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Dr. Reckeweg Reference Guide

Information on which Dr. Reckeweg remedies are recommended for certain ailments.

A complete guide to individual areas of the body, the problems, and solutions offered by the Reckeweg range.

Cardiovascular System
R29 — Vertigo, tendency to fainting Meniere's disease; cerebrovascular R2 — Cardiac neurosis Arrhythmia; tachycardia; angina
disturbances; travel or motion pectoris; palpatations
sickness R3 — Cardiac fatigue Cardiac insufficiency; myocardial
R42 — Venous stasis, varicose veins, Venous congestion; varicose ailments; weakness
inflammation of the veins inflammation of the veins; heavy legs; R12 — Arteriosclerosis, weak memory, Vascular hypertonia; cerebrovascular
varicose eczema; epistaxis; goiter congestion
hemorrhoids; phlebitis; varicose R22 — Nervous disorders Anginal conditions; cardiac neurosis;
ulcers; hemorrhages arrhythmia; dyspnea; sensation of
R44 — Blood circulation disorders Weakness of the circulatory system; pressure and suffocation
hypotony; atherosclerosis; coldness of R44 — Blood circulation disorders, Cardiac exhaustion and debility;
extremities hypotonia cardiac palpitations; weak and rapid
R60 — Blood purifier, - drainage Toxic overload - cleanses blood pulse; cardiac functional disturbances
remedy impurities from the blood; swelling of R58 — Hydrops, renal function Hydrops and edema caused by
the lymph nodes stimulant myocardial weakness, cardiac
R63 — Peripheral circulation disorders, Peripheral cyanosis; Raynaud's affections, or infectious diseases
cyanosis syndrome; muscular cramps; venous R66 — Cardiac rhythm disorders Rhythm and conduction disorders after
congestion; circulatory imbalances degenerative heart conditions; post
R67 — Circulatory debility Acute and chronic circulatory myo/endocarditis; Ml
disturbances; circulatory shock; R67 — Circulatory debility Circulatory shock, i.e. stroke;
circulatory collapse; cyanosis; cardiogenic shock after cardiac failure;
imperceptible pulse syncopal tendency; vertigo
R79 — Hypertension, Circulatory irregularities — regulates R85 — High blood pressure Cardiac insufficiency; angina pectoris;
hypercholesteroldemia, hyperlipemia circulatory system; arteriosclerosis; cardiac conduction distrubances; heart
congestive headaches; dizziness palpitation
R185 — Blood pressure regulator Labile hypertensive blood pressure
disturbances, borderline hypertension

R1 Inflammation, fever, infection Enuresis/incontinence; drug-induced R34 Perturbations in calcareous Hypercalcemic nephropathy
interstital nephritis; analgesic tissues, osteoporosis
nephropathy; glomerulonephritis; R58 Hydrops, renal function stimulant Nephrotic syndrome; renal
hydronephrosis; renal colic; cystitis; insufficiency
ureteritis; urethritis; nephritic R60 Blood purifier, cellulite —drainage Hypercalcemic nephropathy
syndrome; prostatitis/BPH; remedy
R64 Albuminuria Glomerulonephritis; hydronephrosis;
R7 Liver and Galibladder conditions - Drug-induced interstitial nephritis; renal colic; glomerulosclerosis;
drainage remedy analgesic nephropathy nephrosclerosis; Berger's disease;
R12 Arterioclerosis, weak memory, Glomerulosclerosis; nephrosclerosis nephritic syndrome; nephrotic
goiter syndrome; renal insufficiency
R17 Tumors, warts, eczema Bladder/kidney tumors R74 Enuresis Enuresis/incontinence
R87 Bacterial infection Pyelonephritis

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Dr. Reckeweg Reference Guide – United Remedies

R18 Kidney and bladder conditions — Urinary calculi-bladder/renal calculi; R193 — Intense fever, inflammation Strengthens the resistance with
drainage remedy bladder/kidney tumors; drug-induced localised inflammatory processes
interstitial nephritis; analgesic
nephropathy; glomerulonephritis;
hydronephritis; renal colic;
glomerulosclerosis; nephrosclerosis;
hypercalcemic nephropathy; Berger's
disease; cystitis; ureteritis; urethritis;
nephritic syndrome; pyelonephritis;
renal insufficiency
R25 Prostatitis Prostatitis/BPH
R27 Renal calculi — drainage remedy Urinary calculi-bladder/renal calculi;
glomerulonephritis; hydronephrosis;
renal colic

