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Denton Record-Chronicle
An edition of The Dallas Morning News
Vol. 114, No. 12 / 16 pages, 3 sections Monday, August 14, 2017 Denton, Texas One dollar

Bills aim to take away control on city issues

By Brandi Grissom TEXAS property rights of Texans that are being and county governments,” said Manny said Abraham Benavides, a professor of
The Dallas Morning News “trampled” by policies of progressive Garcia, deputy executive director of the public administration at the University LEGISLATURE mayors, county judges and sheriffs. Texas Democratic Party. “This is about of North Texas.
AUSTIN — Texas Republicans have Democrats see a calculated attempt Democrats passing progressive eco-
a new political enemy, and he looks like by the Texas Republican Party to under- nomic reforms and progressive agendas All politics is local
Mike Rawlings. And Sylvester Turner. mine their success in urban local elec- at the local level, and them doing every- Democrats, who haven’t won a state-
And Ron Nirenberg. And Steve Adler. tions and ensure the GOP’s continued thing they possibly can to block it.” wide election since 1994, have in recent
GOP leaders have made the Demo- officials closest to the voters. stronghold on political power state- As the two parties fight, local offi- years made a concerted effort to sup-
cratic mayors of Texas’ largest cities That legislation would determine wide. cials worry injecting partisanship into port candidates in Texas’ urban centers.
(Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and whether local leaders can decide which Republican proposals have met with their business will make their govern- Their goal is to groom people with cam-
Austin, respectively), along with other immigrants to turn over to federal au- patchy success this year, and many of ments just as divided as those in Austin paign experience and name recognition
local elected officials, the poster boys for thorities, how much local taxes should Abbott’s top priorities for the current and Washington. And government ex- to take on Republicans statewide.
an all-out legislative assault on local increase, if people can cut down trees special session are at risk of failure. But perts say the biggest losers could be city No one tracks the partisan affilia-
control. Republican lawmakers have and who can use a public restroom. Democrats say they expect the GOP to and county residents and their right to tion of local officials, but Democrats
filed legislation that would prevent local Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott continue its assault on local authority. govern themselves. have won mayoral elections in Dallas,
governments from making decisions and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick say their aim is “It absolutely is an effort to counter “At the local level, they have a better
that have long been left to the elected to protect the individual liberty and the gains we’ve been making in local idea of the pulse of their communities,” See LOCAL CONTROL on 7A

Isolated storms
High: 95
Low: 76
Three-day forecast, 2A

STATE White House

Richard Spencer will visit
College Station again,
condemns alt-right in
according to the man who
brought him to the uni-
unsigned statement
versity the first time. This By Jonathan Lemire
time, the event will take Associated Press
place on Sept. 11 at a BEDMINSTER, N.J. — The White
“White Lives Matter Ral- House scrambled Sunday to elaborate
ly” hosted by Preston on President Donald Trump’s response
Wiginton, a Texan with to deadly, race-fueled clashes in Char-
deep ties to white nation- lottesville, Virginia, as he came under
alist movements. bipartisan scolding for not clearly con-
Page 3A demning white supremacists and other
Jeff Woo/DRC hate groups immediately after the alter-
Shoppers scope out sales on Saturday at Golden Triangle Mall during the tax-free weekend, which ran from Friday to cations.
NATIONAL Sunday. Shoppers got a break from 8.25-percent sales taxes that applied to certain school supplies, shoes and clothing. As the chorus of criticism grew,

Shop smart
White Houses aides were dispatched to
Denton buyers flock the morning news shows, yet they
struggled at times to explain the presi-
to stores for tax-free dent’s position. A new White House
statement on Sunday explicitly de-
weekend savings nounced the Ku Klux Klan and neo-
Nazi groups, but it was attributed to an
unnamed spokesperson and not the
An emboldened coalition By Kyle Martin starts, and lots of people were hoping to College of Music freshman at the Universi- president himself.
of Democratic state at- Staff Writer find some good deals and skip out on pay- ty of North Texas, wove a cover of Billy Jo- Vice President Mike Pence, traveling
torneys general has un- ing the government for a few things. el’s “ Piano Man,” much to the delight of at in South America, condemned “these
leashed a torrent of lower- Shoppers took to Denton County stores Around the mall there were buy-one, least three different gracious tippers who dangerous fringe groups” and said they
profile litigation they to take advantage of special sales this past get-one deals, 40- and 50-percent dis- dumped their appreciations into his tip jar. “have no place in American public life
argue is necessary to weekend — without having to pay about 8 counts and more on clothes, backpacks, Lindsay plays the mall’s piano for several and in the American debate.”
protect public health, the percent of qualifying sales to state and local school supplies, shoes and other items. Not hours most weekends and says the mall Trump, meanwhile, remained out of
environment and con- governments for the Lone Star State’s an- everything was free from the clutches of was noticeably busier than normal for tax- sight and silent, save for a few retweets.
sumers from a Repub- nual tax-free weekend. government sales taxes, but a lot of it was. free weekend. One was about two Virginia state po-
lican White House. Golden Triangle Mall in Denton was While children played on a stage in the So, did that mean more tips than nor- licemen killed in a helicopter crash
Page 4A buzzing on Sunday, the last day of the mall and parents sat to gather their compo- mal for him? while monitoring the Charlottesville
state’s sales tax holiday on most purchases sure from extended periods of sifting “I wish,” he said. protests, another about a Justice De-
of clothing, shoes and school supplies. through hangers of clothes, one man sat The Zumiez store, almost within earshot partment probe into the violence.
INTERNATIONAL Many patrons were looking to get some among many, lifting the spirits of several.
last-minute shopping done before school Heath Lindsay, a 19-year-old incoming See TAX-FREE on 7A See RESPONSE on 7A

Charlottesville suspect’s
Mike Pence tried to strike
a balance Sunday in Co-
former teacher says he
idolized Hitler, Nazism
lombia between Latin
American opposition to
possible U.S. military
intervenstion in neigh-
By Dake Kang and Dan Sewell itary history, Hitler, and
boring Venezuela. Associated Press Nazi Germany, said
Page 8A
FLORENCE, Ky. — The young man Weimer, who said he
accused of plowing a car into a crowd of was Fields’ social stud-
people protesting a white supremacist ral- ies teacher at Randall
FIND IT INSIDE ly was fascinated with Nazism, idolized
Adolf Hitler, and had been singled out by
K. Cooper high school
in Union, Kentucky, in
CALENDAR 2A school officials in the ninth grade for his Fields Fields’ junior and se-
CLASSIFIED 1C “deeply held, radical” convictions on race, nior years.
COMICS & PUZZLES 4C a former high school teacher said Sunday. “Once you talked to James for a while,
you would start to see that sympathy to-
OPINION 6A More coverage/5A
SPORTS 1B wards Nazism, that idolization of Hitler,
WEATHER 2A James Alex Fields Jr. also confided that that belief in white supremacy,” Weimer
he had been diagnosed with schizophre- said. “It would start to creep out.”
nia when he was younger and had been Police charged Fields with second-de-
prescribed an anti-psychotic medication, gree murder and other counts for allegedly Alan Goffinski/AP
Derek Weimer said in an interview with driving his silver Dodge Challenger James Alex Fields Jr., left, holds a black shield Saturday in Charlottesville, Va.,
The Associated Press. through a crowd of protesters in where a white supremacist rally took place. Fields was later charged with sec-
7 83197 00020 5 In high school, Fields was an “average” ond-degree murder and other counts after authorities say he plowed a car into
. . . . . . . . student, but with a keen interest in mil- See SUSPECT on 7A a crowd of people protesting the white nationalist rally.
2A Monday, August 14, 2017 Denton Record-Chronicle

EVENTS NBC 5 meteorolo-
TODAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY High Low In response to the deaths of
gists (from left): three and injury of dozens of
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. — “Surviving and Denton 89 75
Samantha Davies,
Thriving at College: Making the Best Brian James, Isolated PRECIPITATION counterprotesters at a white
of Your College Experience” at North David Finfrock, storms 24 hours (ending 5 p.m.) 1.25” nationalist rally in Charlottes-
Branch Library, 3020 Locust St. Jennifer Grant Johnston, Month to date - 1.38” Normal - 0.77” ville, Virginia, on Saturday,
Danley-Scott presents a program for Rick Mitchell and Year to date - 24.05” A year ago - 30.51” Denton residents attended a
first-time students, dual-credit students Keisha Burns.
and nontraditional students. Free, but
High 95 Partly cloudy and Partly cloudy and
LAKE LEVELS vigil on the downtown Square.
registration is required. Call 940-349- ❝What bothers me, among
8752 or visit Winds S/SE at 10 to 15 mph hot hot 7 a.m. today Year ago
other things, is how the
Overnight low: 76 High 96, low 77 High 98, low 78 Ray Roberts Lake 631.85 632.25
CLUB MEETINGS Lewisville Lake 521.38 521.52 counterprotesters in Char-
Chess Night at 6 p.m. at North Branch Grapevine Lake 535.26 535.18 lottesville are portrayed as
Library, 3020 N. Locust St. Players of all
ages and skill levels welcome. Free. Call Forecast for noon, Monday, Aug. 14, 2017 Lake Texoma
Lake Bridgeport
innocent and oh so peaceful.
The left organized for a fight
940-349-8752 or visit library.cityof and they got one.
Conservative Toastmasters meets at
Gray bands indicate high temperature zones for the day.
NATIONAL DATA — Nicole Stratton,
7 p.m. at Denton Regional Medical Yesterday Today Tomorrow via Facebook
Center’s Educational Building, 3535-A City Hi Lo Prec Hi Lo For Hi Lo For
I-35E. Email or Albuquerque 87 67 Trace 88 64 pc 87 62 pc ❝It is so easy to fake soli- Amarillo 83 66 0.02 86 66 c 89 65 pc darity. The real solidarity is
Denton Community Chorus, a volun- Atlanta 90 73 -- 88 74 t 88 74 t
teer, no-audition group, practices at 7
defending and standing up
Austin 98 76 -- 101 75 s 101 78 s
p.m. at Christ the Servant Lutheran for those you disagree with
Chicago 79 57 -- 83 67 pc 84 70 pc
Church, 2121 E. University Drive. Contact Denver 86 56 0.02 88 58 pc 84 56 t and allowing their opinions.
Monty Naylor at Detroit 80 60 -- 84 64 pc 86 66 pc This is PC at its finest.
or 940-368-8034. El Paso 95 76 -- 94 75 pc 95 72 pc — Rob Biesel,
Denton Lions Club meets at 6 p.m. on Honolulu 89 76 -- 88 76 pc 88 76 pc
the second and fourth Mondays of the via Facebook
Houston 96 77 -- 97 79 pc 95 79 pc
month at the Smokehouse, 1123 Fort Kansas City, Mo 80 59 -- 84 69 t 86 72 t
Worth Drive. Call Jan Carrington at Las Vegas 106 82 -- 102 78 s 97 76 pc ❝I am saddened by the
940-391-4142. Los Angeles 83 67 -- 80 65 pc 74 63 sh hate-filled comments here.
Denton Senior Center exercise Mpls/St. Paul 71 61 0.02 74 61 s 78 67 pc Denton was not blameless in
classes are from 11 to 11:40 a.m. at 509 New Orleans 93 75 -- 90 77 c 88 77 t the struggle for civil rights.
N. Bell Ave. Those age 50 and older are New York 83 71 -- 82 69 pc 83 70 pc Look back at our forced
invited. No advance sign-up required. Orlando 89 73 0.35 91 75 t 92 76 t
Call 940-349-8720 or 940-566-5242. moving the black community
Philadelphia 83 71 -- 85 68 pc 85 70 pc
Denton Toastmasters public speaking Phoenix 102 73 0.40 105 81 s 102 76 s
off of their land in the 1920s.
club meets from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Lake Portland 75 61 0.06 73 54 pc 76 56 s But it also has a strong
Forest Good Samaritan, 3901 Montecito San Francisco 72 60 -- 68 59 pc 70 59 pc history and commitment to
Cold front
Drive, in the activity center. Visit Tulsa 83 70 Trace 84 73 t 90 77 t civil rights. Ahead of the Warm front Washington, DC 85 70 -- 83 71 pc 86 73 pc integration of public schools
North Texas Toastmasters public the Christian Women’s
speaking club meets from noon to 1
p.m. in the conference room of UNT’s
front SOLAR & LUNAR Interracial Fellowship got
their families together so
Crumley Hall, 1621 W. Highland St. Visit Sunrise today ................................... 6:51 a.m.
http://northtexastoastmasters. Rain Showers T-Storms Snow Flurries Ice that black children would
Sunset tonight ................................. 8:15 p.m. or email Forecasts and maps provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2017 have friends and allies as
Moonset today .................................. 1:37 p.m. 3-day outlook provided by KXAS-TV Moonrise Tuesday ........................ 12:53 a.m. they integrated into previ-
ously all-white schools. We
SUPPORT GROUPS must be aware of our history
Back to Basics Al-Anon, for family and learn from it.
and friends dealing with the effects of
someone’s drinking, meets at 7 p.m. at
First Presbyterian Church of Denton,
1114 W. University Drive. Call 940-368-
Man found with cut on head, alleges stabbing — Claudette Fette,
via Facebook
3605 or 310-291-8243. A 56-year-old man was re- Blotter after she dropped it off to her and 7 a.m. Sunday, Denton po- ❝ Wouldn’t it more appropri-
Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step Christ- portedly yelling that he had been mechanic for an alignment, ac- lice filed 14 reports online, in- ate to have this gathering at
based recovery program, meets at 7 stabbed just after midnight Sat- 288 — A victim reportedly told cording to a report. cluding six thefts, five assaults, Lee Elementary School in
p.m. at First Baptist Denton, 1100 urday in an apartment parking police that her boyfriend’s “The caller advised that she two vehicle burglaries and one Denton? Yes, let’s start
Malone St. Open to all adults for help
with any hurt, habit or hangup. Visit lot in the 700 block of Hercules daughter had assaulted her be- dropped her vehicle off to her criminal trespassing report. there! Show your support by or Lane, according to a police re- cause she was mad she didn’t get mechanic and he was supposed One of the theft reports in- getting the ball rolling to, or call 940- port. the type of cellphone she want- to take the vehicle to get align- cludes a man and a woman change the names of some
382-2577. Denton officers found the ed, according to a police report. ed,” the report said. “The me- who reportedly stole more than of these schools in Denton.
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous … That Confederate statue
man with a cut on the back of his The report said the 46-year- chanic let an employee drop the $250 worth of merchandise
meets at 7:30 p.m. Call 940-395-3334. on the Square you are
Denton County Gamblers Anony- head, the report said, and placed old victim was hit by the 30- vehicle off and the vehicle has from PetSmart in the 1400 gathered around is not a
mous chapter meets from 10 to 11 a.m. a 33-year-old woman under ar- year-old suspect several times, not been returned.” block of South Loop 288. good look!
in Room 214 at First United Methodist rest. She was charged with ag- including in the face with an The vehicle was reported sto- — Kyle Martin
Church of Denton, 201 S. Locust St. gravated assault on a family or open palm, at 12:24 p.m. Satur- len and has been missing since — Demetria Phillips,
Meetings are open and nonsmoking. via Facebook
Call Waunita at 940-390-9419. household member with a day. The suspect was arrested on Aug. 9. The victim said the me- Denton County Crime Stoppers will
Drug Addicts Anonymous (Faith in weapon. a charge of aggravated assault chanic tried to call the employee, pay a reward of up to $1,000 for
Action Group of Denton) meets at 8 The pair’s relationship was causing bodily injury to a family but the employee was not an- information leading to an arrest in
p.m. at First Christian Church, 1203 not immediately clear. member. swering the phone. these or other crimes. Callers will

Fulton St. Email faithinactiondaa@ remain anonymous. Call
300 block of Fort Worth 1-800-388-TIPS (8477). Reach the
NAMI Family Support Group and Other reports Drive — A 25-year-old wom- Roundup Denton police narcotics tip line at
Recovery International Support 1400 block of South Loop an’s vehicle was reported stolen Between 7 a.m. Saturday 940-565-5801.
Group meet from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in On Page 1A Sunday, a story
Room 202 at Crossroads Bible Church, about a Denton vigil in solidarity

Texas doctor seeks to stop

8101 FM407 in Double Oak. Visit or call 469-248- BRIEFLY with counterprotesters in Char-
lottesville, Va., gave an incorrect
ACROSS THE STATE city of residence for a Democrat-
child abuse before it occurs
Sherman ic congressional candidate. An-
Rain forces 2 dozen drew Morris is from Argyle.
7 a.m. to sellout — Denton County families from homes
Farmers Market at Sycamore Street
and Carroll Boulevard. Visit
By Jamie Stengle
Associated Press
About two dozen North Tex-
as families are cleaning up after
3:30 to 4:30 p.m. — Teen Fiber FORT WORTH — A Texas a band of heavy rain flooded a
Craft Guild for ages 11-17 at North Managing Editor
doctor believes a modeling sys- creek and high water forced Scott K. Parks. . . . . . 940-566-6879
Branch Library, 3020 N. Locust St.
tem that’s successfully identified them from their homes.
Learn a fiber craft, exchange patterns
and share knowledge. Free. Call 940- neighborhoods, streets and even Police in Sherman say another City Editor
349-8752 or visit library.cityof specific businesses where shoot- 20 to 25 motorists had to be Mark Finley . . . . . . . . 940-566-6884 ings and other crimes are likely
helped from their flooded vehicles
to occur can help stop child News Editor
GOVERNMENT after nearly 6 inches of rain fell in Mariel Tam-Ray . . . . 940-566-6883
MEETINGS abuse and neglect before it hap- 12 hours ending early Sunday.
9 a.m. — Denton County Commis- pens. Post Oak Creek, on the west Features Editor
sioners Court meets in the Commis- Dyann Daley started a non- side of the city about 60 miles Lucinda Breeding . . . 940-566-6877
sioners Courtroom at the Courthouse profit this summer to help com- north of Dallas, was as much as
on the Square, 110 W. Hickory St.
6:30 p.m. — Denton City Council munities create maps that can 5 feet out of its banks. Sports
meets at City Hall, 215 E. McKinney St. zero in on areas as small as a few LM Otero/AP Larry McBride . . . . . . 940-566-6913
Work session precedes the meeting at city blocks where such maltreat- Colored pins on a map May 24 mark churches in areas of Fort San Antonio
2 p.m. Visit ment is likeliest to happen, help- Worth where research is predicting that there’s a high risk of
child abuse and neglect occurring.
1 arrest at rallies over Circulation. . . . . . . 940-566-6836
CLUB MEETINGS ing prevent it before it starts and Classified. . . . . . . . 940-387-7755
Denton Noon Kiwanis meet at noon at allowing advocacy groups to Confederate statue Email us at
The Downtowner, 725 N. Elm St. Call better focus their limited re- “Hot spots tell you where and what strategies to use to re-
940-387-6323 or visit www.denton
One person has been charged
sources. past crimes have occurred, but duce certain crimes. He said a with misdemeanor assault and Visit our website at
The Denton Quilt Guild meets at 7 “This approach is really fo- don’t explain why,” said Joel Ca- project in Atlantic City found police say a second was detained
p.m. on the third Tuesday of each cused on prevention,” said Daley, plan, one of two Rutgers Univer- laundromats, convenience but not charged after about 300
month, at the Patterson-Appleton Arts a pediatric anesthesiologist. “Be- sity School of Criminal Justice stores and vacant properties demonstrators showed up at
Center, 400 E. Hickory St. New mem- cause if you know where some- professors who created risk ter- were high risk locations for competing rallies over the pres-
bers and visitors welcome. Visit www.
thing is going to happen, then rain modeling. He said hot spot shootings and robberies. Inter- ence of a Confederate monument Record-Chronicle
North Texas Aeromodelers RC Club you can do something to stop it.” mapping also assumes that ventions this year included po- in downtown San Antonio. Published daily by Denton Publishing Co.
meets at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of Unlike the common hot spot crimes will continue to occur in lice regularly checking in at the Two City Council members a subsidiary of
each month at North Lakes Recreation mapping approach, which iden- the same location. convenience stores and city offi-
Center, 2001 W. Windsor Drive. Visit
have filed a request to move the A.H. Belo Corporation
tifies high-frequency areas of Risk terrain modeling was cials prioritizing efforts to clean monument elsewhere. The 40- NYSE symbol: AHC
Rotary Club of Denton South meets child abuse and neglect based initially used to understand why up vacant lots and board up va- foot monument at Travis Park
from 6:45 to 8 a.m. at Oakmont Coun- on cases that have already hap- shootings were happening time cant properties near those con- features a soldier at the top. It
3555 Duchess Drive, Denton, TX 76205
(USPS 17975)
try Club, 1901 Oakmont Drive. Call pened, Daley’s risk terrain mod- and again at certain locations. venience stores and laundro- was erected in 1899. E-mail:
940-368-3789. eling approach identifies other Caplan said it has since been mats. He said results for the first Police kept the protesters
factors that indicate an area is used in variety of areas, includ- five months show a 20 percent HOW TO REACH US
WEDNESDAY fertile ground for abuse so that ing traffic planning and suicides, reduction in violent crimes.
Saturday afternoon barricaded
on separate sides of the park, al-
Classified ........................... 940-387-7755
Circulation.......................... 940-566-6836
efforts can be made to head it off. but that Daley’s work is the first “It gives us an idea of which though some from each side If you missed delivery, call by 10 a.m.
CLUB MEETINGS Such prevention can not only he knows of to apply it to child risk factors we should focus on if walked to the other side and daily and noon on Sunday.
Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club save lives, it can help at-risk chil- maltreatment. we want to make the biggest im- shouted slurs and profanity to Monthly subscription rates:
meets from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. at El dren avoid the often lifelong The modeling has helped po- pact, and that’s something you •Print Only $3.10/week
Chaparral Grille, 324 E. McKinney St. try to provoke a response. •Print and E-Paper $3.25/week
Call 940-453-2688 or 940-206-5177, or harmful effects of maltreatment, lice departments across the can’t do with hot spot mapping,” Denton Record-Chronicle is published
visit including a likelihood of alcohol country identify areas to target Daley said. — The Associated Press daily by Denton Publishing Company,
Denton Writers’ Critique Group, for and drug abuse, depression and 3555 Duchess Drive, Denton, TX 76205.
Periodicals Postage paid at Denton, TX.
writers of fiction and creative nonfiction anxiety, and risk of aggressive or GOLDEN TRIANGLE 5 High-Speed Broadband Postmaster, send address changes to:
ages 17 and older, meets from 7 to 9 2201 South I-35 East, Denton • (940) 387-2224
p.m. at the Patterson-Appleton Arts
criminal behavior. $2.00 • $1.50 Tuesdays Denton Record-Chronicle
• Closed Captioning HI P.O. Box 2463, Denton, TX 76202
Center, 400 E. Hickory St. Free. Visit Captain Underpants: Carriers are independent contractors
Bill Doranski
Duplicate bridge from 12:30 to 4 p.m. The First Epic Movie (PG) and are not employees of the Denton
at the Denton Senior Center, 509 N. Bell (940) 387 6289
(940) 387-6289 1:30 4:30 -24/7 Network Monitoring with Publishing Co.
Ave. Call 940-349-8280 or visit 2000
Denison St.,ST
Megan Leavey (PG13) iProactive Response
Add your event to our online calen- Transformers: Last Knight -No Data Cap PREPRINTED INSERTS
dar at; (PG13)1:15, 4:20, 7:25 -Custom Packages Available Retail Advertising ........ 940-566-6858
email; fax to The House (R)
940-566-6888; or mail to Page 2 1:35, 4;10, 7:00
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Denton Record-Chronicle STATE Monday, August 14, 2017 3A

