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March Reflection

I was able to spend over a week in one class this month which was amazing. I am often worried
that as I build my skills as a guest teacher (that focuses on the day to day) that I will lose the
knowledge/skill of planning, whether it be long or short term. While I have put together a few
practice long term and short term plans to keep up on this skill, I do recognize that it is different
in practice. So being able to come back day after day and modify things to adjust my planning
and classroom environment gave me a renewed confidence. All things considered I will
continue to review the work that I have done previously, and practice putting together plans as
I work through different curriculum.

I have also been able to really consider my Mandt training I received in February as I teach.
While I don’t think I will end up using any of that restraint, the very ideas behind the practice
and the cooling down period seem quite useful. I will continue to try to insert these ideas into
my practice.