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1.1 Background of Study

Computers are now widely used by the general public, both in offices and

in housing. Because it can facilitate a job. Computers are also widely used by

various professions, such as designers, students, teachers, accountants,

photographers, and much more. Because computer has multi function. whether

it is a job or just fill the spare time. Not infrequently we are able to sit in front

of the computer for hours without a break. Especially now in the internet

world there are many social networks (such as social networking) such as

instagram, facebook, Twitter and others. In addition, for gaming enthusiasts

who are circulating in the internet world is also the main cause we are able to

survive long in front of the computer.

Namun dibalik keserbagunaannya, komputer juga dapat merusak

kesehatan kita. Karena computer memancarkan electromagnetic radiations

(EMR). Electromagnetic radiation or EM radiations or simply called ‘EMR’.

Electromagnetic energy is a term used for describing all the different kinds of

energies which are released into space by stars (for example, The Sun). Radio

Waves, TV waves, short waves, microwaves, heat (infrared radiation), light,

X-rays, Gamma rays, including UV-light that also causes Sunburns comes into

Electromagnetic energies. Even a power line, a broadcast tower, or any other

electric device including Computer emits a considerable amount of

electromagnetic radiation, which in simpler words is known as Computer

Radiation. This type of radiation emitted from Computers, TVs and other

electrical and electronic devices is also known as Extremely Low Frequency

or ELF.

In significant enough doses, computer radiation can have a myriad of

negative effects on the body health such as fertility issues with both men and

women. Exposure to large amounts of electromagnetic radiation can cause

meaningful damage to healthy. Dangers posed by computer radiation come

from excess exposure to electromagnetic radiation and thermal computer

radiation from internal computer components. The reason I use this topic in

order to invite us to protect ourself from possible negative side effects of

computer radiation.


1. What is computer radiation?

2. What is the effect of computer radiation for health?

3. How to keep our body safe from computer radiation?