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I am reading from the fourth chapter of Philippians and I'm going to use verse number
six as a text throughout this entire series. You that are listening by means of radio, I
will not finish it today, we will continue it but every one of you one on the tent, it will
be a complete message to you. Verse six says; “be anxious for nothing”. I'm going to
use that word, be anxious for nothing. The King James Version says; “be careful for
nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, let your
requests be made known unto God”. I'm going to compile all of those fear notch into
a book and I want to insert this particular message in it because, I believe it is closely
related. There are too many of God people in the church that are filled with worry and
anxiety and the apostle Paul is trying to alert the church. Now, if you're not saved you
better worry but if you are a child of God, then I believe that we as people of God have
no business to worry. Be anxious for nothing. I like that. To worry, now look that word
up, I don't mind telling you this, in the dictionary and old brother Webster says worry
means; to be pulled to be put in different directions, you don't know what to do. The
mind is messed up that devil is having a field day in your mind, lying to you and we
here believe it the moment he tells us. I want you to know right from the very start of
this message, don't ever forget it, keep it in your heart that the Devil is a liar. I said
that devil is a liar and whatever it is that you’re worrying about, that is the very thing
that you have not committed to God, because when you commit it to God, you
automatically take your hands off of it and that means you don't have to worry about
it anymore, you have put it in God's hands and now it is His responsibility. Can you
shout praise the Lord? Why? You could use that as a title but I kind of like the title; be
anxious for nothing. Don't let anything disturb you, that level of fear can't touch you,
don't let anxiety grip your heart, don't let worry occupy your time. We're too actively
engaged in trusting God, whom shall fear as long as I have got God on my side? Can
shout Amen?
“Pulled in different direction” and another definition is says it means; “to be
strangled”. I can see some of you shaking your head, you say; my God, that's true,
I'm strangled, I don't know what to do, I am worried about my husband, worried about
my wife, I'm worried about my family, I'm worried about my job, I'm worried about my
son, I got a bad report from a doctor, I'm worried about my body, I'm worried about
my mind. Worry, worry and yet the apostle Paul says; “be anxious for nothing”. When
you worry, it has physical and spiritual consequences, it affects you physically as well
as spiritually. When you begin to worry, the adrenaline doesn't flow properly, blood
pressure lowers, sometimes it gets higher but worry does something to your entire
system, you begin to get a headache and then you wonder; why am I getting a
headache for? Because you’re worry. You have neck problems, I never had that thing
before, and where did that come from? These are all consequences and side effects of
worry. I hate the devil, I said are hate the devil.
Some of you people get in this prayer line to get rid of the head problem, the neck
problem and the back problem, when you need to get rid of your worry. You get rid of
the frustrations, get rid of the nervous disorders and you'll find the body begins to
function normally. Your stomach doesn't even operate properly, you can't even eat
eggs with bacon. Just give me the eggs, all of them, I'm haven't ulcer. Many of you
know what I'm talking about, I’m seeing too many smiles out there, I know I’m coming
down your Avenue right now. Worry!!! But you are a child of God, you are His child. It

not only affects your digestion but it affects your thinking, you can't even think right,
you can't even be coordinated properly, because of your worry, you can't even sleep
right. You get up and raid the icebox, walked the floor all night. I had a lady come
into my meeting once and she said; oh brother Schambach- biting one of her finger
now-she said; my daughter left for North Carolina and I haven’t heard from her in
three days and I know she's in trouble. I said; shut up. I tried to shock her. I said; here
you are worrying about…I said; which daughter is she? And she told me. I said; how in
a world can that daughter be in trouble when I committed her into the hands of
Almighty God. You don't have to worry. She said; will you pray for my daughter? I
said; forget your daughter, I want to pray for you, you’re the knucklehead I need to
pray for and I laid hands on her and rebuked that devil that was attacking her nervous
system, chewing on her nails, couldn't sleep at night, worried about that daughter and
I whispered peace to her mind, to her soul and to her body. The next day she came in
shouting; praise the Lord, I heard from my daughter. Praising God, no. See what I’m
talking about, that foul devil is a liar, he'll tell you that whoever went on the trip aren't
going to make it, the devil is a liar. He said I bless your going in and bless your going
out, your coming in and your going out. I bless the basket in your in your store, I bless
the food in your womb, I bless your seed, everything you set your hands to, I will bless
it. My God, all you got to do is commit it at the hands of Almighty God and He'll make
a way where there is no way. Why should I worry? Why should I fret? Why should I be
disturbed? Why I the world should I lose my joy? You remember how I started this
thing out, don't you? Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say; rejoice but everybody
that comes to me for prayer for worry or nervous frustration, you know what's absent
from their life? Joy. Pray for my daughter. Pray for my husband, I know something
drastic happen. Rejoice in the Lord. You know what I found out? Worry cancels out
joy. When you worry, you can’t have joy and when you have joy, you can't worry,
why? Because God's got everything under control and the joy of the Lord is my
strength. Can you shout Amen somebody? Hallelujah!!! Rejoice in the Lord always.
