATCH Fri-Thu 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30 Despicable Me 3 3D PGV War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V
Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 09:45, 12:30, 15:15, 16 Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu:   20:15; Sun 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15; Thu 09:15,
17:45, 20:15, 22:45
Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV Sun-Thu 17:15, 19:30
17:45, 20:30 Sun: 17:45, 20:15 Fri-Thu 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00 12:00;
Sun: 15:15, 17:45, 20:30 Fri, Sat 17:15, 19:30, 21:45
CARS 3 Fri-Thu 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00
  The House 2D 16DLV Wakefield 2D 16L
Fri - Thu: 09:00, 11:30, 15:00 Transformers: The Last Knight 3D 10-12PGLV Fri, Sat 09:15, 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:15, 21:45 Sun
Sun-Thu 10:15, 12:30, 15:00, 18:00, 20:15
PG  EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:15; Mon-Wed 09:15, 11:45,
Fri, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 09:00, 11:30, 14:45 10   Fri-Thu 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00 Fri, Sat 10:15, 12:30, 15:00, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30 Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV
Fri - Thu: 09:30, 11:45, 14:15 14:15, 16:45, 19:15; Thu 09:15, 11:45
Sat: 09:00, 11:30
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s 2D 13HV Sun-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15
Fri, Sat 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 23:00 War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V
ROUGH NIGHT SALAZAR’S REVENGE Fri-Thu 11:00, 14:00 Sun-Thu 17:00, 19:45


Pinto Ferreira 16
Fri, Sat, Tue: 09:45, 12:15, 14:45, 17:00, 19:30,
 13 Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu:
Sun: 14:00, 19:45
14:00, 19:45, 22:30 Wonder Woman 3D 10-12PGV Fri, Sat 17:00, 19:45, 22:30 EMPERORS PALACE
Fri-Wed 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00; Thu 11:00
Wonder Woman 2D 10-12PGV
22:00 TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST Fri-Thu 10:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30, 22:30 Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV Baywatch 2D
KNIGHT (3D) 16LNV Sun-Wed 11:45, 17:00; Fri, Sat 11:45, 17:00, 22:15
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 09:45, 12:15, 14:45,
MARIKANA – The Musical is back at The State 17:00, 19:30 10-12 PG  
Fri - Thu: 11:00, 14:15, 17:30, 20:45
Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30 Fri-Thu 09:45, 14:45, 19:30
Despicable Me 3 3D PGV
Thu 11:45
Theatre by popular demand and it is not difficult to Written and directed by: Aubrey Sekhabi 13
 PGFri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 
10:00, 12:15, 14:45,

Transformers: The Last Knight 3D 10-12PGLV
Fri-Thu 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30
Sat - Thu 09:30, 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:15, 21:30

see why. This production, a blow by blow account Showing at: The South African State Theatre Fri - Thu: 09:00, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:15 17:00, 19:30, 22:00
Sun: 10:00, 12:15, 14:45, 17:00, 19:30
Despicable Me 3 3D
Fri-Thu 09:45, 12:15, 14:30
War for the Planet of the Apes 3D
Fri 09:30, 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:15
13V Nul is nie niks nie 2D 7-9PG Spider-Man: Homecoming 10-12PGLV
of the tragic loss of 44 lives during the Marikana Runs until: August 12 KNIGHT
7-9 PG   War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V Fri-Thu 11:00, 14:00 Fri-Thu 12:15, 17:15, 22:00 Sun-Wed 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:45 ; Fri, Sat 11:30,

massacre, manages to heart-rendingly capture the Rating: HHHHI

Fri - Thu: 09:30, 11:45, 17:15
10-12 PG  SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Fri-Thu 17:00, 20:00 Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV 14:15, 17:00, 19:45, 22:30 3D Film; Thu 11:30
Fri - Thu: 11:00, 14:15, 17:30, 20:45 (3D)
human devastation it left in its wake. It poignantly WONDER WOMAN 10-12 PG  
Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 11:00, 14:00, 16:45,
THE GLEN Sun-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 VALERIAN THE CITY
adds faces to the anger, the frustration, the pain 20:00, 22:45 Fri 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 22:00
10-12 PG  Sun: 11:00, 14:00, 16:45, 20:00 The Circle 2D 7-9PGL PRE-SCREENING EVENT
Fri - Thu: 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 THE HOUSE Sat 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 23:00
and desolation of those afflicted and it evokes a Itumeleng Mmutlana, is excellent. Spider-Man: Homecoming 10-12PGLV Fri-Thu 09:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30; THU 20 JULY 20:00
ALL EYEZ ON ME Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30 Fri-Sat 09:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Transformers: The Last Knight 3D 10-12PGLV
deep empathy for the misery experienced. It is also Meshack Mavuso (as Sizwe) gives a riveting 16
Fri - Thu: 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00
 18:00, 20:30, 22:45
Sun: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30
Spider-Man: Homecoming 2D
Sat - Thu 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30
10-12PGLV Fri 17:30, 20:30 PARKVIEW
confrontational in nature. Are we, after years of performance. Aubrey Poo (as Nyoka) is magnetic
DESPICABLE ME 3 10-12 PG   KEY WEST Fri-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V
Fri, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 16:45, 20:00, 22:55 PARKVIEW
social healing, still at the place where human lives in his intensity. Simphiwe Emma Mmekwa, PG
Fri, Sat, Tue: 09:30, 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:30,
 Sat: 16:45, 20:00, 23:00
Sun: 16:45, 20:00 Baywatch 2D 16LNV Sun-Thu 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00
Despicable Me 3 3D PGV
amount to little enough to serve as a commodity Mathapelo Masilela and Siyasanga Catherine Papu
Fri-Thu 10:00, 15:00, 20:00
22:00 BROOKLYN NOUVEAU Fri 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 23:00 Mon-Sat 10:00, 12:30, 15:00, 17:45, 19:45
Despicable Me 3 3D PGV
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 09:30, 11:45, 14:15, THE ODYSSEY War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V Sat 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 23:00 Sun 12:30, 15:00, 17:45, 19:45
in settling differences? Marikana – The Musical give passionate and moving performances. 16:45, 19:30 10-12 PG 
Fri, Sat: 09:00, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45
 Fri-Thu 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30
Sun-Thu 17:00, 20:00 Fri,Sat 17:00, 20:00, Nul is nie niks nie 2D 7-9PG
The Mummy 2D 13HV
reflects on our own fallibility, but also encourages It is, however, the ensemble work that is ONCE UPON A TIME IN
Sun: 09:00, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:30
Mon - Thu: 09:00, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00
Fri-Thu 09:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:15, 19:45 23:00 Mon-Sat 09:45, 12:15, 14:45,

most impressive. The energy and intensity of

tolerance and respect for our fellow man. 16  16 Fri, Sat: 
09:00, 11:30, 14:00, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00
 Nul is nie niks nie 2D 7-9PG Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV
Sun 12:15, 14:45
Spider-Man: Homecoming 2D 10-12PGLV
Creator and director, Aubrey Sekhabi, manages the performers is electrifying. Thabo Rapoo’s Fri, Sat, Tue: 10:00, 12:30, 15:15, 17:45, 20:15,
22:30 GIFTED
Sun - Thu: 09:00, 11:30, 14:00, 17:00, 19:30 Fri-Thu 12:30, 17:45 Fri-Thu 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:45, 22:30
Mon-Sat 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15;
Spider-Man: Homecoming 3D 10-12PGLV
to package the plot in a way that is fast paced. choreography adds greatly to the powerful Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 10:00, 12:30, 15:15,
17:45, 20:15
7-9 PG 
Fri: 09:45, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 22:30
Sat: 09:45, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 22:45

Fri-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 TRADE ROUTE Sun 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15;

Although the subject matter is sombre, he succeeds performances. His authentic, yet stylised SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING PARIS CAN WAIT Sun - Thu: 09:45, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15
Transformers: The Last Knight 2D 10-12PGLV Despicable Me 3 3D PGV War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V Transformers: The Last Knight 2D 10-12PGLV
 7-9 PG
in keeping the production entertaining. movement is performed with a pronounced 10-12 PG
Fri, Sat, Tue: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 22:50

Fri: 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15

Fri-Thu 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30
Fri-Thu 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Fri-Thu 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00 Fri-Thu 17:15, 20:30
Sat: 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 22:45 Jagga Jasoos 2D TBC War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V
Composer Mpho McKenzie Matome and understanding of the intent thereof. Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00
Sun: 09:15, 11:30, 20:00
Mon, Tue: 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:45
War for the Planet of the Apes 3D 13V
Fri-Thu 10:15, 13:45, 16:45, 19:45
Wonder Woman 2D 10-12PGV
Mon-Sat 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00
Fri-Thu 14:30, 20:30
The simplicity and ruggedness of the set design
Wed, Thu: 09:15, 11:30, 14:15 Fri-Thu 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00
musical director Zakhele Mabena have created a 16  CHURCHILL Mom 2D TBC Sun 13:00, 16:00, 19:00
music score that brilliantly captures the spirit of by Wilhelm Disbergen adds to the starkness and Fri, Sat, Tue: 17:15, 19:45, 22:00 7-9 PG
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 17:15, 19:45
Fri, Sat: 09:30, 11:45, 14:00, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Fri-Thu 10:00, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30 Wonder Woman 2D 10-12PGV
Sun - Thu: 09:30, 11:45, 14:00, 17:00, 19:30
Sat 09:15 Transformers: The Last Knight 2D
the drama. The traditional songs that are sung in brutality of the content. This musical is a factually Follow us
10-12PGLV Fri-Thu 11:30, 17:30
Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 D 10-12PGLV Fri-Thu 10:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30

unison are entrancing. The band, comprising Oupa accurate and unbiased account of the Marikana MORE Fri-Thu 09:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 Thu 13:30, 16:30, 19:30

WAYS TicketLine
Makhubela, Kelvin James, Yisrael Mutale and tragedy presented with great tact and creativity. TO Standard rates apply. Free minutes do not apply.
Call us: 0861-CINEMA (246362) 08:00 - 21:00
BOOK /sterkinekortheatres APP @sterkinekor
14 TUESDAY JULY 18 2017

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Marikana: The Musical: An award-winning again, encountering along their way a host 15.00 Dora and Friends 14.00 Ispani 14.30 Muvhango 13.00 News 12.00 NCIS
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We Are Going To Kill Each Other Today: The all manner of things that go bump in the 16.00 Frenzy 16.00 Yotv 15.30 Discover Science 14.00 Mela 14.00 This Is Us
Marikana Story, by Felix Dlangamandla, night. With Gothic plot turns thrown out 16.30 The Steve Harvey Syndicated 16.30 Daily Thetha 16.00 Hectic Nine9 15.00 Beautiful Planet Specials 15.00 Kicking & Screaming
Thanduxolo Jika, Lucas Ledwaba, Sebabatso like thumbtacks on the road and a stage Show 17.28 Izwi La Bantu 17.00 Naruto 16.00 Afternoon Express 17.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Mosamo, Athandiwe Saba and Leon Sadiki. packed full of outrageous sets and costumes, 17.30 Unusual Suspects 17.30 News: Ndebele/Siswati. 17.30 News: Venda/Tsonga. 17.00 Real Talk with Anele
Meshack Mavuso and Aubrey Poo lead a Irma Vep is a visual feast that will have you
strong cast of 30 artists that unleashes a in stitches right up until the final twist. Even 18.30 eNews Direct 18.00 Nyan Nyan: (R). 18.00 7de Laan: Amorey has a 18.00 News 18.00 The Middle
blow-by-blow account of the events that led more bizarre than the cast of characters in 19.00 Rhythm City: Pearl has a 18.30 Skeem Saam guilty conscience. Vince can’t believe 18.30 The Bold and the 18.30 My Kitchen Rules
to the loss of 44 lives at the hands of police this deliciously retro whodunit is the fact chance to kill David. Cuba refuses to 19.00 News: Xhosa/Zulu. his luck when he bumps into his hero Beautiful: Thomas stands up to 19.30 Hawaii Five-O: Danny
and miners. Until August 12. that all of these lunatics, beasts, ghouls and let Kop go. Reneilwe and Kguagelo 19.30 Single Guyz in Hillside. Ridge about their current chaperones Grace’s winter formal but
Momentum Theatre: gentlefolk are played by only two actors! The have more in common than they 18.30 Nuus arrangement concerning the place he terrorists seize the venue and hold
Silent Scars is an emotive, hard-hitting work lightning-witted Jonathan Roxmouth and know. 19.00 Vlug Na Egipte holds in Douglas’ life. everyone hostage in order to kidnap a
that embodies and tackles the disintegration the inimitable Weslee Swain Lauder are to be 19.30 Scandal: Quinton makes a 19.00 Isidingo: Basetsana causes diplomat’s son.
of the inter-generational legacies that seen to be believed in what is often referred surprising discovery about a change friction between her and Lerato, and
Katherine Heigl finds her feet as a lawyer to his staff, and a strange man comes Georgie tries one more time but
seek redemption. The story is set in an to as a quick-change act. Until July 30.
expressive, impoverished and imaginary
in Doubt. to visit Grace at the hotel. The reality Nkadimeng tells him it can never
location in South Africa. The authenticity of Boniswa’s new situation hits home be and she won’t be seeing him for
of the production lies at the heart of the Joburg Theatre, 163 Civic Boulevard, 24 TO LIFE, Crime + Investigation (DStv Channel 170), very painfully for her. A spanner is a while.
storytelling, physical metaphors, mesmeric Braamfontein. 011 877 6800. 8pm thrown in the works of Scelo’s plans. 19.30 Survivor
songs and symbols to communicate what Mandela Theatre: This follows soon-to-be prisoners on their final day before
Gauteng Opera presents one of the most being incarcerated. Facing a long-term sentence, it’s their 20.00 Broken Vows 20.00 Generations - The Legacy: 20.00 News: Setswana/Sesotho. 20.30 Rustic Chakula 20.30 Shades of Blue: Harlee
many may consider to be shrapnel from the chance to right their wrongs, embrace their final hours of
past. From Wednesday until August 5. well-known and all-time favourite operas, 20.30 Chicago PD Nolwazi lashes out at Getty for 20.30 Vusaseki 21.00 Mancave learns that someone is texting
La Bohème. This “human” opera revolves freedom and say their goodbyes. In this series, we follow 21.30 Z’bondiwe – The Chase betraying her. Tau thinks he’s finally 21.00 Muvhango: James receives Cristina as her dead ex, Miguel, and
around four friends – especially two of them; two subjects per hour as they are about to embark on their rid of the thorn in his side. Tshidi finds some shocking news. Vho-Masindi the case of a missing kid leads
Brooklyn Theatre, Greenlyn Village prolonged sentence.
Centre, Shop 21, cnr Thomas Edison and Rodolfo, a poor poet who falls in love with a woman’s scarf in her love-nest. experiences some resistance from Wozniak to a local dealer who uses
13th Streets, Menlo Mimi, a neighbour in the building where they 20.30 Uzalo Vho-Makhadzi. underage mules, which reminds
live, and Marcello, who
MICHAEL MCINTYRE’S BIG SHOW, BBC Brit (DStv 21.00 1’s and 2’s 21.30 Keeping Score Loman of what their unit is all about,
Park, 012 460 6033. Channel 120), 8pm and the crew gets caught in an
La Traviata: South African has a stormy relationship Hilarious British comedian Michael McIntyre returns with a
with Musetta. Until July 23. ambush.
coloratura soprano Ilze family entertainment series that guarantees big laughs, big 21.30 Twin Peaks
Coetzee stars as Violetta in Tickets from R200 to R500. stars and big surprises. Guests featured include rap star Tiny
Verdi’s masterpiece. Joining People’s Theatre: Tempah, rock legend Bryan Adams, comedian Josh Widde-
her is tenor Filippo Adami Cinderella: Disney’s combe, pop star Ronan Keating, TV star Peter Jones, Strictly’s
from Florence and South treasured animated film Bruno Tonioli and mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins.
African baritone Douwe charms its way to the stage,
Bijkersma. In Italian with with fairy godmother DOUBT, Vuzu Amp (DStv Channel 103), 8pm
and mice in tow. The Golden Globe-nominee Katherine Heigl stars as a successful 22.00 Checkpoint 22.00 Youth Culture 22.00 It’s Gospel Time 22.00 Trending SA 22.30 The Fall: Spector’s legal team
English subtitles. From 22.30 MORE THAN JUST A 23.00 Daily Thetha: (R). 23.00 The Only One 22.00 Days of Our Lives: Jennifer are determined that he will never
July 26 to August 2. timeless, “rags to riches” defence lawyer in this legal drama, where a case is
fairy tale becomes a new complicated by her feelings for her client – a surgeon on trial GAME: A drama about political 23.00 Celebrated – Jodie Foster: 00.00 Prime Time News worries about what Nicole will ask stand trial. Anderson and Ferrington
audience favourite in for murder. prisoners playing soccer at Robben (R). 03.00 Your World Daniel to do for her. Eric reveals make a discovery from the past that
Atterbury Theatre, Island prison, where Nelson Mandela 00.00 Kuze Kose to Marlena that he and Nicole are may help Gibson build her case.
Lynnwood, Pretoria (cnr Disney’s Cinderella Kids, an
WORLD’S FUNNIEST FAILS, Discovery Family (DStv was held. Starring Presley engaged. JJ seeks advice from Daniel 23.30 Chance: (R).
Lynnwood Road and adaptation of the treasured Chweneyagae, Wright Ngubane about Paige. Hope is not thrilled to 00.30 Game of Thrones: (R).
animated film. Until July 30. Channel 136), 9pm
Daventry Street). 012 Inspired by the hit YouTube channel, FailArmy, this side-split- (2007). hear about Aiden’s unethical 01.35 Falling Water: (R).
471 1700 Tickets: R142. 00.30 TBA attmepts to get the venue for the 02.30 REGRESSION: Crime drama.
ting series features a compilation of videos showing funny
Cinderella: The classic story pranks and comical fails from around the globe, including 02.10 MORE THAN JUST A gala. John continues to push Brady Starring Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis,
of a girl, beautiful inside Tick Tock: A play that everything from gym show-offs making some serious GAME: (R). further into Theresa’s arms. Emma Watson (2015).
and out, who captures focuses on the issues that equipment fails to a dog sabotaging a wedding photoshoot. 03.55 The Close Up 23.30 Home Makeovers 04.15 MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN:
the heart of a Prince and Soapie actress Chi Mhende the country has swept This hilarious new series will showcase the best ‘epic fail viral 04.25 The Planet’s Funniest 23.40 Deutsche Welle Drama. Starring Jennifer Garner, Kylie
leaves him only a slipper stars in Chasing Chairs, at the under the carpet. The videos in the most entertaining ways possible. Animals Rogers, Martin Henderson (2016).
to find her. From July 21 to Market Theatre. piece uses metaphors
28 at 8pm. For bookings: Photo: Matthews Baloyi to emphasise issues. For TONIGHT CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WRON G INFORMATION SUPPLIED BY THE TV CHANNELS or instance, South Africa is

Sci-fi star Dekker reveals : ‘I’m gay, married and loving it’
played by a woman who is
call 083 243 8877.
caught between two men – black and white.
Tick Tock focuses on the then and now. From
Sheen’s embarked on a vegan health binge
July 20 to July 23. Tickets: R50.
CHARLIE Sheen, 51, is embracing THOMAS Dekker, 29, has come out allegedly didn’t want him to be
The Market Theatre, 56 Margaret
Mcingana St, Newtown. Bookings: a vegan diet. The Anger as gay and revealed he is married. homosexual on the programme.
Soweto Theatre, cnr Bolani Rd and
011 832 1641/2/3. Management star, who revealed The My Sister’s Keeper star took Thomas, who played Zach
Bolani Link, Jabulani, Soweto (next to
Mannie Mannim Theatre: the Jabulani Mall). Call 011 930 7461/2/3 in 2015 that he was HIV-positive, to his Twitter account to post a in the sci-fi show, wrote: “I have
Ankobia: Standard Bank Young Artist J Bobs Live – A Game Show Double Bill: has been following the health plan statement informing his fans that never lied to the press about the
Monageng Vice Motshabi’s play could not Created and hosted by venerated writer, for the past two weeks as part of a he “proudly” loves other men and fluidity of my sexuality but this
be staged at a more relevant time, when director and performer, J Bobs Tshabalala, fitness drive he’s on with his new “could not be happier” after tying man claiming that I came out
South Africans are engaging with the the two game shows to be presented are girlfriend, Julia Stambler. the knot to his husband in April. is not true. Because I have not
memory of the violence, crime and brutality Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie and Off The Sources said the actor has been He wrote: “My sexual “officially” until this moment.
of colonialism. Set in the futuristic land Record. Here, the overt flamboyance of the waking up early to go swimming orientation once again came I simply refuse to be robbed of
of Pelodikgadile, where it is forbidden to township meets the subdued vileness of
remember anything that happened before and do yoga, and he’s been eating into question this week when the glorious joy that belongs to
suburbia and the blend is as beautiful as it
the new state was formed, Motshabi’s new plenty of rice and veggie burgers, a prominent gay man used an me. To say the words myself. ‘I’m
is intriguing. A romantic blend of palates
play is a political allegory where the warriors that are very seldom paired emerges. The and washing those down with awards acceptance speech to “out” gay.’ Those words are a badge of
of yesterday are shadows of themselves. taste makes for an evening of riotous coconut water coffee. me. While he did not mention me honour that no one can steal.”
Citizens walk around dazed, in a perpetual entertainment. Every night is one of loud Charlie previously said he’s by name, the explicit details of Thomas concluded his
state of government sanctioned amnesia. chants, deafening screams, points scored, been off hard drugs for a year and his reference made it easy for the statement by thanking his fans
Their teeth sparkle but they are frozen in a bonuses earned, victories felt, losses, winners, rarely touches alcohol nowadays, public and media to connect the for all their support over the
mirthless smile. They are unable to connect losers, prizes, fines, penalties, the whole but recently admitted he has dots. While it is an odd situation, years and called on the LGBTQ
even the injustice of the past five minutes to game-show shebang. The biggest player of been suffering with “borderline I thank him because it presents community to never be ashamed
the present moment. Beyond the confines of every night is the crowd in attendance. This
this happy nation, a fiery war is being fought dementia” due to the cocktails a prime opportunity for me to of their sexuality.
is a different kind of South African Theatre
and it threatens to awaken the land from its of medication he has to take to publicy say that I am indeed a man He added: “Sexuality and who
experience. To purchase your tickets, please
sweet slumber. From Friday to August 13. visit webtickets. They are R80 per person (pre- manage HIV. who proudly loves other men. In fact, this April, I you love is a deeply personal and complicated thing.
Barney Simon Theatre: booked) and R100 (at the door). He said: “(The drugs) kept married my husband and I could not be happier.” For some of us, it takes time to cultivate, discover
Chasing Chairs is a window on the Soweto Festival: Celebrate all that is and me suppressed and alive, but I eight-year-old twins, Bob and Max, The star is believed to be referring to Heroes and conclude. It is not something anyone should
relationship of a refined and artistic couple about Soweto – the people, institutions, struggled with a constant migraine who he shares with ex-wife Brooke writer Bryan Fuller after he told the Outfest ever be ashamed of and certainly not something
poised on the cusp of middle age. Features history, arts, culture and heritage. The festival and at times, borderline dementia.” Mueller. Charlie and Julia, a bikini audience about a gay actor whose management anyone should be rushed into.”
Chi Mhende and Theo Landey. Written by showcases the best of Soweto, including But the star also insisted he is model and actress, are thought to
Sue Pam Grant and DJ Grant, and directed by movies, music, arts and crafts, food, fashion. beginning to feel like his old self have got together in March.
Nick’s broken and alone after his divorce from Mariah Carey
Sue Pam Grant. Until August 6. Entry is free. On from 10am until 5pm on again: “I’ve started to feel like The former Two and a Half Men
Saturday, July22.
myself again and back in touch star’s vegan diet isn’t the first time
Auto & General Theatre on the Square, with all aspects of my life. When he’s been on a health kick.
cnr Sandton Drive and Rivonia Road, Gold Reef City, cnr Northern Parkway
and Data Crescent, Ormonde. Call I was first diagnosed, I knew it In June 2016, the actor admitted NICK Cannon still feels “broken” boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, he said:
Sandton. Bookings: 011 883 8606 or wasn’t a death sentence but it was he was concentrating on working following his split from Mariah “She’s got a boyfriend! He’s a nice
Computicket. 011 248 5000/ 011 248 5100.
Lyric Theatre: just a giant frickin’ bummer. out and eating better. Carey. guy.”
State Fracture is a sequel to Mike van Graan’s
Pay Back the Curry. Directed by Rob van Puss in Boots: A swash-buckling spectacular “I accept the gift of being alive. I He said at the time: “Now it’s While he is very much on the Despite that, Nick, who has
Vuuren, it features Daniel Richards depicting for the whole family. Until July 23. Tickets could run and hide from this whole exercise, diet. I don’t go on benders dating circuit, the 36-year-old six-year-old twins Moroccan and
a variety of characters (and caricatures) R150 to R260. thing and not be outspoken and any more ... It was a combination rapper isn’t sure he will ever Monroe with Mariah, admitted
commenting on all things contemporary. honest and open about it, but I’ve of a lot of self-loathing and a lot of find love again because he is the pair had a “special time”
l To appear in Boardwalk, e-mail theatre
From today to July 29. chosen a path that’s the opposite.” shame that was behind it. “shattered” after their split in 2014 together and he will always be
and production-related information
to by Thursday In June, it was revealed that “I wanted to keep myself following eight years of marriage. grateful for it.
Montecasino, cnr William Nicol Drive afternoon. Put “Boardwalk” in the Charlie was dating 26-year-old divorced from reality.” Asked when he is going to let He said: “We made some
and Witkoppen Road, Fourways. Call subject line of your e-mail. Julia, the former nanny of his – Bang Showbiz his heart fall in love again, he said: amazing children together.”
“I can’t. I’m broken. I’m shattered. Mariah recently praised
“I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m Nick for being a “good guy” and
always dating. Why not? I’m a admitted it’s “not that hard” to
single man, I’m supposed to date.” co-parent with him because they
Two of the eight years can have a laugh together.
they were married were spent She said: “He’s the kids’ father
waiting for the finalisation of and he does really nice things for
their divorce in 2016, but Nick me on Mother’s Day, so yeah.
insists that there is no chance of “He’s a good guy. It’s not that
the former couple getting back hard to make it work. Now we can
together. laugh, and joke, and do the good parts of when we
Speaking about the 47-year-old star’s on-off had a relationship.”

