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Forerunner 910XT

quick start manual

December 2012 190-01371-01_0D Printed in Taiwan

Introduction 5 Save your run (page 6).
 warning 6 Read the owner’s manual (page 10).
Always consult your physician before you
begin or modify any exercise program. Charging the Forerunner
See the Important Safety and Product notice
Information guide in the product box for To prevent corrosion, thoroughly dry the
product warnings and other important contacts and the surrounding area before
information. charging.
1 Plug the USB connector on the
About the Battery charging clip cable into the AC
 warning adapter.
This product contains a lithium-ion battery. 2 Plug the AC adapter into a standard
See the Important Safety and Product wall outlet.
Information guide in the product box for
product warnings and other important
3 Align the charging clip posts with
the contacts on the back of the
4 Clip the charger securely over the face
Getting Started of the Forerunner.
When using your Forerunner the first time,
complete these tasks.
1 Charge the Forerunner (page 2).
2 Turn on the Forerunner (page 3).
3 Put on the optional heart rate monitor
(page 5).
4 Go for a run (page 6).

2 Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual

5 Charge the Forerunner completely. Keys
A fully charged battery will last up to 20
hours, depending on usage. ➊
Turning on the Forerunner ➋
The first time you use the Forerunner,
you are prompted to choose your system
settings and enter user profile information.
1 Hold to turn on your Forerunner. ➏ ➌
2 Follow the on-screen instructions. ➎ ➍
3 Go outdoors to an open area.
4 Wait while the Forerunner searches for
satellites. ➊ Hold to turn the device on
and off.
It may take 30–60 seconds to locate
Select to adjust the backlight.
satellite signals.
Select to view status icons
The time of day and date are set (page 4).
automatically. Select to search for a
compatible weight scale.
➋ ▲▼ Select to scroll through menus
and settings.
Hold to scroll quickly through
the settings.
Select to scroll through training
pages during a workout.

Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual  3

➌ ENTER Select to turn on the backlight.
Select to choose an option and
to acknowledge a message.
➍ START/ Select to start and stop the
STOP timer.
➎ LAP/ Select to mark a new lap.
RESET Hold to save your activity and This window also displays several
reset the timer. status icons.
➏ MODE Select to view the timer and Icons
the menu. The map and the
compass also appear if they A solid icon means the feature is active.
are active. A flashing icon means the device is
Select to exit a menu or a searching.
page. Your settings are saved.
GPS is on.
Hold to switch sport modes.
GPS is off.
Using the Backlight
Timer is running.
1 Select ENTER to turn on the backlight.
TIP: You can double-tap the device Multiple sport activity is in
screen to turn on the backlight. This
feature is only available in “Run” and Battery charge level.
“Other” sport modes. Battery is charging.
2 Use ▲ and ▼ to adjust the backlight Heart rate monitor is active.
Foot pod is active.
Bike sensor is active.
Power sensor is active.

4 Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual

Fitness equipment is active. connection between your chest and
the transmitter.
Run sport is active.
NOTE: Some heart rate monitors have
Bike sport is active. a contact patch ➌. Wet the contact
Swim (open or pool) sport is
active. ➍ ➌ ➋ ➋
Other sport is active.

3 Wrap the strap around your chest, and

Putting on the Heart Rate connect the strap hook ➍ to the loop.
Monitor The Garmin logo should be right-side
NOTE: If you do not have a heart rate up.
monitor, you can skip this task. 4 Bring the device within range (3 m) of
NOTE: The Forerunner cannot record the heart rate monitor.
heart rate data while swimming. TIP: If the heart rate data is erratic
Wear the heart rate monitor directly on or does not appear, you may have
your skin, just below your breastplate. It to tighten the strap on your chest or
should be snug enough to stay in place warm up for 5–10 minutes.
during your run. After you put on the heart rate monitor, it
1 Snap the heart rate monitor ➊ onto is on standby and ready to send data.
the strap. When the heart rate monitor is paired, a
message appears, and appears solid
➊ on the screen.

2 Wet the electrodes ➋ on the back

of the strap to create a strong
Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual  5
Going for a Run Device Features and
Before you can record history, you must Information
locate satellite signals (page 3) or pair • History (page 6)
your Forerunner with an optional foot pod.
• Indoor use (page 7)
1 Select START to start the timer ➊.
• Bike mode (page 8)
➊ • Swim features (page 8)
• Triathlon training (page 9)
➋ ➌ • Garmin Connect™ (page 9)
• Customization (page 10)
History is recorded only while the timer • Troubleshooting (page 10)
is running. Your pace ➋ and distance • Care and cleaning (page 11)
➌ appear on the timer page.
The data fields shown are the defaults. History
You can customize the data fields Your Forerunner stores data based on
(page 10). the type of activity, the accessories used,
2 After completing your run, select and your training settings. When the
STOP. Forerunner memory is full, your oldest
data is overwritten. A warning message
Saving Your Run appears on the Forerunner before any
1 Hold RESET to save your run and data is deleted.
reset the timer. NOTE: History is not recorded while the
2 Transfer saved activities to your timer is stopped or paused.
computer (page 9). Estimated Activity Description

