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Written Task 1 Proposal Form

Pt 3—Texts & Contexts [A Streetcar Named Desire or Sizwe Bansi is Dead (HL only)]

My Name: Joe Cool

Directions: Part A. Please answer the question to each question in the right-hand column. I have provided
you with one example of a response to these questions in the right-hand column using the student example
of the police report on The Lord of the Flies from Lang & Lit—Part 4. Just delete this example text and
write your own response in its place. Part B. Include the URL of the real-world style model that your
written task is going to emulate. If the style model is a printed copy, then take a screen shot of it or scan it
and upload the jpeg image along with this template to Moodle.

Questions to Answer: My Response (overwrite the following example responses from Lord
of the Flies with your own responses from Streetcar)
1) What topic from A
Streetcar Named Desire The death of Simon from The Lord of the Flies
are you going to focus on
in your WT?
What text type did you A police report
choose to emulate for
your WT?
1. Why did you choose this 1. Choosing a police report seemed interesting for me to try to express
particular text type. 2. myself as if I were one of the characters involved in Simon’s death. 2.
Why is this text type the The police report text type allows me to explain the situation of
best choice for your WT? Simon’s death through from characters’ perspectives, including their
way of speaking and their views of the killing of Simon
How is your topic linked
to Part 3 of the My topic deals with the motives of Ralph, Jack, and Roger and this
Curriculum (i.e. texts & deals with Golding’s characterization of these characters. By
contexts)? (e.g. literary portraying the characters in this way, he supporting his central theme
criticism, literary of the book: that man is basically savage.
movements, context, etc.)
What are the key stylistic
features of the text type Stylistic features of a police report:
that you intend to  police jargon (suspect, witness, homicide, etc.)
emulate?  concise language
List these in bullet point
 official language
Who is the speaker and  Speaker: The police officer who is reporting on the murder of
intended audience of Simon (i.e. the reporting officer)
your WT?  Intended audience: commanding officer of the police
department (i.e. approving officer); possible government
authorities will also read it in extreme cases
What is the intended To investigate the murder of Simon to see who is culpable. I achieve
purpose of your WT? this by interviewing the witnesses and suspects and examining the
murder scene.
What is the context of This investigation occurs immediately after the events take place in
your WT text type? You the story. This incident could be considered a high profile case.
need to consider the  Incident occurred on 07/25/1944 at 2300 hours
social, cultural and  Police report filed on 08/13/1944 at 14:23 hours following a
historical setting of your three week investigation
fictional WT response.
1) What are the stylistic  The language, layout, and register in my police report looks
features of this text type and sound official (e.g. Incident Report # 0012443)
that you want to emulate  I will include police jargon associated with a police report (e.g.

Webster Lang & Lit AISG

in your own WT? witness, suspect, case file, “Murder without Malice Prepence”,
victim, etc.)
 The statements—police officer statement, witness statements,
and suspect statements—should all be authentic, using their
own voice and way of speaking, either a direct quotation from
the book or a careful paraphrase. For example, “littluns,”
“SamnEric,” and several quotations from the book such as “do
his dance” and “we was on the outside”
Primary or Secondary Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Coward-McCann,
Sources I used or referred 1962. Print.
to in my Written Task

Webster Lang & Lit AISG