Hough praises brother-in-law for making perfect life for his sister
DEREK Hough has thanked his and insists his sibling’s big day
sister Julianne Hough’s husband couldn’t have gone any better.
for helping her to reach the “best He said: “I could write a novel
version” of herself. about that week. Every moment
The 32-year-old dancer was a of every day was planned to
delighted observer as the Rock perfection.
of Ages star, 28, tied the knot to “It was effortless. I was
Brooks Laich, 34, last weekend, transported to another time.
and he has heaped praise on the “They were very relaxed and
NHL player for improving his didn’t seem nervous at all.
little sister’s life. “As they pulled up to the
He said: “[Laich] is just a ceremony site, Julianne waved
great guy. I said to him, ‘I’ve to all the guests. She was very
known Julianne my entire life. confident and excited.”
“I’ve seen every phase she’s Derek, who is dating fellow
gone through.’ dancer Hayley Erbert, joked he
“I’ve seen all the different will have to elope to Las Vegas if
versions of herself trying to he ties the knot one day because
figure out who she is and by far he won’t be able to match
this is the best version of her Julianne’s “incredible” nuptials.
and it’s because of him. He quipped: “I’m just gonna
“He’s definitely brought it of her. I’m so happy elope in Vegas because I’m never going to be able
for them.” to compete with this amazing wedding.
Derek was a groomsman at the couple’s “Julianne’s definitely planning [my wedding],
wedding ceremony at Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, because hers was incredible.”

s All share 53827.4 + 229.45
yesterday’s close
s Top40 47499.6 + 190.34
yesterday’s close
s Dow Jones 21646.1 + 8.37
at 7pm yesterday
s FTSE-100 7404.1 + 25.74
yesterday’s close
s Rand/Dollar 12.9238 + 0.1077
at 5pm yesterday
s Rand/Pound 16.8838 + 0.1688 l l SOUTH AFRICA’S NATIONAL FINANCIAL DAILY TUESDAY, JULY 18 2017
at 5pm yesterday
s Rand/Euro
at 5pm yesterday
l Prime Rate
14.8233 + 0.0918

10.5 Unch
s Gold
London pm
1234.1 + 3.80 Property portfolio Heriot set to list Statisticians no longer have the comfort
s Silver
London pm
s Platinum
16.01 + 0.36

930.5 + 10.90
on AltX from next week and luxury of working in isolation
London pm
s OIL 48.9 + 0.06
Companies, Page 17 Pali Lehohla, Page 16
SEPT Brent

Rand Lonmin

News shares gain

in Brief 14.82%
Mazda recalls
on the JSE​

19 000 cars in Dineo Faku
South Africa​ LONMIN, the world’s third
largest platinum producer ral-
MAZDA is recalling 19 000 lied on the JSE yesterday to
cars in South Africa due strengthen more than 10 per-

to air bag safety concerns cent in early trade at R12.36 a
as the Japanese car maker share on the news of improved
extends a global recall to mining production in the third
cover a wider manufacturing quarter to June, which resulted
period, its local unit said in it cutting costs.
yesterday. The recall was The stock firmed as the
prompted by investigations market also warmed up to the
in Japan and North America 10.8 percent increase of plat-
for three different types of inum ounce sales on the prior
Takata manufactured air
bags over safety concerns that
inflators were defective. The
China’s GDP boosts rise​ year, the higher net cash levels,
and the decision by the com-
pany to maintain its production
US National Highway Traffic guidance for the full year.
Safety Administration said Kabelo Khumalo The shares closed 14.82 per-
in July that new testing was cent higher at R12.86 on the JSE
prompting Takata to declare THE RAND yesterday hit a two- yesterday.
2.7 million air bag inflators week high against the dollar, The up-tick came despite the
defective in Ford, Nissan and supported by better than ex- Chinese migrant workers rest outside a construction site during lunch time in the central business district of Beijing, China, yester- 3 percent decline in the aver-
Mazda vehicles. Takata air bag pected second quarter gross do- day. China’s gross domestic product rose 6.9 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier. Photo: EPA age rand platinum group met-
inflators have been linked to mestic product (GDP) numbers als (PGM) on the prior year to
17 deaths and more than 180 in China. R11 506 an ounce, Lonmin chief

China’s economy in healthy expansion​

injuries worldwide, and the The local unit breached executive Ben Magara said.
recalls will eventually cover the R13 psychological barrier “We had a pleasing oper-
about 125 million inflators. against the dollar as the green- ational performance all round
– Reuters back continued to nurse losses and continue with our decisive
after last week’s underwhelm- work and aim to be at least
ing inflation and retail sales cash neutral, even at current
Tanzania fine
data from the US. Elias Glenn product (GDP) forecasts for say are long overdue but pain- low PGM prices and a strong
The rand strengthened and Kevin Yao China for 2017, although ful reforms, such as restructur- rand,” Magara said.
for Vodacom​ more than 1 percent to R12.9238 Beijing some moderation in growth ing massive state firm debt. “We continue to find levers
against the dollar at 5pm from is expected later this year as The president said at the to pull, in this “lower prices
VODACOM, South Africa’s Friday’s R13.03, while it firmed main movers of the market at CHINA’S economy expanded policymakers’ efforts to rein
China’s growth of National Financial Work Con- for longer” environment and to
biggest mobile network by to R16.84 against the pound and this stage in the US.” faster than expected in the in property and debt risks retail sales in the ference on the weekend that make the improvement of our
subscribers, has been fined
945 million Tanzanian shillings
rose to R14.81 against the euro.
The rand’s recent bullish
News that China, the world’s
second largest economy and a
second quarter, setting the
country on course to com-
weigh on activity.
“In general, we expect GDP
second quarter he wanted to give China’s
central bank a bigger role in
performance a priority. I am
particularly pleased that our
(R5.42m) for registering SIM run marks a sharp turnaround key driver for emerging mar- fortably meet its 2017 growth growth to remain robust in dealing with risks in the finan- net cash has improved.”
cards without demanding for the unit, which last week hit kets’ growth, had over-per- target and giving policymakers the second half, but slower cial system. Lonmin also recorded a
identity cards among others, a high of R13.61 to the dollar formed boosted sentiment in room to tackle big economic than the first half, due to Retail spending and factory With risks rising in some 4.7 percent drop in unit costs
the Tanzania Communications as it struggled to shrug off the international markets on global challenges ahead of key leader- the high base,” Citi econo- output were also bright spots parts of the economy due to quarter-on-quarter to R11 278
Regulatory Authority said. hangover from the ANC’s policy growth prospects during the ship changes later this year. mists said in a research note. in the first half. Retail sales leveraged investments and an ounce while maintaining
The fine was also as a result of conference and the suggested second quarter. The boost to growth was in “Looking ahead, uncertainty growth picked up to 10.8 per- over-borrowing, officials need its full-year sales guidance of
Vodacom Tanzania registering nationalisation of the Reserve China also reinforced recov- part driven by firmer exports remains on investment and cent in the second quarter to carefully balance support 650 000 ounces to 680 000 ounces.
SIM cards with unauthorised Bank. But on Wednesday, the eries for commodity exporters. and production, in particular trade.” The bank has raised its from 10 percent in the first for growth with risk controls. Net cash during the period
identity cards, registering SIM rand exhibited signs of life The National Bureau of Statis- steel, which could heighten 2017 annual GDP projection to quarter, a calculation based on However, analysts say that also improved to $86 million,
cards without taking photos after the US Federal Reserve tics of China said the Chinese trade tensions as the US and 6.8 percent year-on-year from official data showed. Factory the central bank is likely to sit up from $75m recorded during
of subscribers, registering adopted a dovish tone to its economy grew at 6.9 percent China begin economic talks 6.6 percent previously. output also picked up in the tight for now. the end of the second quarter.
SIM cards without the monetary policy. year-on-year in the second this week. US President Don- The robust numbers kept second quarter, though the “Based on this data, there Lonmin, which was the
subscriber’s confirmation of It strengthened further on quarter, beating the target of ald Trump has made the US world shares near a record 6.9 percent growth for the is no need for easing and no scene of the Marikana mas-
particulars by signing; and for Friday as US inflation numbers 6.5 percent target set by the trade deficit with China a top high and briefly helped first half was only a slight need really for tightening sacre in mid-August 2012, con-
registering SIM cards using fell outside the Fed’s target government. agenda item in bilateral talks China’s major stock indexes pick up from recent quarters. either, because inflationary tinued to be rocked by commun-
other person’s identification ranges and retail sales fell for In May, Moody’s downgraded and has also flagged the steel recoup earlier losses. pressures are very much con- ity unrest in May, when youth
documents. “Malpractice in a second consecutive month in China’s credit rating for the trade as a point of contention. The second quarter num- tained. So I think the PBoC of the area demanded jobs.
SIM card registration in this June. first time in nearly three dec- China’s gross domestic bers put the economy on a Welcome news (People’s Bank of China) just
era when more criminals Allet Opperman, an analyst ades on concerns over its debt. product rose 6.9 percent in strong footing to meet China’s The improving economy is no continues to be watchful,”
go digital, national security at TreasuryOne, said momen- Last month, the World Bank the second quarter from a growth target of around doubt welcome news ahead of said Craig James, chief econo- Relations
must be taken with great tum was on the rand’s side fol- forecast that global economic year earlier, the same rate as 6.5 percent in 2017, which an autumn congress of the rul- mist for Commonwealth Se- Magara said the company was
concern,” it said. Vodacom lowing international develop- growth will strengthen to 2.7 the first quarter, the National would give policymakers ing Communist Party of China, curities in Sydney. working with community lead-
Tanzania’s counterparts Airtel ments and local moves to percent in 2017 as a pickup Bureau of Statistics said yes- room to defuse financial risks. at which President Xi Jinping is The stronger growth also ers to rebuild relations. He also
Tanzania, Tigo and Halotel stabilise the ailing state-owned in manufacturing and trade, terday. That was higher than While growth in the widely expected to tighten his means officials will have more said Lonmin had help from
were also fined following an enterprises. rising market confidence and analysts’ expectations of a high-flying property sector grip on power, with leadership room to address the growing labour and other key stake-
investigation in December. The Opperman noted that the stabilising commodity prices 6.8 percent expansion. has cooled this year, a re- keen to ensure a smooth run-up debt problem, as China con- holders to assist to create a
companies have until October rand was also boosted by the allow growth to resume in the Economic data from the bound in exports after several to the meetings. tinues to place controlling risk stable operating environment.
14 to make the payments. – news that Dudu Myeni would commodity-exporting emerging second quarter has prompted years of decline has helped A consolidation of power and deleveraging at the fore- “Contractors have also been
Dineo Faku not serve another term as the market and developing econ- a number of analysts to up- prevent any broader slow- could give Xi more clout to front of financial policy this engaged, where possible, to
chair of the beleaguered SA omies. grade their gross domestic down in China’s economy. push through what analysts year. – Reuters make opportunities for job cre-
Airways. The bank further said ation for community members.
Servest cleans “The weakness of the dollar growth in emerging markets “Generally the community

500 Click stores​ has helped risky currencies in

the short term as the bad infla-
and developing economies
would pick up to 4.1 percent this momentum indicators which The positive Chinese data R49.42, and Lonmin rose 14.82 to continue their improvement
relations around the operations
are improving,” he said.
tion number will cause some year from 3.5 percent in 2016. showed it was straying into also helped resources stocks on percent to R12.86 following the in the short term. Rene Hochreiter, a mining
INTEGRATED facilities jitters within the Fed, as a hike Tiffany Pollock, an analyst oversold territory last week, the local bourse inch higher. release of an improved quar- “The rand continues to analyst, Noah Capital Markets,
management company Servest in December is becoming less at Merchant West, said the rand while bets on a modest Fed- Global resources miner and terly production report. exhibit short-term technical said yesterday that the results
Group yesterday completed a likely,” Opperman said. had regained its appeal. eral Reserve rate hike path trader Glencore was up 0.52 Analysts from Momentum improvement aided by the loss were testament that Lonmin
contract to clean an additional “News out of the Fed will be “Technically, the rand has have helped to retain its yield percent to R54.24, while Gold SP Reid said the rand and South of traction in the greenback,” was able to manage its costs
40 stores of leading healthcare watched closely as they are the been getting support from appeal,” Pollock said. Fields was up 0.82 percent to African equities were expected the analysts said. and respond well to to the low
and pharmaceutical retailer, platinum price environment.
Clicks, in the Western Cape. “Most people have said that
Servest will now provide Lonmin is going to be the first
cleaning services to all casualty to succumb to the low
500 Clicks stores in South
Africa. Servest is a 51 percent
majority black-owned facilities
Spotlight on Uber after clashes with SA metered-taxi industry​ platinum price – these results
have proved them wrong,” said
management company with “Up to now it did not seem
a footprint in 10 African possible that South African pro-

countries. The company ANA cently published in a govern- lished a call for submissions ducers can reduce their input
employs more than 4 500 ment gazette. for stakeholders and the public costs, and Lonmin has shown
workers in the Cape Town COMPETITION between the The scope of the inquiry to provide evidence and infor- that it can cut its costs.”
area. Servest has successfully traditional metered-taxi indus- includes price setting mechan- mation that will assist it to Hochreiter also said that
partnered with Clicks for the try and ride-hailing app Uber isms, price regulation, trans- The amount of formulate sound recommenda- Lonmin’s management changes
last two years. – ANA will come under scrutiny when port planning, allocation of public passenger tions. It said submissions about at 4B shaft helped improve the
the Competition Commission
begins a market inquiry into
subsidies, route allocation, and
licensing requirements among
transport in SA the state of competition in the
industry should be detailed
company’s fortunes.
He said he remained opti-
the public passenger transport other things. In essence, the and views or opinions should mistic that Lonmin would meet
sector. The market inquiry commission seeks to under- needs of between 70 percent to be substantiated. The closing its annual production guidance.
comes after the commission stand the market dynamics 80 percent of the population. date for full submissions is Au- Lonmin bought the remain-
received numerous complaints across the entire value chain. The commission said it has gust 24. ing 7.5 percent stake in the Pan-
relating to public transport in It said a market inquiry was identified road and rail pub- Meanwhile, Uber South Af- dora platinum operation from
the country. a general investigation into the lic passenger transport as rel- rica said yesterday that it had Northam Platinum.
The metered taxi indus- state, nature and form of com- evant for this inquiry, includ- requested an urgent meeting Full ownership of Pandora
PUBLISHED IN THE STAR, CAPE try has been at loggerheads petition in a market, rather ing minibus taxis, localised with the ministers of police would allow Lonmin to extend
TIMES, THE MERCURY AND with Uber drivers since the than a narrow investigation and metered taxis, app-based and transport to address the the mining at Saffy shaft fur-
taxi-hailing app was launched of specific conduct by any par- taxi services, Metrorail, and ongoing war between its part- ther on strike east and west of
NEWSPAPERS (PTY) LTD in South Africa. Uber is ac- ticular firm. the Gautrain. ner drivers and the traditional the shaft, and it also allowed it
cused of “stealing business” This particular market The guidelines for partici- metered taxi industry, espe- to defer more than R2.6 billion
EDITORIAL: (011) 633 2484 and operating illegally. inquiry seeks to address con- pating in the inquiry seek to cially in Gauteng. of allocated capital expenditure
Yesterday, the commission cerns that there may be fea- provide for a fair opportunity An Uber partner driver, required for the further deep-
FAX: (011) 838 2693
E-MAIL: called for submissions into the tures that prevent, distort or and a transparent process for Lindelani Mashau, died yes- ening of Saffy shaft, of which
ADVERTISING: (011) 639 7100 Public Passenger Transport restrict competition in a sector all stakeholders. terday after suffering serious The Uber app logo on a mobile telephone. The Competition Com- R1.6bn would be over the next
SPECIAL PROJECTS:(011) 639 7176 Market Inquiry, which was re- that caters for the transport The commission also pub- burn wounds. mission is to start a market inquiry in South Africa. Photo: Reuters four years.
16 Tuesday, July 18 2017 BUSINESS REPORT


Opinion&Analysis Get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors. –
Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz investor.

Why decisions must be driven by a fact-based world view​

pared statisticians.
This has catapulted them to the high

INSIDE table of society – captured so succinctly

by the World War II President of the US,

STATISTICS​​ Harry S Truman, and Deputy President

Ramaphosa of South Africa – where the
difference between the whorehouse and
beerhall debates on the one hand are not
easily discernible from the world of debates
Dr Pali Lehohla in politics.
This is where they, the statisticians,

have to first make sense of not how society
arry S Truman, former presi- should be organised, but the reality of how
dent of the US, who served society has decided to organise itself – the
as the commander-in-chief of subject of human endeavour.
the US military during the
final months of World War
II, said this about his career choices: “My
choice early in life was either to be a piano
player in a whorehouse or a politician.
Statisticians no longer have
And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any
the comfort and luxury of
South African’s Deputy President Cyril
Ramaphosa says, at times parliamentary
working in isolated, rarefied
debates bear no difference from those of
a beerhall. What then could be the role of
spaces from whence they
statistics in this rather murky world of
politics that have the same difference as a
monopolise whatever
whorehouse or a beerhall?
The profession and life of statisti-
technology there is.​ Harry S Truman Photo: SUPPLIED
cians is facing ever increasing leadership
demands, including career threats, as the sphere of evidence-based decision-making
paradigm for evidence-based decision mak- This is in order for statisticians to shed as one from skiing on the broad, smooth
ing becomes apparent and places decision light on how sustainable development goals and safe surface of the saw to one where
support systems and decisions – that is can be achieved by providing decision sup- the statistician is skiing on the serrated
statistics and politics – at the apex of the port platforms of description, analysis, side of the saw.
being of society. diagnostics, prediction, prescription and Thus making statistics a career car-
Statisticians, therefore, no longer have adaptation to the disciplines of decision ries immense risks. Furthermore I would
the comfort and luxury of working in iso- making and decision makers. asserts that a successful interface of statis-
lated and rarefied spaces from whence they These crucial stages of statistical meas- tical evidence and political decisions comes
monopolise whatever technology there is urement can no longer be undertaken in about through maturity in leadership in an
and throw their toil over the wall for policy rarefied environments as the emerging Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. The writer says Ramaphosa at times argues that Parliamentary debates bear no difference from accountable and democratic state.
to catch and for them, the policy makers, and corporeal needs of the material world those in a beerhall.  Photo: David Ritchie New terminology in the world of tech-
to try and make sense of the complex Pan- imply continuous engagement among nology and concomitant abundance of data
dora’s box of statistics. Technology has decision support systems-statistics – and Europe in 1998, focused on this dilemma. He moving into and it is the one where offi- The decisions should be driven by a imbue concepts such as big data, citizen
diffused the clear cut era of a Chinese wall decision making – politics. made some profound observations about cial statistics as an information system fact-based world view. Innovation is crucial science, alternative facts and fake news.
between statistics and policy and the end The question then is do statisticians the purveyors of information and the risk constitutes the corner stone of evidence as the famous physicist, Geoffrey West, Patrick Moynihan, the US senator,
of this classical manifestation of a wall appreciate and understand the policy profile of each in the information and deci- and trust. argues quite correctly that unbounded sys- warned us that you are entitled to your
is nigh. imperatives? Are they alive to the attendant sion making market place. However, he goes on to point out the pre- tems can only survive through continuous own opinions, but not your own facts.
Through technological advances, the risks which in the main are political and In this regard he provided a succinct conditions for existence of such a society innovation but whose speed is accelerating Statistics is a conduit of trust and sta-
nexus of numbers and space have now been partisan or perceived as such when their narrative of interpretation of statistics and argues that such a world is where free- in time, if the system is to avoid collapse. tistical facts are crucial in driving sound
solved and become a tool for facilitating inevitable task has to relate and actively and decisions. He profiled the responsibil- doms of citizens are guaranteed, literacy Statistics is about evidence, politics is politics as they constitute a crucial and
collaboration across society. engage the discipline of decision support ities and risk behaviours of statisticians, and competency levels for choice are pro- about decisions. A plan formalises the essential disinfectant of the syndrome of
A three-dimensional world is now in the systems to that of decisions? scientists and politicians in the production, gressively enabled and assured and infor- relationship between the disciplines of the “whorehouse and beerhall-like politics
hands of everyone. But more importantly Are politicians, policy practitioners and understanding and application of evidence. mation is available to everyone, available evidence and decisions. Technology is the and their political management”.
a four-dimensional reality is within reach society alive to the dilemma that statisti- He then poses the question of what world everywhere and available simultaneously. matrimonial platform where the vows
of society as time can now be factored on cians and conveyors of decision support in relation to the production and use of Like the late Hans Rosling, Spinner is about consummation of conjugal obliga- Dr Pali Lehohla is South Africa Statistician-
the fly into the material world. systems carry and confront in the emergent evidence should we construct. acutely aware that the precondition of tions of evidence and decisions are facili- General and Head of Statistics South Africa
The science of where – location – which and new normal? He comes to the conclusion that the such a world where information is power tated, taken and performed. and this is an abridged version of a paper he
is the heart beat of politics, has caught the Helmut Spinner, addressing the statis- information society is a world where infor- is where there is a clear distinction and I would assert therefore that the new presented at the ISI on Statistical Governance in
quiet, and quite unprepared, and underpre- ticians of the Economic Commission for mation is power and it is the one we are choice of actions. and emergent task of statisticians in the Marrakech, Morocco.

It’s time to open up value chains to black entrepreneurs​

entrepreneurial skills there. lier is a result of that process. It is therefore The context of the document is to be are desperate times that require strong and cises as it seeks to accelerate enterprise
Through Fabcos, we were able to achieve proper to commend Busa for the effort, and welcomed, and I wish to share a few obser- bold leadership. and supplier development.

