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GE Healthcare

Reusable Temperature Probes

Comprehensive, lean portfolio designed to cover the whole hospital

Accurate temperature monitoring

GE Healthcare’s 400-series thermistors are
high-performance connections with proven
accuracy. Their single thermistor design provides
dependable performance.

Make the right connection

• Non-traumatic shapes and low friction
surfaces enhance patient comfort

• Latex-free materials help ensure patient safety

• Temperature probes and cable from

GE Healthcare help you effectively
utilize our patient monitoring technologies

• Steam autoclavability in temperatures up to

134°C (273.2°F) helps prevent cross contamination

Single-source simplicity
Purchasing accessories and supplies from a
single source means fewer purchase orders to
process, less vendors to research, and fewer
contracts to review. It also translates to cost
savings through customized supply contracts.
And, when your single source is GE Healthcare,
you have the benefit of a dedicated sales and
support organization, as well as a global resource
and distribution network. Make the right connection
with accessories and supplies from GE Healthcare.
Reusable temperature probes
Reusable probes are durable, autoclavable solutions
for increased cleaning flexibility and long life.

Temperature Care cable (single- 400 series)

Temperature Care cable (dual - 400/700 series)

Reusable Temperature Probe Family

Reusable temperature probes - 1/pkg
Our reusable probes are compliant with EN12470-4 and are accurate to ± 0.1°C at 0–50°C (± 0.18°F at 32-122°F); always refer to
the package labeling accompanying the product for detailed maintenance, cleaning and application instructions.

Type and REF code Application area Dimensions

General purpose- Adult Esophagus, rectum Sensor diameter: 4 mm/0.16 in
M1024247 Cable length: 3 m/10 ft
General purpose- Pediatric Esophagus, rectum Sensor diameter: 3 mm/0.12 in
M1024251 Cable length: 3 m/10 ft
Skin-Adult/Pediatric Finger, toe, axillary (armpit) Sensor diameter: 10 mm/0.39 in
M1024254 using tape or posey wrap Cable length: 3 m/10 ft

Extension cables - 1/pkg Cable length

Temperature Care cable (dual - 400/700 series) 0.5 m/20 in
2016998- 001
Temperature Care cable (single- 400 series) 0.5 m/20 in

Reusable probe maintenance

1. Cleaning 2. Disinfection 3. Sterilization*
Machine Machine Steam autoclave Sterrad®
wash wash

* Sterilize by steam autoclave for 20 minutes at 121°C/249.8°F (max 100 cycles) or 18 minutes at 134°C/273.2°F (max 30 cycles).
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Healthcare Re-imagined

GE is dedicated to helping you transform healthcare delivery

by driving critical breakthroughs in biology and technology.
Our expertise in medical imaging and information technologies,
medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery,
and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies is enabling
healthcare professionals around the world to discover new ways to
predict, diagnose and treat disease earlier. We call this model of
care “Early Health.” The goal: to help clinicians detect disease earlier,
access more information and intervene earlier with more targeted
treatments, so they can help their patients live their lives to the fullest.
Re-think, Re-discover, Re-invent, Re-imagine.

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