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Lesson Plan Template

Name: Amna Alaa Al Bayraq

Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on to grow professionally?)
I need to work on my classroom management.
1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)

I need to work on managing students’ behaviour by using different strategies to motivate children to follow my
rules. E.g. to sit in the circle time quietly without talking with their friends while I’m explaining the lesson for
2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)

I will use positive reinforcement strategy by giving the student who is following my rules a sticker on his/her
hand to make him feel special and to motivate the other students to follow my rules to get the same.
3. Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)

If the students are following my rules. E.g. sitting quietly in the circle time and not misbehaving.

Grade Level: KG2 Subject: English Learning Outcome (MOE code and words):
K2. Participate in short conversations while
reading with the teacher and peers, making simple
K2. Demonstrate knowledge of letter sounds.
K2. Participate in group reading activities led by
the teacher.
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)

“We’re going on a bear hunt” big book I need to check the technology if its working or not. Also I
need to check my materials for the activities and make sure
Mini cave that they are all on tables and enough for all the students to
Teddy bear work on the activities.

Story map Key vocabulary

Audio speakers Bear

Activity one:

Brown, green, blue papers Grass

White cotton Forest

Glue Cave

Glitter Snowstorm

Scissors Mud

Wooden sticks Family


Color and cut worksheet (Bear, cave and triangles to

represent the trees).

Activity two:


Colored bears

Counting worksheet

Mini cave made of paper plate

Counting mat

More and less cards

Activity three:

Colored caves (Purple, red, yellow, green, blue).

Paper cups

Colored bears

Activity four:

Bear template

Brown papers

Brown wool yarn


Googly eyes
Introduction (warmer activity + teacher active engagement)

I will show the students a mini cave and I will ask them what’s inside it and who can live in a cave

Students will give me different answers.

I will play a bear voice to give students a hint about what’s inside.
Time: 15 min

I will listen to students’ answers.

I will take the bear out of the cave to show the students what was inside the cave.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

By using different materials, students will make six little pictures on their maps about the story. E.g.
Grass, river, mud, snowstorm, forest and cave. Students will visualize where to put the pictures
according to the story events.
Independent Experience (small group activity 2)

Students will work on peers. Each student will roll the dice and count the dots then they will put the
bears in the mini caves after they finish all the bears, students will take the bears out of the caves and
place them on the counting mat then they will count which student has more and which student has

Independent Experience (small group activity 3)

Students will sort the bears in the caves according to their colors.

Independent Experience (small group activity 4)

Students will decorate their bears using different materials. E.g. Wool yarn, papers.

I will ask students about the story events and what do they learned from the story.
10 min



I will assess students understanding of the story by asking them questions about it and by walking around the
tables and observing the students while working on the activities.