EMERGING a lot of what has eluded many since the

advent of democracy. One of the major
for sharing this concept document publicly,
and to solicit comments and debate.
First, the document rightly tackles the
Busa’s assertion is that the word “racial”
in its context of economic transformation
In agreeing, however, it does not mean
contentment with the status quo, it means

​​BUSINESSES​ achievements then was the creation of

the second black bank after African Bank,
Future Bank, a joint venture between Fab-
The document is elaborate, but I will
extol within it what it terms four elements
which are tabulated below as follows:
issue of corruption, but seems to take aim
at the public sector. It is silent in dealing
with collusive and monopolistic behaviour
seeks to deracialise the economy. Granted!
But it should desist from cherry-picking
and go on with it! We cannot afford petty
efforts to increase black ownership of the
major sectors of the economy must be
intensified. However, we need new innov-
cos and Wesbank, underwritten by what n Enable transformation culture in busi- of large companies. notions that become self-serving postur- ative and creative ways of achieving it,

Xolani Qubeka
was then the R300 million South African ness with systematic initiatives and devel- If it is serious about inclusive growth it ing with the potential to harden attitudes rather than throttling aspirant black invest-
Black Taxi Association (Sabta) Book. Sabta oping a research base that demonstrates needs to demonstrate a balanced approach on all sides. There is danger of turning ors with huge debts that would take longer

was led by the late entrepreneur of note, the economic value of diversity. to deal with corruption. transformation into a racial issue, which than forever to service or yield dividends.
USINESS Unity South Africa and Mabuza’s mentor, James Ngcoya, who n Enterprise development support, in- Secondly, it has introduced new terms it is not. It is about economic equilibrium. The architects of the original BBBEE
(Busa) recently unveiled its pos- was also the president of Fabcos. cluding how to scale and support the and seems to be shying away from accept- We all agree that the apartheid eco- framework, in my view, had a jaundiced
ition document under the heading Besides Future Bank, Fabcos also owned Black Industrialist Programme, industry able terms that form part of government nomic architecture has to be dismantled, view of economic transformation, and
“Business approach to Black Eco- an insurance company, Afsure, a chain development programmes with sectors policy, such as “Black Economic Trans- and replaced by a more inclusive, dynamic would have known better of the unintended
nomic Transformation for Inclu- of service stations in partnership with and leveraging the SME Fund. formation” instead of Black Economic economy with the potential to instigate consequences of placing the type of bur-
sive Growth”. Total South Africa at the back of the taxi n Skills development for current and Empowerment, and “Racial Economic accelerated economic development that densome compliance mechanisms, know-
But first thing first. I wish to congratu- industry, a Sabta branded minibus taxi in Transformation” instead of Radical Eco- befits all. ing that very few black companies could
late Jabu Mabuza, an exceptional individ- partnership with Nissan, the list is long. nomic Transformation. The issue of ownership relating to meet those thresholds.
ual whom I define as a family friend whose I recall what I deemed to be an ordinary This is a worrying aspect of this docu- purchase of white owned assets by black In fact I am left with the view that points
friendship I cherish, for the honorary doc-
torate bestowed on him by the University
day when Mabuza invited me to his then
home in Waterkloof. He took out what was
I hope that business ment and the thinking behind it. It would
be worrisome if big business is bent on
investors as central strategy of BEE
remains contentious, and comes at a much
to a collusive deliberate strategy to keep
the economic ownership patterns intact,
of Witwatersrand last week, “in recogni-
tion of his achievements in entrepreneur-
his special bottle of whisky that he had put
aside for the day his bank balance reached a will desist from any taking a negative stance of propagating
against government policy on this par-
greater cost for black entrepreneurs. perhaps I am wrong. Twenty-three years
later we are still grappling with the same
ship and contribution towards the growth
of the South African economy”.
milestone set for himself of a R1 million. I
cannot recall the brand name but I remem- activities that seem ticular matter, and therefore taking an
emotional position opposed to the ruling Divested
issues, with most of those limited gains
being hugely reversed.
In sharing his acceptance speech with
me, Jabu also sent me a few photos of him
ber sharing that special moment with him.
to continue party’s terminology.
It talks to what I earlier termed “second
We have seen how most of these trans-
actions resulted in black investors having
I therefore welcome Busa’s assertion
on the need to accelerate enterprise and
and a few friends taken at the ceremony,
and these are individuals that themselves Social partners with box ticking guessing the term Radical Economic Trans-
formation as a narrative”. Notwithstand-
divested early from some of these trans-
actions, sometimes at a greater loss, and
supplier development, and for established
big business to play a much more pivotal
contributed immensely to economic trans- A few weeks ago I commented on, among ing the current political posturing from with original owners retaking control and role in opening up their major value chains
formation during apartheid under the aus- others, radical economic transformation and fronting exercises.​ all angles, the notion of radical economic reverting to historical ownership patterns. to 100 percent black owned companies.
pices of various formations as affiliates (RET) and the role all Nedlac social part- transformation was adopted during the Whilst it is important to deracialise the To this end, we need to see increased
of Fabcos. ners could play in debating this notion. Mangaung conference and therefore forms economy, the more practical and effective activity aimed at placing enormous resour-
Of course it was Mabuza who recruited I said “Jabu Mabuza must use his part of government policy. strategy for me will be to create and sup- ces towards supporting and scaling up and
me back in 1988 when I was president of powerful office as president of both Busa future needs, including leveraging the The role of the private sector is therefore port emerging businesses that are 100 per- bridging the capability gap of SMMEs by
the Afro Hairdressing & Beauty Associ- and BLSA to lead his constituency in de- Ikusasa Students Financial Aid pro- to debate and build consensus around it cent black owned and controlled, and for large businesses, and dismantle control
ation of South Africa (Ahbasa), to affili- bating RET as a policy imperative, instead gramme, and implementing a widespread and to harmonise all strategies and actions them to be integrated into the major value of major supply chains by “old boys club”
ate Ahbasa with Fabcos, an invitation I of second guessing it”. mentorship programme. that seek to find inclusive solutions from chains of large, established businesses. suppliers.
do not regret, and for Fabcos then was I am pleased that, of course, Busa had n Employment promotion, particularly an economic and business point of view. I therefore concur with Busa’s position
“the Harvard of Hard knocks”. Many of already embarked on the process of devel- of youth, including the YES initiative and As business we cannot afford to play on ownership, and hope that business will Xolani Qubeka is the chief executive of Small
us, including Eskom acting group chief oping its position on economic transforma- other systematic contributors to sustain- politics. But we can strengthen dialogue so desist from any activities that seem to con- Business Development Institute. His e-mail
executive Johnny Dladla, ploughed our tion, and the position paper alluded to ear- able employment. as to not confuse the masses out there, these tinue with box ticking and fronting exer- address:


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Heriot to list on AltX Oando confirms zz IN BRIEF
being investigated​ Sales rise 0.5% to reach R42.5bn​ MASSMART​

from the next week​ Kabelo Khumalo

DUAL-listed Oando yesterday

confirmed that it was under
investigation by Nigeria’s Se-
MASSMART, which owns local brands such as Game, Makro
and Builder’s Warehouse, reported yesterday that total sales for
the half year to June 25 amounted to R42.5 billion, representing
an increase of 0.5 percent over the prior comparable period.
Comparable store sales decreased by 1.6 percent and product

‘JSE granted it a listing of all of its issued ordinary shares’​ curities and Exchange Com-
mission (SEC) over alleged
malpractices in its financial
inflation was estimated at 3.2 percent. The company has
previously said that the marked differences in the performances
of food and non-food categories across the country and in most
Sandile Mchunu Heriot’s introduction into said. statements, but said the claims parts of sub-Saharan Africa, were caused by weak consumer

HERIOT REIT has said that

it would officially list on the
AltX next Monday under the
the property market was
through the industrial sector,
with properties underpinned
by triple net, long-term leases
Anticipated distri-
The group also added that
through its subsidiaries and
its interest in Heriot Trust 1
and Heriot Trust 3, it owns a
were “defamatory and unsub-
At the heart of the allega-
tions against the Lagos-based
spending, especially on discretionary items, and low consumer
confidence. “Consequently at a group level, our total sales growth
in food (being food and liquor) is 3 percent and in non-food
(being general merchandise, home improvement and cellular)
diversified portfolio of 44 prop-
Diversified Reit sector after the
“JSE granted it a listing of all
that facilitated quick growth
of its asset base. Today, Heriot
bution per share erties across the retail, indus-
integrated energy solutions
group is the alleged disgruntle-
is minus 2.9 percent,” Massmart said. The company said total
and comparable sales growths from its South African stores
of its issued ordinary shares” owns 20 industrial properties after May 2018 trial and commercial sectors. ment by some of the company’s were 1.7 percent and minus 0.2 percent, respectively. There were
and with its share code. valued at R1.58bn. “The properties are situ- investors in relation to changes positive comparable sales growths in Game, Masswarehouse and
The group said its issued It is also now a property hold- ated in areas with high growth in the shareholding structure Massbuild. Massmart’s financial results for the 26 weeks to June

share capital would comprise of ing and investment company Heriot owns twelve retail potential. The group’s invest- following the 2014 acquisi- 25, 2017, will be released on the Stock Exchange News Service of
255 637 135 ordinary shares of that is invested in industrial, centres with a GLA of 119 981m² ment strategy is to purchase tion of the Nigerian assets of the JSE on August 24, 2017. Massmart shares gained 0.63 percent
no par value and approximately retail, residential, specialised in central business districts yield-enhancing assets that US-based ConocoPhillips. on the JSE yesterday to close at R105.94. – Sizwe Dlamini
R2.55 billion market capitalisa- and commercial properties in (CBDs), townships and rural can offer consistent long-term Ayotola Jagun, Oando’s
tion. South Africa. areas that focus on the mass rental income growth,” the chief compliance officer and The purchase BHP BILLITON​
Heriot was founded by Heriot Properties, which market, bringing shopping to group said. company secretary, said the price of
current chief executive Ste-
ven Herring in 1998 with the
holds approximately 70 percent
of the properties comprising
the people.
“The centres, valued at
Going forward, the board
of Heriot is confident that it
complaint against it was devoid
of facts and was confident the
ConocoPhilips Canadian potash venture under fire​
purpose of growing a property the portfolio and which is a R2.09bn are anchored by a high will deliver a distribution of SEC would dismiss it. in 2014 BHP BILLITON’S plan to enter the potash market with a
portfolio that generated sus- wholly-owned subsidiary of the percentage of national tenants 72 cents a share for the year “The company understands contentious $13 billion (R169.22bn) project in Canada is adding to
tainable long-term cash flows company, generated sustainable with long-term leases and high ending May 2018. that the SEC is in receipt of cor- plans to increase its oil produc- challenges facing the incoming chairperson of the world biggest
from blue chip tenants. long-term cash flows from blue trading densities that ensure The board currently has six respondence containing (in our tion capacity to 100 000 barrels mining company. Ken MacKenzie, a 53-year-old board member
It was incorporated and chip tenants. the sustainability of Heriot’s directors; three independent opinion) unsubstantiated, mis- per day (bpd) over a five-year who takes up the role in September, currently is on a global tour
registered as a private com- The group has grown in cash flows. The property port- non-executive directors in Nel- leading and defamatory claims period, up from 42 500 bpd after to meet investors in the wake of an activist campaign in recent
pany in April, but converted to leaps and bounds since incep- folio further includes seven son Ngale, Trevor Cohen and with respect to various mat- buying ConocoPhillips’ Niger months spearheaded by Elliott Management. Issues of concern
a fully fledged public company tion. In 2003, Heriot Properties office properties, including Selwyn Blieden, chairperson ters that had already received Delta assets. for some shareholders include the producer’s US onshore oil and
last month. diversified its portfolio with the Heriot’s head office located in Dave Friend and chief financial board, shareholder and where The company earlier this gas assets and its plans to accelerate the Jansen potash venture.
The company’s financial development of a 1 500m² retail the prestigious mixed-use pre- officer Janys Finn as well the required SEC approval. year recorded a profit after-tax Proceeding with Jansen risks a “severe strategic misstep,”
year end is May 31. centre. cinct, Melrose Arch,” the group chief executive. “The company is fully of 3.5bn naira (R144m) in the according to Sanford C Bernstein analyst Paul Gait, as the new
co-operating with the SEC in year ended December, marking supply would risk depressing prices by delaying to about 2036 the
the discharge of its duties as a return to profitability after a ability of the potash market to work through overcapacity. Paul
the capital markets regulator two-year loss. In December the Singer’s Elliott went public in April with a campaign seeking
by providing all appropriate company completed a partial asset sales and a corporate overhaul, claiming management
clarifications and rebuttals on divestment of its 49 percent decisions have eroded as much as $40bn in value. “Potash is going
the matters raised in the said stake in its subsidiary Oando to be a big, big decision and I get the feeling most people in the
correspondence,” Jagun said. Gas and Power to Helios Invest- market are fairly cautious,” said Andy Forster, senior investment
The two investors who are ment in a deal worth $115m. officer at Argo Investments, which manages more than A$5bn
said to have approached the Shares in the company (R51bn) and holds BHP’s Sydney-listed shares. Investors are
SEC to launch an investiga- closed on a one-month low yes- looking to MacKenzie to show he’ll be “more disciplined in the
tion into Oando are said to be terday on news that the Niger- capital-allocation process,” he said. BHP declined to comment
Nigerian businessman Dahiru ian regulator was looking into on talks with investors on the Jansen project. Potash demand
Mangal and Italian business- the affairs – they fell 9.5 percent could double by the late 2040s to develop into a $50bn market, Paul
man Gabriel Volpi. in Nigerian bourse, while its Burnside, BHP’s principal, potash analysis, said yesterday in a
In 2014, Oando, which is shares saw no movement on blog post on the company’s website. – Bloomberg
listed on both the Nigerian and the local bourse, with its share
Johannesburg stock exchan- price stagnant at 25 cents a SAP
ges, bought ConocoPhillips share.
Nigeria’s upstream business for
$1.5 billion (R19.52bn), at the
Jagun said that media
reports on the case had hurt
Software giant SAP hires US law firm
time the biggest acquisition in the company. JOHANNESBURG: South Africa’s opposition DA said yesterday
the upstream oil and gas sector “Any damaging information it would file a criminal complaint against German software giant
by a Nigerian company. in the public domain could have SAP over allegations of corruption involving friends of President
The company had said it a material impact on Oando.” Jacob Zuma. SAP, Europe’s top technology company, last week
put four senior managers in South Africa on leave and opened
an investigation into reports that dragged the company into an
escalating influence-peddling scandal. South African media
reported last week that SAP paid kickbacks to CAD House, a
firm partly owned by the politically connected Gupta family and
 Zuma’s son Duduzane. The payments allegedly helped SAP clinch
 a deal worth R1 billion with rail and logistics company Transnet.
CAD House sells 3-D printers and has no software experience that
would make it a logical go-between for SAP and Transnet. “The
DA has reason to believe SAP South Africa procured the services
of CAD House purely because they wanted access to its owners,
Duduzane Zuma and the Guptas,” the DA said in a statement.
“The DA will, therefore, proceed to lay charges of corruption and
AfriSam’s proposed merger with PPC may reach an accord soon and would create an African cement giant. Photo: Simphiwe Mbokazi money laundering against (SAP South Africa and CAD House).”
Reuters has not been able to independently verify the allegations.

PPC issues its fifth cautionary notice​

A Gupta spokesperson, CAD House, SAP and a spokesperson for
 Zuma did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The
Guptas, Indian-born South Africans, and Zuma have previously
    denied wrongdoing. SAP has hired an independent international
law firm based in the US to conduct an external investigation and
Sandile Mchunu panies would result in the cre- tion Commission approval. domestic product growth had will run its own internal inquiry. – Reuters

PPC ISSUED a fifth cautionary

announcement to its sharehold-
ation of a South African-owned
cement producer well placed
to develop as a major African
PPC’s share price was up
1.68 percent in the afternoon
to trade at R4.85. However, by
disappointed, averaging only
1 percent over the past three
years. “We expect a slight
Sanlam in the process SAA​
ers about the proposed merger
talks it is involved with Afri-
Sam. This follows four other
cement producer. The merger
talks between the two compan-
ies have been going on since
the end of the day it closed at
R4.93 a share.
Both companies have oper-
improvement to 2 percent fore-
cast only in 2019,” it said.
It also noted that consumer
to build a new rally​ No cover up in alleged corruption​
THE SOUTH African Airways (SAA) board of directors yesterday
announcements in February, 2014. However, it is only now ations in African countries. confidence had been muted assured the public that it would not cover up corruption at the
March, May and June, issued that the talks look like they may AfriSam has a cement plant in mainly due to consumers being state-owned airline following a Sunday newspaper report that it
since the beginning of the year. lead to a successful merger. Tanzania and PPC has plants downbeat on the economic Colin Abrams Traders can buy it on minor paid R4.5 billion to overseas companies for long-term contracts.
“Shareholders are advised When the talks gained in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the outlook and their personal pull-back from current levels, The board also said action taken against anyone accused of
that the due diligence assess- momentum in March, AfriSam Democratic Republic of Congo finances. AFTER a recent slide, San- eg at the R65.50 level. criminality must have factual basis and be legally sustainable. “It
ment and the discussions chief executive Stephan Olivier and Ethiopia. The companies “Over the past few years, lam’s share price is consolidat- Then once it closes above is important to understand the status these reports enjoy within
regarding the proposed mer- said that he was stepping down, are battling with government’s public sector expenditure on ing and building up for a new R67.50 expect the new rally to the business and the processes the company has embarked upon
ger are still in progress and, declining to extend his con- low infrastructure spend, tough infrastructure in the provinces rally, as shown on its chart. accelerate to a target of R70 to before conclusions are made on the basis of any aspect of such
if implemented, may have a tract with the company. Rob competition, low cement prices has consistently exceeded the Sanlam – Rally potential. R70.50 for a short-term trade. reports,” it said. Investigations were previously commissioned by
material impact on the price of Wessels has since taken over and the dumping of cheap allocated budget, while this Recommendation: Buy on a But protect your trade by exit- SAA to look into financial losses incurred by the company. “The
the company’s shares. Accord- from Olivier as acting chief cement from Asia. Combin- has been the opposite in local pullback. ing (selling) if the price closes board has looked into those reports and concluded that, as matters
ingly, shareholders are advised executive until the outcome ing the two companies will government and with state Current Trend: Short-term below R63.80. stand, they are incomplete.” It was finalising these reports,
to continue exercising caution of the merger talks have been strengthen their market share owned companies – 86 percent sideways, but improving. including soliciting input from all affected parties and executive
when dealing in securities of finalised. in the continent. of public sector infrastructure A sharp sell-off in Sanlam’s Colin Abrams is an independent management. City Press claimed that two forensic reports in
the company until such time The value of the proposed In South Africa, the group spend is executed by provincial share price over May/June technical analyst. To subscribe to its possession reveal how SAA Technical, which maintains
a further announcement is merger is not known, as it is said during the presentation government, local government reached a supporting trendline more recommendations by the and services the fleets of the national airline and several other
made,” the group said. still in its early stages. It will of its year results to end and state owned enterprises,” and the price is stabilising right author, or attend his courses, please carriers, “flouted procurement regulations and extended
A merger between the com- also have to pass the Competi- March, that the real gross the group said. now, building up for a rally. go to contracts several times without going to tender”. – Dineo Faku

International trade in rhino horn remains prohibited, says the DEA

Xinhua This came after a South part of his massive stockpile of to be able to trade nationally, regulations and legislation in a manner that is not detri-
African private game rancher rhino horns in a global online according to Modise. with regard to the domestic mental to the survival of the
THE South African govern- used social websites to ad- auction scheduled for August “The planned sale of rhino commercial trade in rhino species in the wild, Modise
ment strongly denied reports vertise an online auction of 21. horn by private rhino owners horn will have to be complied noted.
yesterday that it had approved rhino horns, sparking concern Hume won a series of court relates to domestic trade only,” with. South Africa, home to about
international trade in rhino that this could undermine the battles earlier this year to over- Modise said. “This means that the buy- 90 percent of the world’s rhino
horns. 40-year-old international ban turn the eight-year-old mora- “The DEA can confirm that ers and the seller would have population, bears the brunt of
“The commercial inter- on rhino horn trading. torium on the domestic sale of it has received an application to abide by all laws applicable rhino poaching, having lost
national trade in rhino horn “The DEA would like to rhino horns. to sell rhino horn by means of within the borders of South 1 175 rhinos to poaching in
is, and remains, prohibited emphasise that international Although a Constitutional an online rhino auction from a Africa,” Modise added. 2015.
in terms of all international trade in rhino horns would be Court order on April 5 this private owner and is in the pro- The South African govern- The government introduced
protocols that South Africa illegal in terms of domestic year set aside the moratorium cess of evaluating the applica- ment and the DEA remained the moratorium on rhino horn
is party to, particularly the regulations and South Africa’s on the domestic trade in rhino tion in line with the provisions committed to a well-regulated trade eight years ago to curb
Convention on International international obligations,” horns, it is subject to the issu- of the Threatened or Protected process implementing its do- rhino poaching.
Trade in Species of Fauna and said DEA spokesperson Albi ing of the relevant permits Species Regulations,” Modise mestic legislation, as well as But private ranchers say
Flora (Cites),” said the Depart- Modise. in terms of the relevant laws, said. all the Cites provisions, to that the moratorium has failed
ment of Environmental Affairs South African rhino breeder regulations and applicable “In terms of the auction, it manage the trade in endan- to stop the scourge, and there- Rhino have been poached for their horns and thousands of ani-
(DEA). John Hume is planning to sell provincial legislation in order should be noted that national gered species, such as rhino, fore should be lifted. mals have been killed in the last 10 years.  Photo: Armand Hough
18 Tuesday, July 18 2017 BUSINESS REPORT

Sales Representative: Lawrence Mofokeng
South African Local
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N SOUTH AFRICA, tion of applicable laws and
attention to the import- improved oversight function
ance and role of local by councils.
government is on the rise Moreover, as SALGA we
– fuelled by public and are encouraged to note that
media interest in the 2015/2016 our efforts at the Anti-Corrup-
report of the Auditor General tion Summit, which saw all
and the role of municipalities municipalities pledge to fight
in socio – economic transform- corruption and maladminis-
ation. tration, are bearing fruit by

Councillor Mpho Khunou, implementing a consequences
the National Municipal Fi- and accountability manage-
nance Working Group Chair- ment system.
person of the South African Management appears to be
Local Government Associ- stable at levels around 50%,
ation (SALGA) discusses the the Auditor-General’s report
progress made and interven- states. We will not rest until
tions to improve operational we achieve our 100% target in
performance and financial in- this regard.
tegrity of municipalities and That said, we all need to

municipal entities. support municipalities to en-
Local government is the sure the successful implemen-
mirror of the state of democ- tation of their programmes.
racy in our country. That is why as SALGA we
It is not just another sphere call on all citizens, business
of government but the critical customers and government
layer that is closest to the departments to pay timeously
people for the provision of for services and settle their
services that meet their basic arrears.

needs. Municipalities are cur-
As stewards of service de- rently battling with a R128 bil-
livery we rely on working in lion arrears bill countrywide
close partnership with local and that has a knock-on effect
citizens, businesses, civil so- on the service delivery value
ciety entities and government chain.
institutions to ensure sustain- Whilst municipalities have
able futures. a responsibility to provide
In this regard, SALGA sustainable services, citizens,
welcomes the Auditor Gener- businesses and indeed govern-

al’s report which, in the face ment departments also have
of tough economic times for a responsibility to pay for the
our country, reflects improve- services they use.
ments in the audit results of a Councillor Mpho Khunou, the Conversely, SALGA is also
number of municipalities for National Municipal Finance working to find lasting solu-
the past financial year. Working Group Chairperson tions to challenges faced by
This positive trend needs to of the South African Local municipalities that owe Es-
be maintained. Government Association kom and a multi stakeholder
We are optimistic that the team has been set up to deal
results of the next audit cycle with the issue.
will be even much better as we In conclusion, we wish to
continue with interventions to an integrated working model clean audit. the best skills for positive re- sults. finalised. The current number We have put mechanisms in acknowledge the support and
build capacity, offer technical between various Divisions, This interactive capacity sults in service delivery and At the beginning of this has whittled down to only 44. place to enhance this positive guidance we receive from na-
and operational support, and Directorates, COGTA and Na- building programme equips financial integrity. term of Local Government the KwazuluNatal, Gauteng trajectory and limit regression tional government through
advice on best practice innov- tional Treasury. municipal administrators with It is encouraging that the audit outcomes reflected only and Western Cape are the by empowering councillors to the Department of CoGTA,
ations to assist Municipalities MASP progressively assists skills in governance, financial Auditor General reported 16 audited municipalities who provinces that reflect the perform their oversight role the business community, civil
in improving their audit out- municipalities either to im- management, project manage- an improvement in quality received unqualified opinions municipalities with the bulk effectively and enhance ac- society institutions and all the
comes. prove their audit outcomes in ment, procurement, credible of submitted financial state- with no other matters or clean of the positive audit outcomes, countability and consequence communities we serve.
Among these forward-look- cases where the audit opinion reporting on performance ments in the 2015/16 financial audits. although in terms of the re- management. Despite llimited resour-
ing interventions is the Mu- is qualified or worse; or to against predetermined object- year compared to the previous The record shows that the sults for 2015/16 audit cycle Special attention should ces at our disposal we will
nicipal Audit Support Pro- maintain their audit outcome ives and compliance with laws year. That means our interven- number stands at 66 now. Over the Eastern Cape and Lim- be paid towards reversing the continue to work towards de-
gramme (MASP) through in cases where the audit opin- and regulations, among other. tions are paying dividends. the same period, 96 munici- popo made some significant high levels of unauthorised, livering basic services for an
which SALGA has developed a ion is unqualified and to grad- It also encourages munici- Working together we con- palities received adverse improvements compared to irregular, fruitless and waste- improved quality of life and
collaborative culture based on ually work towards attaining a palities to attract and retain tinue to achieve positive re- disclaimers and audits not the prior year. ful through the implementa- dignity for all.


