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02 Brief Description
a short description about
sanghyang heuleut

04 Theory of Tourism
Explanation about theory that
we used in the research

06 Basic Elements in
Sanghyang Heuleut
Analysis about basic elements in
Sanghyang Heuleut

14 Conclusion
Conclusion about the research in
sanghyang heuleut

Sanghyang heuleut is a tourism destination that was inaugurated at the end of However, sanghyang heuleut has
2014. Previously, Sanghyang heuleut used as a fishing ground, until finally not been visited by so many
sparked the idea of local residents to make it as a tourism destination. This tourists, either domestic or
destination is managed by local residents and Perum Perhutani in charge of international, can be seen from
opening access road to Sanghyang heuleut. Sanghyang heuleut was famous the total of visitors, is 20
because being introduced by two students to social media 'youtube', until to be people/day during the weekday,
known by people in the field of cinematography, so far sanghyang heuleut and 40 people/day during the
often used for shooting movies or some project. weekend.
1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Tourism destination are constantly changing,
they rise and fall in popularity and their success
often be influenced by changes in fashion or to
external influences outside the control of the
destination. This process can be understood by
the Tourism Area Life Cycle. This model
postulates that tourism destinations tend to
experience five distinct stages of growth which
exploration, involvement, development,
consolidation and stagnation.
The first one is exploration. During this stage
small numbers of visitors are attracted by
natural or cultural attractions;
visitor numbers are limited and few tourist
facilities exist.
The second stage is involvement. During this
stage there is limited involvement by local
residents who provide some
facilities for visitors and market areas begin to
emerge; visitors may travel
from within the state or region.
The third stage is development. During this
stage large numbers of tourists arrive and
external organisations such as
hotel chains and tour operators take more of a
key role; tourists may travel from all parts of the
or internationally.
The fourth stage is consolidation. During this
stage tourism becomes a major part of the local
economy and of increasing
political importance, with politics perhaps
taking more of a central role. Rates of visitor
growth may
have leveled off and some facilities may be in
need of upgrading.
The last stage is stagnation. During this stage
the number of visitors has peaked; the
destination may no longer be
considered fashionable and there may be a
high turnover of business properties.

Destinations contain a number of basic elements
which attract the visitor to the destination and
which satisfy their needs on arrival. These basic
elements can be broken down into attractions (the
‘must sees’ or ‘must dos’) and the other remaining
The basic elements of tourism consists of
attractions, amenities, accessibility, image, price,
and human resources. Sanghyang Heuleut will
analyzed based on these basic elements, but first
here are the explanation of each element.
Attractions often the focus of visitor attention and
may provide the initial motivation for the tourist to
visit the destination. These can be categorized as
natural, built or cultural.
Amenities are the wide range of services and
facilities which support the visitors’ stay and
include basic infrastructure such as utilities, public
transport, and roads

.Accessibility mean that the destination should be

accessible to a large population base via road, air
passenger services, rail or cruise ships. Visitors
should also be able to travel with relative ease
within the destination.Image is a unique character
or image is crucial in attracting visitors to the
destination. Price is an important aspect of the
destination’s competition with other destinations.
Last one is Human Resources.A well-trained
tourism workforce and citizens who are equipped
and aware of the benefits and responsibilities
associated with tourism growth are indispensable
elements of tourism destination delivery and need
to be managed in accordance with the destination
As explained before about what is attraction, we will discuss more about what you
can see, what you can do and also what is the uniqueness thats been offered by
Sanghyang Heleut.

First of all, sanghyang heuleut is categorized as There are several options about things that you
nature tourism.From the picture shown, it can be can do in Sanghyang Heuleut. For those who
seen that Sanghyang Heuleut is actually a river loves trekking, this is a perfect place. Because to
with rocks lined up on the side of the river. The reach the river, you have to walk for couple of
water in the river is brown colored when its rainy hours and it can be so challenging yet so fun.
season, and in the other hand it will turn to be Beside that, you can also swim in the river, and
green colored when it’s not raining, and it can don’t worry if you can’t swim because they also
be so magnificent, like the ones in green provide the life jacket. And the most challenging
canyon. thing that you can do is jump from a nine until
twelve meters high. This attraction is suit for
Beside that, there’s a little waterfall in between those who loves explore new challenges,
the river and you can hear water falling very especially for youth.
clearly.The surroundings is so beautiful and still
natural. You can still hear the sounds of the birds
singing, and the sound of the wind when its
coming through the leaves.

Accessibility is one of important
aspect of support
tourism development, because
concerning cross-sectoral
development. Without being
connected to the network transport
may not be something of an object
tourism gets tourist visits. The tourist
object is the end of the journey tours
and must qualify accessibility,
meaning a tourist attraction should
be easily achieved and by itself as
well easy to find.

Access to Sanghyang Heuleut is quite

difficult, because of nothing public
transport directly to go there.
Therefore, the best way to go there is
by using car or motorcycle. If using
car from Bandung City, the trip will
take about one and a half hour
through Cipularang Toll Road. If
using motorcycle, the trip will be
longer because of the winding
mountain roads.

