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TP Task 2 – Active Learning Environments A blog is required for this task.

Planning activities that allow students to clarify, question, apply, and consolidate new
What is an active learning environment? What are its benefits? How does it link to the
inquiry cycle?
“Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is a pedagogy which best enables students to experience the
processes of knowledge creation and the key attributes are learning stimulated by inquiry,
a student-centered approach, a move to self-directed learning, and an active approach to
learning” (Bühler, Schlaich, & Sinner, 2018).

“The benefits can accrue to teachers through the integration of teaching and research,
increased enjoyment, and interaction with students and the rewards gained from
enhanced learning outcomes for students” (Bühler, Schlaich, & Sinner, 2018).

Reference Bühler, P., Schlaich, P., & Sinner, D. (2018). PDF-Grundlagen. PDF Bibliothek Der
Mediengestaltung, 2-11. doi:10.1007/978-3-662-54615-4_1

Choose 3 lessons to observe to answer the following questions:

What was the activity? What was the prior What was the impact of the
learning to this activity i.e. no. of s engaged?
English : Letter K Students recognize The students were a high level
- Modeling key photo by letter K. At the end of of engagement, enjoyed
aluminum. the lesson the during the activity. And I saw
- Worksheets connecting students will have a how did the students
letter \k\ with other black board and understand the lesson.
letters \k\ chalk to write the
letter \k\.
Math: Number 13 Students recognize The students were a high level of
engagement because they felt
- Bingo cards Number 13 and
during the activity they are
- Worksheets find identify the other playing a game.
Number 13. numbers.
English: The very hungry students recognize The students were a high level
caterpillar story the butterfly life of engagement. Because they
were interested and enjoyed
- Make the butterfly life cycle in order.
with story.
cycle in order. memorize the
- Worksheet matching the number and types of
numbers with the types fruit in the very
of fruit on the story. hungry caterpillar

Which activity engaged most students? Why do you think this happened?
“In English lesson” The very hungry caterpillar activity. The students were enjoying this
lesson because it was the first time they listen to the story. And the story very attractive
the students.

Record and reflect on the safety components of at least 3 lessons taught whilst on TP.:
State whether it is a whole class, group work, - Put the laptops on the teacher
pair work or individual activity
desk, away from students.
- Make sure that scissor away from
the students.
State the LO(s) including the ADEC code Yes, they know that can’t touch the teacher
laptop and not allowed to take the scissor
without teacher permission
STEAM Activity Description with examples of Yes, when hyperactive students move and
the task (if tasks are available online ensure to
use the scissor without my permission to
reference and include pictures how what it
should look like) make attention.

Questions/sentences that will be used by the yes, close to the whiteboard the teacher
teacher during the activity stick safety rule in the classroom behavior
rule. That could all the students see it and
the teacher reminds them every day.