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[18] Semi-Parallel Architectures For Real-Time LDPC Coding by Marjan Karkooti

[19] Nelson Alvis, VLSI Architecture Design and Implementation of a LDPC

Encoder for the IEEE 802.22 WRAN Standard
[20] Steffy Johnson and Nidhi Gaur, Comparison of FPGA implementation of
LDPC encoder algorithms
[21] Wang Peng, Low-complexity Real-time LDPC Encoder Design for CMMB
IEEE 802.11N
[23] A Low-Complexity Hybrid LDPC Code Encoder for IEEE 802.3an (10GBase-
T) Ethernet Aaron E. Cohen and Keshab K. Parhi
[24] Low-Complexity Encoding of LDPC Codes: A New Algorithm and its
Performance, Hanghang Qi and Norbert Goertz
[25] Implementation of a Flexible Encoder for Structured Low-Density Parity-
Check Codes, Sunitha Kopparthi and Don M. Gruenbacher
[26] LDPC Codes: Code Construction and Encoder Hardware Implementation,
Ahmed S. Mahdi
[27] LDPC Encoder Design and FPGA Implementation in Deep Space
Communication, Lei Cheng, Hongpeng Zhu, Guangxia Li, Lei Yang
[28] Linear-time encoding and decoding of low-density parity-check codes,
Mikael Simberg
[29] A fast LDPC encoder/decoder for small/medium codes, J.M.R. Vaz, J.A.B.
[30] FPGA Implementation and Verification of LDPC Encoder with Weight (3, 6)
Approximate Lower Triangular Matrix, Yi Hua Chen, Meilin Su, Jheng Shyuan He
[31] FPGA Implementation of encoders for CCSDS Low-Density Parity-Check
(LDPC) codes, Dimitrios K. Theodoropoulos
[32] FPGA Implementation of LDPC Encoder with Approximate Lower Triangular
Matrix, Yi Hua Chen, Jue Hsuan Hsiao, Jheng Shyuan He