Electricity market riddled with deceivers Spencer to
ow much trouble can one
Texas electricity company get
If you’re super-huge Direct Ener-
1. Compare apples to apples. Force every company to list offered rates with the Oncor
distribution charge included.
attend Texas
gy, the answer is a jolt.
Every few years, the mammoth
British-owned company pays a steep
2. Ban deceptive language. Don’t let confusing teaser rates and technical language
disguise the real cost of service. Regulate those tricky and often-lying door-to-door
sales reps.
A&M rally
3. End minimum-usage deals and monthly charges. Forcing people to pay more if
fine to Texas regulators. they use less power doesn’t encourage conservation. By Matthew Watkins
Yeah, Direct Energy, The Watch- 4. Warn copycat sites. Demand that companies that deceptively use “power to The Texas Tribune
dog keeps track of your sorry record.
You and your companies are about to
Dave Lieber choose” language on their websites indicate they are not state-affiliated. As the nation watched tension be-
tween white nationalists and counter-
earn your 11th fine since the market THE WATCHDOG protesters turn violent Saturday in
was deregulated. COMMENTARY Let me share what some of you Charlottesville, Virginia, worries began
These violation fines are handed have sent to me about the newest ABOUT THIS COLUMN to emerge that the discord would come
down by the (Public) Utility Com- electricity from door-knockers! This ways marketplace manipulators like The Watchdog Desk works for you to to a Texas college town next.
mission. Parentheses around “Pub- is why. Direct Energy game the system. shine light on questionable practices in Richard Spencer, an infamous
lic” because I gave up on the idea The Utilities Commission is Nancy Barnes of Dallas filtered business and government. We welcome white nationalist who brought major
that the PUC actually cares about charging $2,400 per violation based out of her search on PowerTo- your story ideas and tips.
unrest to Texas A&M University once
us, the public. It’s the Utilities on 29 complaints. Direct Energy’s plans with monthly Contact The Watchdog already, will be coming to College Sta-
Commission. sales staffers didn’t properly identify minimums. But companies created Email: tion again, according to the man who
So many marketplace manip- themselves, enrolled customers with- new wording to bypass the filter — Call: 214-977-2952 brought him to the university the first
ulators sell electricity in Texas. Yet out permission and did not provide base charge, charge per billing cycle Write: Dave Lieber, P.O. Box 655237, time. This time, the event will take
state enforcement against these de- required information. and monthly service fee. That’s a new Dallas, TX 75265 place on Sept. 11at a “White Lives Mat-
ceptive trade practices could be much Direct Energy spokeswoman Jessi- way to game the system. ter Rally” hosted by Preston Wigin-
stronger. Getting fined is a chore. ca Mahaffey says the company has Donald McElfresh of Dallas ton, a Texan with deep ties to white
Companies must engage in unethical “worked constructively with commis- discovered what I call the need for part of its rates in PowerToChoose nationalist movements.
conduct so widespread and obvious sion staff to resolve issues.” A final vote an “apples to apples comparison.” .org searches. Wiginton announced plans for the
that wrongdoing can’t be ignored. on the fine by the UC is scheduled for His previous company lumped the Because of this false price offer, rally Saturday afternoon, saying he had
That’s what makes Direct Energy Thursday. Approval is expected. electricity charge and the Oncor the company rises to the top of invited Spencer. On Sunday, Wiginton
special. “If we make a mistake,” she says, transmission charge together into search results for cheaper pricing. said Spencer confirmed plans to attend.
Direct Energy and three other “we do everything we can to make one price. His new company lists At the top of a Saturday press release
companies it owns — First Choice things right for the customer.” them separately. When shopping, it’s Small improvements last year announcing the event, Wiginton de-
Power, CPL Energy and Bounce She adds, “We believe the Texas hard to compare. After The Watchdog complained clared “TODAY CHARLOTTES-
Energy — have been party to 11 dif- competitive electricity market is work- Robert Scott of Highland Park last year about marketplace manip- VILLE TOMORROW TEXAS A&M,”
ferent settlements in the last 13 years ing well, and consumers are benefiting identified another major flaw on ulators gaming the system, the UC referencing the violence in Virginia.
for a total of $1.8 million in penalties. with many competitive options along Companies are actually made improvements to the Word of the planned rally generated
How does this stack up against with robust protections.” showing a low price for anyone using website. immediate outrage on social media.
other companies? The UC doesn’t exactly 2,000 kWh (kilowatts per But not enough to earn back the Within hours, a counterprotest had
keep a public list of top violators. Marketplace manipulators hour) a month, which lands them P for Public. Obviously, there’s more been planned. That event will be called
Direct Energy, commission spokes- Direct Energy wrote the UC last atop search results. to do. But I don’t believe the UC is “BTHO Hate,” the name of which bor-
man Terry Hadley says, is one of the year asking them to shut down the But if you dare to use 2,001 kWh handling this. We suffer. rows from an A&M football chant ex-
largest companies with more cus- state-sponsored shopping site man- or more, you pay higher prices. pressing the desire to “beat the hell out-
tomers, thus more likely to be subject aged by the UC, That’s deceptive, and a lot of them How to save money ta” the opposing team.
to many complaints. “The market no longer requires are doing it. Scott also found that If you’re looking to save money in The organizer of the counterprotest
this tool to support the transition companies offering initial cash re- your household, the electric bill is the said the event would be nonviolent, and
Direct Energy fines from regulations to competition,” the bates usually end up burdening first place to start. was organized to “demonstrate that
Just a sampling: company wrote regulators. customers with higher rates. Are you overpaying? members of the Aggie community do not
Direct Energy paid a $200,000 That’s a disgraceful request, but Electric companies “manipulate the Read my basic how-to-shop col- support the hateful bigotry espoused by
fine in 2009 because it was unable to consider the source. website to their advantage,” he says. umn (the most popular Watchdog Wiginton and the planned speakers.”
bill customers for months at a time. The site was not shut down, but David Smades of Dallas found column ever) by doing a search for the “Just like the last time they showed
Two years before, Direct Energy Texans are clamoring for its im- the same problem. “I’d describe it as headline in quotes “Watchdog: Here’s up, we want to demonstrate as clearly as
paid a $695,000 penalty for improp- provement. Shopping for electricity a bait and switch,” he says. the best way to pick an electricity we can that their ideas are not welcome
er renewal of commercial customers. is too complicated, and many Texans Daniel M. Greenberg of Dallas company in Texas.” If you can’t find it, here,” said Adam Key, a doctoral stu-
The company paid a $220,000 pay more than they should. says, “If a customer only reads the send me an email for the story link. dent at A&M.
penalty in 2015 for improperly shut- It’s lonely complaining about top line, it is a fantastic deal, but a For starters, when does your The Texas Tribune is a nonparti-
ting off service to 250 families. electricity. The UC and state law- sham when you consider the conse- contract expire? How much is your san, nonprofit media organization
Now the company faces it latest makers act like deregulated retail quences.” rate? Are you paying too much? that informs Texans — and engages
trouble: a $70,000 fine for multiple electricity in Texas works almost Mark Trimarchi of Colleyville Dallas Morning News staff writer with them — about public policy,
violations committed by shady door- perfectly because prices are lower. found a company that doesn’t list the Marina Trahan Martinez contribut- politics, government and statewide
to-door sales people. Never buy The Watchdog hears otherwise. added Oncor charge anywhere as ed to this report. issues. This story has been edited for


A tax rate of $0.568022 per $100 valuation has been proposed by the governing A tax rate of $0.397500 per $100 valuation has been proposed by the
body of CITY OF HIGHLAND VILLAGE . This rate exceeds the lower of governing body of TOWN OF ARGYLE. This rate exceeds the lower of the
the effective or rollback tax rate, and state law requires that two public hearings effective or rollback tax rate, and state law requires that two public hearings
be held by the governing body before adopting the proposed tax rate. be held by the governing body before adopting the proposed tax rate.

The governing body of CITY OF HIGHLAND VILLAGE proposes to use The governing body of TOWN OF ARGYLE proposes to use revenue
revenue attributable to the tax rate increase for the purpose of maintaining attributable to the tax rate increase for the purpose of general municipal
city operations, including but not limited to public safety equipment. operating expenses.

PROPOSED TAX RATE $0.568022 per $100 PROPOSED TAX RATE $0.397500 per $100
PRECEDING YEAR’S TAX RATE $0.569630 per $100 PRECEDING YEAR’S TAX RATE $0.397500 per $100
EFFECTIVE TAX RATE $0.543047 per $100 EFFECTIVE TAX RATE $0.362815 per $100
ROLLBACK $0.568022 per $100 ROLLBACK $0.397500 per $100

The effective tax rate is the total tax rate needed to raise the same amount of The effective tax rate is the total tax rate needed to raise the same amount
property tax revenue for CITY OF HIGHLAND VILLAGE from the same of property tax revenue for TOWN OF ARGYLE from the same properties
properties in both the 2016 tax year and the 2017 tax year. in both the 2016 tax year and the 2017 tax year.

The rollback tax rate is the highest tax rate that CITY OF HIGHLAND The rollback tax rate is the highest tax rate that TOWN OF ARGYLE may
VILLAGE may adopt before voters are entitled to petition for an election adopt before voters are entitled to petition for an election to limit the rate
to limit the rate that may be approved to the rollback rate. that may be approved to the rollback rate.


property tax amount = (rate) x (taxable value of your property) / 100 property tax amount = (rate) x (taxable value of your property) / 100

For assistance or detailed information about tax calculations, please contact: For assistance or detailed information about tax calculations, please contact:

Michelle French Michelle French

Denton County Tax Assessor/Collector Tax Assessor-Collector Denton County Tax Assessor/Collector Tax Assessor-Collector
1505 E McKinney Street Denton, TX 76209 1505 E McKinney Street Denton, TX 76209
940-349-3500 940-349-3500

You are urged to attend and express your views at the following public You are urged to attend and express your views at the following public
hearings on proposed tax rate: hearings on proposed tax rate:
First Hearing: 08/22/2017 7:30 PM at City Council Chambers First Hearing: 08/22/2017 6:00 PM at Argyle Town Hall
1000 Highland Village Road 308 Denton St., Argyle, TX
Second Hearing: 09/12/2017 7:30 PM at City Council Chambers Second Hearing: 09/12/2017 6:00 PM at Argyle Town Hall
1000 Highland Village Road DE-1630486-01
308 Denton St., Argyle, TX DE-1630528-01
4A Monday, August 14, 2017 NATIONAL Denton Record-Chronicle

Democratic attorneys BRIEFLY


escalate legal fight Washington

Official: N. Korea military

against White House

challenge not imminent
Senior U.S. national security
officials said Sunday that a mil-
By Steve Peoples Republican Attorneys General itary confrontation with North
Associated Press Association, said she’s increas- Korea is not imminent, but they
NEW YORK — The Trump ingly concerned that her Demo- cautioned that the possibility of
resistance movement cheered cratic colleagues are “using these war is greater than it was a de-
when Democratic attorneys lawsuits for grandstanding to cade ago.
general in several states sued to challenge the president.” CIA Director Mike Pompeo
block the president’s plan to bar “I grow concerned that their and Army Lt. Gen. H.R. Mc-
travelers from some Muslim intentions are not as pure as Master, President Trump’s na-
majority countries. they should be,” Rutledge said, tional security adviser, tried to
But with far less fanfare in acknowledging that Republican provide assurances that a con-
the months since, an embold- attorneys general aggressively flict is avoidable, while also sup-
ened coalition of Democratic fought President Barack Oba- porting Trump’s tough talk.
state attorneys general has un- ma’s moves on the environment, They said the United States and
Photos by Alan Diaz/AP leashed a torrent of lower-pro- health care and consumer pro- its allies no longer can afford to
Immigration rights activist Celia Yamasaki, of San Antonio, urges Republican lawmakers in file litigation they argue is neces- tection during his two terms. stand by as North Korea pushes
Florida to firmly oppose President Donald Trump’s proposals to increase funding for immigra- sary to protect public health, the Democrats acknowledge that ahead with the development of a
tion enforcement on Tuesday in Doral, Fla. environment and consumers the pace of their legal actions is nuclear-tipped intercontinental
from a Republican White extraordinary. But they insist ballistic missile.

Law scholars urge Trump

House. they’ve been given little choice “We’re not closer to war than
State attorneys from Massa- by an inexperienced Trump ad- a week ago but we are closer to
chusetts to New York to Califor- ministration that they accuse of war than we were a decade ago,”
nia, often working together, taking extraordinary steps to ig-

to keep DACA program

McMaster said, adding that the
have brought more than 40 legal nore the law. Trump administration is pre-
actions against the Trump ad- “We bring our cases based on pared to deal militarily with
ministration over the last seven the merits and it’s just that there North Korea if necessary.
months. The pace, which both are a lot of merits these days,” But he stressed that the U.S.
By Russell Contreras tional as some have suggested.” parties describe as unprecedent- said New York Attorney General is pursuing “a very determined
Associated Press Federal courts have ruled the ed, has produced an average of Eric Schneiderman. He added, diplomatic effort” led by Secre-
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — president can use “prosecutorial one lawsuit or legal motion ev- “There are things that don’t get a tary of State Rex Tillerson that’s
A group of legal scholars is urg- discretion” to give certain immi- ery five days since Trump’s inau- lot of attention that could be tre- coupled with new financial
ing President Donald Trump to grants, like these young mi- guration, not including many mendously harmful.” sanctions to dissuade North Ko-
keep a program protecting hun- grants, temporary protective more letters, legal threats and In mid-June, Democratic at- rean leader Kim Jong Un from
dreds of thousands of young im- status, the scholars said. formal comments to federal torneys general from Maryland further provocations.
migrants from deportation and The Trump administration agencies. and Washington, D.C., filed a “The U.S. military is locked
is outlining a legal argument to has said it still has not decided “Donald Trump and his ad- lawsuit claiming that Trump vi- and loaded every day,” McMas-
maintain it. the program’s fate. ministration has been out there olated the so-called “emolu- ter said, repeating Trump’s
Around 100 law professors A group of Republican attor- in ways that are illegal, that are ments clause” in the Constitu- threat.
and immigration attorneys are neys general has called on the unprecedented, that don’t seem tion that bars members of the
scheduled Monday to send Trump administration to phase to understand some of the basics federal government from ac- Othello, Wash.
Trump an open letter arguing out the program. Texas Attorney of the rule of law,” said Massa- cepting money from foreign Wildfire burns home,
the president has the legal au- General Ken Paxton and others chusetts Attorney General Mau- governments.
thority to preserve the Obama have threated to amend a dis- ra Healey. “It’s required constant Pennsylvania Attorney Gen- leads to evacuations
administration program known trict court case to challenge the vigilance from Day 1.” eral Josh Shapiro estimates his Authorities have ordered
as Deferred Action for Child- DACA program unless the The White House did not re- office is involved with roughly evacuations as a wildfire threat-
hood Arrivals, or DACA. Trump administration acts to Immigration rights activists spond to a request for comment. 50 legal actions against the ens crops and homes in a rural
Michael Olivas, a law profes- phase it out. chant anti-Trump slogans But the frequency and variety of Trump administration. Aware part of Washington.
sor at the University of Houston Meanwhile, 20 Democratic Tuesday in Doral, Fla. the legal challenges — from that Trump won Pennsylvania in The State Fire Marshal’s Of-
Law Center and Santa Fe, New attorneys general led by Xavier cases involving the energy effi- last fall’s election, he casts his ag- fice on Sunday morning said one
Mexico, resident, told The Asso- Becerra of California are asking the U.S. as children. ciency of ceiling fans to gender gressive steps in apolitical terms. home and one outbuilding were
ciated Press the letter details Trump to keep the program. Trump pledged as a candi- reassignment surgeries at the “I would hope that I would lost. It estimated the blaze to be
why the program, which has Last month, then-Homeland date to immediately end the Department of Veterans Affairs never have to file another legal nearly 16 square miles.
helped around 750,000 immi- Security Secretary John Kelly told program. But as president, he — have sparked criticism that action against the federal gov- Residents of between 25 and
grants, is legal. Hispanic lawmakers that the pro- has said those immigrants will Democrats may be playing poli- ernment, the Trump adminis- 30 homes in Adams County
“It’s a very successful pro- gram is likely illegal, though he not be targets for deportation. tics with their states’ legal re- tration,” Shapiro said. “But that have been told to leave immedi-
gram, and we layout the legality,” personally supports it. He said his administration is sources. would require the Trump ad- ately.
said Olivas, one of the authors of The program gives work per- more interested in deporting Arkansas Attorney General ministration to follow the rule of
the letter. “It is not unconstitu- mits to young people brought to criminals. Leslie Rutledge, who chairs the the law.” — The Associated Press

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Denton Record-Chronicle NATIONAL Monday, August 14, 2017 5A

Protests, vigils around U.S. decry rally

By Jennifer Peltz and Phuong Le three men and confiscated to denounce fascism and a pened in the past when that
Associated Press weapons as Trump supporters presidential administration was allowed.”
SEATTLE — Protesters de- and counterprotesters con- that organizers feel has let “It has to be confronted,” said
crying hatred and racism con- verged downtown. white supremacists feel em- Dix, a New Yorker who spoke by
verged around the country on Some focused on showing powered. phone from Charlottesville Sun-
Sunday, saying they felt com- support for the people whom “People need to wake up, day afternoon. He had gone
pelled to counteract the white white supremacists condemn. recognize that and resist it as there to witness and deplore the
supremacist rally that spiraled Other demonstrations were fearlessly as it needs to be white nationalist rally on a Sat-
into deadly violence in Virgin- pushing for the removal of done,” said Carl Dix, a leader of urday that spiraled into blood-
ia. Confederate monuments, the the Refuse Fascism group or- shed.
The gatherings spanned issue that initially prompted ganizing demonstrations in In Seattle, a rally previously Grant Hindsley,
from a march to President Don- white nationalists to gather in New York, San Francisco and planned for Sunday by the con- A person burns an American flag Sunday in Seattle. Hundreds
ald Trump’s home in New York anger this weekend in Char- other cities. “This can’t be al- servative pro-Trump group of demonstrators and counterprotesters converged in down-
to candlelight vigils in several lottesville, Virginia. lowed to fester and to grow be- known as Patriot Prayer drew town Seattle one day after violent clashes in Charlottesville,
cities. In Seattle, police arrested Still other gatherings aimed cause we’ve seen what hap- hundreds of counterprotesters. Va.

How Robert E. Lee went

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing
to fail” – Benjamin Franklin
CALL TODAY for your free whole house inspection

from hero to racist icon

By Russell Contreras the Confederate Army, winning move on from the Civil War.
Proud Partners of

Associated Press battles largely because of incom- After his death, Southerners
Confederate Army Gen. Rob- petent Union Gen. George Mc- adopted “The Lost Cause” revi-
ert E. Lee was vilified during the Clellan. He would win other im- sionist narrative about the Civil
Civil War only to become a heroic portant battles against other War and placed Lee as its central
symbol of the South’s “Lost Cause” Union’s generals, but he was of- figure. The Lost Cause argued

— and eventually a racist icon. ten stalled. He was famously de- the South knew it was fighting a
His transformation, at the feated at Gettysburg by Union losing war and decided to fight it
center of the recent violence in Maj. Gen. George Meade. anyway on principle. It also tried
Charlottesville, Virginia, reflects to argue that the war was not
the changing moods in the Unit- The slave owner about slavery but high constitu-

ed States around race, mytholo- A career army officer, Lee tional ideals.
gy and national reconciliation, didn’t have much wealth, but he As the Lost Cause narrative
historians say. inherited a few slaves from his grew in popularity, proponents TRIP CHARGE
Lee monuments, memorials
and schools in his name erected at
mother. Still, Lee married into
one of the wealthiest slave-hold-
pushed to memorialize Lee, ig-
noring his deficiencies as a gen-
the turn of the 20th century are ing families in Virginia — the eral and his role as a slave owner. ANY REPAIR
now facing scrutiny amid a demo- Custis family of Arlington and Lee monuments went up in the $59 VALUE
graphically changing nation. descendants of Martha Wash- 1920s just as the Ku Klux Klan
But who was Robert E. Lee ington. When Lee’s father-in- was experiencing a resurgence
beyond the myth? Why are there law died, he took leave from the and new Jim Crow segregation One discount per visit. Must be presented at time of service.
memorials in his honor in the U.S. Army to run the struggling laws were adopted. Not to be combined with any other offer. Certain restrictions apply.
Expires 8/31/17
first place? estate and met resistance from

slaves expecting to be freed. A new memory

The soldier Documents show Lee was a A generation after the civil
A son of American Revolu- cruel figure with his slaves and rights movement, black and La-
tionary War hero Henry “Light- encouraged his overseers to se- tino residents began pressuring DRAIN CLEANING
Horse Harry” Lee, Robert E. Lee verely beat slaves captured after elected officials to dismantle Lee WITH CAMERA
graduated second in his class at trying to escape. One slave said and other Confederate memori-
West Point and distinguished Lee was one of the meanest men als in places like New Orleans, INSPECTION
himself in various battles during she had ever met. Houston and South Carolina.
the U.S.-Mexico War. The removals partly were based Limit one coupon per visit. During normal business hours. Must have accessible
Lee accepted a leadership The lost cause icon on violent acts committed white clean out. Removal of toilets or plumbing fixtures to access drain line will incur
additional costs. Roof access and trip charge not included. One drain cleaning and
role in the Confederate forces al- After the Civil War, Lee re- supremacists using Confederate camera inspection per household. Not to be combined with any other offer. Certain
though he had little experience sisted efforts to build Confeder- imagery and historians ques- restrictions apply. Must be presented at the time of service. Expires 8/31/17

leading troops. He struggled but ate monuments in his honor and tioning the legitimacy of the
eventually became a general in instead wanted the nation to Lost Cause. DN-1623554-01




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DN-1630821-01 DN-1629193-01
6A Monday, August 14, 2017 OPINION Denton Record-Chronicle

Denton Record-Chronicle
Published by Denton Publishing Co., Loose lips
could sink
a subsidiary of A.H. Belo Corporation

Founded from weekly newspapers,

the Denton Chronicle, established in 1882,

and the Denton Record, established in 1897.
Published daily as the Denton
Record-Chronicle since Aug. 3, 1903.

ere’s the good news about the crisis
Bill Patterson William C. “Will” Edwards
Publisher and CEO 1903-1927 over North Korea. We are not going
Scott K. Parks Robert J. “Bob” Edwards to war. Donald Trump is not going to
Managing Editor 1927-1945 nuke Pyongyang, reckless, rhetorical threats
Mark Finley Riley Cross to the contrary. Nor is North Korea’s Kim
City Editor 1945-1970 Jong Un going to nuke Guam.
Mariel Tam-Ray Vivian Cross Yes, I know the president just threatened
News Editor 1970-1986 to meet any more North Korean threats to
Fred Patterson the United States “with fire and fury like the
1986-1999 world has never seen.” This is the kind of ex-
Editorials published in the Denton Record-Chronicle treme military rhetoric
are determined by the editorial board. by a U.S. president the

Western alliance likely

Questions and suggestions should be directed to the: world has never seen,
Denton Record-Chronicle except by Harry S. Tru-
3555 Duchess Drive, Denton, TX 76205 man before bombing

loser if Iran deal broken

Phone: 940-387-3811 Nagasaki. Kim re-
Fax: 940-566-6888 sponded by threaten-
E-mail: ing a pre-emptive NYSE symbol: AHC strike against Guam, a

H Trudy
ere’s an international crisis you can, tional community,” British Foreign Secre- U.S. territory with
unusually, put on your calendar tary Boris Johnson wrote last month. American military bas-
ahead of time: In October, President As a result, if Trump declares in October es. Rubin
Other voices Trump wants to declare Iran in violation of
the 2015 agreement to limit its nuclear pro-
that Iran is in breach, most of the world —
including Britain, Germany and France —
But a pre-emptive
war is not on the horizon, with one key cave-
gram — a decision that would allow the will blame him for the consequences, not at: My prediction may soon reverse if

Complex passwords United States to reimpose tough economic

sanctions on anyone trading with Tehran.
It’s a bad idea. The nuclear deal isn’t per-
That will create a major obstacle for the
next step in Trump’s course, which is to re-
Trump’s team can’t muzzle the president. For
months, observers have warned that Trump’s
tweets and careless comments could endan-

not truly best4u

fect — it doesn’t end Iran’s nuclear research, impose U.S. economic sanctions on foreign ger our country in a crisis. You couldn’t find a
only limits it for a peri- businesses that deal with Iran. better example than the president’s fiery war
od of years — but it’s If the United States is viewed as responsi- of words with Kim.
much better than ble for breaking the deal, other countries The president’s bombast was off the cuff,

