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Student-Teacher: Mahra Mohammed Date:25 – Feb- 2018

EPC 2903 Primary Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 2

Grade Level: 2-B

Subject: English (Grammar lesson)
Learning Outcome: By the end of this lesson students will be able to:
- The student will be able to write sentences in the future tense.
- The student will be able to differentiate between (past – present – future) tense.
Resources Preparation (what do you need to do/make before
-Flashcard: - Future tense – Past tense – present
tense -Write the learning objectives, date, and day.
-Sticks with written verbs -Check if the laptop, data show and smart board are
-Online quiz: working. -Print the worksheets.
bs-future-tense/ -Prepare the materials.
-Worksheets -PowerPoint -Thin rope -Clothespin -Divide the students into groups.
-Magnets -Markers -Plastic bags Key vocabulary/ Target Language
Future tense – I am going to – I will
Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

Opening: - (saimon says activity) Recap irregular past tense verbs from last week.
I will write the present tense verbs on the board and the students will give me the past tense from
last week. (Sat – Flew – Ran – Wrote – Went – Saw – Taught – Did – Sang – Swam – Told)
Teacher introduction: - I will ask the students to pull a stick and read the verb on it and put it in
the plastic bag under the right tense on the board. After they finish from that I will present the
Time: 25 min

future tense presentation and I will explain the future tense for them.

-This week we will look at the future tense.

What does future tense mean?
How do we know if a sentence is in the future tense?
I will give the instruction for the students and model the activities for them. First activity which is
changing the verbs to the correct tense.
The high-level students will be working together on the A3 sheet
The low-level students will be working individually.
The second activity is describing something will happen in the future.
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

Activity one: - The low group will have a worksheet with simple verbs and they will change the
present verbs to the past or the past to the present.
I will walk around them to help the students who are struggling and if they don’t understand I will
Time: 20 min

model the activity for them.


Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

The high-level groups will have A3 sheet

They will change the sentences from past to present then to future.
Independent Experience (small group activity 2)
I will give all the students a card and they will write something will happen in future after they
finish I will hang the cards on the rope using clothespin.

Closing (review learning -LO)

Time: 10 min

I will play this quiz with the students so they have to say which part of the sentence tells us that it is

future tense.

Assessment (to be done during activity time, who and what will be assessed?)

While they are working I will move around them and check if they understand the lesson
And I will ask them questions
-What we add to the verbs to be in past, present, future tense
Reflection WWW/EBI

The explanation of the PowerPoint was clear to them. They achieved the LO and the lesson target. It would be
better If I divided the HA activity into pairs rather than using an A3 sheet for each group. Because they weren’t
sharing the sheet and most of the student were playing.

For the behavior management, I used the clapping strategy and I did what my MST does (If you hear me put
your hands on your chin, nose, ears etc.).

Next Steps in learning and teaching

Use different strategies to control student’s behavior while explaining the presentation and tasks.
Organizing the time to do the plenary.
Prepare suitable activities for high-level learners such as pair work or individual work.