Worry is the interest you pay on trouble before you get it. Did you hear what I said?
That’s exactly what it is.
I'm reading from Philippians four and I'm using verse six as a text; “be anxious for
nothing”. Now Paul gives us the answer to the worry problem. He said; “you don't
have to worry, be anxious for nothing but in everything, by prayer, supplication and
thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God”. Three things, he says you
don't have to worry, worry is only one thing, you've got three things working against
it; prayer, supplication and thanksgiving. Why worry when you can pray? He said
pray about everything. do you remember some of them old fashioned folks that were
shaved and trouble would come the first thing they'd say is; let's pray about it and
you chuckle your ear and say; they're a bunch of fanatics. Thank God, thank God for
people that will pray about everything. When you go to buy an automobile, let's pray
about the thing, if you don't you'll get a lemon and you deserve it. Before you pick
out a wife or husband, you better pray about it, you better have some supplication,
you better have some rejoicing or you’re go have more worry than you’ve ever had in
your life. Come on, shout Amen with me somebody. Paul is trying to show us that
through this particular formula that he gives us; be anxious for nothing but everything
by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving. Now, the only thing we Pentecostals,


I'm going to identify with you now and we probably caused it, the only thing we know
about prayer is; Father in the Jesus name, I need a hundred fifty dollars, oh Lord, I
thank you for…Amen, see you tomorrow. That's the only thing we know about prayer.
Father heal, me give me, bless me tell, help me and if you're married; Lord bless me
and my wife and if you got kids it’s; Lord bless me, my wife, my son, my daughter, us
four, no more, goodnight, see you tomorrow, hallelujah!!! Want you'll to get mad at
me now but I love what Paul declares; adoration. Prayer denotes adoration, it envelops
devotion and it also releases the realm of worship. Prayer is not only me talking to
God, me is adoring Him. Jesus, I love you. Hallelujah!!! Bless the Lord. Oh my… here
we’re asking God bless us and here's Tom David saying; Bless the Lord oh my soul. His
heart crying out for some blessing also, we have to spend some time just adoring Him,
He is the lovely one. Can you shout Amen somebody? When was the last time you're
told Him; I love you Jesus, I adore you Jesus, I exhort to Jesus, I worship you Jesus, I
praise you Jesus? You bombard Him with all this and my God, He'll open up His good
treasure to you, you won't even have to ask him for anything, you'll come out of His
presence with everything you ever wanted. Bless!!! Everything you never thought you
would get hold of. Can you shout Amen somebody?
Supplication, the sharing of our needs and our problems. This is what he meant when
he says by prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving, let your requests. The
requests are the last things. We got to think backwards, we give Him the requests
and run out of His presence. With prayer, with supplication, the sharing of the need
and with thanksgiving. I tell this so much; in the church in Philadelphia, there was a
lady over on the side of the offering she was weeping and you could tell that she was
in great need and she was weeping, I've never heard a woman weep so;
‘pleeeease’!!! ‘Pleeeease’ Jesus!!! It drives me wild and I didn't want to say nothing
publicly, so I just went on without all the service and went over, knelt beside her and
put my mouth, I don't want to read here and I said; change please to thank
you. You’re not a beggar, this is no welfare line, you don't have to come to Him with
your hand out, you got to come with thanksgiving. That woman heard what I said, I
didn't embarrass her in front of anybody in that congregation and all of sudden she
began to say; thank you Jesus. Saying all moaning words but all of a sudden, it caught
a hold; thank you Jesus and she got up and started a dance around that area and she
said; my God, it works. We are not a bunch of beggars, we are sons of God that know
who to give thanks to God and He will give us the desire of our heart. Hallelujah!!!!