Sales Representative: Lawrence Mofokeng
Writer: Musa Ndlangamandla
Published in The Star, Pretoria News, The Mercury & Cape Times
Audit and Risk Indaba 2017
Promoting ethical leadership, sustaining
CIGFARO workshop l Proper and effective proced-
ures, systems and policies;
concludes successfully l Progression towards ISO
with renewed zeal to standards in every area of
weakness to ensure best prac-
foster high standards and

financial health of municipalities

accountability in public l Technological and innov-
ative interventions towards
finance and governance. automation and less human
intervention; and,
l Clear audit trails which
BY MUSA NDLANGAMANDLA makes compliance monitoring
THE Chartered Institute for
Government Finance, Audit AUDIT AND RISK
and Risk Officers (CIGFARO)
Audit and Risk Indaba 2017 INDABA 2017
wrapped up in Cape Town with AWARDS WINNERS
clear propositions on the way Internal Auditor of the
forward to promote ethical year 2017
leadership and pursue value Winner: Amos Twala (Nkan-
for money in service delivery, gala D Municipality);
by assisting municipalities and 1st runner up: Njabulo Si-
public entities improve their funda (Nkomazi).
audit outcomes in a sustain- Risk officer of the year
able manner. 2017
A major highlight of the Winner: Musawakhe Khumalo
CIGFARO workshop was the (Ekurhuleni);
declaration of zero tolerance 1st runner up: Patrick Baloyi
to fraud, maladministration, (Nkangala).
non-compliance and corrup- Performance Specialist
tion. These were identified as l Ms Gaobotse Mogorosi
maladies that result in inflated (Nkangala)
costs, poor service delivery, and Njabulo Woman Manager of the
delays in projects. Sifunda year
Another highlight was (Internal l Ms Margaret Skosana
a pledge by the multi-stake- Auditor – (Nkangala)
holder contingent who partici- Nkomazi
pated in the seminar to foster a Municipality) Tebogo Gafane (Chairperson Risk Fraud & Corruption – Nkangala Municipality) Gaobotse Mogorosi COUNTDOWN TO
consequences and accountabil- Patrick Baloyi (Performance Manager – Nkangala Municipality) Amos Twala ( Chief Auditor Executive - Nkangala CIGFARO ANNUAL
ity management framework to (Risk Officer Municipality) Skosana Margaret ( Municipal Manager – Nkangala Municipality) Mthimunye Tinny ( MMC
ensure that each rand spent is - Nkangala Finance - Nkangala Municipality) Malatjie Linah ( Executive Mayor - Nkangala Municipality) Patrick Baloyi NATIONAL
to the service of the people. Municipality) (Risk Officer - Nkangala Municipality) Nkuli Swana (CEO Arms Audit Solution Host Sponsor) CONFERENCE 2017
The membership of CIG- Date: Monday 9 to Thursday
FARO, which until last year 11 October, 2017.
was the Institute for Municipal Venue: Cape Town
Finance Officers, is made up by Auditor General Kimi Mak- hands of the organisation’s management practices,” Min- make necessary changes for “Most public servants are driver. However, the cost of International Convention
of accountants and auditors wetu and CIGFARO President members. ister van Rooyen said. improvement in their various honest and ethical. We need to compliance and its impact on Centre.
from government and public Dr Krish Kumar, among others. He urged CIGFARO to pull Meanwhile, Auditor Gen- areas of responsibility. weed out the few bad apples. the bottom line must be con- Theme of Conference:
institutions. The successful colloquium out all the stops to ensure eral Makwetu urged CIGFARO “A clean audit is an indica- “The cost of delivery of ser- sidered. “Sustaining Service Deliv-
Among its objectives is the was attended by mayors, coun- youth empowerment, groom- to continue with its activities tor of a government entity’s vices and value for money are “Compliance measures must ery amidst the Challenging
development of skills in Muni- cillors, municipal managers ing and upskilling of the next of promoting good governance strategic positioning and its key issues relating to procure- add value and we should move Economic Climate”
cipal Finance, Audit, Risk and and other local government generation of finance, audit through the members’ contri- ability to implement this strat- ment. There should be a zero away from reporting just for the This event will bring
Performance Management in administrators, professionals and risk officers. bution to transparency in, and egy in an accountable manner, tolerance approach to fraud sake of reporting,” he said. together over 1500 thought
the Public Sector. from various sectors, govern- Minister van Rooyen em- accountability for, the use of hence creating a solid foun- and corruption and non-com- leaders comprising national,
CIGFARO also works to- ment officials, business, civil phasised that transformation public resources, as well as dation for service delivery to pliance,” Dr Kumar said. CIGFARO CALL provincial, and municipal au-
wards the promotion of the society representatives and of the sector was crucial. the promotion of efficient, ef- the benefit of the citizens of He said the starting point thorities, and major players
interests of the profession of academia. “A vital and often over- fective and economic public South Africa,” he said. is knowing what areas have TO ACTION in the local government and
public finance officers and re- The theme was: ‘Inculcat- looked element of delivering administration. On the other hand, CIG- the highest potential for viola- CIGFARO Vice President public sector finance, audit and
lated professions. ing Ethical Culture through sustainable services is the in- Makwetu said for the pro- FARO President Dr Kumar tions and deal decisively with General Sidwell Mofokeng ex- risk eco-system.
The 2017 Audit and Risk Governance Processes.’ culcation of an ethical culture cess of achieving a clean audit thanked the minister, auditor such. plained that at the end of the Besides the panel discus-
Indaba was attended by over Minister van Rooyen hailed in governance processes. to be effective, those charged general and all stakeholders “We need to move towards Audit and Risk Indaba 2017 sions, interactive debates and
500 people and headlined by a CIGFARO for its pursuit of ex- “A lack of ethical culture with governance and manage- for supporting and protecting audits and compliance based delegates resolved to main- high-level networking, there
keynote address by Minister cellence, saying such a stance often exposes the nation to ment must be open to discuss- the interests of the public on outcomes rather than out- taining and sustaining the will be an exhibition hall
of Cooperative Governance bodes well for the state of gov- risks such as theft, fraud, con- ing tough issues. through strict enforcement puts and actions. financial health of munici- where various companies will
and Traditional Affairs, Des ernment finances, which are flict of interest, nepotism, and He said they should be will- of the organisation’s Code of “Outcomes will ensure best palities and public entities by, showcase their products and
van Rooyen and presentations being held in the very capable deviation from supply chain ing to seize opportunities to Conduct. value. Outcomes should be the among other things, ensuring: services.
BUSINESS REPORT Tuesday, July 18 2017

When bigger is better
Sales Representative: Lawrence Mofokeng
Writer: Musa Ndlangamandla
Published in The Star, Pretoria News, The Mercury & Cape Times Municipality
Nkangala leads with dream loses its shine
Some stones
financial integrity are just too
big to sell off
and gets another Susan Taylor

clean audit
IN THE mysterious world of
diamond mining, it turns out
that some stones are too big
to sell.
Canada’s Lucara Diamond
Corp will have to cut its tennis
ball-sized rough diamond to
Executive find a buyer, industry insiders
Mayor say, following Sotheby’s failed
auction for the world’s largest
Councillor uncut stone last summer.
Linah It’s not the ending that
William Lamb wanted for his
Malatjie 1 109-carat stone, named “Le-
sedi La Rona”, or “Our Light”
in the national language of A model shows off the 1 109 carat “Lesedi La Rona”, the largest gem quality rough diamond dis-
Botswana where it was mined. covered in more than 100 years, during a sale preview at Sotheby’s auction house in London last
“It’s only the second stone month.  Photo: Reuters
recovered in the history of hu-

1 109
manity over 1 000 carats. Why other benefits from the stone, golan president’s daughter
would you want to polish it?” said independent diamond Isobel dos Santos, Swissdiam
said Lucara’s chief executive. analyst Paul Zimnisky. International and Rare Dia-
“The stone in the rough
form contains untold poten-
carats – it’s only the “There’s the value of a
particular diamond, but then
mond House (RDH).
It would be a mistake for
tial… As soon as you polish it second ever found there’s also a story behind the Lucara to hold on to the Le-
into one solution, everything to be over 1 000 second-largest rough diamond sedi, said Oded Mansori, RDH
else is gone.” ever recovered in modern managing director. “Maybe
Lamb had gambled that ul- ing system that can dramatic- time,” he said. next week, there will be a lar-
tra-rich collectors, who buy ally swing values. “Just from a publicity ger stone.”
and sell precious art works for Stones in the hundreds of standpoint, nobody knew what New technology means
record-breaking sums at auc- carats come with additional Lucara Diamond was when miners like Gem Diamonds,
tion, would do the same with risk, from the multi-mil- they recovered that stone… Lucapa Diamond, Petra Dia-
a diamond in the raw. lion-dollar price tags and now they’re probably one of monds and Letseng Diamonds
The unprecedented bet cutting process that can take the most recognised names.” are unearthing more mega-
failed. months or years, to capricious Lamb, a former De Beers stones intact rather than
Bidding for the 2.5 to 3 bil- customer demand. executive, says it’s unlikely breaking the brittle crystals.
lion-year-old stone stalled at There is a “very, very small Lucara can sell the stone for Lucara, which installed a
$61 million (R788m) – short of universe” of companies with its desired price and polishing Large Diamond Recovery ma-
the $70 million reserve. the skill, money and network the Lesedi itself is risky. chine, using X-ray transmis-
“When is a diamond too to polish and sell the Lesedi, Another option is for the sion sensors (XRT), recovered
big? I think we have found which will likely take two to Vancouver-based miner to the Lesedi, an 813-carat and
that when you go above 1 000 four days for the first laser cut, partner with one or more 374-carat stone, over two days.
carats, it is too big – certainly said Lamb. companies to cut and sell the A Dubai trading com-
from the aspect of analysing But after Lucara’s public stone. “We’ve already done our pany paid a record $63m for
the stones with the technol- auction, potential buyers now homework,” Lamb said. “You Lucara’s 813-carat “Constella-
ogy available,” said Panmure know what the market is will- don’t take a stone like this and tion”, while Graff bought the
Gordon mining analyst Kieron ing to pay, said Edahn Golan, give it to the second best.” 374-carat stone for $17.5m.
Hodgson. of Edahn Golan Diamond Industry sources agree that “Miners have more ad-
“At the end of the day, it’s Research & Data. “Maybe it’s high-profile British diamond vanced technology, this is why
about understanding what the worth waiting a couple of dealer Laurence Graff makes we see these large stones com-
stone can produce. And the years,” he said. the list of potential partners, ing up all of a sudden,” said
industry now doesn’t work on While Lucara does not need but beyond that, opinions vary. Mansori. “I think that Mother
hunches as much as it used to the money, investors may not Lucara could work with Nature has some more sur-
20-30 years ago.” have that patience. a consortium, sources said, prises waiting for us.”
An arcane business, the Lamb said the unsold stone including Cora International, Lamb won’t take that bet.
By Musa Ndlangamandla goods that provides opportunities within l Woman of the year award 2016/17 – Mu- diamond industry has no spot “weighs heavily” on the stock, Diamcad, the so-called “King “Don’t hold your breath.

the district. “I know I speak for many nicipal Manager – Women in Leadership market trading, no guarantee which is down more than 30 of Diamonds” Lev Leviev, There’s no guarantee that
HEN it comes to man- fellow business people in the district when seminar. that “roughs” will yield any percent from late last year. Mouawad, Tache Diamonds, there’s going to be a next one,”
aging public funds in a I congratulate Executive Mayor Malatjie l The ZK Mathews award 2016 / – rec- value, and a punishing grad- To be sure, Lucara has seen Optimum Diamonds, the An- he said. – Reuters
manner that is beyond and her team for achieving sterling audit ognition for good governance and well
reproach Nkangala results year and year. run/ managed municipality by the ruling
District Municipality “This goes a long way to boost investor party in Government ( ANC- January 8
has once again proved to be a shining confidence and attract more businesses to statement)

Air bag maker Takata braces for hit​

beacon of clean governance, with the invest in our district, and indeed country. “Surely, these milestones and multiple
auditor-general (AG) Kimi Makwetu giv- “Clean audits are a major driver of awards confirm our motto: ‘We are des-
ing the institution its second consecutive inward investment as people looking to tined for Excellence’. They are a dem-
clean audit in the 2015-16 report. set up businesses and employ people are onstration that we are well on the road
Executive Mayor Councillor Linah guaranteed that the government is clean towards realising the dictates of the Na-
Malatjie says achieving financial integrity and that basic services are delivered effi- tional Development Plan (NDP) whose Tom Hals and Tina Bellon
is a major priority for the district muni- ciently,” said Keith Jordaan, a business- goal is to eliminate poverty and reduce Wilmington
cipality, attributing the feat to strong in- man. inequality by 2030.
ternal control systems, effective manage- Jordaan added that that for residents, “Our role as the Nkangala District THE global recall of Takata
ment structures, financial integrity and and business alike, such an achievement Municipality in the overall NDP vision Corp’s defective air bags wid-
efficient oversight mechanisms. means that there are strong institutions is in the creation of a responsive, ac- ened last week and the number
The district also has a fully functional and systems within the district which countable, effective and efficient local gov- of confirmed deaths rose, but
Performance Management and Evalua- they can approach with their concerns for ernment administration which is people legal experts said the bigger
tion System to ensure the smooth flow of speedy solutions without having to pay a driven and adheres to the prescripts of worry for car companies caught
service delivery system and timely inter- bribe or engage in corrupt activities. service delivery excellence,” Skosana said. in the fallout is playing out in
ventions to plug deficiencies. In an interview Skosana (the munici- “The district has spent 48% and 50% a Delaware bankruptcy court-
Besides the two consecutive clean aud- pal manager) explained that apart from of the total expenditure on service de- room.
its of 2014/15 and 2015/16 financial years, the clean audit the district was also hon- livery projects to the benefit of our local Earlier this month, people
the district obtained unqualified audit oured by reputable organisations. municipalities in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 injured by the air bags, which
opinion since 2002 to 2013 consecutively. Nkangala District Municipality re- financial years respectively, contributing degrade over time and can
“The outstanding achievement is an ceived the following outstanding recogni- to our vision of improving the lives of our inflate with excessive force,
indication of the sterling management tion awards on areas of good governance people,” Skosana said. were appointed to their own
team led by the Municipal Manager, Mar- from the Chartered Institute of Govern- Meanwhile, Executive Mayor Malatjie official committee in the
garet Skosana, committed officials and ance, Audit and Risk Officers: expressed gratitude to Councillors and Japanese company’s US bank-
visionary councillors. l The best Municipality in areas of good the various Council Committees for the ruptcy, giving them a powerful
“Indeed, the clean audits are a testa- governance Internal Audit 2015 /16 ( CIG- support and guidance leading to the fulfil- voice in the proceedings.
ment to the team effort and hard work that FARO Conference) ment of Nkangala District Municipality This unusual committee,
each and every one at Nkangala District l Best Internal Auditor 2016/17( Audit mandate. which includes people whose
Municipality puts into their day to day and Risk Indaba) She also paid special tribute to all Exec- cars lost value due to the
activities. l Best Performance practitioners utive Mayors and Councillors of Local recall, will be pitted against
“I am proud of the sacrifice and dedi- 2016/2017( Audit and Risk Indaba) Municipalities, Management, Officials, Honda Motor Co, Toyota Motor
cation of the team members and would l Runner up best Risk Officer 2016/2017( community Structures and Stakeholders Corp, and other vehicle makers.
like to urge everyone to continue being Audit and Risk Indaba) for their hard work and dedication. The car companies have
faithful stewards of the communities we been trying to use the bank-
serve, and South Africa as a whole,” said ruptcy to limit their liability for
Cllr. Malatjie. installing the faulty air bags,
Nkangala is one of the three districts said Kevin Dean, a Motley Rice A woman stands next to a Takata logo at a vehicle showroom in Tokyo, Japan.  Photo: Reuters
of Mpumalanga province and it is situated attorney who represents in-
in Middelburg. Nkangala District Muni- jured drivers on the committee. who are likely more interested to compensate consumers and and gather contributions from
cipality is made up of Victor Khanye, Because the committee has in the future of the business $850 million in restitution for insurers and other potentially
Dr J.S. Moroka, Emalahleni, Emakhaz- official status, Takata must than compensation disputes. vehicle makers. liable parties, who in return
eni, Steve Tshwete, and Thembisile local provide it with funds which can Both committees were ap- get shielded from ongoing
municipalities. be used to investigate the car pointed by the US Trustee’s litigation.
According to the 2011 Census, the popu- maker’s liability or to challenge Office, the arm of the US De- Compensation Fund Vehicle makers would likely
lation is over one million. Nkangala is at financial assumptions. Without partment of Justice that acts as Facing up to $50 billion in demand similar legal protec-
the economic heartbeat of Mpumalanga a committee, plaintiffs’ lawyers a bankruptcy watchdog. liability, Takata filed for bank- tions in return for contributing
and is rich in minerals and natural re- would typically have to pay for Seventeen fatalities, includ- ruptcy in June in Japan and the to a Takata fund, and the com-
sources. that themselves. ing one confirmed last week, US with a plan to sell its non- mittee will likely hire experts
Its economy is dominated by electricity, Municipal “If I were a plaintiffs’ law- and at least 180 injuries have air bag operations for $1.6 bil- to challenge those proposals,
manufacturing and mining. These sec- Manager: yer, this would be a golden been tied to Takata’s air bags lion to Key Safety Systems, bankruptcy experts said.
tors are followed by community services, Margaret goose for me,” said John Pot- since at least 2009. which is owned by China’s Some experts said they
trade, finance, transport, agriculture and Skosana tow, a professor at the Univer- Last week, the National Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. expected the parties to avoid
construction. sity of Michigan Law School, of Highway Traffic Safety Ad- Its air bag business would protracted legal battles which
The district is host to the Maputo the appointment of the special ministration widened a global continue to make replacements have marred other product
corridor which brings increased poten- committee. recall of the air bags, which for the 125 million recalled liability bankruptcies like those
tial for economic growth and tourism Takata, Honda, Toyota and regulators expect to ultimately inflators. involving asbestos.
development. Nkangala district neighbors General Motors Co declined to cover 69 million cars and 125 Takata said in its Chapter Pottow, at the University
provinces like Limpopo, Gauteng, North comment. million inflators. Most defect- 11 filings that it would create of Michigan Law School, cau-
West and KwaZulu-Natal. Bankruptcies typically only ive air bags have not been a fund to compensate future tioned that may not be so
The proximity to Gauteng opens up have one official creditors com- replaced. injuries stemming from the air simple.
opportunities to a larger market, which is mittee. In the Takata case, the In January, Takata entered bags. “We’re in pretty novel ter-
of benefit to the district’s agricultural and committee of injured drivers a settlement with the US De- Companies that wind up rain here, given the amount
manufacturing sectors. will sit alongside another made partment of Justice, setting bankrupt due to faulty prod- of parties and the recall in-
There is further potential in exporting up of suppliers and vendors, aside $125 million (R1.6 billion) ucts often set up such funds, volved.” – Reuters
20 PRICES ::: e-mail inquiries to Tuesday, July 18 2017 BUSINESS REPORT

Rand touches 2-week highs, JSE gains

How to read this table.
Name: Abbreviated Company Name
Close: Market close
DM: Day’s move in cents
YM%: Last 12 months percentage move
PE: Price/Earnings ratio.
DY: Dividend Yield
VOL: Day’s volume FTSE/JSE Africa Index Series
Suspended shares are followed by -S). Reuters said currency dealer at Treasury, Meanwhile, stocks ticked up, led Graph of the day
All Share Index 53827 0.43 Elec & E Equip 14683 0.39 Mining Index 23277 0.50
One Andre Botha. by buying coming back into Lon- Top 40 Index 47500 0.40 Eqty Inv Instr 4976 0.77 Mobile Telecomm 232 1.13
Name Close DM YM% PE DY VOL THE RAND reached its firmest On Friday, South Africa said it min after it cut costs and boosted Financials Indx 41434 0.56 Fin & Ind 30 76013 0.40 Non-life Insur 64493 -0.97
Resource 10 32491 0.37 Fin Services 3897 0.18 Oil & Gas Index 7196 0
Oil & Gas Producers
level in two weeks yesterday as the had suspended the implementa- third quarter mining performance. Industrial 25 73114 0.35 Fin & Ind Index 7958 0.41 Oil & Gas Prod 38690 0
ERIN 2705 0 8.20 - 3.01 - 0 suspension of new mining laws tion of new mining laws, which The benchmark JSE Top40 in- Financial 15 15072 0.69 Fxd Ln Telecom 2130 0.33 Othr Mineral Ex 6963 0.37

MONTAUK 2500 98 66.67 5.54 1.58 7 106 and weak data from the US pushed included raising the level of shares dex ticked up 0.4 percent to 47 99.60 Mid Cap Indx 72409 0.71 Fledgling Indx 7459 0.32 Personal Goods 1087 0.85
Small Cap Indx 58970 0.29 Food & Drug Ret 11333 0.11 Pharm & Biotech 28439 -0.37
OANDO 25 0 - 50.00 23.81 - 2 960 the currency past crucial technical black people should own in mining points, while the all share index Alt-X Index 1237 -0.25 Food Producers 9491 0.70 Platinum Mining 18 3.37
SACOIL 18 0 - 25.00 - 2.29 - 148 746 levels and lured back investors firms, pending a court ruling on a gained 0.43 percent to 53 827.41 All Share Indst 80921 0.34 Forstry & Paper 61876 0.59 RlEst Dev&Serv 1472 -0.01
Chemicals Alt-X 15 Index 461 -0.68 Gen Industrials 176 0.97 Real Estate Ind 594 0
hungry for high yields. challenge lodged by the Chamber points. Alt Energy Indx 22048 0 Gen Retailers 6484 0.53 REIT Index 918 0.02
AECI 11072 76 27.63 13.54 3.93 123 065
AFROX 1950 1 2.47 10.30 4.82 3 423
At 5pm, the rand was bid of Mines. Lonmin’s share price rose to its Auto & Parts 4300 0.05 Gold Mining 1251 -0.41 Resources 18245 0.51
Banks Index 7530 0.87 Hlth Equip&Serv 8065 0.04 SA Listed Prop 650 0.14
DELTA 100 0 - 12.28 3.52 100.00 0 at R12.9238 to the dollar, 10.77c The announcement of the highest level in more than a month Basic Materials 22866 0.51 Health Care Idx 7485 -0.15 Software & Comp 1160 -1.65
OMNIA 13588 39 - 15.93 15.42 2.50 80 943 stronger than at the same time on laws in mid-June saw the rand after buying came into the pre- Beverages Index 233 -0.75 Household Goods 469 0.40 Support Service 1964 -0.13
ROLFES 500 2 60.26 7.98 2.00 26 123 Friday, softer than the session-best slide 2 percent and mining shares viously oversold platinum miner Chemicals Index 19633 0.32 Industr Eng Idx 6367 -0.57 Tech Hardw & Eq 1911 0
Coal Mining 12654 2.70 Ind Met & Min 10349 2.69 Technology Indx 54089 -1.65
SASOL 37990 115 - 4.44 11.78 3.66 990 124 R12.89. plunge, and prompted a warning when it cut more costs and im- Constr & Mat 20 2.04 Ind Transport 156 0.81 Telecomms Index 7118 1.08
SPANJAARD 348 0 - 26.58 56.13 4.60 0 from ratings agency Moody’s that proved its mining performance in
“The disappointing US inflation Consumer Goods 77388 0.53 Industrials Idx 46349 0.96 Tobaco Index 11458 -0.15
Forestry & Paper Consumer Serv 20681 0.04 Leisure Goods 1343 0 Travel&Leisure 4992 0.60
MONDILTD 34556 246 27.62 15.63 2.35 534 209 numbers and the mothballing of the new rules would deter invest- its third quarter. Dev Capital 1147 0 Life Insurance 36565 1.05 Venture Capital 258 0
MONDIPLC 34587 227 28.10 15.64 2.35 511 701 the mining charter, that momen- ment, raise costs and diminish Lonmin advanced 14.82 percent Diamonds Mining 410 0 Media Index 589 -0.07

