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Quick Start Guide&

7 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Your Quick Start to Losing Weight Fast

By Elizabeth Jane
Thank you for downloading the 7 day ketogenic meal planner. Hopefully you have
read the full guide to the Ketogenic Diet from the main book. However I realise all
the information can be overwhelming and this is one of the reasons why people
sometimes do not start diets.

This quick start guide is intended to give you the immediate knowledge you need
to start a ketogenic diet today.

To get the most out of the diet, you will need to tailor it to your own needs. This is
what the main guide in the book is intended to help you with. This quick start guide
will allow you to take immediate action towards your health goals. It is not
perfect, but does not need to be... it is intend to give you momentum, to show
you that it is easily doable and give you confidence to carry on.

Read this document now and start the diet today. Take action towards your
health goals. In order to maintain the momentum, understanding the specifics
and psychology of the diet as set out in the main book, will be important in helping
you with your continued success.

If you have read all of the introduction of the main book already, and are ready to
immerse yourself fully into the diet, then feel free to skip straight to the meal plan
which will give you some good inspiration of what foods to eat across the week.
Ketogenic Diet
The Quick Start Guide
What is a ketogenic diet?
As mentioned, this is a quick start guide and you only need to know the key
information to get started.

In short, a ketogenic diet is low carb, high (good!) fat and moderate protein eating
plan. The idea is to get your body to use fat as its main source of fuel rather than
carbohydrates, which has a whole range of health benefits (the main one being
losing weight and burning fat). When your body burns fat you have reach ketosis,
which is the main aim for the diet.

To reach ketosis, your carb intake should be 20g – 50g a day

Keeping it simple
I have gone into greater detail in the main book about the calories you need and
specific nutritional information, but for the first week and for the purpose of just
starting, follow the meal plan. The meal plan will ensure you are covering the basics
and making progress. Specifically it has been designed so:

• You eat the right number of carbs – not too many

• You get enough protein every day
• You are not excessively consuming more calories than you need from fat
• You are eating good clean and enjoyable food
Simplification and flexibility
We all come in different shapes, sizes, genders, metabolic rates, different goals in
lie.. All o which effect how much ood we need and when we need it. Obviously
a generic meal plan will not suit everyone perfectly, hence the meal plan has been
created with a base number in mind but the flexibility comes from adding the
snacks. There are a range of snacks, some need preparation, some can be eaten
'as is' (e.g. nuts). Choose your favourite or mix it up.

For the average woman: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2-3 snacks.

For the average man: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and 3-4 snacks.

The simplest way to determine how many calories you need for the first week, is to
rely on your instinct.

• Getting hungry? Have additional snack.

• Feeling bloated and full? Cut back on a snack later or tomorrow.

Each meal time eat until you feel satiated.

Listen to your body

Again we are not aiming for perfection, just to exercise our willpower and take

Further notes on the meal plan:

• There are meat and vegetarian options – these are interchangeable, feel free
to mix it up.
• Sticking to the above guidelines will ensure you stay within your carb limit and
are on track for ketosis.
• The whole plan has been designed to be quick and simple to ease you into
the diet:
o The meals have been chosen for a balance of taste and ease.
o Meals are repeated every other night, so you can cook several portions
and put them in the fridge.
o Weekday breakfast is intended to be quick and simple, either a bullet
proof coffee or peanut bowl chia.
Bulletproof (high fat) coffee – Perhaps not to everyone’s liking –
but give it a try. It is simple to make –
• Brew or buy hot coffee.
• Blend in a 2 tbs unsalted, grass-fed butter (these two bits
are important) and 1 tbs of Brain Octane or XCT Oil (or 1
tbs of coconut oil for something different).
o Weekend breakfasts are more elaborate (on the assumption you have
more time).
• For the directions and ingredients for the meals, search for them from the
main book. This should have all the information that you need.
• The snacks are intended to be ‘1 portion’, pay attention to the quantity you are
eating. This will help create a useful habit for the future too.
• Carbs are presented as NET Carbs (total carbs minus fibre). This is more valid
that just ‘carbs’. There is more on this in the main guide.
• Within the guide and the snacks, the following abbreviations are used:

o F – Fat
o P – Protein
o C – Net carbs
Next steps

1. Make the decision to start — Every journey begins with a single step – and
I want to make that single step as easy as possible. Just start, using these
guidelines the subsequent weeks will be much easier.

2. Get the right shopping in — The meal plan includes vegetarian and non-
vegetarian options. See which ones you like, look up the ingredients from the
main book and get the ingredients you need.

3. Prepare meals ahead of time — You may want to prepare some snacks or
foods at the beginning of the week and store them. This will make life easier
if you are short of time during the week.