o now you tell us. nothing. Before the may refuse to go along with Trump’s unilat- at a news conference on opioids in New Jer-
In 2003, Bill Burr wrote the rules for password agreement, Tehran eral sanctions, making them largely tooth- sey. No national security adviser was present,
security for the U.S. National Institute of Standards was believed to be less less. nor was anyone warned beforehand, accord-
and Technology, urging computer users to change pass- than a year from mak- “Nobody else wants the deal to fail,” said ing to news reports.
words every 90 days and create such intricate passwords ing nuclear weapons Elizabeth Rosenberg of the Center for New Trump not only freaked out our Asian al-
that even the world’s fastest supercomputer would over- that would have American Security, who worked on sanc- lies, he also risked provoking worse behavior
heat trying to decipher them. threatened Israel and
Saudi Arabia. Thanks
Doyle tions in the Obama administration. “If the
U.S. is the only one that walks away, who is
by Pyongyang, where a skittish young leader
appears convinced that America wants to
Burr, however, recently confessed to The Wall Street
Journal that this digital keyboard dance has caused end-
to the accord, that McManus going to enforce new sanctions? You could carry out a regime change. So Kim is willing
doomsday problem easily see European leaders deciding to de- to raise his threat level to scare off the Amer-
less frustration among us, the computer-using masses, in has at least been postponed. fend their own companies instead.” icans.
the name of online security. That hasn’t stopped Trump from calling Last month, the French energy giant To- Trump’s words were no doubt perceived
He is among a chorus of security experts who now say the pact “the worst deal ever” and ordering tal signed a contract for a $5 billion natural by Kim as a warning of a likely pre-emptive
that a simple natural language sentence, for example, “It aides to supply him with evidence that will gas project in Iran. If Trump tries to impose attack on North Korea, which led to his dan-
is a lovely day in Spain,” is a better password than the allow him to declare it invalid. The most sanctions on deals like that, the result won’t gerous riposte on Guam.
tortured, numbers-letters-and-wingdings combinations likely moment for his decision will come in be merely a confrontation with Iran; it will But the president also undercut his own
we are all burdened with remembering. “The truth is, it October, the next time he is required to noti- be a clash with the EU. team — who were making some important
was barking up the wrong tree,” he says. fy Congress whether Iran is in compliance. There is an alternative Trump could try. progress in putting the squeeze on Pyong-
Well, what do you know? Or as we say in Texas, Bless “If it was up to me, I would have had It’s called diplomacy. yang. Recently, the U.S. ambassador to the
them noncompliant 180 days ago,” Trump He could press for stricter enforcement United Nations, Nikki Haley, pushed
his heart. told the Wall Street Journal last month. Next of the nuclear agreement, beginning with through the harshest sanctions yet against
Unfortunately, his mea culpa comes a bit 2late4us! time, he added, “I do not expect that they will the restrictions Iran has placed on interna- North Korea’s nuclear program, with China
We’ve wasted years of our lives changing passwords, not be compliant.” tional inspectors’ access to military bases. and Russia on board. These sanctions could
because we’re security freaks, but mostly because we can’t The president didn’t offer any substan- He could seek stronger international cut North Korea’s foreign earnings, which
remember those impossible combinations of numbers, tive reason to declare Iran out of compliance sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile fund its military, by a third.
upper- and lowercase letters, special characters and sym- with the deal — because there isn’t one. His tests, which aren’t covered by the nuclear Much more needs to be done to ensure
bols. own aides told him last month that, while deal. enforcement of U.N. sanctions, to curb
Humanity, says computer expert Cormac Herley, a Iran has tested the edges of the agreement, But the president hasn’t pursued those North Korea’s export of workers, and to pur-
researcher at Microsoft, spends the equivalent of 1,300 none of its actions was a “material breach,” options, even though they’ve been offered to sue U.S. secondary sanctions against foreign
years each day typing in passwords. Holy cow! And we the legal standard that would allow sanc- him by his own aides. Instead, he appears banks that help the North. The model (de-
thought YouTube surfing for cat videos was a time suck. tions to snap back. hellbent on fulfilling a bad campaign prom- spite differences) should be the sanction pol-
When Trump was warned that he ise he should now have the wisdom to aban- icy that forced Iran to the nuclear bargaining
Password security is important, given the many high- couldn’t simply walk away from the deal, “he don. (That’s a prayer more than a hope.) table.
profile corporate and social media hacks of supposedly had a bit of a meltdown,” an official told the Tearing up the deal won’t bring down In tandem with the sanctions push, Sec-
secure computer networks, and complex combinations New York Times. He chewed out the Secre- Iran’s regime — most of Tehran’s ruling cler- retary of State Rex Tillerson had made a key
can be effective deterrents. But the trade-off is between tary of State Rex Tillerson, who apparently ics welcome the enmity of the United States statement aimed at reassuring Kim. He said
passwords that are easy for others to guess and passwords brought him the bad news. And he ordered — but it will set up a collision between the America does “not seek a regime change” or
that are impossible for us to remember. his staff to begin work on a new study — one Trump administration and most of the collapse, or an accelerated reunification of
And when we can’t remember, we tend to do stupid that will supply him with the excuses he world, including China, Russia and U.S. al- the two Koreas. Tillerson also said, “We do
things, like writing complex passwords on sticky notes on needs. lies in Europe. not seek an excuse to send our military north
our computer monitors or on paper tucked beneath our That’s an Alice-in-Wonderland approach The most likely losers would be the West- of the 38th parallel.”
mouse pads. And as ingenious as we think we are, switch- to foreign policy: Verdict first, evidence later. ern alliance, already battered by Trump’s dis- In other words, despite competing state-
ing numbers for words (“Good4you”) or adding another And it’s not likely to work. dain, and whatever remains of the United ments from different Trump team officials,
No matter what the president thinks, the States’ tattered claim to international leader- the nucleus of a smart North Korea policy
number (“Good4you2), isn’t always a security improve- facts will get in the way. U.S. officials say Iran ship. was emerging: aggressively pursuing sanc-
ment, either. has been carefully upholding its main obli- And the most likely winner, oddly tions and compliance from Beijing, moving
If it seems like we are always fighting the last war, we gations under the nuclear agreement: re- enough, would be Vladimir Putin’s Russia, at a much faster pace than President Barack
are. A password that would have taken more than three ducing its uranium stocks and limiting its the beneficiary of yet another wedge be- Obama did with Iran, while trying to reas-
years to crack in 2000 might have taken about a year to enrichment program. tween United States and its NATO allies — sure Kim of U.S. intent. The goal: to get
crack in 2004. And none of the other six countries that this one driven by Trump alone, without North Korea to stop testing missiles and
Five years later, the same password could be broken in negotiated the deal agree with Trump that Moscow’s help. nukes and return to the bargaining table.
just four months, and now it could be decoded in a mat- the accord should be abrogated. DOYLE McMANUS writes for the Los No guarantee of success, but given the
ter of weeks. But how could Burr have known that he “The deal … is working, and we believe it Angeles Times. His column is distributed likelihood of hundreds of thousands of Kore-
would be responsible for so much global cussing and represents the best option for the interna- by MCT Information Services an and Japanese deaths should a new Kore-
frustration for so little security in return? an war break out, a policy worth pursuing.
Then, Trump casually — and without
Back then, scant research existed on passwords; mind-
numbing sequences seemed like the best solution.
Letters to the editor consultation — blew it up. Tillerson, report-
edly blindsided, tried to walk things back,
Experts predict that passwords as we know them will
Uniform positives saying nothing had changed and “Americans
eventually give way to biometrics like fingerprint sensors I raised two daughters as a single mom. SUBMISSIONS should sleep well at night.”
and face recognition technologies found on some smart- They started out in a Catholic school, which Letters for publication must include the writer’s But Americans can’t sleep easy if Trump
phones and consumer products. And who knows what required uniforms. When I first shopped for name, address and telephone number. continues to say whatever comes to his mind
after that? uniforms, I was shocked at the cost. But I The Record-Chronicle reserves the right to edit on North Korea. As CNN pointed out,
We can’t wait2seeIt happen. And s@@n. letters for length. Letters should be typed or Trump frequently uses the phrase “like the
had no choice. As time went on, I appreciat-
legibly handwritten and be 250 or fewer words. world has never seen” to brag about his
— The Dallas Morning News ed the ease of not having any arguments over We prefer email submissions.
what to wear to school each day. achievements, but in this case the intended
Send to:
We moved to a new district and the girls audience is not his fan base and the phraseol-
This day in history: August 14 went into public school. There were no uni-
Otherwise, fax to 940-566-6888, or mail to:
Letters to the editor ogy implies nuclear war.
form requirements. The peer pressure is un- P.O. Box 369 Trump clearly misunderstands the pre-
Today is Monday, Aug. 14, conditionally, ending World real. You cannot send your child to school in Denton, TX 76202 sumed target of his rhetoric, whom he thinks
the 226th day of 2017. There War II. cheap or hand-me-down clothes. he can bully into better behavior. However,
are 139 days left in the year. In 1951, newspaper publish- They don’t have to be the best and most Kim, who’s mainly concerned with staying in
On Aug. 14, 1947, Pakistan er William Randolph Hearst, expensive, but they cannot be the cheapest. Academic studies repeatedly show that power, already knows that an attack on the
became independent of British 88, died in Beverly Hills, Califor- We did not buy a lot, but my daughters did election fraud is exceedingly rare. American U.S. would be suicidal, says Scott Snyder, the
rule. nia. not look shabby. I shopped for the sales, but voters are more likely to be struck by light- Council on Foreign Relations’ top Korea ex-
In 1848, the Oregon Territo- In 1967, folk singer Joan it was tough on a limited income. ning than commit voter fraud. pert.
ry was created. Baez performed a free concert I wished for the days of the uniforms. No The real goal of this commission is the This escalation of threats could provoke
In 1900, international forc- on the grounds of the Washing- dramas about what to wear. Just get dressed suppression of voters, such as poor minor- Kim into doing something rash, which
es, including U.S. Marines, en- ton Monument a day after she’d and go to school to learn. No one was wor- ities, who tend to vote for Democrats. The might in turn persuade Trump to order mil-
tered Beijing to put down the been denied the use of Constitu- ried about who was wearing what and what commission’s approach will likely yield large itary retaliation.
Boxer Rebellion, which was tion Hall by the Daughters of the they looked like. They all looked the same. numbers of voters flagged for fraud who did From such rhetoric and miscalculations,
aimed at purging China of for- American Revolution because of Less pressure. nothing wrong. a war could begin.
eign influence. her opposition to U.S. involve- Sunny Hinojos, A Stanford study shows that such an ap- Then again, if Trump keeps escalating his
In 1917, China declared war ment in the Vietnam War. Denton proach could stop 200 votes for every double threats but does nothing, he will be seen as a
on Germany and Austria during In 1969, British troops went vote it prevents. paper tiger. Already, the new red line he set in
World War I. to Northern Ireland to intervene Fight voter suppression The commission’s biased results could be his “fire and fury” riposte is making Amer-
In 1935, President Franklin in sectarian violence between President Trump’s obsession with his 3- used to purge voters or pare back ballot ac- ica’s allies wonder if U.S. policy on North Ko-
D. Roosevelt signed the Social Protestants and Roman Catho- million-vote loss in the 2016 popular vote cess. If we want to preserve our democracy, rea will ever be coherent or reliable with
Security Act into law. lics. has compelled him to create a voter-fraud we need to fight back against voter suppres- Trump at the helm.
In 1945, President Harry S. In 1973, U.S. bombing of commission. His claim that there were mil- sion. TRUDY RUBIN is a columnist and
Truman announced that Impe- Cambodia came to a halt. lions of illegal votes cast is based on zero evi- Bob Michaelsen, editorial board member for the Philadel-
rial Japan had surrendered un- — The Associated Press dence. Denton phia Inquirer
Denton Record-Chronicle Monday, August 14, 2017 7A

From Page 1A er said. Fields also admired the white supremacists.

Confederacy for its military “I just told him to be careful,”

Suspect prowess, he said, though they

never spoke about slavery.
she said, adding she warned him
that if there were protests “to
As a senior, Fields wanted to make sure he’s doing it peacefully.”
Charlottesville, Virginia, on Sat- join the army, and Weimer, a for- “I thought it had something
urday, killing a 32-year-old mer officer in the Ohio National to do with Trump. Trump’s not a
woman and wounding at least Guard, guided him through the white supremacist,” said Bloom,
19 other people. A Virginia State process of applying, he said, be- speaking from the condomini-
Police helicopter deployed in a lieving that the military would ex- um in Maumee, Ohio, where she
large-scale police response to pose Fields to people of different had lived with her son until he
the violence then crashed into races and backgrounds and help moved out a few months ago.
the woods outside of town and him dispel his white supremacist In photos taken before the ral-
both troopers on board died. views. But Fields was ultimately ly, Fields was shown standing Sat-
The 20-year-old Fields had turned down, which was a big urday with a half-dozen other
been photographed hours earli- blow, Weimer said. Weimer said men, all wearing the Vanguard
er carrying the emblem of Van- he lost contact with Fields after he America uniform of khakis and
guard America, one of the hate graduated and was surprised to white polo shirts. The men held
groups that organized the “take Bebeto Matthews/AP hear reports that Fields had en- white shields with Vanguard
America back” campaign in pro- Protesters listen during a “Peace and Sanity” rally Sunday in New York, as speakers address listed in the Army. America’s black-and-white logo
test of the removal of a Confed- white supremacy violence in Charlottesville, Va. “The Army can confirm that of two crossed axes. The Confed-
erate statue. The group on Sun- James Alex Fields reported for erate statue of Robert E. Lee was
day denied any association with tion campaigns to combat the a civil rights investigation into for a while, and when he came basic military training in August in the background.
the suspect, even as a separate hate groups. the circumstances surrounding back he was quieter about poli- of 2015,” said Army spokeswom- The photo was taken about
hate group that organized Sat- They also urged President the crash. tics until his senior year, when an Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson. 10:30 a.m. Saturday, just hours
urday’s rally pledged on social Donald Trump to forcefully de- Weimer recalled that school politicians started to declare “He was, however, released from before authorities say Fields
media to organize future events nounce the organizations, some officials had singled out Fields their candidacy for the 2016 active duty due to a failure to crashed his car into the crowd at
that would be “bigger than of which specifically cited when he was in ninth grade for presidential race. Weimer said meet training standards in De- 1:42 p.m. The Anti-Defamation
Charlottesville.” Trump’s election after a cam- his political beliefs and “deeply Fields was a big Trump support- cember of 2015.” League says Vanguard America
The mayor of Charlottesville, paign of racially charged rheto- held, radical” convictions on er because of what he believed to Fields’ mother, Samantha believes the U.S. is an exclusively
leaders of all political stripes, ric as validation of their beliefs. race and Nazism. be Trump’s views on race. Bloom, told the AP late Saturday white nation, and uses propa-
and activists and community or- Attorney General Jeff Sessions “It was a known issue,” he Trump’s proposal to build a bor- that she knew her son was going ganda to recruit young white
ganizers around the country announced late Saturday that said. der wall with Mexico was partic- to Virginia for a political rally, men online and on college cam-
planned rallies, vigils and educa- federal authorities would pursue Weimer said Fields left school ularly appealing to Fields, Weim- but she had no idea it involved puses.

From Page 1A their parents will flock to the From Page 1A terrorism,” McMaster told ABC’s
bookstore ready to get a head This Week. “It meets the defini-

Tax-free start on summer reading assign-

ments. There’s a midsummer Response tion of terrorism. But what this
is, what you see here, is you see
break, when people aren’t too someone who is a criminal, who
of Lindsay’s playing, was a pop- worried about their summer In the hours after a car is committing a criminal act
ular spot for shoppers over the school shopping, and then plowed into a group of anti-rac- against fellow Americans.”
weekend, and manager Terence things pick back up right around ist counter-protesters on Satur- The president’s homeland se-
Belton said his store reached bet- tax-free weekend for a special day, Trump addressed the vio- curity adviser, Tom Bossert, de-
ter weekend numbers than ex- reason. lence in broad strokes, saying fended the president’s initial
pected, pulling in over $12,000 in “In the beginning of August, that he condemns “in the stron- statement by suggesting that
sales by about 4 p.m. Sunday. right where we’re at right now, gest possible terms this egre- some of the counter-protesters
With their goal originally set at every kiddo who procrastinat- gious display of hatred, bigotry were violent, too. When pressed
$8,000, they did well, selling out ed comes in very urgently and and violence on many sides, on during a contentious interview
of a few sizes of shoes. says, ‘I have to read this. School many sides.” on CNN’s State of the Union, he
“Other than that, we were starts at (insert X time here),’” Speaking slowly from his specifically condemned the rac-
pretty well stocked with every- she said. “And then the first New Jersey golf club while on a ist groups. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP
thing,” Belton said, dashing be- week after school has started, 17-day working vacation, Trump The president’s daughter and President Donald Trump speaks Saturday about the deadly,
tween positions behind the ca- true panic for the people who added: “It’s been going on for a White House aide, Ivanka race-fueled clashes in Charlottesville, Va., at Trump National
shier counter and atop a lad- put it off absolutely last, last long time in our country. Not Trump, tweeted Sunday morn- Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.
der. minute sets in.” Donald Trump. Not Barack ing: “There should be no place in
The busiest day was Satur- For now, though, she and her Obama. It’s been going on for a society for racism, white su- White nationalists had as- ror and thinks very deeply about
day, he said, and the most pop- workers are mostly dealing with long, long time.” premacy and neo-nazis.” sembled in Charlottesville to who he consorted with.”
ular items at his store seemed to customers who are simply there The White House statement Virginia Gov. Terry McAu- vent their frustration against the “Old saying: when you dance
be shoes and backpacks. He said to enjoy themselves and maybe Sunday went further. “The presi- liffe, a Democrat, said he spoke city’s plans to take down a statue with the devil, the devil doesn’t
he noticed lots of shoppers paid find a good deal or two on some dent said very strongly in his to Trump in the hours after the of Confederal Gen. Robert E. change, the devil changes you,”
with $100 bills over the week- things for their children. Those statement yesterday that he con- clashes and that he twice told Lee. Counter-protesters massed Signer said.
end. customers included Dave Beg- demns all forms of violence, big- the president “we have to stop in opposition. In Cartagena, Colombia,
On one of the other ends of noche, a Denton resident who otry and hatred and of course this hateful speech, this rheto- Alt-right leader Richard Spen- Pence responded to a reporter’s
the mall, at a popular entrance was out shopping Sunday with that includes white Suprema- ric.” He said he urged Trump “to cer and former Ku Klux Klan question about the violence in
with lots of foot traffic, store his son who will be going into cists, KKK, neo-Nazi and all ex- come out stronger” against the member David Duke attended Charlottesville and said, in part:
manager Kathleen Schaefer was second grade. tremist groups.” It added: “He actions of white supremacists. the demonstrations. Duke told re- “We have no tolerance for hate
at the helm of the Barnes & No- He found some books his son called for national unity and On Saturday, Republicans porters that the white nationalists and violence, white suprema-
ble bookstore, steadily maneu- would enjoy and had found bringing all Americans together.” joined Democrats in criticizing were working to “fulfill the prom- cists or neo-Nazis or the KKK.
vering from customer to cus- good deals on clothes earlier that The White House did not at- the president for not specifically ises of Donald Trump.” These dangerous fringe groups
tomer, solving problems and weekend. He said he’s support- tach a name to the statement. calling out white nationalists. Trump’s initial comments have no place in American pub-
making sales. ive of tax-free weekends like this Usually, a statement would be Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., drew praise from the neo-Nazi lic life and in the American de-
“We get business that’s one. signed by the press secretary or tweeted: “Mr. President — we website Daily Stormer, which bate, and we condemn them in
school-related kind of all sum- “I think it’s a great initiative another staffer; not putting a must call evil by its name. These wrote: “Trump comments were the strongest possible terms.”
mer,” she said. “Kids operate in a by the state. It gives families the name to one eliminates an indi- were white supremacists and this good. He didn’t attack us. He Trump, as a presidential can-
pattern. It’s kind of funny.” opportunities to pick up things vidual’s responsibility for its was domestic terrorism.” Added just said the nation should come didate, frequently came under
Schaefer said she’s been that are going to be needed,” truthfulness and often under- Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.: “Noth- together. Nothing specific scrutiny for being slow to offer
working at the Denton Barnes & Begnoche said. cuts its significance. ing patriotic about #Nazis,the against us. … No condemnation his condemnation of white su-
Noble location for six years, and “Stores seem to do a good job Trump’s national security ad- #KKK or #WhiteSupremacists at all.” The website had been premacists. His strongest de-
worked for the company for 25 of packaging a lot of sales in con- viser, H.R. McMaster, said Sun- It’s the direct opposite of what promoting the Charlottesville nunciation of the movement has
years total. With plenty tax-free junction [with each other],” he day that he considered the at- #America seeks to be.” demonstration as part of its not come voluntarily, only when
weekends behind her, she’s said, “which really helps out tack to be terrorism. On Satur- The president did not have “Summer of Hate” edition. asked, and he occasionally traf-
learned some tricks of the trade families.” day, Trump had not responded any public events on Sunday. Charlottesville Mayor Mi- ficked in retweets of racist social
and recurring patterns for back- to reporters’ shouted questions White House staff did not share chael Signer, a Democrat, media posts during his cam-
to-school shoppers. KYLE MARTIN can be about terrorism. any information on his activities slammed Trump’s stance toward paign. His chief strategist, Steve
From her experience, she reached at 940-566-6897 and “I certainly think anytime except that he and his staff were hate groups, saying on NBC’s Bannon, once declared that his
said she’s often seen that at the via Twitter at @Kyle_Mar- that you commit an attack monitoring the aftermath of the Meet the Press that he hopes former news site, Breitbart, was
beginning of summer, kids and tin35. against people to incite fear, it is violence in Virginia. Trump “looks himself in the mir- “the platform for the alt-right.”

From Page 1A candidates who face a Demo- cry to excite conservative voters
cratic challenger in races that with their “blustery demagog-

Local control have long been viewed as non-

“One thing I’ve learned in my
“Texans, whether they were six-plus years in this job is the
Houston, San Antonio and Aus- raised here or moved here, are most important thing for politi-
tin. And they are making in- here because of the freedom and cians is getting re-elected,” Raw-
roads in urban county commis- opportunity that this great state lings said. “This helps that
sioners courts, school districts presents,” Dickey said. “We have cause.”
and courts. seen bureaucrats at the lowest But Rawlings said he’s less
In 2015, the Texas Democrat- level in Texas attempt to manip- concerned about his political fu-
ic Party launched Project LIFT ulate and restrict that, and it is a ture than he is about the damage
(Local Investment in the Future good thing for Texans that we state leaders’ crusade might in-
of Texas), a program that en- start to fight back.” flict.
courages participation in non- “I’m more concerned about
partisan races, like school board Excoriating Democrats’ that we’re going to mess up the
and city council elections. policies secret sauce that has helped Tex-
Locally, Democrats have sup- Abbott, Patrick and other as grow,” he said.
ported candidates in Plano, Mc- Republicans have attacked local Live Oak Mayor Mary Den-
Kinney, Melissa, Frisco and Al- policies they dislike, designing Thao Nguyen/Dallas Morning News nis, president of the Texas Mu-
len. laws that not only end local offi- Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings speaks with reporters after meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott to nicipal League, said issues that
In May, with support of the cials’ ability to pass such ordi- discuss the governor’s escalating assault on local control at the Texas State Capitol on Aug. 1 city officials contend with —
Democratic Party, 18-year-old nances, but also threaten to put in Austin. fixing potholes, ensuring trash
high school student Mike Floyd them out of a job. pickup, providing police pro-
defeated a six-year incumbent Abbott targeted Travis Coun- ing that it would allow men in dividual liberty,” John Wittman, pose efforts to rein in their au- tection — are not partisan is-
Republican in a race for a seat on ty’s Democratic Sheriff Sally women’s restrooms. a spokesman for Abbott, said in thority. The bills lawmakers are sues.
the Pearland Independent Hernandez for adopting a policy Both Abbott and Patrick a statement. considering, they contend, “It’s really sad to me,” she
School District Board of Trust- that would limit the types of un- have targeted local officials as On the Fox Business Net- would make it difficult for local said. “It should be about people
ees. authorized immigrants her jail the cause for Texans’ rising work last week, Patrick upbraid- leaders to provide services, like first.”
“There’s been a lot of progres- turns over to federal immigra- property taxes, urging lawmak- ed Democratic mayors, saying public and fire safety, that resi- Traditionally, local races have
sive energy now infused into tion authorities. He demanded ers to pass a measure limiting they are doing a “terrible job” dents expect. been insulated from the divisive
these races,” Garcia said. and signed Senate Bill 4, which how much new revenue cities and that America’s cities, run by Eighteen mayors from Texas’ partisan politics that dominate
The GOP has noticed. This will allow sheriffs to be removed and counties can bring in from Democrats, are home to the largest cities asked Abbott to state and national campaigns,
summer, the party approved a from office if they promote such taxes each year. They’ve also country’s biggest problems. meet with them so they could said Emily Farris, a professor of
resolution requiring staff to de- policies. scolded cities for adopting regu- share their concerns. He met political science at Texas Chris-
velop a plan for endorsing local Patrick’s top priority this lations that they say make it Some fight back with a handful, including Dallas tian University.
candidates. year, a so-far failed measure that harder for businesses to operate A handful of cities have al- Mayor Rawlings and Fort But she said amping up the
“It was simply a response to would prevent transgender Tex- and proposed legislation to ready sued the state over the Worth’s Republican Mayor Bet- focus on local politicians could
what the Democrats had already ans from using public bath- eliminate those rules. anti-sanctuary city law, arguing sy Price. Both said Abbott lis- have a beneficial unintended
done,” said Texas GOP Chair- rooms that align with their gen- “Contrary to the governor’s it is unconstitutional and will tened to their concerns, but they consequence. It might drive up
man James Dickey. der identity, draws from his ex- belief, some cities and local gov- make their communities less did not express hope they had the dismal turnout of voters in
The state Republican Party, perience in Houston. He led a ernments in Texas are doing ev- safe. changed the governor’s mind. local elections.
Dickey said, will offer resources, local crusade that toppled a city erything they can to overregu- And both Democratic and Rawlings said he and other may- “If it gets them out and gets
from phone banking to block- ordinance protecting gay and late, and, in the process, stifle Republican local officials have ors are convenient villains for them engaged,” she said, “that’s
walking and printing services, to transgender residents, by claim- our economy and undermine in- descended on the Capitol to op- Republicans to use as a rallying the only bright side to this.”
8A Monday, August 14, 2017 INTERNATIONAL Denton Record-Chronicle

S. Koreans worried, but Seoul stays mum

President keeps U.S. ally, trading partner and fel-
low democracy where there can
Washington were prepared to
“immediately and sternly pun-
There are feelings of bewil-
derment and powerlessness:
quiet as North, seem to be as much, maybe
more, worry about Trump’s un-
ish” any provocation by the
Why should South Korea get
sucked into a crisis created by a
U.S. trade barbs predictable style of leadership as Contrast that with the official war of words between leaders in
there is about archrival North silence out of Seoul after Washington and Pyongyang?
By Foster Klug Korea. Trump’s comments on Tuesday, “Moon has talked about how
and Kim Tong-hyung Many South Koreans ignore which seemed to take a page out South Korea should be in the
Associated Press Pyongyang because they have of the North Korean playbook driver’s seat when it comes to
SEOUL, South Korea — lived with near-constant North by warning of “fire and fury” if dealing with North Korea, but
When North Korea makes a Korean belligerence, and some- the North didn’t stop threaten- that clearly was just rhetoric,”
threat, the government in Seoul times violence, since the Korean ing the United States. Choi Do-hyun, a 39-year-old of-
usually vents its anger while Peninsula was divided in 1945 South Korean citizens and fice worker in Seoul, said in an
South Koreans mostly shrug off and the two countries fought a the media have been less shy interview. “In reality, he can’t say Fernando Vergara/AP
what can seem like a daily bar- bloody, three-year war five years about ripping into both Trump, a word to Trump over an unco- U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a joint press
rage of hostility. later. for his threat, and the govern- ordinated, excessive comment conference with Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos on
President Donald Trump has The government in Seoul, ment of President Moon Jae-in, that threatens to send the Kore- Sunday in Cartagena, Colombia.
introduced a new wrinkle to this however, is far from indifferent for not taking the U.S. president an Peninsula to the path of war.”

Pence treads fine

familiar pattern. His recent to its northern neighbor. to task for evoking a potential Moon, a liberal who favors
Pyongyang-style threat to un- When North Korea on war that would likely result in engagement with the North, has
leash “fire and fury” on North Thursday repeated a threat tens of thousands of Korean kept mostly quiet over the past

line on Venezuela
Korea has been met with silence against Guam, saying it was deaths. week. In a meeting with military
from the top levels of South Ko- working on a plan to launch “Doesn’t the Moon Jae-in officials Wednesday, he said
rea’s government — and worry, missiles into the waters near the government have to say some- South Korea would need to
sometimes anger, from the U.S. territory, Roh Jae-cheon, thing about Trump’s over-the- “slightly supplement” its mili-
country’s citizens. spokesman of South Korea’s line comments?” Jang Shin-ki, a tary readiness in the face of By Jill Colvin Venezuela, and we believe it is
It highlights an interesting Joint Chiefs of Staff, appeared 42-year-old man who lives in threats from North Korean nu- Associated Press achievable by those means.”
feature of South Korea, a strong on TV to declare that Seoul and Seoul, wrote on Facebook. clear weapons and missiles. CARTAGENA, Colombia — Trump’s startling comments
Demonstrating the delicate bal- Friday sparked backlash across
ancing act that has come to de- the region, including from Vene-

Opposition urges Kenyans to skip work in protest fine his vice presidency, Mike
Pence tried to strike a balance
Sunday in Colombia between
zuela’s chief opposition coalition
and the Colombian government.
Standing at Pence’s side in
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Latin American opposition to Cartagena after a joint meeting,
Kenyan opposition leader Raila possible U.S. military interven- Santos said he had repeatedly
Odinga urged his supporters to tion in neighboring Venezuela, told Pence in no uncertain terms
skip work on Monday to protest and President Donald Trump’s that the U.S. must not even con-
what he charged were rigged surprising refusal to rule out sider military action in response
elections that gave victory to that option. to Venezuela’s crisis.
President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Speaking during a joint news The two countries are impor-
government denounced violent conference with Colombian tant allies, Santos said. “But
demonstrations as unlawful and president Juan Manuel Santos since friends have to tell each
urged Kenyans to return to their shortly after his arrival in Latin other the truth, I have told Vice
jobs. America, Pence also declined to President Pence that the possi-
Odinga spoke on Sunday to a rule out possible military action bility of a military intervention
cheering crowd in Nairobi’s Kib- against Venezuelan President shouldn’t even be considered,
era slum, an opposition strong- Nicolás Maduro, whose efforts neither in Colombia nor in Latin
hold and a frequent scene of to consolidate power in the America,” Santos said through a
clashes between stone-throwing country have drawn alarm. Still, translator. “America is a conti-
protesters and police firing live Pence stressed the U.S. would nent of peace. It is the land of
ammunition and tear gas since much prefer what he called a peace. Let us preserve it as such.”
the Aug. 8 election in which “peaceable” solution to the Analysists said Trump’s com-
President Uhuru Kenyatta was growing political and humani- ments played into Maduro’s
declared the winner. Odinga’s tarian crisis. hands by awakening dark mem-
defiance fueled continuing un- Ben Curtis/AP “President Trump is a leader ories of U.S. intervention in the
certainty in Kenya, an East Afri- Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga gestures to thousands of supporters gathered Sunday who says what he means and region and making it harder for
can economic hub whose repu- in the Mathare area of Nairobi, Kenya. means what he says,” Pence said. other Latin American countries
tation for stability has been “But the president sent me here to join the anti-Maduro coali-
shaken by election violence and previously claimed last week’s process was fair, and interna- ing members of two rival ethnic to continue to marshal the un- tion. “The phantom of military
court challenges in the past. vote was rigged and has unsuc- tional observers praised its han- groups — Luos and Kikuyus — precedented support of coun- interventions in Latin America
“There is no work until Tues- cessfully run for president on dling of the election in this coun- confronted each other in Math- tries across Latin America to disappeared a long time ago,
day, when we will announce the three previous occasions. Ken- try of 45 million people. are, another Nairobi slum, wit- achieve by peaceable means the and we don’t want it to return,”
next step,” said Odinga, who ya’s election commission said its Late Sunday, machete-wield- nesses said. restoration of democracy in Santos said.