SAPPI 9078 28 29.74 10.32 1.64 1 777 781 tum is still coming through today,” cashflow generation. to close at R12.86.
YORK 265 -5 4.33 3.68 - 2 504
Industrial Metals & Mining
ARCMITTAL 500 -12 - 42.53 - 2.05 - 360 493
EHSV -S 165 0 0.00 - 0.64 - 0 Name Close DM YM% PE DY VOL Name Close DM YM% PE DY VOL Name Close DM YM% PE DY VOL Name Close DM YM% PE DY VOL
FERRUM 2 0 - 66.67 - 1.27 - 216 944
ADCORP 1334 -7 - 31.52 - 47.81 1.50 5 217 BLUETEL 1552 36 - 21.77 12.04 2.32 535 091 TRANSCAP 1473 -1 31.52 17.73 2.24 51 264 NAMPAK 6%P 170 0 - 33.33 - - 0
HULAMIN 649 0 6.39 5.45 2.31 33 353
CARTRACK 1350 1 40.62 15.88 4.07 3 705 HUGE 785 0 46.73 29.85 - 2 073 TRUSTCO 430 0 14.67 6.08 1.72 110 290 NAMPAK 6.5 150 0 - 44.44 - - 0
INSIMBI 116 0 3.57 10.67 1.29 51 500
COMMAND -S 27 0 0.00 3.53 - 0 MTN GROUP 12300 130 - 14.41 - 159.74 5.69 4 277 621 ZEDER 668 8 - 5.11 - 14.06 1.65 540 428 NEDBANK-P 907 7 - 2.99 - - 58 368
KUMBA 17577 369 30.51 6.44 - 814 360 Equity Investment Instruments
CSG 118 -5 - 10.61 6.08 4.24 39 128 VODACOM 17429 208 2.74 18.88 4.76 2 000 508 NTC PREF 8010 -90 - 5.76 - - 1 500
ZCI -S 398 0 0.00 6.32 - 0 Banks
ELBGROUP 1870 0 6.86 - 5.74 1.71 0 AND 90 0 157.14 - 22.39 - 0 PHOENIX-P 3300 100 323.08 - - 1 938
HUDACO 12550 -25 19.52 10.18 4.26 19 451 B-AFRICA 14657 121 0.39 8.28 7.03 2 539 628 BRIMST-N 1275 0 9.91 26.56 3.29 3 715 PSGFIN PREF 7800 0 1.30 - - 6 548
BUILDMX 24 0 60.00 - 1.74 - 0
INTEWASTE 78 0 4.00 7.85 - 0 CAPITEC 84077 827 37.65 25.63 1.49 125 446 BRIMSTON 1300 0 - 11.56 - - 0 RAC PREFS 2300 0 24.46 - - 236 551
COAL 43 -1 - 28.33 - 4.94 - 726 396
MARSHALL 2000 0 11.11 19.17 2.45 0 FINBOND 345 0 7.81 18.55 2.11 7 501 GAIA 800 0 - 10.11 12.20 7.94 0 REX TRUE6% 120 0 - 21.05 - - 0
EXXARO 10010 263 20.60 7.46 5.00 1 421 036
METROFILE 430 -15 - 10.97 13.83 7.44 332 117 FIRSTRAND 5035 27 7.68 11.84 4.71 8 098 187 NIVEUS 3900 0 62.64 25.11 1.03 47 SASFIN-P 7650 0 0.64 - - 26
FIRESTONE -S 6 0 0.00 - 3.92 - 0
MICROMEGA 1100 0 9.45 6.97 5.00 0 NEDBANK 21840 -10 12.87 9.10 5.49 1 197 344 PALLINGHT 310 -8 - 2.52 3.51 - 31 700 SHFINV-PREF 7650 15 - 1.42 - - 5 335
FIRESTONE OPT -S 4 0 0.00 - - 0
MIXTEL 435 16 55.36 21.75 1.84 475 172 RMBH 6248 48 5.50 11.04 4.90 2 426 914 REINET 2987 29 - 7.81 4.66 0.85 5 278 914 STANBANK-P 8255 0 - 5.01 - - 26 129
HWANGE 16 -14 - 68.00 - 0.02 - 3 000
NET1UEPS 13017 0 - 12.89 5.67 - 0 STANBANK 15438 208 16.44 10.72 5.05 3 437 128 SABVEST 2400 -450 - 29.41 260.87 2.29 843 STANBANK6.5 82 0 - 10.87 - - 0
RESGEN 92 0 119.05 - 42.40 - 0 Nonlife Insurance
NOVUS 785 0 - 28.64 7.08 7.13 0 SABVEST-N 2500 0 - 7.06 - - 0 TFG PREF 162 0 - 2.41 - - 0
WATERBERG -S 40 0 0.00 - 0.17 - 0
PRIMESERV 56 0 12.00 3.15 3.57 0 CONDUIT 227 0 - 7.35 - 21.62 - 0 STELLAR 86 -1 - 46.25 - 2.62 - 71 671 ZPLP 5500 0 21.95 - - 67
WESCOAL 212 7 25.44 18.76 1.98 184 009 Kruger Rands
TORRE 140 0 - 27.46 - 105.26 3.93 0 SANTAM 24400 -239 9.60 22.47 3.61 37 708 TREMATON 265 0 - 11.67 45.69 1.51 0
Diamonds & Gemstones
WINHOLD 114 0 28.09 6.26 3.51 0 Life Insurance Nonequity Investment Instruments KR 1775000 0 - 11.34 - - 5
ROCKWELL -S 40 0 - 73.33 - 0.17 - 0 Automobiles & Parts CLIENTELE 1555 -50 7.24 12.00 6.43 118 944 CAPPREC 77 -3 - 17.20 24.52 - 311 614 KR-HALF 800000 0 - 13.98 - - 0
TRNSHEX 335 -55 - 9.70 - 2.36 - 35
METAIR 1899 1 0.90 8.29 3.69 849 260 DISCOVERY 13588 -70 11.88 22.48 1.31 1 287 296 HULISANI 1000 0 - 24.24 -1 000.00 - 0 KR-QUARTE 417200 0 - 9.30 - - 0
General Mining
Beverages LIB-HOLD 11484 89 - 9.38 14.15 6.02 327 936 RHBOPHELO 1010 -12 - 0.00 - 4 960 KR-TENTH 173100 0 - 6.43 - - 0
ANGLO 19205 -31 21.20 8.88 - 1 690 628 Software & Computer Services Exchange Traded Funds
AB INBEV 148399 -115 - 17.33 163.08 3.60 29 340 MMI HLDGS 2075 5 - 9.66 19.43 7.57 2 170 077
ARM 8400 108 - 14.29 7.28 2.68 1 862 378
AWETHU -S 3 0 0.00 - 3.53 - 0 OLDMUTUAL 3343 33 - 13.73 11.33 3.00 9 503 193 ADAPTIT 999 0 - 16.75 17.23 1.34 50 466 AFRICAGLD 15865 -10 - 15.79 - - 7
ASSORE 20900 101 12.97 6.79 5.26 24 132
CAPEVINH 919 -7 5.75 18.57 2.70 1 799 247 SANLAM 6790 130 8.64 13.77 3.95 3 790 098 COGNITION 155 0 15.67 10.49 5.16 0 AFRICAPLD 11020 6 20.70 - - 7 590
BHPBILL 22350 132 18.17 32.86 3.24 1 827 469 Industrial & Office REITS
DISTELL 14244 -108 - 7.40 19.23 2.66 162 860 DATATEC 5920 0 35.10 208.45 1.01 296 107 AFRICAPLT 11846 -56 - 23.45 - - 13 104
GLENCORE 5425 28 53.94 122.93 1.73 890 218 Food Producers ARROWA 865 -4 3.35 11.39 9.83 5 278 536 EOH 12699 -366 - 8.84 15.91 1.46 444 209 AFRICARHO 13344 320 48.56 - - 7
MEDIAMOND -S 11 0 - 45.00 - 3.67 - 0
A-V-I 9810 110 12.00 20.21 3.89 308 897 DELPROP 767 -3 14.48 7.37 12.68 151 227 JASCO 74 -6 - 20.43 10.72 2.70 405 AMIBIG50 1294 -2 - - 0.61 298
MERAFE 139 1 41.84 6.56 3.45 1 270 822
ASTRAL 13980 30 10.51 25.56 2.00 205 718 EQUITES 1789 -11 25.54 10.82 6.17 341 703 PBT GROUP 19 1 - 81.90 118.75 11.84 24 494 ASHINFBND 2062 12 - 3.55 - 2.35 107 648
MIRANDA -S 4 0 0.00 - 0.97 - 0 Technology Hardware & Equipment
CLOVER 1715 0 - 12.05 9.99 3.80 97 094 IAPF 1283 -42 - 10.96 10.51 7.58 502 846 ASHMIDCAP 724 2 - 7.89 - 2.31 27 043
OAKBAY -S 580 0 - 74.78 - 98.47 - 0 Real Estate Holding & Development
CROOKES 6200 0 - 3.50 14.62 2.66 0 ALVIVA 1940 5 27.72 9.25 1.03 34 488 ASHTOP40 4751 11 2.02 - 2.55 108 486
SENTULA 28 1 75.00 - 1.63 - 192 083
OCEANA 9151 -299 - 16.81 13.73 4.88 27 740 ACSION 700 0 - 12.61 14.89 1.79 10 000 MUSTEK 407 -1 - 29.22 6.37 3.69 2 057 COREGREEN 1860 17 - 7.60 - 2.18 102
SOUTH32 2965 125 41.60 15.23 2.07 2 702 654 AltX
PFF 400 0 - 15.75 - 0 ADRENNA 65 0 - 40.91 4.96 - 0 CORESEW40 4870 14 - 7.06 - 2.66 604
TAWANA 259 -11 292.42 - 22.80 - 173 108
PNR FOODS 13855 84 - 23.70 23.39 2.63 347 953 ATLEAF 1655 0 - 17.25 9.60 8.74 0 ACCENT 66 0 - 22.35 20.43 - 0 CSP500 3195 -5 - - 1.66 18 047
THARISA 1345 -53 7.60 4.64 0.99 8 672
QUANTUM 310 0 12.73 12.11 1.94 52 200 ATTACQ 1747 13 - 10.41 - 48.14 - 1 255 633 ADVANCED 125 0 - 26.47 - 6.57 - 5 000 CTOP50 2130 7 1.04 - 2.95 20
Gold Mining
RCL 1527 7 7.54 26.37 1.64 30 BALWIN 645 -5 - 30.27 4.59 6.52 736 865 AFDAWN 45 10 - 71.88 - 1.12 - 1 510 DBX FT100 12350 -123 - 1.80 - 1.63 780
ANGGOLD 12680 -195 - 58.30 31.99 1.03 2 716 427
RFG 2300 29 - 4.17 16.78 1.83 104 148 BONATLA -S 7 0 0.00 - 4.07 - 0 AFEAGLE -S 5 0 0.00 - 3.97 - 0 DBX JAPAN 1102 -9 2.51 - 0.55 79 957
DRDGOLD 409 12 - 62.16 53.12 12.22 215 220
SEAHARVST 1270 -10 - 0.00 - 393 350 CAPCO 5152 14 - 6.43 - 515.20 0.52 1 212 031 AH-VEST 37 0 19.35 21.64 - 0 DBX USA 2985 -40 1.60 - 0.32 95 701
GB GOLD -S 70 0 0.00 - 0.88 - 0
SOVFOOD 1073 2 25.50 - 23.08 - 551 FREEDOM -S 7 0 0.00 19.44 - 0 ALARIS 195 0 - 17.02 20.92 - 52 000 DBX WORLD 2500 -22 2.59 - 0.75 106 638
GFIELDS 4944 40 - 41.77 12.94 2.22 2 096 808
TIGBRANDS 38245 375 - 1.10 17.50 2.82 665 328 GREENBAY 195 0 31.76 1.86 2.64 6 895 909 ALERT -S 38 0 0.00 - 0.29 - 0 DBXEUR050 5261 -20 11.56 - 1.16 73 017
HARMONY 2231 11 - 65.35 4.71 4.48 541 116
TONGAAT 11905 -32 - 0.41 13.96 2.52 200 970 GTCSA 3300 0 - 6.42 2.89 0 ANCHOR 575 -10 - 50.39 9.66 5.57 33 873 DCCUSD 124750 -755 - - 0.90 236
PAN-AF 239 -1 - 39.34 7.01 6.46 754 343 Household Goods & Home Construction INGENUITY 110 0 35.80 37.93 - 0 ANSYS 116 0 41.46 7.89 - 283 676 DIVTRX 2785 -18 - 3.16 - 3.35 4 208
RANGOLD 178 0 - 24.26 - 14.83 - 0
STEINHOFF N.V. 6836 27 - 20.79 14.25 3.24 4 614 522 MARADELTA 1640 0 - 8.89 - 9.26 9.70 40 000 ASTORIA 1184 -21 2.42 10.48 - 75 771 FRB 1676700 -14250 - 16.41 - - 51
SIBANYE 1564 -6 - 74.71 5.79 9.27 9 408 539 Leisure Goods MAS 2550 36 16.97 873.29 2.84 769 311 AVIOR 140 0 - 0.00 - 0 GLPROP 3320 -23 - - 3.76 6 146
Platinum & Prescious Metals
NUWORLD 3450 0 41.45 5.90 5.23 0 NEPIROCK 17750 0 - 0.00 - 0 BLACKSTAR 975 0 16.07 - 2.90 0.92 0 LVLTRX 2715 12 - 4.17 - 3.22 179
AMPLATS 31805 487 - 20.49 44.61 - 317 329 Personal Goods POLSKPROP 1970 -7 - 12.01 2.17 100 338 BLUE -S 13 0 0.00 13.83 - 0 MAPPS_GRO 2035 9 2.88 - 0.54 114
ATLATSA 70 0 - 48.15 - 0.66 - 0
RICHEMONT 10888 92 29.31 39.97 2.19 3 983 695 PUTPROP 560 0 - 18.84 7.03 2.32 3 000 BRIKOR -S 9 0 0.00 3.38 - 0 MAPPS_PRO 3486 -12 1.96 - 1.04 1 616
BAUBA 60 0 100.00 - 45.11 - 53 000 Tobacco SIRIUS 975 -5 16.07 49.90 4.46 561 548 BSI STEEL 25 -10 - 45.65 17.86 8.00 50 NEWFEQMOM 2963 23 - 6.62 - 0.10 8 237
EASTPLATS 305 0 - 75.60 - 5.56 - 0
BATS 89665 -135 - 1.72 21.81 3.23 372 181 STENPROP 1842 -2 - 15.70 10.17 7.03 230 446 BUFFALO 60 0 - 50.00 - 7.50 - 0 NEWFNGOVI 5506 -22 7.35 - 0.46 1 138
IMPL CONV 1014384 0 12.71 -8 115.07 - 0 Healthcare Equipment & Services TRADEH 1843 -7 - 28.98 29.46 0.54 6 446 CENRAND -S 9 0 - 82.00 - 23.68 - 0 NEWFNILBI 6458 -21 - 1.94 - 0.17 1 959
IMPLATS 3634 114 - 33.15 - - 2 169 175 Diversified REITS
AFRO-C 595 -5 14.42 21.60 4.37 19 774 CHEMSPEC -S 10 0 0.00 - 2.89 - 0 NEWFNSWIX 1627 -3 1.24 - 0.06 1 566
LONMIN 1286 166 - 71.35 - 1.55 - 2 629 294
LIFEHC 2603 23 - 31.98 20.63 4.88 2 383 665 DIPULA A 1010 2 3.59 10.49 9.16 5 340 CHEMSPECPREF -S 10 0 0.00 - - 0 NEWFTRACI 2220 -3 6.99 - 0.29 17 118
NORTHAM 3975 160 - 14.17 - 28.54 - 645 772
MEDICLINIC 12642 -128 - 37.43 24.63 - 595 037 DIPULA B 1030 0 16.38 - - 0 CHROMETCO 27 0 107.69 - 3.67 - 0 NEWGOLD 15158 -79 - 16.67 - - 50 916
PLATFIELD -S 2 0 0.00 - 3.23 - 0
NETCARE 2570 15 - 21.02 18.88 3.70 2 722 531 EMIRA 1397 2 - 0.64 11.06 10.36 1 752 557 DIAMONDCP -S 40 0 - 68.25 6.21 - 0 NEWPALL 10991 -26 20.39 - - 41 788
RBP CONV 1000000 0 - 11 534.03 - 22 Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology FORTRESSA 1750 0 5.42 10.55 7.57 2 868 873 FRONTIER 1900 0 - 26.92 23.58 6.79 0 NEWPLAT 11864 83 - 22.52 - - 3 249
RBPLAT 3284 28 - 35.37 - - 244 168
ADCOCK 6460 110 30.85 23.41 1.81 54 968 FORTRESSB 3758 -20 4.53 - - 5 457 835 GLOBAL 320 0 59.20 800.00 - 0 NEWSA 4710 29 - 1.67 - 2.88 6
WESIZWE 55 5 3.77 2.19 - 29 637
ASCENDIS 2120 -4 - 12.76 43.77 1.08 298 401 GEMPROPA 970 0 - 11.82 16.88 10.25 0 GO LIFE 59 0 - 0.00 - 0 PREFTRAX 900 -5 - 2.39 - 9.69 33 054
Construction & Materials
ASPEN 28050 -137 - 25.90 25.25 0.88 1 475 080 GEMPROPB 650 0 - 7.01 - - 0 IMBALIE 10 0 0.00 - 4.00 - 0 PROPXSAPY 6635 -15 - 1.26 - 5.34 1 719
AEG CONV 780001 0 20.00 -6 741.58 - 4 Food & Drug Retailers GROWPNT 2521 8 - 3.96 13.93 7.51 9 441 478 INT HOTEL 1600 0 - 36.00 12.64 5.73 0 PROPXTEN 2160 -5 0.37 - 4.68 10 517
AFRIMAT 2786 -34 48.51 14.19 2.51 29 542
BIDCORP 31067 -217 19.99 27.24 1.58 1 296 039 INVPROP 1562 -8 5.83 12.61 8.17 217 836 ISA 170 5 39.34 8.90 5.88 131 000 S&PGIVFIN 3893 0 - 7.75 - 1.84 1 636
AVENG 605 20 55.93 - 5.23 - 709 838
CHOPPIES 300 -25 - 41.63 41.49 1.25 3 390 LIBERTY2D 951 -9 - 198.13 0.51 17 775 JUBILEE 71 4 - 1.39 - 41.52 - 948 707 S&PGIVIND 6640 21 - 1.56 - 1.73 913
BASREAD 82 3 - 72.67 - 3.76 - 21 795
CLICKS 14473 163 14.29 29.23 1.96 935 016 ORION 70 0 40.00 - 22.15 4.64 0 KIBO 85 3 - 22.73 - 4.25 - 37 050 S&PGIVISA 4565 14 - 4.74 - 1.41 8 408
CALGRO 1702 22 - 14.21 12.79 - 4 737
DIS-CHEM 2828 -7 - 37.86 0.26 221 962 REBOSIS 1150 3 10.58 9.50 10.74 807 897 M-FITEC 970 70 - 11.82 116.45 - 520 S&PGIVRES 4048 11 - 23.36 - 1.71 68
DAWN 82 -2 - 72.67 - 0.34 - 30 921
GOLD BRAND 76 0 - 23.23 - 1.86 - 5 000 REBOSISA 2593 0 - - - 0 MASPLAST 100 1 - - 7.19 - 46 975 SATRIX40 4743 73 1.96 - 0.06 855 851
ESOR 22 0 - 35.29 - 0.90 - 39 000
PICKNPAY 6064 37 - 20.21 22.94 2.91 514 499 REDEFINE 1065 0 - 5.50 10.26 8.37 12 606 320 MINERESI -S 3 0 50.00 - 37.50 - 0 SATRIXDIV 206 1 0.49 - 0.71 324 551
GROUP 5 1950 0 - 11.36 - 18.40 2.26 3 860
SHOPRIT 20557 157 17.37 21.25 2.32 1 143 089 RIPLC 665 2 - 20.17 16.84 7.23 1 000 888 MONEYWB 24 0 - 4.00 - 16.22 - 0 SATRIXFINI 1498 3 1.08 - 0.79 199 549
KAYDAV 77 0 - 40.31 4.84 7.14 0
SPAR 16032 -38 - 21.11 15.79 4.05 740 799 SA CORP 559 -1 5.27 13.60 7.70 3 239 657 NEWPARK 655 0 4.80 11.45 7.57 0 SATRIXILB 565 12 - - - 995
MAZOR 190 0 3.26 4.36 7.58 0 General Retailers SERE 2060 23 - 6.36 61.73 2.71 28 668 NUTRITION 1 0 - 50.00 - 4.17 - 50 000 SATRIXINDI 7304 32 2.63 - 0.48 58 181
PPC 493 16 - 26.09 70.43 - 5 013 476
ADVTECH 1795 1 20.88 25.25 1.81 111 481 SPEARREIT 1020 -20 - 3.52 2.30 58 455 NVEST 200 0 - 32.89 10.84 5.15 10 000 SATRIXPRO 2178 10 - - 2.95 1 017
PROTECH -S 17 0 0.00 - 0.54 - 0
AF & OVR 1600 0 6.67 - 197.53 1.06 0 TEX 801 -9 7.66 5.45 12.50 136 191 OASIS 1900 0 - 2.56 17.84 5.28 10 000 SATRIXRAF 1272 14 5.12 - - 50 040
RAUBEX 2417 -8 27.55 11.98 3.72 44 018
AF&OVR 6%PP 1500 0 20.00 - - 0 TOWER 775 0 - 1.90 7.46 16.83 89 865 PL GROUP 69 0 - - 12.85 - 7 000 SATRIXRES 3306 -3 - 0.18 - 3.90 55 193
SEPHAKU 265 -15 - 29.33 7.94 - 55 100 Residential REITS
AFOVR-N 1104 0 0.00 - - 0 PSV 44 0 15.79 - 37.29 - 0 SATRIXSWX 1066 -1 - 0.84 - 4.87 34 456
STEFSTOCK 278 0 - 29.62 25.41 - 56 261
CASHBIL 34400 -38 - 7.03 15.16 2.99 3 882 INDLU 1000 0 10.50 10.49 9.51 6 600 QPG -S 19 0 0.00 - 0.41 - 0 SHARIAH40 307 1 - 4.06 - 1.40 20 600
TRELLIDOR 555 0 7.77 9.79 4.74 96 910 Retail REITS
CMH 2200 -2 32.61 7.74 7.05 1 263 RBA -S 74 0 0.00 - 1.48 - 0 STANLIB40 4750 27 2.04 - 2.44 25
WBHO 14365 525 19.11 13.10 3.22 58 116
CURRO 4320 -10 13.45 98.41 - 363 738 ACCPROP 568 -2 - 8.39 12.89 10.14 847 212 RENERGEN 1000 0 - 28.06 - 45.05 - 0 STANLIBSX 1073 8 - 0.09 - 2.46 45
General Industrials
HOLDSPORT 6100 0 8.46 13.41 5.74 0 CAPREG 950 0 - 11.21 26.45 6.19 1 500 SILVERB 230 10 - 23.33 7.21 2.61 12 000 STANPROP 6500 17 - 0.81 - 6.59 2 770
ARGENT 490 1 21.59 7.04 4.29 20 300 Exchange Traded Notes
HOMCHOICE 3300 0 6.45 7.96 4.79 0 FAIRVEST 195 4 28.29 11.20 8.94 38 880 STRATCORP -S 2 0 0.00 - 1.11 - 0
BARWORLD 11500 201 47.42 13.25 3.09 386 738
ITLTILE 1273 18 - 2.82 14.13 2.44 67 985 HAMMERSON 9800 -157 - 19.82 2.26 356 038 TCS -S 1 0 0.00 - 0.35 - 0 DBAFRIETN 10650 -136 - 0.93 - - 350
BIDVEST 16496 380 11.53 15.34 2.78 1 027 525
KAAP AGRI 6070 0 - 20.34 - 7 500 HYPROP 12044 60 - 11.89 20.84 5.56 261 967 TELEMASTR 36 0 - 70.00 4.53 5.56 0 DBCHINETN 6518 -60 22.11 - - 4 000
BOWCALF 615 0 - 37.88 8.32 6.13 59 721
LEWIS 3210 10 - 32.59 8.02 6.23 506 668 INTUPLC 4624 -27 - 13.55 23.59 5.23 817 989 TRANSCEND 590 0 - 36.71 0.95 0 DBEMERETN 5850 -51 11.26 - - 6
EXTRACT 7 1 - 80.63 - 0.05 - 6 225 731
MASSMART 10594 66 - 21.90 17.72 2.82 775 573 OCTODEC 2342 -6 5.31 12.51 8.88 134 524 UPARTNERS 1549 0 - - 115.00 - 0 GOLDEN 12000 0 - 30.03 - - 0
KAP 774 0 22.47 15.00 2.33 777 613
MRPRICE 16895 95 - 22.07 18.54 3.95 1 224 370 RESILIENT 12900 120 - 2.83 30.72 4.08 871 543 VISUAL -S 11 0 - 26.67 - 1.77 - 0 IBLUSD 1389135 0 - - - 0
M&R-HLD 1470 25 18.26 13.01 3.06 289 683
NICTUS 60 0 9.09 5.74 5.00 0 SAFARI 660 0 - 16.46 15.35 10.00 43 550 VUNANI 280 0 55.56 14.58 1.86 0 INVD 119575 22 7.11 - - 2 240
MPACT 2840 15 - 13.15 11.74 3.35 9 828
REX TRUE 2000 362 25.00 173.91 1.35 1 350 VUKILE 1945 25 10.64 12.87 8.06 1 135 656 WEARNE 6 0 - 33.33 - 0.36 - 0 NEWSILVER 207 0 - 27.87 - - 2 400
NAMPAK 1890 0 - 6.48 16.36 - 1 108 666 Speciality REITS
REX TRUE -N- 1150 0 - 4.17 - - 0 WILLTELL -S 9 0 0.00 - 0.95 - 0 NEWWVEEUR 1486 -8 - 6.54 - - 9
REMGRO 21598 68 - 15.37 16.64 2.17 1 086 403
TFG 14450 113 - 0.34 13.15 4.98 974 039 HOSP-B 1406 5 29.59 7.40 7.18 71 845 WORKFORCE 185 0 44.53 4.63 - 0 NEWWVEGBP 1693 -14 - 11.13 - 0.18 8
TRNPACO 2750 0 15.55 8.66 5.31 0 DCM
TRUWTHS 7394 153 - 16.57 11.29 6.11 2 522 266 STOR-AGE 1190 -9 23.83 13.92 7.40 10 738 NEWWVEUSD 1298 -11 - 9.74 - 0.15 20 910
Electronics & Electrical Equipment
VERIMARK 82 -2 95.24 3.42 13.78 5 500 Financial Services INDEQTY 905 0 - 11.27 14.09 2.65 0 NEWWVPLAT 12000 162 - 16.44 - - 2
ALTRON 1225 5 107.63 10.75 - 162 690 VCM
WOOLIES 6060 -17 - 28.28 13.63 5.17 6 468 329 AEEI 330 0 6.45 5.57 1.61 10 000 SB AE IDX 919 5 - 5.45 - - 63
ARB 630 0 16.67 10.50 3.67 0 Media AFORBES 673 -2 - 3.58 12.60 5.94 149 759 LABAT 45 0 95.65 - 19.31 - 0 SBAC IDX 1130 -11 - 7.91 - - 34
CAFCA 150 0 0.00 6.82 - 0 Preference Shares
AME 6000 0 - 25.93 9.89 5.83 0 BRAIT 6372 73 - 48.36 - 2.04 1.23 668 590 SBADAUG20 29888 -232 20.17 - - 55
CIL 1610 12 - 38.08 7.00 - 32 955
CAXTON 1249 -1 - 6.58 10.25 5.60 4 692 CORONAT 6727 -9 0.01 15.34 6.51 433 021 ABSABANK-P 74300 0 - 5.47 - - 7 240 SBAGAUG20 17807 -150 - 15.32 - - 2
ELLIES 17 0 - 68.52 - 0.26 - 115 012
CAXTON6%CPP 19000 0 0.00 - - 0 DENEB 160 0 - 11.11 16.24 1.88 442 725 AECI 5.5%P 1700 0 - 5.56 - - 0 SBAPAUG20 9849 -44 - 24.73 - - 0
REUNERT 7500 23 17.59 13.07 5.95 278 284
E MEDIA 690 0 - 23.33 34.11 - 0 ECSPONENT 21 -1 23.53 - 44.68 - 263 775 BARWORLD6%P 137 0 4.58 - - 0 SBASAUG20 13989 -42 - 30.49 - - 2
S.OCEAN 50 0 4.17 - 3.82 - 0
E MEDIA-N 580 0 8.61 - - 0 EFFICIENT 380 0 - 37.81 9.39 1.87 1 300 BK PREFS -S 10 0 0.00 - - 0 SBCOP 1315 -14 7.70 - - 0
Industrial Engineering
NASPERS-N 271000 -200 20.77 107.60 0.21 1 545 543 ETHOSCAP 870 -5 - 27.19 - 134 463 CAPITEC-P 9220 0 6.58 - - 1 221 SBCRN 809 -11 - 16.86 - - 0
BELL 900 0 - 12.62 23.08 1.67 0 Travel & Leisure GRANPRADE 285 -2 - 20.61 365.38 14.04 16 560 CULINAN5.5P 107 0 44.59 - - 0 SBOIL 810 -17 - 22.19 - - 30 062
ENXGROUP 1640 -25 - 21.53 28.67 - 1 051
1TIME -S 3 0 0.00 - 0.05 - 0 HCI 13200 100 10.41 9.80 1.63 3 828 DSY B PREF 9745 45 - 0.56 - - 870 SBWHT 748 -16 - 10.95 - - 383
HOWDEN 3400 50 21.43 10.23 - 5 290
CITYLDG 14166 152 - 8.61 16.26 3.67 5 145 INVLTD 9910 -18 14.57 11.16 4.07 717 425 ECSP C2 10000 0 0.00 - - 0 SWXTRI 17062 150 3.02 - - 0
INVICTA 5270 -30 0.80 11.31 3.16 42 396
COMAIR 510 0 62.42 7.70 3.53 14 853 INVPLC 9968 -22 16.69 11.23 4.04 914 115 FIRSTRANDB-P 8200 45 - 3.53 - - 36 103 TOPTRI 6652 41 5.10 - - 4
MASTDRILL 1539 0 11.20 7.33 1.95 172 604
CULLINAN 108 0 - 28.48 11.49 1.85 10 JSE 13100 150 - 26.55 12.32 4.27 92 125 GRINDROD PREF 7325 0 - 3.62 - - 7 064
Industrial Transportation
FAMBRANDS 12093 11 - 8.66 28.25 1.78 73 029 LONFIN 800 0 4.44 5.95 2.36 0 IBRPREF1 101890 16 - - - 353
CARGO 920 0 - 23.21 19.74 1.30 0
PHUMELELA 2101 -49 5.00 12.54 4.95 90 LONG4LIFE 615 -5 - 0.00 - 357 591 ILPREF2 101623 0 - 0.10 - - 0
GRINDROD 1203 3 8.87 - 19.66 0.50 168 989
IMPERIAL 16964 259 8.67 13.23 4.39 1 077 808
SPURCORP 2760 -1 - 11.82 13.15 5.22 12 666 PERGRIN 2995 -35 3.99 13.02 5.18 30 961 ILRPREF1 100845 0 - 0.85 - - 0 Disclaimer Please direct all enquiries to ProfileData
+27 11 728 5510 (office hours)
SUNINT 5385 -35 - 37.14 15.75 2.51 38 381 PHOENIX 78 5 151.61 3.58 - 6 482 705 IMPERIALP 7500 0 - 3.83 - - 1 816
ONELOGIX 270 0 - 8.47 10.47 2.96 0 Information supplied by ProfileData . or visit
TASTE 136 -4 - 36.74 - 5.44 - 20 867 PSG 25595 21 37.55 25.57 1.47 98 490 INVESTEC-P 8150 0 - 2.40 - - 26 303
SANTOVA 340 0 - 15.00 8.52 1.84 41 314 ProfileData has taken care in preparing all
TSOGO SUN 2327 34 - 18.47 10.96 4.47 960 565 PSG KST 835 0 21.01 22.45 1.83 0 INVLTDPREF 7311 0 - 6.87 - - 57 539
SUPRGRP 3745 -5 - 9.06 13.50 - 92 306 information but disclaims all liability for loss,
WILDRNESS 715 0 2.14 29.44 2.92 1 900 PURPLE 41 0 - 38.81 - 5.71 1.59 0 INVPREF 8501 0 - 22.72 - - 0
TRENCOR 3452 1 - 9.16 - 7.93 3.77 7 199 Fixed Line Telecommunication
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RMIH 4030 26 - 5.38 19.52 2.93 947 119 INVPREFR 8700 0 - 13.22 - - 0
VALUE 360 -3 20.00 5.82 6.67 3 880 connection with the use of, or reliance upon
TELKOM 6635 22 2.09 9.20 6.36 774 499 SASFIN 5047 -1 - 10.75 7.55 5.33 18 428 IVT PREF 9200 -99 - 0.54 - - 5 973
Support Services in any manner, this information.
Mobile Telecommunication SYGNIA 1100 0 - 34.76 19.05 4.73 74 692 LIBHOLD11 115 0 - 6.50 - - 0
BUSINESS REPORT Tuesday, July 18 2017 MARKETS 21
Trusts Forex Sudoku