Digestive System
R1 — Inflammation, fever, infection Appendicitis; Crohn's; ulcerative R55 - Injuries, fractures, wounds, pains Injuries of all types may also be used
colitis; gastroenteritis; hemorrhoids due to overexertion as a complementary remedy in feverish
R4 — Diarrhoea Crohn's ; diarrhoea; gastroenteritis; infection, sepsis and rheumatism, even
IBS; ulcerative colitis appendectomy
R5 — Gastritis, dyspepsia, ulcers Gastritis; gastric ulceration — peptic R56 — Vermifuge worming Haemorrhoids
ulcer; hiatus hernia R59 — Slimming Obesity, overeating, cellulite
R7 — Liver and gallbladder conditions Constipation; haemorrhoids R72 — Affections of the pancreas Impaired digestion
R13 — Haemorrhoids Haemorrhoids R82 — Fungal affections Dysbiosis
R14 — Insomnia, nervousness IBS R83 — Food allergies Leaky Gut Syndrome
V-C15 — Stress effects tonic -calmer IBS R87 — Bacterial infection Bacterial gastroenteritis
R30 — Universal ointment Haemorrhoids R88 — Viral infection Viral gastroenteritis
R31 —Anemia, lack of appetite, liver Ulcerative colitis R90 — Hyperacidity, hypersecretion, Gastritis; gastric ulceration — peptic
conditions ulcer ulcer; hiatus hernia; constipation;
R37 — Flatulent colics, chronic Constipation; haemorrhoids; impaired impaired digestion: Leaky Gut
constipation digestion Syndrome
R38 — Affections of the abdomen, cyst Appendicitis R92 — Digestive enzymes formula Impaired digestion; constipation
— right side R93 — Immune system fortifier Leaky Gut Syndrome; gastroenteritis
R42 — Venous stasis, varicosis, Haemorrhoids R94 — Calendula succuss Lacerations and bruises, sores
inflammation of the veins R95 — Alfalfa tonic Crohn's
R52 — Vomiting, nausea Gastroenteritis; Crohn's; diarrhoea;
ulcerative colitis

Infectious Conditions
R1 Inflammation, fever, infection Abscess; chickenpox; cold; R24 Pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia, Pneumonia; tuberculosis
conjunctivitis; hand, foot & mouth influenza
disease; herpes simplex; herpes zoster R26 Chronic ailments — drainage Gonorrhea; syphilis; toxic buildup
risk of tetanus; influenza; measles; remedy
meningitis; mononucleosis; pertussis; R31 Anemia, lack of appetite, liver Mononucleosis
pneumonia; cervicitis; conditions
cytomegalovirus; tuberculosis;
R30 Universal ointment Pediculosis; scabies
gonorrhea; hepatitis B;
lymphogranuloma venereum; urethritis R38/39 Affections of the abdomen Cervicitis
R4 Diarrhoea Viral gastroenteritis R48 Pulmonary disease Tuberculosis
R6 Influenza, colds, fever Cold; influenza; measles; pneumonia; R49 Sinus catarrh, sinusitis, nasal Cold
cytomegalovirus congestion
R7 Liver and gallbladder conditions — Hepatits B; toxic buidup R60 Blood purifier, cellulite — drainage Mononucleosis; syphilis;
drainage remedy remedy cytomegalvirus; granuloma inguinale;
lymphogranuloma venereum; toxic
R8 Jut-U-Sin syrup — cough Pertussis; pneumonia
expectorant buildup
R9 Cough drops Pertussis; pneumonia R62 Measles, inflammation of the Conjunctivitis; measles
mucous membranes
V-C15F Stress effects tonic — Mononucleosis; AIDS
R68 Herpes simplex, chickenpox, zona Chickenpox; hand, foot and mouth
disease; herpes simplex; herpes
R17 Tumors, warts, eczema Condyloma/venereal wart; HPV zoster, scabies; herpes genitalis;
R18 Kidney and bladder conditions — Lymphogranuloma venereum; herpes labialis
drainage remedy urethritis R69 Intercostal neuralgia Herpes zoster
R21 Chronic skin and blood diseases Chancre/chancroid; R78 Conjunctivitis, cataracts Conjunctivitis; chlamydia
condyloma/venereal wart; gonorrhea;
R94 Calendula succuss Abscess
granuloma inguinale; herpes
genitalis/herpes labialis; R95 Alfalfa tonic Mononucleosis; AIDS; tuberculosis
lymphogranuloma venereum; syphilis;
toxic buildup; vaccination
R23 Eczema drops Eczema of the skin

R36 Nervous diseases, chorea Muscular cramps
R46 Rheumatism of forearms and Arthritis; rheumatism; carpal tunnel
hands syndrome; gout; synovitis; TMJ

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Dr. Reckeweg Reference Guide – United Remedies

