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EA sports FIFA 18 analysis

Camera Shots/Cinematography
There are several Close up shots in the FIFA advert which shows specific details of the footballers actions and specific
snips of their movements for instance in this shot of Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating this goals by using this shot shows
emotion and the details of how the character is feeling during the match, a close up shot.
There are mainly medium shots in the trailer. The General purpose shot which allows the target audience to pick up on a
specific characters movement and gestures by their body language to capture the emotion of a character.
They are favoured in sequences where dialogue or a small group of people that are acting as they give the audience a
partial view of the background for example the picture below is a medium shot and shows the reaction of the player and
how how he is feeling at that moment in time.
Meaning and purpose of the product
The meaning of the FIFA 18 advert is to blur the line between the virtual and real
life action by bringing to life the real life football players existing and old football
icons, the teams, and atmospheres of the crowds that will immerse you in the
emotion and the action of the Game, by making you immersive to the game.
Bringing you into the real game to make you feel as if you aren’t just playing the
game, you are in the actual game playing against the world.
In the advert they use upbeat music to show the atmosphere of the game, The
song “Energy by Avelino ft Stormzy and Skepta”, the song could represent an
energetic, fast motion, pacey approach to the advert for the game, which create
tension to make you feel as if your in the actual game itself taking on the rest of
the world. The music also make you feel as if you want to rise to the top and
become the world’s best. It is upbeat and is energetic, the music aims to build
confidence on the target audience to join the era of modern day football.
During the advert, there are both Diegetic and Non-Diegetic sound,

An example of Non-Diegetic, is the music added to the advert, the reason for this is that it’s source is not present or implied
in the piece of media, the music has been added on through the creator of the trailer.

An example of Diegetic sound could be the crowd and also when the player score and the netting rattles, this is Diegetic
sounding because it is visible and you can see where the sound is coming for. The sound is also visible from objects.

This is very significant because the Diegetic sound which is the music shows the intenseness of the game, as the music
gets quicker, it shows that the tension is building between the player, until is reaches climax when the player score the goal
in which then the music is quite cheery and shows a positive impact to the player and also significant to Non-Diegetic
sounds during the trailer because it shows the impact the sound to the aftermath of the shot, because the impact of the shot
happens quickly and the player start celebrating instantly straight after the header was scored.
The purpose of the advert
The purpose of the advert is to bring everyone together to play the “worlds game”,
the aim is to bring you into the action of the game against everyone in the world,it
aims to draw your attention into the game using hyperbolic wording such as
“SPEED” “ACCELERATED AND “EXPLODE”, this is used to stand out to the
target audience to bring people into the game and persuade the target audience to
buy the game. The advert gives the target audience an idea on what the game is
like before they buy the game.
Target Audience for the product
The target audience for the product is for male demographics aged 3+ but mainly tennagers to adults, it is
aimed for those who like to play football, however it doesn’t stop females to play the game however the
game is more aimed at male audiences.

The target audience is active, therefore you can relate the trailer to the uses and gratification theory The
users and gratifications model suggests that media audiences are active (not passive) and make active
decisions about what they consume in relation to their social and cultural setting and their needs.
The uses and gratification theory
This was summed up by theorists Blumier and Katz back in 1974.
They said “Media usage can be explained in that it provides gratifications (meaning it satisfies needs)
related to the satisfaction of social and psychological needs’. This means that audiences choose to watch
programmes that make them feel good (gratifications) e.g. soaps and sitcoms.
Blumier and Katz (1975) went into greater detail and identified four main uses:
1: Surveillance.
2:Personal Relationships
3: Personal Identity
4: Diversion
Maslow’s need for security.
By keeping up to date with news about local and international events we feel we have the knowledge to
avoid or deal with dangers.
}Finding out about relevant events and conditions in immediate surroundings, society and the world
}Seeking advice on practical matters or opinion and decision choices
}Satisfying curiosity and general interest
}Gaining a sense of security through knowledge.
This is related to the trailer because the trailer aims to seek interest for the target audience and also, the
theory believes that you can learn whilst playing the game to become a better person, the trailer will give
the person the nostalgia, which will give them the general interest in the game and will persuade the
audience to buy the game.
Personal Identity
}Part of our sense of self is informed by making judgements about all sorts of people and things. This is
also true of judgements we make about TV and film characters, and celebrities.
}Our choice of music, the shows we watch, the stars we like can be an expression of our identities.
}One aspect of this type of gratification is known as value reinforcement. This is where we choose
television programmes or newspapers that have similar beliefs to those we hold.
This is related to the trailer because by playing the game using real life player, you can get an opinion of a
specific player, for instance most people can relate themselves to players like Cristiano Ronaldo, because
people will look up to him because he is one of the best players in FIFA so the target audience will idolise
him and the game also wants the target audience to feel like they have their own self-identity whilst
playing the “world’s game”. And also the fact that Ronaldo is the main character
In the game, by using the character as the main person will attract more people
To buy the game.
Personal relationships
This is provided by forming real or virtual relationships with characters in soaps, films and all kinds of drama, and other
programmes and other forms of media.

