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- For Catholics
- At church
- Oils
- Holy Spirit
- Make you holy
- Decisions you make
*will need to give students a definition and explain the concept of a sacrament, as not many
attempted an answer, and some had misconceptions such as only being able to do one
sacrament per year.

- Water on your head
- Done when you are a baby
- When you become a Catholic
- You get blessed at church with holy water
- Priest touches your head
- You become a part of God’s family
- You get a candle, and the sign of the cross on your forehead
*Most identified that it involves water, and a few identified it as the point where a person
becomes a Catholic. Would be good to explain the concept of initiation, and the deeper
symbolism in the actions.

- You go to church and say that you are truly close to God
- You receive the Holy Spirit
- Something you do in Grade 6
*Most students wrote ‘I don’t know’ in this box, and a few confused it with Eucharist
(possibly thinking of the word ‘communion’?). Only two seemed to have a slight idea of what
this is. Would explain this sacrament and, the role of and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

- Drink the wine and eat the bread
- One drew a picture of a priest blessing the bread and wine
- One identified that the bread is the body and the wine the blood from the cross
*A few thought that this only referred to the first time you can participate so would be good
to explain that it is a sacrament every time you take it. Talk about the role of the priest and
the symbols involved.

- God forgives your sins
- When you say sorry
- One mentioned the priest
*A few specifically mentioned grade 3 or 4, so maybe explain that this sacrament is repeated
at other ages too? Explain what is sin, and the steps of reconciliation.
Holy Orders:
*Most students left this box blank. A few wrote that it was God’s rules, one mentioned
becoming a priest. Would need to define and explain this sacrament and that it isn’t about

Anointing of the Sick

*Most left this blank, one mentioned healing from sickness. Would explain this sacrament
and the concept of anointing.

- When you love someone and they love you back
- commit your life to someone you love
- A big relationship
- Celebrating with God and family

*A few mentioned that it was kissing (probably being silly) but most mentioned it being
when you love someone. Would be good to explain why marriage is a sacrament and the
concept of family.