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Bulacan State University

Hagonoy Campus
Iba-Carillo, Hagonoy, Bulacan

A written report submitted to the faculty of

Bulacan State University – Hagonoy Campus
In partial fulfillment of the requirements in PRACTICE TEACHING.

A Teaching Portfolio in Practice Teaching in

San Pedro National High School

Prepared by:
Janella Anne M. Diamante
BSEd English 4A

Approved by:
Ma. Isabel C. Chico
Supervisor, Student Teaching

I. Preliminaries

 Teacher’s Prayer
 Introduction
 Acknowledgement
 Dedication
 Clearance
 Approval Sheet

II. Schedule of School Activities/Course Outline

A. Bulacan State Univeristy

B. San Pedro National High School

III. School Activities and Participation

A. Teaching- Learning Strategies Learned from OP

B. Local Demonstration Teaching

 Lesson Plan Used

 Demo Teaching Observation Guide
 Rating Scale
 Documentation

C. Attendance

 DTR (Form 48)

 Form 6

IV. Appendices

 Problems Encountered During Practice Teaching

 Curriculum Vitae
 Seminars Attended/ Certificates
 Professional Development Plan
I. Preliminaries
 Teacher’s Prayer
 Introduction
 Acknowledgement
 Dedication
 Clearance
 Approval Sheet
Teacher’s Prayer

Father of Light and Wisdom, thank you for giving me a mind that can know and a heart that can

love. Help me to keep learning every day of my life--no matter what the subject may be. Let me be

convinced that all knowledge leads to you and let me know how to find you and love you in all the

things you have made. Encourage me when the studies are difficult and when I am tempted to give up.

Enlighten me when my brain is slow and help me to grasp the truth held out to me. Grant me the grace

to put my knowledge to use in building the kingdom of God on earth so that I may enter the kingdom of

God in heaven. Loving Father, I stand before You in the midst of confusion and complexities of life. My

future sometimes seems distant and unknown. Give me, O Lord, the vision to see the path You set

before me. Grant me the courage to follow Your way, that through the gifts and talents You have given

me, I may bring Your life and Your love to others, Amen.
Teaching is a lifelong learning process of learning about new things, strategies, and

philosophies. Learning from colleagues, learning from the parents and also learning from the children.

It is the time of trial and error and for growing confidence and beginning expertise. It is not a

time of perfection but of striving for competence. Through student teaching, a process whereby a

potential teacher confirms to herself and others that she as the resourcefulness to survive with educator,

you must first understand the value of continuous learning because this would be the teacher’s tool in

molding individuals into a better and more competitive one.

The first major step in moving from amateur status toward gaining competencies that mark the

real professional is the student teaching opportunities to the educational theories and methods into


Student teaching is the first and foremost a learning situation. This is the craft before she has to

put her skills on the lime in her own classroom. This is the student teacher’s chance to learn her mistakes

without causing harm to her students. This is the time for her to find out an actual teaching situation, the

prospect teacher gain more experiences that would serve as their credential in their path.

As we all know, teaching is a noble profession. It requires a long preparation and more training

sessions for them to be equipped in facing the real environment that awaits them in near future.

Student Teaching serves as an internship in the profession education where theories, knowledge,

attitude and skills development through course work and observation are fused into more meaningful

interpretation through practical experience in actual teaching situation.


To my cooperating teachers, Ma’am Maria Cristina C. De Jesus and Ma’am Irene B. Dimaliwat

of San Pedro National High School who accommodates me in familiarizing the classroom management,

I thank you for giving me chance to enlighten my mind the picture of the field I am about to go on. This

gives me encouragement and inspiration to strive harder and builds a good affinity between the people

around me.

To the Principal and Head Teacher of English department of San Pedro National High School,

appreciation and gratitude for welcoming us and letting us make your school as one of our source of


To our Supervisor Ma’am Maria Isabel C. Chico, we are grateful that you trusted us to go out of

the school and giving us permit for this educational service training.

To Ma’am Bessilda D. Bonifacio, who inspires me in everyday of my life, who gives me infinite

encouragement and support in my studies, I solemnly thank you Ma’am for the opportunity to take a

good direction for better life. Thank you for the guidance and advices that mold me to develop my

personality and character as I face the headlong of challenges of the time with strength and confidence.

To all the teaching staff of Education Department, thank you for giving us sacks of knowledge

which enables us to see the brightness that we longed for our future.

To all the pencils who let me sharpened their minds, thank you! Especially to 10-Amethyst, 10-

Emerald and of course 10-Garnet of San Pedro National High School, thank you for making me feel

valued and cooperating with me. You helped me embrace this profession. There will never be

sharpeners if there are no pencils.

To Rheianne Joyce, Rochelle and Kim Paulo,thank you for giving me the possibility to complete

this portfolio and finish my Off-Campus Practice Teaching (Educ 426)

To my best friend Kim Torres, thank you for every help you gave me. You just don’t know how

much I value your opinions.

