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Project Self-Evaluation

Name Carissa Kleinwort Date May 3, 2018

1. Date project started: January 2018

2. Date project ended: May 2018

3. Estimated total hours spent on project: 25 Hours

4. Look back at your task analysis. Look at your planned steps.

Time Involved in each task:

Step 1 Had a meeting about the needs and wants for website
Step 2 Made a website and Started Logo
Step 3 Finish Logo
Step 4 Create Google Business
Step 5 Finish Website
5. Materials (if any) used:
 Computer
 Pictures
 Cell Phone
6. List the people who helped you. Please put a star (*) by all those who could
potentially help future seniors.
Rebecca Goossens* Bryce Kleinwort*
Rex Quam Karen Kleinwort*

7. Please give a number response of “1” to “10” with 10 meaning “a great deal” and “1” meaning
“not at all” or put NA (not applicable)

A. How much did your mentor help? 6

B. Have others helped you as well? 5
C. Did the task analysis help you plan your project? 4
D. Would you recommend your project area for future seniors? 10
E. Please explain your answer in letter “D.”

I feel like this project was very beneficial for my future. If someone is looking to go into
business, I recommend making a website for local business because it teach young adults
communication skills.
8. Would you feel threatened to show your project to an expert for evaluation?

No, I would not feel threatened because they know what they are doing. They might
have suggestion to improve my website and teach me more about marketing

9. List three things you now know after completing this project.

1. I know how to use a computer better and its applications.

2. I know how to problem solve better.

3. I also have learned more communication skills.

10. List any personal satisfaction or knowledge you gained from this experience.

1. I feel confident with my communication skill with other individuals.

2. My time management skill has gotten better because I had use my time wisely in
order to successfully complete my project.

3. I used a lot of patients with the computer and communication with business co-

11. What comments about your project have you heard from students, parents, teachers, or
community members? For example: “I never knew you knew so much about motors.”

1. “Wow. Your website looks cool.”

2. “How did you do that?”

3. “You made that?”

12. Describe what risk(s) you took in completing this project. Consider not only a physical
risk, but an emotional or intellectual challenge.

In the beginning, I took the risk doing a project that I did not know much in that specific
field in.

13. List or describe any problems you encountered.

I ended up having to start over because the original website was not fitting the needs for
the owners. When I started over I used their comments as motivation. The new website
has what they liked about the old website mixed in with the new format I added. I also had
troubles getting information for the website from the owners. I am still waiting for
information from them. I consulted with my mentor and decided that I will have to use the
information I have present to do the website.

14. Is your project original or creative in any way? If yes, explain how.

I believe that my project is both original and creative because I have never heard of
someone making a website for a livestock operation. It takes a lot of creativities to design a
website for a business.

15. How do you feel about having your paper, project, and evaluation form on file as a model
for next year’s students? Explain why or why not.

I would not mind letting student’s view my materials from this year because it help give
them an example of what to do. It may give more opportunities of improvement to them.

16. If given the opportunity, what would you do differently now that you speak from

I would start my project earlier. It would give me more time to figure out kinks and deal
with different situations.

17. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself?

I learned that I am a patient person and think outside the box.

18. What grade would you give yourself for your project? Justify your grade in about 25 words.

My grade: A

Justification for my grade:

I would reward myself with the letter grade of an A because I put forward my best effort. I
have stretched outside my comfort zone and learned many qualities that will help me in the