R1 Inflammation, fever, infection Arthritis; arthrosis; rheumatism; R55 Injuries, fractures, wounds, pains
Dental abscesses/ affections;
lumbago; gingivitis; gout; bunions; due to overexertion fractures; herniated disk;
bursitis; dental abscesses/affections; injury/trauma; torticollis
Duputren's contracture; inflammation; R61 Rheumatism ointment Myalgia; spondylosis
spondylosis; synovitis; tendinitis; R69 Intercostal neuralgia Intercostal neuralgia
neuritis; tenosynovitis
R70 Facial (general) neuralgia Carpal tunnel syndrome; epicondylitis;
R11 Rheumatism, gout Back pain/lumbago; fibromyalgia; gout; neuritis; tendinitis; tenosynovitis;
herniated disk; injury/trauma; neuralgia; TMJ
rheumatism; ricketts; spondylosis;
R71 Sciatica Sciatica, prolapsed disc
torticollis; synovitis;
R73 Osteoarthritis; arthrosis; Arthritis; arthrosis;
V-C15 Stress effects tonic - calmer Athlete enhancement
spondylarthrosis ischialgia'ischiodynia; rheumatism;
R16 Migraine, neuralgia Headache; TMJ spondylosis; synovitis
R17 Tumors, warts, eczema Bone tumors; soft tissue tumors R75 Menstrual cramps, labour pains Dysmenorrhoea drops for menstrual
R18 Kidney and bladder conditions — Gout cramps and labour pains
drainage remedy R80 Arnica oil Athlete enhancement, myalgia
R30 Universal ointment Arthritis; carpal tunnel syndrome; back R81 Analgesic: headaches, neuralgic Back pain/lumbago; headache;
pain/lumbago; bunions; buritis; pain, migraine neuralgia; sciatica; torticollis
herniated disk; myalgia
R91 Blood oxygenation Athlete enhancement; muscular
R33 Epilepsy, convulsions Muscular cramps dystrophies/ atrophy
R34 Perturbations in bone tissues Arthritis; arthrosis; bone spur; bone R94 Calendula succus Gingivits
tumor; bursitis; bone fragility; dental
R95 Alfalfa tonic — nutritive properties Growing pains/delayed growth
affections; Dupuytren's contracture;
fractures; growing pains/delayed
growth; osteomalacia/ osteoporosis;
periodontosis; ricketts; spondylosis
R35 Toothaches, teething Dental abcesses

Nervous System
R1 Inflammation, fever, infection Brain abscess; encephalitis; R36 Nervous diseases — chorea ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease; ADHD;
meningitis; inflammatory neuropathy; huntington's disease; multiple
polyneuritis; concussion/contusion/ sclerosis parkinson's disease;
laceration/ brain swelling/ hemorrhage polyneuritis; tetanus; Wernicke-
R7 Liver and gallbladder conditions — Environmental, nutritional and Korsakoff syndrom
drainage remedy metabolic neurotoxins; toxic R40 Diabetes Nutritional/metabolic neuropathies
neuropathy; Wernicke Korsakoff R47 Anguish, phobia, anxiety, PMS Anxiety/irritability/nervousness; bipola
syndrome disorder; histrionic personality and
R12 Arteriosclerosis, weak memory, Dementia; infarcts/stroke/transient obsessive compulsive disorder; phobia
goiter ischemic attacks; memory impairment; R54 Cerebral perturbations Alzheimer's disease; ADHD; dementia;
multiple sclerosis huntington's disease; memory
R14 Insomnia, nervousness Anxiety/irritability/nervousness; impairment Wemicke-Korsakoff
asthenia/depression; bipolar disorder; syndrome
histrionic personality disorder; R55 Injuries, fractures, wounds, pains Concussion/contusion/laceration/ brai
insomnia; obsessive compulsive due to overexertion swelling/hemorrhage
disorder; phobia R60 Blood purifier, cellulite — drainage Environmental/toxic neuropathy
V-C15 Stress effects tonic — calmer Anorexia nervosa; anxiety / irritability / remedy
nervousness; asthenia / depression; R70 Facial neuralgia Polyneuritis
bipolar disorder; histrionic personality
R72 Affections of the pancreas Nutritional and metabolic neuropathie
disorder; obsessive compulsive
disorder, phobia; parkinson's disease R87 Bacterial infection Brain abscess
V-C15F Stress effects tonic - stimulant Anxiety/irritability/nervousness; R88 Viral infection Encephalitis; meningitis; poliomyelitis
asthenia/depression; bipolar disorder R91 Blood oxygenation Memory impairment
R17 Tumors, warts, eczema Neoplasms of the nervous system R93 Immune system fortifier Brain abscess; encephalitis;
R22 Nervous disorders Anxiety/irritability/nervousness meningitis. neoplasms of the nervous
system; poliomyelitis
R29 Vertigo Multiple sclerosis
R95 Alfalfa tonic — nutritive properties Alzheimer's disease; anorexia nervosa
R32 Hyperhidrosis Management of excessive sweating
asthenia/depression; dementia
R33 Epilepsy, convulsions ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease; epilepsy

