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IV. Write the negative.

1. Mr. Gonzales works in a medical clinic. His wife doesn’t work in a medical
2. Joko circumcises for a living. I don’t circumcise for a living.
3. I know the answer. They don’t know the answer.
4. I study in a university. My father doesn’t study in a university anymore.
5. My friends like hamburger very much. My sister doesn’t like hamburger very
6. Slamet has a driving licence. Muti doesn’t have a driving licence.
7. She does the same thing every day. I don’t the same thing every day.
8. Your book looks old. My book doesn’t look old.
9. This encyclopedia makes us more konwledgeable. That comic doesn’t make us
more knowledgeable.
10. My doctor always prescribes generic medicine. Your doctor doesn’t always
prescribe generic medicine.
VI. Fill in the blanks with the correct word. Use is/is not/am/am not/are/are not/do/do
not/does/does not.

1. Do you enjoy studying here?

2. We don’t want to be lawyer.
3. I am afraid of blood.
4. Are you afraid of blood?
5. She is afraid of blood.
6. Are blood make you scared?
7. Does Dr.Syamsul live around here?
8. We don’t study in Gunadarma.
9. I am agree with bekam method.
10. Many patients are in the emergency room.
11. Emergency room is now full of patients. Dr.Husni is very busy.
12. Do these antibiotics give side effects?
13. Is this multivitamin safe?
14. Is this medicine suitable for kids?
15. Do this herbal medicine work wonders?
16. Do you plan to be a medical specialist?
17. Is your mother happy with your decision to be a doctor?
18. Our hospital doesn’t sell counterfeit drugs.
19. Do you drive?
20. She deosn’t have email address. She is technology savvy at all.
21. The reason for me to study medicine is to open my own clinic after i graduate.
22. Actually Thomas doesn’t want to a doctor. He wants to be a professional
23. Dr.Piere doesn’t speak Bahasa. He only speaks French
24. Most patients don’t like rigid doctors.
25. Do you like to study here?
VII. Fill in the blanks with logical words with correct form.

1. Dr.Yahya always has different patients everyday.

2. Dr.Mulkan is an obstetrician. He never has male patients.
3. They are senior students. They use all facilities in this building.
4. She doesn’t have confidence in speaking because her grammar is still chaotic.
5. Do you go to Puskesmas if you have health problems?
6. Is English your favorite subject?
7. Our classroom is very clean. We feel comfortable because of it.
8. Are you crazy about medical science?
9. Does she study in the campus?
10. We are very proud of our English teacher.