6 Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual

220 hours Smart recording with no • Select Show Map to view the
ANT+™ accessories activity on a map.
160 hours Smart recording with ANT+ • Select View Legs to view parts of
accessories a multisport activity.
48 hours Every second recording with • Select View Laps to view lap
no ANT+ accessories details.
42 hours Every second recording with
ANT+ accessories • Select View Ints. to view interval
Viewing History 6 Select ▲ or ▼ to scroll through laps.
The history displays the date, time of
day, distance, activity time, calories, and Deleting History
average and maximum pace or speed. 1 Select MODE > History > Delete >
Swim activities also display stroke and Individual Activities.
efficiency data. The history can also 2 Use ▲ and ▼ to select an activity.
display heart rate, cadence, and power
data if you are using the heart rate 3 Select Delete Activity.
monitor, foot pod, cadence sensor, or
power meter (optional accessories). Training Indoors
1 Select MODE > History > Activities. If the Forerunner cannot locate satellites,
a message appears asking if you are
2 Use ▲ and ▼ to view your saved indoors. You can also manually turn off
activities. GPS when you are training indoors.
3 Select an activity. While the Forerunner is trying to locate
4 Select View More to view averages satellites, select ENTER > Yes.
and maximums. TIP: For more information about
5 Select an option: training indoors and GPS settings, see
the owner’s manual.

Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual  7

Biking with Your Forerunner 6 If you stop to rest, select LAP, and
1 Hold MODE. select LAP again when you resume
2 Select Bike > START.
This creates a rest interval separate
3 After completing your ride, select from your swim interval.
7 After completing your swim, select
4 Hold RESET to save your ride and STOP.
reset the timer.
8 Hold RESET to save your data and
reset the timer.
Swimming with Your
Forerunner Swim Terminology
You can record your swim data including NOTE: For additional information about
distance, pace, stroke count, and stroke open water swimming and swim data
type (pool swim only). fields, see the owner’s manual.
NOTE: The Forerunner cannot record • A length is one trip down the pool.
heart rate data while swimming. • An interval in swimming is like a lap in
1 Hold MODE. running. You can break your swim into
swim intervals and rest intervals.
2 Select Swim > Pool Swim.
• A stroke is counted every time your
3 Select your pool length or enter a
custom length. arm wearing the Forerunner completes
a full cycle.
4 If necessary, select MODE > Settings
> Pool Swim Settings > Data Fields • Your swolf score is the sum of the
to customize the swim training pages. time for one length and the number of
strokes for that length. For example,
For a complete list of the available 30 seconds plus 15 strokes equals
data fields, see the owner’s manual. a swolf score of 45. Swolf is a
5 Select START.
8 Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual
measurement of swimming efficiency 3 Select Start Multisport > START.
and, like golf, a lower score is better.
• Your swim efficiency index is the sum

of the time and the number of strokes
that it takes to swim 25 meters. This ➋
allows you to compare your swim
efficiency to another pool or an open
water workout. A lower swim efficiency Your total event time ➊ and total
index is better. event distance ➋ appear on the first
page in the training page loop. You
Stroke Types can use ▲ and ▼ to view additional
Free Freestyle training pages for each sport segment.
Back Backstroke 4 Select LAP when you complete a
Breast Breaststroke segment or transition.
Fly Butterfly
Mixed More than one stroke type in Using Garmin Connect
an interval Garmin Connect is web-based software
for storing and analyzing your data.
Triathlon Training 1 Go to
If you are participating in a triathlon, 2 Follow the on-screen instructions.
you can use Auto Multisport to quickly
transition to each sport segment. Sending History to Your Computer
1 Select MODE > Training > Auto 1 Plug the USB ANT Stick into a USB
Multisport. port on your computer.
2 If necessary, select Include The USB ANT Stick drivers
Transition to record transition time automatically install the Garmin
separately from the sport segments. ANT Agent. You can download the

Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual  9

USB ANT Agent if the drivers do not data fields you customize are saved for
automatically install. Go to the active sport.
2 Bring your device within range Troubleshooting
(3 m) of your computer.
Getting the Owner’s Manual
3 Follow the on-screen instructions. You can get the latest owner’s manual
from the web.
Customizing Your Device 1 Go to
You can customize your settings for
each sport. Each setting is defined in the 2 Select your product.
owner’s manual (page 10). 3 Click Manuals.
1 If necessary, hold MODE to change Resetting the Device
your sport.
If the keys or screen stop responding, you
2 Select MODE > Settings. may need to reset the device.
3 Select a setting based on your active 1 Hold until the screen goes blank.
2 Hold until the screen turns on.
For example, if the Forerunner is set
to bike, select Bike Settings Updating the Software Using
4 Customize your settings. Garmin Connect
The settings are saved for the active Before you can update the device
sport. software, you must pair the USB ANT
Stick with your computer (page 9).
About Data Fields 1 Connect the USB ANT Stick to your
You can customize data fields on up to computer.
four training pages for each sport. For a 2 Go to
complete list of the available data fields,
see the owner’s manual (page 10). The
10 Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual
If there is new software available, Caring for Your Device
Garmin Connect alerts you to update
the software. notice
Do not store the device where prolonged
3 Follow the on-screen instructions. exposure to extreme temperatures can
4 Keep your device in range (3 m) of the occur, because it can cause permanent
computer during the update process. damage.
Registering Your Device Do not use a sharp object to clean the
Help us better support you by completing device.
our online registration today: Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents that
• Go to can damage plastic components.
• Keep the original sales receipt, or a
photocopy, in a safe place. Caring for the Heart Rate Monitor
Getting More Information notice
You must unsnap the module before
You can find more information about this cleaning the strap.
product on the Garmin web site.
• Go to A buildup of sweat and salt on the strap
can decrease the ability of the heart rate
• Go to monitor to report accurate data.
• Go to, or contact
your Garmin dealer for information Go to for
about optional accessories and detailed washing instructions.
replacement parts.

Forerunner 910XT Quick Start Manual  11
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