BRIEFLY Re-Imagine Your

Bathroom with Re-Bath
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Remodeling Experts

Ahu Savan An, Four Paws/AP

Hammerle Finley
A lion named Dana, rescued from a zoo in the war-torn Syrian
city of Aleppo, cuddles her newborn cub Hajar on Saturday in
the Mawa Wildlife Reserve in northern Jordan.
can help.
Souf, Jordan bodies from two buses buried in
Call to schedule your
Lion rescued from Syria mud from a landslide that was
triggered Sunday by heavy mon- COMPLETE REMODEL
appointment today!
zoo gives birth in Jordan soon rains. Police said more vic-
tims may still be found in the de-
There is no time
The odds had been stacked
against Hajar, a lion cub born bris. like the present
The landslide in Urla village QUICK & AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS
just hours after her mother Da-
in Himachal Pradesh state bur-
to prepare for the
na, rescued from a defunct zoo
in war-torn Syria, was released ied part of a highway, trapping • Custom Bathroom Remodels future.
into a wildlife reserve in Jordan. two buses, two cars and a motor- • No Subcontractors! At Hammerle Finley, we
Dana and 12 other animals, bike, said district official San-
including four other lions, two deep Kadam. • Tub to Shower Conversions focus on estate planning
bears and two tigers, had barely With the road blocked by • Grout Free Natural Stone and probate law to make
survived under harsh conditions landslides in several places, sol-
diers used shovels and pickaxes • Walk-In Tubs sure your wishes – and
in the Syrian city of Aleppo, until
a few months ago a major battle- to remove rocks, boulders and your loved ones – are
ground in the country’s civil war. debris covering the buses and FREE FINANCING
taken care of for decades Virginia N. Hammerle
They were transported from pull out the bodies. IN-HOME DESIGN OPTIONS to come.
Please See Virginia Hammerle’s
Legal Talk Texas Article Every
Syria to Turkey and then to Jor- CONSULTATION AVAILABLE Tuesday in the Dallas Morning News
dan by the international animal Berlin • Estate planning Arts & Life Senior section

charity Four Paws, stuck in cages U.S. tourist gives Nazi $1500 OFF* • Probate law
during the three-week journey.
salute, is beaten up F U L L B AT H R O O M R E M O D E L
They arrived at the al-Ma’wa re- • Guardianship
serve in northern Jordan on Fri- Police say a drunken Ameri- $500 OFF*
day. can man was punched by a pass- A N Y B AT H T U B O R S H O W E R R E M O D E L If you have questions or concerns about any
Dr. Amir Khalil, a vet who ac- er-by as he gave the stiff-armed TUB TO SHOWER NATURAL STONE WALK-IN TUBS of these issues, give us a call. Our experienced
companied the animals, said Nazi salute multiple times in attorneys will get you on the path to peace of
Sunday that he had been worried downtown Dresden.
during the transport that Dana Dresden police said Sunday mind.
would give birth while in a cage. the 41-year-old, whose name
In such a case, it’s unlikely the and hometown weren’t given for
cub would have survived, he said. privacy reasons, suffered minor
Khalil said he believes the li- injuries in the 8:15 a.m. Saturday
oness waited for a safe space to assault.
give birth. Police say the American,
“She is a mom, she had the who is under investigation for
instinct,” he said. “It’s a miracle.” violating Germany’s laws Locally Owned and Operated Serving the Greater Dallas Area 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

against the display of Nazi Virginia N. Hammerle

Super Lawyers is a registered trademark of Thomson Reuters.

Dharamsala, India symbols or slogans, had an ex-

Free consultation to review your
Rescuers pull out 13 tremely high blood alcohol lev-
existing estate plan
el. His assailant fled the scene
bodies after landslide and is being sought for causing 972-908-9010 2871 Lake Vista Dr., Ste.100, Lewisville, Texas 75067
Soldiers and rescue workers bodily harm.

in northern India pulled out 13 — The Associated Press

M-41268 *Expiration date to: 6/30/17 972-755-3567
Denton Record-Chronicle INSIDE SPORTS

SECTION B Bolt bids goodbye;
WHO TO CALL U.S. revels in medals
Larry McBride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 940-566-6913 Page 4B
Monday, August 14, 2017

Astros top Rangers, ending skid

Houston’s Keuchel takes Rangers
Houston 2, Texas 1
shutout into sixth inning
against the Rangers, just before the Rangers pitch
By Schuyler Dixon lefty’s nearly two-month stint on the hitter Shin- David Moore
Associated Press disabled list. This was the 2015 AL Cy Soo Choo COWBOYS INSIDER
ARLINGTON — Dallas Keuchel Young Award winner’s fourth start flies out in COMMENTARY
did what aces do: stop their team’s lon- since his second trip to the DL for neck the ninth

gest losing streak of the season. soreness. inning during
Keuchel took a shutout into the sixth Keuchel had lost two in row, that Sunday’s
inning, Jose Altuve homered and the skid coming after a career-best 11-game game against
AL-leading Houston Astros ended a winning streak going back to last sea- the Astros in

five-game skid and avoided a sweep by son. Arlington.
their Texas rival, beating the Rangers It was just the third win in 12 games The Astros
2-1 on Sunday. in August for the AL West-leading As- won 2-1, end-
Carlos Beltran had a tiebreaking tros. ing their
RBI single in the seventh. Adrian “It’s amazing how many people start five-game

his next
Beltre’s 12th homer of the season and freaking out when you don’t have a cou- losing streak.
3,015th career hit had pulled the Rang- ple good starts,” Keuchel said. “The
ers even at 1 in the sixth. world’s ending or you’re not as good any Andy Jacobsohn/
Keuchel (10-2) struck out seven in 6 The Dallas

2/3 innings for his first win since June 2 See RANGERS on 3B Morning News

OS ANGELES — Two days after
Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys
had their world rocked by a
six-game suspension they didn’t see
coming, the volume on outrage and
bluster was turned down.
No more recriminations were
hurled at the NFL office. Vows of
fighting the commissioner’s decision,
of taking this to the mattresses, were
absent. Elliott himself casually stood
on the sidelines in his Cowboys uni-
form wearing a blue visor Saturday
evening, watching his teammates face
the Los Angeles Rams.
Owner Jerry Jones was silent.
It’s too early to know if this is the
calm before the storm. But now that
everyone has gotten over the shock
and raw emotion of Friday, it’s time for
a more strategic conversation.
Elliott and his representatives will
file an appeal before the end of busi-
ness day Wednesday. The league’s
leading rusher then has two ways to
play this going forward.
He can dig in and refuse to accept
the decision, filing an injunction the
way New England’s Tom Brady did
after his suspension. That would allow
Elliott to stay on the field for the Cow-
boys as the case winds its way through
the courts.
Chuck Burton/AP Or he can go on a contrition tour
Justin Thomas hits from the bunker on the 18th hole during the final round of the PGA Championship on Sunday at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C. leading up to his appeal hearing in an

‘Win for the family’

attempt to reduce the punishment.
Elliott can accept whatever Roger
Goodell decides, serve the suspension
to open the season and put this ugly
episode behind him.
This option seems out of character
for the young star. But an argument
can be made it’s in the best interest of
Third-generation PGA Pro golf
PGA Championship
Elliott and the Cowboys.
Elliott made it clear in a statement
pro Thomas rallies Sunday at Quail Hollow to emerge from
he tweeted after the ruling that he

to win championship the shadow of Jordan Spieth, his long-

time friend, and capture his first major
See MOORE on 3B

By Doug Ferguson that belonged as much to him as the

AP Golf Writer two generations of PGA professionals
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Justin that came before him.
Thomas remembers hearing the roar “As a kid growing up, you want to
before he ever saw the shot. win all the majors. You want to win any
He had access to the clubhouse at major,” Thomas said after his two-shot
Valhalla in 2000 as the 7-year-old son victory. “For me, the PGA definitely had
of a PGA professional, and the thunder a special place in my heart, and maybe a
from the gallery reached his ears before special drive. It’s just a great win for the
the TV showed Tiger Woods making family, and it’s a moment we’ll never
the most important putt of his career at forget — all of us.”
that PGA Championship. On this day, the cheers were for him. Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News
Thomas was barely big enough to They gave him chills when his 8-foot Cowboys running back Ezekiel El-
dream of playing against the best that birdie putt teetered on the edge of the liott looks up during the national
day. Now his name is on the same Wan- John Bazemore/AP 10th hole for 12 seconds before it finally anthem before the start of Satur-
amaker Trophy. Jani, right, and Mike Thomas watch their son, Justin Thomas, win the PGA day’s preseason game against the
Thomas closed with a 3-under 68 on Championship on Sunday at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C. See PGA on 3B Rams in Los Angeles.

Larson steals away win on restart

Says Truex: ‘We got Motor sports
NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Pure
restarted for the final time, Larson —
who hadn’t led at all to that point —
beat fair and square’ Michigan 400 drove to the right of Jones and passed to
the inside of Truex.
event before returning to Michigan and “We got beat fair and square,” said
By Noah Trister earning his fourth career Cup victory. Truex, the series points leader. “The
Associated Press “This win feels amazing to steal one double-file restarts are tricky, and
BROOKLYN, Mich. — Kyle Lar- in a way,” Larson said. “My other three sometimes you do them right, some-
son’s ambitious weekend ended in tri- wins I felt like we had the first- or sec- times you screw them up, and unfortu-
umph. ond-best car, but today at times I didn’t nately I screwed the one up that mat-
Larson slipped between cars on an think we were a top-10 car. But to get tered the most today.”
overtime restart and won Sunday’s the win that way is awesome.” Larson has won the last three Cup
NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan Martin Truex Jr. was in the lead, races at MIS, the first driver to do that
International Speedway. The victory about a second ahead of teammate Erik since Bill Elliott, who won four straight
capped a busy stretch for Larson after Jones, before a late caution came out from 1985-86. This was Larson’s third
team owner Chip Ganassi allowed him because of a spin by Michael McDowell. win of the season and ended a mini- Paul Sancya/AP
to go to Iowa to compete in the Knox- That forced overtime. slump in which he had finished out of Matt Kenseth (20), Erik Jones (77), Kyle Larson (42) and Martin Truex Jr.
ville Nationals on Saturday. A red flag for oil on the track only (78) head into Turn 1 on the last restart of Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series
He finished second at that sprint car added to the drama, and when the race See NASCAR on 3B race in Brooklyn, Mich.
2B Monday, August 14, 2017 Denton Record-Chronicle


Today’s TV Little League Softball World Series: Teams TBA, 3 p.m., ESPN2
PRO BASEBALL Little League Softball World Series: Teams TBA, 6 p.m., ESPNN
N.Y. Mets at N.Y. Yankees, 6 p.m., ESPN Little League Softball World Series: Teams TBA, 9 p.m., ESPNU
AL: Detroit at Rangers, 7 p.m., FSSW TENNIS
Houston at Arizona, 8:30 p.m. p.m., AT&T ATP Western & Southern Open, 10 a.m., Tennis
YOUTH BASEBALL ATP Western & Southern Open, 6 p.m., Tennis
American Legion World Series, 2 p.m., ESPNU
American Legion World Series, 6 p.m., ESPNU Radio
Saratoga Dew Stakes, 3 p.m., FS2 AL: Detroit at Rangers, 7:05 p.m., KRLD-FM 105.3; KFLC-AM
YOUTH SOFTBALL 1270 (Spanish)
Little League Softball World Series: Teams TBA, noon, ESPN2

Pro baseball
Astros acquire Clippard from White Sox

CHICAGO — The Houston Astros have acquired David Zalubowski/AP file photo
reliever Tyler Clippard from the Chicago White Sox Denver Broncos running
for a player to be named or cash considerations. back Jamaal Charles runs
Clippard was traded from the New York Yankees with a handoff from quarter-
to Chicago in a seven-player deal on July 18. The 32- back Paxton Lynch during
year-old right-hander went 1-1 with a 1.80 ERA and drills at an NFL football train-
two saves in 11appearances with the rebuilding White TRANSACTIONS 5:10 p.m. Toronto FC at Chicago, 7 p.m. 4. (25) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 33. ing camp July 31 in Engle-
N.Y. Mets (Montero 1-8) at N.Y. Yankees (TBD), FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City, 7:30 p.m. 5. (21) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 202, 0, 32.
Sox. The deal was announced Sunday night. BASEBALL 6:05 p.m. D.C. United at Colorado, 8 p.m. 6. (20) Chris Buescher, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 31. wood, Colo.
AMERICAN LEAGUE Tampa Bay (Odorizzi 6-5) at Toronto (Tepesch Houston at Vancouver, 9 p.m. 7. (17) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 30.

CLEVELAND INDIANS — Sent OF Lonnie 0-2), 6:07 p.m. Philadelphia at San Jose, 9:30 p.m. 8. (5) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 37.
Pro football Chisenhall to Akron (EL) for a rehab assign- Detroit (Fulmer 10-9) at Texas (Perez 6-10), SUNDAY’S GAMES 9. (7) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 32.
7:05 p.m. New England at New York City FC, 5 p.m. 10. (6) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 202, 0, 32.
Matthews injured in Bills practice debut ment.
DETROIT TIGERS — Designated RHP Ed- Houston (McHugh 0-1) at Arizona (Greinke
13-5), 8:40 p.m.
Minnesota United at Seattle, 9 p.m. 11. (15) Kurt Busch, Ford, 202, 0, 26.
12. (24) Aric Almirola, Ford, 202, 0, 25.
ward Mujica for assignment. Selected the con-

soon gets
Kansas City (Junis 4-2) at Oakland (Cotton 13. (3) Kevin Harvick, Ford, 202, 0, 41.
PITTSFORD, N.Y. — Jordan Matthews’ first tract of RHP Jeff Ferrell from Toledo (IL).
5-9), 9:05 p.m. 14. (19) Dale Earnhardt Jr, Chevrolet, 202, 0,
chance to fill Sammy Watkins’ starting job with the lando to Omaha (PCL) for a rehab assignment. Baltimore (Gausman 8-8) at Seattle (Gallardo 23.
Buffalo Bills ended with the newly acquired receiver NEW YORK YANKEES — Optioned RHP Gio- 5-7), 9:10 p.m.
BASKETBALL 15. (12) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 202, 0, 27.
16. (10) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 202, 0, 23.

to prove
vanny Gallegos to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Re-
sustaining a chest injury. called LHP Caleb Smith from Scranton/Wilkes- Houston at Arizona, 2:40 p.m.
17. (1) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 202, 0, 39.
Barre. L.A. Angels at Washington, 6:05 p.m. 18. (14) Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Ford, 202, 0, 19.
Matthews finished the two-hour practice on Sun- OAKLAND ATHLETICS — Sent OF Jake Smo- N.Y. Mets at N.Y. Yankees, 6:05 p.m. EASTERN CONFERENCE 19. (22) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 18.
W L Pct GB
day before being escorted off the field by a trainer. The linski to Stockton (Cal) for a rehab assignment. Tampa Bay at Toronto, 6:07 p.m.
St. Louis at Boston, 6:10 p.m. x-Connecticut 17 9 .654 —
20. (29) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 17.
21. (33) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 202, 0, 16.

