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Pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

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improve service
Reduce Cost and
Pneumatic tube
systems in hospitals

Why pneumatic tube systems in hospitals?

Solutions for improved operational efficiency

Today's hospitals continue to see the res- Aerocom connects the entire hospital.
ponsibilities of critical hospital personnel Emergency rooms, labs, blood bank, phar-
expand. Hospitals continue to look to tech- macy, and all supporting areas can now be
nology to improve their ability to deliver linked together. Items that once travelled
expanding hospital services without in- by foot can now automatically reach their
creased staffing. A pneumatic tube system destination at speeds of up to eight meters
can yield an immediate and measurable per second. Overall hospital operation is
result in this dilemma. now streamlined as valuable hospital staff
can focus on doing what they do best…
An infinite variety of material can be trans- treating patients.
ported with an Aerocom pneumatic tube
system. Documents, reports, patient files,
X-rays, pharmaceuticals, lab specimens,
plasma, injection vials and instruments are
just a few of the more common examples.
Aerocom tube systems provide savings
throughout the hospital
Aerocom AC 3000- Sophisticated PC-control
with multi-zone system capacity

The AC 3000's sending and receiving

stations are the perfect solution for to-
day's busy hospital environments. Their
thru-station design allows Aerocom
engineers to design a system using a
4 5
minimum amount of tubing. Not only
does this reduce system cost, but it also
simplifies installation.

This is of particular benefit when integrating

a system into an existing medical facility.
The AC 3000 could not be easier to use.
It's as simple as selecting the desired desti-
nation from the station directory and pres-
sing the send button. Routing through the
multiple zones and diverters is determined
by the system's PC controller.

In keeping with existing health regulations,

the stations are designed to operate with
no air leakage during send and receive
operations. Computer controlled pneumatic
braking automatically slows the carriers
prior to arrival at the station. This helps
insure the safe delivery of delicate items.

Aerocom's remote system diagnostics help

insure maximum reliability and uptime.
An Aerocom technician can remotely access
system diagnostics and programming.

AC 3000 Premium Station

Outer diameter: 110 mm

The connection between the different

zones of a tube system is managed by
diverters. All dispatches are co-ordinated
by the central PC unit.
Optimize your internal logistics
Pneumatic Tube Systems

In addition to relieving vital staff members More importantly, essential samples and
of the routine transport of lab samples and medications reach their destinations in
medications, pneumatic tube systems deli- seconds rather than minutes.
ver these items in a fraction of the time.

A single zone system with through- or end-stations. The AC 3000 multi-zone-system can interconnect as many
An intelligent microprocessor controlled system makes it as 512 stations with up to 64 independently operating zones.
possible to send carriers between each station of a system. Familiar Windows ™ operating software provides complete
transaction auditing, a graphic real-time system status
display, as well as user-friendly programming capabilities
to the system administrator.

160 110 110 110

160 160

Front-Loading-Station Universell Through Multi-Load-Station Universell Through or Endstation Endstation after Diverter EWS
Giga-Station or Endstation COM-Station Premium-Station

Simple, functional, and attractive

Blending ergonomics, performance, and aesthetics

Aerocom stations compliment the appea-

rance of any hospital environment. They
are the perfect blend of contemporary
design and exceptional ergonomics.

Stations are equipped with an easy to read,

easy to follow, LCD menu that makes selec-
ting a destination and system activation as
simple as can be.

Systems are available in 110 mm and

160 mm configurations. While we offer a variety of end stations, all
provide a gentle landing for arriving carriers.

A variety of custom carrier inserts

is available to provide safe trans-
port of lab samples, plasma bags,
and surgical instruments, just to
name a few.
short ways
Why Aerocom?
Improved efficiency, maximized productivity
and reduced cost
10 When is the right time to install a Where to install a pneumatic tube system? 11

pneumatic tube system? Practically everywhere! Stations can be

There is no better time than the present. connected by a horizontal run or mounted
Whether new construction or retrofit project vertically. Tubing can be installed overhead,
fast and safe transportation
in an existing facility, Aerocom delivers a or underground. Since tubing can be run
customized solution to meet any require- outdoors, Aerocom pneumatic tube
ment. If you have a need to get it there fast, systems can even link multiple buildings.
Aerocom's vast product line can make it Even streets and rivers don't present an
happen. From a basic point-to-point system obstacle that Aerocom can't overcome.
(AC 2U), to the computer controlled, multi- So perhaps the easier question would be;
zoned, AC 3000 with its up to 512 station where can you not install an Aerocom
capacity, Aerocom engineers can get it done. system? 6 - 8 meter per second
Why pneumatic tube systems? Aerocom has a solution to your material
When routine errands can be handled at transport need!
a speed of 6 - 8 m/sec rather than on foot,
the performance of your entire operation
is enhanced. Two of the most valuable
time and cost efficancy
assets in any business are time and money.
Aerocom tube systems save both. energy saving
There is an added benefit beyond the black
and white savings of money and time.
By reducing the requirement for routine
errands, valuable hospital staff is now free
to direct their attention to what they do
best… treating patients.

What can be transported?

Tubing diameters range from 110mm to
305 mm. This allows the transfer of items
over 280 mm in diameter and almost
500 mm in length. Materials weighing
nearly 28 kg can be transported at speeds
of up to 8 meters per second.
Materials such as blood and tissue samples
can arrive at the lab in seconds.
Medications sent from the central pharmacy
can reach the nursing stations by the push
of a button. X-rays and their results can be
in the hands of the technicians and doctors
in a fraction of the time it used to take. Even
transport of medical and surgical equip-
ment can be made more efficient through
an Aerocom pneumatic tube system.

Aerocom is the world leader in pneumatic
tube systems technology.

In addition to possessing the widest range

of standard products in the industry, we
also have the experience and expertise to
custom design system solutions for just
about any application.

We provide factory direct representation

and support of our products through our
10 offices in Germany, as well as 5 offices in
Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland,
and Netherlands). Through our exclusive
distributor network, aerocom products are
represented, installed, and supported in
65 countries around the globe.

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