To my parents who taught me how to be patient and optimistic. If I don’t possess those virtues, I

had probably quitted this course and hadn’t reach this far. Thank you mama and papa for without your

support, I cannot come to the realizations of my dreams and I can’t be what I achieved now.

And to the Lord whose patient love enabled me to complete this work. His overflowing grace

gave me courage to finish the race I’m running.

To God be the Glory!


I dedicate this Final Portfolio to God Almighty my creator, my strong pillar, my source of

inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He has been the source of my strength throughout

these years and on His wings only have I soared. I also dedicate this to my love who has encouraged me

all the way and whose encouragement has made sure that I give it all it takes to finish what I have

started. As well as everything that I do, I would be honor to dedicate this Final Portfolio to my parents.

These two gave the tools and values necessary to be where I am standing today. My parents support me

on every step I make, and decision I take; but is necessary to understand that they let me take my

decisions alone in order for me to learn from my personal mistake and as my father says to “learn and

grow from each seatback”. I will never finish to thank my father and my mother for all the opportunities

that they have offer and gave me, for all the teachings that they have told me and for every advise that

come out of their mouth. I am so graceful with them for trusting me that I would do a Good job in the

university, and letting me come to achieve a higher education. So that’s why I dedicate this Portfolio to

my parents, whom expect my effort on everything that I do, and I think that this Final Portfolio is the

perfect image and reflection of my effort and hard work. Mama and Papa: I hope that I can make you

proud, the same way that I am proud of having both of you as my parents and as the compass of my life!
II. Schedule of School Activities/Course Outline

A. Bulacan State University

B. San Pedro National High School

Schedule of School Activities/Course Outline
Bulacan State University- Hagonoy Campus


 1 to 4  Enrollment Period
 14 to 16  Adding/ Changing of Subjects


 4 to 7  University Founding Anniversary

 8  City of Malolos Holiday
 17 to 22  SCUAA III Olympics


 3 to 13  Extension of Classes for the first Semester,

 8 to 13 SY 2017-2018
 15 to 17  Final Exam (College)
 18 to 20  Computation and Posting of Grades
 Generation of Report of Grades
Schedule of School Activities/Course Outline
Cooperating School (San Pedro National HighSchool)

Week 1
 August 23  Regular Class
 August 24
 August 25
Week 2
 August 28  Regular Class
 August 29
 August 30
 September 1
Week 3
 September 4  Regular Class
 September 5  NCAE (Grade 9)
 September 6
 September 8
Week 4
 September 11  2nd Unit Test
 September 12  Class Suspended (Typhoon)
 September 13  2nd Unit Test
 September 15  Holiday
Week 5
 September 18  Intramurals
 September 19
 September 20
 September 22
Week 6
 September 25  Regular Class
 September 26
 September 27
 September 29
Week 7
 October 2  Regular Class
 October 3  Teacher’s Day Celebration
 October 4
 October 6
Week 8
 October 9  Regular Class
 October 10
 October 11
 October 13
Week 9
 October 16  Regular Class
 October 17
 October 18
 October 20
Week 10
 October 23  Regular Class
 October 24  2nd Periodical Examination
 October 25
 October 27
Week 11
 October 30  All Souls Day
 October 31  All Saints Day
 November 1
 November 2
 November 3
Week 12
 November 6  Regular Class
 November 7
 November 8
 November 9
 November 10
Week 13
 November 13  ASEAN Summit
 November 14
 November 15
 November 16
Week 14
 November 20  Regular Class
 November 21  Celebration of National Reading Month
 November 22
 November 24
Week 15
 November 27  Regular Class
 November 28
 November 29
 November 30
 December 1
Week 16
 December 4  Regular Class
 December 5  3rd Unit Test
 December 6
 December 8
 December 11  Regular Class
 December 12
 December 13
 December 15
III. School Activities and Participation

A. Teaching – Learning Strategies Learned from OP

B. Local Demonstration Teaching
 Lesson Plan Used
 Demo Teaching Observation Guide
 Rating Scale
 Documentation
D. Attendance
 DTR (Form 48)
 Form 6
Teaching – Learning Strategies Learned from OP

During my Off-Campus Practice Teaching at San Pedro National High School I’ve encountered

problems that can be solved depending on the teaching strategy that you’re going to use. Upon my stay

in the said school I’ve learned to discover different strategies that best suits to my students. At first I had

a hard time on how I’m going to handle heterogeneous class. As I’ve observed in a heterogeneous class

it is important that you know your students’ strengths and weaknesses so that you are able to think

strategies that will help them easily learn the lesson despite of the differences they have. As a teacher we

are the one who should help them turn their weaknesses into strength. I witnessed how the students

encouraged when the teacher appreciates even the little things that they have done inside or outside the

classroom. I also learned that teaching is not only about teaching A, B, C and D it is about how are you

going to penetrate the lives of your students. We have to know our students well for them to give us the

chance to touch their lives. Building relationship with you students is important but make sure you still

set limitations because sometimes the students misinterpret the good things you’ve done to them. Some

students take advantage to it so as a teacher you have to set boundaries between you and your students.

