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RTU – Mathematics Review TOPIC: ALGEBRA

1. A statement of truth of which follows with little or no proof 17. Fourteen years from now, Issa will be thrice
from a theorem.
a. Axiom b. Hypothesis her age 6 years ago. How old is Issa at
c. Corollary d. Conclusion present?
a. 15 b. 16
2. A statement of truth which is admitted c. 17 d. 18
without proof.
a. Axiom b. Theorem 18. Maria is five times as old as her daughter.
c. Postulate d. Corollary Three years ago, she was seven times as old
3. Refers to the construction of drawing of as her daughter. How old are they?
a. 43, 9 b. 44, 9
lines and figures the possibility of which is c. 45, 9 d. 46, 9
admitted without proof.
a. Corollary b. Theorem 19. In a physical fitness test, boy did 25 more
c. Postulate d. Hypothesis push ups than Marc did. The total number
4. A mathematical statement, which has of push ups for both men was 173. Find the
neither been proved nor denied by number of push ups Marc did.
a. 74 b. 75
counterexamples. c. 76 d. 77
a. Fallacy b. Conjecture
c. Theorem d. Paradox 20. On an algebra test, the highest grade was 42 points more
than the lowest grade. The sum of the two grades was
5. If a = b then b can replace a in any 138. Find the lowest grade?
equation. This illustrates what law of a. 48 b. 49
identity? c. 50 d. 51
a. Reflexive law b. Law of symmetry
21. Evaluate: log 6845 = ?
c. Transitive law d. Substitution law
a. 4.348 b. 5.912
c. 6.3487 d. 3.761
6. The axiom which relates addition and
multiplication is the ________ law. 22. A bank teller has 25 more five peso bills than 10 peso bills.
The total value of the money is P200. How many of 10 peso
a. commutative b. association
c. distributive d. none of the above bill does he have?
a. 6 b. 5
7. Any combination of symbols and numbers c. 4 d. 3

related by the fundamental operation of 23. The sum of the digits of a two-digit number
algebra is called a/an is 6. The number is six times the unit’s
a. equation b. algebraic expression
c. term d. algebraic sum digit. Find the number.
a. 24 b. 23
8. The algebraic expression consisting of a c. 22 d. 21

sum of any number of terms is called a 24. A pump can pump out a tank in 11 hours.
a. multinomial b. summation
c. binomial d. monomial Another pump can pump out the same tank
9. How many degree Celcius is 80 degrees Fahrenheit
in 20 hours. How long will it take both
a. 26.27 b. 33.33 pumps to pump out the tank together?
c. 86.4 d. 16.33 a. 6 hours b. 7 hours
c. 31 hours d. 1/7 hours
10. Express 45 degrees in mils
a. 80 mils b. 8000 mils 25. What is the sum of the coefficients of the expansion (2x-1) 20
c. 800 mils d. 720 mils ?
a. 1 b. 3
11. Solve for x: 37x + 1 = 6561. c. 2 d. 0
a. 1 b. 0.9
c. 1.1 d. 1.2

12. Solve for x: xx = 10

a. 1.2589 b. 1.0254
c. 1.3121 d. 1.2241

13. What is the expression inside the radical sign?

a. radix b. binomial
c. index d. radicand

14. He is considered as the father of Algebra

a. Al Kwari b. Ali Pong
c. Al Khwarizmi d. Rene Descartes

15. These are numbers whose factor is itself and 1

a. Prime number b. Independent number
c. Rational number d. Imaginary number

16. Cara is six years older than five times the age of her
grandson Ogie. If the sum of their ages is 114, find age of
each. (no answer)
a. 15, 90 b. 16, 90
c. 17, 90 d. 18, 90

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RTU – Mathematics Review TOPIC: ALGEBRA

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