}Identifying with others and gaining a sense of belonging

}Finding a basis for conversation and social interaction
}Having a substitute for real-life companionship
}Helping to carry out social roles
}Enabling one to connect with family, friends and society
The trailer can relate to this because the meaning of the trailer is to give you that feel like you are against the world, by
doing so you can connect with people and play against each other in the game, it can also create social interaction with
person to person and also people can relate to the game together and you should feel like you belong to the game and that
you are part of the “World’s game”, this may represent confidence and self-esteem since it aims to make you more
confident within the game.
All types of television programmes and other forms of media can be ‘used’ to wind down and offer
diversion, as well as satisfying some of the other needs at the same time:
}Escaping, or being diverted, from problems
}Getting intrinsic cultural or aesthetic enjoyment
}Filling time
}Emotional release

This can be related to the trailer since that FIFA could be a direct way or perhaps a coping mechanism by
escaping from stress and problems, it also could be a way of relaxing and for enjoyment.
I also conducted some primary research to find out the target audience for EA, the percentage for gender
who did this survey is fairly mixed and all aged between 16-25, looking at the result out of all the people
that filled out the questionnaire, 81.8% play video games, already we can tell that the popularity of video
games are rising quite significantly. Also what I found out was that most people play their video games on
xbox or playstation, this could represent the fact that people are using more modern technology rather
than older technology, due to newer video games coming out.
Looking at these other results what we can learn is that 80% of people have
played an EA game however 0% of the people surveyed haven’t played a sport
genre game, most people are into shooting games for instance, Titanfall and UFC
etc, this shows that there is a mixed selection of genres people play which could
be based on what people prefer. So they may be room for people wo dont play
sport games to get into FIFA.
How the advert is made?
The advert firstly has to go through a stage through pre-production, which is planning out the actual advert itself and the
other factors such as location and timing and also what is needed for the potential advert to be successful. By planning out
will mean there is less of a risk for the advert going wrong. The quicker everyone in the pre-production comes up with a final
decision, the more time the production team will have to sort out the poor planning choices. Then the team will work on a
script but in this case, we won’t need a script as such since they are creating a trailer for FIFA. After everything is cleared
and checked through,there will be a production schedule so let’s just say that we will film in 28 days after pre production.

When it comes to filming, we will have everything prepared like location, equipment etc…, which in this case will be to
motion capture the players to be turned into a computerised person for the trailer, once this is done, we then need to do the
editing, this is where more time is took to do the editing because, everything has to be right like the timing and also the
effects and music needs to be in time with the footage, once this is all done, then this is where the advert is published online
to where everyone can see the advert and get an opinion on what the game will be like when it is released.
Codes and conventions
There are signs of codes within the product and the advert for example there are uses of symbolic codes
for example power which is shown by Cristiano Ronaldo who the main cover for FIFA 18, he symbolises
power and confidence throughout the game and the advert this gives the target audience someone to look
up to to make them feel like ronaldo when they are playing the worlds game.

Also there are written and verbal codes for example the text uses hyperbolic wording like mentioned in the
previous slides to stand out th the audience to make they feel more confident and to feel like they can take
on the challenge of playing in the worlds game.

This could be related to the genre of the trailer in this case which is sport, which symbolises physical and
power, due to sport being an active way of doing things, like also sports is a competitive genre, represents
power and competition against other players to become the world best.
Mise en scene
Mise-en-scène is an expression used to describe the design aspect of a theatre or film production, which
essentially means "visual theme" or "telling a story", both in visually artful ways through storyboarding,
cinematography and stage design, and in poetically artful ways through direction. It is also commonly
used to refer to multiple single scenes within the film to represent the film. is the arrangement of objects
and the surroundings of an event like for a good example a stage or a set of a film.

Mise en scene is shown in the trailer for instance when the crowd was cheering, the way that the crowd
was laid out shows how much the “worlds game” is liked, this can refer to the target audience in many
ways for instance, the packed out crowds could represent the popularity of the sport and could give the
audience the nostalgia that the potential buyer of this game will get the feeling like they are experis the
world game through how realistic the trailer is.