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Document Development Exposition: Recommendation Report

ENGL 2116 | Spring 2018

Explain in detail your document’s development from planning to finish, describing your
challenges, how you overcame them, and what you learned.

The first challenge I faced in this assignment was time management. There was another
assignment other than this report were due in the same week. In fact, I ended up starting this
assignment late. Therefore, in the planning stage I reused some of the information I
researched in the white paper report which is the information of Polar Bear and Panda Bear.
Also, it was difficult to decided what thing to be recommended, I was in a struggle between to
recommend a main theme for a press release or to recommend some bear species to the
government to protect. At last, I chose the first one since it is easier to handle.

First Draft
During the first draft, I was overwhelmed by all the information I got and lost the direction.
Therefore, I defined a purpose for the report, which is to raise public attention to nature issue
and proposed some criteria to fulfill to meet the purpose. For example, I made the criteria
based on the popularity and the seriousness of the situation they face. It helped a lot by setting
up these criteria since it gave a direction to write for. For the visual aid, I used different
pictures of the bears and added some color font. However, in this whole process, I forgot to
define the organization that I wrote for.

Second Draft
During the second draft, after my draft was reviewed by one of my peer, there were a couple
of mistake were found out by my peer which include the font type and some of the tones that
uses in the paper. In terms of the font type, I have mixed up the san-serif and serif font in
terms of their role of headings and bodies. For the tone, my peer mentioned that the tone is a
little to casual, since it is an official document it must be more serious. In fact, I thought my
tone was right, so I did not change it. Since I was in a rush in this stage, I did not have a lot of
time to check the paper thoroughly and submitted.

Final Draft
For the final draft, after I got my feedback and grade, I was not surprised by the feedback
since I rushed through the previous stage in a day. The paper was full of flaws and different
issues were found and almost unreadable. Therefore, it took much more time to revise than
writing it. However, in the course of revising this document, I did find out a lot of similar
mistake I made in terms of the grammar issue. For example, I made countless time mistake on
punctuational matter. Also, in terms of the visual-aid, I learned that the colored font are good
for a long document, but will be confusing in short document such as this one.