R7 - Liver and gallbladder conditions Cholesterinum D6 R83 - Food allergies Adrenalinum D5, histaminum D30
R10 - Climacteric drops Acid sulfuric D4, cimicifuga D4, R84 - Inhalant allergies Adrenalinum D5, histaminum D30
lachesis D12, sanguinaria D4, sepia D4 R85 - High blood pressure Cor D6, D12, D30, glandulae
R19 - Glandular dysfuncions - men Glandulae suprarenales D12, glandulae suprarenales D6, ren D6, D12, D30
thymi D12, pancreas D12 , pituitarum R86 - Hypoglycemia Adrenalinum D6, D12, D30,
posterium D12, testes D12 , hypothalamus D6, D12, D30, insulinum
thyroidinum D12 D12, D30, pituitarum posterium D6,
R20 - Glandular dysfunctions - women Glandulae suprarenales D12, glandulae D12, D30, adenosin tri-phosphate D6,
thymi D12 , ovaria , D12 pancreas D12, D12
pituitarum posterium D12, thyroidinum R87 - Bacterial infection Glandulae thymi D6
D12 R89 - Essential fatty acid assimilation, Pituitarum posterium D6, D12, testes
R41 - Sexual neurasthenia Testes D12 alopecia D6, D12
R41F - Sexual neurasthenia (forte Glandulae suprarenales D12, glandulae R91 - Blood oxygenation Acidum desoxyribonucleicum D6,
version) thymi D12, pancreas D12 , pituitarum acidum ribonucleicum D6
posterium D12, testes D12 , R92 - Digestive enzymes formula Intestinum tenue D8, D12, pancreas D6,
thyroidinum D12 D12, D30, parotis glandulae 04, D6,
R42 - Venous stasis, varicosis, Placenta D30 D12, ventriculus D6, D12
inflammation of the veins R93 - Immune system fortifier Coecurn D6, D12, glandulae thymi D6,
R43 - Asthma - constitutional treatment Pituitarum posterium D30 D12, lymphocytes D6, D12, medulla
R53 - Acne vulgaris, comedos Placenta D12 ossium D6, D12, Nodi iymphatici D6,
R63 - Peripheral circulation disorders, Adrenalinum D6 D12, splenum D6, D12, tonsitlae
cyanosis palatinae D6, D12, tonstOae pharynges
D6, D12

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Dr. Reckeweg Reference Guide – United Remedies

R77 - Nicotine addiction Pituitarum posterium D4

R1 Inflammation, fever, infection Acute bronchitis; cold/cough; R57 Pulmonary system fortifier Chronic bronchitis; cigarette smoking;
hoarseness; laryngitis; tracheitis; lung i fibrosis; emphysema; fungal
abscess; pneumonia; rhintis; sinusitis; infection; ung abscess; lung tumor;
tonsillitis; tuberculosis pulmonary hypertension; vascular
R6 Influenza, colds, fever Acute bronchitis; cold/cough; pleurisy; sclerosis
pleural effusion; pleuritis; pneumonia R62 Measles, inflammation of the Ozena; rhinitis; tonsillitis
R8 Jut-U-Sin syrup — cough Bronchiectasis; acute and chronic mucous membranes
expectorant bronchitis; cigarette smoking; R69 Intercostal neuralgia Intercostal neuralgia
R9 Chest afflictions cold/cough; emphysema; lung R76 Acute asthma Asthma
abscesses; pneumonia R77 Nicotine addiction Cigarette smoking
R12 Arteriosclerosis, weak memory, Pulmonary hypertension; vascular R79 Hypertension, Dyspnea, pulmonary hypertension;
goiter sclerosis Hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipemia vascular sclerosis
R17 Tumors, warts, eczema Lung tumor; nasal polyps R82 Fungal infections, Candida Fungal infection; pneumonia
R22 Nervous disorders Dyspnea albicans
R24 Pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia, Pneumonia; intercostal neuralgia; lung R84 Inhalant allergies Inhalant allergies
pneumonia abscess; pleurisy; pleural effusion; R85 High blood pressure Pulmonary hypertension; vascular
pleuritis; tuberculosis sclerosis
R43 Asthma Asthma R87 Bacterial infection Pneumonia; tuberculosis
R45 Larynx and upper respiratory Hoarseness; laryngitis; tracheitis R88 Viral infection Acute bronchitis; pneumonia
system disorders
R91 Blood oxygenation Dyspnoea
R48 Pulmonary diseases Bronchiectasis; chronic bronchitis;
R93 Immune system fortifier Inhalant allergies; acute bronchitis;
cystic fibrosis; emphysema;
fungal infection; pneumonia;
R49 Sinus catarrh, sinusitis, nasal Inhalant allergies; cold/cough; ozena;
R95 Alfalfa tonic — nutritive properties Tuberculosis
congestion nasal polyps; rhinitis; sinusitis;
Pulsatilla Nasal Spray Decongestant nasal spray

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