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Search... Go abbreviation /əˌbriːviˈeɪʃən/ noun

a group of letters used as a short way of saying or writing a word or group of words

abandon verb
abbreviation noun
ability noun use an abbreviation People often use the abbreviation ‘US’ instead of saying the ‘United States’.
abnormal adjective
abort verb ADJECTIVES
abortion noun a written abbreviation 'BTW' is a written abbreviation which means ‘by the way’.
abortive adjective a common abbreviation At the back of the book there is a list of common abbreviations used in
about preposition
absence noun
the standard abbreviation The standard abbreviation for ‘for example’ is 'e.g.'.
absent adjective
absolutely adverb
absorbing adjective
abstract1 adjective the abbreviation for/of sth ‘PC’ is the abbreviation for ‘personal computer’. | ‘Dr’ is the
abstract2 noun abbreviation of ‘Doctor’.
abuse noun
abysmal adjective PHRASES
academic adjective an abbreviation is short for sth The abbreviation ‘WHO’ is short for ‘World Health Organization’.
accelerator noun
an abbreviation stands for sth The abbreviation ‘mph’ stands for ‘miles per hour’.
accent noun

Other words and phrases

abbreviation noun

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