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Why use Digi-ID Open Auth Protocol?

Bringing authentication to the next technological level

Digi-ID allows for fast, effortless sign-ups Thanks to the combination of time-tested
and sign-ins for users. Digi-ID eliminates cryptographic Blockchain security, and
the archaic username and password the ease-of-use from the DigiByte mobile
requirement for authentication. Users no wallets, the advantages of Digi-ID can be
longer need to worry about remembering utilized by both technical and non-techni-
their login credentials! But more impor- cal users alike. This monolithic shift in
tantly, users no longer need to worry authentication safety will usher in a new
about their accounts getting hacked and era of expectations from the global com-
credentials re-used. munity as Digi-ID becomes the industry
benchmark of credential protection.
Feedback shows that the seamless nature
of Digi-ID authentication not only provides With plugins available for many of today’s
greater customer satisfaction, but common website platforms, integration
decreases the login time for existing time is incredibly low. Digi-ID is complete-
users while also removing the “entry barri- ly free and will always be, with no ads for
er” with signing up for a new service. users and no charge for integrators.
Digi-ID development is sponsored by the
Digi-ID can also be used in conjunction DigiByte Foundation as a gift to the global
with traditional authentication methods, community in our bid to secure the future
allowing for services and websites to of the internet based on Blockchain
offer it side-by-side with a username & technology.
password authentication method. Users
can easily migrate or “upgrade” their The use of Digi-ID also greatly benefits
existing account by matching their Digi-ID both users and integrators from the secu-
with their username/password, meaning rity perspective, with less business risk
that no user has to re-create an account from down-time or cybersecurity threats,
but can still benefit from upgrading and it eliminates the “data leak” that occurs
potentially replacing older authentication from hacks, making it pointless for an
methods. attacker to even attempt to break in,
knowing they won’t get any useful data
from an attack.

For more information on integrating Digi-ID into your website or application, see