SEATTLE MARINERRS — Agreed to terms
Bills were unable to provide an update on the nature with RHP Jeanmar Gomez on a minor league Detroit at Texas, 7:05 p.m. Washington 16 10 .615 1 22. (18) Danica Patrick, Ford, 202, 0, 15.
Cleveland at Minnesota, 7:10 p.m. New York 15 12 .556 21⁄2 23. (11) Clint Bowyer, Ford, 202, 0, 14.
or severity of the injury because Matthews was still contract and assigned him to Tacoma (PCL).
Kansas City at Oakland, 9:05 p.m. Chicago 11 16 .407 61⁄2 24. (4) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 202, 0, 17.
Sent OF Mitch Haniger to Tacoma for a rehab
being evaluated. assignment. Baltimore at Seattle, 9:10 p.m. Atlanta
10 18 .357 8
9 19 .321 9
25. (32) Landon Cassill, Ford, 200, 0, 12.
Chicago White Sox at L.A. Dodgers, late 26. (27) Matt DiBenedetto, Ford, 200, 0, 11.
It’s unclear when Matthews might have been hurt, TAMPA BAY RAYS — Sent RHP Matt Andriese
to Charlotte (FSL) for a rehab assignment.
WESTERN CONFERENCE 27. (26) Michael McDowell, Chevrolet, 200, 0,
W L Pct GB
though he did fall hard along the sideline while at- TORONTO BLUE JAYS — Placed RHP Domi- x-Minnesota 21 4 .840 —
By Arnie Stapleton
tempting to make a leaping catch in one-on-one cov- nic Leone on the bereavement list. Released National League x-Los Angeles 19 8 .704 3
28. (2) Joey Logano, Ford, 200, 0, 14.
AP Pro Football Writer
3B Chris Coghlan. Recalled LHP Matt Dermo- 29. (31) Cole Whitt, Chevrolet, 199, 0, 8.
EAST DIVISION Phoenix 14 13 .519 8
erage with cornerback Shareece Wright during a dy from Buffalo (IL).
W L Pct GB Dallas 13 16 .448 10
30. (28) David Ragan, Ford, 199, 0, 7.
31. (34) Corey Lajoie, Toyota, 199, 0, 6. ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —
team drill. ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS — Agreed to
Washington 70 46 .603 — Seattle 11 16 .407 11 32. (35) Brett Moffitt, Toyota, 198, 0, 0. The Denver Broncos will soon
Miami 56 60 .483 131⁄2 San Antonio 7 22 .241 16 33. (38) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, 197, 0, 4.
terms with LHP Cesilio Pimentel on a minor
league contract.
New York 53 62 .461 16 SATURDAY’S RESULTS 34. (30) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, accident, 196, discover if Jamaal Charles is still
College football CINCINNATI REDS — Placed RHP Austin
52 63 .452 17
43 72 .374 26
Connecticut 96, Dallas 88
San Antonio 84, Atlanta 68
0, 3.
35. (36) Jeffrey Earnhardt, Chevrolet, 196, 0, 2.
Jamaal Charles.
Brice on the 10-day DL. Reinstated RHP Rob-
Florida suspends 7 for season opener ert Stephenson from the 10-day DL.
W L Pct GB
Indiana 80, Washington 100
Seattle 98, Phoenix 89
36. (39) BJ McLeod, Chevrolet, 178, 0, 0.
37.(16) Daniel Suarez, Toyota, accident, 138, 0, Pro football
INF Kyle Farmer to Oklahoma City (PCL).Rein- Chicago 61 55 .526 — SUNDAY’S RESULTS 7. Denver Broncos
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida has suspended stated RHP Chris Hatcher from the 10-day DL. St. Louis 61 57 .517 1 New York 83, Los Angeles 69 38. (23) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, accident,
troubled receiver Antonio Callaway and six other Sent 1B Adrian Gonzalez and OF Andre Ethier Milwaukee 61 59 .508 2
Connecticut at Atlanta, 6 p.m.
138, 0, 1.
39. (37) Derrike Cope, Chevrolet, engine, 107, Coach Vance Joseph says
to Rancho Cucamonga (Cal) for rehab assign- Pittsburgh 58 60 .492 4
players for the team’s season opener against Michi- ments. Cincinnati 49 69 .415 13 0, 1. he’ll take the bubble wrap off the
Average Speed of Race Winner: 150.901 mph. veteran running back sometime
Suter on the 10-day DL. Designated RHP Mi- W L Pct GB
Defensive end Keivonnis Davis, defensive line- Time of Race: 2 hours, 40 minutes, 38 seconds. this preseason, but he isn’t sure
man Richerd Desir-Jones, linebacker James Hous-
chael Blazek for assignment. Sent RHP Chase
Anderson to Colorado Springs (PCL) for a re-
Los Angeles 83 34 .709 — GOLF Margin of Victory: 0.310 seconds.
hab assignment.
65 52 .556 18
65 52 .556 18 Caution Flags: 5 for 28 laps. if that will be against the 49ers,
ton, linebacker Ventrell Miller, defensive lineman NEW YORK METS — Selected the contract of San Diego 51 66 .436 32 PGA Championship Lead Changes: 14 among 7 drivers. Packers or Cardinals.
RHP Kevin McGowan from Las Vegas (PCL). Lap Leaders: B.Keselowski 1-42; E.Jones 43-
Jordan Smith and offensive tackle Kadeem Telfort al- PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES — Sent RHP Ca-
San Francisco 47 72 .395 37 SUNDAY 46; B.Keselowski 47-63; D.Suarez 64-66; B.Ke- Asked Saturday if Charles is
so won’t play Sept. 2 against the Wolverines in Arling- sey Fien to Clearwater (FSL) for a rehab as- Toronto 7, Pittsburgh 2 CHARLOTTE, N.C.
selowski 67-110; Ky.Busch 111-113; M.Truex
114-127; B.Keselowski 128; M.Truex 129-159; running out of time to make the
ton. SAN DIEGO PADRES — Extended the con-
Philadelphia 3, N.Y. Mets 1
Washington 3, San Francisco 1
YARDAGE: 7,600; PAR: 71
E.Jones 160; B.Keselowski 161; D.Hamlin 162- team because he hasn’t been get-
177; Ky.Busch 178-188; M.Truex 189-200;
The players were suspended for misusing school- tract of manager Andy Green three years Miami 4, Colorado 3 FINAL K.Larson 201-202 ting as many handoffs as the
through 2021. Milwaukee 6, Cincinnati 5, 10 innings Justin Thomas 73-66-69-68 — 276 -8
issued funds, according to a person familiar with the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS — Recalled INF St. Louis 6, Atlanta 5 Francesco Molinari 73-64-74-67 — 278 -6 Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Broncos’ other running backs at
Led): B.Keselowski, 5 times for 100 laps;
situation. The person spoke to The Associated Press Orlando Calixte from Sacramento (PCL) as
26th man for Sunday’s doubleheader.
Arizona 6, Chicago Cubs 2 Louis Oosthuizen 70-67-71-70 — 278 -6
M.Truex, 3 times for 54 laps; D.Hamlin, 1 time training camp, Joseph shot
L.A. Dodgers 6, San Diego 3 Patrick Reed 69-73-69-67 — 278 -6
on the condition of anonymity Sunday because Flori- WASHINGTON NATIONALS — Placed OF SUNDAY’S RESULTS Rickie Fowler 69-70-73-67 — 279 -5 for 15 laps; Ky.Busch, 2 times for 12 laps; down that notion with a curt
Bryce Harper on the 10-day DL. Reinstated OF E.Jones, 2 times for 3 laps; D.Suarez, 1 time for
da did not release details of the suspensions. Michael Taylor from the 10-day DL. Added C
San Francisco 4, Washington 2, 1st game Hideki Matsuyama 70-64-73-72 — 279 -5
Graham DeLaet 70-73-68-69 — 280 -4 2 laps; K.Larson, 1 time for 1 lap. “No, he’s not.”
Toronto 7, Pittsburgh 1 Wins: M.Truex, 4; J.Johnson, 3; K.Larson, 3;
Pedro Severino as 26th man for Sunday’s dou- Miami 5, Colorado 3 Kevin Kisner 67-67-72-74 — 280 -4
B.Keselowski, 2; R.Stenhouse, 2; R.Blaney, 1; Joseph has said all along he’ll
bleheader. N.Y. Mets 6, Philadelphia 2 Jason Day 70-66-77-70 — 283 -1
Tennis AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Milwaukee 7, Cincinnati 4 Matt Kuchar 71-74-70-68 — 283 -1 Ku.Busch, 1; Ky.Busch, 1; A.Dillon, 1; D.Hamlin, take it slow with Charles but he
1; K.Harvick, 1; K.Kahne, 1; J.Logano, 1; R.New-
Zverev upsets Federer for Rogers title GARY SOUTHSHORE RAILCATS — Signed
INF Tanner Pinkston.
Atlanta 6, St. Louis 3 Jordan L Smith 70-75-70-68 — 283 -1
man, 1. did acknowledge that yes, he
Chicago Cubs 7, Arizona 2 Chris Stroud 68-68-71-76 — 283 -1
KANSAS CITY T-BONES — Signed INF Paul L.A. Dodgers 6, San Diego 4 Scott Brown 73-68-70-73 — 284 E Top 16 in Points: 1. M.Truex, 933; 2. K.Larson, probably has to see Charles play
804; 3. Ky.Busch, 797; 4. K.Harvick, 787; 5.
MONTREAL — Alexander Zverev kept his win- Hendrix.
TEXAS AIRHOGS — Signed LHP Mario Men-
Washington 6, San Francisco 2, 2nd game, 11 Paul Casey 69-70-74-71 — 284 E
B.Keselowski, 720; 6. D.Hamlin, 710; 7. C.El- in the preseason to keep him on
innings James Hahn 73-70-71-70 — 284 E
ning streak alive with a 6-3, 6-4 victory over Swiss ace doza. TODAY’S GAMES Brian Harman 69-75-71-69 — 284 E liott, 685; 8. J.McMurray, 675; 9. M.Kenseth, the 53-man roster.
ATLANTIC LEAGUE 654; 10. C.Bowyer, 623; 11. R.Blaney, 592; 12.
Roger Federer in the Rogers Cup final on Sunday. LONG ISLAND DUCKS — Placed LHP John
N.Y. Mets (Montero 1-8) at N.Y. Yankees (TBD), Dustin Johnson
Brooks Koepka
70-74-73-67 — 284 E
68-73-74-69 — 284 E J.Johnson, 592; 13. J.Logano, 556; 14. Ku- “He’ll eventually play,” Jo-
6:05 p.m.
The 20-year-old Zverev, the winner last week in Lannan on the reserve/retired list. San Francisco (Blach 8-7) at Miami (Conley Marc Leishman 75-71-71-67 — 284 E .Busch, 554; 15. R.Newman, 536; 16. E.Jones,
524. seph said. “It depends on the
CAN-AM LEAGUE Ryan Moore 71-71-73-69 — 284 E
Washington, D.C., posted a 10th straight match victo- OTTAWA CHAMPIONS — Released RHP Matt
4-5), 6:10 p.m.
Cincinnati (Wojciechowski 3-1) at Chicago Henrik Stenson 74-70-70-70 — 284 E docs and how he’s feeling.”
ry and ended the 36-year-old Federer’s winning Tulley. Cubs (Quintana 6-10), 7:05 p.m. Rory McIlroy 72-72-73-68 — 285 +1 Charles chose the Broncos
QUEBEC CAPITALES — Released RHP Jon Atlanta (Teheran 7-10) at Colorado (Bettis 0-0), Grayson Murray 68-73-69-75 — 285 +1
streak at 16. The German also tied Federer with a fifth Fitzsimmons. 7:40 p.m. Ian Poulter 74-71-71-69 — 285 +1 for his comeback following two
tournament victory this year. ROCKLAND BOULDERS — Traded RHP Alex Houston (McHugh 0-1) at Arizona (Greinke Chez Reavie 72-70-70-73 — 285 +1 TENNIS years of knee troubles that led
Vargas to Ottawa for a player to be named. 13-5), 8:40 p.m. Robert Streb 74-70-70-71 — 285 +1
Federer missed a chance to tie Ivan Lendl for sec- SUSSEX COUNTY MINERS — Released INF Philadelphia (Eickhoff 3-7) at San Diego (Wood Gary Woodland 68-74-69-74 — 285 +1 ATP Rogers Cup the Chiefs to release their all-
ond place all time with 94 tournament wins. Jimmy Chris Chiaradio. Byeong Hun An 71-69-74-72 — 286 +2
2-4), 9:10 p.m.
TUESDAY’S GAMES J.B. Holmes 74-73-67-72 — 286 +2
SUNDAY time leading rusher in a cost-
Connors leads with 109. In the doubles final, fifth- NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Houston at Arizona, 2:40 p.m. Pat Perez 70-76-69-71 — 286 +2
MONTREAL cutting move over the winter. He
CHICAGO BEARS — Claimed K Roberto Jordan Spieth 72-73-71-70 — 286 +2
seeded Frenchmen Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Ni- Aguayo off waivers from Tampa Bay. Placed
L.A. Angels at Washington, 6:05 p.m.
N.Y. Mets at N.Y. Yankees, 6:05 p.m. Richard Sterne 73-72-70-71 — 286 +2
PURSE: $4.66 MILLION (MASTERS 1000) insists on calling his ouster a “fir-
colas Mahut defeated seventh-seeded Rohan Bopan- WR Rueben Randle on injured reserve. San Francisco at Miami, 6:10 p.m. Keegan Bradley 74-70-73-70 — 287 +3
SINGLES ing” and said he looks forward to
GREEN BAY PACKERS — Claimed DE Sha- St. Louis at Boston, 6:10 p.m. Patrick Cantlay 72-71-72-72 — 287 +3
na of India and Ivan Dodig of Croatia 6-4, 3-6, 10-6. neil Jenkins off waivers from Seattle.Placed TE Pittsburgh at Milwaukee, 6:40 p.m. Bud Cauley 69-74-74-70 — 287 +3
CHAMPIONSHIP facing his former team on Oct.
Alexander Zverev (4), Germany, def. Roger Fe-
Beau Sandland on injured reserve.
Cincinnati at Chicago Cubs, 7:05 p.m. Kevin Chappell
B. DeChambeau
72-75-69-71 — 287 +3
73-71-72-71 — 287 +3
derer (2), Switzerland, 6-3, 6-4. 30 in Kansas City and New
Atlanta at Colorado, 7:40 p.m. DOUBLES
Year’s Eve in Denver.
Svitolina beats Wozniacki for Rogers title FLORIDA — Suspended WR Antonio Calla-
way, DE Keivonnis Davis, DL Richerd Desir-
Chicago White Sox at L.A. Dodgers, 9:10 p.m.
Philadelphia at San Diego, 9:10 p.m.
Lucas Glover
Jason Kokrak
75-70-72-70 — 287 +3
75-70-72-70 — 287 +3
Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut (5), When he arrived at training
Jones, LB James Houston, LB Ventrell Miller, Jamie Lovemark 74-71-72-70 — 287 +3
France, def. Rohan Bopanna, India, and Ivan
TORONTO — Elina Svitolina defeated Caroline DL Jordan Smith and OT Kadeem Telfort from Sean O’Hair 71-75-70-71 — 287 +3
Dodig (7), Croatia, 6-4, 3-6, 10-6. camp for his physical last
the football team’s season opener against Webb Simpson 76-70-72-69 — 287 +3
Wozniacki 6-4, 6-0 to win the Rogers Cup women’s Michigan. Chris Wood 72-72-70-73 — 287 +3 month, Charles was told he had
tennis tournament on Sunday. It was Svitolina’s fifth SOCCER
Tony Finau 69-74-71-74 — 288 +4
WTA Rogers Cup no medical restrictions, but Jo-
Jim Herman 69-75-72-72 — 288 +4
WTA Tour title of the season. Sung Kang 70-71-71-76 — 288 +4 SUNDAY seph said he would be cautious
Major League Soccer AT AVIVA CENTRE
The 22-year-old Ukrainian used powerful Thorbjorn Olesen
Charley Hoffman
67-78-71-72 — 288 +4
75-71-73-70 — 289 +5 TORONTO nevertheless and ease Charles
groundstrokes and a big serve to keep the sixth- BASEBALL EASTERN CONFERENCE
Billy Horschel
Zach Johnson
76-70-69-74 — 289 +5
71-73-71-74 — 289 +5
into action with an eye toward
ranked Wozniacki off balance. Toronto FC 13 3 8 47 46 24 Satoshi Kodaira 71-76-67-75 — 289 +5 SINGLES having him fresh and fit come
American League New York City FC 13 7 4 43 45 33 Shane Lowry 74-69-74-72 — 289 +5 CHAMPIONSHIP September.
EAST DIVISION Chicago 12 6 5 41 45 28 Charl Schwartzel 74-70-72-73 — 289 +5 Elina Svitolina (5), Ukraine, def. Caroline Woz-
Soccer W L Pct GB New York 12 9 2 38 37 30 Ryan Fox 75-66-71-78 — 290 +6 niacki (6), Denmark, 6-4, 6-0. “He’s been injured for a year
Atlanta United FC 10 7 5 35 42 29 DOUBLES
Neymar shines on PSG debut Boston
New York
67 50 .573 —
61 55 .526 51⁄2 Columbus 11 12 2 35 37 40
Bill Haas
D.A. Points
75-69-73-73 — 290 +6
68-73-74-75 — 290 +6 CHAMPIONSHIP and a half, and it’s our job to get
Tampa Bay 59 60 .496 9 Montreal 8 8 6 30 35 37 Steve Stricker 75-70-72-73 — 290 +6 Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina (1), Jamaal as healthy as he can be,”
Orlando City 8 10 6 30 25 36 Russia, def. Anna-Lena Groenefeld, Germany,
GUINGAMP, France — Declaring he was “more Baltimore 58 60 .492 91⁄2
Philadelphia 8 11 5 29 32 31
Jason Dufner 74-72-72-73 — 291 +7
and Kveta Peschke (8), Czech Republic, 6-0, Joseph said last month, noting,
Toronto 56 61 .479 11 Kelly Kraft 73-73-71-74 — 291 +7
alive than ever,” Neymar did not disappoint on his de- CENTRAL DIVISION
New England 8 10 5 29 38 38 Jon Rahm 70-75-71-75 — 291 +7 6-4. “If he gets back to being Jamaal,
D.C. United 5 15 4 19 19 43
but for Paris Saint-Germain. W L Pct GB
Tommy Fleetwood 70-75-73-74 — 292 +8
Adam Scott 71-76-74-71 — 292 +8 we’ve got something special
Cleveland 63 52 .548 —
The world’s most expensive player provided a pul- Minnesota 59 57 .509 41⁄2 W L TPts GF GA Dylan Frittelli 73-71-77-72 — 293 +9 there.”
sating evening’s entertainment at the Stade du Rou- Kansas City
59 58 .504 5
53 64 .453 11
Sporting KC
10 7 7 37 42 32
9 5 10 37 29 19
Cody Gribble
David Lingmerth
72-75-74-72 — 293 +9
72-73-71-77 — 293 +9 FOOTBALL Charles’ route-running and
dourou on Sunday, with one goal and an assist, as Chicago 45 70 .391 18 Seattle 10 7 7 37 37 31 Vijay Singh 75-70-79-70 — 294 +10 rushing abilities would add a spir-
FC Dallas 9 5 8 35 33 26 K.T. Kim 73-72-75-75 — 295 +11 NFL Preseason
PSG overcame strong resistance from Guingamp to WEST DIVISION Portland 9 9 7 34 43 43 Alex Noren 74-69-75-77 — 295 +11 FRIDAY’S RESULTS ited option for new offensive coor-
W L Pct GB
win 3-0 in the French league. Houston 72 45 .615 —
San Jose 9 10 5 32 26 38 Hideto Tanihara 71-75-74-75 — 295 +11 Pittsburgh 20, N.Y. Giants 12 dinator Mike McCoy no matter
Vancouver 9 9 4 31 32 32 Lee Westwood 73-72-75-75 — 295 +11 Cincinnati 23, Tampa Bay 12
Neymar, who signed from Barcelona last week, Los Angeles 61 58 .513 12 Real Salt Lake 8 12 5 26 30 44 Russell Henley 75-71-77-73 — 296 +12 San Francisco 27, Kansas City 17 which quarterback, Trevor Sie-
Seattle 59 60 .496 14
missed the start of the season at the Parc des Princes Texas 56 60 .483 151⁄2
Los Angeles 6 12 5 23 32 42
Minnesota United 6 13 4 22 29 49
Daniel Summerhays 76-67-77-76 — 296 +12
Charles Howell III 78-69-78-72 — 297 +13
N.Y. Jets 7, Tennessee 3
mian or Paxton Lynch, wins the
against Amiens due to paperwork problems. Hired Oakland 52 66 .441 201⁄2 Colorado 6 12 4 22 22 31 Omar Uresti 74-70-80-73 — 297 +13 L.A. Rams 13, Dallas 10 starting job — the only bigger
SATURDAY’S RESULTS Anirban Lahiri 72-73-76-78 — 299 +15 Arizona 20, Oakland 10
for a world-record $262 million, he started on the left Toronto 7, Pittsburgh 2
NOTE: Three points for victory, one point for tie.
SATURDAY’S RESULTS SUNDAY’S RESULTS question facing the Broncos this
wing of PSG’s attack in the small Brittany town. Boston 10, N.Y. Yankees 5
Cleveland 3, Tampa Bay 0
Seattle 1, Sporting Kansas City 0 Detroit 24, Indianapolis 10 summer than Charles’ health.
Toronto FC 4, Portland 1 Seattle 48, L.A. Chargers 17
Detroit 12, Minnesota 11 Columbus 3, Chicago 1 THURSDAY’S GAMES Tossing a wrench into the
Boxing Kansas City 5, Chicago White Sox 4
Texas 8, Houston 3
New York 3, Orlando City 1
Colorado 0, FC Dallas 0, tie
MOTOR SPORTS Buffalo at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
Baltimore at Miami, 6 p.m.
running back mix, however, is
Maloofs bet $880K on Mayweather Baltimore 12, Oakland 5 Montreal 3, Philadelphia 0
NASCAR Monster Energy Tampa Bay at Jacksonville, 7 p.m. Devontae Booker, who was
L.A. Angels 6, Seattle 3 FRIDAY’S GAME
New England 1, Vancouver 0
Houston 3, San Jose 0 Cup Pure Michigan 400 Minnesota at Seattle, 9 p.m.
pushing for the starting job
Gavin and Joe Maloof are so confident Floyd May- Toronto 7, Pittsburgh 1 New York City FC 2, Los Angeles 0 SUNDAY SATURDAY’S GAMES when he showed up at training
Cleveland 4, Tampa Bay 3 Carolina at Tennessee, 2 p.m.
weather Jr. will beat Conor McGregor that they bet Minnesota 6, Detroit 4
Real Salt Lake 1, D.C. United 0
SPEEDWAY Kansas City at Cincinnati, 6 p.m. camp with a sore wrist he’d hurt
$880,000 on it. Kansas City 14, Chicago White Sox 6
Houston 2, Texas 1
WEDNESDAY’S GAME BROOKLYN, MICH. Indianapolis at Dallas, 6 p.m. in OTAs only to learn he needed
Chicago at Montreal, 6:30 p.m. LAP LENGTH: 2 MILES Green Bay at Washington, 6:30 p.m.
And if the Maloof brothers are big winners along Oakland 9, Baltimore 3 FRIDAY’S GAME (START POSITION IN PARENTHESES) N.Y. Jets at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. surgery on a broken bone. He’s
with Mayweather on Aug. 26, they are giving the pro- L.A. Angels 4, Seattle 2
Boston 3, N.Y. Yankees 2, 10 innings
New York at Portland, 9 p.m. 1. (9) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 202 laps, 0 rating, New England at Houston, 7 p.m.
L.A. Rams at Oakland, 9 p.m.
out until next month.
ceeds of their whopping wager to charity. TODAY’S GAMES Columbus at Orlando City, 6:30 p.m. 2. (13) Martin Truex Jr, Toyota, 202, 0, 52. Denver at San Francisco, 9 p.m. The Broncos responded by
Cleveland (Bauer 10-8) at Boston (Fister 2-5),
The wealthy entrepreneurs and former Sacra- Real Salt Lake at Montreal, 6:30 p.m. 3. (8) Erik Jones, Toyota, 202, 0, 47. Chicago at Arizona, 9 p.m. signing another veteran free
mento Kings owners revealed their extraordinary bet agent, Steven Ridley, who has
to The Associated Press on Sunday, two days after played for five teams in three sea-
they placed the wager at the South Point Hotel and sons since leaving New England,
Casino in Las Vegas. The bet is thought to be the big-
where he rushed for 1,263 yards
gest yet made on the fight, which is expected to be TODAY Liberty Christian at Krum, 6 p.m. Red River Rattlers at Ponder, 7 p.m. and 12 touchdowns in 2012.
Vegas’ biggest spectacle in recent years. No scheduled events Argyle at Little Elm, 6 p.m. Texoma Christian at Calvary, 7 p.m. With fellow veteran free
Denton at Flower Mound Marcus, 6:30
The Maloofs will make a $160,000 profit if May- agent Bernard Pierce sidelined
weather — a minus-550 favorite Friday — remains TUESDAY p.m. WEDNESDAY by a hamstring injury most of
Guyer at Frisco, 6:30 p.m. No scheduled events
unbeaten against McGregor, the UFC champion HIGH SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL Braswell at Frisco Lone Star, 6:30 p.m. camp, Ridley has carried a heavy
Mesquite Horn at Lake Dallas, 6 p.m.
making his pro boxing debut. Aubrey and Woodrow Wilson at Ryan, 6 p.m.
Sanger at Frisco Heritage, 6:30 p.m. workload in his bid to make the
— The Associated Press Pilot Point at Van Alstyne, 7 p.m.
Denton Record-Chronicle Monday, August 14, 2017 3B

From Page 1B

PGA PGA win generations in the making

By The Associated Press
dropped, when he chipped in putt and drilled it in the center of CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A
from 40 feet on the 13th hole to cup. Matsuyama missed and flood of emotions and memories
seize control Sunday, and when was two shots behind. came crashing to mind as Mike
he fired a 7-iron from 221 yards “The last major of the year, Thomas watched his son Justin
over the water to a peninsula and I was in contention,” said hoist the Wanamaker Trophy on
green that all but sealed the vic- Matsuyama, a runner-up at the the 18th green after winning his
tory. U.S. Open. “All I can do is try first PGA Championship on
Even more special than the harder next time.” Sunday.
trophy was seeing his father, Mike Thomas sealed it with that 7-
Thomas, walk toward him with iron on the 17th that was so pure
Pro golf
PGA Championship notebook
arms wide to wrap around his on- that he let the club twirl through
ly son. Thomas is the longtime his hands as he watched it clear “I just started thinking of my
pro at Harmony Landing outside the water and roll out to 15 feet. dad — three generations of PGA
Louisville, Kentucky, and a for- The birdie putt curled in and his members,” Mike Thomas said. “I
mer board member of the PGA of lead was up to three going to the mean, that’s pretty neat.”
America. His father, Paul Thom- 18th. A final bogey only affected Mike Thomas is a PGA Tour
as, is a 60-year PGA pro and the the score. professional at Harmony Land- John Bazemore/AP
first person his grandson called. Thomas finished at 8-under ing in Louisville, Kentucky and a Hideki Matsuyama reacts to Chuck Burton/AP
The week began with Spieth’s 276 for his fourth victory of the former member of the PGA’s his shot from the fairway on Kevin Kisner hits from the bunker on the third hole Sunday in
quest for a career Grand Slam. year. board of directors. His father, the 14th hole on Sunday. the PGA Championship in Charlotte, N.C.
He was at the 18th green late “I can’t put it into words,” Paul Thomas, was a 60-year
Sunday afternoon, but only so Thomas said about his PGA of member of the PGA of America. Just not when it mattered Hollow Club with one — so it him two strokes behind Thom-
he could celebrate the moment America heritage. “I wish my “I just wish my grandfather most. seemed inevitable that someone as.
with Thomas, close friends since grandpa could be here for it. It’s was here to see this,” Justin said Kisner, who led or shared the would claim one for the first “The course played tough,”
they were 14. so special to get it done. I’m glad during a ceremony on the 18th lead after each of the first three time. Matsuyama said.
“So awesome, dude,” Spieth we have a trophy now.” green. rounds, wound up in in a tie for Kisner and Matsuyama
told him. Kevin Kisner was the last one The 24-year-old Thomas seventh place. Matsuyama fin- hoped it would be them. Espe- McIlroy feels back pain
Thomas was every bit of that. who had a chance to catch him. looked around on the green and ished one stroke better than cially at the point in the round CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The
With five players still in the But he three-putted from 100 said he knew most of the PGA Kisner, in a tie for fifth place, af- when they both were part of a lingering pain Rory McIlroy felt
mix on the back nine, Thomas feet on the 16th for bogey, members there dressed in blue ter sharing the 36-hole lead and five-way tie for first along with when he finished the PGA
surged ahead by chipping in for couldn’t birdie the 17th from sports coats, joking that he prob- starting the final round one Thomas, Francesco Molinari Championship was not just
birdie and holding his nerve long range and hit his second ably drove them crazy running stroke back. and Chris Stroud. about ending another year with-
down the stretch as his challeng- shot into the water and finished around as a kid. “The last major of the year, “I really liked the way I start- out a major.
ers eventually faded, one after with a double bogey. Kisner, the His father laughed. and I was in contention,” Matsu- ed out, hitting the ball solid and McIlroy revealed that he has
another. 54-hole leader, played the final “You can’t pick and choose yama said through an interpret- giving myself a lot of good looks,” felt spasms in a muscle in his up-
Hideki Matsuyama, bidding three holes in 6 over on the which tournaments you are go- er. “All I can do is just try harder Kisner said. “Just not making per back the last few weeks, and
to become the first player from weekend. He closed with a 74. ing to win, but the PGA Cham- next time.” the putts that I need to make to he’s not sure when he will play
Japan to win a major, recovered Matsuyama also hit into the pionship, probably for my father Kisner shot a 3-over 74 on win major championships.” next. It could be in a few weeks
from back-to-back bogeys with water on No. 18 and made bogey more than me, was so special,” Sunday and finished four Kisner missed six putts in- when the FedEx Cup playoffs
birdies on the 14th and 15th for a 72 to finish three back. Mike Thomas said. strokes behind winner Justin side of 15 feet — three from 10 begin. It could be sometime next
holes to get within one shot. But Louis Oosthuizen (70), Pat- Thomas. Matsuyama shot 72 in feet or closer — during his final year.
the championship turned on the rick Reed (67) and Francesco 1st major victory eludes the final round and finished at 5 round. “I have a good bit of time to
16th hole. Molinari (67) tied for second, Kisner, Matsuyama under for the tournament. Matsuyama fell off the pace get healthy and address a few
Thomas faced a 6-foot par though none had a chance to CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Kev- The leaderboard was full of during a turbulent back nine things going forward,” McIlroy
putt to stay at 8 under. Matsuya- win playing the 18th. Oosthui- in Kisner and Hideki Matsuya- players who have never won a that included five bogeys — in- said. “As I said, the next big thing
ma caught a good lie over the zen holed a 50-foot birdie putt ma spent a lot of time atop the major championship — of the cluding one on the 16th in which is April, and that’s really what
green and chipped to 5 feet. on the 18th that made him a run- leaderboard at the PGA Cham- top eight finishers, only Louis his par putt lipped off the left my focus will be on from now
Thomas wasted no time over the ner-up in all four majors. pionship. Oosthuizen arrived at Quail edge of the cup. That dropped until then.”

Marlins sweep Rockies

From Page 1B

By The Associated Press

MIAMI — Giancarlo Stan- more. You’re a scrub. Stay the ‘Puzzling’ ejection when he didn’t retouch second
ton homered for the fourth course, and that’s good. That’s Banister’s ejection came base while retreating to first af-
straight game, hitting his 42nd what you’ve got to do if you want while both managers had sepa- ter a diving catch in the left-field
of the year to tie the Marlins’ sea- to last in this game.” rate heated arguments following corner by Delino DeShields on
son record, and Miami complet- Joey Gallo lined into an in- a warning when Cashner hit Derek Fisher’s liner.
ed its first series sweep of the ning-ending double play with Marwin Gonzalez with a 3-0 The final numbers in the
Colorado Rockies since 2006, runners at second and third in pitch. Five batters were hit by eventful half-inning: no runs, no
winning 5-3 Sunday. the Texas eighth against Ken pitches Saturday. hits, no errors, nobody left on
Giles. First baseman Yuli Gurriel Banister was tossed by first base.
Pro baseball
MLB roundup caught Gallo’s smash and threw base umpire Tripp Gibson about
to second behind Drew Robin- the time Houston manager A.J. Short hops
Stanton homered leading off son, who was running for Beltre. Hinch walked away from his Gurriel set Houston’s rookie
the third inning to match Gary Giles struck two in the ninth tense exchange with crew chief record with his 31st double, most
Sheffield’s team record set in for his 23rd save. Bill Welke. in the majors for a rookie this
1996. It was the 250th homer of “It’s challenging to sweep a “Quite puzzling,” Banister season. … Beltre’s homer was
Stanton’s career and came in his Wilfredo Lee/AP series,” said Texas manager Jeff said. “Trying to have a conversa- No. 457 of his career. He has an
941st game. Only five players Giancarlo Stanton is congratulated by his fellow Marlins Banister, who was ejected in a tion with the plate umpire and eight-game hitting streak.
since 1913 have reached the 250- teammates after his home run Sunday against the Rockies in wild top of the fifth. “Happy with base umpire decides that he’d
milestone faster. Miami. how we played, happy with the get engaged. Still never got a Up next
Rockies All-Star third base- effort. There’s a lot of tremen- real explanation of why. Wasn’t Astros: RHP Collin Mc-
man Nolan Arenado, the major consecutive home runs in the straight start of fanning eight or dous takeaways in this series arguing any part of the warning. Hugh (0-1, 5.32) starts the first
league RBI leader, left the game eighth inning and Chicago re- more. and in this game.” Just trying to get an explana- of two at Arizona to open a four-
in the fifth inning after being hit opened a one-game lead over St. Altuve’s 17th home run came tion.” game home-and-home inter-
on the left hand by an 88 mph Louis in the NL Central. Athletics 9, Orioles 3 in the fourth off Andrew Cashn- league series with the Diamond-
fastball thrown by Vance Worley. OAKLAND, Calif. — Matt er (7-9), the Houston-area na- Rest of the story backs.
Blue Jays 7, Pirates 1 Chapman hit a tiebreaking tive who was scratched from his When play resumed after Rangers: LHP Martin Pe-
Dodgers 6, Padres 4 TORONTO — J.A. Happ three-run homer off Jeremy previous scheduled start at the Banister’s ejection, Texas short- rez (6-10, 5.18) pitches the open-
LOS ANGELES — Justin (6-8) allowed one run and four Hellickson (1-2) in a five-run New York Mets because of neck stop Elvis Andrus let Beltran’s er of a three-game home series
Turner hit two home runs, Yas- hits in six innings to win his fourth as Oakland overcame a stiffness. The right-hander went popup drop, getting the force on against Detroit. He ended a sea-
mani Grandal also went deep third straight start, Josh Don- 2-0 deficit. seven innings as a three-game Gonzalez at second as Beltran son-high four-game losing
and Los Angeles won for the aldson hit a two-run homer and Manny Machado hit his winning streak that matched a sped up to reach first. streak in a 5-1 win over the New
28th time in 33 games, improv- Justin Smoak and Darwin Bar- 22nd homer and scored twice career best came to an end. Beltran was doubled off York Mets in his previous start.
ing the best record in the majors ney added solo homers. for Baltimore.
to 83-34. The Dodgers are 16-
0-3 in their last 19 series, and Indians 4, Rays 3 Angels 4, Mariners 2 From Page 1B in the morning, spot briefly during a pit cycle.
haven’t lost one since June 5-7 to ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — SEATTLE — Parker Brid- I’m out on the Keselowski was second to Truex
Washington. Austin Jackson hit a tiebreaking
home run off Tommy Hunter
well (7-1) yielded one run and
four hits in six innings, winning NASCAR end of the div-
ing board there
in the second stage.
Aside from the end of the
Cubs 7, Diamondbacks 2 (2-3) leading off the eighth in- his fifth straight decision and ex- a lot of times,” first two stages, there were no
PHOENIX — Jake Arrieta ning. tended Los Angeles’ winning the top 20 in three straight rac- Ganassi said. yellow flags until lap 140, after
(12-8) won consecutive starts for Corey Kluber (11-3) struck streak to six as the Angels moved es. “So I appreci- Kasey Kahne slid in front of
the first time since early April, out nine in seven innings for the into the second spot in the AL Truex and Jones finished sec- Larson ate when Kyle Daniel Suarez and slammed in-
Javier Baez and Ian Happ hit AL Central leaders, his 14th wild-card race. ond and third for Furniture Row steps up and to the wall, taking them both
Racing. does what he did today. It makes out.
Larson won by 0.31 seconds it all worthwhile, obviously.”

