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Programme : M.

S SE Semester : Summer I - 18
Database Management Systems
Course : Code : SWE304
Faculty : Prof. M. Premalatha Slot : L1+L4+L5+L8+L9+L11

Ex. No. 1
SQL Basics

1. Create the following schemas by setting the primary and foreign

student(regno, sname, cgpa)
course(ccode, cname, credits)
faculty(empid, fname, designation)
course_student(regno, ccode)
course_faculty(fid, ccode)
2. Add email id attribute to student relation and describe the
3. Change the data type of sname in student relation and describe
the structure
4. Change the size of any attribute and describe the structure
5. Add phone number attribute to student relation and describe the
6. Rename the empid attribute as fid in faculty relation and
describe the structure
7. Delete the email id attribute from student and describe the
8. Insert 5 records each to all the schemas
9. Display the contents of all the schemas
10. Copy the contents of student table and name the table as
student new.
11. Delete the contents of student new table, describe the
structure and display the contents of the table
12. Delete the structure of student new table , describe the
structure and display the contents of the table

Ex. No. 2

SQL - Integrity Constraints and DML

Create the following tables and apply constraints as follows

1. Books Table:
a. isbn – primary key
b. title - unique
c. price – not null
d. qty – not null
2. Authors Table:
a. authorId – primary key
b. email
3. Book_Authors:
a. isbn – foreign key references books table
b. authorId – foreign key references authors table

Write SQL Queries for the following:

1. Constraints:
a. Add not null constraint to title in books table
b. Add unique constraint to email in authors table
c. Alter not null constraint in price attribute in books
table and set the check constraint so that value is
greater than 0.0
d. Drop not null constraint in books table - qty
e. Set a default value of qty in books table as 0
f. Drop any one foreign key constraint.
2. DML
a. List the authorid without repetition from book_authors
b. Update the email of an author
c. Insert records as given in the above tables
d. Increase the price of all books with 10% of its price
e. Sort the authors table in ascending order based on
their names
f. Sort the books table by price in descending and qty in ascending order.