These are some of the teaching-learning strategies I’ve learning during my Off-Campus Practice

Teaching that I will apply when I’m already in the field of teaching.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” - Moliere

I’ve been through a lot before this day has finally come. I supposed to finish my final

demonstration teaching last year; December 2017 unfortunately I didn’t make it because of the

misunderstandings. The said date was moved and finished my final demo, February 2018. I’ve made

mistakes along the way but I already learned my lesson. Another chance has given to me and I made

sure to accomplish it well. Like what they say, it is true that we don’t grow when things are easy; we

grow when we face challenges.

The day before the date of my demo I’m waiting for it like it’s my birthday. I’m excited because

I want to prove myself to the people I’ve disappointed. During the day of my final demonstration

teaching I felt butterflies inside my stomach. Like what others felt during their demo, I feel nervous too.

I don’t even bother to eat and sleep before the set time comes. While demonstrating the lesson I’ve

prepared there’s also technicalities but then the show must go on. I’d still go on the plan even I’m quite

dismayed of what is happening.

All the hard work, all the sacrifices, sleepless nights, struggles and downfalls paid off after

hearing all those congratulations messages from the people around me especially those people behind

this success. There’s always room for improvement, and the fact that there is, is truly a blessing. There is

always something new to be learned. There are always fresh ideas to be explored. No matter how good

life is, there are ways to make it even better. Love and joy and fulfillment do not ever get used up. You

can make today more beautiful, more productive, more meaningful than yesterday. And you can make

tomorrow even better. Each moment is another opportunity to create new value. Each day is yours to fill

with positive experience. Whether you’ve been up or you’ve been down, whether life is now good or not

so good, this is the time to make it better. Make a little improvement, and then a little more, and keep

reaching higher and higher.

The best stone deserves the best grinding, indeed.

IV. Appendices

 Problems Encountered During Practice Teaching

 Curriculum Vitae

 Seminars Attended/ Certificates

 Professional Development Plan

Problems Encountered During Practice Teaching

Being respected is better than being liked. That’s what I wanted from my students. I want them

to respect me despite of our differences. There are some students know it, but sad to say some don’t

know how to do it. A disrespectful student that is the first problem I’ve encountered during my practice

teaching. I’ve been dismayed every time I’m exerting so much effort for them to learn but can’t see

them interested in what I’m saying. At first I thought it is me that is doing something that is not

appropriate, but at the end of the day I’ve realized it is them who don’t know how to appreciate the

effort of the teacher.

All of us have different potential. Some are good in writing activities and some are good in oral

activities. The second problem I’ve observed is students barely use the English language because they

are afraid of criticisms. As I look into their eyes I know that they always have something to say when

we’re discussing the lesson but they hesitate to answer because they think that when they commit

mistake their classmates will laugh at them.

The last problem that I want to discuss is those hard-headed students that keep on pushing the

teacher to its limit. We cannot avoid the fact that there are students that do not get into a restraint. It’s

hard to stop them doing things that I know they know it’s bad.

These are some of the problems that aroused during my practice teaching. I won’t stop in stating

what the problems are. Below are the recommendations on how are we going to control or avoid these


First thing we should do is to let them know that you’re not the kind of teacher that is okay with

the bad attitudes they have. I don’t say be the scariest teacher, but be the teacher who’s being respected

because she/he is known as a teacher with conviction and integrity. Second, be the source of

encouragement for your students. Encourage them to show off the ability they have and be proud of

what they can do because what they have is a God-given talent. Cheer them when they feel failure

because she/he thought that they are different. Lastly, show them what you’ve got. Don’t let them treat
you as their friends because when that happens some students will abuse the kindness you’re showing

them. Let them know their limitations and as a teacher you should set boundaries.

I hope this would help!

Professional Development Plan

“Where will I be after graduation?” That’s the only question I have in mind right at this moment.

I’m very excited because I’m closer to the dreams of my parents for me and that is to graduate college

with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I know once I wear the black gown

and black toga my parents will be the happiest couple in the world and honestly, it’s more than enough

for me.

My life won’t stop after I graduate, I’m planning to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers

in the same year I graduated. Claiming it already that I’m going to take that examination once because I

believe that I’m going to passed it in my first try. While reviewing of course I’m going to apply work in

Manila. I want to get experiences that will help me improve for the betterment of life.

I’m also planning to work abroad and earn enough money to open a photo studio. I will also

study abroad about photography because in the first place that is what I wanted, to become a

professional photographer who is known that only here in the Philippines but also outside the country.

Once I earned enough money to open a business, I will focus myself in helping the kids in the

orphanage. I want to make them the happiest kids on earth despite of the challenges and trials that comes

their way. In connection to this, I want to teach special children who deserves to be educated no matter

what the situation they are in. I will also go on a trip not to travel but to teach for free those people

especially in the provinces that cannot afford to study.

These plans will remain plans if I’m not going to work on it. As I write this Professional

Development Plan I promise myself to do everything and to strive harder to achieve everything I’ve

written here. I can’t do it on my own but with help of our Lord all these things are possible.