4. Read the main guide, get excited and begin to prepare for week 2 — If you
have not already read the main guide, I would recommend you do so across
the week then begin to tailor your own plan in week 2. Become excited about
your future weight loss and changing to a healthier lifestyle, whilst learning
how to never have to count calories again.
For women. I recommend 2-3 servings of the below snacks per day. For men, pick 3-4
servings. If you are getting hungry…then have another but do not over indulge.
Each of the below is designed to be 1 portion.

Celery and Cream Cheese Boiled egg Guacamole and Celery /

1 serve = 2 oz. 1 serve = 2 eggs
1 serve = 5 oz.
Cal: 200 Cal: 160
Cal: 210
F: 20g F: 10g
F: 20g

P: 3g P: 12g P: 5g

C: 2g C: 1g C: 5g

Low Carb Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Yoghurt* Raw Walnuts / Pecans/
Truffles Brazil Nuts
1 serve = 1 pot / 3.5 oz.
Cal: 200
Cal: 225 1 serve = 1 oz.
F: 20g
F: 22g
P: 15g Cal: 180

C: 5g P: 2g
F: 18g
C: 4g
P: 7g
Serving size and recipe are in
the main recipe book *Coyo or a similar brand C: 2g

Macadamia Nut Healthy Coconut Cream No Bake Healthy Almond

Chocolate Squares Butter Squares
Cal: 230
Cal: 272 Cal: 188
F: 45g
F: 28g P: 2g F: 19g

P: 3g C: 4g P: 4g
Serving size and recipe are in
C: 2g the main recipe book C: 3g

Note half a serving in the recipe

Serving size and recipe are in Serving size and recipe are in
book is equal to two servings in
the main recipe book this guide. the main recipe book
Breakfast Bullet Proof Coffee Flaxseed Crepes with Yoghurt
Weekday Cal: 450 F: 50g P: 0g C: 0g Cal: 219 F: 6g P: 23g C: 9g

Breakfast Kale and Eggs Benedict Kale, Zucchini & Goats Cheese Quiche
Weekend Cal: 280 F: 23g P: 16g C: 3g Cal: 290 F: 18g P: 19g C: 13g

Fish / Meat Vegetarian

Chicken Saute with Eggplant Bell Pepper & Almond Cucumber Canapes

Cal: 360 F: 24g P: 27g C: 7g Cal: 270 F: 20g P: 13g C: 10g

Tuna Steaks, Italian Style Garlic & Cheese Stuffed Portobello

Cal: 310 F: 41g P: 30g C: 3g Cal: 450 F: 38g P: 24g C: 6g

Chicken Soup with Celery Thyme Lemon Zucchini with Feta


Cal: 380 F: 15g P: 49g C: 9g Cal: 460 F: 40g P: 16g C: 9g

Steak Salad with Almonds and Oregano Quick & Easy Sea Bass Soup
Cal: 420 F: 33g P: 28g C: 3g Cal: 232 F: 6g P: 25g C: 20g

Chicken Saute with Eggplant Bell Pepper & Almond Cucumber Canapes

Cal: 360 F: 24g P: 27g C: 7g Cal: 270 F: 20g P: 13g C: 10g

Beef and Mushroom Ragu Eggplant, Zucchini, Bellpepper & Mozzarella Skewers
Cal: 480 F: 29g P: 42g C: 10g Cal: 335 F: 24g P: 19g C: 9g

Chicken Soup with Celery Thyme Lemon Zucchini with Feta


Cal: 380 F: 15g P: 49g C: 9g Cal: 460 F: 40g P: 16g C: 9g

Chicken Vegetable Noodles with Sage Avocado, Coconut Salad with Macademia & Cheese
Cal: 250 F: 15g P: 20g C: 8g Cal: 605 F: 55g P: 17g C: 7g

Ginger Sauteed Chicken Tomato & Mushroom Salad with Swiss Cheese
Cal: 305 F: 12g P: 39g C: 8g Cal: 480 F: 40g P: 20g C: 10g

Salmon Mozzarella Salad Zucchini Noodles with Oregano Pesto

Cal: 295 F: 20g P: 23g C: 8g Cal: 640 F: 59g P: 25g C: 9g

Ham with Broccoli & Parmesan Garlic & Cheese Stuffed Portobello

Cal: 545 F: 41g P: 36g C: 10g Cal: 450 F: 38g P: 24g C: 6g

Lemon Cucumber Salad with Spicy Goats

Stuffed Meatballs with Mustard Sauce
Cal: 350 F: 23g P: 32g C: 3g Cal: 660 F: 60g P: 28g C: 8g

Ginger Sauteed Chicken Thyme Lemon Zucchini with Feta

Cal: 305 F: 12g P: 39g C: 8g Cal: 460 F: 40g P: 16g C: 9g

Poached Salmon Over Spinach Salad Avocado, Coconut Salad with Macademia & Cheese
Cal: 500 F: 43g P: 28g C: 3g Cal: 605 F: 55g P: 17g C: 7g