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Student-Teacher: Mahra Mohammed Date: 21- 3- 2018

EPC 2903 Primary Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 2

Grade Level: 2B

Subject: Math

Learning Outcome:

By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

- Use Venn diagrams to sort numbers or objects using one criterion.

- Begin to sort numbers and objects using two criteria.
- Understand and begin to read the vocabulary associated with data.

Resources Preparation (what do you need to do/make before

- Smart board -Check if the smart board and the data show are
- Markers working.
- Worksheet (Venn diagram template) -Print all worksheets.
-Worksheet (football and tennis) -Write the Learning outcome (s) on the board.
-iPad -Prepare the materials.
-Stone -Seat the students in groups based on their ability.

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

Sets – Venn diagram – Criteria - How many?

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

Warming activity: Recap time table 2 using stones. The students will close their eyes then the teacher will
drop the stones in the jar. The student will guess how many stone she dropped.
Recap on what they learned yesterday.
What is a Venn diagram?
What are they used for? To sort objects or numbers.
Time: 15 min

Draw a Venn diagram on the board. Label the sets “Fruit” and “Vegetable” or “Cats” and “Dogs”

Fill in the names in the appropriate sets.

Show children the pdf doc and discuss the questions as a class.
Have students brainstorm two criterion we could use for a Venn diagram.
Why is it important to label the sets? What is the middle set for?
-There will be three worksheets for different levels: -
LA: answer the questions using Venn diagram.
MA: create a Venn diagram
HA: create a Venn diagram
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

The students will have to answer the questions using Venn diagram. The T /TA will sit with the children
who need extra support and guidance.

Extension: - They will create a Venn diagram (favorite subject – Math and science)
Time: 15 min

Independent Experience (MA students)


In pairs students will create Venn diagram for any topic they prefer.

Extension: - They will add questions to their diagram.

Independent Experience (HA students)

In pairs, the students will create a Venn diagram for any topic they prefer.
Extension: - write 3 full sentences about their Venn diagram.

Closing (review learning -LO)

10 min

Quiz using Kahoot


Assessment (to be done during activity time, who and what will be assessed?)

Observe the groups and check if they understand the topic through asking questions.

Reflection WWW/EBI
WWW:- Preparation of iPad at the start of the lesson. Questions are prepared and discussed.
EBI:- If I asked the students to share their knowledge - Use of real objects to engage the students.

Behavior management: - Children clearly stated to raise their hands to answer

Next Steps in learning and teaching

Decrease the listening time to the explanation of the lesson.