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Setting up DS-Win V4

This document tells how to start up DS-Win V4. It describes what and in which order the
parts have to be installed and set up.

• Step 1: Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

DS-Win V4 is a java-based application, therefore a JRE is needed. If JRE is not

available at the computer, it has to be installed. The last version can be loaded free
from this homepage:

Any JRE version starting from 1.6.0_xx may be used.

• Step 2: Installing DS-Win V4

To install the application please start Software\install.bat from the installation CD.

• Step 3: Database

Database server and standard database

DS-Win V4 supports PostGreSQL, MySQL 5 and MSSQL Server 2005 Express.

If there is no database server at your computer, PostGreSQL can be installed from

the CD by executing PostgreSQL\install.bat. In this case the PostGreSQL server 8.2
will be installed and a sample DS-Win V4 database will be created. The name of the
sample database is always “dsw” and the empty tables can be found at the schema
To uninstall PostGreSQL, PostgreSQL\uninstall.bat from the CD has to be used.
Otherwise some program components may be left at the computer. They may cause
troubles at a new installation of the PostGreSQL.

If database server is already installed, the sample database for DS-Win V4 may be
created by using one of the following scripts:

• PostgreSQL\run_dbScript_pg.bat for PostGreSQL server

• mysql5.0\run_MySql_script.bat for MySQL 5 server and
• mssql2005\run_SqlServer_script.bat for MSSQL Server 2005 Express

Before starting a script please open it and check if any changes are needed in the
command! You can find instructions for it at the end of the file.

By using MSSQL Server database DS-Win supports using Windows authentication.

Database migration DS-Win V3.0  DS-Win V4

If a DS-Win V3.0 database already exists, this database can be migrated to a

DS-Win V4 database. This is done by starting:
“Start menuProgramsDS-Win V4Database Migration”.
• Step 4: Synchronization with HiPath 4000 Manager

There is a new, faster method in DS-Win V4 for synchronizing the DS-Win database
with the database of the HiPath 4000 Manager. Therefore the “Export Table Client”
application has to be installed. Please follow the next steps:
• open the HiPath 4000 Manager homepage
• download the Export Table Client at
“UtilitiesImport/Export API (XIE)install Export Table Client”
• install the Export Table Client application on any path at the computer

• Step 5: DS-Win administration

DS-Win Administration can be found at

”Start menu  Programs  DS-Win V4  DS-Win Admin”.

Configuration file

On startup DS-Win Admin reads the information about the used database from a
configuration file.

If the sample PostGreSQL database is used, use the username “Administrator”

(without password) to log in.

If a migrated database is used, the configuration file has to be changed or created.

The following steps are necessary:
 Press the Cancel button on the logon-dialog to start without database
 Open the dialog from menu “DatabaseOpen database”.
 Edit configuration file by pressing “Edit…” or create a new one by pressing
 If you use a PostGreSQL database and you didn’t enter a schema name at
migration time, enter “public” as the schema name.
 If you use an MSSQL Server database you can use Windows authentication. To
choose, what kind of authentication you want to use, set the ‘integratedSecurity’
parameter at the URL field.
 integratedSecurity= true Windows authentication is used, no username and
password have to be entered
 integratedSecurity= false MSSQL Server authentication is used, you have to
enter a username and a password
 Having the correct configuration file, open the logon-dialog (press the “Open”
button) and log in.

Field mapping

Next step is to adjust the field mapping. This is done by opening the
MSysMappingTable table.

Then a specification for the synchronization has to be created

(Menu “DatabaseSynchronization…Define…),
and the first synchronization may be started.

As the database is configured and filled with customer data, it’s ready to be used by

Print templates

The sample print template files are found at

“C:\Program Data\Siemens\DS-Win V4\Templates”;
- telefonbuch.jrxml is the source file, which can be edited
- telefonbuch.jasper is the compiled template file

To modify a print template, first the iReport application has to be installed. It can be
found at the installation CD at the iReports directory. It is recommended to use this
version, because the sample print templates were created and compiled by it.
Otherwise DS-Win supports all versions of iReport.

If you want to modify your print template, follow the next steps:
 At the DS-Win Administration select the “Print templates” tab sheet at the main
 open telefonbuch.jrxml via iReport by pressing the “Design…” button
 Do your changes.
 Compile the template by using “BuildCompile” and overwrite the old compiled
template file
(“C:\Program Data\Siemens\DS-Win V4\Templates\telefonbuch.jasper”).
 The compiled (*.jasper) file is created at the directory “%IREPORT_HOME%”.
This target path may be changed at the menu “OptionsSettings…” tab sheet
“Compiler”, field “Default compilation directory”.
 finally save your changes and close iReport

• Step 6: License

If you don’t have a license agent by now, install it from the CD. The license manager
can be found at Licensing/clm, the license agent at Licensing/cla.
The licenses are associated with the MAC-address of the license agent PC, for each
running DS-Win one license is necessary.

The license agents IP address has to be set at

“Start menuProgramsDS-Win V4 DS-Win Configuration”.

• Step 7: DS-Win GUI

If necessary, the design of the GUI may be changed. Start the GUI Designer at
“Start menu  Programs  DS-Win V4  GUI Designer”,
to modify the user interface.
The redesigned GUI can be set at “Start menuProgramsDS-Win V4 DS-Win
Configuration”, so DS-Win View starts with it.

• Step 8: choose Database

If the sample PostGreSQL database is used, no changes are necessary.

If a migrated PostGreSQL database or a different database is used, the following

steps have to be performed:
 Start the GUI Designer
 Open the dialog “Database Connection” at “DatabaseConfigure…”
 Enter the database- and schema name at the URL field.
 Save the settings by pressing the “Apply” button.

If another database server (MySql or MSSQL Server) is used, select the connection
or create a new connection for your database server. In case of an MSSQL Server
database you can choose using Windows authentication by setting the
“integratedSecurity” parameter. See Step 5: DS-Win administration – Configuration

You can set how you want to use your database:

 If you want DS-Win to read the whole Subscriber table from the database into the
memory, it may start slower. (For a bigger amount of subscribers it may take
really long, even more minutes, depending on the memory size.) But while DS-
Win is running, searching for a subscriber will be faster.

If you choose this way of using DS-Win, you may change the used extended
memory to make DS-Win starting faster:
- Open “Start menuProgramsDS-Win V4 DS-WinProperties”.
- Open the tab sheet “Shortcut”.
- Change -Xmx1024m at the “Target” field.
 If you want DS-Win to read subscriber data in blocks from the database, it starts
faster. But while DS-Win is running, searching for a subscriber may be slower,
depending on the connection to the database.
Start “Start menuProgramsDS-Win V4 DS-Win Configuration” to set how to
use the database.
DS-Win supports both possibilities for the PostGreSql, MySql and MSSQL Server
databases. In case of other databases only the first mode can be used.

• Step 9: starting DS-Win

Now DS-Win is ready to start. This can be done by:

“Start menuProgramsDS-Win V4 DS-Win”

• Step 10: settings data source

If a PostGreSQL database is used, no changes are necessary.

In case of other database servers you have to adjust the data source which is used
for making a call, sending an e-mail and displaying the presence management
The correct data source has to be entered at DS-Win, menu “Options Application
settings…” tab sheet “AC-Win”, “Email Settings” and “Presence Management”, field
“Data source”. The default data source for an MSSQL Server database is “MS SQL
Subs”, for a MySQL database is “MySQL Subs”.