Ahhh!!! If you want to be a fanatic, be fanatical about thanksgiving. Listen, I don't
mind telling you, I wish I had an hour on this.
You turn to the seventeenth chapter of Luke and you'll find the story where Jesus
cleansed ten lepers. They said; Master, have mercy on us. In that eleventh verse
says; “He went to Jerusalem and He passed through the midst of some area and as He
entered into a certain village, there met Him ten men that were lepers, which stood a
far off. They lifted up their voices and said; Jesus, Master, have mercy on us”. They’re
making a request? No. What did He say? Read it in your devotional time. “He said; go
show yourselves unto the priest and it came to pass as they went they were
cleansed”. Look down to verse sixteen; “this one man came back and fell down on his
face at His feet giving Him thanks”. And he was a Samaritan, which leaves the
inference the other nine were Jews. They were His own kins but it takes somebody

outside the house that shows them how to act when they come to God
Himself. Jesus!!! He brought the request and I’ve that so many times, I've seen
people walk through this line and get healed and never come back to give God praise
and take it like a dog and run. What a tragedy. One man came back and it sounded
like the heart of Jesus was broken, He said; were they not ten cleansed, where are the
nine? All He wanted to hear was thank you Jesus. It aggravates me when I get on a
toll road and pay my toll and they grunt at you, take your money and grunt. Just for
spite, I sit there and I say; give me a receipt. Then I'll say; thank you very much. Oh
thank you, I said that, don't that sound better now? Just to say thank you, Jesus loves
to hear thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. We are living in a
thankless generation, no wonder hell vomits out every devil it as. We need to get back
to giving God thanks. Can you shout Amen?
I'm reading from Philippians chapter four and I know I can't do this justice tonight but
listen, rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Verse number six; “be careful
for nothing, be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication and
thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which
passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”. And
instead of worrying, when we learn how to pray and have supplication and
thanksgiving making our request known, then we have a secure mind. That's the
battleground of the devil right here, in the mind. Such people come to me and say;
brother Schambach, I’ve backslidden, I have faults. I say; I do too. My God, thank God
we got some faults. But then the devil starts and I said; if I was devil, I would put
some there too. That his battleground, thank God he can't enter into this body but he
preys with our mind to try to destroy the church. No wonder Paul said; put on the mind
of Christ and here he is trying to show us how to think right. That mind is a computer
and the reason why we're not thinking right, we're putting a lot of chunk in that
mind. Don't leave now, hanging in here with me for a while. I said we are putting a lot
of junk in that mind and sealing it with junk and then, we wonder why we have impure
thoughts. How in the world can we have a secure mind? Paul tells us how to do it, he
said; whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report. We always
want to hear the bad report. Did you hear about the brother Schambach? No, tell me
quick. What did he do? Oh!!! He went down, laid hands on somebody and he got
healed. They’re disappointed. My God, they thought maybe I was with somebody
else's wife. Isn’t that true? Give me the bad report. Whatsoever things that are of a
good report, whatsoever thing that's pure, if there be any virtue, if there be any
praise, think on these things.
