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Installation Manual Double DIN Kit Mitsubishi ASX Installation Manual

INE-W928R Kit
7. Attach metal mounting brackets
to Alpine INE-W928R
colour / part-no.:
• Mitsubishi ASX 2011-> black: KIT-8ASX

Compatible with these Alpine navigation devices

8. Connect all required circuit points

Place Alpine INE-W928R and fix it

(see arrows)


9. Connect hazard light switch
connector an other required 2

connections 5

Place facia plate until it snaps in

Double DIN Kit contents
(1) Facia Plate
(2) Mounting Bracket Right
(3) Mounting Bracket Left
6 (4) Sticker
1 (5) PCB
(6) Clip
(7) Flat Headed Screw
Installation Manual Double DIN Kit Mitsubishi ASX

1. Mitsubishi ASX with OEM-Radio 4. Dismount air vents left and

right. Remove OEM circuit
Unclip OEM center panel board (PCB).
Unplug cables carefully
Dismount hazard light switch
Remove OEM center panel Dismount silver side panels
Dismount clips

2. Remove OEM Radio/CD device 5. Mount hazard light switch to

facia plate

Put replacement stickers for

PASSENGER (right) on double
DIN facia plate

3. Dashboard with removed 6. Mount

OEM Radio/CD device • OEM air vents
• OEM silver side panels
• replacement PCB
to facia plate

All installation work must be performed by a qualified professional installer only.

The manufacturer / dealer is not liable for any kind of incidential or indirect damages.