Nationals’ Harper has bone bruise in his No. 42 Chevrolet. Brad

Keselowski and Truex won the
first two stages.
Keselowski, the pole winner,
led for 105 laps, but finished 17th.
He is now winless in 17 Cup races
Playoff outlook
Matt Kenseth plummeted at
the end and finished 24th, miss-
WASHINGTON (AP) — definitely a bad feeling.” avoided the kind of ligament or There was a lot of hoopla Fri- at his home state’s track. ing a chance to open some dis-
When Bryce Harper writhed in That bad feeling subsided as tendon damage that would have day when Ganassi announced Dale Earnhardt Jr., who has tance between himself and Clint
pain on the field and clutched at Harper walked up the stairs put a pin in the team’s World Se- he was letting Larson go to Iowa. two wins at Michigan, finished Bowyer in the playoff race. If the
his left knee and then didn’t put from the dugout to the club- ries aspirations. Both driver and owner were go- 14th in his final race at MIS be- playoffs began now, Kenseth
weight on his left leg as he was house, tested his knee by jump- There’s no definitive timeline ing to be in the spotlight no mat- fore he retires at the end of this would be the last driver in. He is
helped off, the possibility of a ca- ing up and down and then got for Harper to return, but man- ter what happened in Sunday’s season. 31 points ahead of Bowyer in the
reer-altering injury seemed real- the MRI results that revealed ager Dusty Baker referenced 10 race. The race was originally standings, but he could have had
istic. what the Washington Nationals days to two weeks. At the very “When you’re in my position scheduled for 200 laps and 400 a bigger advantage.
Harper was definitely wor- hope is season-saving news. least the Nationals are hopeful of this past week’s activities with miles. It ended up being 202 Bowyer finished 23rd on a
ried. General manager Mike Rizzo the star outfielder and NL MVP all the talk about Knoxville and laps. Keselowski led almost the problem-filled day that included
“Of course you’re going to said Harper has a “significant” candidate will be back before the going to Knoxville last night and entire way through the 60-lap multiple penalties for pit road
think the worst,” he said. “It’s bone bruise in his left knee but end of the season. not getting back here until two first stage, only giving up the top speeding.

From Page 1B the field, to mature and earn the attitude he displayed on Brian McCarthy, vice presi- outlines that an additional sions.” They vowed to present
the great opportunity that I Twitter during his appeal, it dent of communication, said violation “of this nature may “a slew of additional credible

Moore have been given,’’ his statement

could mitigate or lower his
Saturday that the league’s in-
vestigation into Elliott’s alleged
result in your suspension or
potential banishment from the
and controverting evidence” in
the coming weeks to make
Once the league’s investiga- Despite what many fans involvement in a July 16 bar NFL.” their case.
strongly disagrees with the tion concluded that physical feel, the league is not out to get fight is closed. This is signif- No longer having this hang But again, how far will they
NFL’s decision. But he also abuse had taken place between Elliott any more than it was icant because a letter sent to over Elliott’s head could, even if push it? Brady’s saga unfolded
acknowledged the distraction Elliott and Tiffany Thompson, Brady. The rancor surrounding the running back after his it’s in a small way, improve the over 14 months. Elliott’s has
and disruption this has become a six-game suspension was in these actions isn’t good for any suspension states he “must dynamics of his dealings with already been going on for 13
for teammates and the Cow- place. It remained at six games of the parties involved. But if have no further adverse in- the league office. months.
boys organization. because Goodell found no you’re somehow convinced the volvement with law enforce- Elliott’s representatives have Is it in anyone’s best interest
“I admit that I am far from mitigating circumstances to NFL wants to pile on Elliott ment, and must not commit said the NFL’s findings are to extend it with an injunction
perfect, but I plan to continue lower it. and the Cowboys, consider any additional violations of “replete with factual inaccu- through the rest of this year
to work very hard, on and off If Elliott genuinely expresses this: league policies.” The letter racies and erroneous conclu- and potentially beyond?
4B Monday, August 14, 2017 COLLEGE FOOTBALL/TRACK AND FIELD Denton Record-Chronicle

Bolt gets cheers, U.S. gets medals

Kansas State
coach Bill
watches a
replay on the
Americans capture
during a 2012
game. Hired
30 at worlds —
in 1988, he’s 10 of them golds
back for his
26th season. By Eddie Pells
AP National Writer
AP file photo LONDON — Usain Bolt
took a last leisurely stroll around

K-State’s Snyder
the track, placed his hands over
his heart and then pointed to-
ward the stands, where barely a

back on sidelines
soul had left.
The running had been over
for nearly 30 minutes. As al-
ways, though, Bolt had a way of
By Dave Skretta Big 12 making everybody stay.
Associated Press Kansas State The world championships
MANHATTAN, Kan. — Bill came to a melancholy close Sun-
Snyder likes to spin a well-worn the front gates, and a short drive day with an on-track tribute to
story about an old man from away is a highway bearing his the man who made the sport fun
western Kansas, who had driven name. again. There were 11gold medals
through the night many years ago Snyder will begin his 26th at stake on a frenetic final day in
to visit Kansas State’s coach after season on Sept. 2 with a team ex- London, and yet it was the sight
a victory in the Copper Bowl. pected to once again contend for of the hobbled champion walk- David J. Phillip/AP
Snyder was in the early stages a title. ing slowly around the track — Usain Bolt looks across at IAAF President Sebastian Coe after he was presented with a piece of
of turning around one of the “The guy to me is the picture stopping to kneel at the starting the track to mark his athletics career Sunday during the World Athletics Championships in
worst programs in college foot- of class. Everyone in our confer- lines for the 100- and 200-meter London.
ball, what became known as the ence respects him,” Kansas races he dominated for a decade
“Miracle in Manhattan.” And the coach David Beaty said. — that made for the evening’s World championships team of Trinidad and Tobago, and the sport he leaves behind.
man was so appreciative of Sny- That respect has only grown best theatre. whose anchor, Lalonde Gordon, He said over the long term,
der that he patiently sat in his car this year, while Snyder was be- “I think I almost cried,” Bolt went nothing like he planned. beat American sprinter Fred he could see himself coaching
outside the coach’s office await- ing treated for throat cancer. said. “I was just saying goodbye. “Someone tried to blame me, Kerley to the line. track and occasionally stepping
ing his early morning arrival. The diagnosis came about That was it. Saying goodbye to and said I started it,” Bolt said of ■ Yang Jiayu of China, Yo- into the TV booth for the sport’s
They chatted about family the time the Wildcats were pre- my events. Saying goodbye to a 10-day run filled with upsets hann Diniz of France, Eider Are- biggest events. His immediate
and life. Hopes and dreams. paring for the Texas Bowl last everything.” and surprises. “It was just one of valo of Colombia and Ines Hen- plans? “I need to go out and have
Then, the man said the Wildcats’ winter, and chemotherapy be- The United States says good- those things. It was one of those riques of Portugal in race walk- a drink,” he said.
bowl victory was “the greatest ex- gan in January. Yet the normally bye to London in possession of championships where every- ing. Henriques set a world re- Asked one more time about
perience of my life,” words that debilitating rounds of treatment 30 medals, the most it has ever thing does not go your way.” cord in winning the first doping, he said he thinks track is
stick with Snyder to this day. never slowed him. taken from the worlds. Of those, Winners on the final day in- women’s 50-kilometer walk at on an upward trajectory after
“That,” Snyder said, “made me The biggest change? His 10 were gold, including the cap- cluded: the worlds in 4 hours, 5 minutes, two dispiriting years involving a
understand what this all means.” ubiquitous cup of coffee has dis- per in the women’s 4x400 relay ■ Caster Semenya of South 56 seconds. doping scandal in Russia and
Just imagine how thankful appeared. final, where Allyson Felix won Africa, who added the 800-me- There’s not a household name problems across Africa and in
that man would be these days, “I drink water all day. Be- her 16th medal to finish as the ter gold to her 1,500-meter in the bunch, and though all the his own country, Jamaica.
after nearly 25 years interrupted tween water and food, it’s driv- most-decorated athlete of all- bronze from earlier in the meet. performances were remarkable “I’ve proven to the world that
by a brief retirement. The Wild- ing me crazy,” Snyder said. time at the worlds. ■ Elijah Manangoi, who led in their own way, this sport’s lack you can do it, that you can be
cats have been a perennial Big 12 Snyder has treated his cancer Felix also won gold in the a 1-2 Kenyan finish in the 1,500 of star power with Bolt out of the great without doping,” he said.
title contender and bowl partici- scare with self-deprecating hu- 4x100 relay, but the bronze she meters. mix is hard to gloss over. “Hopefully young athletes can
pant, and a program that was mor, but the gravity of the situa- took in her only individual ■ Hellen Obiri of Kenya, “What we’re going to miss look at me.”
once a national laughingstock tion caught even those closest to event, the 400, makes this a less- who pulled away from favorite about Usain Bolt isn’t the three He has no regrets about run-
has triggered a university-wide him by surprise. than-perfect trip for her. Almaz Ayana with 250 meters back-to-back Olympic Games or ning in this meet, or concerns
renaissance, marked by a cam- “It was wearing him down,” In that way, she’s got some- to go to win the 5,000-meter the clutch of world records and that the results will tarnish his
pus building boom, enrollment said Sean Snyder, his eldest son thing in common with Bolt. race. medals,” said Sebastian Coe, the legacy. In a way, he said, the jaw-
increases and alumni pride. and associate head coach. “But Between the bronze medal in ■ Sandra Perkovic of Cro- leader of track’s governing body, dropping losses were similar to
The 77-year-old Snyder’s when we got started and got the 100 and the hamstring pull atia, who added this latest discus the IAAF. “It’s because he has an the breathtaking wins: They
name now adorns the football close to going for fall camp, his and tumble to the track that title to her two Olympic golds. opinion. He has a view. He fills a showed that when he’s on the
stadium, where about $200 energy was up and he was close ended his anchor leg of the ■ Mutaz Essa Barshim of room.” track, anything really is possible.
million in recent renovations to where he was always at be- 4x100 relay — and still made Qatar, who won the high jump Bolt’s standing-room-only “For me, it was brilliant,” he
have turned it into a jewel of the fore, and it’s really surprising at him wince when he had to ne- by clearing 2.35 meters without news conference was scheduled said of the week that was. “I’m
Flint Hills. The Hall of Famer’s where he’s at compared to where gotiate big steps around the a miss. for 15 minutes but went about 35. just really sad I have to walk
life-size statue stands sentinel at he should be at.” stadium — the championships ■ The men’s 4x400 relay He discussed his past, the future away now.”

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A cleaning position
Part time evenings, WRECKER Animal Health Care Givers Five Star
A Lost pet? Check ads in Call 940-382-1712 for 24 Hour Live-in Senior Care
"Lost & Found"&"pets" daily. Visit/ DRIVER Sales Position Call 940-390-1910 Orthodontic Lab
or call local animal shelter/animal needed: salary plus commission, Position available for an in-store Monday-Saturday 8am-6:30pm
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After School Teacher,Interviewing late model trucks, TDLR sales clerk. We pride ourselves in Supply
PT positions,(2:30-6:30)M-F preferred, willing to train. CDL Class A Truck Drivers has a new position available.
knowledgeable, consistent
Found a pair of Air Force Sun Wellspring Christian Academy. Excellent opportunity for the right customer service. We really enjoy Terminal-Hwy380-FM156
glasses, inscription on the inside Heavy-duty triple axle trailer. 940-387-6414 or 940-390-7314 person. Please apply at what we do, however, retail End-Dump & Belly Dump
DATCU is Hiring!
Sales Assistant:
says Air Force 560 cat3 2000 Ranger Commanch 8 ft wide by 19 ft 5 in long. EJ’s Towing, customer service is not for Fill orders for orthodontic
,found across street from the $2500. Tellers (PT & FT) supplies
522 VX Boat is 22 ft long and 3 A full time position working 2008 Metro Street, Denton, TX everyone. Please read over our City of Denton
Dollar General in Ponder. Call 940-390-6074 days M-F. Must pass back- Aply online at
inches, Yamaha 225 Vmax, a lot 76207, (940) 384-9866. qualifications... Employment Opportunities
Please call of new features have been ground and drug test. Call Knowledge of animal EOE Order entry
Apply Online At
940-479-0226 to identify. added. Call Jerry at 940-382-1712 health/ nutrition, self motivated,
Found approximately 8-week-old
940-206-5472 PRESCHOOL. clean/neat appearance, must like DOMINOS PIZZA!! Check in product
to serve people, written and Class A -- CDL Yard Jockey Now hiring Delivery Drivers.
orange tabby kitten. 1996 SATURN ANDERSON LANDSCAPE Early childhood development needed in Denton Texas. Stock inventory
Amherst & Cornell. Four door, automatic, Hiring all positions: Mowing & background, supervisory experi- verbal communication skills, able Shift starting at 4 p.m. – 12:30
Must be 18 or older & have
Landscape positions, Landscape ence and director certification to be on feet 10-12 hours per day, 2 years driving exp. Apply at
Shy, will only come to owner. well-maintained, one-owner, a.m. Mon. – Fr., 1 Sunday per Take phone orders
& sprinkler installers. preferred, understanding of mini- basic computer skills, team 551 S. Stemmons, Sanger, Texas
Text or call 940-390-4660 non-smoker, garage-kept. month. Requirement of 2 yrs
TOPPER for Ford Ranger Runs and looks like new. $1200. Se Habla Espanol 940-597-8202 mum standards, computer savvy. player, able to lift 50lbs, attention OTR experience. 1-800-766-9488 or online at
Process online orders
Found puppy, around Sherman extended cab. LEAR. 630-641-6816 Call 940-479-2247 or email Salary commiserates with experi- to detail, observant, smile, warm Driver part time courier, 35
and Stewart. Maybe 5 months, Perfect condition. $850. resume to andersonlandscape ence, Denton Tx. Send resume to genuine personality, dependable,
white with black ears and spots. 2007 Chevy Cobalt positive attitude, honest/ hours a week. Excellent driving Apply in person
Please call 940-453-3825 Good condition. White, two-door. trustworthy, good listener record, must be dependable. 2928 Metro St. Ste # 102
Cold a/c and nice paint. Please submit a resume to Denton, TX or send resume to
WANT TO BE A PART OF A GREAT TEAM? Non smoking. 817-291-4137
Lean black cat with white neck, $3000.
has been in our yard since early
June. Needs home. Argyle area.
3rd row seat, fully loaded, one
Visit Our Job Fair! C.N.A.
Drivers needed. Class A CDL
with tanker endorsement
preferred. Call Mon thru Fri
owner, garage kept, well main- (1) 6am-2pm Customer Service Reps
Reward! tained, non smoker, ice cold air. Wednesday, August 16 8am-5pm only 940-736-0758
Bilingual A Plus Apply @
Al Capone is missing! Must see to appreciate. APPLY TODAY!! (2) 2pm - 10pm Electrical Helpers
Large Maine Coon cat. $3000. 11AM – 6PM at Aubrey Area Library Now Hiring for the following;
Long-hair, brindle-colored (brown, Call 630-641-6816 Must have excellent work history needed for Temperature
Production/Assembly Control. 3-5 years exp. Will Heavy Equipment Operators
gray & black). We are looking for experienced, positive, Shipping/Receiving and a current Texas C.N.A.
Diabetic. 2005 Nissan Murano SL license. Must be able to clear a train, paid overtime. Apply at Dump Truck Driver
2008 Cadi DTS Luxury III motivated individuals with a passion to Forklift/Cherry Pickers Tack Truck Driver
1900 block of Malone Street 97K miles, loaded, keyless entry, 1 owner, garage kept, black, lead and impact people. We’re growing criminal background check and
MIG Welders (class B CDL)
(north of University Drive). navigation, leather, sunroof fully loaded 119,222 hwy miles every day and we need great people like Maintenance Mechanics be 18 years or older.
Call 940-206-0932 Experienced and trainable Asphalt Plant Operator,
940-595-9322 $7,950 214-763-6300 you to keep us moving ahead. We offer CNC Machinist Commerical Kitchen Installers
competitive wages, great benefits, and a Plant Laborer
Bilingual Warehouse Trainer needed, DL required, travel
2009 Chevy Aveo career with a future. Pay Range $11-$26 per Hour Please apply at required. Call 940-393-3933 or
Local work, hourly pay + benefits
Runs great. 30 mpg. Several new Apply at 3020 Ft Worth
To Apply Call: 972-658-3676 Apply at email resume to
parts. Clean title. Cold a/c.
or Email: Or call 940-442-6550
Drive, Denton
$2500. Online at
2006 Yamaha Vino 125 940-222-7105 Or call 940-382-2581
75MPG EEOE: All qualified applicants will ! EXPERIENCED GRILL

2015 FORD PICKUP Less than 2000 miles * ASSISTANT receive consideration for COOKS WANTED !
LONG BED LINER, BLACK Inspected and tagged employment without regard to MUST HAVE 2+ YEARS OF
PLASTIC, GREAT SHAPE, Very Clean GENERAL race, color, religion, creed, HIGH VOLUME EXPERIENCE
$20.00. CALL 940-600-8120 Asking $1395 gender, marital/familial status, $14.00-$17.00 Base Pay + Tip
A set of eight-lug after market
black steel wheels for a Dodge
Call 940-458-7307 or Text 940-
390-9410 940-458-7307
Customer MANAGER*
Health & Vacation Benefits, open
national origin, ancestry, age,
disability, protected veteran /
Share Health & Vacation Benefits
Available Shifts Open

military status, public assistance 6AM-2PM & 2PM-10PM
pickup with tires and center caps. availability a must. 3-5 Yrs.
Denton Publishing assumes no
responsibility for ad content. Con- Restaurant Management
status, sexual orientation, genetic
information or any other
Call: 580-276-9523 Housekeeping
940-293-7580 experience a must. Experienced Painters Wanted
sideration should be given before
Career Growth Opportunities
protected classes.
Fresh Coat Painters of Denton Assistant
Two 10-inch Memphis subs HUFFINES financial committment. Be aware
of LD phone charges, app fees &
Call: 580-276-9523 FT & PT Positions Available Seeking 1 FT Housekeeping
speakers in Pro box, $250. SUBARU KIA
credit card info you provide. Up to $28/hour & 9 paid Holidays Assistant to be part of our amaz-
Two 10-inch Memphis subs
speakers in Trunk-mount box ,
Books/ lists of jobs don’t guaran-
tee employment or that applicants
Bilingual Bartel
Call or Text (936) 577-6272 ing team. We do pay extra for ex-
perience. You must be able to
$150. read/write/speak English. Having
will be qualified for jobs listed.
Transportation First State Bank
All work great.
Must have HS diploma/GED CNA’S, CMA’S, RN’S, LVN’S
a good work history and being
able to work as a team player is
CDL, Local
Two sets of aluminum wheels for 1992 Ford F150 Extended Cab Pass drug test/criminal Immediate hire for all
shifts available.
Fraud Management
Call Center Manager
highly valued. Must be 18 years
of age and be able to lift 50lbs.
Blue, five speed, short bed, *Haul Truck
a Chevrolet pickup. Six lugs with
center caps. $100 per set. 112K original miles, one owner,
Accepting applications for
background check Drivers Starting pay negotialble. Deposit Support Services
Real Estate Loan Processor Apply at
garage-kept, ice-cold air. *Tanker Driver
Was never used for work.
full-time Puller/Packers &
experienced Forklift Drivers.
Flexible Hours * Mixer Drivers Apply in person
at Pilot Point Care Center
Loan Operations
Credit Analyst
and put Denton Village in the
Truck is in immaculate condition. * Dump Truck F/T Teller - Denton
M-F & most Sat’s. OVERTIME Drivers 208 N. Prairie St. 76258 keyword box
Must see to appreciate. $2800.
and benefits available. Apply at *Tractor Trailer Drivers 940-324-6620 Apply today https://www.f-s-b.c
Racing bike. Made in France. Apply in person om/about-us/careers.html All qualified applicants will re-

Professional gear-changing sys- 1304 Corporate Drive, College Jobs now available EOE ceive consideration for employ-
tem. Lightweight. Durable. Fast. 1998 Chevy Ex Cab S10. Ice cold Gainesville, TX or Apply at: Great Flexible Hours ment without regard to race, col-
$300 OBO air, auto, garage kept, immaculate
condition, elderly own $2600 or Call (940) 384-2400 Frank Bartel Call now Daily Spiffs Part-Time Inbound order entry
or, religion, creed, gender,
940-442-9971 7401 S. Hwy. 377 940-566-5127 postitions for Cable TV marital/familial status, national
Must see to appreciate

Aubrey, TX 76227 Commercial Landscape Co . in origin, ancestry, age, disability,
Six boys & girls bicycles. 603-641-6816
$25 for all. Justin TX seeks Water Truck protected veteran / military status,
$9.50/hr. Flexible Scheduling. public assistance status, sexual
940-465-5606 Drivers Valid TXDL. Must be

2001 Dodge Ram pickup , 1/2 BIG HIRING orientation, genetic information or
ton short bed, was never used for over 25. $16.00 - $18.00 per hr
Two children’s bikes. Qualifications any other protected classes”
work, was used for fishing, low EVENT!!! depending on experience.
$15 each. miles, grandpa is going to the rest For details, call 940-648-3640 or
Mon Aug 14- Thurs
940-453-6421 home and must sell his truck,
6 cy, asking $2250.
Salary range $2626.02 - $3494.95/mo. Aug 17 8am-3pm email
∂ High School Diploma or
Women’s Roadmaster ∂ Good Interpersonal
Call 630-641-6816
26-inch bicycle.
Used for a few months only,
bought new, $74. obo.
2001 Dodge Ram pickup, 1/2 ton
Communication Skills
∂ Attention To Detail
Immediate opening for a Driver

Call 972-318-1212
short bed, was never used for
work, was used for fishing, low MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD CLIMATE CONTROLLED
$11.00-$13.00 Base Pay + Tip
∂ Strong Computer and
Share Health & Vacation Benefits Keyboarding Skills
*Class A CDL Required
*4 years verifiable experience
miles, grandpa is going to the rest Mon-Sat 1st & 2nd Shifts $11- Available Various Shifts Open ∂ 40-45 WPM or higher.
*Clean Driving Record
home and must sell his truck,
6 cy, asking $2250. Call TJJD for more information or log on $11.50hr Must pass background
check & drug test. Apply today at
Call: 580-276-9523 ∂ Portugese speakers needed Required
Experienced Installers &
17-foot Falcon fiberglass bass
boat. 60 hp Johnson.
Call 630-641-6816 310 Audra Lane Denton, TX
76209 Or call 940-442-6550 for Cabinet Makers needed. 40 plus
hours. Apply in person.
Apply from 10am-3pm
Monday-Friday at:
40 hours per week. Competitive
pay. Excellent benefits.
$2500 obo. more information. 5800 N I-35, Ste. 200B Contact Brian Aubuchon
Tri Tex Cabinets. 900 N. Hwy 377
16-ft LOW BOY
Gainesville State School Pilot Point, Tx 76258 Denton, TX 76207 @ 940-686-6000
Pelican one-person kayak. tandem axle trailer. 1379 Farm Road 678 • Gainesville, Texas 76240 * CASHIERS Girls, Girls, Girls
Red/white/black. $1200. Delivery/Warehouse Boys, Boys, Boys
Comes with life vest. 940-648-3256
940-665-0701 | Fax: 940-665-3571 WANTED* FT. $10/hour. Good Benefits. Now Hiring Full and LABORER &
Excellent condition. $9.50-$11.50 Base Pay + Tips Must be 21+ (ins req), Part Time. Call Now
$125. A Fifth Wheel Hitch Email: Health & Vacation Benefits clean driving record. No CDL Req for the best College Helper Needed.
Call or Text $50.00. Available Various Shifts Open Apply Dealers Electrical Supply Job in Denton Apply in person141 Seaborn
940-594-0210 940-597-1740 DE-1629102-01
EOE Call: 580-276-9523 716 E. Hickory, Denton 940-566-5127 Rd., Ponder TX
2C Monday, August 14, 2017 Denton Record-Chronicle