Turn back to second Corinthians ten and look at verse four and five; “for the weapons
of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of
strongholds, casting down, imaginations and every high thing that exultant itself
against the knowledge of God and bringing in that captivity”. Every thought to the
obedience of Christ, there is the key if you're going to have a secure my. Thoughts are
real, thoughts are powerful. All these giant corporations out there didn't start because
a couple men got together but one man had a thought and it became a reality. There
is something about these thoughts. When I was pastoring a church, I had thought, I
wanted a tent where I could preach to a multitude of people and heal the sick and it
wasn't for years until that thought became a reality. Hallelujah! I knew God called me

to heal the sick and to cast out devils and when I went to Bible College, they circled
their ear and they thought I was some kind of a nut. Never heard of it but all of a
sudden, somebody come and told me there's a man by that name (unclear 24:22) in
a tent Redding Pennsylvania, he's opening blind eyes and unfastening deaf ears. I
skipped classes for a week. Me and a buddy went down there, Gordon Lindsay was
the day speaker and T.L. Ausborn was the night speaker and I walked into the back of
that tent and I began to weep like a baby. When he said; bring me the blind. I said; my
God, I bring the headaches first but he was showing me something. Bring the blind,
bring the cripple and bring the lame and one of those men that were blind was a
young buddy of mine that I fought with. He was out in the fight game, his manager
pushed him too fast and he became blind in both of his eyes and here he calls my
buddy down there, I knew he was blind, he wasn't born blind but he took a terrific
beating around his eyes in that ring but when that man of God laid hands on him in
the name of Jesus and commanded those blind eyes to open, that boy leaped about
ten foot in the air and ran around that tent shouting; Jesus is alive. My God, I fell on
my face at the back of that tent and I said; my God, I knew you called me to do
this. Hallelujah!!! Every one of you who are within the sound of my voice, every one of
you listening to this on radio, every one of you under this tent, God called you do it.
He said; these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name, you shall lay hands
on the sick and they shall recover. My God, this job is too big for the preachers to do,
this is the age of the believer, a mighty army is being raised up, Jews army, I mean, a
military church. The church is going to get violent if you praise. They look at you in
the church when you lay hands on the sick, especially you women and they all look at
you and criticize you and they say; who do you think you are, Katherine Colman? No
honey, she's gone, I'm going to have more than she had, and I’m going to be that one
God is looking for. Shout, yes!!! Some of you young men going out into the prisons,
into the hospitals laying hands on the sick, you don't get criticism from the sinner, you
don't get criticism from those people out in the world, the only criticism you get is
from the church, that old dead church, they’re dying, they're going to go to hell in
church, they're all saturated in religion, they'll look at you and say; who do you think
you are, Oral Roberts? No, I'm going to have a double portion of his spirit, that's who I
am, I’m one of God's little believers, who believes that you can lay your hands on the
sick and see him recover. Shout, yes!!! Somebody halla. Listen to me, peace involves
the heart and the mind. I said it involves the heart and the mind. Can I read it to you
again? Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer, supplication and
thanksgiving that your requests be made known under God and the peace of God
which passes all understanding shall keep your heart and your minds through Christ
You know, I meet a lot of Christians, they are worrying; I don't want to end up in a
nursing home, I don't want to end up in a mental hospital. Well, that's where you're
going to end up, because you're already paying the interest on it. Don't you look at
me like that. Be anxious for nothing. If I could just know that I wouldn't want to go to
hell. You’re going. You didn't come to hear this, did you? But I'm telling you how to find
peace in your heart. This is what you need to commit to Him, you commit your soul.
There's not a devil in hell or Texas can tell me I'm not saved, I know I'm saved, if I die
I'm going to go to heaven, sudden death, sudden no way. I know I aren’t going to lose


this mind, I already lost it when I got saved and put on His mind. Raise your hands and
shout Amen.