There are two entrance to Sanghyang

Heuleut : Saguling Power Plant and
Batu Akik. From the entrance, visitors
must have to go trekking with a
distance of 2 km to get to the lake .
The path conditions are quite difficult
to pass because of slippery especially
when rain comes. Therefore during
trekking, visitors will be guided by a
tour guide or a local people.
However, visitors can enjoy the dense
forest andfresh air during trekking.


From the perspective of sanitation,
Sanghyang Heuleut can be
categorized as a quite low service
because they only provide one trash
can for the entire place. We can also
find scattered garbage all over the
place so the sanitation is not really
well-maintained. There is no garbage
management system so they only use
a traditional way to get rid of
garbages that were collected. Also,
the plastic trashes are collected only
once a week and the leftover
garbages were burned.

From the safety perspective,

Sanghyang Heuleut is pretty good
and well-maintained because for the
by radio that makes the
communication clear. There has never
been a crime in Sanghyang Heuleut
so it can be considered as a safe
place to go.

From the hospitality perspective, the

local people are really friendly and
ready to help in case of trouble. They
provide a motorcycle ride to go to
Sanghyang Heuleut when the tourist
think that it will be hard for them to
walk. And whenever a trouble
happen, the local people are ready to
help because they are still a
traditional people so their culture is
still strong.

tourist who wants to swim and jump

into the water, they provide a life-
vest jacket for them. Also they
provide a tour guide and a guard for
the tourists, usually they will
accommodate one guide for one
group that will accompany the group
when they tracking the path to
Sanghyang Heuleut and also guide
them if they want to jump in to the
water from a 9 meters - stone.
Sanghyang Heuleut has a security
post as a place to report whenever
something happens and the
communication between local people


There are no signal available. We found out that it's quite hard to
communicate through phone calls and messages, so it's really
important to stay together as a group because if we go on our own
it will be hard to regroup at the end. Also, there are no adequate
accommodation (hotels, bungalows, or resorts) that can support
your stay there. But accommodation-wise doesn't really matter,
considering you can visit and enjoy the place without staying in.

There are no decent information about the There are no souvenir shop available, and no
place. Visitors gain informations through restaurant available too, but there are small food
other visitors. This might be a problem, shops that sell Indomie and also hot and cold
because to visit nature type of destination you drinks. Because Sanghyang Heuleut is one of
have to be fully prepared and fed with tons of tourism destination, sellers of the shops set the
informations, it's nature your going to face, price of the foods and drinks with higher price
keep in mind. than usual.

And in Sanghyang Heuleut itself, there are The main problem about the place related to
only three tour guides available, one for amenity, is that there are no toilets available.
showing directions to the place and two There is only one changing room that is only
responsible for visitors' safety. With this type used for changing clothes. Visitors that wanted
of field, providing only three tour guides to go to the toilet would just have to do it on the
actually aren't enough. river.

Sanghyang Heuleut is a tourism In addition, parking fee is also charged
destination that is charged when it wants to entering the area of heuleut sanghyang,
enter that destination, the admission fee is which is 20 thousand for cars and 10
10 thousand/person. That price is a legal thousand for motorcycles.
and fix price, because when the tourists pay,
the officer will give a legal entrance ticket For transport fee, the location of Sanghyang
and any total of visitors that come either heuleut is only accessible by private vehicles,
individually or a large group, the admission due to the unavailability of public transport
price will be the same, which is 10 routes that pass or to the location. When
thousand/person. The admission fee using a private car from the Bandung, will
charged at the beginning is an overall price cost gasoline in the range of 30 thousand for
to enjoy all the attractions in that the motorcycle and 100 thousand for the car.
destination, so, when you want to swim or While, there is no lodging fee there because
try other attractions, no more charges. there is no lodging available around the
location, except local residents houses.

Human resource, as you know, is one of the
important aspects to have in any institution or
organisation. In order to reach the efficiency and
effectiveness, human resource need to be
concerned. Employee qualification is one of
things that can be done to sort the human
resources out, whether these job applicants are
qualifed or not to do the job. In this case,
Sanghyang Heuleut has no employee
qualifaication because there is no formal
institution or organisation that operates the
destination. Workers in Sanghyang Heuleut is
self-employed which means a situation in which
an individual works for himself instead of working
for an employer that pays a salary or a wage. A
self-employed individual earns his income
through conducting profitable operations from a
trade or business that he operates directly. In
Sanghyang Heuleut, there is a few worker that
guide and provide us in their traditional and
unstructured way. There are four clerks at local
stores, three tour guides, one worker to secure
the parking lot, and one worker to make sure the
visitors are safe and provides life jackets to
visitors when they jump into the river.



The inability of sanghyang heuleut to be a famous attraction in

Bandung Region caused by many factors, mainly because the
lack of management and promotion
Namiera Nur Addini - 15415007
Yustafadha Azida K. - 15415008
Shalna Narulita - 15415027
Byanmara - 15415044
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