antiques/ 503
collectibles Three 5-gallon buckets of paint.
Town of Argyle Free peach root stock. 30 in ITEMS FOR SALE Half full. Glidden exterior gloss la- 4-DRAWER METAL FILE CABI- KORG PIANO KEYBOARD
individual pots. 2-7 feet. Will * Hopalong Cassidy Milk Glass tex, white. Glidden interior flat la- NET, $10. DECORATIVE HEAVY SP-280
Street & Wastewater need to graph cuttings from Child’s Cup $ 17.50 obo. tex, white. Monarch interior flat la- METAL LATTICE AND WOOD EXCELLENT CONDITION
Immediate opening for Paint Bay; Maintenance Worker tex, off-white. $10 each.
2nd shift, Full-Time desired peach tree. * Freddy The Frog Milk Glass TABLE 45x22x30 INCHES, $20. ORIG.$800. SALE FOR $400.
Gemini Peach & Rose Farm. $15.00 obo. 940-479-2326 WILL TEXT PHOTOS OF PEDAL, STOOL, STAND AND
$14 to $18 per hour 1301 Haggard Lane, Denton. * Large Schlitz Glass $15. obo. ITEMS. MANUEL. LIKE BRAND NEW.
•Paint Bay- Entry Level No (opportunity for advancement)
experience necessary 940-230-5422 Milk Glass Cup, $21. obo. Genuine leather sofa and 940-600-8120 BLACK
* 4 Ash Kitchen chairs, $16.50 20 pair girls blue jeans, some overstuffed chair set in great con- 940-395-8334
Opportunities Available! Mon-Fri\ 6:45am – 3:15pm, 5 bags XL adult diapers.
40 hours per week. Competitive each obo. new, $3 to $15 each. dition. Sofa can be separated into
overtime possible $10 per bag.
pay. Excellent benefits. * 5 metal chairs $15. each obo. 25 girls shoes various sizes, flip pieces. Light mauve color.
APPLY ONLINE AT Call Don at 940-300-8903 940-453-6421 Responsible for performing flops, boots $1 to $15 each. $325.00. 940-300-4338
Contact Dan Shafranek Human Resources assigned tasks necessary to Old insulators. 25 girls clothes 18 to 24-months, AN ARTIST DREAM!
940-686-6000 1000 Highland Village Rd maintain and repair town $10 each OBO. $2 each. 10 Circular Saw Blades. Highland Village TX 75077 infrastructure and improvements 940-300-8903 Call 940-465-5606. Ready for your artist touch.
Phone: 972-899-5087 including streets, roads, bridges, 2 XL men’s leather jackets, $30 Have been in shop fire,
EOE medians, right of ways, gutters, each or $50 for both. various sizes 7 1/4" through 5"
sidewalks, alleys, parks, open diameter. $3 each. Luna Acoustic Guitar
*Black & Decker mini refrigerator 6 pair Wrangler 34x32 blue jeans, Excellent Condition with new
Part time/full time handy space, drainage and wastewater #1 Coastal sq bales $7 ea. Prem $5 each. Highland Village. 972-639-6789
19 in. wide, 19 in. tall, 18 in. strings. Black Hard Case, Tuner,
Immediat opening for Fitter and person/animal caretaker, flexible collection system. Must perform Coastal Rolls $60 ea.1st cut rolls
schedule avail working at $20 ea. Carlos 940-210-4071. deep, 1.7 cubic feet, black, $35. 5 pair Wrangler 36x36 khaki work King-size bed headboard Antiques, collectibles, beer signs, ACT Amplifier, and Gig Line.
Welder 2nd Shift: Full-TIme shop work, small equipment pants, $10 each.
Denton’s top B & B, positive and Daryl 940-391-6875, Ponder 940-381-5395 Has drawers and a pullout on lawn & kitchen chairs, Ruby Red (Can e-mail pictures).
repair and storage, light construc- 5 pair 34x32 new men’s pants, $5
happy people only. Call each side. Mirrors and lights go & assorted glassware. For infor- $225. 940-262-7724
· Weld metal parts using tion, and operation of tools and BUY SELL & REPAIR Working each.
JP 214-505-0754 NO TEXT across top. Beautiful oak. In ex- mation, call 940-300-8903
flux-core welding process equipment as directed by the Acreage Services & Non-working appliances, 8 XXL brand new men’s shirts, cellent condition. $150 obo. NEW PRICE
· Work from process sheets, Public Works Crew Leader and/or Spraying, fertilizing, seeding. some brands. 377 APPLIANCE, $7.50 each. Black electric 4-burner stove in PIANO FOR SALE, KOHLER
Pit Stop, Valero, in Bolivar Public Works Director. High 1010 Ft Worth Dr. 940-382-8531 940-300-4338
blueprints or other written/verbal needs experienced cook, must be Tommy 940-390-3130 Call 940-465-5606. excellent condition with clock, CAMPBELL, $500 OBO
instructions given by supervisor School Diploma or General King-size Select Comfort bed with $70. EXCELLENT CONDITION CALL
reliable and have references, Alfalfa Large & Small Square Danby mini fridge with freezer Assorted size 10 women’s shoes.
to perform production tasks. Equivalency Diploma (GED) is headboard. Ultra series. New foldable pet cage, $20. 940-387-0194 OR 940-206-0624
applications on front counter. by the bale or Semi load. Brand new. $30. Designer - high end. Many kinds
· Maneuver large, awkward, required. Prefer five (5) years of $300 OBO. Foldable pet cage with handles
6551 FM 455W, Bolivar Round bales & small square Call 940-368-0737 including heels, flats, boots,
or heavy parts manually or with a previous experience in construc- Call 940-300--4338 and cushion, $25. Silvio Soprani 120-base
940-458-5100 tion mechanics, or equipment coastal. 217-737-7737, Aubrey. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series winter boots and shoes. accordian, $250.
crane. Lane black couch with 2 built-in Call or text 940-594-0210
· Inspect welds throughout Prechool Teachers operation and previous WindTunnel Pet Bagged Corded Everything from A to Z! 940-383-8749
process and use grinding tools FT M-F experience needed experience in construction, street COASTAL SQUARES BALES Upright Vacuum absorbs pet odor 940-465-5606 recliners and center seat/console. *Brand new beach towels, as-
maintenance (concrete and Fertilized $8.00, free local deliv- $100. sorted colors, 28x58, $4 each.
when necessary Wellspring Christian Academy ery available with 50 bales. activated carbon Hepa Media Clothing rack containing 100+
asphalt) repair or construction Cost $180; sell for $90. 940-482-3971 *192-piece Art Still art sets, $40
· Maintain machine and work 940-387-6414 or 940-390-7314 Mt. Springs 940-206-0928 pieces of men’s clothes and
area in a clean and safe manner. work experience is required; Call 940-243-3883 Large Couch Light brown cloth; each. *4 school art packs, $15
ladies’ clothes (size 1-3). each. *Young artist sets with
· Check and inspect opera- Remodeling contractor looking for Prefer a minimum Class “I” $60 for entire rack. sturdy, in overall good shape. Still 4-DRAWER METAL FILE CABI-
tion against predetermined toler- reliable help. Willing to train. Collections System Certification 940-453-6421 very useable, needs a home. 5 ft, wooden case, $25 each. *Cool- NET, $10. DECORATIVE HEAVY
ances. Reliable transportation a must. issued by the TCEQ. Must have a 8 in. by 3 ft, 6 in. U-Haul. I will weather insulated chair, $15. METAL LATTICE AND WOOD
· Work in other areas or de- 972-898-2144 leave msg. valid Texas driver’s license. Harley Davidson leather jacket, help lift into your vehicle. $4.00. *Double-sorter ironing board, $30. TABLE 45x22x30 INCHES, $20.
partments as assigned. Must pass a criminal history chaps and vest. Large. 214-984-7222. Denton *Texas Longhorn tailgate tent, WILL TEXT PHOTOS OF
Robson Ranch Wildhorse Grill background check, driving record Helmet included. $100. 940-465-5606 ITEMS.
Now Hiring check and submit to drug $125 for all. Oak dining table, matching hutch
Required experience: and six chairs. One owner. 940-600-8120
· Welding: 1 year Part Time Hosts, Bussers, screening test. 940-465-5606
Expeditors, Dishwashers Applications are available at Horse Quality Hay Great condition. $500 OBO. 7 five-drawer file cabinets,
40 hours per week. Competitive Round bales & square bales. Hotpoint gas stove. Like new. Call/text 940-442-4769 for pics.
pay. Excellent benefits. Please Apply online at https://ww Argyle Town Hall, 308 Denton Self cleaning. $10 each. Street, Argyle, Call for pricing, will deliver. *Recliner in good condition, 3 larger lateral file cabinets,
575-386-6294 New $898. Asking $125.
Contact Dan Shafranek at php or in person at Texas, Mon-Fri, 8:00 to 5:00 or Call 940-206-4591 $45 OBO. $10 each.
940-686-6000 9440 Ed Robson Blvd in online at Last year’s coastal square bales. or 940-206-4705 *New Lovsac bean bag, paid 940-465-5606 Denton. Employment-Opportunities. Need to clear my barn. $1500, will sell for $800 OBO.
Magic Chef freezer (dorm size) Custom-made computer desk
Position open until filled. For $2 per bale. *Hide-a-bed couch in very good Burgundy Silk & Chenille Sofa
Little Guys Movers is now hiring $100 with top hutch. Two piece.
responsible individuals who * SHIFT more information call (940) 464-
7273. The Town of Argyle is an
Approximately 25 bales.
condition with a mattress in great Set with matching Over-size Whitewashed wood. $200.
940-464-0583 Kids red dragon ninja costume, shape, $135 OBO. Chair, & Big Ottoman 45in 940-300-4338
possess strong communication MANAGERS* equal opportunity employer. Refrigerator $15. *Wood rocker with ottoman, diameter - gorgeous, and
skills, a positive attitude, and a MIXED COASTAL ROUND Very cold. Kids size 8-10. $45 OBO. matching 6ft.x9ft. leather bound Five file cabinets
valid driver’s license. Background Health & Vacation Benefits Venture Industrial Productions BALES. 1st & 2nd cuttings.
Various Shifts Open $40. Has only been used once. *Three matching all-wood end floor piece, like new. All 4 custom $20 each.
checks. Apply in person, in Bridgeport is looking for an $15.00 & $20.00 Argyle 940-435-0133 972-832-5289 tables in different sizes. In excel- pieces for $1,097. obo, Can 940-435-0133
2201 Fort Worth Dr, Denton. Career Growth Opportunities experienced Master Plumber . 940-241-2205 or 940-391-3745
Call: 580-276-9523 lent & very good condition. Separate. Excellent condition. No
Starts at $11.00/hr. 940-683-3283 Whirlpool Refridgerator, 25 Cubic Ladies clothing. $300 OBO for all. ** Two upholstered office chairs
pets non smoking home.
feet. Front water and ice 100+ pieces. Sizes XL-XXL. 469-688-5133 or 972-523-4240 with arms on rolling wheels,
LOCAL DRIVER NEEDED Venture Industrial Productions Call 972-318-1212
depenser $300 OBO Call Some brand new, never worn. $35 each or both for $60.
CLASS A CDL in Bridgeport is now hiring Back yard firebox table with spark 940-442-9971 $1 per piece. Round oak dining room table with COAL BIN, $25. SINGER SEW- ** Desk 4 drawer, 38" w X 16" d X
Full or P/T – Shifts Available NCCCO certified crane arrestor. 21 inches tall by 940-442-3846 claw feet, leaves and four chairs. ING MACHINE, $25. OLD, OLD-
Morning and Afternoon 46 inches square with ceramic Whirlpool Refridgerator, black 31" h, brass handles, looks like
operators with a Class-A CDL. $150. SCHOOL DESK WITH FOLD- oak; unsure. Will sell for $40.
CALL 817-310-0485 940-255-2967 metal top. Great shape. side by side, ice and water in Michael Kors Kempton cross- 972-746-8269
door, 36" wide, 30" deep and 72" body purse, $60 cash. DOWN SEAT, $35. SHEAFFERS Call 940.243.3883
APPLY ONLINE SL Nursing Highland Village. $60. PEN DISPLAY 42x16x23 IN.,
Warehouse Work in Flower Call 972-639-6789 high. $325 Brand new Michael Kors Raven Southwest-style love seat. $160. WILL TEXT PHOTOS OF
GE Sensor dryer, with pedstal, satchel purse, $125 cash only. Multi-colored fabric with
Assistant Mound. Hands on attitude & Electric string trimmer, $4. $195 Call 940-206-5997 Can email or text pictures whitewashed wood. ITEMS.
Make $18-$20/hr , willingness to learn new skills Call 940-206-2900. or more information. $50. 940-600-8120
Cleaning Houses, M-F! Universal a must. Good driving record NO TEXT PLEASE. Whirlpool side-by-side refrigera-
940-368-8766 940-300-4338 Madden Portable Buildings
preferred. Call 817-491-4942 tor. Ice and water dispenser. Must Complete set of Lenox Eternal
Own Transportation. & Carports 3310 Ft. Worth Dr
Please Call 214-855-7189 Worker-FT Frontier Equipment GM 10 60 R see to appreciate. Cost $1300 Stools two sturdy wooden stools;
one with wooden top, one with
China for 8+. Includes extra
Seeking Caregiver to work in our Wise Health System new. Sell for $400 obo. pieces. Like new. $300 OBO.
Green Mower, Less than 100 hrs padded blue cloth top; sell both 940-382-7060
Assisted Living Department M-F 2000 S. FM 51 Decatur 76234 940-442-9971
Medical from 3pm to 11pm. The staff to For a listing of openings, visit $750.
Whirlpool Washer and LG Dryer,
for $25 Call 940-243-3883 Noritake Prima Donna China for Very good steel storage building.
patient ratio is 7 to 1. PCA or 940-597-1740 Stools two sturdy wooden stools; 8+. Includes extra pieces. Like 8x13x8
Receptionist CNA certification preferred but not Have a lot of edging and trimming
Front loaders, $100 each,
moving, Call 817-403-6688 one with wooden top, one with new. $300 OBO. New roll-up door.
for busy office in Flower Mound required. Pay starts at $9.50 - padded blue cloth top; sell both 940-300-4338 Ready to move.
TX. Hrs M-F until 7pm 30-40 to do? This 3.5 hp walk behind
$11.89. You must love working edger may be for you. Steel White Whirlpool 3 cycle Size 7 Gold Lauren Conrad Heels for $25 Call 940-243-3883 Excess kitchen clutter. $995.
hrs/wk. Email resumes to with older adults in a long term dryer, $75. 940-435-0133
blade belt driven Yard Machine is $20 Brand New! They have never All slightly used or new. Bread care facility. You must be 18 Experienced and dependable White Maytag washer, $75.
easy starting and easy to run. been used. Size 7 women’s. maker, $25. Cuisinart coffee mak-
or fax to 972-724-2495. years of age and must be able to house cleaner. Can provide Asking $75. 940-382-9328 Both in very good 972-832-5289 er, $25. Jerky maker, $20. sporting & 560
lift 50lbs. references upon request. working condition. Pasta Express, $10. exercise equipment
Reasonable rates. Scott’s fertilizer spreader, $4. 940-368-0737 XXL Eddie Bauer ladies Legend 7.5-foot cherrywood pool table. OR $60 FOR ALL.
Please apply at www.good-sam 940-231-2816 Call 940-206-2900. leather jacket, $60. 1.5-inch slate. Call 940-230-4519 3 nice golf bags $15 each obo.
.com and put Denton Village in NO TEXT PLEASE. Ladies brand new lace-trimmed All accessories included. Will throw in free photo storage 940-453-6421
Mega Hiring Fair!!! $750. You pay for move.
Mon – Friday the Keyword Box to find this State licensed and certified home Chanel sweaters with tags, small unit or a briefcase with purchase.
opening. health assistant/nurse-certified Two lawn mowers, like new. to XXL, $25. 940-368-4113 Aeropilates never used, low-
9am – 12pm $80 & $120 obo.
CornerStone Lewisville assistant. Years of experience. Ladies brand new Tommy Hilfiger FREE hot tub! impact exercise machine, in-
All qualified applicants will re- Dependable. I am seeking indi- 940-442-9971 sweaters, originally $49, selling 940-566-2334 cludes stand, wall chart, dvd’s,
401 East Corporate Drive, suite
102 Lewisville, Texas 75057 ceive consideration for employ- viduals who may need my service Yard Machine, 5.0 Honda Tiller, for $25. Assorted colors. DPC will not knowingly publish ad rebounder, $375 OBO.
ment without regard to race, col- or those who have loved ones in Like brand new, $395 OBO. 3 pair ladies pants and 6 blouses, George Foreman HUGE grill; Call 682-347-8542
for sale of weapons that doesn’t 133 sq. in., easy-to-clean grilling
Minuteman is now hiring forklift or, religion, creed, gender, need of care. References availa- Can be seen in Sanger. size 22-24, $5 each. meet our standard of acceptance surface, sloped design, knock out Cash Please
opers, printing & general labor. marital/familial status, national ble upon request. Call 940-300-8903 Call 940-465-5606.
Temp-hire! origin, ancestry, age, disability, If interested call, 940-231-2816 the fat. Dishwasher safe acces- Large treadmill, cross walk 570, protected veteran / military status, sories. cost $180; sell for $80. excellent condition $200.
or 817 626-4962. M-F Unemployed looking for work Kids Caref GPS Phone Watch - Bedside toilet, $40. Call 940-243-3883
public assistance status, sexual $45 Corinth area 940-321-3999
Experienced in health care.
MT Trucks, Inc. hiring local CDL orientation, genetic information or Will run errands, clean, take you antiques/ 503 Foldup walker, $10.
Brand New! Purchased has never Huge selection of various size Perfect Abs
any other protected classes” 940-442-3846
Driver, home daily. to the doctor & prepare meals. collectibles been activated or used. frames, over 50 frames to choose From Gunthy Renker Fitness,
Minimum of 2 years CDL Call Michelle at 972-832-5289 CHI’s enterprise mineral infrared from, most are 8x10, some in a manual fitness bar for athletes
driving with good driving record. 1926 singer portable sewing ma- therapy professional model. packages. $35 for all.
940-442-1358 chine model 128, no accessiores, or others to strengthen abs or
Hourly Pay with Overtime and $1800 new. Asking $800. Call 940-399-4926 legs. Easy to use; adjustable
paid vacation. great condition, $95. 940-453-6333
Unemployed looking for work Sewing machine cabinet, 2 doors Kenmore Electric Toaster / Grill / sides for need. Lie down to use.
Will train to haul large equipment. Experienced in health care. Evermed 16.5-in wide wheelchair. Bought new/now used. Call to
Qualified applicants, please call with storage, top folds out to 2 Pier One Table Lamps Oven, with 60 minute timer.
940-382- 6020. Sr. Living Dining Will run errands, clean, take you
to the doctor & prepare meals.
make bigger sewing area, all $29 each, 2 Pier One Matching Heavy duty. $50.
Program: Broil, Toast, Bake. see and for demonstration. $4.00.
214-984-7222. Denton
wood, on casters, all closed 30.5 Clear Glass Vases $44 obo for Warm Oven 250 + 450.
Call Michelle at
Need FT medical Assistant/Wait 940-442-1358
" wide 21 " deep. when top open the 3 foot tall Vase, and $34 obo Toast Color; Light, Medium, Dark. Red Radio Flyer Push Scooter,
60" long. good condition, $60. Kids Igloo Tent - $20. for the 2 1/2 foot tall Vase Pics Model No. 238 48449; cost $125; $12
collection Staff Unemployed looking for work. cutting table, drop leaf, 36x60 ex- In great condition. Available Call 972-318-1212 sell for $25. Call 940-243-3883 Adjustable handle bars, so the
Dinning/ Wait staff positions Private home health care availa- cellent condition $75. Martha Easy to assemble and portable. 3 YEAR OLD *Large assortment of boys and scooter can grow with your child.
available. Prefer 6 months Polland thread stand,$50 brand
specialist. ble Denton and surrounding
dining/wait staff experience. Must areas. Day, evening or over night new, 290 spools embodiery
972-832-5289 CHAISE LOUNGE SLEEPER girls new toys, $1-$25. Push scooter. In good condition.
Medical office exp required. COUCH. LIGHTLY USED. TAN *Assorted Halloween decor and 972-832-5289
have excellent work history and available, all aspects of caring thread $195. Call 682-347-8542
Flower Mound, TX location. Send enjoy working with older adults in Cash Please. COLORED. VERY CLEAN. items, 50 cents to $10. Spyder ski suit including jacket
resume providing, Home safety, Dr. visits, $800 NEW. ASKING $160. Good Drive Odyssey 4-wheel *Christmas motion lights, $25.
a long term care facility. Good errands, family relief. Live in 24 hr Antique china hutch $60 obo. and overalls. Size: kid’s large.
or fax to 972-724-2495. CALL GILVIS AT 940-600-8120. electric scooter. Like new. Turn *Tree Dazzler, $20. Paid $100, asking $50.
customer service is a must. shifts available. Call Antique coffee table $60. CAN TEXT PHOTOS. signals, light and basket. Has two *Laser FX, $20. 940-453-6421
Must be 18 years or older 956-801-5706 Antique dresser w/mirror $60 obo.
NOW HIRING 1st shift new batteries. $800. *Assortment of school supplies,
Six vintage chairs $15 each obo. 4 poster queen bed, Mahogany
EEOE 940-442-8569 25 cents each.
Production Techs & Forklift 940-453-6421 with rice carving $80 must pick
All qualified applicants will *Plastic storage shelves
Hour Personnel 940-891-0630 Mayan-inspired baby carrier just up. 940-262-3579 SHOP RIDER STREAMER
receive consideration for employ- Antique pressure cooker. 36x24x72-in., $10 each.
like the ancient Mayans used to SPORT-ELECTRIC 940-465-5606
ment without regard to race, $47.50 OBO. wear! Very clean and has only WHEELCHAIR. RED,
color, religion, creed, gender, WANT TO BE A 940-300-8903 been used once. GOOD CONDITION, Like New Meat Smoker
marital/familial status, national FIREFIGHTER? Light denim wash color. Also, LOOKS BRAND NEW. $750. $50 940-368-8615
origin, ancestry, age, disability, in Less Than 6 Months? A Pair of Eastlake Chairs
from 1870’s. includes an instructional DVD. NEEDS A BATTERY
protected veteran / military status, Texas Commission on $20 972-832-5289 OBO 940-465-5606 L-shaped smoker.
public assistance status, sexual Fire Protection and EMT cert. Gold Upholstery. Walnut Wood. 6.5-feet tall. 18-inch diameter.
orientation, genetic information or Enroll now for classes! Good Condition. Walkers, $5 each. $500.
$160 Cash. Denton. 940-465-5606 Kenwood Stereo System. Old
any other protected classes" Write: Haz-Co, All Wood Twin Bed, great condi- 940-482-7070 school system consisting of a
NOW HIRING! apply at
PO Box 3063, Sherman, TX
75091 or call 903-564-3862 NO TEXT PLEASE. tion, 4 large (27 3/4"w x 14 1/2"d
x 5" h) drawer unit under mattress
Wheelchair, $80. Michael Kors Kempton cross- Kenwood KA-895 400 watt
Denton area for all restaurant Walker, $25. body purse, $60 cash. receiver/amplifier, 2 140 watt
and put Denton Village in the Assortment of antique frame. $150 940-808-0805 940-383-8749 main speakers, 2 40 watt "twee-
management and hourly Brand new Michael Kors Raven
Keyword Box Coke bottles. ter" speakers, and 1 100 watt
crew positions. A Pair of Eastlake Chairs satchel purse, $125 cash only.
Please contact 817-226-0273 or $7.50 each OBO. center speaker. Main speakers
Toddler Teacher Concierge Piano lessons for age Must see to appreciate. from 1870’s. Can email or text pictures
682-554-9950 Maya Wrap. Mayan-inspired baby Gold Upholstery. Walnut Wood. or more information. have a few scuffs. Otherwise the
FT M-F/exp helpful 6 to adults. Denton area and 940-300-8903 carrier just like the ancient May-
Wellspring Christian Academy Good Condition. 940-368-8766 unit is in good condition. $55/obo.
surrounding communities. ans used to wear! Very clean and 1926 singer portable sewing ma- Cash only 940-453-0022
940-387-6414 or 940-390-7314 Friendly, helpful and experienced $160 Cash. Denton. chine model 128, no accessiores,
has only been used once. Light 940-206-2900. New hand scraped floating
teacher. 940-206-0697 denim wash color. Also, includes great condition, $95. laminate wood flooring and
US Aviation Family is looking to NO TEXT PLEASE. Sewing machine cabinet, 2 doors
fill postions for a Line Service an instructional DVD. $20. padding. Color: nutmeg.
972-832-5289 Beautiful Stool, light blue color. with storage, top folds out to 350 square feet. $450 or best
Technician. The Line Service
NOW HIRING!!!! Technician is a customer service 29 1/2 inches high, 13 inch make bigger sewing area, all offer. Call 940-231-0972
diameter round seat, great shape. wood, on casters, all closed 30.5
position that is responsible for " wide 21 " deep. when top open One cemetery plot in the Garden
Southwest Metal supporting all ground operations $10. Highland Village.
DOG HOUSE, GREY AND RED 60" long. good condition, $60. of Faith at Roselawn Cemetery.
Systems/Ameristall Barns is now for inbound and outbound aircraft, Beautiful wine rack for sale, 972-639-6789
27X22X21 $25.00 FIRM cutting table, drop leaf, 36x60 ex- Staff is available from 8:30 a.m.
hiring for the following full time flight crews and passengers. In comes with all the wine and RCA stereo/tape player. Works
CALL JEFF AT 940-267-1469 Book Shelf, Solid Wood, 32x40, cellent condition $75. Martha to 4 p.m. to show plot. $1250.
positions at our Sanger location: addition, Line Service is a support martini glasses and wine opener. well and in great condition! $12.
$70.00 940-399-4926 $20. Call 940-206-2900 Polland thread stand,$50 brand Call 940-435-4107
position to other departments: PET TAXI, GRAY AND BLUE NO TEXT PLEASE. 972-832-5289
CDL/Delivery Driver new, 290 spools embodiery
Dispatch, Transportation, Acade- 27" LONG 16" HIGH, 19" WIDE *Brand new curio cabinet with five thread $195. Call 682-347-8542 Oreck vacuum with extra bags,
(Home every night & weekends) my, and Customer Service. MADE BY PETMART $25.00 Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX $90.
shelves, $200. - $45 Cash Please.
FIRM *1950’s barber chair. Call 682-347-8542
MUST have good work ethics, LINE SERVICE TECHNICIAN CALL JEFF AT 940-367-1469 In original packaging. Opened, 2015 FORD PICKUP Cash Please Samsung UN55J6201 55" 1080p
communication skills, and a de- Excellent condition. but never used. Has a camera, 60Hz LED Smart HDTV List
sire to be an active part of a - High school education or Three birdcages. $25. games, and can tell time. PLASTIC, GREAT SHAPE, PET TAXI Price: $1,599.99 Will sell for only
growing TEAM. *Red Texaco replica gas pump, 972-832-5289 GRAY AND BLUE $850. Call 940-243-3883
equivalent required. 940-453-6421 $20.00. CALL 940-600-8120
$800. 27" LONG 16 " HIGH, 19" WIDE
- Driver’s license required. *1950’s 25-cent gum machine. 2 bicycles,
- Be at least 18 years of age. Two large CAT OR SMALL DOG MADE BY PETMART $25.00
Pick up and submit application in Submit Resumes to emahan@us STURDY CARRIERS. Completely refurbished, $250. Burgundy Silk & Chenille Sofa 1 mechanical $350, 1 Huffy $75. CALL JEFF AT 940-367-1469.
person to: 13h x 24 front to back x 14 wide. Call 940-387-4480 or 62-inch double window. Set with matching Over-size 100+ hardback books, .99 each. Fowler O.D. Mic 5-6 inch $135.00 817-403-1229 Double hung. Almond. Jelwen. Chair, & Big Ottoman 45in Boat (no motor) with trailer $250. PLANT MOISTURE METER Fowler O.D. mic 2-3 inch 225.00
13h x 22 front to back x 13 wide.
Sell each for $35 or both for $50. Best offer. diameter - gorgeous, and Call 940-399-3765 NEW IN CONTAINER, $7.00 Mitutoyo Blade mic 2-3 inch $225
Southwest Metal COAL BIN, $25. SINGER SEW- 940-482-7070 CALL 940-566-3677
Systems/Ameristall Barns YOUR STUFF. Call 940-243-3883 ING MACHINE, $25. OLD, OLD-
matching 6ft.x9ft. leather bound
floor piece. All 4 custom pieces
2 Glass display cases, 20 by 70 Mitutoyo Calliper 12000 inch
2824 Milam Rd SCHOOL DESK WITH FOLD- inches, $85. each. Ready for a garden!
for $1,097. obo, Can Separate.
Excellent condition. No pets non
Metal file cabinet $10. SOIL TESTING KIT Call 940-783-1856
PEN DISPLAY 42x16x23 IN., Call 940-387-1431 Brand new in original package,
smoking home.
2-Go Gator All weather bean bag 40 tests, easy to use, only $6. both coats. Call 972-318-1212
ITEMS. & washer toss. $25. FLOWER POTS, Planters, Yard
MALES NEUTERED, 940-600-8120 Couch Needs A Home Decor. Most new, small to extra
1-Superior Tournament washer
SHOTS, ADULT HOMES. George & Martha Washington toss $25. large, $.05 to $10.
This couch needs a home; PLANT MOISTURE METER
Engineer 24/7. APPROVED HOMES ONLY. Lamp - $185.00 obo. Ridgid 10" Table Saw
Model: R4510 with folding stand. That is no bone -
2-Superior metal horse shoe set
$20. new in container $7.
Also Male Puppies Call 940-300-8903 It is light brown and large Call 940-566-3677
940-206-0281 Powerful 15 amp, 115v soft-start 2-Stunt Twister Z Cyclone Ridgid 10" Table Saw
Manufacturing Co. in Sherman, Horse hames. motor. Great for workshop/jobsite. With my husband you barge Tumbler radio control $10. Ricaar 9855 Black premium
TX has opening for Structural En- Sell your stuff $37.50 OBO a set. Dado insert. Left tilt blade with 1-Magellan Girls dome tent VACUUM CLEANER,
Model: R4510 with folding stand.
Powerful 15 amp, 115v soft-start
gineer. Must be proficient in 940-300-8903 riving knife, blade guard, and Needs some of the clean; combo 5’ x 4 x 36" $25.
AutoCAD, experienced with steel with anti-kickback pawls. Better than And then it will beam 1-"Frozen" child’s folding chair
equipped with multi-stage filtra- motor. Great for workshop/jobsite.
SET OF ANTIQUE WILSON Still has a life in it! tion, floor selector and on-board Dado insert. Left tilt blade with
structures, ability to run calcula-
tions for loading and experience
with shop drawings. Must be able
ClickNBuy Yard Machine lawn mower
4.5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor.
new one -- has custom built, pre-
cision table extension and no
sales tax. Lightly used by hobby-
Place on a coverlet.
1-"Spiderman" child’s folding
chair. $10.
cleaning tools. Provides excep- riving knife, blade guard, and
tional durability and cleaning per- anti-kickback pawls. Better than
WITH CASE & CADDY. I bid to it adieu, formance. Metal bottom plates, new one -- has custom built, pre-
to work Mon-Fri 8-5 in Sherman, Runs good. Easy to start. ist. One owner. Works well. 940-465-5606 brushrolls and handle, tubes 6- cision table extension and no
TX. Email resumes to $50 obo. $50.00 OBO. Good condition. $350.00 For $3.00 from you
Call 214-984-7222 2-Reactorz playground light up stage filtration with 2-ply charcoal sales tax. Lightly used by hobby- 940-442-9971 940-368-8615 Call/text: 940-230-6510 filter to remove odors. Surface se- ist. One owner. Works well.
large balls $10.00each
Dining room table with matching 2-small light up balls $5.00each lector. Suction control dial. On- Good condition. $350.00
BREAKING CAT NEWS By Georgia Dunn chairs, vintage Halltree. $150 board cleaning tools. Built in the Call/text: 940-230-6510
2-Coop Renectorz micro grips
each. Call 254-707-0971 lights up $7.00 each USA Cost $800 sell for $450.
940-465-5606 Call 940-243-3883 Starett O.D. mic "6 to 9" 345.00
Floral sofa and love seat set. Mitutoyo floange mic 0-9 electron-
$75. 3 framed wildlife pictures. Slip and Slide. In great condition! ic $400.00
Can email or text pictures Perfect for man cave. $75 OBO. Has only been used once. Mitutoyo O.D. Mic Degit $120.00
or more information. Call 940-368-8615 Orange and blue. Easily connects Flowler Blade Mic Degit Readout
940-368-8766 to a garden hose for an afternoon 1-2 $120.00
Full size Maple bookcase head- CHAISE LOUNGE SLEEPER of instant family fun! $12 Set of check pins 062 to .250
board, $40, Full size metal frame 972-832-5289 $150.00
COUCH. LIGHTLY USED. TAN Fowler O.D. Mic 2,000 to 3,000
$25. Must pick up. Call
COLORED. VERY CLEAN. Swiss Gear backpack. Shock ab- $100.00
$800 NEW. ASKING $160. sorbent! Lots of compartments to 2 pcs Gage Blocks 81 pcs sets
King Mattress, good condition CALL GILVIS AT 940-600-8120. hold your laptop and belongings. $138.00 each
$20 no box springs. CAN TEXT PHOTOS In great condition! Lightly used. Starrett Vernier Callipers 14"
Oak dining room table with 4 $30. 972-832-5289 $425.00
cushion chairs, with matching chi- Back yard firebox table with spark Call 940-783-1856
na hutch $125. 2 end tables still arrestor. 21 inches tall by Women’s Roadmaster
in boxes $20 each. 46 inches square with ceramic 26-inch bicycle. Ziplevel Pro 2000
2 bar stools $25 for both. metal top. Great shape. Used for a few months only, Precision Altimeter
Entrance hall mirror $30 Highland Village. $60. bought new, $74. obo. Asking $400.
Call 940-368-0737 Call 972-639-6789 Call 972-318-1212 940-735-9335
Denton Record-Chronicle Monday, August 14, 2017 3C