Absa Fund Managers Limited.: Edge BCI Bal. - A 1.88 102.93 0.54 Moore Stephens Ci Stable FoF - A 1.74 102.21 3.64
Currency cross rates 17.7.2017 OUR OOM RG
No 0036 Ra ng F end sh
Absa Abs. - A 1.72 169.59 2.74 Edge BCI Cau. - A 1.91 102.61 2.01 NFB Ci Bal. FoF - A 0.94 1631.50 4.27
Absa Africa Eqty Fdr - A 1.36 82.53 0.00 Edge BCI Mgd Aggr. Fund 2.12 103.38 0.08 NFB Ci Cau. FoF - A 0.95 1482.77 5.28 CURRENCY $ R E £ ¥ NR SF A$ NZ$ C$ HK$
Absa Bal. - R 1.22 435.14 3.64 Efficient BCI Bal. - A 1.12 223.21 2.98 NFB Ci Eqty - A 1.51 1703.74 0.69 AM R CAN U D 1 12 9238 0 8718 0 7654 112 82 64 355 0 9631 1 2794 1 3645 1 2646 7 8051
Absa Bond - A 0.88 117.26 7.92 Efficient BCI Cau. - A 1.28 103.87 4.36 PFPS Ci Bal. FoF - A 1.56 102.14 2.39
OU H A R CAN AR 0 077363 1 0 0674 0 0592 8 7286 4 9787 0 0745 0 099 0 1056 0 0978 0 6039
Absa Core Inc. Fund - A 14.08 99.76 4.21 Efficient BCI Eqty - A 1.3 395.32 1.89 PFPS Ci Cau. FoF - A 1.36 104.05 4.47
URO AN UR 1 147 14 8233 1 0 87797 129 4 73 78 1 10464 1 46741 1 5651 1 45043 8 9523
Absa Euro Inc. - A 0.95 118.48 0.00 Efficient BCI Fixed Inc. - A 0.89 108.27 7.49 PFPS Ci Mod. FoF - A 1.39 102.69 3.62
Absa Flex. Inc. - A1 0.67 109.48 0.00 Efficient BCI Prop. - A 1.28 349.13 4.60 Quattro Ci Cau. FoF - A 1.95 104.18 3.11
BR H OUND GB 1 3064 16 8838 1 139 1 147 389 84 0666 1 2582 1 6714 1 7826 1 652 10 1966
Absa Fundisa - A 1.08 107.92 7.57 Efficient BCI Wrld. Flex. - A 1.97 322.24 1.03 Quattro Ci Gr. FoF - A 1.81 106.78 2.09 A AN Y 0 008864 0 1146 0 77282 0 6784 1 0 5723 0 8537 1 1341 0 0121 0 011211 6 9185
Absa Gl. Core Eqty Fdr - A 1.1 118.56 0.57 EFPC BCI Bal. - A 2.53 101.48 0.56 Quattro Ci Mod. FoF - A 1.83 105.03 2.75 ND AN NR 0 015542 0 2009 0 01355 0 0119 1 753 1 0 015 0 0199 0 0212 0 0197 0 121
Absa Gl. M Ast Fdr Fund - A 12.88 90.23 1.80 Evolve BCI Cons. - A 2.56 108.44 2.51 Quattro Ci Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.07 113.47 0.00 W CH 1 0383 13 419 0 9053 0 7947 117 145 66 9431 1 1 3284 1 4167 1 3132 8 1045
Absa Gl. Prop. Fdr Fund - A 13.23 92.01 0.00 Evolve BCI Mgd - A 2.02 100.05 1.14 Roxburgh Ci Bal. FoF - A 1.68 102.05 2.88 AU RA AN AUD 0 7816 10 1025 0 6814 0 59828 88 186 50 353 0 7528 1 1 0666 0 9884 6 1008
Absa Gl. Value Fdr - R 1.51 510.74 1.86 FAL BCI Bal. - A 1.34 101.48 2.33 Roxburgh Ci Bal.+ FoF - A 1.76 101.91 2.32 N W A AND N D 0 7328 9 4735 0 6389 0 561 82 681 47 2085 0 7058 0 9376 1 0 9267 5 7204
Absa Inc. Enhancer - A 0.86 109.61 7.50 Florin BCI Mgd - A 2.63 97.78 0.93 Roxburgh Ci Cons. FoF - A 1.69 102.60 3.38 CANAD AN CAD 0 7907 10 2202 0 6893 0 6052 89 217 50 8263 0 7616 1 0115 1 0788 1 6 1714
Absa Infl. Beater - A 1.45 168.52 4.78 Foster BCI Mod. FoF - A 2.51 171.80 2.14 WWC Ci ALSI Beta - A 0.51 96.69 1.93 HONG KONG HKD 0 12812 1 6559 0 1117 0 0981 14 4548 8 245 12 3396 0 1639 0 1748 0 16204 1
Absa Infl. Lnk Inc. Fund 16.48 98.91 3.36 GFA BCI Mgd FoF - A 2.73 192.48 2.15 Community Growth Management Company Ltd.:
Absa Large Cap - A 1.18 730.78 1.85 GFA BCI Stable FoF - A 2.13 165.74 3.89 Community Gr. Eqty - A 0.59 1169.17 7.21
Absa Mgd - A 1.84 168.24 3.13 Harvard House BCI General Eqty - A 1.26 286.18 2.50 Community Gr. Gilt - A 0.61 150.19 8.29
Absa Money Mkt - A 0.57 100.00 7.51 Harvard House BCI Flex. Inc. - A 1.15 129.37 6.80 Contego Asset Management (Pty) Ltd.:

Petrol price
Absa M-M Bond - A 0.93 128.06 6.93 Harvard House BCI Prop. - A 1.86 104.27 6.55 Contego B1 MET Inc.+ - A 1.2 100.60 8.00
Absa Mgd Wlth Acc. FoF - A 2.53 170.36 2.91 iCap. BCI Eqty Fund - A 2.98 101.35 0.00 Contego B2 MET Prot. Inc. - A 1.7 115.35 5.81
Absa Mgd Wlth Creation FoF - A 2.53 180.96 1.42 Instit BCI Bal. Fund - A 2.18 100.71 1.47 Contego B3 MET Prot. Bal. - A 2.43 203.33 2.20 PE RO D ESE * D ESE * PARA N
95 UN EADED 0 05% 0 005%
Absa M Mgd Wlth Presv FoF - A 2.48 156.38 3.92 Instit BCI Cau. Fund - A 2.54 100.57 2.93 Contego B4 MET Prop. - A 1.77 315.51 4.73 Cen a Ene g und a 17 7 2017 011 280 0300
Absa M Mgd Wlth Prot. FoF - A 2.42 146.37 4.52 Instit BCI Eqty Fund - A 1.49 96.96 0.09 Contego B5 MET Prot. Eqty - A 2.04 214.18 1.45
Absa Opp. Inc. FoF - A 1.62 105.19 6.67 Instit BCI Mgd FoF - A 3.1 102.73 0.00 Contego B6 MET Value Eqty - A 2.54 197.49 0.58 G m m
Absa Pound Sterling Inc. - A 0.91 101.75 0.00 Instit BCI Stable FoF - A 2.55 102.97 1.25 Contego B7 MET Gr. Eqty - A 1.18 151.29 1.51 C m m
Absa Prop. Eqty - A 1.74 383.26 4.21 Instit BCI Wrld. Eqty Fund 0.94 102.22 0.27 Contego MET Accum. FoF - A 2.89 244.26 1.54 N M m m
Absa Prud. FoF - A 3.73 303.91 0.00 Integral BCI Eqty Fund - A 1.91 105.66 1.05 Contego MET Cre. FoF - A 2.96 245.99 0.60 A C U C A
Absa SA Core Eqty - A 2.35 112.63 0.00 Kanaan BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.98 190.04 1.43 Contego MET Pres. FoF - A 2.9 195.82 3.21 A CON U ON
Absa Select Eqty - A 1.72 558.82 1.40 Kanaan BCI Flex. FoF - A 3.22 186.53 0.00 CoreShares Index Tracker Managers (RF) Proprietary: UN OV UND COV A
Absa Smart Alpha Def. - A 1.92 92.31 3.81 Lunar BCI Wrld. Flex. - A 1.84 101.70 0.80 CoreShares Green ETF 0.48 1843.00 3.07

Absa Smart Alpha Eqty - A 1.74 88.08 1.62 Maitland BCI Flex. FoF - A 2.26 160.94 2.72 CoreShares Preftrax ETF 0.56 905.00 10.68
Absa Smart Alpha Inc. - A 1.42 99.76 7.21 Median BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.56 100.26 0.73 CoreShares PropTrax SAPY 0.58 6650.00 6.45
Absa Smart Alpha Prop. - A 2.06 105.22 4.63 Median BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.47 103.93 0.67 CoreShares PropTrax Ten 0.54 2165.00 5.73
Absa US $ Inc. - A 0.89 127.23 1.81 Millenium BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - B - 100.97 0.00 CoreShares S&P 500 - 3200.00 1.66
N m
Absa Wlth Pres.+ - A 2.1 95.03 2.74 Montrose BCI Cau. FoF - A 2.24 165.62 1.65 CoreShares S&P Gl. Prop. - 3343.00 3.73
Africa Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd: Montrose BCI Flex. FoF - A 3.93 232.66 0.00 CoreShares Top 40 Equally Wgtd ETF 0.31 4856.00 3.57 © uzz es by a ocom

Yes erday s so u on:

Excelsia Eqty ACI Fund - A1 - 98.61 0.00 Montrose BCI Mod. FoF - A 2.63 202.35 1.46 Coronation Fund Managers Ltd.:
MSM Prop. ACI Fund - A1 - 102.27 0.00 Morningstar BCI Gl. Eqty FoF - A 1.71 101.44 0.00 Coronation Bal. Def. - A 1.78 180.40 3.77
Allan Gray Unit Trust Management (RF) Pty Limited: N-e-FG BCI Eqty - A 1.66 179.60 0.77 Coronation Bal.+ - A 1.64 10185.70 2.00 UND NAME ER NAV HY UND NAME ER NAV HY UND NAME ER NAV HY
Allan Gray Bal. - A 1.6 10214.55 2.03 N-e-FG BCI Flex. - A 2.28 193.91 1.21 Coronation Bond - R 0.87 1481.46 8.06
Allan Gray Bond - A 0.58 1092.21 8.57 N-e-FG BCI Inc. Prov. FoF - A 2.56 188.78 3.53 Coronation Cap.+ - A 1.68 4076.33 2.92 FG IP Saturn Flex. FoF - A 1.51 2583.01 2.43 Moment. Rl Gr. Eqty - A 1.76 231.30 1.12 African Alliance Eqty Pres. - A1 1.05 8995.93 1.78
Allan Gray Eqty - A 2.34 37909.20 1.05 Naviga BCI Bal. Gr. FoF - A 2.41 292.73 2.24 Coronation Eqty - R 1.16 16607.56 1.22 FG IP Venus Cau. FoF - A 1.29 1568.27 4.33 Moment. Rl Gr. Prop. - A 1.44 427.35 3.90 AfricanAlliance SA S&P GIVI Eqty Pres - A1 0.84 8950.81 1.92
Allan Gray Money Mkt - A 0.29 100.00 7.73 Naviga BCI Flex. FoF - A 2.37 204.90 0.88 Coronation Fin. - A 1.46 5978.94 2.86 Fin. Fitness IP Bal FoF - A 1.46 1020.06 1.38 Moment. Rl Gr. Prop. Idx - A - 105.45 0.00 Astbase CPI + 2% Pres. FoF - A1 1.18 102.25 4.77
Allan Gray Optimal - A 2.18 2295.28 1.52 Naviga BCI Gl. Eqty FoF - A 0.91 103.54 0.00 Coronation Gl. Cap.+ (ZAR) Fdr - A 1.87 223.00 0.00 Fin. Fitness IP Flex FoF - A 1.68 1015.35 0.94 Moment. Res. - A 1.8 1529.41 0.42 Astbase CPI + 4% Pres. FoF - A1 1.23 100.18 3.50
Allan Gray SA Eqty - A 1.97 36834.96 1.68 Naviga BCI Inc. Plan. FoF - A 1.14 123.84 5.81 Coronation Gl. Emerg. Mkt Flex. (ZAR) - A 1.8 247.57 0.00 Fin. Fitness Stable IP FoF - A 1.35 1028.33 2.02 Moment. SA Def. Gr. - A - 99.99 0.35 Astbase CPI + 6% Pres. FoF - A1 1.4 97.10 2.14
Allan Gray Stable - A 1.65 3437.20 3.56 Naviga BCI Mod. FoF - C 2.24 190.41 2.34 Coronation Glb Eqt Select [ZAR] Fdr - A 1.82 116.87 0.00 IMI IP Eqty - A 1.55 376.26 1.93 Moment. SA Flex. Fixed Int. - A - 101.07 1.36 Astbase Glb Flex Pres. FoF - A1 1.45 104.83 0.00
Allan Gray Tax-Free Bal. - A - 1085.33 2.27 Naviga BCI SA Eqty - A1 1.96 181.15 1.00 Coronation Gl. Mgd (ZAR) Fdr - A 1.87 285.77 0.00 IP Prud. Eqty - A 1.75 103.52 0.86 Moment. SA Rl Gr. Prop. - A - 106.52 0.00 Aylett Bal. Pres. - A1 1.24 123.69 3.44
Allan Gray-Orb. Gl. Eqty Fdr - A 2.09 5947.86 0.01 Naviga BCI Secure Gr. FoF - A 2.18 209.11 3.93 Coronation Gl. Opp. Eqty [ZAR] Fdr - A 2.52 9735.01 0.00 M Ast IP Bal. Def. - B1 1.35 1067.41 4.10 Moment. Small Mid-Cap - A 2.17 1071.52 1.30 Aylett Eqty Pres. - A1 1.16 3153.56 2.03
Allan Gray-Orb. Gl. FoF - A 1.83 3689.79 0.01 Naviga BCI Wrld. Eqty Fund - A - 98.45 0.00 Coronation Glb Strat USD I [ZAR] Fdr - A 1.12 134.60 0.00 M Ast IP Bal. - B1 1.46 1063.08 3.33 Moment. SWIX Idx - A 0.59 98.71 1.23 Balondolozi Abs. Ret. Pres. - A1 1.36 102.34 5.04
Allan Gray-Orb. Gl. Optimal FoF - A 1.43 1952.04 0.00 Naviga BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.67 102.00 0.00 Coronation Industrial - P 1.16 19846.60 1.10 M Ast IP Bal.+ - B1 1.29 1069.66 2.62 Moment. Target Cau. Gr. FoF - A - 99.13 0.00 Bateleur Flex. Pres. - A1 2.31 276.62 1.88
Anchor Capital (Pty) Ltd.: Olympiad BCI Mgd FoF - A 2.27 177.26 2.19 Coronation Jibar+ - A 0.53 1096.26 8.27 Mvunonala IP Bal. - A 3.55 94.82 1.98 Moment. Target Diversified Gr. FoF - A - 99.18 0.00 Bateleur Gl. Eqty Pres. Fdr - A1 2.19 125.04 0.00
Anchor BCI Africa Flex. Inc. Fund 2.15 99.61 3.89 Olympiad BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.67 153.77 0.57 Coronation Mkt+ - A 1.62 8107.49 2.77 Mvunonala IP Flex. Inc. - A 1.43 100.54 5.40 Moment. Target Gr. FoF - A - 99.34 0.00 ClucasGray Equilibrium Pres. - A1 0.89 114.20 4.16
Anchor BCI Bond - A 0.72 105.06 8.60 Optimum BCI Bal. - A 2.01 115.83 2.59 Coronation Money Mkt - A 0.29 100.00 7.70 Pan-African IP Inc. Hunter - A 0.96 1061.15 9.05 Moment. Target Gr.+ FoF - A - 98.83 0.00 ClucasGray Eqty Pres. - A1 1.85 187.09 2.51
Anchor BCI Diversified Gr. - A 2.51 103.51 1.13 Optimum BCI Eqty Fund - A 1.71 104.77 1.33 Coronation Optimum Gr. - A 1.59 9873.32 0.23 Prosperity IP Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.96 1175.10 3.69 Moment. Target Stable Gr. FoF - A - 99.94 0.04 ClucasGray Future Titans Pres. - A1 1.54 233.64 1.93
Anchor BCI Diversified Mod. - A 2.09 105.45 2.77 Optimum BCI Mgd Gr. - A 2.15 117.35 1.62 Coronation Prop. Eqty - A 1.43 6380.12 4.32 Rock Cap. IP Top 20 Gl. - A 2.23 106.22 2.46 Moment. Top 40 Idx - A 0.62 647.11 2.11 Cohesive Cap. Flex. Pres. - A1 2.07 120.47 1.83 0
Anchor BCI Diversified Stable - A 1.63 104.34 4.53 Optimum BCI Stable - A 2 115.32 4.21 Coronation Res. - P 1.32 9307.31 0.93 Southchester IP Optimum Inc - A 1.66 100.00 6.39 Moment. Trending Eqty - A - 100.24 0.52 Cohesive Cap. WW Flex. Pres. - A2 0.71 106.45 6.96
Anchor BCI Eqty - A 1.23 180.96 0.76 Optimum BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 1.91 94.81 0.92 Coronation SA Eqty - A 1.26 107.57 1.21 True North IP Enh. Prop - A 2.14 1034.25 1.42 Moment. Value Eqty - A - 99.38 0.48 Cordatus Bal. Pres. FoF - A1 1.77 105.06 2.31
True North IP Flex. Eqty - A 1.81 1094.11 0.73 Moment. Value - A 1.56 752.89 2.16 Cordatus Wrld. Flex. Pres. - A2 1.2 152.51 1.64
So u on and p a www udo u om
Anchor BCI Flex. Inc. - A 1.26 104.34 6.64 PBi BCI Bal. FoF 1.53 105.42 2.40 Coronation Smaller Cos - R 1.2 7271.87 2.26
Anchor BCI Gbl Cap+ Fdr - A 2.35 93.00 0.00 PBi BCI Cons. FoF - A 1.33 103.23 4.22 Coronation Str. Inc. - A 0.99 1541.76 7.26 Itransact Fund Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: RMI Spec. Mgr Money Mkt - A 0.44 100.00 7.63 Cordatus Wrld. Flex. Pres. FoF - A2 2.33 142.32 1.28
Anchor BCI Gbl Eqty Fdr - A 2.2 107.89 0.00 PBI BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 1.93 100.58 0.46 Coronation Top 20 - A 0.84 13546.60 2.23 IFM Bal. Value FoF - A 2.76 292.91 0.00 RMI Spec. Mgr M Inc. - A 0.91 101.09 8.76 EMH Pres. Bal. QtPlus - A1 - 121.57 0.00
Anchor BCI Mgd - A 1.98 110.31 1.91 Platinum BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.49 253.52 1.85 NAM Coronation Bal. Def. - A - 4225.62 3.72 IFM Technical - A 1.47 387.52 0.97 RMI Spec. Mgr Unconstr Fixed Int. - A 1.03 102.81 7.60 EMH Pres. Inc. Prov. - A1 - 114.86 0.00
Anchor BCI Prop. - A 1.87 96.27 3.80 Platinum BCI Inc. Prov. FoF - A 2.17 167.06 3.96 NAM Coronation Bal.+ - A - 162.83 2.34 JM BUSHA Investment Group (Pty) Ltd.: Nedgroup Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: EMH Pres. Money Mkt - A1 - 100.00 7.15 UND NAME ER NAV HY UND NAME ER NAV HY
Anchor BCI SA Eqty - A 1.21 107.70 0.40 Platinum BCI Wrld. Flex. - A 1.8 373.99 0.95 NAM Coronation Cap.+ - A - 170.17 2.26 JMBusha MET Rl Ret. - A 1.69 136.02 4.29 Nedgrp Inv Bal. - A 1.59 972.90 2.58 Fairtree ALBI+ Pres. Fund - A1 - 99.71 1.13
Anchor BCI Wrld. Flex. - A 1.25 125.01 0.88 Plexus Wlth BCI Bal. - A 1.72 207.70 3.41 NAM Coronation Money Mkt Fund - A - 100.00 4.77 Kagiso Collective Investments Limited: Nedgrp Inv Bra. Wrld. Flex. - A 2 296.40 0.08 Fairtree Bal. Pres. Fund - A1 1.92 99.88 0.00 Ashburton MidCap ETF 0.78 724.69 2.53 m
Anglorand Management Company Ltd.: Plexus Wlth BCI Cons. - A 1.7 171.47 4.33 NAM Coronation Str. Inc. - A - 114.98 6.64 Kagiso Bal. - A 1.54 164.74 1.90 Nedgrp Inv Core Bond - A 0.44 147.02 8.58 Fairtree Flex. Inc.+ Pres. Fund - A 1.24 111.32 5.43 Ashburton Top 40 ETF 0.17 4747.65 2.31 m
Anglorand Gr. - A - 461.13 0.00 Plexus Wlth BCI Flex. Prop. Inc. Fund - A - 98.15 1.30 db x-trackers (Proprietary) Ltd.: Kagiso Eqty Alpha - A 1.58 719.69 0.67 Nedgrp Invest. Core Diversified - B 0.48 1911.51 3.25 Fairtree Gl. Rl Est. Pres. Fund - A1 1.7 105.02 0.00 Krugerrand Custodial Certificates ETF - 1690950.00 0.00 m M
Argon Asset Management (Pty) Ltd.: Plexus Wlth BCI Prop. - A 1.03 272.67 4.67 db x-trackers DJ Euro 50 Idx 0.86 5280.00 1.54 Kagiso Islamic Bal. - A 1.48 149.38 0.04 Nedgrp Inv Core Gl. Fdr - A 0.81 966.66 0.00 Fairtree Gl. Smart Beta Pres. Fund - A1 0.65 105.62 0.32 Sanlam Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: m M M
Argon BCI Abs. Ret. - A 1.91 99.20 4.89 Point3 BCI Bal. FoF - A 1.64 101.48 2.47 db x-trackers FTSE 100 Idx 0.86 12448.00 3.16 Kagiso Islamic Eqty - A 1.41 230.62 0.81 Nedgrp Invest. Core Guarded - B 0.48 1493.22 5.09 Green Oak Inc. Pres. - A1 0.59 103.11 8.13 Denker SCI Bal. Fund - A - 985.16 0.00 AN m m
Argon BCI Bal. Fund - A 1.59 99.34 0.02 Point3 BCI Cons. FoF - A 1.68 100.12 3.92 db x-trackers MSCI Japan Idx 0.86 1119.00 2.20 Kagiso Protector - A 1.63 2850.32 2.39 Nedgrp Inv Core Inc. - B 0.59 99.80 7.94 Huysamer Eqty Pres. - A 1.7 1966.66 1.72 Denker SCI SA Eqty Fund - B1 - 947.99 0.00
Argon BCI Wrld. Flex. - A 2.96 286.81 0.00 Point3 BCI Mod. Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 1.85 101.13 1.71 db x-trackers MSCI USA Idx 0.86 3033.00 2.03 Kagiso Stable - A 1.55 148.53 3.50 Nedgrp Inv Entrepreneur - R 1.16 1698.51 1.64 Huysamer Opp. Pres. - A1 2.63 1507.15 0.62 Denker SCI SA Stable Fund - A - 989.84 1.19 M
Ashburton Management Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: PortfolioMetrix BCI Bond FoF - A 0.55 106.68 8.38 db x-trackers MSCI World Idx 0.68 2530.00 1.97 Kagiso Top 40 Trckr - R 0.71 6201.12 2.13 Nedgrp Inv Fin.s - R 1.39 26801.45 2.31 Integre Large Cap - A1 1.85 124.86 2.60 Element Bal. SCI Fund - A 2.99 153.84 1.43 M
Ashburton Africa Eqty Opp. Fdr - A - 90.38 0.00 PortfolioMetrix BCI Eqty FoF - B1 0.98 108.15 2.84 Discovery Life Collective Investments (Pty) Ltd.: Laurium Capital: Nedgrp Inv Flex. Inc. - A 0.93 1496.12 7.44 Integrity Eqty Pres. - A1 1.45 98.67 1.27 Element Earth Eqty SCI Fund - A 1.89 489.08 0.91 M
Ashburton Bal. - A 1.09 126.28 3.16 PortfolioMetrix BCI Gl. Eqty FoF - B1 0.79 138.81 0.13 Discovery Agg Dyn Ast Opti FoF - A 1.94 102.10 2.59 Laurium Bal. Pres. - A1 2.04 109.49 2.11 Nedgrp Inv Fundisa - A 0.13 117.06 7.22 Long Beach Flex. Pres. - A1 2.61 328.61 0.00 Element Flex. SCI Fund - A 2.06 393.98 2.86 M
Ashburton Bond Fund - A 0.99 100.50 7.07 Portfoliometrix BCI Gl. Prop. FoF - A 0.93 86.22 0.49 Discovery Bal. - A 1.89 200.73 2.19 Laurium Eqty Pres. - A1 1.14 120.37 2.13 Nedgrp Inv Gl. Cau. Fdr - A 1.56 2069.18 0.00 Long Beach Mgd Pres. - A1 4.29 155.46 0.00 Element Gl. Eqty SCI Fund - B 2.33 271.19 0.00 M M
Ashburton Def. - A 0.88 163.74 6.02 PortfolioMetrix BCI Inc. FoF - A 0.67 105.04 7.90 Discovery Cau. Bal. - A 1.66 141.75 3.39 Laurium Flex. Pres. - A1 1.75 178.60 2.65 Nedgrp Inv Gl. Eqty Fdr - A 1.55 759.18 0.02 M1 Cap. Gl. Eqty Pres. - A1 3.72 99.89 0.00 Element Islamic Bal. SCI Fund - A 2.08 148.34 0.00 W
Ashburton Enh. Value SA Trckr - A 0.69 111.10 2.87 PortfolioMetrix BCI SA Prop. - A 0.7 111.37 4.50 Discovery Cons Dyn Ast Opti FoF - A 1.69 101.17 5.02 Lion of Africa Fund Managers Pty Ltd.: Nedgrp Inv Gl. Flex. Fdr - R 1.56 884.57 0.06 M1Cap. Eqty Pres. - A1 1.6 112.44 1.21 Element Islamic Eqty SCI Fund - A 2.02 184.64 0.00
Ashburton Eqty - B1 1 720.40 1.91 Pri.Client BCI Wrld. Flex. Fund - B 2.22 99.99 0.20 Discovery Diversified Inc. - A 1.16 109.45 7.57 Lion of Africa MET Eqty - A 3.7 144.21 0.00 Nedgrp Inv Gl. Prop. Fdr - A 1.46 906.93 0.00 Maestro Eqty Pres. - A 2.06 2984.04 0.43 Element Islamic Gl. Eqty SCI Fund - A 2.29 189.94 0.00
Ashburton Gl. Flex. - A1 1.85 211.08 0.04 Providence BCI Wrld. Diversified - B 1.43 108.70 0.31 Discovery Dyn. Eqty - A 1.85 135.97 0.88 Lion of Africa MET Rl Ret. - A 2.04 122.18 4.65 Nedgrp Inv Gr. - R 1.18 2406.79 2.51 Mergence Abs. Ret. Pres. - A1 1.4 120.55 3.42 Element Rl Inc. SCI Fund - A 1.7 210.51 5.13
Ashburton GOVI Trckr - A 0.63 98.73 7.23 PWS BCI Cau. FoF - A 1.72 102.93 0.26 Discovery Eqty 1.85 168.28 1.18 Marriott Unit Trust Management Company Ltd.: Nedgrp Inv Mgd - R 1.28 366.62 3.14 Mergence CPI + 6% Pres. - A1 1.55 105.51 2.76 Element Spec. Inc. SCI - A 1 100.94 7.94 W
Ashburton Gr. - A 1.14 273.47 1.72 PWS BCI Mod. FoF - A 1.78 102.94 0.00 Discovery Flex. Prop. 1.43 212.61 4.72 Marriott Bal. FoF - A 2.12 2646.49 3.82 Nedgrp Inv Min. & Res. - R 1.21 1384.95 0.56 Mergence Eqty Pres. - A1 1.23 193.52 2.16 Excalibur SCI Gl. Mgd Fdr Fund - B1 - 1039.86 0.00
Ashburton Low Beta SA Comps Trckr - A 0.69 98.10 1.91 PWS BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 1.78 107.06 0.00 Discovery Gl. Bal. FoF - A 1.93 236.07 0.00 Marriott Core Inc. - A 1.15 108.76 8.14 Nedgrp Inv Money Mkt - R 0.59 100.00 7.54 Mosaic Flex. Pres. Fund - A1 1.87 98.14 4.54 First Avenue Sanlam CI Eqty - B1 1.43 1692.08 1.26
Ashburton Moment. SA Trckr - A 0.71 80.30 3.17 Qtum BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.28 291.48 1.63 Discovery Gl. Eqty Fdr - A 1.96 222.35 0.00 Marriott Dividend Gr. - R 1.15 8920.94 2.72 Nedgrp Inv Opp. - A 1.64 4696.11 2.72 Prescient Abs. Bal. - A1 1.32 315.12 4.06 Ginsburg SCI Wrld. Flex. - A1 - 974.73 0.00
Ashburton Money Mkt - B1 0.36 100.00 7.58 Qtum BCI Cap.+ FoF - A 2.33 215.89 3.46 Discovery Gl. Rl Est. Securities Fdr - A 1.77 101.91 0.00 Marriott First World Eqty Fdr - A 1.41 2150.65 2.26 Nedgrp Invest. Pri. Wlth Eqty - A 1.1 6392.72 1.39 Prescient Abs. Def. - A2 - 101.19 0.00 Graviton Sanlam CI Bal. - A1 1.51 1469.68 2.01
Ashburton M-Mgr Bond - B1 1.12 1015.57 8.44 Qtum BCI Core Inc. - A 1.24 103.79 7.18 Discovery Gbl Value Eqty Fdr - A 2.06 203.80 0.00 Marriott Gl. Inc. - A 1.04 464.54 2.13 Nedgrp Invest. Prop. - A 1.16 177.18 8.22 Prescient Africa Eqty - A1 3.86 137.10 0.00 Graviton Sanlam CI Cap. Gr. - A1 1.62 1201.19 2.08
Ashburton M-Mgr Eqty - B1 1.61 1815.59 1.10 Qtum BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.8 167.21 0.00 Discovery Mod. Bal. - A 1.65 147.11 2.93 Marriott High Inc. FoF - A 1.42 967.14 8.35 Nedgrp Inv Rainmaker - A 1.74 12624.73 1.08 Prescient Africa Sustainable Eqty - A1 4.36 94.71 0.00 Graviton Sanlam CI Flex. Inc. - A1 1.15 1039.49 7.14
Ashburton M-Mgr Inc. - B1 0.99 1155.58 7.09 RCI BCI Flex. Gr. Fund 1.54 102.61 0.35 Discovery Mod Dyn Ast Opti FoF - A 1.75 101.85 4.18 Marriott Inc. - R 0.89 110.27 7.69 Nedgrp Inv Stable - A 1.24 173.98 4.16 Prescient Bal. - A2 0.55 106.93 7.34 Graviton Sanlam CI Low Eqty - A1 1.51 1271.90 3.19
Ashburton M-Mgr Prop. - B1 0.96 2176.86 4.87 RCI BCI Flex. Mgd - A 2.17 379.74 0.59 Discovery Money Mkt - A 0.58 100.00 7.42 Marriott Inter. Gr. Fdr - A 1.95 1601.86 2.39 Nedgrp Inv Value - R 1.16 5993.68 2.58 Prescient Bond QtPlus - A1 0.91 109.75 8.39 GraySwan SCI Aggr. FoF - A - 1012.75 0.00
Ashburton M-Mgr Prud. Flex. - B1 1.1 1659.69 2.88 RCI BCI Wrld. Flex. Fund - A 1.94 103.34 0.00 Discovery 2010 - A 2.35 161.29 1.92 Marriott Inter. Rl Est. Fdr - A 1.39 454.11 3.03 NewFunds (Pty) Ltd.: Prescient China Bal. Fdr - A1 4.58 218.73 0.00 GraySwan SCI Cau. FoF - A - 1005.39 0.00
Ashburton Prop. Trckr - A 0.63 97.90 5.50 Rebalance BCI Infl.+ 3 - A 2.04 109.49 3.56 Discovery 2015 - A 2.06 162.89 2.17 Marriott Money Mkt - A 0.31 100.00 7.24 NewFunds Eqty Moment. 0.38 2944.00 0.00 Prescient Core Eqty - A2 0.41 106.17 1.89 GraySwan SCI Mod. FoF - A - 1009.20 0.00
Ashburton SA Inc. - B1 0.78 101.43 8.34 Rebalance BCI Infl.+ 5 - A 1.76 109.24 1.89 Discovery 2020 - A 1.99 165.01 2.11 Marriott Prop. Eqty - R 1.16 960.10 7.15 NewFunds Govi 0.25 5521.00 0.00 Prescient Eqty Act. Qt - A1 1.23 2006.22 2.69 JBL Sanlam CI Flex. FoF - B1 - 996.01 0.00
Ashburton Stable - A 1.04 102.50 7.02 Rebalance BCI Infl.+ 7 - A 2.53 117.74 0.13 Discovery 2025 - A 1.96 168.44 1.99 Marriott Prop. Inc. - A 1.16 1013.49 6.62 NewFunds ILBI 0.35 6499.00 0.00 Prescient Eqty Defender - A1 1.55 112.24 6.11 JBL Sanlam CI Mgd FoF - B1 - 998.20 0.00
Ashburton Targeted Ret. - B4 1 126.81 3.99 Reitway BCI Gl. Prop. - A 1.6 218.48 2.01 Discovery 2030 - A 1.96 167.26 1.75 Marriott Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.37 2796.51 2.27 NewFunds MAPPSâ„¢ Gr. 0.15 2029.00 0.00 Prescient Eqty Inc. - A1 1.31 131.93 3.08 JBL Sanlam CI Wrld. Flex. FoF - B1 - 1020.95 0.00
FNB Gr. FoF - B1 - 102.67 1.35 Renaissance BCI Cau. - A 2.15 104.40 2.98 Discovery 2035 - A 1.96 168.48 1.51 Mazi Capital (Pty) Ltd.: NewFunds MAPPSâ„¢ Protect 0.16 3500.00 0.00 Prescient Eqty Qt - A1 0.61 556.19 4.92 Megafin Sanlam CI Bal. FoF - A1 2.14 1024.60 2.28
FNB Gr.+ FoF - B1 - 102.98 0.94 Renaissance BCI Gl. Best Ideas Fdr - A 1.55 111.64 0.00 Discovery 2040 - A 1.97 160.75 1.21 Mazi Cap. Prime Bal. - A 1.63 98.51 3.34 NewFunds NewSA Idx 0.57 4691.00 2.90 Prescient Flex. Fixed Int. - A2 0.6 104.46 5.50 Megafin Sanlam CI Gr. FoF - A1 2.52 1182.67 0.38
FNB Inc. FoF - B1 - 100.10 5.34 Renaissance BCI Mgd - A 2.13 104.76 2.10 Discovery 2045 - A 1.96 163.45 1.04 Mazi Cap. Prime Def. Bal. - A 1.14 99.86 5.01 NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Fin.s Idx 0.18 3898.00 1.84 Prescient Gl. Eqty Fdr - A1 2.28 207.76 0.00 Megafin Sanlam CI Stable FoF - A1 2.08 1057.54 3.84
FNB Mod. FoF - B1 - 101.21 1.86 Renaissance BCI Wrld. Flex. Fund 0.58 99.61 0.84 Discovery Target Retirement 2050 - A 2.61 103.55 0.72 Mazi Cap. Prime Eqty - A1 1.22 259.47 1.48 NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Res. Idx 0.2 4043.00 1.33 Prescient Glb Inc Prov. Fdr - A1 1.4 263.22 0.00 MFS SCI Cau. FoF - B1 - 1000.52 0.00
FNB Stable FoF - B1 - 100.74 2.45 Rowan Cap. BCI Bal. FoF - A 1.99 100.85 1.06 Discovery Wrld. Best Ideas - A 2.18 96.34 0.43 Mazi Cap. Prime Prop. - A 1.2 132.05 4.91 NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Top 50 Idx 0.19 4559.00 1.41 Prescient Gl. Positive Ret. Fdr - A1 2.68 135.21 0.00 MFS SCI Mod. FoF - B1 - 1001.00 0.00
BlueAlpha Investment Management (Pty) Ltd.: Rowan Cap. BCI Inc. FoF - A 1.58 100.57 5.41 DSFIN Services (Pty) Ltd.: MET Collective Investments Ltd.: NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Industrial Idx 0.21 6632.00 1.73 Prescient Inc. Prov. - A1 0.86 137.14 6.62 Northstar SCI Eqty - A - 1009.59 0.00
BlueAlpha BCIASeasons - A 2.11 413.39 0.48 Rudiarius BCI Africa Eqty - C 1.51 89.10 3.09 Optimum BCI Flex. - A 2.08 669.52 2.38 AMF MET Mgd - A 2.19 113.83 3.15 NewFunds Shari’ah Top40 Idx 0.13 307.00 1.40 Prescient Living Planet - A1 1.59 141.29 2.51 Northstar SCI Gl. Flex. Fdr - A - 1008.41 0.00
BlueAlpha BCI Gl. Eqty - A 1.84 147.64 0.00 S BRO BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.39 240.66 2.86 Optimum BCI Prop. - A 1.63 124.17 4.30 Blue Quadrant MET Wrld. Flex. - A 1.6 140.99 0.00 NewFunds SWIX 40 Idx 0.35 1635.00 0.00 Prescient Money Mkt - A 0.42 100.00 7.72 Obsidian Sanlam CI Bal. - B1 1.31 1297.19 2.80
BlueAlpha BCI Select Eqty - C 1.69 129.26 1.34 S BRO BCI Def. FoF - A 2.28 153.57 3.46 Fairtree Capital (Pty) Ltd.: Counterpoint MET Bal.+ - A1 1.58 127.92 1.81 NewFunds TRACI 3 Month Idx 0.23 2226.00 0.00 Prescient Positive Ret. QtPlus - A1 1.08 235.53 7.34 Obsidian Sanlam CI Eqty - B1 1.3 1069.59 0.00
