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Subject and level Science KG/A Date: 4th March, 2018

Length of observation: 45 minutes Number of students: 23 present, 2

Your Name: Sumayya Abdulla absents.
Peer’s Name: Ohood Ali

Teaching characteristic Comments

1. Organization The student teacher set up her activities materials on each table.
Appropriate organization of content. Planning the Each table had their own materials and each student has what they need.
use of resources and materials. Teacher The activities are matching the students needs, the student teacher divide
the group into their level in the science levels. Also, the size of the
preparation level.
pictures for each activity is match with students age, they are not too
small or too big.
2. Presentation The student teacher explains the lesson to the students. Before she sends
Clear introduction, continuity with other sessions them to the groups, she explains with modeling how to do. Then she asks
and students’ knowledge. Clarity of aims and for understanding by rising themes up. Also, she informed the students
about rutting the groups and which group they will go after they finish
objectives. Clarity of presentation and
the current activity, and mention to tidy up before they go to the next
organization. Appropriate pace and timing. group. Backing to the carpet, and asking a question as an assessment.
Attempts to respond to student needs. Attitude to Good job for making the students be quick because they are talking
students (manner, style). Summary and reference randomly.
to future work.

3. Teaching approach and aids Student teacher using the questioning type to check the students’
Choice of teaching/learning approach and its understanding by holding a picture of a type of the materials (scissors). In
relevance to learner group. Methods used to each table, the student teacher stops and ask the students questioning.
Ask the students to tell what they did in each activity and what happens.
check/evaluate learning. Choice and use of
teaching activities. Effective use of question and
answer. Encouragement of student interaction.

4. Student response Students are enjoying the activities, they know what to do and after they
Level of participation. Level of attention and finish the activity they know that they need to move to the next group.
interest. General class atmosphere. The bell has been used to inform the students that is time is finish we
need to tidy up. ( the student teacher informed the students they have
time tomorrow for those who did not finish).

5. General observations My advice set a timer for the students in each activity to know that they
need to tidy up and move to the next group. The activities are fun and the
students are exploring the materials through different activities and
experiment. Also, the student teacher involves “five sense” and “what is
made of (materials: Wood, Plastic, Glass, Textiles, Stone) in her
activities. Every wonderful from the student teacher to give good
feedback about the good behavior. Using the “badges” as a reward for
the good students. Good to have a limited amount so this will go to the
one who derived.