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Research proposal for

Dr. Med,
Medizin Fakultät,
Heidelberg Univeristät
name: Luis Felipe Varela Espinoza
academic title: Médico Cirujano, postítulo
de especialidad en Psiquiatría
Profesor Instructor, Departamento de
Psiquiatría, Facultad de Medicina,
Universidad Andrés Bello
date of birth: 05 - September 1981
nationality: Chilean
Work: Lord Cochrane 779, Santiago, Chile,
Personal: Lo Encalada 144 F #22,
Santiago, Chile, 7550000
Work: +56 2 26886454 - +56 2 26886454
Mobile: +56 9 94936095
Then the title of your planned dissertation
(or research project) should follow
Table of Contents
1. Abstract
2. Introduction to the General Topic
3. Problem Statement and Justification of
the Research Project
4. Hypothesis and Objectives of the Study
5. Literature and Research Review
6. Research Method(s)
7. Data Collection, Analysis and Evaluation
of Data (in empirical research)
8. Analysis of texts and documents (e.g.
in hermeneutic research)
Introduction to the General Topic

Medical care of persons with severe

psychiatric illnessess has been
dramatically improved since
Psychopharmacology formally became
part of the therapeutic repertoire. Lithium
(a), Chlorpromazine (b), Imipramine (c).
An important change occurred, namely,
Psychiatry started to deal with patients
living out of hospitals, in the community
with the support of medications.

By 2013, psychiatric conditions are highly

prevalent all over the world (e) and
produce high burden (f). This is specially
By Serendipity and by Assuming the idea
that disorders affects emotions, cognition
and behavior by the disbalancement of
neurotransmitter function, therefore,
medications should cure them.
DSM IV-TR divides Personality disorders in
clusters defined by the predominant
neurotransmitter being affected.

This 2nd encounter of Humans and

Pharmacology produced
Currently, more than 80 different
medications are available for treatment.

Medicine, psychiatry specially, is nos