Boutique Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: S BRO BCI Mgd FoF 2.67 99.89 0.52 Fairtree Eqty Pres. Fund - A1 2.44 216.57 0.20 Counterpoint MET Cau. - A1 1.31 193.44 4.04 Novare Investments (Pty) Ltd.: Prescient RECM Gl. Fdr - A 1.46 104.54 0.00 Octagon Sanlam CI Cau. FoF - B1 1.96 1047.69 2.28
36ONE BCI Eqty - A 1.13 492.27 0.00 SA Ast Man BCI Cau. - A 2.17 107.60 3.99 Fairtree Flex. Bal. Pres. - A1 3.18 120.27 0.37 Counterpoint MET Enh. Inc. - A1 0.69 119.41 7.86 Matrix NCIS Eqty - A 1.88 1093.06 0.79 Prescient Stable Inc. - A1 0.86 102.22 7.28 Octagon Sanlam CI Gr. FoF - B1 2.06 1040.25 1.23 m M
36ONE BCI Flex. Opp. - A 1.54 584.99 0.19 SA Ast Man BCI Mgd - A 2.07 110.61 3.18 Fairtree MET Smart Beta Fund - A1 1.44 103.26 2.73 Counterpoint MET Gl. Eqt Fdr - B 1.76 90.81 0.00 Novare Cap. Pres. FoF - A1 1.16 1167.54 5.27 Prescient Wlth Bal. FoF - A1 1.19 164.70 2.98 Octagon Sanlam CI Wrld. FoF - B1 2.79 1064.95 0.17
36ONE BCI SA Eqty Fund - C1 1.5 120.34 0.00 SA Ast Man BCI Mod. - A 2.13 110.12 3.62 Flagship Private Asset Management (Pty) Limited: Counterpoint MET High Yield Eqty - A1 1.08 126.98 3.07 Novare Flex. - A1 1.35 987.79 0.87 Prescient Yield QtPlus - A1 0.58 103.00 7.87 Rootstock SCI Wrld. Flex. - A 2.07 325.16 0.20
4D BCI Aggr. Flex. FoF - A 2.57 147.11 0.71 Sasfin BCI Bal. - A 1.24 123.14 0.47 Flagship IP Flex. Value - A1 1.68 4233.24 0.50 Counterpoint MET Mod. - A1 1.53 119.12 2.83 Novare Wlth Accum. FoF - A1 1.33 1467.36 2.46 Seed Bal. - A1 1.9 188.72 2.54 Sanlam Alt. Inc. - A1 1.34 100.00 5.54
4D BCI Cau. FoF - A 2.24 131.64 3.86 Sasfin BCI Eqty - A 1.76 339.68 0.00 Flagship IP Prud. Variable - A 2.26 206.40 0.05 Counterpoint MET Value - A1 1.49 367.89 0.44 Novare Wrld. Eqty Fund - A1 - 1003.32 0.32 Seed Eqty - A1 1.22 121.51 1.88 Sanlam Asia Pacific FoF - A 2.45 2018.63 0.00
4D BCI Flex. - A 1.68 124.03 0.54 Sasfin BCI Flex. Inc. - A 0.76 100.99 7.99 Flagship IP Wrld. Flex. - A 2.11 500.59 0.00 Destiny M Ast MET FoF - A 2.67 4731.37 1.48 Novare WW Flex. - A1 1.33 996.71 1.08 Seed Inc. - A1 1.28 104.35 6.55 Sanlam Diversified Inc. FoF - A3 1.24 110.78 3.83
4D BCI Mod. FoF - A 2.26 151.70 2.16 Sasfin BCI Optimal Inc. Fund - A 1.83 102.79 1.53 Flagship IP Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.42 653.40 0.00 Destiny Prud. MET FoF - A 2.32 3446.12 2.17 Novare Wrld. Flex. FoF - A1 1.42 1499.89 1.47 Seed Stable - A1 1.85 139.72 3.75 Sanlam Gl. Bal. FoF - A 1.72 2757.19 0.00
Absa Access BCI Aggr. - A 1.06 105.39 2.62 Sasfin BCI Prud. - A1 1.39 182.05 0.31 Foord Unit Trusts Limited: Imalivest MET Bal. - A 1.56 289.44 1.93 Oasis Crescent Management Company Ltd.: Steyn Cap. Eqty Pres. - A1 1.49 94.87 1.22 Sanlam Gl. Cau. FoF - A 1.61 2462.13 0.00 %
Absa Access BCI Bal. - A 1.09 105.81 3.57 Sasfin BCI Stable - A 1.04 114.34 2.67 Foord Bal. - R 1.58 5432.75 2.28 Imalivest MET Wrld. Flex. - A 1.34 207.25 0.55 Oasis Bal. - D 1.69 568.04 2.31 Stylo Gl. Bond Pres. FoF - A1 1.31 97.80 0.20 Sanlam Gl. Eqty - R 1.32 628.22 0.43 %
Absa Access BCI Cau. - A 1.02 104.33 4.42 Select Mgr BCI Cau. FoF - A 1.92 155.44 3.28 Foord Cons. - R 1.28 1132.52 3.34 Insight Cap. MET Flex. FoF - A 1.67 139.03 3.98 Oasis Bal. Stable FoF - D 1.61 249.72 3.13 Stylo Gl. Eqty Pres. FoF - A1 1.01 107.96 0.10 Sanlam India Opp. Fdr - A 2.51 2114.92 0.00 M
Absa Access BCI Gr. - A 1.16 104.62 3.15 Select Mgr BCI Flex. Eqty - A 1.69 198.54 1.07 Foord Eqty - R 1.11 8168.35 2.28 Maru MET Swix Enh. Fund - A 1.43 98.44 1.56 Oasis Bond - D 0.59 108.06 7.62 Stylo Gl. Rl Est. Pres. FoF - A1 0.87 98.15 1.26 SIM Act. Inc. - A1 0.92 1159.87 7.27 M
Absa Access BCI Passive Bal. - A 0.87 103.78 3.58 Select Mgr BCI Flex. Gr. FoF - A 2.42 365.13 1.20 Foord Flex. FoF - R 1.43 2806.96 1.09 MET Cap. Pres.+ - A 1.87 103.06 1.89 Oasis Cres. Bal. High Eqty FoF - D 1.58 167.36 0.14 Tower Cap. Core Inc Pres. - A1 1.23 101.93 6.81 SIM Bal. - R 1.27 7774.95 2.45 M
Absa Access BCI Passive Gr. - A 0.56 101.73 2.03 Select Mgr BCI Gl. Mod. FoF - A 2.45 276.27 0.00 Foord Gl. Eqty Fdr - R 1.57 1388.58 0.00 MET Def. FoF - A 2.52 192.43 1.01 Oasis Cres. Bal. Prog. FoF - D 1.62 252.72 0.81 Tower Cap. Eqty Pres. - A1 2.1 116.50 0.14 SIM Enh. Yield - A1 0.49 103.62 8.45 M M
Absa Access BCI Stable - A 0.91 104.42 4.71 Select Mgr BCI Prud. FoF - A 2.44 309.86 1.53 Foord Intl Fdr - R 1.91 3605.43 0.00 MET Flex. FoF - A 2.39 190.44 0.00 Oasis Cres. Bal. Stable FoF - D 1.48 156.16 1.06 Prime Collective Investment Schemes Management Co: SIM General Eqty - R 1.17 21322.19 1.53 MM
ABSA BCI Inst Flex. Inc. Fund - C 0.7 102.31 1.97 Sesfikile BCI Gl. Prop. Fund - A1 1.33 79.81 1.85 GCI Wealth: MET General Eqty - A 1.45 1527.09 1.13 Oasis Cres. Eqty - D 1.61 1015.96 0.00 10X Prime High Eqty - A 0.73 105.20 2.73 SIM Infl.+ - A 1.25 484.91 4.01 MM
ABSA BCI SA Low Resid Risk Eqty - A 0.25 94.82 0.86 Sesfikile BCI Prop. - A1 1.38 2092.68 4.21 GCI MET Bal. FoF - A 2.1 191.59 3.37 MET Odys. Bal. FoF - A 2.12 274.84 1.79 Oasis Cres. Inc. - A 0.66 120.09 3.63 AlphaWlth Prime Small & Mid Cap - A 1.32 123.79 0.47 Sanlam M Mgd Abs. Sol. 5 FoF - A2 1.59 1694.37 1.99 MM
ABSA BCI SA Moment. Eqty Fund - A 0.31 92.61 0.71 Signature BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.39 104.19 0.69 GCI MET Bal.+ - A 2.23 111.10 0.23 MET Odys. Cons. FoF - A 1.97 192.66 3.85 Oasis Cres. Intl Bal Low Eq Fdr - D 2.15 86.63 0.00 Corion Prime Gr. - A 1.61 108.89 1.32 Sanlam M Mgd Aggr. FoF - A1 1.29 1811.52 2.66 MM
ABSA BCI SA Value Eqty Fund - A 0.3 101.26 0.76 Signature BCI Stable FoF - A 2.26 103.20 1.16 GCI MET Flex. FoF - A 2.63 222.80 1.83 MET Target Ret. - A 3.85 51.15 3.83 Oasis Cres. Inter. Fdr - D 1.69 410.93 0.00 Corion Prime Stable - A 1.23 106.81 4.16 Sanlam M Mgd Bal. FoF - A2 1.72 5180.04 2.58 MM
ABSA Wlth BCI Aggr. FoF - A 1.46 103.69 1.72 Signature BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 3.06 104.72 0.00 GCI MET Inc. - A 1.42 104.10 5.52 Metope MET Prop. - A 2.16 114.20 4.19 Oasis Cres. Intl Prop. Eqty Fdr - D 1.2 159.20 1.62 Hollard Prime Dyn. Inc. - B 0.8 102.81 7.02 Sanlam M Mgd Cau. FoF - A1 1.42 1354.80 3.97 MM
ABSA Wlth BCI Bal. FoF - A 1.28 103.96 2.94 Simplisiti BCI Flex. FoF - A 3.41 187.93 0.00 GCI MET Stable FoF - A 2.4 116.98 2.69 Northstar MET Inc. - A 1.24 99.46 7.32 Oasis General Eqty - D 1.16 795.34 2.18 Hollard Prime Eqty - B 1.3 122.90 1.62 Sanlam M Mgd Cons. FoF - A1 1.24 1211.07 5.98 MM
ABSA Wlth BCI Cau. FoF - A 1.2 102.07 4.68 Simplisiti BCI Inc.+ FoF - A 1.65 114.90 5.87 GCI MET Wrld. Flex. - A 2.28 181.20 0.00 Northstar MET Mgd - A 2.16 207.78 2.43 Oasis Inter. Fdr - D 1.79 402.39 0.57 Hollard Prime Money Mkt - B 0.34 100.00 7.70 Sanlam M Mgd Def. FoF - A2 1.8 2561.75 4.70 MM
ABSA Wlth BCI Gr. FoF - A 1.42 103.86 2.27 Simplisiti BCI Mgd Protector FoF - A 2.83 165.49 1.83 Glacier Management Company Limited: Perpetua MET Bal. - A 2.81 97.45 1.77 Oasis Money Mkt - A 0.36 100.00 7.40 Hollard Prime Prop. - B 1.26 153.94 4.00 Sanlam M Mgd Eqty FoF - A2 2.06 6552.35 0.91 MM
ABSA Wlth BCI Stable FoF - A 0.91 102.45 6.27 Skyblue BCI Cumulus Mod. FoF - A 2.51 176.39 3.46 Glacier Money Mkt - A 0.57 100.00 7.52 Perpetua MET Eqty - A 1.28 90.14 2.05 Oasis Prop. Eqty - D 1.15 544.75 4.53 Hollard Prime Str. Assertive FoF - B 1.62 128.30 2.64 Sanlam M Mgd LT Gr. Sol. 7 FoF - A2 1.66 1926.01 1.52 MM
ADB BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.25 194.96 2.58 Skyblue BCI Kimberlite Cau. FoF - A 2.24 148.07 3.85 Grant Thornton Capital Management Company(Pty)Ltd.: Saffron MET Act. Bond - A 1.4 115.73 5.01 Old Mutual Unit Trust Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: Hollard Prime Str. Bal. FoF - B 1.53 125.92 3.31 Sanlam M Mgd Mod. Aggr. FoF - A1 1.3 1738.42 2.87 MM w
ADB BCI Flex. Prud. FoF - A 2.36 191.63 1.66 Skyblue BCI Solar Flex. FoF - A 2.19 190.71 4.58 GTC Passive High Eqty FoF - B2 4.13 104.81 0.00 Saffron MET Opp. Inc. - A 1.23 117.93 6.46 Adviceworx OM Enh. Inc. FoF - B1 3.19 204.75 3.45 Hollard Prime Str. Def. FoF - B 1.61 120.84 4.16 Sanlam M Mgd Mod. FoF - A1 1.41 1548.69 3.18 MM M
Amity BCI Conserver FoF - A 2.32 163.28 2.77 Southern Charter BCI Bal. FoF - A 2.18 179.81 2.21 Gryphon Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: Saffron MET Top 20 - A 1.19 126.53 4.70 Adviceworx OM Infl. plus 2-3% FoF - B1 1.56 219.00 4.47 Hollard Prime Yield-Plus - B 0.67 100.43 7.77 Sanlam M Mgd Prot. Sol. 3 FoF - A2 1.56 1482.28 3.08 MM M
Amity BCI Flex. Gr. FoF - A 2.21 212.69 0.49 Southern Charter BCI Def. FoF - A 1.74 164.75 3.73 GryphonAShare Trckr - A 0.35 653.32 2.44 Stewart MET Abs. Ret. Bld FoF - A 1.87 117.31 5.46 Adviceworx OM Infl.+ 3-4% FoF - B1 1.76 223.76 3.84 Lynx Prime CI Bal. FoF - A1 1.67 2823.65 1.96 Sanlam Pan Europe - A 2.59 438.94 0.16 MM
Amity BCI Gl. Diversified FoF - A 2.59 114.32 0.00 Southern Charter BCI Gr. FoF - A 2.26 191.24 1.53 Gryphon Dividend Inc. - A 0.94 100.31 6.52 Stewart MET Macro Eqty FoF - A 2.6 179.39 0.35 Adviceworx OM Infl. plus 4-5% FoF - B1 1.82 228.02 3.21 Lynx Prime CI Cau. FoF - A1 1.49 1845.18 2.61 Sanlam Pri. Wlth Bal. - A 2.14 187.50 1.78 MM
Amity BCI Mgd Select - A 1.86 99.34 2.30 Southern Charter BCI Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.54 133.02 0.18 Gryphon Flex. FoF - B 0.66 1090.50 6.20 Truffle MET Flex. - A 1.46 213.38 2.39 Adviceworx OM Infl. plus 5-7% FoF - B1 1.94 227.77 2.78 Lynx Prime CI Gl. Diversified FoF - A1 2.61 242.02 0.00 Sanlam Pri. Wlth Gl. High Quality Fdr - A1 - 999.90 0.00 MM
Amity BCI Prudent FoF - A 2.23 178.06 1.72 Stonewood BCI Gl. Eqty Fdr - A 1.27 104.68 0.00 Gryphon Gl. Eqty - B 1.05 1264.54 0.33 Truffle MET General Eqty - A 1.46 199.53 1.40 OM Albaraka Bal. - A 1.47 294.79 2.49 Lynx Prime CI Opp. FoF - A1 1.77 2816.92 0.34 Sanlam Select Abs. - A1 1.19 1137.44 2.33
Amity BCI Stable Select - A 1.63 102.72 4.00 Stonewood BCI WW Flex - B 1.87 120.00 0.55 Gryphon Money Mkt - A 0.31 100.00 7.60 Truffle MET Inc.+ Fund - A 0.83 101.87 7.71 OM Albaraka Eqty - A 1.74 2047.24 0.38 Prime Bal. FoF - A 2.16 113.23 2.87 Sanlam Select Bond+ - B3 0.58 1049.69 7.99
Anchor Securities BCI Flex. - A 1.73 92.05 0.21 Stringfellow BCI Flex. FoF - A 3.05 204.05 0.54 Gryphon Prud. FoF - B 0.85 1086.41 6.32 Warwick MET Bal. - A 2.58 155.04 1.41 OM Bal. - R 1.3 1511.63 2.33 Prime Cabernet Stable FoF - A 2.18 146.95 4.50 Sanlam Select Def. Bal. - A1 1.19 1099.46 5.49
API BCI Mgd FoF - A 1.44 103.57 2.45 Stringfellow BCI Stable FoF - A 2.59 193.45 2.74 H4 Collective Investments (RF) Pty Ltd.: Warwick MET Bal. FoF - A 3.01 127.05 1.07 OM Bond - R 0.89 341.50 8.35 Prime Eqty FoF - A 2.9 119.63 0.00 Sanlam Select Flex. Eqty - B4 1.49 1302.01 0.62
API BCI Stable FoF - A 1.53 105.45 4.06 Tantalum BCI Cau. - B 0.88 102.41 5.43 Cannon Eqty H4 Fund - A 1.62 229.75 2.23 Warwick MET Enh. Inc. - A 1.31 101.14 7.56 OM Cap. Builder - A 1.53 251.36 4.30 Prime Gl. Flex. FoF - A 2.44 130.05 0.00 Sanlam Select Mgd - A1 0.94 1093.15 3.94
API BCI WW Opp. FoF - A 1.86 109.45 1.02 Tantalum BCI Str. Inc. - A 1.07 101.51 7.07 CITADEL Bal. H4 - B1 1.86 1623.53 2.52 Warwick MET Eqty - A 2.18 83.51 0.55 OM Capped SWIX Idx - A - 200.93 0.13 Prime Inc.+ - A 0.54 100.98 7.82 Sanlam Select Optimised Eqty - B4 1.3 7206.39 1.11
AS Forum BCI Aggr. FoF - A 2.67 231.80 1.35 Visio BCI Actinio - A 2.66 725.33 1.55 CITADEL Gl. Eqty H4 FoF - B 2.49 3146.82 0.00 Warwick MET Intl Mgd Fdr - A 3.81 93.66 0.00 OM Core Cons. Fund - A 0.75 201.56 0.68 Prime Mgd FoF - A 2.2 119.65 1.42 Sanlam Select Str. Inc. - A1 0.72 1017.09 7.81
AS Forum BCI Cau. FoF - A 2.18 167.24 3.18 Visio BCI General Eqty - A 1.3 110.82 2.04 Citadel SA 20/20 Eqty H4 Fund - B1 - 1032.76 0.00 Warwick MET Prop. - A 1.48 98.96 5.18 OM Core Diversified - A 0.85 209.30 2.35 Prime Money Mkt - A 0.46 100.00 7.42 Sanlam Select Thematic Eqty - B10 1.47 3159.38 2.24 w
AS Forum BCI Mod. FoF - A 2.51 212.70 2.03 Visio BCI SA Eqty - A - 99.59 0.00 CITADEL SA Bond H4 - B 1.05 1245.67 6.78 MI-PLAN (Pty) Ltd.: OM Dyn. Floor - A 1.61 460.04 3.32 Prime Shiraz Prud. Aggr. FoF - A 2.48 210.42 2.07 Sanlam Stable Gr. - A1 1.45 1087.71 2.87
Atlantic BCI Enh. Inc. - A 1.17 96.75 6.43 Vital BCI Bal. FoF - A 3.07 98.57 0.72 Citadel SA Dividend Eqty H4 - B1 1.5 1096.19 3.22 MI-PLAN IP Beta Eqty - B2 0.79 2296.12 2.68 OM Fin. Serv. - R 1.17 1376.14 3.04 Prime Stable FoF - A 2.09 106.89 4.81 Sentio SCI HIKMA Shariah Bal. Fund - B1 1.68 944.78 1.85
Atlantic BCI Rl Inc. - A 1.34 106.04 3.30 Vital BCI Cau. FoF - A 3.88 99.60 2.49 CITADEL SA Eqty H4 - B 1.47 4312.44 1.72 MI-PLAN IP Enh. Inc. - A 0.91 982.85 7.47 OM Flex. - R 1.31 1561.53 1.91 Prime Target Ret. - A 2.14 128.52 2.10 Sentio SCI HIKMA Shariah Gen Eqty - B1 2.32 914.56 0.76
Atlantic BCI Stable Inc. - A 0.55 96.69 8.19 Wlth Associates BCI Bal. FoF 1.19 100.86 1.98 Citadel SA Inc. H4 - B1 0.59 1015.30 7.67 MI-PLAN IP Gl. Macro - B5 1.02 2063.50 0.64 OM FTSE RAFIAWorld Idx Fdr - A 1.21 455.29 0.00 Prime Wrld. Eqty Fund - A - 98.94 0.00 SIM Bond+ - A 0.88 788.52 8.28 m
Aureus Nobilis BCI Cau. Fund - A 2.07 100.76 3.99 Wlth Associates BCI Cau. FoF 1.14 100.63 5.17 CITADEL SA Money Mkt H4 - B 0.59 100.00 7.58 MI-PLAN IP Gl. Prop. Fdr - B5 1.32 1476.41 0.00 OM Gl. Bond Fdr - A 1.8 548.15 0.00 Professional Provident Society Management Company: SIM Fin. - A 1.78 5864.59 2.22
Aureus Nobilis BCI Mgd Fund - A 1.99 100.36 1.96 Wlth Associates BCI Flex. Gr. FoF 1.51 98.95 0.82 Citadel SA M Factor Eqt H4 - B1 0.93 943.17 3.00 MI-PLAN IP Infl.+ 3 - B5 1.21 1774.67 3.78 OM Gl. Cur. Fdr - A 0.87 333.07 1.34 PPS Bal. FoF - A2 1.3 156.74 2.53 SIM Gl. Best Ideas Fdr - A 2.33 1581.79 0.00
Autus BCI Bal. - A 2.97 289.53 0.00 Wlth Associates BCI Mod. FoF 1.11 101.93 2.83 Citadel SA Prop. H4 - B1 1.17 1147.32 4.95 MI-PLAN IP Infl.+ 5 - B5 1.11 2202.77 3.16 OM Gl. Emerg. Mkt - A 2.76 421.25 0.11 PPS Bal. Idx Trckr - A 0.91 103.80 2.64 SIM Gl. Emerg. Mkt Fdr - A1 2.4 1132.91 0.00
Autus BCI Eqty - A 2.77 124.08 0.00 Wlthworks BCI Cau. FoF - A 2.65 105.36 2.29 Citadel SA Prot. Eqty H4 - B1 1.18 1082.65 4.27 MI-PLAN IP Infl.+ 7 - B5 1.13 2895.04 2.90 OM Gl. Eqty - R 1.23 2512.81 0.19 PPS Cons. FoF - A2 1.13 145.99 4.29 SIM Gl. Eqty Inc. Fdr - A1 2.01 1492.81 3.05
Autus BCI Gl. Eqty Fdr Fund - A 1.62 118.39 0.00 Wlthworks BCI Mgd FoF - A 2.19 107.95 1.34 H4 Diversified - B1 1.33 1141.98 3.66 MI-PLAN IP Sarasin Equisar Fdr - B5 1.78 2248.05 0.00 OM Gold - R 1.19 619.65 0.46 PPS Enh. Yield - A2 0.37 101.10 8.29 SIM Gl. Fin. Fdr - A1 2.35 2589.79 0.00 %
Autus BCI Inc.+ - A 0.69 120.95 7.35 Bridge Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd.: H4 Gr. - B1 1.5 1161.01 2.37 MI-PLAN IP Wrld. Macro - B2 1.3 1745.77 1.84 OM Gr. - R 1.29 2742.42 1.68 PPS Eqty Fund - A2 1.22 166.73 1.66 SIM Industrial - R 1.16 19562.64 0.31 %
Autus BCI Opp. - A 3.13 279.18 0.00 Bridge Bal. - A 1.72 159.70 2.05 H4 Stable - B1 1.19 1062.50 3.97 Triathlon IP - D - 1809.56 0.00 OM High Yield Opp. - A 1.45 1603.98 3.18 PPS Flex. Inc. - A2 0.65 108.25 7.41 SIM Gl. Mgd Aggr. FoF - A1 1.06 2528.25 3.47 %
Autus BCI Prop. - A 1.56 137.24 3.16 Bridge Diversified Pref. Share - A 0.89 87.43 9.44 H4 Wrld. Eqty - B1 1.61 1278.48 1.32 MitonOptimal Asset Management: OM Inc. - R 0.88 123.65 7.45 PPS Gl. Bal. FoF - A 2.37 106.90 0.00 SIM Mgd Cau. FoF - A1 1.34 1664.73 5.32
Autus BCI Stable - A 2.65 207.34 3.05 Bridge Eqty Inc. Gr. - A 1.24 131.11 3.52 Imara Asset Management SA (Pty) Ltd.: MitonOptimal IP Act. Beta - A 0.8 1133.81 2.11 OM Industrial - A 1.46 2587.25 1.02 PPS Mgd Flex. FoF - A2 1.48 191.05 1.28 SIM Mgd Cons. FoF - A1 1.24 1433.45 5.98
Autus BCI Wrld. Flex. - A 2.08 151.12 0.43 Bridge Gbl Eq Inc Gr. Fdr - C 1.7 97.81 0.11 Imara BCI Bal. - A 1.7 95.36 6.07 MitonOptimal IP Defended Beta - A 1.23 837.03 6.96 OM Int.+ - A 0.65 202.47 7.49 PPS Mod. FoF - A2 1.27 170.77 3.15 SIM Mgd Mod. Aggr. FoF - A1 1.05 2126.82 3.98
Baobab BCI Flex. Opp. - A 3.01 148.01 0.00 Bridge Gl. Mgd Gr. Fdr - A 1.6 2118.80 0.00 Imara MET Eqty - A 1.93 248.15 0.15 MitonOptimal IP Diversified Inc. FoF - A 2.14 144.45 3.54 OM Intl Gr. FoF - A 2.63 529.54 0.00 Prudential Portfolio Managers Unit Trusts Ltd.: SIM Mgd Mod. FoF - A1 1.04 2080.40 4.29
Baobab BCI Prud. Mgd - A 2.92 102.33 0.11 Bridge Gbl Prop. Feed Inc - A 1.87 322.67 0.01 Imara BCI Inc. - A 0.99 88.11 9.60 MitonOptimal IP Flex. FoF - A 2.76 275.04 2.12 OM Investors’ - R 1.16 39670.16 1.71 Prud. Bal. - A 1.58 617.65 2.63 SIM Money Mkt - R 0.58 100.00 7.51
Baroque BCI Moderato FoF - A 2.67 205.82 2.36 Bridge High Inc. - A 1.03 1091.46 8.07 Investec Fund Managers SA (RF) (Pty) Ltd.: MitonOptimal IP For Flex. Fdr - A1 1.87 276.20 0.00 OM Mgd Alpha Eqty - A 1.44 9250.55 1.45 Prud. Core Value - F 1.12 759.06 1.73 SIM Prop. - A 1.72 4207.80 4.25 M M
BCI Best Bld Bal. - C 1.48 115.90 2.11 Bridge Mgd Gr. - A 1.2 148.66 4.69 Investec Abs. Bal. - A 1.38 169.59 2.94 MitonOptimal IP High Conv Eqt - A 1.12 127.79 2.02 OM Max. Ret. FoF - A 1.81 306.36 0.60 Prud. Dividend Max. - A 2.12 1194.60 0.78 SIM Res. - A 1.94 475.39 0.12
BCI Best Bld Cau. - C 1.36 114.55 3.95 Bridge Stable Gr. - A 1.22 2124.80 5.88 Investec Cau. Mgd - A 1.78 175.01 3.79 MitonOptimal IP Int.+ - A 0.74 100.95 7.91 OM Mid & Small Cap - R 1.17 1955.84 1.72 Prud. Enh. Inc. - A 1.22 122.62 6.40 SIM Small Cap - R 1.19 5829.00 1.41
BCI Best Bld Flex. Inc. - C 0.78 104.82 6.63 Cadiz Collective Investments: Investec Commodity - R 1.19 1650.30 0.68 MitonOptimal IP Prud. FoF - A 2.69 219.64 2.52 OM Min.&Res. - R 1.17 6192.30 0.84 Prud. Enh. SA Prop. Trckr-A 0.76 301.45 5.03 SIM Top Choice Eqty - A1 1.28 3062.37 1.75
BCI BB Glb Eqty - A 2.51 241.89 0.00 Cadiz Abs. Yield - A 0.97 103.74 9.68 Investec Diversified Inc. - A 0.99 116.21 7.74 MitonOptimal IP SA Infl. Lnk Idx - A 0.6 128.24 1.77 OM Mod Bal. - A 1.97 207.76 3.13 Prud. Eqty - A 2.18 1241.19 0.89 SIM Value - A 1.79 3409.54 0.46
BCI Best Bld Gl. Prop. - A 1.85 110.97 1.02 Cadiz Bal. - A 1.54 196.17 2.24 Investec Emerg. Cos - R 1.15 1272.56 0.84 MitonOptimal IP Wrld. Flex. FoF - A 2.58 222.01 0.00 OM Money Mkt - A 0.58 100.00 7.56 Prud. Gl. Cau. Mgd FoF - A 1.93 225.34 0.00 Sanlam Pri. Wlth Eqty - A1 1.84 1846.62 1.05 W
BCI Best Bld Spec. Eqty - C 1.24 116.23 2.15 Cadiz Eqty - A 2.12 225.86 0.17 Investec Eqty - R 1.15 4838.12 1.23 Momentum Collective Investments Limited: OM MM Aggr. Bal FoF - A 2.91 212.01 1.23 Prud. Gl. High Yield Bond FoF - A 1.6 315.32 0.00 Stonehage Fleming Sanlam CI Eqty - A1 1.21 901.32 1.21 W
BCI Best Bld WW Flex. - A 1.77 322.53 0.00 Cadiz Money Mkt - A 0.29 100.00 7.74 Investec Gl. Francise Fdr - A 2.1 748.35 0.00 Aluwani Top 25 - R 1.16 1097.27 1.70 OM MM Bal. FoF - A 2.08 934.62 1.62 Prud. Gl. Value FoF - A 1.95 317.20 0.00 Tresor Sanlam CI Bal. - B1 2.35 1045.84 1.98
BCI BetaPlus Bal. - A 1.11 105.65 2.81 Cadiz Stable - A 1.24 110.70 4.17 Investec Gbl M-Ast Inc Fdr - A 1.91 149.90 0.00 Ampersand Moment. CPI+ 2 FoF - A 1.72 157.86 2.52 OM MM Cau. FoF - A 1.72 236.46 3