I'm reading from Philippians chapter four and this is the finality. Finally brethren, let
me go back to my text, verse six; “be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer
and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God and the
peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds
through Christ Jesus and whatsoever things are lovely and pure and honest and just
etcetera. We read that yesterday, now verse nine, look at this; “those things which
you have both learned and received and heard and see in me, do it and the God of
page shall be with you”. Now, we come to where the robber meets the road, a lot of
us have learned something but we haven't received anything. We are forever
learning, knowing nothing. More degrees are being passed out, today men are dying
by the grease. What Paul is trying to say here, he said; “whatsoever things you
learned, whatsoever things you received, what you have heard and what you've seen
in me, do it”. In other words, he's saying; live right. Oh now hold a preacher, now you
go to meddle and now. Yes I am. It's not enough to pray, it's not enough to think right
but he said now, I'm will show you how to live. He said what you ever see me do, I
kind of like that. In other words Paul says; I’m not only preaching this word, I’m living
it. A lot of people are teaching it but they're not living it. You are hearing it but you're
not seeing it. Hearing and seeing go hand in hand. He is not talking about opening
blind eyes, not talking about unstuffening deaf ears and making the lame to walk but
he's talking about character now. When Jesus Christ comes into your life, you are a
changed person, you have been transformed from darkness to light, from death to life,
from the kingdom of the hell to the kingdom of Heaven. You have a new Lord now, His
name is Jesus and He said; I’ll walk in you and I’ll talk in you and I'll be your God and
you shall be my people. Did He say this? Now, if you will, I want to turn back to book
a James, James says it a different way. James says; you ask and receive not. That’s his
prayer. You ask and receive not because you ask amiss that you may consume it
upon your lust. He gets down to the nitty-gritty. Paul is being a little more diplomatic,
James is like Brother (unclear 33:48) and he comes right down and spits it out. You
adulterers… oh God, who's he talking to? Church folks. You adulterers and adulteress,
he isn’t going to leave the women out, they aren’t liberated. Know you now that the
friendship of the world is enmity with God, whosoever therefore will be a friend of the
world is an enemy of God. Turn it over, verse eight says; “draw nigh to God and he'll
draw nigh to you, cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your heart you double
minded’. There’s the mind. Prayer, learn how to pray, learn how to think and then
learn how to live. This is exactly what he's talking about.
Stay with me just for a few minutes and I'll be done, then I’ll lay my hands on
you. This is why you need the Holy Ghost. This is why I need the Holy Ghost. I hear a
lot of self-righteous pentecoastal people stand up and say; I am living a holy thing, no
man can put a finger on my life. You’re lying devil. If you're living right, it is Jesus
living in you, it aren’t you because you’re nothing. You are crucified with him, you
aren’t bragging on yourself, you're bragging on that Jesus that lives on the inside to
you. Can you shout; yes. That’s what it's all about. Paul learned the lesson, he said; I
am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live but it's no longer I that liveth, it is Christ
that liveth in me. Schambach is dead, he is crucified, he is buried but he is yet alive, it

is Christ that lives on the inside. This is the secret of all living, living right. When He
comes in and walks in you and talks in you, He will walk in you were right and He will
talk in you right. Can you shout Amen somebody? Hallelujah!!! But he's talking to
church folks; you adulterers, you adulteress. Hanging on to greasy grace, Paul ran
into Him. Where sin abounds, grace does more abound. In other words, let's live it up
and get the grace to flow. Oh!!! I've run across it. I had a preacher come to me he
said; Schambach, come on man, you can take a drink, everybody's doing it. I said;
you're a liar, everybody aren’t doing it Mr. I didn't drink when I was a sinner, I never
touched that junk God, kept my body from it, when I spent three years in the navy,
how dare you come to me and tell me I can drink. I said; I'm drinking the new wine of
the Holy Ghost and when you get a sip of that new wine, that old bottle junk will never
satisfy you. Shout yes. Fine woman here, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s going to get hotter, hang
in there. The only Bible people are going to read is your life and that's why they hate
you on the job, they despise you not because of who you are and where you go to
church, but they can't stand that Jesus Christ that you are exploding right there own
that job. That ought to make you happy, don't hang around, running around with your
chin hanging on your chest, throw your chest high, throw your chin high and let the
world know I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God
and our salvation to the Jews first and also to the Greek. Hallelujah!!! Paul is saying
live right. Live right. Church folks, at the same you got to tell your church folks to do
this but here we are hiding behind those stained glass windows, standing behind
those upholstery pews and that pulpit got a DD and a Ph. D. in it. The only degree you
need is a BA and a BHG; Born Again and Baptized with the Holy Ghost. Come on,
shout Amen. Hallelujah!!! As long as you live right, I'm not talking about the rules and
the regulations of the church, I'm talking about the Word of God. When Jesus comes
in, the devil goes out, righteousness comes in and sin goes out. You're not what you
used to be, old things passed away, all things have become new because you are a
child of God. Raise your hands and shout praise the Lord.