houses: 630 gives

unfurnished age facility the right to dispose
of the vehicle. Additionally fail-
FREE LOCATOR ure to claim the vehicle is a
waiver of all right, title, or inter-
SERVICE est in the vehicle and personal
property and consent to sell
940-566-4900 the vehicle at a public sale.
613 Bernard, Efficiency - $800.
Used Cobalt Truck Tool Box. 315 Fry St., 1/1 - $725. PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: Pro Tow Wrecker Service
In excellent condition. Comes 316 Bryan- $780. All real estate advertised herein 8545 W University Dr
Elisha Bomar, Suzanne Fickey WE HAVE HOMES FOR YOU!
with keys and two custom is subject to the Federal Fair Denton, TX 76207
drawer/shelves that will keep your Broker Property Search LLC Housing Act, which makes it il- 972-219-7090
work on top. This is an aluminum legal to advertise "any prefer-
diamond plate box that looks SPACIOUS 1 & 2 Bedrooms ence, limitation, or discrimina- TDLR #: 0629109VSF
great. Asking $120. Near Universities Looking for a home to buy or tion because of race, color, reli-
940-390-0895 Frost Free Refrigerator. No pets rent? Cami sold over gion, sex, handicap, familial
$595 & Up. Call 940-566-0060 $18 million in homes last year status, or national origin, or in- DRC 8/14/2017
and she can sell yours too! tention to make any such pref-
TNT Properties Call Cami 940-391-1614 erence, limitation, or discrimi- NOTICE TO CREDITORS
Rent Houses, Apartments, nation." We will not knowingly
Warehouses accept advertising for real es- Notice is hereby given that
940.381.6675 tate which is in violation of the original Letters Testamentary
law. All persons are hereby in- Without Bond for the Estate of
formed that all dwellings adver- Juanita A. Rymal, Deceased,
Townhomes tised are available on an equal were issued on July 25, 2017 in
0 Credit Check opportunity basis Docket No. PR-2017-00321,
I-35 and Teasley Ln 2, 3 & 4 Bdrm homes $550/mo
1 BDRM 800 sqft - $750/mo pending in the Probate Court of
to $1500/mo. For Rent or Sale Denton County, Texas to:
2 BDRM 1534 sqft includes Owner financing on land/home
washer/dryer - $1200/mo pkgs, 1/2 acre to 4 acres, BARBARA RUSSELL,
940-220-6440 REALTORS Tom Van Steenbergen
Ponder ISD, kid/pet ok, Independent Executor
Brent Chow Call 940-648-5263 Real Estate Brokerage
Estate Sale Services, 940-566-2730 c/o Stephen Niermann Niermann Law Firm
over 31 yrs of experience. Buying or selling? Let local
940-383-6965 1622 E. Beltline Road, Suite 200
2 & 3 BRs Unfurnished, water experienced REALTORS Carrollton, TX 75006
For Any & All of Your & garbage furn,$300-$450mo+ assist you! Free Buyer service.
Estate Sell Needs. deposit. RV SPACES avail. Real T Team 940-209-0115 All persons having claims against
Denton, 1808 Emery Street 940-536-8884 Call Leeza and Shannon this Estate which is currently be-
Sat., Aug.12 from 9-2 Cloud Realty ing administered are required to
Multi-family garage sale present them within the time and
Fishing, household items, clothes LOTS from 469-300-1109 in the manner prescribed by law.
and lots more! 10,000 SF Multiple rooms.
Currently occupied by church, $410/Month Krum, older 2 or 3 bd 1 bth, w/d DATED 8th day of August, 2017.
Denton, 6614 Hayling Way but imagine what you could do with Carport and/or Shed connections, new paint and pan-
Fri & Sat 9 am to 3 pm with all that space! Avail 8/10/17 Up to $2000 Move In Incentive! eling, hardwood floors, new vinyl
Many fantastic items! $5,900/mo + dep 940 391-4415 Centrally located 940-387-9914 in kitchen, new carpet in den. NIERMANN LAW FIRM
Large lot 125x85 outside storage,
Vendors Wanted! 3 window units, gas heat. No
Parking Lot Sale: 8a-2p. Sept 9 Office available in downtown den- By: /s/ Stephen Niermann
owner finance, No realtors, no Stephen Niermann
First Cumberland Presbyterian ton, 800 sf. 2 blocks off Denton ugly home buyers, $125,000
Contact: Square. Also 3 br homes availa- Niermann Law Firm
940-387-2545 State Bar No. 15027300
Ph:940-323-9460 Leave Msg ble soon. Call 940-391-8795 500-1,200 sq. ft. Executive office close to the square. SOUTHRIDGE Contemporary 1622 E. Beltline Road, Suite 200

Flexaible floor plans for this suite. one-story home--private wooded Carrollton, TX 75006
Call 940.387.7467 for details yard, 4 large bedrooms, great Phone: 972-242-0924
room, 2470 sq. ft. $289,900. Fax: 972-242-1754
Call Karin Seligmann, steve.niermann@
A prime location, 919 Carroll
Blvd. 2 spaces avail. 700 / 800 RE/MAX Trinity 940-391-1131
sq ft. $750 & $840 plus electric. drc 8/14/2017
C Bar T Properties
UNT-TWU + other areas
Flexible floor plans. Previous
leased by successful law firm and
CAUSE NO. PR-2017-00470
940-383-2141 for rental info Esthetician. Barbara Russell HOUSES

Realtors 940-566-2730 CASH MONEY! ESTATE OF
All real estate advertised herein Denton, Duplex 3303 Fall Mead- Any Area, Price DECEASED
is subject to the Federal Fair
Housing Act, which makes it il-
ow, 2 br 2 bath fenced back yard, or Condition
w/d hook up, $900 month, $850 IN PROBATE COURT
legal to advertise "any prefer-
ence, limitation, or discrimina-
dep can be paid over 3 months.
Very Clean Call 940-453-1505
940.367.6812 OF
tion because of race, color, reli- DENTON COUNTY, TEXAS
gion, sex, handicap, familial

status, or national origin, or in- houses: NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT
tention to make any such pref- unfurnished

Get Out of the House & Get
erence, limitation, or discrimi- FREE FIOS Internet with your
nation." We will not knowingly 1000 W Prairie 1-1, $695.00, Notice is hereby given that on
1 to 3 room retail or office space July 26, 2017, Letters Testamen-
accept advertising for real es- Limited time only. 8-15 move in on convenient Dallas Dr. location
tate which is in violation of the
law. All persons are hereby in-
from $390/mo. all bills paid.
QUICK CLOSE tary as Independent Executor
upon the Estate of KITTIE HOPE
PERKINS, Deceased, were is-
formed that all dwellings adver-
tised are available on an equal 1203 Avenue C 3-2-2 for $1400
Dallas Drive Plaza, LLC
who resides at 6117 Shady Cove
opportunity basis. all kitchen appliances fenced Court, North Richland Hills, Texas
back yard w/d connections 76180, by the Honorable Probate
approx 1600 sq ft. *Desert Sands Motel-Denton* Court of Denton County, Texas, in
C Bar T Properties
Weekly only $230 and up, refrig
& microwave. Free local calls,
CALL Cause No. PR-2017-00470,
pending upon the Probate Docket Showtime, wifi. 940-387-6181 (940) 381-7045 of the Court.
1717 Cordell 3/2/2 large yard Partially furnished room, all bills All persons having claims against
wood floors, close to schools, paid incl cable & wifi, fridge, no this Estate which is now being

You’ll find great deals

$1400 mo, $1400 dep, small pet smoking, private entry $650. + administered are hereby required
ok. Call 940-565-1399 leave mes. dep. Avail. now! 214-675-2424 houses w/acreage 730 to present same to the Executor’s
attorneys, NORMAN & NORMAN
$0 App, Luxury Downtown! 305 Fry, 5 bedroom 3.5 bath, Quiet mature indvidual upstairs P.C., at the address shown below,

every day in the

1BR $945 2BR $1295 3BR $1445 zoned heat and air, all applian- apartment 2 and a half rooms, within the time prescribed by law.
Wood Floors, Washer/Dryer ces, 1 year lease no pets. $2500 Private bath, share kitchen,
940-368-6419 rent/$3000 dep, tenants pay bills, laundry, wifi. $500 mo $250 dep Respectfully submitted, 940-367-3191 940-566-5226, near TWU
1215 Johnson st Denton,
1bd/1bth No smoking no pets
$625 p/month and $350 deposit
701 Texas Street 3-1-0
near TWU, old, high ceilings,
shade. $1000 Month, $1000
Room for rent for male, share
kitchen, living & bath. Minutes to
UNT. $365/mo. Most bills paid.-
Almost 15 acres with lovely
home, minutes from downtown

BY:/s/ Rob B. Schmid

Denton Record-Chronicle
available September Denton, call Lydia with Berkshire,
Dep. Ref/no pets. 940-566-0723 Call 940-594-4125 8am-12pm. State Bar No.24013934
940-381-6675 Hathway Realtors 940-232-7281 NORMAN & NORMAN P.C.
731 Texas St, 2 br 1 bath house 3200 RIVERFRONT DRIVE

From a new car to a new

w/d connections, fenced yard, SUITE 100
available mid August. $875 FORT WORTH, TEXAS 76107
mo/$875 dep. Call 972-839-4820 Phone: 817-335-5000
Fax: 817-335-5013

home to a new job, the

Close to UNT, 3-4 bd 2 bth,
living/dining, 2 car garage, large ATTORNEY FOR EXECUTOR
$149 move in special for yard, W/D included. Pet ok w/dep
remodeled 2BR only Call before 9pm, 469-878-3676 Country Living drc 8/14/2017

Classifieds deliver!
Available immediately 4 acres, pond,brick, 3br, 2ba, 2gr
Coronado Oaks, 201 Coronado, HOUSE FOR RENT!! office, sunroom, split master, fp, NOTICE TO VENDORS
Denton 940-566-0308. 1 bd 1 bath, walking distance to 11118 Marion Rd. Sanger, island kitchen, 245K, Call 940-
UNT from $595 Month 2 bed,1.5 baths,2 story, Luxury 872-4102, Text 940-366-1776.
1600 W. Oak St., 2 BR, 2 BTH, Condo $900 + $600dep
Clean, Quiet and Spacious 2/2 w/ 512-917-6419 Proposals will be received by the
940-390-4233 940-458-5503 City of Denton, Texas at the office
washer & dryer, 1 blk near UNT
campus $969 940-566-6617 Look From Home of the Purchasing Agent prior to
See Available Rentals at 11:00 AM., August 17, 2017 for
$35 APP FEE the following:
$790--$980 1 & 2 BR Studios. Jimmy Brown Prop. Mgmt.
Washer/Dryer in most 2bdrms. 940-387-4323 RFP # 6481–
No Weight Restrictions. Live on Penninsula of Lake Ray STREET PARKING LOT
Free Gym Membership. Property Search Management FOR THE CITY OF DENTON
940-566-4900 Rob, Eagle Cove Ests, Gated
Free Cable ($47.38). Lake Community. No HOA, 2,500
Free HBO ($10). 613 Bernard, Apt - $850. + SF Min. No bldg time limit. Qualified prospective suppliers
Free Hi-Speed internet ($40). 315 Fry, 1/1 - $725. may obtain copies of the proposal
Elisha Bomar, Suzanne Fickey
2500 SF building off Fort Worth
Drive, large bay door, office with
W & W RLTS, 940-383-2712
with information at
Go to or
(behind Outback Steakhouse)
shower. Perfect for auto mechan-
ic shop, has electric and water.
$2500 a month. Call
Lane Real Estate
The City of Denton, Texas
reserves the right to reject or
call 940-566-6836 for home delivery!
940-898-0133 WWW.LIVEINDENTON.COM accept any proposal and award to
940-435-4107 940-384-7378 the most advantageous proposal
914 Kilkenny, 2 BR, 1.5 bath, received.
1100 sf, updated, W/D included, CENTURY 21 Judge Fite
2 car carport, pay electric only, 22 Offices in North Texas
940.320.4355 Local, minority and small busi-
ready 8/15 $1150 940-591-7963 ness vendors are encouraged to
Southridge Rental 4/2.5/2 submit proposals.
2132 Pembrooke. Fenced yard,
granite countertops, updated. CITY OF DENTON, TEXAS
$1800/MO Call 214-502-0371 Access (940)349-7100
** AMAZING COMMUNITIES ** or 214-502-0356 High Visability, free way frontage ABANDONED VEHICLES PURCHASING
Spacious floor plans! off I-35E, commercial property.
1/2 OFF DEPOSIT! Call 940- 2,200 SF office and 2,100 SF 2005 Dodge Durango Silver DRC 8/7, 14, 2017
566-0033 525 S. Carroll Blvd, warehouse with over head door. VIN: 1D4HD58D25F532529
#100, Denton Tx. 76201 Corinth, $5000 month.
Reserve yours today!! 940-464-0415
Plate: 475WES AR Total charg- SELL YOUR STUFF
Two Bedrooom, One Bath es due as of 8/11/2017 $1189.20
GUEST HOUSE Large deck and
backyard ALLS BILLS PAID. In-
Apartments at 326 Peach St
between $800 & $850 Now leasing, 1,500 - 6,000 SF,
Invoice: 896947 HERE!
cludes cable and wifi. Must pass 940-566-5717 3 Phase, 200/400 amp service , If the vehicle is not claimed 30 DR-C Classifieds
Background check. $750 month. killianpropertymanagement 12mo lease, wat/sew pd. Nortex days after the date this notice
No Pets. 940-566-3756 Bus Park, Donnie 972-951-2131 is sent gives this vehicle stor-

B & B GRADING DPC assumes no responsibility for CAPITAL ROOFING
Denton Publishing assumes no re-
DANIELSON DENTON SAND Rock Driveways, ad content. Be aware of licenses/ Spring roof sale on all types of
Yard Drainage, insurances needed or required by roofs. Free Estimates
sponsibility for advertising content.
Be aware of licenses/ insurances
CONCRETE & GRAVEL, INC. Post Holes, Mowing, law to perform certain services or 940-383-0338
All Types of Concrete & WE DELIVER Ponds. 940-391-1986 before purchasing certain services GILL’S LAWN SERVICE LANGSTON’S PAINT
needed or required by law to per- We Can Also Load Your I Do Tape & Bed and Paint.
Asphalt Work! Slabs, Drives, Cut trees, fence repair/bldg, mow,
form certain services or before Pickup, Truck, or Trailer. Business 24 Yrs.
Patios & Excavation. edge, weedeat, flower beds, trim
purchasing certain services All Types of Rock, Sand, 940-390-9989
Commercial & Residential Free bushes, install new grass, mulch.
Estimates! Visa & Mastercard Gravel, & Road Base. Free Est. 15% Senior Discounts Alfredo Mendoza Lawn Service Guaranteed Work-Fully Insured Anderson Lawn Sprinklers
Accepted. 940-391-3830. Excellent Top Soil, Compost, 940-442-1132 or 940-442-1252 Mow, Edge, Flower Bed, Design, Install & Repair
Advance-Fee Loans/Credit offers: Clean Up, Mulch, New Fences,
Blended Soils & Mulch. It’s illegal for companies doing AAA FREE HAULING Visa/MC/Disc. TX LI#8773
Roads & Driveways Built. (for salvage in most cases) Stone Work, Junk Removal. 940-479-2247 972-822-1805
business by phone to promise
BMA Construction loan & ask you to pay before they WILLIE HUDSPETH Call 940-735-4845 Free Est!
DPC assumes no responsibility Concrete work, Dirt Work, Site 940-465-4321 FATHER & SON PAINTING
deliver. For info., call toll-free 1- Int.-Ext., Cabinets, Tape-Bed
for ad content. State Law requires Prep, Driveways, Back Fill, House 877-FTC HELP (public srvc msg) lawn mower repair1285 Soffitt, Fascia, Siding, Repairs,
child care providers to obtain per- Pads, Land Clearing. Call 940-
mit from DFPS (TxDept Family& 206-2274 for a FREE Estimate Steve & Paula Shackelford Gainesville Lawnmower Repair, Local. Ruben 940-453-7380
In Denton Call 940-566-4664
Protective Svcs) to provide child
care outside of a child’s home.
Toll Free Call 1-800-321-3322
Servicing all of your lawnmower,
4 wheeler, and motorcycles. Del.
All American Painting & Model
Int. Ext., Stain, Faux Patch &
Credit Cards Accepted
Daycare providers must comply Denton Publishing assumes no ANDERSON & Pickup, 7dys/wk. 940-665-0331 Repairs. 17+ yrs Exp. Free Est.
w/applicable state/local licensing DPC assumes no responsibility for responsibility for ad content. Cord 940-442-4545 or 940-735-4944
Josh Hendrix Mowing
laws before placing ad. Consum- ad content. Be aware of licenses/ of firewood=128 cu.ft.(8’ long X 4’ LANDSCAPE Mowing, Weed-Eating & Edging
mowing 1305
ers /day care providers may learn insurances needed or required by wide X 4’high).1/2 cord = 64 cu.ft. LARGE TREE EXPERTS
Dependable & Reliable
more on licensing,regulation, per-
law to perform certain services or ••••••••••••••••••••••• DESIGN & Yards and Lots up to 1.5 Acres
Lawn Mowing, Chain Saw. DPC assumes no responsibility for TIME, REMOVE, BRACE,
before purchasing certain services ad content. Be aware of licenses & LOT CLEARING.
mits req’d to operate childcare in Competitive Prices
Bartel Trucking INSTALLATION For a Free Estimate
Free Estimates.
insurances needed or required by Insured -- Free Estimate.
Creative landscape plans, 940-393-8867
Call 940-389-7013 law to perform certain services or
& Excavating installation, renovation, stone The Denton Mower before purchasing certain services. 940-367-1239;
• Top Soil • Compost work, patios, ret. walls, seasonal Small yards to HUGE yards.
Arena, Mortar, Cushion sand color, clean-ups, lawn maint., Mowing in Denton Co since 1998 940-482-6545
Flex Base • Septic Rock tree & shrub trimming, Call Dwight 940-435-9975
Tractor, Blade, Backhoe LANGSTON’S Handyman sprinkler & drainage systems.
DJ’s Clean Up Site Work • House Pads I do tile, wood floors, minor All your lawn & landscape needs. The Denton Mower Homewood Construction Inc.
Vacant buildings, homes, garag- Driveways • Roads electric. Build fences, decks, 20+ yrs exp, many references Small yards to HUGE yards. Specializing in new construction,
es, storage buildings, barns Owners-Don & Vicky Bartel tape, bed & paint 940-390-9989 Member BBB Visa/MC/Disc Mowing in Denton Co since 1998 and remodeling interior and We know you have a choice.
817-403-4485, Sanger 940-391-0279 MC/VI/DI/AE Guaranteed Work-Fully Insured. 940-479-2247, 972-822-1805 Call Dwight 940-435-9975 exterior 940-208-9259 Thank You for Choosing Us!
4C Monday, August 14, 2017 COMICS & PUZZLES Denton Record-Chronicle


Dear Abby: I am married to a great guy. easy and that the longer he resists the urge for came right out and asked if he loved me or had
We’ve been together 27 years, so I know him a nicotine fix, the easier it will be for him to any kind of romantic feelings for me. He ig-
well. He recently stopped smoking after 30 stay smoke-free. nored my question! I guess he didn’t want to
years of nicotine addiction. He did it cold tur- The fact that he becomes “belligerent” hurt me more by saying no. Two weeks later,
key, and he’s been smoke-free for three when he drinks should be a sign to you that he he broke up with me.
months now. I’m proud of him and tell him so. probably shouldn’t be drinking either. I have been divorced for five years, while
The problem is, when he drinks he gets Instead of keeping him company when he has never been married or had a live-in girl-
drunk — which I’m used to — but then he he’s in his cups, consider leaving to attend an friend. He said his reason for breaking up was
starts saying (sometimes belligerently) that Al-Anon meeting. It’s a supportive organiza- he felt our relationship was good but not great
he wants a cigarette badly. I don’t know how to tion created for friends and family members (!) and he didn’t think it ever would be.
respond to this. who are affected by a loved one’s alcohol con- This is painful, but I can’t help holding onto
I continue praising him for quitting and sumption. It isn’t difficult to find a meeting. hope. Should I just give up and move on?
point out the health benefits that are already Just go to Good, But Not Great
obvious — his breathing, returned senses, etc. Dear G.B.N.G.: Yes, for your own sake,
— but it’s getting old. Dear Abby: I was in a relationship with a you must. Give him credit for having been hon-
Should I continue to say helpful things or man for a year and a half. We got along great. est with you, but if after a year and a half he
just ignore him when he’s drunk? We never argued, and we had a healthy sexual wasn’t able to summon up any romantic feel-
Dumbfounded in Dallas relationship. ings for you, you must accept that it isn’t going
Dear Dumbfounded: Try this. Tell him You know the saying, “Actions speak loud- to happen.
calmly that his craving for a cigarette is nor- er than words”? All the actions were there — Moving on may be painful for a while, but
mal, particularly if he used to smoke while con- he took me on amazing vacations, introduced you will be doing yourself a big favor. Start
suming alcohol. me to all of his friends and family. now.
Reassure him that with time the craving But during all our time together, he never Contact Dear Abby at www.DearAbby
will lessen, and continue to reinforce that he once expressed how he felt about me. He nev- .com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
did himself a huge favor by mustering up the er even called me “Honey,” or “Babe.” 90069. Distributed by Andrews McMeel
willpower to quit. Tell him you know it wasn’t About a month ago, I told him how I felt. I Syndication.

BIZARRO By Dan Piraro

GARFIELD By Jim Davis PICKLES By Brian Crane

LUANN By Greg Evans BABY BLUES By Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

ZITS By Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman CRANKSHAFT By Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers


Directions: Complete
the grid so that every
row, column and 3x3
box contains every
digit from 1 to 9